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Official NFL Thread

By centerflank

7 years ago

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#194 7 years ago

can't wait for my eagles to win it all
which sure as hell won't be anytime soon.
my guess is denver or GB

#196 7 years ago

Pre-season is pure BS. although i do love when sanchez throws a pick, pre-season or not. Look for RGIII to go out with a knee re-injury sooner rather than later.

3 weeks later
#298 7 years ago
Quoted from Pin-it:

A squeaker, J-E-T-S JETS JETS JETS.

oh man a bonehead penalty to give the jets a cheap win. I guess any win is a good win.
bruno mars doing superbowl halftime show. I'm underwhelmed.

#307 7 years ago

memo to myself. take under on any jax games
i knew boldin would be great, same with welker in denver.

#321 7 years ago

fox wrap up and half time show sucks. Nothing like 1 highlight from the game YOU JUST WATCHED. Then they jam the rest of the scores in 10 seconds. I guess more time for the panel to get camera face time.

#327 7 years ago

1 cruz salsa and i turn off tv

#335 7 years ago
Quoted from jesster64:

1 cruz salsa and i turn off tv

turning tv off. goodnight everyone

#347 7 years ago

bruno mars, great choice. Superbowl is here in NJ and we're tired of seeing springsteen or bonjovi

#357 7 years ago

picked up brandon jacobs on a longshot. just re-signed with giants. they don't trust main guy at goal line. Jacobs will be the goal line guy I'm hoping. Met him once, freaking huge. I wondered how the hell does anyone stop him.

1 week later
#399 7 years ago
Quoted from o-din:

And the Eagles are 1-2 ? Maybe something to do with coaching.

c'mon, you knew andy reid knew all their weak spots.

#408 7 years ago

giants over KC. NY is due for a win. I hate them, but coughlin is too good a coach to go 0-3. Plus KC is emotionally drained from getting win in Philly for reid. IMO.

Dallas goes how romo goes. Some days pinpoint accuracy, other days its interception city. I don't hate the cowboys, even though I'm a philly guy. I just hate their owner.

#410 7 years ago

let me ammend previous prediction. Giants beat panthers this week. Then its a toss up in KC. KC might have edge with extra prep time and its home. Plus reid knows coughlin well. I want to see how banged up giants are after tomoorw to call it, but early nod goes to KC.

looking forward to colts 49ers. Didn't recognize 49ers last week as same team that beat green bay. Bears steelers is also interesting.

seahawks vs jax, why bother? 19 1/2 is the line. Thought jax might rebound last week after being humiliated first week with 2 points. nope, they just stink.

#420 7 years ago

Packers are still the real deal. Balanced offense and a leader on D.
I wouldn't count steelers out yet. Rothlesberger is damn tough to bring down. If he gets injured though, then stick a fork in them, but as long as he's healthy, still a threat.
49'ers are still 2 notches above average. Just need QB to stop believing his press and settle down.
Its still early, if any QB goes down, chic, wash,ind,NE, then forget about it.
As much as I hate giants, they will probably be in playoffs. They have a way of squeeking in and then peaking.

#422 7 years ago
Quoted from FiveSixPyro:

Or you could watch Hockey! There's a slight amount of integrity left in the game. No just angry old drunks, bandwagon jumpers and people who actually understand the sport if you just don't to have your wife/GF doesn't pretend to like the sport when she looks at man ass all day. Steroid induced man ass with out on ounce of discipline ( after averaging it out). You know all they want is spokesperson jobs. They are not entertainers an not very professional about it. Giants fan here I'm hoping they lose every game. This sport has lost it's integrity. I love the game but not the fact that the NFLis the new NBA of the early 2000's. Boycott this stuff, especially if you have athletic children. Athletes need a nice reality check. I love football and will watch it. Can't we all agree it's out of hand?

I hear you. Every sack ends in a pose. Everyone is showing off hair. Instant replays every 5 minutes. Anything close is called, horsecollar tackle, helmet to helmet, late hits. I think out of the pocket pass should be intentional grounding. Its like calling timeout in the middle of a play.Automatic instant replay on TDs.

#423 7 years ago

Also, years ago they wouldn't acknowledge fantasy football. Now they build whole shows around it.

#430 7 years ago

giants shut out, min loses, gb loses,Sd loses. Next week I'm going with the george costanza method. Pick the OPPOSITE of what I'm thinking because its obvious I have no freaking clue anymore.

#433 7 years ago

they just showed replay of sanchez fumbling last year when he ran into his own players butt. God I forgot how funny that was.
sorry,picked bears over steelers, buffalo over jets.

#438 7 years ago

like they say, even a broken clock has the correct time twice a day. It was just an all out massacre today. I watch football every week. I read the papers. I watch sports center. I watch for updates. 6 right and 9 wrong. I thought san fran and green bay were no brainers. I thought the giants and minn easy wins. I would have done better picking my favorite colors or just closing my eyes and throwing darts. If I lived in vegas I'd be broke. By some miracle I'm still in my elimination league. I'm almost surprised jax didn't beat seattle to knock me out. A lot of people out thanks to minn this week so I'm not the only one who belongs in the loony bin.

#465 7 years ago

chic/det. kc/giants. balt/buff. atl/NE. was/oak. it doesn't get easier this week. spreads aren't much more than 3 points on most games, except 10 points denver is giving philly.

1 week later
#526 7 years ago

cowboy loss was brutal, but typical with romo. jax couldn't cover 11 point spread. Next week its 28 against denver. Ready for tonight, I always enjoy a jets loss.

#527 7 years ago
Quoted from o-din:

40 years too late! I became a Dolphins fan when I was 10 in 1972 while staying with some relatives in Fort Lauderdale. I then became a Chargers fan during "the epic in Miami" playoff game in 1982. Still the greatest game I've ever seen. Both teams left everything on the field that day. Too late to turn back now. But I do have a few teams I like to see lose. That keeps me a fan.

was that marino vs fouts, also one of the greatest games I ever saw?

#541 7 years ago

yep, jets are going to lose.....I hope everyone bet the house on them as soon as I posted that. The George Costanza of football. I'm George...

1 week later
#680 7 years ago

OH MY GOD WORST CALL IN THE HISTORY OF FOOTBALL!!!. jets miss 50+ field goal in overtime and pats def gets called for pushing his own player. Jets get first down and march down for game winning field goal. Without that call, pats take over near midfield and probably go on to win. Some rule you cant push your own player from behind to give him more momentum. They called that in OVERTIME!!!

#682 7 years ago

I'm not a pats or jets fan. but that was just not right.

#684 7 years ago

you're still mad about the snow plow incident.

#693 7 years ago
Quoted from Pin-it:

Let me guess giants fan?


#694 7 years ago
Quoted from RobT:

That's the rule, and I've seen it called before.
The fact the game is tied or in OT has nothing to do with it. Wasn't a crap call.

game deciding judgement call that didn't affect the play at all.

#696 7 years ago
Quoted from RobT:

That's the rule, and I've seen it called before.
The fact the game is tied or in OT has nothing to do with it. Wasn't a crap call.

"What made the call seem unusual is it's a new rule and this was the first time it was enforced, according to former NFL vice president of officiating Mike Pereira."
from yahoo sports

#699 7 years ago

"Mike Pereira ✔ @MikePereira That is correct call in NE/NYJ game. New rule this year can't push a teammate into the offensive formation on a field goal or try attempt."
from yahoo.

I guess next year you can't push your own man into the end zone or to move the pile forward.

#704 7 years ago

jeez, should go to bed, but can't turn off denv/ind game. what a slug fest.

#713 7 years ago

as good as last nights game was, just the opposite is vikes/giants tonight. horrible

#736 7 years ago

cowboys hurting at RB, plus romo due to implode again. I like Det(which means dallas will blow them away). Time for the old eagles/giants rivalry. Thats going to be an ugly game. kc/clev looks interesting,jets/cincy, and miami/NE.

1 week later
#815 7 years ago

rodgers injured? there goes the point spread. Brutal week, but i did win the pool. 50 extra bucks in my pinball fund.Can the eagles play raiders every week? Houston choked. next week doesn't get any easier.

#823 7 years ago

much easier being an eagles fan. I go into the season with no hope so I'm never let down.

#826 7 years ago

They reported today that dungy had incognito listed as "do not draft due to personality problems" when he was coaching. Another coach had him listed as the same. scumbag

#842 7 years ago

michael vick is available

#846 7 years ago

dolphins with mercury morris, larry csonka, and bob griese.

#878 7 years ago
Quoted from o-din:

That can be awkward, but also rewarding. Did you guys play crossfire?

man, that is so wrong, but I burst out laughing when I read it.

I would say done for the season. Might as well put crosshairs on his collarbone if he tries to come back. He won't last a game. Not with 300 pound lineman falling on you every other play. Bones need time to fully heal.

1 week later
#935 7 years ago

They switched from eagles to steelers game. My EYES!!!! burn those throwback jerseys.

1 week later
#962 7 years ago

manning blowing it vs pats. what a game!

#973 7 years ago

Finally knocked out in my elimination league. Damn lions couldn't beat tampa bay. 60% of those remaining had detriot too.

#1039 7 years ago

Campbell was a monster.Almost unbelievable to see what shape he's in today. As for the 14 vs 16 game argument, back in the day you had guys like jack The assasin tatum and fred the hammer williamson who would probably be called for every hit today. Not to mention defense and offensive line moves like the club to the head was legal back then. didn't williamson like to give the forearm shiver to the downed players kidney. There were no hamstring pulls or cuncussion rests, you were paid, you played.
God I miss Dan Fouts and air coryell. Especially when they played the dolphins with marino.

#1040 7 years ago

As for today, its almost enjoyable watching the jets get whallopped. geno smith back to the bench. nice dogfight pats vs houston. Yes, on any given sunday, any team can win. TB beating the lions 2 weeks ago still hurts. Look at the eagles go, they usually overlook and lose to the cardinals. Keep the pressure on Romo, he will implode soon enough.

#1042 7 years ago

remember jeff george? That man could sling in sidearm for 50 yards,easy. Elway, young, marino, fouts,george,montana,favre, those guys could light it up through the air.

#1044 7 years ago

Enjoying KC vs Den. Even being a philly fan, I would love to see andy reid and alex smith win the superbowl.

#1047 7 years ago

jeez washington stinks. WR's who can't catch. Someone tell me how cruz, the only WR in NY, is not bumped off the line and double covered?

#1048 7 years ago

I guess no one else saw garcons facemask being yanked down which allowed the strip. Announcers too busy yaking about refs blowing 4th down call. ugly game all around

#1073 7 years ago

MAN this is a TOUGH week.
hou vs jacksonville
cin vs ind
GB vs Atl

might as well toss a quarter.

if miami can get past pit, I will become a believer.
lets see how RG3 holds up against KC def
game of the week san fran/ sea

#1078 7 years ago

yes, a draft pick is ridiculous. A fine is a joke, since the club usually picks it up. Seeing the replay, a TD should have been awarded. Player complained right away he was impeded.

#1088 6 years ago
Quoted from kwiKimart:

Don't forget SD/NYG

SD blows them away.
I guess san fran is favored because the hawks have a short week to prepare.

#1092 6 years ago

watt is the medias defensive golden boy. arian foster was a bust.

#1096 6 years ago

They're going to have to do some thing about tv time. Seems like every game is longer due to penalties. seems like 3 plays can't go by without a penalty because of new rules.

#1099 6 years ago

not just QB, seems like they can't cover WR without holding, plus helmet to helmet, hitting out of bounds, horse collar, defenseless player, hands to the face, etc...
I'm all for making the game safer, but someone let the players know since they arethe ones committing the fouls.
not to mention booth review, challenges, and TD reviews.

#1100 6 years ago

Seems lik refs get it right most of the time, maybe we should go back to no review. Or are comercials good for the economy and making owners richer.

#1135 6 years ago

I loved watching the eagles game. Especially from the warmth and comfort of my couch. But i did refuse an extra blanket my offered me out of solidarity.

#1151 6 years ago

with gronk out, goodbye pats winning it all. Also, goodbye redskins coach. Glad to see KC come back after back to back losses. Eagles find a way to win or detroit just found another way to lose. Really really looking forward to Philly/dallas game. looks like denver is the team to beat.
who was that rookie that replaced peterson, man he looked fast.
just glad I wasn't in vegas this past weekend. I would have had a dozen different strokes if i had put any money down. especially minn game.

#1176 6 years ago

At least i called the upset in my fantasy league. I think this is the week of upsets. Happens every year.
Denver was ripe for the taking, believing their own press. Look for washington over atl, miami over NE, minn over philly, yes, you read correctly, minn over philly, and cleveland over chic.

#1178 6 years ago

gronk loss was huge. plus I think NE is spent from that come from behind win last week. Miami's win over pitt must have given them some confidence. also edelman is out and the game is in miami. perfecto for an upset. My fantasies have more to do with angelina jolie.

#1188 6 years ago
Quoted from Monarca1091:

Lol.........Dolphins over the amazing patriots ? Yeah only in your fantasies.

apology accepted...

#1191 6 years ago

I think minn should trade petersen. He's too much of a distraction and I like this asiata and patterson combination. Get some draft picks .

#1192 6 years ago

wash went for 2 pointer to lose it at the end? Are you kidding me???!!!!!!!

#1198 6 years ago

With gronk, I think they would have won that one, I say again, huge huge loss.

#1205 6 years ago

Its all in fun. Look at my eagles getting slaughtered today. Tough game next week against chicago and then Dallas. But I think phillys loss actually makes them tougher the next 2 weeks.

#1208 6 years ago

you think jerry jones is starting to sweat?

#1219 6 years ago

I think minn beating philly was a wake up slap in the face for Philly. The pack beating dallas in the last quarter, that was just a beat down. Fun to see next week how both teams handle the loss.

#1260 6 years ago
Quoted from o-din:

The best thing for the Cowboys future would be for Jerry Jones to sell the team.

yes it would, but then jerry wouldn't be on camera and in his luxury box hobnobbing with celebs. He's either going to throw mad money around and try and get cowher, or go the maverick way and get a college coach he can boss around. I have to admit, i love watching the cowboys implode. Minn should trade petersen to dallas and get back all those picks they gave up for herschel walker. Jones might be dumb enough to go for it.

#1304 6 years ago

Players are saying more knee injuries to come since aiming high gets you penalized.

#1307 6 years ago

I want to see how miami does in buffalo weather. Also interested to see if giants and jets win another game or completely roll over.

1 week later
#1453 6 years ago

Wow, some serious spreads this week.
Take the eagles to massacre dallas. This will be fun to watch. Jones head is going to explode.
miami should win, in miami.
baltimores been hot, I like them over cincy with points this week
jacksonville 11 1/2. how can you pass that up over ind.
det over minn.
chicago getting 3 over green bay. I think rodgers will be rusty.
i like denv giving 12 to oakland. Manning hates to be taken out and will put up some numbers for the record.
just my 2cents.

#1455 6 years ago

bills got qb problems. 10 1/2 and st louis is a good bet though

#1480 6 years ago

Stuck watching wash/giants slopfest. Jacksonville worse than i thought, even with getting 11 1/2, they were down double that in the first quarter. Eli Manning injured.

#1483 6 years ago

dolphins fold. steelers scare me. I still can't figure cincy out.

#1501 6 years ago

GB about to win, are you freaking kidding me!!! The blitzer misses rogers and defense lets cobb go right past them. Not to mention 4th and 1 earlier and they don't bump nelson off the line? He's only caught every GB pass except for the final one.

#1508 6 years ago

Cost me the freakin office pool. $50 taken out of my pinball funds. In Jeffreys hands and he drops it. A good throw to marshall and he's off and running. UNBELIEVABLE.

#1511 6 years ago

I can't believe it, 1/6th of an EM machine just slipped through my fingers like cobb slipping through the chicago defense. Stopping at the first down markers with no safety. UNBELIEVABLE.

#1524 6 years ago

all interesting games.

#1531 6 years ago

good lord, dallas is going to win.

#1537 6 years ago
Quoted from RobT:

Why would you say that?

goal line stand by dallas. Eagles should be running away with it. Philly is keeping door open too long. Orton is not a bad qb and capable of marching dallas down the field and lofting one to bryant on the last play.

#1541 6 years ago

run out the clock run out the clock run out the clock run out the clock run out the clock run out the clock run out the clock

#1582 6 years ago
Quoted from trilogybeer:

Anyone else want to chime in here , Not that it matters but it did look as though Jay Cuntler did cross the line of scrimmage when he threw that last interception .

I didn't se that, but i did think the play clock ran out on one of the packs 4th down plays in the 4th quarter and wasn't called.

#1609 6 years ago
Quoted from centerflank:

The umpire in the backfield is responsible for calling that penalty. He basically watches the play clock, when it hits zero he then looks to see if the ball is in action of being snapped. It has always had this .5 second delay and is rarely flagged. Sorry you lost $ on the game. Do I need to call the whaambulance?

No, since my team is in playoffs, but thanks anyway. But keep the number handy for yourself when the eagles play GB, if they get by SF.

#1610 6 years ago

Ha, schiano out. I live near rutgers and funny to see how he was near Godhood here just a few years ago. Possibly headed to Penn State.

#1611 6 years ago

shanahan still gets 7 million doesn't he? Thats not a firing, thats a paid vacation. Put him to work at the concession stand as long as you're paying him.

#1636 6 years ago

ok, thats (the picture) funny

#1649 6 years ago

I think dallas should dump romo and stick with orton. Returning after back surgery, he won't last a season. I wonder if a college coach would do better in wash. RGIII isn't going to stop running anytime soon and a college coach might be better suited for figuring out an RGIII offense. Minn should trade peterson and get some serious draft picks and players in return. Defensive coaches have to teach the new rules better or every game is going to be a flag party. Go Eagles!

#1654 6 years ago

I agree RGIII isn't a good qb and a running qb is not the way to go in the NFL(cunningham,vick,mcnabb). But it looks like wash made him the face of the franchise, so look for them to not make the playoffs the next few years. Besides arians, andy reid should be considered for coach of the year.
I always hated elway. Favre looked like he was having fun at least, no matter what the score. I've got nothing bad to say about rodgers.

#1659 6 years ago
Quoted from RobT:
I'll take a damaged Romo over a perfectly healthy Orton any day.

as a philly fan, I hope they keep romo.

#1870 6 years ago

Finally got a chance to post. I was actually rooting for KC and andy reid. man did he get fat. Talk about a team collapse.
My eagles lost. Oh well, they went further than I thought. There IS hope for next year.

#2001 6 years ago
Quoted from o-din:

I don't make any predictions regarding my team any more. I just wait, watch, and hope for the best. But I have picked all the Super Bowl winners in the last 10 years!

you picked giants over pats a few years ago?

#2026 6 years ago

saints/seattle, man these announcers are annoying. Masters of stating the obvious. "boy this defense can really fly. And when they fly, they fly fast"
really? I thought when you said they could "fly" I thought you meant they were slow. so far its a seattle love fest. half time.

#2027 6 years ago

papa johns, better pizza, better price, worst commercials

#2061 6 years ago
Quoted from Pinball-is-great:

That is just one example of many over the years, and points out why so many people are quite content when the Eagles have a bad season or lose important games.Sure doesn't help the image of Philadephia.

Thats because the entire city sucks, and I'm a fan born and raised near philly. I know a lot of philly boxers and HATE driving in that city. I lock the doors and cover as much skin as possible when i get withing 30 miles of the city. It tells you something when they have a courthouse and judge ready in the stadium during games.

I enjoyed the highlights of Dan Dierdorf they showed yesterday while he was announcing. Defense was allowed to club offensive linemen in the head back in the day. They showed him taking a couple shots that rattled my brain 20 years later. Ronnie lott and jack tatum would have been penalized on every hit.

#2062 6 years ago
Quoted from hollywood:

+1Bring back Montana. Kaepernick is punk who really needs to learn to wear his hat properly.

I was a little put off by his throwing his arms up like he was shot after the defense leapt off sides and barely touched him. Almost like a fake charge in basketball. Looking for a bigger penalty.
Also, someone tell san diego receivers to stop posing in the end zone, they are not ahead yet.

#2118 6 years ago

announcer made a good call. He said the ref turned around and saw harbaugh there and since he's no longer playing, threw the flag. Thank You nilroc for the photo by the way.

1 week later
#2357 6 years ago

I have to say the niners and seattle beat the hell out of each other. Hardest hitting game all year. They were getting layed out left and right. class/no class who cares? I enjoyed the hell out of both games. My team is out so I wasn't cheering for any specific team, but I have to say, it was fun seeing harbaugh chew nails on the sidelines. Kaepernick, needs another year of maturing. These playoff games did not disappoint. I have to give the edge to denver though, manning will be cool, calm, and collected come game time.

#2358 6 years ago

as for shermans "rant". I knew immediately what he was talking about. Crabtree must have said something negative about him in the press or in person. Sweet revenge for sherman. Of course erin andrews looks all confused. Get rid of the female sideline reporters. They add absolutely nothing to the game. Their "insites and inside information" is just common sense most of the time.

#2362 6 years ago
Quoted from centerflank:

Well, she asks him a specific question and he goes off ranting in the opposite direction.

no, she asked "who was talking about you?" and sherman responded "crabtree"

If you ask me, unintentional smart move by sherman. You can bet he's being discussed by every sports radio show for the next 2 weeks, not to mentioned his every move will be followed up untill game time. Instant fame or instant infamy. No such thing as bad publicity. Take that rant to the bank.

#2444 6 years ago

I like dierdorf. He points out a lot of things other announcers miss. He'll highlight a good block and give kudos to offensive linemen when they deserve it.

#2448 6 years ago

audio of what sherman said . If its real, he runs up to craptree and says "good game good game" and gets pushed in the face. He was rubbing it in, but didn't deserve a face push.
Did xfl inspire seahawks colors?
yes, they invented overhead cam which nfl stole.

#2449 6 years ago

as for dierdorf, I'll take him over any "state the obvious" announcers any day.
why does NFL halftime playoff shows need 5 guys to analyze a half of a game you've been watching?
vince mcmahon was an owner in xfl, you know he pushed the cheerleader angle.

#2460 6 years ago
Quoted from o-din:

The problem I had with him is that he points out the same shit over and over again. Like you didn't hear it the first time, the second time, the third time and so on...........

True, but he's nowhere as annoying as Tim Mccarver when it comes to hammering home a point. (i know baseball/football, but the point is the same). Joe buck is the worst. I would rather have dierdorf go over a good point a few times than have buck state the obvious cliche.
My fantasy teams name is the LA looters.
seattle/san fran game reminded me of dallas.san fran game a few years ago with TO running to the cowbays star and posing. That was a fun brawl to watch.

#2461 6 years ago

comedian had a couple good lines on his stand up that got me thinking about football celebrations. Why are the white guys celebrations so dull? QBs and kickers don't have good celebrations. Most favre did was headbutt. Kickers run around like idiots, but only if they kick game winner. If I was a kicker, I would do a rocketts high step after I kicked a long field goal. Be the first kicker to celebrate. The ickey shuffle was stupid, but I loved the california quake. Gastineaus sack dance was funny but watts finger wave is pretty lame. I hated when emmitt smith would score, run to the nearest camera and take off his helmet. Team sport emmitt, team sport. Then they would always show a gopher on the side marking the ball and storing it away. i hate emmitt smith to this day. Hats off to marshawn lynch who scored and instead of high fives, shook every offensive linemans hand. Why do defensive guys run 30 yards up the field to celebrate after making a sack? Best celebration I thought was the guy who acted like the ball was a beer can, cracked the top, and acted like he was chugging. The spike through the goal posts, you won't see a white guy do that, can't jump high enough unless he's allready 6'10". Yes, TO was a jerk for hiding the cell phone. But the press couldn't get enough of it. They had to make the green bay celebration as easy as possible, so they invented the lambeau leap. Except I did see a white guy slip, never make the leap, and just turned around and slunk back on the field while trying to blame a camera wire. Since the pats have a lot of white guys, they just said we are to classy to celebrate after a TD. saves the embarrassment of a bad celebration. I'm not a fan of the finger to the lips (shhhhhh) I just scored. Mile high salute is good.
just some random thoughts untill superbowl.
minus 7 here this morning in jersey, but I would still consider it sacriledge if they moved a game due to weather.

#2464 6 years ago

mike pettine got browns coaching job?!!!! did I read that correctly. I went to high school with this "kid". He was a few grades under me though. He grew up with football. His father was CB west HS football coach for many years and won some state championships. Mike was QB for the team, but that was after I was gone. Hell of a work ethic. I remember him caddying. He got up 5am all summer. He used to lift weights with the high school team since he was like 12. I wish him all the best. I have to wikipedia his career, but I can tell you, he grew up with football and knows it inside and out.

#2467 6 years ago

Unfortunately with so many penalties today, announcers have to fill a lot of downtime. Sometimes I prefer silence than repetative fill talk.

funny article

highlights frm article

Greg Gumbel/Dan Dierdorf: 70 Infractions
This is largely Dierdorf's fault. Gumbel is actually quite respectable, with a mere nine infractions over two games. Dierdorf, however, has a whopping 61 infractions, giving him the honor of the statistically worst commentator in the NFL

Wilcots has the least steady grasp of the English language of any NFL commentator.

Marv Albert/Rich Gannon: 44 Infraction
Of Gannon's 17 infractions, 11 were clichés. In the Week 4 game between the Bengals and Browns, he actually used the phrase "grab the bull by the horns

Jim Nantz/Phil Simms: 39 Infractions
Simms clocked in with a mere 29 infractions. But his gaffes were perhaps the goofiest of all the gaffes. I really enjoyed when he said, "I've said it, and still believe it," indicating he often doesn't believe what he says, which sounds exactly right

Macatee and Tasker for cogently announcing games without making fools of themselves

Chris Myers/Tim Ryan: 87
While Dierdorf may carry the torch as the worst commentator in the NFL, the Myers/Ryan crew holds the honor of worst tandem.Ryan loves him some clichés, as 20 of his 55 infractions came in that category

Kenny Albert/Daryl Johnston/Tony Siragusa: 50
let's talk about Siragusa. He's counted on to provide something almost, but not quite, entirely unlike analysis. Siragusa is the worst. He may have fewer infractions than Dierdorf, but he also speaks far less.

Joe Buck/Troy Aikman: 29
My theory is that what makes Aikman such an insufferable voice is two-fold: He's assigned to the very best games Fox carries despite providing no actual insight, and he has a bad tendency to simply re-state what the entire country has just witnessed

Mike Tirico/Jon Gruden (ESPN): 38
Gruden, with his 29 infractions, can't find the sweet spot between impersonating a caricature of a football coach and being a real person.

Al Michaels/Cris Collinsworth (NBC): 20
They're generally regarded as one of the best in the business, and I agree. Collinsworth is articulate and gives more useful insight than any other commentator, and it's not even close

Worst Crew: Chris Myers and Tim Ryan

Least-Bad Crew: Dick Stockton and Ronde Barber

CBS vs. Fox: Fox has the less-bad crews, with 37 infractions per crew beating out CBS's 45.

Worst Prime-time Crew: Mike Tirico and Jon Gruden (ESPN)

Worst Commentator: Dan Dierdorf

#2487 6 years ago

Loved the skills competition, but without them, probowl is useless. No one goes full out so its not a game. I wouldn't want them to go full out either since every player only has so many games in them.
den 34
seat 24

#2504 6 years ago

wine, cheese, pizza, wings, and nacho platter. telephone off the hook, give wife a few bucks to go shopping, lock cat in basement, draw blinds. Do Not disturb for next 5 hrs sign on the door. Cell phone off.

Kind of sad since i live so close to superbowl, only an hour and a half and probably a ton of parties around. But since i hate people, i just want to watch in peace and quiet. No desire even to go in 0 degrees to times square to see exhibit or get autographs.

#2547 6 years ago

Interesting game, not a barn burner, but everyone was waiting for the comeback that never happened. I hate buck and aikmen. My God they were horrible. Made a boring game even worse. Commercials were worst ever. I can only recall about 5. The rest , I have no idea even what product they were pitching. Tebow was at least good for a chuckle. seinfeld was horrible. where was the godaddy hot chick commercial? Of course its snowing today. Best superbowl moment, braodway joe jumping the coin toss. I wish ref would have thrown a flag on him.

#2549 6 years ago

full house doritos commercial.
time travel doritos commercial
cheerios, baby brother and puppy commercial
tebows 2 commercials
chihuahia/big dog commercial
maserati commercial, are pretty much the only ones I remember as good/entertaining

bruno mars surprised me, good halftime show.

#2554 6 years ago

worst ads, bruce willis, ellen degeneris, seinfeld. coke struck out, bud struck out, any car commercial struck out. colbert turning into a pistachio was good though. seems like same company was making many of the ads, too vague and had almost nothing to do with branding. sorry, but watching the commercials was sometimes more interesting than the game.

#2556 6 years ago

Funny they were pushing seattle for next year already, talking dynasty. Everyone knows a superbowl team gets dissected in free agency every year. Even the worst players get big contracts by association. Just look at what happened to the pats the past few years.

#2580 6 years ago

I can go for the 18 week season, with the 2 bye weeks included. Adds more strategy to fantasy leagues. Also helps teams heal, which means better games.

#2588 6 years ago

just wondering if Prince was air guitaring it in the rain a few years ago.

2 weeks later
#2596 6 years ago

According to's Ian Rapoport, based on conversations this past week, the New York Jets appear a "legitimate possible landing spot" for Vick


#2598 6 years ago

As an eagles fan, i am hoping sanchez wins back his starting job and vick is the backup. I would even buy tickets to see that implosion.

3 weeks later
#2620 6 years ago

Michael Vick visiting New York Jets, and it might be his one shot at a job.
please oh please, vick starting with sanchez as back up.

#2625 6 years ago

next they'll outlaw long hair

#2629 6 years ago

Eagles, Mark Sanchez agree to 1-year contract

freaking karma strikes again
we lose jackson and get sanchez. Is the ANY justice in this world for eagles fans?
What next? jackson signing with the giants?

2 weeks later
#2634 6 years ago
Quoted from centerflank:

That is almost as bad as the off season when they lost Reggie White.
Better hope Nick Foles stays healthy

Lost reggie white and jerome brown. May they both RIP. I don't think we ever recovered from that.

4 months later
#2783 6 years ago

romo is horrible. double and triple coverage and he still throws it.
Little scare for eagles, but we'll just call it a wake up call.

#2785 6 years ago

tough way for saints to lose. suprised at KC. Washington = horrible allready.

#2787 6 years ago

late 3rd, down by 25, and you're running it. nice..At least the refs are moving the chains for the cowboys.

#2789 6 years ago

just saw a commercial for visa where a surfer orders a pizza while surfing. Not sure if this was the dumbest commercial ever or genius. Supposed to show how easy it is using visa express app.

#2811 6 years ago

I can't believe this has been non stop in the news. NFL should stay out of it, let police handle it. You know rice will sue and get a job somewhere.I guess ebola, isis,ukraine,IRS scandle,etc aren't as important as a football player getting fired. Looks like we're going to war again in middle east, but hey, why should the news focus in on that.
Goodell isn't going anywhere, just like selig went nowhere. Those that made it to the top know how to stay there.
First rule is deny, deny, deny

1 week later
#2876 6 years ago

Arizona Cardinals RB Jonathan Dwyer Charged With Assault

better dump him now

#2879 6 years ago

at least no one is going out with injuries,(except for rg3). If you touch a receiver or qb its a foul. How long before we see diving in nfl?

#2880 6 years ago

and if you think I'm wrong, receivers allready make pleas to the ref if they are touched in the endzone. Last week I saw receivers running at the defense if they were past 5 yards, daring them to touch them.

#2890 6 years ago

Free beer?
I wonder why the media gets to decide certain peoples fate. Vick wasn't banned from playing. Floyd mayweather jr wasn't banned from boxing after beating up his girlfriend. Chris brown wasn't banned from making music after he beat up rihanna.

#2891 6 years ago

as for football, washington scored 40 points last week, I know nothing

#2929 6 years ago

tearing an acl because you did a pelvic thrust to celebrate a sack, unbelievable.

#2944 6 years ago

looks like teams are starting to prepare for cousins instead of rg3.

1 week later
#3021 6 years ago

jets game a blowout. can't they switch to kc/sf game?

11 months later
#4392 5 years ago

eagles all over dallas this weekend. demarco murray should go nuts. Really looking forward to bill/pats. cant believe KC blew it last night. eli manning looked bad again, no one to throw too. beckham jr is going to get killed out there, big target on his back, leaving himself wide open with those acrobatic catches. just my 2 cents so far

#4409 5 years ago

annndddd dallas demolishing eagles. Thank You philly for breaking my heart early and not waiting until week 17. Maybe I'll just watch latest Dr Who after this last interception. lasted 2 weeks in my suicide league. Thats ok, 3/4 of the league went out with tampa bay win. Thank God I don't waste my money on draftkings.

#4410 5 years ago

now I have to cheer for the jets to win so I get dunkin donuts .25 cent coffee tomorrow.

#4413 5 years ago

annnd they just carted off my fantasy running back lacy. today just gets better and better.

#4460 5 years ago
Quoted from RobT:

Missed the chip shot field goal

of course I have vinatieri. why do I even bother...

1 week later
#4584 5 years ago

would have lost my shirt in vegas this weekend, if I was there. Bills, missed field goal, 2 td's called back because of penalties, over 100 yards in penalties, and they missed a tackle that led to giant td that cost them the game. nice job ryan. and mccoy out for maybe 1/2 a season.
steelers kicker should be out of a job.
Eagles living down to my expectations.
kc lost,
miami looks horrible.
rams beat arizona.
more wrong than right this week

#4604 5 years ago

Just when I didn't think it couldn't get any worse. I had calvin johnson, I'm a few points behind, he's reaching in to the end zone, I'm starting to dance, he gets ball knocked away. WTF! This one hurts more that stewart fumbling in to his own mans arms and that guy going in for the score.

#4620 5 years ago

Whats worse, a philly fan cheering for jets and giants, so I can get 25 cent dunkin donuts med coffee.

#4622 5 years ago

25 cents is 25 cents and the eagles stink no matter how hard I cheer (or boo)

1 month later
#4981 5 years ago

yup, 2 right, 8 wrong so far. just freaking fantastic... why is sanchez still in NFL?

#5012 5 years ago

jets and giants lose. no 25 cent dunkin donuts coffee tomorrow.

#5025 5 years ago
Quoted from tilt-master:

Btw, what a relief to finally have a reason to drop Andrew Luck and his underperforming ass. I hope he recovers but I'm done.

who's a bigger disappointment, luck or eddie lacy? Add desean jackson, lesean mccoy, and demarco murray to the list too.

1 week later
#5115 5 years ago

sanchez (just shakes head)
time for an entire overhaul, of eagles, flyers, phillies....

1 month later
#5697 4 years ago

FINALLY a smashmouth game. I don't want to see anyone hurt, but there is some hitting going on. Its fun when even the coaches get involved.

#5699 4 years ago

WOW!!! WHAT A GAME!!! fumble and 1 more chance for pittsburgh

#5710 4 years ago

what was the jones penalty? I didn't see it even in replay

#5720 4 years ago

How can you "give" the game to the steelers on that jones call? WOW!!!

#5807 4 years ago

Looked like he hit the ground first on that kick.

still can't get cincy game out of my head. I have no skin in the game, but my 2 cents. I thought the hit on rb was illegal . He was technicaly a runner, but looked like helmet to helmet which I've seen called before. I don't mind trash being thrown, shows passion. Of course I'm from philly too, so we like to throw anything handy. I still don't get the 15 yard call at the end. Cincy should have kneeled down instead of running it. wastes pitts time outs , kick the field goal. I guess Pittsburgh deserved it from that amazing catch in the end zone alone. Again, don't want to see anyone injured, but loved finally seeing a smash mouth game again. Dick butkus and jack tatum must be smiling.

#5845 4 years ago

Lost amidst the finger-pointing at the Cincinnati Bengals' utter collapse at the end of their playoff loss against the Pittsburgh Steelers is the strange actions by Steelers linebackers coach and former player Joey Porter.

As Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown was being tended to by trainers and staff of the Steelers, Porter came on the field. As Brown was being led off the field by said trainers, Porter lingered in the middle of the field and chattered with an official and some Bengals.

Rule 13.1.2 is pretty clear:

Either or both team attendants and their helpers may enter the field to attend their team during a team timeout by either team. No other non-player may come on the field without the Referee's permission, unless he is an incoming substitute (5-2-2).

During any team timeout, all playing rules continue in force. Representatives of either team are prohibited from entering the field unless they are incoming substitutes, or team attendants or trainers entering to provide for the welfare of a player, and any game-type activities are prohibited on the Field of Play.

Not even head coaches are allowed on the field.

Porter is not a trainer for the Steelers, he's a linebackers coach. Is it possible Porter obtained permission from an official to come onto the field in a heated game between two rivals? Unlikely.

If he did get permission, there should be big questions about that too. He's not a trainer, and it was the Steelers offense that was on the field, not the defense. So why would a defensive coach and former player like Porter, in a heated game like that, be allowed on the field?

Beyond Porter's presence on the field, his insertion into a huddle of Bengals players was totally inappropriate. He wasn't keeping his players from a scuffle, he was starting one. Mind you, the rule makes it clear why he could possibly have conceivably been given permission to enter the field: "to provide for the welfare of a player." That doesn't include talking to the opposing team as the injured player is being helped off the field behind you.

In addition, it was Porter's presence that led to Adam Jones' dead-ball personal foul, giving the Steelers a 35-yard field goal to win the game. If Jones got flagged, it's hard to understand why a non-player with no business on the field was not. This certainly seems like a foul by Porter that should have drawn a 15-yard penalty, particularly in a game featuring such hatred between the two teams.

#5847 4 years ago

chiefs patriots is going to be fun. steelers, I don't know if they have anything left in the tank after yesterday and rothesberger injured. Seahawks panthers, another good game. Packers looked good, but I think arizona will outscore them. I kind of like KC to sneak in and take the whole thing. just my 2cents.

#5850 4 years ago

and I gave you a few thumbs ups for your posts. didn't think it was right when you were piled on because I thought the same thing. BUT, on with the playoffs. seattle carolina might have some hits involved.

#5856 4 years ago

This is why Ryan Shazier wasn't flagged for head shot to Gio Bernard
By Ryan Wilson |
January 9, 2016 10:57 pm ET

It's been tough sledding for the Bengals in Saturday night's wild-card matchup against the Steelers, and this play late in the third quarter sent the Cincinnati players -- and their fans in Paul Brown Stadium -- into a tizzy:

Watch Live Online
Steelers battling Bengals in wild-card game
From CBS sports

On first glance -- and second and third glance -- it sure looks like Steelers linebacker Ryan Shazier should have been flagged for this shot to the head against Gio Bernard, who dropped to the turf and fumbled on the play.

But a flag was never thrown and, it turns out, it was the right call.

To recap: once Bernard take two steps, he's no longer considered defenseless, and high hits are perfectly legal ... or was it?

UPDATE: As several people have pointed out, while Bernard does, in fact, become a runner after two steps, Shazier used his helmet "to butt, spear or ram an opponent violently or unnecessarily," which is a violation of Rule 12, Section 2, Article 6(i).

And then there's this rule, which could have also applied:

Rule 12, Section 2, Article 8. Initiating Contact With the Crown of the Helmet. It is a foul if a runner or tackler initiates forcible contact by delivering a blow with the top/crown of his helmet against an opponent when both players are clearly outside the tackle box (an area extending from tackle to tackle and from three yards beyond the line of scrimmage to the offensive team's end line). Incidental contact by the helmet of a runner or tackler against an opponent shall not be a foul.

Either way, things got worse for the Bengals; the Steelers challenged the play and after an official review, Pittsburgh was awarded the fumble, too.
great view of munchak pulling nelsons hair.
after the bernard hit, I thought the same thing. Yes, he is a runner, but shazier used his head, helmet to helmet, which I've seen called time and time again this season.

both ryan brothers in buffalo. I'm going to enjoy watching that train wreck next year.

#5866 4 years ago

KC, still a bit under the radar. Solid D, solid QB, solid coach. I'm thinking people don't expect them to get past Brady. But once they do, watch all the media wake up.

#5868 4 years ago

chiefs 4.5 point underdogs vs pats

#5879 4 years ago

Not a bengals or steeler fan, but thats gotta hurt. But then again, minn game had to hurt too. Armchair quarterback in me says cinc should have kneeled down. Steelers stacked the line and bengals weren't going to get any yardage anyway. take the time off the clock. But it is what it is. That game had everything.
I hate to bet against brady, but they are banged up and KC has great defense. coaches know each other. Looking forward to a great game. But think KC just wins by a point.

on a side note, enjoying the 30/30 series detailing the bills 4 super bowl losses.

#5910 4 years ago

I would put $200 on KC to win it all. $200 at 10 to 1 = nice pinball machine.

1 week later
#6122 4 years ago
Quoted from o-din:

OK I think I remember that. Hell, I've watched them all! It's been a long time but right now I'm sitting in the same spot I watched that amazing Dolphins Chargers playoff game in 81. I loved that old Zenith.

fouts vs marino? That was probably the best game I ever saw.
Thank you KC, now I know why I don't live in vegas.

#6193 4 years ago

brady completes 2 clutch throws on 4th downs. He's just incredible. Plus getting rid of it before a few sacks. He did everything he could. I'm going to say he's the best QB I've ever seen. You can say bradshaw with his super bowl wins is just as good, but bradys team is dismantled every season and he still finds a way to win. Manning didn't show me anything 4th quarter.
Please get rid of sideline reporters, they add absolutely nothing the broadcast guys can't.

#6197 4 years ago

offensive line is not bradys fault. I saw manning sacked a few times for big losses while brady found way to get rid of it. Credit the defense as much as manning in that game.

#6198 4 years ago

last 4 min manning showed me nothing while brady showed me why he's better, IMO. 2 perfect passes on 4th down. Manning should have been able to get a few first downs and run out clock.

#6200 4 years ago

And Broncos deserved the win, no question. But that last drive by brady was incredible. Would have been interesting to see who would have won in overtime. But the past is the past.

#6204 4 years ago
Quoted from Whysnow:

If anything, Gronk deserves all accolades for keeping them in that game DESPITE Brady and his 2 totally inexcusable INTs.
Better team on all fronts won that game!

kudos to gronk, but not "all" accolades, brady put the ball on the money despite gronk being double covered.

#6207 4 years ago

no ones arguing patriots got beat.
so far, all carolina.

#6213 4 years ago

double coverage palmer, double coverage.

#6216 4 years ago

34 - 7, take newton out now, even superman can get hurt.

#6219 4 years ago

gotta go with carolina at this point. newton's mobility big factor. But then again, I've been wrong all freaking season so why change now.

#6243 4 years ago

newton ain't no brady, newton is a LOT more mobile. I agree with TheLaw, do they keep newton in the pocket and force him to throw, or flush him out in which case he gets 10-15 yards per romp. I'm more interested in what the defenses will do instead of the offense for once. One thing though, I don't see manning throwing 6 picks.

1 week later
#6273 4 years ago

I liked dan dierdorf. He would point out things other people missed, same with madden. Gruden gets a little too technical for me. For the life of me I don't know why they need 5 people to host shows. One defense guy, one offense guy, and someone to keep the flow going, at most. I also get pissed at "sideline" reporter. Not one has ever added any useful information. I also hate when they go over the game YOU ARE WATCHING during the post game and halftime reports. I just watched it, I'd like to see other highlights, not just a 10 second scoring update.Collingsworth is ok. He does flop on predictions though, all of a sudden talking more about the team thats winning. There, done ranting.

#6276 4 years ago

dierdorf and madden were the only 2 that would point out a great play an offensive lineman would make. I did get annoyed with dierdorf when he would comment "so many weapons" a dozen times during a game, especially when it was SF playing. On the other hand, gruden throws out technical terms and expects everyone to know what he's talking about.

#6401 4 years ago