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Official NFL Thread

By centerflank

7 years ago

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#140 7 years ago

Little known fact: There is an NFL franchise in Nashville TN. Not making this up, google it!

That said this year I most look forward to rekindling my budding bromance with Colin Kaepernick Man he is a blast to watch

#173 7 years ago
Quoted from Deaconblooze:

We sign Vince Young to a 1-year deal. I'm guessing we're renting him to practice against the read-option.

if you don't have a cheesecake factory nearby, open one posthaste!

#185 7 years ago
Quoted from centerflank:

I think Id rather go into the season with Vince Young at #2 and cut the rest, at least he can run with the ball if all else fails

1 month later
#494 7 years ago

Flaming thumbtacks about to go into tank mode!

1 week later
#577 7 years ago

Wait a sec Reggie Cobb is still playing? I may have to become a Packers fan

1 month later
#924 7 years ago

Ok now that we're in the home stretch, let's hear your picks for the Superbowl winner. Pick by early game kickoff tomorrow. One team, plus total combined points scored in superbowl for tiebreaker purposes. We'll say the "under" gets the win in case of tie with points. No double picking or any other shenanigans. I will list everyone's picks after kickoff to avoid modification or trickeration!

Winner gets his choice of one of the following!

1) Three never used Stern pinballs of questionable quality
2) One potentially blinding Comet LED and various other LEDs from manufacturers unknown (may request one of Pinside's attorneys to draft up a waiver regarding Comet)
3) CFTBL apron missing the center artwork
4) Small bottle of apple pie (subject to legality)
5) Used pair of rails from a Bad Cats (not 100% sure that's the title but they're pretty sweet, so most likely Bad Cats)
6) Two MM mods: A generally ridiculous looking archer figure mod plus a weird treasure chest mod

You don't want to miss out on any of these so get those picks in!

#936 7 years ago

Got Trilogy: Broncos 55, Centerflank: Broncos 56, Finrod: Steelers 45. If one of you guys gets it I'll have to think up an extra special prize in addition to the already fabulous selection of choices

The Saintses are always my fallback team but had a scare when Super Sprøles briefly went out!

#939 7 years ago
Quoted from centerflank:

I need a AC/DC premium if thats what you are thinking. Thanks! You are the best, I dont care what Trilogy says about you.

Dadgum I was thinking we could fire up Skype and each pop a Mentos and give a smiling thumbs up, but your idea is better. I no longer have an AC/DC but I'm pretty sure there's a guy in Ohio who would agree to provide one of his stable of BIBLEs if you are correct! (NIB of course, otherwise why bother?)

1 week later
#1030 6 years ago

do people really call Rodgers "The Eraser"? How did I miss this news? That's got to be the worst nickname I've ever heard!

#1035 6 years ago

#1071 6 years ago

Do you think Tannehill is a franchise QB? I hope so but I'm not a believer. He seems to me a lot like Locker. An excellent backup QB.

Coupla must sees this week with Panthers-Saints and Hawks-Niners.

So cheeseheads do they shut down Rodgers for the year? Would you prefer to roll the dice or prepare for 2014 (or as Geordie Nelson calls it "Year of MMr")?

#1125 6 years ago
Quoted from Pin-it:

One good thing about when your favorite team sucks you get better draft positions come spring.

gimme Johnny Football!

1 week later
#1247 6 years ago

Well she wasn't getting him the ball enough

1 week later
#1350 6 years ago

wow romo out for season. I'm not a cowboys fan but I was very interested to see how next week shakes out

#1357 6 years ago

I love it when the Falcons are on tv! Who else quietly snickers every time someone says Jacquizz?

#1437 6 years ago
Quoted from trilogybeer:

Like I said if the NFL were scripted it would be a great story for Rodgers to come back and play against the team that took him out for a huge chunk of the season. Only great if the packers win though Even better if he breaks the passing TD record against them . The script last year was nice also , Two brothers coaching different teams playing against each other in the Superbowl while mom and dad sit in Wisconsin and watch . That has Disney movie writen all over it .

If not a Disney movie at least a 30 for 30!

Is anyone else mildly annoyed by the "A-Rodge" moniker or any of the first letter of first name + hyphen + first syllable of last name nicknames? I find them to be pretty awful and uninspired. A-Rod[ge], T-Mac, D-Wade, A-Pu, D-Will, J-Kidd, etc. Ok granted A-Pu is pretty amusing.

#1439 6 years ago

Sorry T-Mast

#1442 6 years ago

All eyes on discount double check!

I'm a little puzzled by all the Romo stuff. Do you think he has any chance to play? The way the Cowboys are leaving it open sure plays like shenanigans to me but that organization is so strange that I dunno.

#1451 6 years ago

Yep you called it. They sat on that info as long as they could I guess.

#1485 6 years ago

Titans again prove they are good enough to beat a team only interested in next year's draft

#1539 6 years ago
Quoted from tilt-master:

He was this management group's hire, I thought he was getting results, what a headscratcher.

Maybe he suggested management spend some of that absurd $24M in cap space on some free agents?

#1560 6 years ago

Rams fans must be cheering for the Skins collapse, while salivating over leadfoot Clowney!

#1562 6 years ago
Quoted from navajas:

My Mom and I just won our Fantasy leagues tonight. First time my Mom's taken home the championship. I'm pretty f'ing stoked right now.

Libations for everybody!

#1576 6 years ago

Chiefs Eagles Bengals Packers

Edit: oops I thought I copied Iceman but I did not.

#1656 6 years ago

I like to skim those for the Roethlisberger posts. They're very awesome

#1658 6 years ago

46 passes and 18 rushes. That is a very Garretty ratio, even by Garrett's lofty standards

#1708 6 years ago
Quoted from o-din:

Who was the last player on a Super Bowl winning team to say "I'm going to Disneyland!".


#1711 6 years ago

nice! I was curious if they said -land or -world depending on where the team is located. Guess not!

#1712 6 years ago
Quoted from centerflank:

I dont think sec abides by the salary cap, just ask Jetzxi about his Volunteers...

The way I hear it they enforced a hard cap after Fulmer was canned, hence the record since

#1754 6 years ago

I hear some packer fans wear pilot helmets while tailgating!

But seriously you gotta go, CF (and take your helmet)

#1863 6 years ago

My reverse jinx playoffs picks worked!

#1869 6 years ago
Quoted from centerflank:

Ha! Im right with you!
Go Saints!
dome_patrol_poster.jpg 33 KB

Man this poster is awesome on multiple levels! Thanks for posting! I forgot about some of these guys. Wasn't Sam Mills like crazy short? Yet he appears to be human-sized in this picture. And does Rickey Jackson have a Miller Lite in his hand?

That was an interesting time when the Saints had begun their ascent from the dregs of the NFL. I remember thinking Dalton Hilliard would be an all-time great

#1877 6 years ago

This game is almost unwatchable. I started doing a shot every time Rivers got a delay of game. Now I'm pretty messed up

Can we start the GB/SF game early?

#1960 6 years ago

I had my thoughts on the Panthers all typed up but then Cam Newton stole my laptop

I took an oh-fer this week! So you know what to do when you call your bookie!

Seahawks, Colts, Panthers, Broncos

#1979 6 years ago

Then you missed what RobT and Centerflank were saying about you before they edited their comments! Probably for the best, that stuff got way out of line imo

#1997 6 years ago

lol roethlisberger post! that needs to be a regular thing

#2025 6 years ago

That play never gets old, and I pull for the Saints

#2033 6 years ago
Quoted from dantebean:

9ers over Jags no question.


#2132 6 years ago
Quoted from ecurtz:

Why is it so hard for you guys to understand that everyone outside of SF thinks Harbaugh and Kaepernick are colossal d-bags? I can certainly see why everybody outside SEA thinks Carroll and Sherman are a-holes.

I don't think Kaepernick or Harbaugh are dbags. Kaep looks like just about any early 20s guy would act with sudden fame and fortune. Spending his time and money on shoes and tats while partying with d-list celebrities? Lol!! I woulda made far worse decisions. Harbaugh comes across as a raging a-hole sometimes, but that's pretty much like every coach I ever had.

I think they're both very interesting to watch. Wilson seems like a nicer guy than Kaep, but that doesn't entice me to tune in to watch teams I'm ambivalent towards.

So I'm picking and hoping for Niners/Broncos in superbowl.

#2255 6 years ago

Can't get enough of the slo-mo Harbaugh freakouts

#2257 6 years ago

I think Joe Buck gets $100 every time they show that knee

#2285 6 years ago

You guys are a bunch of grumpy old men! Guys like Sherman add interest for those of us with no stake in either team. I wish every team had guys that would yap to the media.

Remember when the UFC had a few guys that would shoot off their mouths constantly? That was awesome. They would embrace the villain role and it was easy to root for/against someone. Now after just a few years the product is crap and we get treated to Benson Henderson and his ilk and I can barely stay awake through a card

#2292 6 years ago


#2340 6 years ago

Man that's exactly what I was thinking! GET OUT OF MY HEAD, JAR JAR

#2346 6 years ago
Quoted from Slugmeister:

However this may well be Peyton's last game.

I've heard this speculation a few times now but I would be stunned if Manning calls it quits. He went to Germany and got his stem cells or whatever it was and has been very healthy since. He's on an excellent team and is playing at the highest level. I think he's got two more seasons.

#2435 6 years ago

I think NFL Blitz got it right, awarding 6 for TD and PAT was automatic or you could choose to go for two.

#2454 6 years ago

Seems like Goodell is really set on adding European teams. That's not to say someone wouldn't relocate to LA if they built a new stadium with taxpayer funds.

#2474 6 years ago

I'm not sure I've ever sat through a game but I used to get a kick out of those qb skills competitions. Do they still do those?

1 month later
#2604 6 years ago

Are you kidding me, he's awesome! Next question!!

1 week later
#2609 6 years ago

Gabbert taking niners all the way!

1 month later
#2649 6 years ago

Hoping Titans take this guy in 2015 for 3 years of comedy!

1 week later
#2701 6 years ago

I see Titans took a QB with a bad back, two torn ACLs, poor mechanics, no mobility, a conviction for sexual assault, and a failed drug test at the combine. So other than that he has a lot going for him

#2703 6 years ago

I heard he set some QB record for belly crawl at the combine

#2706 6 years ago

nice, what are the requirements to become a Packer fan? If it helps I occasionally enjoy cheese, although I have never worn it as headwear centerflank.gif

#2708 6 years ago

Sure I'm in as long as you can ensure I can get Mettenberger with my first pick!

2 months later
#2735 6 years ago

In my defense he had a bunch of LSU stuff on and I thought he was Tigerlaw

3 weeks later
#2748 6 years ago

Wow Jags. Just wow

I'll go with just two repeat division winners

NFC north: Bears
NFC south: Falcons
NFC east: Skins
NFC west: Seahawks
AFC west: Broncos
AFC south: Texans
AFC east: Dolphins
AFC north: Ravens

1 week later
#2751 6 years ago

I see Sam Shields is representing The U! What ever happened to Miami? Did they stop fielding a team in 2006?

#2759 6 years ago

Did they ever throw in Sherman's direction all night?

#2761 6 years ago

#2764 6 years ago

Nice! I got up early to smoke a butt for gametime

#2775 6 years ago

I didn't realize Knowshon was a 'fin now

#2782 6 years ago

So you're saying he's learning from his mistakes...

#2794 6 years ago

Too bad about the loss but nice seats!

#2800 6 years ago

Way different than I remember his attorney claiming. I seem to recall something about him gingerly pushing her away as she approached him during a dispute, and she stumbles and hits head on the rail.

I can't blame the Ravens or the league. Messed up stuff, much like the Badass's week one pinside FFL score. Dunno about you I'm all for scratching the season and starting anew in 2015

#2803 6 years ago

Yep good points RobT. I saw the league said they requested the elevator video but were denied. I guess that means they were outbid by TMZ.

#2821 6 years ago

Goodell and Rice and Hardy and Peterson have succeeded in making the biggest thing in American sports depressing. Can't remember a worse week for the shield. I'm the annual week 4 Jake Locker injury from going into NBA mode.

I see the Vegas over/under is 3 for Rivers throws at Richard Sherman this week. I'm taking the over! (and an INT)

#2850 6 years ago

I had the Titans at an optimistic 7-9 record before today's embarrassment. Slowly distancing self from that one...

#2888 6 years ago

I get your point but I think you're hitching your wagon to the wrong horse. After reading Peterson's texts I am reminded the idiots are breeding and at an alarming rate. I think Louis CK had a bit about that, need to find it

#2894 6 years ago

The most awesome thing about your pics is finding out there is actually someone who owns a Pat McAfee jersey!

#2903 6 years ago

Yeah CF I bet you're regretting not having cable tv tonight

#2932 6 years ago

Titanics are going all in for Mariota so Jags should get a win or two there

Post edited by Erik: autocorrected nonsense

#2936 6 years ago

I've never been a Steelers fan but I always liked Harrison. I mean I hated him, but it was really impressive the way he went from undrafted player (and from my untrained eye a potential bipolar nutcase) to all-pro (and probably still bipolar nutcase) Guys who can make a great career out of seeming nothing are my favorites!

#2939 6 years ago

Could this be the end of the Jake Locker experiment? Send in Clipboard Jesus!!


#2940 6 years ago
Quoted from trilogybeer:

Yep someone missed a chance to win a LIONMAN shirt from me .

Shirt still available? Any pics?

#2950 6 years ago

Today's the day, guys!


#2999 6 years ago

Well this looks competitive

#3010 6 years ago

Vikes better put Reich in, stat!

#3023 6 years ago

Must be a curious feeling being a fan of an actual NFL team. Color me jealous!

#3030 6 years ago

It's amazing the Cowboys haven't bailed on the run yet. It's been working so well. I'm not convinced that is the real Jason Garrett

#3040 6 years ago

Damn the Colts kicker is awesome. Why even bother kicking a normal kickoff anymore?

#3059 6 years ago

No freekin way that's the real Jason Garrett. Clearly the bodysnatchers have landed, guys. Prepare yourselves!

#3076 6 years ago

Regarding the bag of used condoms I need to know the level of usage. I'm really just in the market for delicately used to properly used condoms.

#3091 6 years ago

lol this will be so awesome. should be must-watch tv!

#3093 6 years ago

speaking of CBS, didn't these Thursday games used to be on NFL network only? Will they all be CBS now?

#3096 6 years ago

Who watched that sweet Monday night comeback by the Badasses over Fury?

#3104 6 years ago

Lol photoshopping in the cialis banner

#3114 6 years ago

Can we call them the Ron Mexicans? Is that acceptable?

#3118 6 years ago

You can't take a bet against your own team! It's not natural

trilogy I'll put up one of these, white or black against your lionman t-shirt

#3121 6 years ago
Quoted from trilogybeer:

OK , I accept ,which bet did you want to take ? Saints win or Davante Adams gets 2 TDs ?

Betting against Davante 2 tds

#3125 6 years ago
Quoted from centerflank:

Ill put up The glory hole Luci box panel

#3127 6 years ago

Is that Clay Matthews or Ryan Fitzpatrick?

#3148 6 years ago

Anyone catch the Boz documentary? Worth seeing?

#3150 6 years ago

Except for OTB you meant, I'm sure

#3152 6 years ago

Trilogy pays up!

#3155 6 years ago
Quoted from RobT:

Romo out for Cowboys vs Cardinals = loss

Cowboys still got a shot. Dez is a ticking time bomb so it's still must-watch tv. Btw before the trade deadline local news had Titans trading Locker to 'Boys for a future pick. You dodged the bullet on that one

We're getting the SD/MIA game here. What the heck happened to the Chargers?!?

#3157 6 years ago

lol yeah that went from competitive to out of hand fairly quickly. Still watching for Dez's expressions on the bench

#3166 6 years ago
Quoted from tilt-master:

A great weekend indeed! A Pats win and I welcomed RBION and XMLE to the pin lineup

Is that a chromed wolverine? Smokin hot

1 week later
#3176 6 years ago

42-0 now! I'm calling it bedtime and sticking a fork in this one!

3 weeks later
#3267 5 years ago

the lets get a party going commercial makes me want to stab someone

#3270 5 years ago

you assface! link THIS!

#3272 5 years ago

Starting Romo is like dating Pam Anderson. Great times followed by hepatitis B. I knew the 3 point week was coming, just not when

2 weeks later
#3349 5 years ago

Marshawn Lynch is like an angry linebacker with the ball. Like a prison break. Many other RBs get more attention but he is by far my favorite. Will be interesting to see where he lands next year

#3377 5 years ago

Tampa will lose out and take Mariota. If Bears give Cutler the boot, I fully expect him to return to Nashville. Whisenhunt has a thing for big, stationary QBs, and the Titans GM is unbelievably bad. It's a done deal!

#3397 5 years ago

I demand the unretirements of Dave Krieg and Steve DeBerg!

#3444 5 years ago

#3463 5 years ago

So I was still in the money in Fox survivor football. Figured I was safe with Saints over Bucs

#3465 5 years ago

Looks like you're safe! In hindsight it was clear Tampa would commit to the first pick after that "oops! 12 men on the field" during the game winning FG a few weeks ago. I think they call that the Mariota formation

#3472 5 years ago
Quoted from centerflank:

He needs to be suspended next week. Lions are the biggest douchebags in the league, Raiders rejoice!

There's a team named the Raiders?

I was not a Falcons believer, but I'm still stunned at how bad they stunk it up against the Panthers

#3528 5 years ago

I liked Rivers when he had the Cutler feud going then Denver ruined my fun


#3538 5 years ago

If he wants to move to Nashville I'm sure he'd be welcomed I think Rivers is pretty good, but I don't think I would bump anyone on CF's top 8 for him. Probably around that Ryan/Flacco/Palmer level to me.

#3574 5 years ago

Curious they went with Lindley when this guy was available

#3588 5 years ago

The moment I saw that Indianapolis had achieved a video camera/bald eagle hybrid I knew the Bengals were doomed. How can anyone possibly compete with that?

#3602 5 years ago
Quoted from centerflank:

A what? I missed the last Hour+half….was plowing.


#3662 5 years ago

Seahawks 38 - Panthers 17
Pack 27 - Cowboys 24
Colts 21 - Broncos 20
Pats 28 - Ravens 24

#3687 5 years ago
Quoted from centerflank:

Here is a fun old NFL vid….
» YouTube video

That niners/boys rivalry was great.

Finally had my first Calfkiller today. Good stuff, thanks CF!

#3700 5 years ago
Quoted from o-din:

It doesn't always rain in Southern California, but when it does, I prefer to watch football.

what kinda choice cuts of beef do you have in your avatar?

#3731 5 years ago

Romo eyes closed pass was classic!

#3894 5 years ago

Noone* is interested in the histories of franchises! Sunday can't come soon enough!

Post edited by Erik: * that was for you, o-din

3 weeks later
#4176 5 years ago

Burned out on NFL but not beer! BTW what you think about Budweiser throwing some chin music at craft beer drinkers during the Superbowl? Seemed to me like a curious marketing decision with no real benefit. Does Rick @pps also work for Anheuser Busch?

Also CF I just had another calfkiller. This time John Henry or something. Was ok but liked the other brew more!


6 months later
#4226 5 years ago
Quoted from RobT:

I hate this game sometimes.

I'm pretty upbeat at this time of year. If everything goes right, Titans could potentially double their win total from 2014!

1 week later
#4269 5 years ago
Quoted from Astropin:

Had I been there I would have picked up Le'Veon Bell over Marshawn.

Bro if you want Leveon I'm sure we can work something out!


#4273 5 years ago

Yeah he is in that ultra exclusive group of athletes who have smoked weed

Who won the league last year? Mexicans?

#4280 5 years ago

Grilling some wings for gametime, place your orders stat!

#4337 5 years ago
Quoted from TheLaw:

Charles Woodson may have blown out his knee for Oak. I repeat, Charles Woodson is still playing in the NFL.

This completely blew my mind but after a considerable amount of research up to and including using The Google, I can corroborate TheLaw's statement

1 week later
4 weeks later
#4775 5 years ago

is there a new star wars movie coming?

1 week later
#4820 5 years ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

Cool. I'll be rooting for ya.

This is exactly why I have always hated everyone from Independence, KY, the state of Arizona, and Tronville, WI.

#4823 5 years ago

Aforementioned old lady was from Tronville.

#4869 5 years ago
Quoted from Ronnie1114:

Holy cow! Those Steelers uniforms are TERRIBLE!

It's interesting because they trot those things out every year or so. So you expect to be used to it by now, but nope it's quite jarring. It's like when some award show has a live Miley Cyrus performance. Or watching Zach Mettenberger. You think you're ready, but sweet jesus no this can't be real

1 week later
#4941 5 years ago

I think that's known as the shocker

#4964 5 years ago
Quoted from centerflank:

Lions will probably play them tough this week

#5008 5 years ago
Quoted from centerflank:

For sure, win tonight and you are one game out from the Cardinals, wonder if PalmerBrittle will make it through the year?

Well they got Matt Barkley so they're good...

#5011 5 years ago

Whole NFC is up in the air to me. Will be exciting to see it play out.

AFC be like

1 week later
#5086 5 years ago

Lock up your crustaceans tonight!

#5130 5 years ago
Quoted from centerflank:

If the Pack doesn't come out fired up after that I don't know what to say......Bart Starr, a true Packer legend that didn't try to wipe his ass on the fans on his way out the door.

Is it too late for Favre or Starr to unretire?

#5138 5 years ago

What's the deal with Lacy this year? Gimpy? O-line poo? Hitting the purple drank?

Pack get another shot!


1 week later
#5206 4 years ago

lol congrats cheese nation

#5245 4 years ago

Lock up your kids, AP is gonna be mad tonight


#5255 4 years ago

I really hope we get a Carolina/Seattle playoff game.

#5304 4 years ago

Cant touch the golden boy! Automatic personal foul!

1 week later
#5375 4 years ago

The Boz one was interesting as was the Bo Jackson one. I liked how he had tossed his Heisman into some dark part of the basement and only really cared about bowhunting. The first University of Miami one was good (the second was just awful!), also Benji Wilson was good, and the one about Chris Herren was probably the best of the series. Especially good for the Tarkanian footage.

I don't like the ones where we've heard the story a million times. Did we really need retellings of the OJ trial or the Shilling bloody sock series?

#5377 4 years ago
Quoted from centerflank:

The U just made me remember why I disliked them so much, Alabama beats miami in 93 sugar bowl, that game made me so happy, George Teague runs down Lamar Thomas and strips the ball, LOVED that play!!!!!
» YouTube video

Nice! Football is more fun when someone embraces the villain role. I had hopes Ohio State would step up this year but they blew it!

#5393 4 years ago



#5443 4 years ago

Started Rosselberger over Wilson. I am the anti-porkchop

#5446 4 years ago

He's in a battle with Connor McGregor for most absurd chest tattoo

Does that one part say gun control or gin control? because that will most definitely determine if he needs stabbed

#5448 4 years ago
Quoted from PorkChopExpress:

It says God in Control

#5500 4 years ago

Can we trade players in the offseason? I may be interested in acquiring Jamal depending on how many times Leveon tests positive before August

#5526 4 years ago

Missed game, was osweiler benched or injured?

#5533 4 years ago

How about that Peterson touchdown? For years this guy is one of the top, if not the best, accused child abusers in the entire NFC North. Time to show some respect!

#5562 4 years ago

I can't see that Seattle game being anything but an ass whooping

#5566 4 years ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

Zim always has his crew ready to play. I think this game is going to be much closer than most anticipate.

Maybe but I still doubt it. BTW did I see you have a GOT LE in another thread? You probably hate it by now so I could buy that one off you and free up some space for you I can probably pick it up this weekend, PM me info!

Quoted from tilt-master:

Pagano is getting another shot, finally someone keeps a coach. Good call, the players didn't quit on him.

Was selfishly hoping he'd get canned and come to Tennessee

#5573 4 years ago
Quoted from dmbjunky:

Don't you want Chip Kelly? I heard another rumor that Tennessee was looking to trade for him before he got fired to pair him with Mariota.

No! Sounds like some bs his agent cooked up.
I don't think Titans will go the retread route this time.

#5574 4 years ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

I bought a Pro. It's caught up in those Stern delays. I won't have it until at least the end of this month. Woof. Oh and if I ever sell it, it will be years from now. Sorry.

Well Chuck we got a big problem. And by we I mean you. After seeing your reply I placed an order for GOT. Now my wife is super pissed at the NIB price and wants to know why you didn't sell me yours. I tried to explain that you just ordered it and you're cool plus all the lean Bengals years so have mercy but you know women. They don't think like us and they never forget.

So anyways I would recommend skipping the Louisville show this year. If you must go grab a disguise like Groucho Marx or Johnny Manziel in Vegas or something. I will try to distract her attention if I see you there just in case

#5655 4 years ago

Marshawn's been reading the thread while getting back into game shape. Now he's pissed and looking for Teekee


#5663 4 years ago

Pulling for KC if for nothing else than Missourians losing a team. Plus Eric Berry.


#5683 4 years ago

Absolutely love the way the media praises Alex Smith! "managerial" "resourceful" "hands off reliably" "angular smirk" "reasonably stubbled" "his helmet fits appropriately" etc.

#5811 4 years ago

I think Vikings kicker is looking for a new gig. Perhaps he can block?

#5885 4 years ago

I would prefer being blown out to what happened in Minn/Cincy. At least then you can say well it wasn't our day, it brought to light a lot of needed improvements, I would expect it much closer next time, no team is 30 pts worse than another team, etc. Those meltdowns where a team beats itself are much more excruciating.

Going Pack/Panthers/Pats/Steelers

#5942 4 years ago

never heard of it

#5946 4 years ago

Somebody better slip NE some more of that synthetic stuff at halftime or KC is doomed

#5949 4 years ago

I am concerned that no one on KC has been informed about what happens to the clock when you carry the ball out of bounds

#5963 4 years ago

No matter how many times I see a perfectly completed end zone fade route it never ceases to impress

Also did Collinsworth describe that as "red hot sex"?

#5977 4 years ago
Quoted from str8cash:

Palmer has never won a playoff game. Pressure getting to him?

he's being bullied!


#5981 4 years ago

Who is that lithe and nimble GB #27?

#5986 4 years ago

Fitzgerald is fantastic. I remember back when he was clearly the best player in college football and the braintrust awarded Jason White the Heisman due to the incredible "which player has the best stats on the top team" system. Oh Heisman voters!

#5988 4 years ago

lol what a game!

#6013 4 years ago

Meanwhile Jason White polishes his trophy in quiet solitude

#6020 4 years ago

Palmer's off the schneid. Drinks are on chuckwurt!

#6081 4 years ago

How do you feel about Omaha?

#6092 4 years ago

One last run?


#6097 4 years ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

If he plays like he did tonight next week against the Pats, they might lose by 50.

Yeah he's old and gimpy and eventually the body lets you down. You'll find out bro!

I never saw so many catchable balls dropped as on Denver tonight. Will be interested to see some stats about that.

#6099 4 years ago

Btw I just wanted to add I posted a tiny Manning pic and it got (resized) anyways. Also pretty douchey, pinside

#6101 4 years ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

That's a good point. But man, those lame ducks he throws, crazy he can even complete passes.

I think maybe when you get super old the ball spins in a different direction or something. It's like the way the toilets flush in the southern hemisphere. We need that sports science guy to look into it

#6127 4 years ago

Any predictions where Kaepernick, RG3, and Manziel end up next year? Winner gets to deliver the Hilton nutpunch

#6158 4 years ago

Anyone remember when Demaryius Thomas was an NFL-caliber WR? Of course it's hard to imagine now but his game could have once been described as competent!

#6160 4 years ago

Their careers are on the same arc, although Manning has 11 years on him. I can only assume this is Thomas's last season as well.

#6166 4 years ago

If I miss one more play due to CBS's super slo-mo replay of previous play someone is getting stabbed. Maybe a producer. Or Kaneda. Possibly Jim Nance. Probably Demarius Thomas.

#6215 4 years ago

OmaHA vs Readddyyyyy! Cadencebowl

#6246 4 years ago

Don't ever change, Iceman!

#6247 4 years ago

Two weeks between games

#6252 4 years ago
Quoted from fosaisu:

And if you don't like that wait, imagine how long it is after next week til pre-season!

I get to watch Kiper's hair for a few months at least