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Official NFL Thread

By centerflank

7 years ago

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#4890 5 years ago

Broncos looking good. First time I've watched them and that defense looks great.

#4905 5 years ago

I'm not much of a Colts fan, but I think the they fired the wrong guy. Someone thought the Colts will make the playoffs with a 6-10 record.

#4933 5 years ago

Second week in a row I've watched the Packers. I thought last week the Broncos were really good but after this game with the Panthers I wonder if the Packers are just bad. They have looked terrible all day. A lot of miscommunication on offense and defense. Now they have just pulled off a miraculous drive at the end and have a chance to win but they have had a lot of problems these past two weeks.

#4935 5 years ago

Broncos defense falls apart at the end of the game. Talib is a joke.

#4946 5 years ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

So Dwayne Allen and a bronco LB were in some post play crap talking, then talib walks up and deliberately jams his fingers into Allens eyes.

and right before that he got into it with the refs and got a penalty for unsportsmanlike conduct. When his team is trying to come back and tie the game he doesn't need to be doing that shit.

#4962 5 years ago

I was a little slow on that joke but I eventually got it. lol

#5035 5 years ago

Sad to see Peyton playing the way he is. I hope he gets healthy for the end of the season and turns it around.

#5038 5 years ago
Quoted from centerflank:

Me 2 but I think he retires after this year, I didn't read the article but sounds like the Denver fans were boo'ing him yesterday. I think he's done there.
edit----He does need to beat Pevre's win total!!!!!

He may not look like it but he's really one of the toughest players around. For years in Indy, he would play almost every snap in every game and in every practice. I remember one year he got clobbered by a defensive player while completing a pass. Dungy pulled him out for one snap and then he came back in. The quality of the offensive lines went down after Tarik Glenn retired and these last few years in Denver have been the same with injuries on the line. I think he can still play but I wish they had better line and a better run game. Every time I see a line where he's throwing 50 times a game and has been sacked 2 or 3 times, I cringe.

#5063 5 years ago
Quoted from SteveO:

The Pats are still the team to beat, even with the Edelman injury.
I really really hate the NFL rule for what is a reception. They need to re-think it during the offseason.

Was you watching Scott Van Pelt when you wrote this? He did a little segment where he asked, "what is a catch?" He read the overly complex definition of a catch from the rule book. Pretty Good.

Speaking of terrible rules, Sunday night Russell Wilson intentionally grounded the ball so he wouldn't get sacked for a safety but they read the rule as "the ball has to travel at or near the line of scrimmage." The ball was three yards behind the line of scrimmage. Michaels and Collingsworth were saying that was dumb rule.

#5069 5 years ago
Quoted from SteveO:

The love Shad Kahn here. He has invested a lot of money into the waterfront area here even though he is not from here. He also made major stadium renovations including two huge jumbotrons and swimming pools. Next thing he wants to do is build a new practice facility. The media stopped talking about the Jags moving to L.A. which was always a sore spot with the locals.

Do the locals make it to the games much? It always seem like Florida was a tough market for professional teams.

#5100 5 years ago

This is off topic but I was watching the Nascar race. I haven't watched in a long time but I've watched the last couple. I really hate the playoff format. Also at the end of the race with ten to go, it looked like the race was going to end under a long green flag and then a caution comes out for debris. F'in Nascar always trying to manufacture drama.

#5108 5 years ago

I liked the comment someone made. "Should have said Rob Ryan. The defense would have parted like the Red Sea."

#5147 4 years ago
Quoted from Pinchroma:

Green 19... Green 19... AWWW FUCK!
» YouTube video

Thanks for that. Now I've just spent an hour watching "Goddammit Donald" and "Whoa There Motherfucker."

#5162 4 years ago
Quoted from SteveO:

The Browns find new ways to lose every week. I have never seen a game end like that.

The Browns were playing incredibly stupid at the end of the game. They let 20 seconds off the clock with two timeouts for no reason. There was no excuse.

3 weeks later
#5396 4 years ago

Just watched a video of Peyton Manning talking to Lisa Saulters on ESPN about HGH allegations. You could tell he was really pissed. He wanted to let some expletives fly and his lip kept snarling. It was great.

#5434 4 years ago

I'd be up for joining your league too. I wanted to play this year but couldn't find one to join before the season started.

#5467 4 years ago

I watched the first half and was so disgusted with the Broncos I couldn't watch anymore. It looked like it was going to be a blowout. Amazing they pulled it off.

#5470 4 years ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

Missed a great game. Haha. Best MNF all season.


#5472 4 years ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

Well they might meet back up in the playoffs with two completely different QBs. That would be wild.

I would like to see Peyton play again but I hope they wouldn't hesitate to pull him if he doesn't play well. I think it's mostly the scheme though. From what I read on tonight's game, even Osweiler plays better in Peyton's shotgun 3 wide set. Kubiak has been underwhelming with his offensive genius.

#5474 4 years ago
Quoted from centerflank:

That is a big Q,,,,,,,Dalton definitely starts when ready, if I were the Broncos Id just keep rolling with Osweiller.
yeah, Kubiak isn't overly impressive....not sure he is even on par with Fox.
Anyways, Cmon wk17! Cant wait for sunday night! Unless the Pack shits the bed again, I can wait.

Kubiak has been helped by Wade Phillips awesome defense. If Phillips had been with Denver in previous years, they would already have a Super Bowl.

#5480 4 years ago
Quoted from centerflank:

I cant get on the Phillips hype train, I remember a specific game the Packers demolished the Cowboys and he was pink slipped the following week.

He's one of those guys who does better when he's a coordinator. I'm not a big fan of his when he's a head coach.

#5490 4 years ago

I've never played in a keeper league. Do you guys prefer that to a league that just drafts all players every year? I guess that's how that works.

#5496 4 years ago
Quoted from centerflank:

Most shocking news was the colts sign josh freeman?? Wtf?

and he could be the Colts starter for Sunday. and they could still make the playoffs.

#5504 4 years ago
Quoted from centerflank:

Charles said you are the worst owner since Jerry jones.

Well that's not too bad. He does have three championships. Now if you had said Donald Sterling, that would have been bad.

#5506 4 years ago
Quoted from centerflank:

I'd love to hear recordings of private conversations of what nba players rant about.

I wasn't necessarily talking about the racist rant but more like the 30 years of ownership and until recently, he was happy to be a perennial lottery team because of the market he was in. I'm not a big fan of reactionary responses to private conversations.

But yeah, I would love to hear locker room banter. Some of my favorite books are about the behind the scenes of football like Paper Lion.

#5525 4 years ago

Well the ESPN boards are full of Pats fans talking about the cheat PEDton Manning. lol

I'm glad he did well in the second half but I kind of hope they use him as an emergency, second half, come back, back up QB. I think he has grip issues when he gets tired that leads to INTs. He didn't do much in the second half, 5-9 69 yards. It was the defense and running game that really played well. The O-line is still terrible, so I say let the younger take all of the punishment.

#5556 4 years ago

Who are the Queens? I missed the reference.

Pack over Skins
Hawks over Vikes
Bengals over Steelers
Chiefs over Texans

Every game sounds interesting.

#5559 4 years ago

Chip Kelly rumored to be interested in Niners. Kapernick and Kelly would be an interesting pairing.

#5567 4 years ago
Quoted from tilt-master:

Pagano is getting another shot, finally someone keeps a coach. Good call, the players didn't quit on him.

Did they fire Grigson because they should've. O-line was terrible last year and he upgraded with an aging receiver and RB and by not drafting a lineman till the seventh round.

Quoted from Erik:

Was selfishly hoping he'd get canned and come to Tennessee

Don't you want Chip Kelly? I heard another rumor that Tennessee was looking to trade for him before he got fired to pair him with Mariota.

#5570 4 years ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

I bought a Pro. It's caught up in those Stern delays. I won't have it until at least the end of this month. Woof. Oh and if I ever sell it, it will be years from now. Sorry.

Surprised you still don't that yet. Will that be your first NIB?

#5586 4 years ago

I really wish Oakland would go back to LA and leave San Diego and St. Louis alone but I'm opposed to using tax money to keep teams from moving.

#5590 4 years ago
Quoted from centerflank:

Calvin Johnson mulling over retiring.
Lions would have their 2 greatest players retire while still playing extremely well.
That's so Detroit.


#5597 4 years ago
Quoted from SteveO:

I was shocked to hear Smith got fired as well. I thought Tampa made some big improvements this year. I wonder if the Bangles will fire Marvin Lewis if they lose in the first round again this year.

They would be dumb if they do. Success is so hard to come by in the NFL. He's only had 3 losing seasons in 13 years. He's won 10 games every year for the last 4 years. I could see them thinking "we haven't had any success in the post season, let's find another coach." There are so many teams that would love to have the success that the Bengals have had. A team should want to win championships but consistency has to come first. Of the last 14 Super Bowl Champs, only 3 coaches have won before their fourth year. Belichek, Mike Tomlin, Jon Gruden. 2 of those coaches success was dependent on the previous coach.

#5610 4 years ago

I've only went to one football game. A Colts game against the Ravens in 2009. I bought 3rd row seats at the 10 yard line. It was awesome but in retrospect I maybe should have went to another game. There was not a lot of scoring which was standard in a Colts Ravens game. They also were down on our side of the field only once or twice and I don't think they ever scored. It was a fun experience though

I went to my first baseball game this past spring at Fenway. It was a great atmosphere. Start of the season. Everyone is optimistic. There was very little lulls in the action amazingly. Baseball is a sport I don't like to watch on TV but live it was great.

#5620 4 years ago

Plus the Skins have a very Jones-esque owner who at any moment could screw things up.

#5639 4 years ago

Texans defense has been pretty hot right now. I could see them winning.

#5658 4 years ago

Terrible Terrible Hoyer pass for a pick. Just Awful.

#5687 4 years ago

Crazy TD catch from Bryant for the Steelers

#5689 4 years ago
Quoted from Erik:

Absolutely love the way the media praises Alex Smith! "managerial" "resourceful" "hands off reliably" "angular smirk" "reasonably stubbled" "his helmet fits appropriately" etc.

He reminds me of Aaron Rodgers. Incredibly accurate and able to make plays with his feet.

#5690 4 years ago

Benard looked just as defenseless as the Steeler receiver that got the penalty earlier in the game.

#5692 4 years ago


#5702 4 years ago

Big Ben is coming into this game for the final drive. Calling it.

#5727 4 years ago
Quoted from Pinchroma:

Jones always has been a head case. Somehow I'm not surprised.
The question comes down to Antonio brown and Big Ben. And of course their lack of running game.

I thought they ran the ball very well.

#5738 4 years ago
Quoted from centerflank:

They probably could have thrown more than a few flags during that whole spiel. Burfict should have stayed in the tunnel when he ran that INT back.

The officials were pretty consistent that running their mouths wasn't going to get penalties but physical actions were getting called. I thought they did a pretty good job. The hit on Bernard should have been helmet to helmet. The steelers getting a defenseless receiver call I didn't agree with.

It was a great game that could have had a great ending if those penalties at the end wouldn't have happened. I enjoyed the smash mouth chippiness of it all. I liked that the fans tossed the debris on the field. It reminded me of games from the past.

#5742 4 years ago
Quoted from centerflank:

Well, anyways, game is in the record books, hope the 2 games tomorrow offer us just as much excitement as the Steeler game.
The Chiefs game was a snoozer for non chief fans. Texans really need to find a capable QB and quickly. They should offer Jerry Jones unlimited hookers for Romo.

It did interest me how bad Hoyer was playing. I couldn't believe Texans coach didn't pull him. It was fun seeing the Chiefs fans take over Reliant Stadium too.

#5752 4 years ago
Quoted from Pinchroma:

And yeah the NFC east sucks shit. It's the new afc south.

Except there's still the AFC South.

#5789 4 years ago
Quoted from rai:

Would you agree that the Shazier hit while *illegal* is rarely called. And in Basketball traveling is *illegal* but rarely called.
Not saying it's the same thing, but sometimes an illegal play is not called. But hitting a player in the head in the act of making a catch is always called.

I remember helmet to helmet hits being called with regularity long ago when I watched a lot of football. I didn't watch very much this year but I was very surprised that wasn't called. What made it worse for me was the ref had to watch the replay and didn't fix the non-call. Helmet to helmet seems like such a black and white call that even if they are not normally allowed to fix penalties in replay they should be able to fix that one.
Overall I didn't think the officiating was that bad. There are going to be a couple of missed calls every game and I don't think the ones missed affected the game's outcome as much as the behavior of the Bengals. And what's more frustrating are the guys that were responsible for the penalties that threw the game away were also the guys who made the biggest plays to put the Bengals in position to win.

#5798 4 years ago


#5801 4 years ago


#5884 4 years ago
Quoted from centerflank:

Would you rather see your team get bounced from the playoffs on a gut wrencher like the Vikings/Bengals went out or just get completely demolished like the Texans?
Id take the gut wrencher personally, it rots your brain and gives you the hard initial kick in the balls but at least your team competed and belonged there.

Sometimes gut wrenchers can motivate a team next year and sometimes teams can implode. I would take the gut wrencher rather than the blowout.

My picks are gonna be:

#5897 4 years ago
Quoted from str8cash:

I got cardinals at 5 to 1 2 weeks ago. $250 =$1250.
also layed $300 paying $450 for Cam Newton MVP.
Nicky Satan just won 5. Only 1 behind bear bryant. What a ugly trophy. What happened to the crystal football?

I think they got tired of it breaking. I thought it was a great looking trophy though.

Check this out. Best line: "The only thing to win out of Ohio is Roethlisberger and God got him out of that state. He took him in a little basket like baby Moses, floated him right down the river, right to Coach Cowher."

#5901 4 years ago
Quoted from Pinchroma:

Say Hello to the L.A. Rams.. Sorry St. Louis. Chargers going to share the stadium it looks like.

Good for St. Louis.

#6003 4 years ago

Ref screws up coin flip. LMAO

#6014 4 years ago

Who's the guy in the suit?!

#6026 4 years ago

Check out this stat line from

The last 2 Cardinals-Packers playoff games:

Both at Arizona
Both went to OT
Both ended on 3rd OT play
Cardinals won both

#6032 4 years ago
Quoted from rai:

not locks

Only one QB with two SB MVPs is not in the Hall of Fame.

#6035 4 years ago

Is it Aikman? He's the only 3 time SB winner I can think of.

#6038 4 years ago

The only thing I would say would be a detriment to comparing Aikman and Palmer's stats are they played in different eras. The passing stats of today are bloated when compared to the passing stats of the 90s. You have to judge Palmer with his peers. Did he stand out amongst the players of his time?

#6046 4 years ago

Palmer's definitely a bubble guy even though he's had a long career. The Hall is pretty picky when it comes to modern QBs.

#6084 4 years ago

Broncos receivers can't catch a cold.

#6086 4 years ago

Why was that not a Fumble recovery for a TD?

#6109 4 years ago

This is the fifth time Brady's team has played Manning's team in the playoffs and this will be the rubber match.

#6129 4 years ago

I'm gonna pick Denver and Arizona. I like underdogs.

#6133 4 years ago

Does it matter if he's sober? Manziel would probably play better than any of Houston's QBs even if he was drunk.

#6138 4 years ago
Quoted from TheLaw:

Kap isn't going anywhere. Chip might let him run which he's good at instead of shoe-horning into a Harbaugh Jr. and ruining his career.

Chip likes an accurate passer as well. They may keep him to try it but I'd say they'll end up going a different direction as well. I don't know what he's making this upcoming year but they may release him to save the money if he's just going to be a backup.

#6146 4 years ago
Quoted from John_I:

Big day today. Gotta try to finish stenciling my Atlantis cab before game time!
I got
Pats 32 Broncos 23
Cards 37 Panthers 34

I hate picking scores but those seem very high for the quality of defenses left in the playoffs.

#6152 4 years ago

...and the craziness begins.

#6159 4 years ago
Quoted from Erik:

Anyone remember when Demaryius Thomas was an NFL-caliber WR? Of course it's hard to imagine now but his game could have once been described as competent!

Did his skill disappear with Manning's?

#6161 4 years ago

I just meant that a WR's production relies heavily on a QB's. If the QB plays bad, the WR plays bad. What makes you think Thomas is done? That's a bold thought.

#6162 4 years ago

Broncs hit Gronk in the knees and now he's hurt.

#6164 4 years ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

Pretty much the only way he can be tackled. Sucks.

I thought it was funny he took exception to Broncos players saying that's how they would tackle him.

#6167 4 years ago

I really hate drives that have great plays and end in nothing.

#6170 4 years ago
Quoted from centerflank:

The saddest part of watching these last few weeks is the commercials for golf/soccer or whatever "sport" and realizing how sucky the rest of the winter is going to be.

You could always watch the Bucks. FEAR THE DEER!

#6172 4 years ago

Before the football game started, I was watching the World Championship of Ping Pong. It was pretty tense and exciting.

#6175 4 years ago

I LOVE this Denver defense.

#6181 4 years ago

I think that was a mistake to challenge that. What if it's ruled a catch but not a fumble? Then it's a NE first down.

#6184 4 years ago
Quoted from rai:

Passing on 2 FG attempts is crazy. Can't count on both a TD and and 2-point conversion.

It didn't seem crazy at the time to me but now they could get in for the third FG for the win if they had taken the other two. Wild.

#6222 4 years ago

I just saw a stat line that made me go "wow".

Denver defenders hit Tom Brady 23 times on Sunday. That was 11 more than his previous season high. Brady was 2-for-15 for 3 yards, a touchdown and an interception when pressured.

#6233 4 years ago

Yep, I don't put that much blame on Brady. He was on his back all day. I do think they were trying for the TD too hard at the end. They had two chances for a FG before they scored the TD and both times they went for it on 4th down instead. But that's what makes Belicheck a great coach. He takes chances when most don't and they usually pay off. That defensive line for Denver was just amazing though. Towards the end of the game, they were only rushing 3 guys and were still getting pressure. If you want to put any blame on NE, it was the offensive line but I don't feel like NE lost the game. Denver just won it.

It will be interesting to see in 2 weeks how that D does against Carolina. I heard someone say that 2 years ago everyone was talking about a great O taking a great D and look how that turned out. I guess we'll see.

#6237 4 years ago
Quoted from o-din:

I hope the refs have nothing to do with the outcome. I know the Card's pretty much choked yesterday but early on the officials weren't helping when they were trying to stay in it.
Denver's D is very fast. You don't need to be big to tackle a guy Cam Newton's size. Just fast and get a good grip on him.

or go for the knees like they did Gronk.

#6239 4 years ago
Quoted from o-din:

Grab the legs is more what I was thinking. I'm sure the Bronco's secondary will do a much better job covering the recievers than Arizona did.

That secondary played very good Sunday. There were times that Brady had a little time to throw but no one to throw to.

1 week later
#6262 4 years ago
Quoted from centerflank:

He has indeed proved his worth but lets be honest they have some serious players in their front 7, Ware is still a beast and Miller is a wrecking ball, lots of other good players in their too, Trevathan is an outstanding LB and Marshall make a great pair at ILB, their DB's are pretty fucking good too. Ward is a hammer and Harris is pretty elite.

Remember that this is the same crew as last year. I was never a fan of Del Rio unless you count the times the Colts whooped his Jags teams. Philips is just a lot better at turning these guys loose. The Broncos D vs. Panthers O is the matchup I'm most excited to see. This may turn out to be a low scoring game.

#6272 4 years ago

At least with Michaels and Collinsworth you get a little excitement from their commentary. I miss ole Dan Dierdorf. He was one of my favorite broadcasters. I've heard he does Michigan games.

#6277 4 years ago

I slightly dislike Gruden. He coined the Sheriff nickname for Manning and I always thought that was a stupid nickname that made no sense. He can say other stupid stuff too.

Speaking of the sideline reporter, I don't remember which network has Jay Feely but that has to be the most superfluous reporter of them all. A kicker reporter reporting on only kickers.

#6281 4 years ago
Quoted from SteveO:

I like Tony Siraguso's sideline comments. I don't like the networks going the Fox News route in hiring hot chicks for sideline reporters. At least on Fox News you can look at them. I don't want to hear some chick who knows little about football tell me about Dez Bryant being questionable with a groin injury. Do I really need Erin Andrews for this information?
In Jax we always get the bottom of the annoucing food chain. I'm sure no one else in the country has heard of those announcers, unless they happen to play the Jaguars. I hate Nance calling everyone by their first name like he is friends with them. Collinsworth must have taken one too many concussions and should stop saying "pass rush" as it sounds like "pash rush". Michaels is the best and has been the best for a long time. Gruden still does not understand the rules of the game.
Another horrible halftime show scheduled for this year. When you go to a football game, the PA is playing AC/DC or Metallica, not Coldplay or Bruno Mars or Madonna.

For the four play by play men, it's Michaels, Tirico, Buck and Nantz. Michaels is great. Tirico and Buck are OK and Nantz gets by. Nantz will always be a golf or college basketball announcer.

#6283 4 years ago
Quoted from centerflank:

Dierdorf sucked balls

AND YOU SWALLOW...balls...that didn't work out like I wanted.

#6319 4 years ago

WOOO! Strip TD.

#6321 4 years ago
Quoted from centerflank:

I'm saying no catch for Cotchery. Agree or disagree?

It could have went either way I think. Don't they say you can't use the ground to catch? It looked like the nose of the ball touched before he rolled over.

#6330 4 years ago

Bullshit on the late hit.

#6331 4 years ago

Nice Avengers- Coke commercial

#6348 4 years ago

They are showing the balls being made. Is that some kind of reference to show they are properly inflated?

#6350 4 years ago

I immediately thought Ward was going to fumble when he got hit. He's fortunate his teammate was there to recover.

#6352 4 years ago

OK I enjoyed the Queen-singing sheep.

#6354 4 years ago

Von Miller - Super Bowl MVP

#6355 4 years ago
Quoted from centerflank:

Well, you do live in Indiana! most of you guys marry those, amirite?

Why buy the cow when the milk's free?

#6356 4 years ago

LOL at the NFL promoting making babies after the Super Bowl. Good Job NFL.

#6372 4 years ago

Did anybody else see Peyton hug Papa John?

#6375 4 years ago
Quoted from rai:

Least now I don't feel so bad about how NE looked against Denver. Heck Brady did better than Cam with no running game to speak of.

Being from Indiana, I enjoyed seeing Brady get battered but he still impressed me with his toughness. The difference for Brady and Cam is Brady has Gronk. The last drive of that game was saved with a couple of prayers Brady threw to Gronk.

#6376 4 years ago

and there's Jeff Saturday.

#6380 4 years ago

It's a little bittersweet to see Peyton retire as a Bronco and not a Colt. I've always believed they should have never let him go. If Irsay would have kept him, he would have been a public figure always associated with the Colts and may have never moved from Indiana.

#6381 4 years ago
Quoted from Astropin:

Wow did Cam choke!
Good for Manning I guess. He probably deserves to go out like this.

Do you really think he choked? If you watched any other Denver games this year you would have known how good that defense was.

#6392 4 years ago
Quoted from Astropin:

And how did the "Greatest show on Turf" win?

They were the sixth ranked defense that year, fourth in points allowed. "Greatest show on Turf" didn't just allude to the offense.

#6410 4 years ago
Quoted from Ronnie1114:

Looks like a name change for this thread is in order. No longer 2015-2016.

I thought we would just start a new thread but then I noticed the web address says 2013-2014.

#6419 4 years ago

The NFL routinely employs rapists and murderers so it's not strange that close to every team would want a guy that can't handle a news conference if it helped them win.

#6434 4 years ago

I'm not a big fan of firing a coach who's been to the playoffs 8 out of 10 years. Head Coach provides the culture of a team and I think the Packers have a winning atmosphere. If they want to change a scheme on the offensive or defensive side, then change a coordinator. You can't really guard against injuries if that was the problem last year.

I only watched a couple of GB games this year and the things I noticed was the offensive line was weak and the defense was lackluster. I think overall they are just a few pieces away from getting to another Super Bowl. I saw that for years with the Colts. Their performance was reliant on the fact that players stayed healthy. They always did a good job of keeping backups prepared (until Manning got injured). But I always cherished those years. The failures made the successes taste so much sweeter. When compared with the other option of being the Browns who have lottery picks nearly every year, I'll take making the playoffs every year even if they end in defeat every time.

#6437 4 years ago
Quoted from Deaconblooze:

I don't want to fire coaches, but I would like to get them back to the roles at which they excelled.
Our offensive line was banged up practically all year. Our defense was probably as good as it's been since we won in 2010 (and probably better).

I was checking the stats on the defense and they were middle of the pack (no pun intended), ranked 12th for points and 15th for yards. That's the best since 2012 since they were 11th in both and 2010 when they were a top five defense. So yeah the defense wasn't playing too bad but the offensive ranks were surprising, 15th in points and 23rd in yards. Yikes. Denver was 19th and 16th but they had the best defense in the league to make up for that.

#6443 4 years ago

That completion percentage is a big drop from previous years and the yards is pretty low. It could have had something to do with line issues.

#6450 4 years ago

Just watched the 30 for 30 film, "The Four Falls of Buffalo". Really good. Super Bowl XXV was the first super bowl I watched and I had a poster of Jim Kelly in my room as a kid.

I always thought Buffalo should be owned like Green Bay but I guess that's illegal now.

#6467 4 years ago
Quoted from o-din:

We called it the smoke bowl because it looked like there was a big cloud in there.

I miss domes.

I miss a lot of the old stadiums that had so many quirks and were built in a utilitarian style. I went to Fenway this past spring for the first time and the atmosphere on the streets surrounding the stadium was awesome.

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#6490 4 years ago

Let's get back on topic. Who here thinks Peyton Manning's a perv?

#6494 4 years ago

I've never heard the term Roman helmet. Enlighten me.

Too much common sense here. All sponsorships need to be pulled from Peyton Manning. Kneejerk reactions make a difference.

#6497 4 years ago

So you need to be fully erect to do a teabag. I didn't know that either. This thread is full of useful information.

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#6515 4 years ago
Quoted from fosaisu:

I think Houston significantly overpaid for Osweiler. That said, Broncos are in an uncomfortable situation for the moment with no clear answer at QB. Will be very interesting to see what Elway is able to put together.

I'm guessing he probably won't be the answer either. Houston's had an awful time trying to get a good QB to go with that defense.

#6520 4 years ago
Quoted from Deaconblooze:

I guess Osweiler was butt hurt that he got the bench. I didn't realize he was Elway's kid's roommate in college, heard that for the first time today.

He didn't play that well, he was just better than what Peyton was doing at the time.

What was Fitzpatrick's problem last year? O-line? He has good years in the past.

#6525 4 years ago
Quoted from rai:

What are you talking about last year was Fitzpatrick's best year ever 31 TD 15 int and almost 4000 yards plus another 270 rush yards and another 2 rush TD.
Last year Manning had 9 TD and 17 int and -6 rushing yards.
I'd rather have Fitz than Bradford or Kap or RG3.

Wasn't he with the Texans last year? Sorry I see now he was with the Jets. I was remembering his year with the Texans for some reason. He has been with 3 different teams in 3 years. I thought he was pretty good when he was with Buffalo but for some reason he has always been a little up and down. Maybe good coaching could solve that.

Oh and when I was talking about Manning, I was talking about Osweiler. Another misunderstanding.

#6542 4 years ago

Broncos should stay away from RGIII or Kapernick. They should go after Fitz maybe McCarron. McCarron did a good job in relief of Dalton.

Doesn't GB need OL help? Maybe they are looking toward the draft.

#6560 4 years ago
Quoted from fosaisu:

My first thought as well - but the plan has got to be to have him as a #2, which seems like a pretty good place to put him. And frankly with the D playing the way it was I think we'd still have won it all with Sanchez in at QB for the playoffs last year (doesn't mean I want to see him taking the field next year of course).

I was gonna say the same thing. Sanchez can't be any worse than Manning was last year. Surely he can play as good as Osweiler was doing most of the time and the D will do the rest. I wonder though if that D will be the same. They just lost Trevathan. Have they lost anyone else?

#6564 4 years ago
Quoted from rai:

» YouTube video

I was never a fan of Sanchez. Especially when Rex Ryan stuck with him when he was playing so bad.

#6566 4 years ago

Looks like the Broncos were talking with Fitz but he's asking too much. Probably not gonna get much if you nickel and dime at the QB position.

#6568 4 years ago
Quoted from fosaisu:

True but Fitz is apparently asking $18m a year which seems ... unrealistic.

Most teams' success rides on the QB. I guess the Broncs didn't need great QB play last year though.

Didn't the Dolphins just pay Tannehill 19 million a year?

#6574 4 years ago
Quoted from centerflank:

Wtf? He had a solid reason last year......oh well

He must have had a more solid reason this year.

#6579 4 years ago

How do you Bengals fans feel about Pac-Man returning?

Also I guess Siri knows Browns fans' pain.

#6582 4 years ago
Quoted from Ronnie1114:

Annnnd another O Line loss for the Hawks. Need to get some serious players in the draft.

I've read the Broncos want to trade Clady.

#6598 4 years ago
Quoted from TheLaw:

It's Tim Couch...please show some respect....or a moment of silence.
Well he was a better pick that Whedon, Quinn, & Manzell. Ha...they should open a shitty law firm in Cleveland.

I'm not sure you can say better unless your metric is what number he was picked. Yes he was picked first overall.

Edit: Interesting...

#6604 4 years ago
Quoted from centerflank:

Can he be Captain Nitpicky? We need more pretend captains on pinside

lol, good one

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#6666 4 years ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

I definitely think the trade was a good move. And if they give a lot of the control to Hue Jackson, that's even a better move. We will see. Wouldn't mind the Bengals and Browns fighting over the AFCN for the next decade or so. Haha. Steelers and Ravens can suck it.

I thought Hue Jackson did a decent job in Oakland before he got canned. They were .500 in 2011 which is their best record since '02 when they went to the Super Bowl.

#6676 4 years ago
Quoted from Jaybird815:

The US appeals court upholds Brady's 4 game suspension, he must serve it at the beginning of the year.

If I may speak for us Hoosiers, we've stopped caring.

I know New England fans will whine which is amusing but it seems like forever since this happened.

It seems even Brady knew this was coming because he restructured his contract so that he would only lose a little more than $200,000 instead of more than $2 million from game checks.

#6677 4 years ago

Just read this article on Antonio Brown's boner problem on Dancing with the Stars.

The funniest part is the comment section below. Highlights...

"I mean, so they definitely had sex right?"

"I’m almost positive that the dance partners on this show are contractually obligated to have sex with each other."

"I’m calling Bullshit. There’s no fucking chance somebody is signing up to have sex with Kirstie Allie."

"Pretty sure “Dancing” usually almost always implies fucking. - Me in 7th Grade"

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#6791 4 years ago

Has Flank been gone? I haven't noticed.

People complain about Dalton's postseason record but that doesn't bother me. I'm pretty sure not all of those losses were his fault.

Now that Manning's retired I'm ready to jump back on the Colts bandwagon. It'd be nice to see Luck cut back on his interceptions but I think that's all tied to the offensive line. They've really got to work hard to improve that line if they want him to have any kind of positive season.

#6793 4 years ago
Quoted from TheLaw:

Actually it's pretty goddamn bad playoff wise....
...but I somewhat agree with you. Looks like he was going to cure his demon's until the worst coaching staff in the league pulled their usual meltdown.

I looked at Peyton's numbers and his first three years were pretty bad as well. It wasn't until year four when he got his first win and actually played well. So he's in good company.

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#6859 4 years ago

Any Fantasy leagues open for a new member?

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#6887 4 years ago

I know a lot of people don't like Marvin Lewis as a coach but from afar he seems to have done well. He's changed the culture of the Bengals similar to what Tony Dungy did with the Bucs. If the Bengals hired another coach, the same thing that happened with the Bucs might happen with the Bengals. They hired Gruden and won a Super Bowl but I think they would have done that with Dungy. Then they promptly became inconsistent and never were a real contender again.

#6891 4 years ago
Quoted from Ronnie1114:

That game was awesome!! Yeah 7-9 is pretty lame for the playoffs but at least they made it interesting!

I'm not a Seahawks fan but I remember jumping up and down when Lynch broke off that run. It was amazing.

#6894 4 years ago

Anybody want to share moments when they got really excited or depressed because of football?

My earliest memory of football was the 1991 49ers vs. Giants conference championship. I was six at the time and remember we went to church so we had to tape the game with the VCR. My dad had bought my brother and I a box of Pro Set cards that year. We would open one pack a day. Joe Montana and the Niners ended up being our favorites. It was devastating when watching the game. Leonard Marshall came from behind Montana and just knocked his socks off. That image is burned into my brain. Montana was injured and the Niners lost. The Super Bowl I remember rooting against the Giants because they knocked off the Niners and they of course won on the FG miss by the Bills. You could say we were started off right on sports with the feeling of losing both times.

#6896 4 years ago
Quoted from TheLaw:

Neil Fucking O'Donnel's 2 picks in SB XXX

Can you elaborate? Were they terrible picks or not his fault? I have no memories of that Super Bowl or who even played. I know O'Donnel was a Steelers QB.

#6899 4 years ago

Those INTs were pretty bad.

It's hard for me to understand how Troy Aikman made the Hall of Fame. He seems like an average QB on a very good team. 4 out of his twelve years he had more INTs than TDs, 2 more years he only had one more TD than INTs and 3 of those 6 years he made the Pro Bowl.

#6902 4 years ago
Quoted from TheLaw:

3 Rings is an easy in. Hell, for good trivia there's only 1 QB not in the hall with 2 SB wins...
and a Heisman & Maxwell
Rookie of the year
Come back player of the year

I think you speak of Plunkett, one of my favorite QBs.

#6904 4 years ago
Quoted from RWH:

That's so very true. A quarterback can be pretty damn good and not go to the hall only because he doesn't have the ring. Ken Anderson has better stats than atleast a third of the quarterbacks in the hall and he will not get in. I will say this on Aikman, I think he was better than your average QB but not an elite either. Aikman enjoyed the best running game in the league which opened the field up for him.

I was thinking that may have been why he had so few TDs. They would just hand it to Emmitt. Smith led the league in TDs '92, '94, and '95.

On Pro Football they have this chart tells you what guys at the same position had a similar career. Aikman's was similar to Donovan McNabb, Drew Bledsoe, Matt Hasselbeck, Mark Brunell, Carson Palmer, Steve McNair and then some Hall of Famer's like Stabler, Kelly and Namath.

#6910 4 years ago

I'm not a Cincy fan.


#6914 4 years ago

How did McCarron look? I just read about a deep pass he threw and wondered if there should be any QB controversy.

#6917 4 years ago
Quoted from SteveO:

Thank God Adele turned down playing at the Super Bowl.

I love her music but she's not a get-you-pumped-for-the-big-game kind of singer.

#6918 4 years ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

Look up daltons numbers from last year and that should put to bed any QB controversy that you think there might be. Remember dalton was hurt for the final 3 games of last season too. No chance in hell Maccarron plays this season without an injury to Dalton.

If they would have won that playoff game against the steelers, do you think there would have been a QB controversy? McCarron played well those last 3 games and nearly went 3-0. I like Dalton. It just seems there's a lot of noise about him not winning a playoff game but maybe that's coming from national media instead of local media.

#6942 4 years ago

Looks like a chain of bars in Missouri has started a promotion for rooting against the Rams. Every time an opponent scores a TD against the Rams they will knock a dollar off a 9 dollar pitcher of beer.

#6946 4 years ago
Quoted from SteveO:

The Bucs traded up to get a kicker in the second round. It reminds me of the Jags a few years ago. They took a punter in the third round when Russell Wilson was still available. Gabbert was the Jags QB at the time so they could have used Wilson.

If Russell lasted into the third round, the Jags weren't the only team to not pick him multiple times including the Seahawks. I've never been a fan of criticizing team's picks. The draft is such a crap shoot. It's what they do with their picks that interests me. Can they develop players into starters? Jags haven't won more than five games since '11 when they got a new owner and they have had only 4 Pro Bowlers since '11.

#6951 4 years ago
Quoted from Deaconblooze:

Plus Gabbert was a first round pick. He was in what, his 3rd year when Wilson came out? Most guys don't really emerge as a QB until at least that. Rodgers sat under Favre for 3, which I still think is the best way to bring a QB into the league. But I agree, a punter makes a miss in that round look more egregious.
I took off work Friday and Monday of opening weekend. I was very close to pulling the trigger on Tuesday to recover from the double header, but I exercised some restraint.
Anyone getting Sunday Ticket? I've had it every year, but I'm also out of town a lot. I think I'm actually on the hook for it right now, so I'd actually have to call to cancel..

What's the best internet streaming service for NFL? Sunday Ticket?

#6959 4 years ago

That's rough for Romo and may be the end for him in Dallas if Prescott does well.

#6964 4 years ago
Quoted from PoMC:

Sports radio is so damn lame with the non-stop talk about Kapernick sitting during the national anthem. Who cares? Leave that discussion for the NEWS radio and keep SPORTS talk on ESPN, FS1, Mad Dog, etc.
Couldn't get any sports info from the weekend during my commute because of the hosts repeating themselves over and over.
I. Don't. Care.

I hear a lot of sports fans rag on WWE but sports talk has become WWE. Talk about the drama and action that doesn't take place within game. That's what sports talk has become. I can only listen for a short time because I don't need to hear Bomani, Cowherd, and Stephen A. Smith make the same arguments over and over. I only listen to local guys and PTI if I decide to listen. Otherwise I just read articles.

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#7046 4 years ago

I thought I did pretty good with my ESPN draft. My receivers are a little weak but not too bad.

ff (resized).JPG

#7047 4 years ago

My CBS draft is another story. On pick two, I was reading about players and missed my pick. Autodraft picked Matt Forte. When I was fumbling trying to make the pick I accidentally turned on autodraft. It was a snake draft so my third pick came fairly quickly and autodraft picked Mark Ingram. It'll be fun to see if I can salvage this team.

ff2 (resized).JPG

ff3 (resized).JPG

#7049 4 years ago
Quoted from Deaconblooze:

I'd try to trade Brady for some WRs around week 3. Deangelo might be a drop around that same time..

Good idea. Having two good QBs seems pointless because it becomes a toss up of who to start.

#7053 4 years ago

It has been at least 5 years since I played fantasy. Last time I played I was one win away from winning my league but there was more emphasis on getting a good QB then. I may have made a mistake getting both Cam and Brady.

#7054 4 years ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

Went RB heavy here and praying Gordon is a beast when he returns.

I like your Baba Au Rhum team. I was a little hesitant to pick up Broncos' Thomas. He seemed to disappear last year but he is a big target for a rookie QB.

#7062 4 years ago
Quoted from SteveO:

It's interesting that the Panthers are the favorite tonight. We'll have to see if Cam learned from his Super Bowl meltdown.

Probably because Denver's defense has lost a couple of key players and the offense hasn't improved on paper. I'd probably take the Panthers as well.

#7068 4 years ago

I think Gore's gonna get some points. They are predicting a shootout with neither team having a good defense.

#7083 4 years ago
Quoted from Erik:

So it's that time of year, who you gots for division winners?!
AFC East: Pats
AFC North: Bengals
AFC South: Jags
AFC West: Chieves
NFC East: Gigantes
NFC North: Pack
NFC South: Panthers
NFC West: Cards

Very surprised you picked the Jags since they haven't won over five games in five years. Colts or Texans are obvious picks from that division.

#7085 4 years ago

Panthers fell asleep in that second half and Denver gets lucky with that last kick.

#7088 4 years ago

People are complaining of head shots to Cam. I only saw the fourth quarter but I saw two head shots. One was when he was a runner running toward the sideline. Cam lowered his head to initiate contact. Someone can correct me but I think that's a noncall for any runner like a running back.

The second I saw was the one that got offset by intentional grounding. I didn't see any problem with this call but if they want to change the rules so that personal fouls have some sort of priority I'm fine with that. People were also questioning why Cam wasn't taken out of the game to do a concussion test at that point. That's a tough question because you're in the last minute of the game. It's not always black and white and if the backup came in there's a big chance he plays worse and you lose.

#7093 4 years ago
Quoted from CrazyLevi:

It's NOT A tough question because that's the entire point of the concussion protocol.
If there's any doubt at all, the QB is supposed to be tested. Remember last season's debacle when Kase Keenum of the Rams took an OBVIOUS concussion in the last minute of the game, and the Rams had him in the game on the very next play?
It's not a tough call at all. Either they are serious about this or they aren't, and it's pretty clear, still, after the lawsuits, the evidence, and the bad press, they still don't give a shit and still don't have a real system in place to deal with this stuff.
It's going to kill the NFL eventually. Parents all over the country aren't letting their kids play football, and it's only a matter of time before this starts to take a toll on pro football.

My problem with taking him out is wouldn't other teams just do this on purpose? Hit a guy in the head and force him to take a test at the end of game. Maybe they should have a ref timeout or something to allow the QB to take the concussion test and see if he's OK to play in the last minute.

I think we should just get rid of helmets and padding. Players won't use their head as a weapon if they don't have a helmet on.

#7094 4 years ago
Quoted from Erik:

Also it's boolsheet that a personal foul can be negated by a gameplay penalty.

If Cam holds onto that ball, I don't think either penalty happens.

#7099 4 years ago
Quoted from Erik:

Or you mean the contact would have been elsewhere because Newton wouldn't have been so exposed?

Yeah that's what I meant. If he tucks the ball and takes the sack, there might not be helmet to helmet contact or intentional grounding.

Newton makes some questionable decisions. He takes off running like a running back and initiates contact with his helmet when defenders come near. It's admirable but stupid when so much of the team's success rests on his shoulders. I saw him do this in the fourth while running toward the sideline. He's big enough to stiff arm a defender or he could slide but chooses not to.

#7104 4 years ago

A Flanker back is a receiver lined up behind the line of scrimmage instead of on it. This gives him a buffer between him and the defender. He can be wide just like a normal receiver's position. It's probably just used on this game as another term for wide receiver.

Is that Gottlieb's Touchdown?

#7110 4 years ago

ESPN Fantasy isn't working for me right now. Anybody else had this issue?

#7111 4 years ago

I didn't realize Gronk was out. I'm kicking myself for not putting Martellus Bennett in.

#7118 4 years ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

Also. AJ green made Revis look like a high school DB.

Yeah Green killed me in both the leagues I'm playing in.

#7124 4 years ago
Quoted from CrazyLevi:

Nice choke, Colts!

I'm not sure the Colts choked considering they were behind the whole game. They did make some weird calls at the end.

I didn't watch the game but was checking the score at the end and saw they were within 5 yards of a TD. I thought the Lions were going to call a timeout with around a minute left to play and then was surprised to see the Colts call their last timeout. Oddly that has become the story today.

#7126 4 years ago

Pretty sad injury for RG3. He seems like a good guy.

#7130 4 years ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

Then I suggest you start watching the game. It's only gonna get worse for your redskins. You don't capitalize on the opportunities that the steelers rarely give you, your team is effed. Believe me, my bengals have been great for the past 5 years and still struggle to beat this team. Steelers are the hardest win in the NFL outside of the patriots.

Yeah Steelers never cruise. They just win.

#7132 4 years ago

This was the tweet on ESPN. At first I'm thinking but when a player is falling out of bounds they don't have to take a couple of steps. I like the older way they reffed catches but in this day with HD they have to have strict, minute rules what a catch is.

Capture (resized).JPG

#7140 4 years ago

I'm holding on for dear life in my CBS fantasy league. 84-79 and the other guy just has Todd Gurley left. He has 2 points in the first half. Go Niners.

#7153 4 years ago
Quoted from mcluvin:

Thanks! After week 1 my thinking is he is going to be a last choice for scoring. I was surprised even with Gronk out he still wasn't used much. Still just 1 game though and not like I totally know what I'm doing.

Don't worry. I dropped Bennett so that means he's going to do really good from now on. He played every down but 2 so I think he'll get his chances. Josh McDaniels praised him for his blocking.

I could see him getting more targets but the Patriots are very situational. They tailor their game plan every week to their opponent. So it felt like to me it would be feast or famine. I picked up Dwayne Allen who was available. Even though the Colts other TE was also available and had two TDs in the first game, I went with Allen because of his targets.

#7157 4 years ago

Watch the video in the article. So now the defense has to worry about the posture of the Quarterback.

#7158 4 years ago

Rams move from St. Louis to Los Angeles cost them 65 million but their value doubled from 1.45 billion to 2.9 billion. The least valuable franchise in the NFL is the Bills at 1.5 billion. Say goodbye to the Bills, Buffalo.

I've always thought a deal like the Packers have would work well for Buffalo or other teams that are so deeply tied into their community. I don't think that's allowed anymore though.

#7167 4 years ago
Quoted from mcluvin:

Bills announce they are moving. Fans torch Buffalo. Loss of life and property likely to exceed 3 billion

What do the Bills care? They would be leaving the dump of Buffalo.

#7169 4 years ago