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By centerflank

6 years ago

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#12229 9 months ago

We’re gearing up for another warehouse Super Bowl party.

5772D73F-6208-4FE1-BF9F-2C00B5864468 (resized).jpeg6CF3B795-4C3A-4831-9CDE-EBCC00F64E36 (resized).jpegBDCD19D3-C68B-43CA-B19D-09EFF87763BA (resized).jpegC92BD45D-5670-421E-8DD1-042F0BD534CE (resized).jpeg6A912431-CEFA-427A-8E5F-93E51CC85A48 (resized).jpegE73203BC-DF17-4C29-A4BD-3417A861DAF4 (resized).jpeg
#12239 9 months ago

Top Patriot Hater Excuses
1: Spygate
2: Deflategate
3: Tuckrule
4: “bought officials”
5: “week league”
6: Tom’s TB12 nutrition
7: Trump
8: hacked headsets
9: Jon Bon Jovi
10: ?

#12267 9 months ago

Go Team!
DJT might just end up with as many rings as “Big Ben” Roethlisberger.

3BA4915D-60B3-41E3-B175-D108C33D2B3A (resized).jpeg
#12269 9 months ago
Quoted from Erik:

Please tell me they didn't give him a championship ring

They honestly did.
Coach Bill, Kraft and The Donald are tight.
Heck! Even Brady had a MAGA hat in his locker.

C69B6849-A8BC-4EBC-9EE2-795BB1D643C5 (resized).jpeg
1 month later
#12771 8 months ago

After this season, I just can’t remember losing to the Eagles

023A9292-C8EC-46B8-80BF-3618D03EAE90 (resized).jpeg
#12772 8 months ago

What’s the over/under on who gets more nookie, him or his son?

5 months later
#13103 87 days ago

Tommy’s looking good...
Throwing dahts and packed on 10lbs.
Pats are also stacked with great rookies and’ve really tightened up the D with Collins coming back.
How obnoxious am I sounding right now?
To quote the Borg, “You will all be assimilated”

#13117 86 days ago

With the Pats O-line and his/the teams focus on quick releases, he ain’t waiting to get knuckled like their quarterback of my youth: Steve Grogan.
TB12’s as as pliable (at 41) as a (In Living Color) Jim Carey on Oxys & Coke.

2 weeks later
#13406 69 days ago

I’m here in Schenectady for 5 days.
I don’t know what football country this is, but it sure as shit ain’t Tom Brady Land. Who would you say is this area’s favorite team?

#13596 67 days ago

After the deal was announced, I went from despising Antonio Brown to quickly admiring his rebellious spirit.
All in about 10 seconds...

#13757 64 days ago

Some of these “justice involved persons” may actually be good old fashioned “thugs” off the field.
Forbidding descriptive language enables them to prey upon their victims (women, seniors, children) with impunity.
Their apologists should be ashamed of themselves.
You’re not fighting the good fight, you’re perpetuating their criminality, minimizing their crimes and silencing the victims.
Bravo SJW’s!


A1AAC3F7-2C9D-4898-8EFF-3E962C098BCE (resized).jpeg
#13768 64 days ago

This and Sunday’s Miami loss, really help to move the line on this Sunday’s matchup.
CDB6D883-5ABA-43BC-B55A-61C5A9F8F6D9 (resized).jpeg

#13860 63 days ago


It’s in the hands of the Allegheny prosecutor now.
Really? A Steelers fan?
Let me be the 1st to defend thugs...

1 week later
#14332 51 days ago
Quoted from o-din:

Jets scored twice on NE today. I'm sensing a crack in the armour.

Both (Jet scores) were scored by the defense.
It did get scary though...
Tom Brady actually had to comeback into the game.
The Patriots got all banged up in the process.
We’ll see whose out and their injuries tomorrow.
They really have no competition until week 9 with the Ravens. I can hear the collective moan as they start the season 8-0

AB477398-2F78-450D-A6D4-63A2FCB3B34F (resized).jpeg
#14446 50 days ago
Quoted from JodyG:

Watch to the end....hilarious.
This Philadelphia man helped rescue multiple children from a burning building, and even in his moment of glory on TV, his frustration as an Eagles fan came out. “My man was just throwing babies out of the window, and we was catching em, unlike Agholor.”
Video via CBS Philly.


#14518 48 days ago

Is college football an allowable topic on this thread?

#14521 48 days ago

Just found it.
20 posts in like 25 days...
Kinda slow.
Plus it’s lacking all the vitriol, acridity & acrimony that east coast guys use as oxygen.
How ‘bout we go over there and kick their legacy pledge asses?

#14735 43 days ago

There’s this bar in Ballston Spa NY where we go to watch the NFL games after my son’s college game. We’ve been there so many times they think I’m new to the neighborhood. I kinda just sit back behind enemy lines. Those buffalo fans are a unique brand of fan. Glad I wasn’t there this Sunday as it was my son’s bye week. That hit on their QB musta started a f’n riot. I did find this sign though...
Whose is it?

C8606249-34C6-4F23-A0D0-53A54C0FFDEB (resized).jpeg
1 week later
#14942 36 days ago

The MNF score really doesn’t tell just how much of a beat down the Browns took

#14945 36 days ago
09A42D76-78B0-4FA4-ACE7-8CABDE1395EB (resized).jpeg
#14984 35 days ago

Did the NFL kickers pass around some hoof & mouth disease? No PAT is frick’n safe anymore. It got so bad on the Patriots, they sent Steven Gostowski to sleep with the fishes, along with his 3mil salary for next year. His salary this year? 1.1mil...hello IR.
NFL record 479 straight PAT’s made & 3 rings. This year he was like 60% on PAT’s. Crazy...

#15001 34 days ago

Whatcha think of Gronk during the pregame?

#15012 34 days ago

The Patriots are a thoroughly flawed team right now. 1 and out in the playoffs...

#15043 31 days ago

The Chiefs are a thoroughly flawed team right now. 1 and out in the playoffs...

#15045 31 days ago

The Patriots resigning Jamie Collins for 1.1 mil solidified the D and may have fated another Lombardi trophy, but look at his contract:

• $150K to sign
• $900K base ($100K guaranteed)
• $850K in per-game roster bonuses
• $100K workout bonus
• $2M in (complex) playing-time incentives
• $500K Pro Bowl incentive
• $500K All-Pro incentive

He has to earn every dollar!!!
They continuously amaze me.

#15181 28 days ago

11F2EB11-D8DD-44AB-ADD5-34F358F47D73 (resized).png

Brady’s list

#15184 28 days ago

You jealous, dated & crazy

BC060531-AC58-4062-BA9F-E239654EF7E5 (resized).jpeg
#15207 27 days ago

This thread was in high gear for the past two days discussing whether or not football and the league was somehow fixed and shot on the same soundstage as the lunar landing...
If that’s an acceptable topic, but the gratuitous use of swimsuit model pics becomes frowned upon...then my friends...the terrorists will have won.
Next you’ll be telling me wrestling ain’t real. I guess we’ll just talk X’s and O’s from here on out, right after this last pic.

F908FA41-2CA7-4D3F-A9D6-029EF6C027D5 (resized).jpeg
#15216 27 days ago

“the obvious underlying homoerotic subtext”

I think your hypersensitive gaydar is set to self-diagnosis mode

#15224 27 days ago
Quoted from Daditude:

Clearly this group needs tonights game to start a few hours early.

Tell me about it!

I just cooked 2lbs of super thick bacon for tonight’s bourbon/bacon old fashioned drinks. Notice the broiler pan under and the cookie sheet on top, for perfectly flat bacon. Smells like heaven in the house right now. Now off to buy the cigars...

643C4EEE-BA70-47B8-89BB-C2A34C2E7CFA (resized).jpeg
#15239 27 days ago
Quoted from Kkuoppamaki:

Sounds delicious, please share a pic of said drink

I nuked/reheated the bacon before putting the drinks together, so when the bacon hit the bourbon, it sounded like a blacksmith quenching a red hot iron.

Bourbon, maple syrup, bitters & bacon...
Big magic!
D44FF8D1-AD8E-4445-A802-BD031DABD506 (resized).jpeg

#15247 26 days ago

North Dallas Forty is in the top 3 football movies ever

57763142-AB26-4BD4-8846-DB72CC156123 (resized).jpeg
#15287 24 days ago

I’m still working off yesterday’s tailgating.
We found some pepperoni straws to top off our bloodies AND save the environment
DFFEE595-9ECA-46C0-BA8D-1DFA4B9249C7 (resized).jpeg

#15337 23 days ago

F_ck the Patriots!
They all cheat!!!

#15339 23 days ago

Aaron Rodgers QB rating: 158.3
Sam Darnold QB rating: 3.7

#15341 23 days ago
Quoted from PtownPin:

Pats have a below avg offense, and the Jets made them look like rock stars...be interesting to see how they do against a dominate defense...game could end up 6-3

They need AB back

#15376 21 days ago
Quoted from Rondogg:

Patriots put Flash Gordon on IR. Weirdest WR season the Patriots have ever had.
Gronk retires
Ben Watson signed (38yo TE)
Demarius Thomas signed then traded to the Jets (first Belichick trade with Jets ever)
AB signed and released in less then two weeks
Mohamed Sanu trade
Flash Gordon IR/released
UDFA Jacobi Meyers starting
Just bananas...

I remember reading about the Pats having an “embarrassment of riches at wide receiver” and now...

1 week later
#15561 10 days ago

The Patriots looked like they were playing on the senior tour tonight. Ugh

#15610 7 days ago

My friend who’s also a fellow Patriots fan had no faith in that Ravens game, so little faith...he bet 2500 on an action reverse on the Ravens.
Hello 5k

#15641 2 days ago

With the Bills, Chiefs and Colts losing, the Patriots had one dream of a week off. They’ll need all of it...

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