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Official NFL Thread

By centerflank

7 years ago

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#4418 5 years ago

TD Rodgers. I win my week! Woo hoo!

1 week later
#4552 5 years ago

Had to sweat out this win. Pack almost blew the spread. Woo hoo, won $195 off of $40.00.20150928_220350.jpg

#4568 5 years ago

Nice start to the morning! Up $200 already. Thank you Jets.20151004_094840.jpg

#4574 5 years ago
Quoted from badbilly27:

Bears won??? OMG

Yeah and cost me a 4 game parlay.

#4575 5 years ago

Luckily this one came thru. Only had $10 on it for $90 but a winner is still a winner20151004_142715.jpg

#4581 5 years ago

I'm a lifelong niners fan. Wish they kept Alex Smith. Wow did I just say that? Still won with Packers -8.5!

#4583 5 years ago

Yeah it's always a bad sign when qb's seek out a old great (kurt warner) to try and learn how to throw. Every time there's a rush he just drops down. Time to draft a new qb and start over. The way they're playing I'm thinking top 5 pick or maybe 3 for the niners.

#4589 5 years ago
Quoted from centerflank:

Sweet shank Saint kicker! Lol! Need some more garbage fantasy points from Witten!

Dallas never even touched it in ot. Bummer for you. Yeah me! Saints -3.5

#4592 5 years ago
#4624 5 years ago

Both Luck and Hasslebeck are questionable for tonight's game and they're still 1 point favorites on the road? Oh, they're playing the texans

#4631 5 years ago

Luck out. Line has moved to Texans -4.5. I'll take the Colts

#4634 5 years ago

I started the colts d tonight. Already have a pick! Hopefully more to come

#4635 5 years ago

Mallet's pouting like a little punk. Left the field b4 half.

#4639 5 years ago

Any of you guys on fan dual, draft kings or just in private leagues?

#4641 5 years ago

I've been in a 12 team league since 98. I'm seriously thinking of joining fan dual. Like the thought of creating new teams each week. Also going head to head with people weekly for cash seems like something I can get into. We switched to auction format about 5 years ago. Way better imo. If we hadn't, I would have quit then.

#4648 5 years ago

Nfl picks of this week.
STL +9.5
NE -8.5
NYG -7.5
NWO +4.5

#4667 5 years ago

Can anyone kick a field goal anymore? I look like Janakowski, maybe I can get a tryout??

#4679 5 years ago

I bet Sean Payton ends up in Miami. Saints need to blow it up. Stafford sucks but Brees is old and not the great great player he once was. And can Baltimore pick up/draft someone who can cover? 400+ yards to a Mccown?

#4680 5 years ago

Congrats to ped Gates. 100 tds!

#4689 5 years ago
Quoted from centerflank:

Am I the only one that likes to see Rivers lose?

Rivers is a mouthy punk who hasn't won squat. Both Roethlisberger and Manning have 2 super bowls and he has a collection of bolo ties

#4693 5 years ago

They lined up in a wildcat? Wtf?. Sneak it in

#4695 5 years ago

Td steelers! Steelers win. Woo hoo! Amazing finish.

1 year later
#7517 4 years ago

2 chip shot field goals to win in ot. "They gave you a chance and you blew it"
That was the craziest/sadest game ever.
With the London game that wraps up a solid 15hrs of football. God bless America! See you next week. Same bat time, same bat channel

1 month later
#7753 3 years ago

Wtf was that Carolina? You start the game with Derek fuking Anderson? This is the same team that went 15 and 1 last year and had the league mvp?
Fucking joke

#7785 3 years ago

Raiders @ Cheifs Thursday. Too bad a game for first place is being played on a Thursday. With that being said, there's finally a Thursday night game worth watching! However, 2 of the best/classic uniforms in the nfl will be getting the awful color rush treatment.

#7833 3 years ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

Unfortunately these are only going to get more frequent.

Nfl expected to add another London game in 2017 pushing them up to 4 games. Ughh. And not doing the 9:30am kickoff anymore. Unless it's "your" team, the London game is unwatchable anyways.

Line is down to -3 KC tonight. Chefs in first place after sweeping the Raiders tonight!
"And the home, of the, CHEIFS"

#7838 3 years ago

Inside joke. Neice always called them the chefs. Just kinda stuck

#7842 3 years ago

Great, now my wife wants a Raiders jersey with silver numbers. #52 Mack, come on down. Xmas gift #2, check.
The chiefs red on red actually looks good.

#7856 3 years ago

Looks like bad weather for a few games today. Love football in the snow. And lots of teams playoffs lives are on the line today so it feels like playoff football in Dec! A few thoughts and questions for week 14.

I'm curious to see if the Titans can continue to build on what they're doing and defeat the Broncos today.

With Gronk out for the season do the Pats have enough besides B&B to survive afc?

Can the Giants win tonight and sweep the Cowboys?

Who's going to win the afc north? Steelers or Ravens

Are the Detroit Lions legit? Stafford is having awesome year and D seems improved.

Can the Bucs stay hot and the Falcons not choke as always?

Enjoy the games today

#7864 3 years ago

Cam needs to be in concussion protocol. Seriously, he looks like my grandmother in Florida.

20161211_204255 (resized).jpg

#7889 3 years ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

Who do the jags have left to play?


Looks like 0 - 3 for jags

#7919 3 years ago

The hoodie is the best coach in the nfl imo.
His week to week gameplans and the way he uses his roster is genius.

Marvin Lewis must have the biggest stack of compromising photos of Bengals management to still have a job. How does someone coach for 13 years, not win at least one playoff game and keep his job? Even Josh McDaniels with Tim Tebow as his qb has a playoff win.

#7923 3 years ago

Adrian Peterson is a freak/medical miracle. Coming back from a torn meniscus in week 2

#7926 3 years ago
Quoted from Astropin:

Good luck.....not going to happen

Could happen. Brady is 2 and 6 in Denver and Tennessee is hot and playing well.
But I'm with you. Doubtful.

-30 windchills in Chicago today

#7959 3 years ago

o-din How's a cali beach bum become a dolphins fan?

#7981 3 years ago

After watching the 30 for 30 espn did with Ice Cube on the LA Raiders it didn't look like a family environment for sure. At the time it looked like football would never return to LA. Why would someone risk their life to attend a game with shitty teams when there's a beach with babes just down the road?

Maybe the Raiders should move to San Diego after watching them take over qualcom last weekend. It would take time to build a stadium in Vegas anyway and I believe their lease is up in Oakland after this year.

#7986 3 years ago
Quoted from Deaconblooze:

I think that's one of the few 30 for 30s I haven't seen. The directing/production was so bad I couldn't stand to sit through it any longer.

It was on back to back with the islanders leaving long island this weekend. I like most of 30 for 30 I've seen.

#7998 3 years ago
Quoted from RobT:

As you noted, Cowboys have locked up the number 1 seed, so they have nothing to play for in this game. Still, I hope that they don't rest everyone or not play hard. Taking 3 weeks off before the first playoff game wouldn't be a great idea.

They can't rest Prescott because Romo would be in and the ginger wouldn't be able to resist pulling a wade phillips (Buf 99) and bench Prescott if Romo lights it up.

#8004 3 years ago

And the qb is toast. Having flalashbacks of saragusa squashing poor rich gannon in 2000

Looks like Raiders season just ended. Finally make the playoffs and now no qb.

Ho, ho, oh oh

#8079 3 years ago

You guys have a lot of faith that the Raiders can beat the Broncos, In Den with Mcgloin.

I'm betting that Cheifs win, Raiders lose. Pats and Chiefs get byes. Fins go to Steelers and Raiders go to Texans for wildcard round.

Packers/Lions game should be best of weekend.

#8080 3 years ago

Second year in a row where WSH wins against NYG and make the playoffs and the loser of the DET/GB game is out of the playoffs. Seems odd no?

GB -3.5 @ DET. Packers have won 5 in a row and lions have lost 2 in a row. If home field counts as 3 points then the oddsmakers are favoring the Packers in Det by a touchdown? Was surprised this game wasn't a pick em.

#8089 3 years ago

Ravens/Bengals game was -2.5 CIN this morning and is now OTB? Wtf?

#8092 3 years ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

What does OTB mean? Off the board? Like can't bet it? I wouldn't touch that game with a ten foot pole anyway.

Yup, off the board. Usually if they pull a game there's a significant injury at key position. But hadn't heard anything. Ravens deflated after last week, Bengals should roll.

When the steelers announced all their guys we're sitting earlier this week, the line went from -13.5 to -6.5

#8095 3 years ago

Were we not all hoping for Raiders/Patriots 2 @ Foxboro, in the snow?

yNFL-blog480 (resized).jpeg

#8097 3 years ago
Quoted from Rondogg:

Actually, it would be NE vs.Oak 4. All three previous games were amazing and 1976/2001 were both riddled in controversy and all were in the Championship game. Would love to see Carr back on the field for round 4.

Well if we're correcting each other. I meant #2 in Foxboro. The tuck game was actually a divisional game. Pats had to beat the Steelers with Bledsoe in the 01 Championship.

#8102 3 years ago

I like betting games where there's something on the line and this week is slim pickings.

What do you guys think about tonight's playoff games in cfb?

I'm on Alabama -13.5 over Washington

Clemson +3.5 over Ohio State

The public money is on Washington and Ohio St. Sharp money on Alabama and Clemson.

Rematch of last year?

#8116 3 years ago
Quoted from o-din:

The schedule shows we have four day games on TV tomorrow. I think that's happened before. But a few weeks ago the schedule showed a game and I got Jimmy Swaggart or something like that instead. But the day is chocked full of good games anyway. Local networks have barred the Chargers, as it's been weeks since they got aired. So much for the LA market.
Happy New Year! And let the games begin.

Why don't you just have Sunday ticket and choose whatever games you want? Or at least have the red zone channel?

I remember in the 80s and 90s, if you lived in western Canada we were stuck watching regional shithawks coverage every weekend. You'd hope to see the Niners or Packers or Broncos in the late game but was usually,
"From the Kingdome, it's the 4 - 11 Chargers against the 2 - 12 Seahawks"

#8126 3 years ago

Looks like the Raiders McGloin is already done. That's some brutal offense.
Go Chiefs!

#8135 3 years ago

Can't believe the Skins didn't show up today.

Both the Packers and Lions make the playoffs!

Now to see who hosts a playoff game.

#8136 3 years ago

Dolphins at Steelers
Oakland at Texans

I'm guessing lines will be something like Pit -7.5, Hou -4.5


#8149 3 years ago

Giants D will pressure Rogers all day. I'm sure at some point he'll be whinning to the refs about something.

Let's go G Men! (Only cause I put $50 on them 5 weeks ago at 30 -1)

#8152 3 years ago

You see Nicky Satan has told Kiffin to hit the bricks after beating Washington?
Haha, that's funny.

#8161 3 years ago

This weekends games in order with current odds.

OAK @ HOU -3.5
DET @ SEA -8
MIA @ PIT -10
NYG @ GB -4.5

#8164 3 years ago

The Raiders offense sucked ballz last week too.
The Patriots look like they have 2 weeks off till the afc championship.

#8180 3 years ago

The Steelers are a proven playoff team, dolhins not. With the fish healthy it would have been 6.5 to 7.5 Steelers. -10 Pit seems about right.
Steelers 23 Dolphins 10

#8182 3 years ago

Hopefully Detroit can keep it close if not pull the upset.
Shithawks just not the same team since blowing Super Bowl 49.

#8191 3 years ago

I like the nfl playoff format the way it is. Hopefully they don't change it. 12 teams is the perfect number of teams.
Only baseball had a better playoff format before they changed it. 3 division winners and 1 wildcard on each side. Makes winning your division important.

The nfl should get rid of Thursday night football too and stop trying to change something that's not broke.

#8192 3 years ago
Quoted from o-din:

It will end up like hockey . Where more teams seem to make the playoffs than don't.

Quoted from RobT:

...or the NBA.
Take a look at the current standings, and all the teams that are under .500 that would make the playoffs. Ridiculous.

16 teams works for both nhl and nba. Unfortunately in nba the top teams are so much better then the bottom teams that their playoffs are totally boring. Wake me at the finals. Oh and have you heard of back to back games, nba?

The NHL though is totally different. Just about every year a #8 seed takes out a #1 seed. Or at least a #7 takes out a #2. As far as intensity, and suspense nothing is better then playoff hockey.

#8226 3 years ago

Serious question. Can you guys (americans) bet online or have local sports lotto yet?
Or are you limited to vegas and bookies?

#8236 3 years ago

Am I the only one who thinks Houston is going to win?
Any Raider fans want to wager?

#8252 3 years ago

Brady went 11 - 1 as a starter. 28 TDs vs 2 INT. Broke the td to int record. And led his team to league best record.
I'd say Brady is mvp. Ryan 2nd and Rogers 3rd.

#8258 3 years ago

My #1 Raider fan reminiscing on a what could have been season. At least it looks like you found a franchise QB. See you next season

20170107_153417 (resized).jpg

#8261 3 years ago

Wow. The Miami D is getting pounded.

Hopefully the second game will be better

#8272 3 years ago
Quoted from dmbjunky:

Have the Steelers and Pats ever met in the playoffs in the new millenium?

2001 and 2004 AFC Championship games. Pats won both.

Hopefully KC will kick the Steelers ass next week so we don't have to see NE/PIT 3.

#8284 3 years ago

4 - 0 baby! Well I did bet all the favorites

20170108_184222 (resized).jpg

#8295 3 years ago

Early lines on divisional games

SEA @ ATL -4.5
HOU @ NE -15.5
PIT @ KC -1
GB @ DAL -4

Right now im thinking ATL, HOU, KC and GB on spread with ATL, KC, NE, GB winning straight up.

#8297 3 years ago

I'm a Chiefs fan so have to root for them but I'm scared. Steelers are hot winning 8 in row

#8313 3 years ago
Quoted from dmbjunky:

My picks
I was 2-2 last week.

Looks like 2 - 2 again

#8319 3 years ago

Steelers 6 super bowls
Bengals 0 super bowls

The steelers love playing the bengals twice a year as much as the browns

#8340 3 years ago
Quoted from SteveO:

I guess we'll see how L.A. goes from having no NFL teams the last 20 years or so to having 2 again. I guess that leaves Vegas for the Raiders.

Probably the way it went in the 90s. Half full stadiums with crappy teams no one wants to go and see.

The San Diego community blew it. Instead of taxing out of town guests and having a nfl team where minimum 10 weeks a year (8 reg and 2 pre) people fill your town, hotels, restaurants, etc and pump cash into the local economy. YOU GET NOTHING! Oh, well your politicians spin it that the roads will get improvements. Enjoy them.

As for the Chargers, why would you want to be second fiddle to anyone, especially the Rams? Spanos is a cheap bum. Billionaire pinching pennies? Build your own stadium and reap the rewards of leasing YOUR stadium, 10 weeks of ticket sales and concessions, etc...

#8343 3 years ago

Sounds like the rich getting richer is main motive in SD moving to LA.

You give us 500 million and you'll instantly be worth 1 billion more in value.

Rams went from low 20s in value to 6th most valuable franchise in league just for moving.

Sucks for true San Diego fans.

When the Chargers move to LA and the Raiders move to Vegas what will happen to Raiders/Chargers week/rivalry? Bummer

#8348 3 years ago

Stan Kroenke is paying for the new LA stadium. The naming/licensing fee is going to be huge (9 figures for sure) cause every flight in and out of LAX will see the giant billboard on the roof of the stadium.
Niners had their stadium bought and paidoff without taxpayers money

Check out the new chargers logos. Very Dodger like. The other looks like Tampa Bay Lightning

2017-01-12-11-52-24-1275825249 (resized).jpeg

2017-01-12-11-52-16-675124112 (resized).jpeg

#8353 3 years ago

You'd think the Dodgers copyright/infringement lawyers are going to have something to say about the Chargers new logo?

#8373 3 years ago

Oh oh
I'm down a hundo and half if pats lose

#8376 3 years ago

With all favorites winning I think a lot of us are 6-0!
Just need GB +4.5 and KC -1.5 to be 8 - 0.
Made $250 on a $100 2 game spread ticket

#8388 3 years ago

Good start to second half for the pack

#8410 3 years ago
Quoted from TheLaw:

wow what is the over/under going to be GB/ATL?!?

Bet365 has over under at 60.5
Can't remember many games with 60 point totals

#8415 3 years ago

Holding on a 2 point play? Fuck I was hoping Andy Reid and Alex Smith would win one.

Went 3 - 1 ats this week.

Won $250 on $100 yesterday and spent $70 today and won $200

See you next weekend.

20170115_221823 (resized).jpg

#8428 3 years ago

The Cowboys dump Romo and his 22 million owed next year and pull a giants and stock up on d next year. They can follow the seahawks model and have a qb for a few years where they don't have to pay him ($500gs next year) and add a pass rusher, linebacker and secondary.
However it is Jerry Jones so he's bound to fuck it up. And I hate the Cowboys more then any other team.

#8443 3 years ago

MVP odds

Brady +150
Ryan +350
Rogers +500

Although I thought all season it will be Brady, all the talking hair doos are leaning Ryan.
I still think Brady wins but at 3.5 to 1 I'm throwing a hundo on Ryan today

#8444 3 years ago

This weekends odds.

4.5 ATL
60.5 Total

4.5 NE
50.5 Total

I'm surprised the NE line wasn't larger

Thoughts on this weeks games?

#8478 3 years ago

When did this NFL thread leave the basement?
I kinda like the black background.

#8514 3 years ago

So I'm playing blackjack in a small casino in North Battleford, Saskatchewan this afternoon and I'm wearing a Brady jersey and Pats hat. This older couple (at least mid 70s) walk by and I hear "Fuck those bastard Patriots, Go Steelers" and they just kept walking! His wife didn't even react. I busted a gut . The dealer even cracked up. Steelers fans are everywhere.

#8516 3 years ago

I wear my Brady jersey to annoy my Raider loving wife. I'm not even a pats fan but it is fun

We're watching PTI yesterday about the Raiders leaving and she says "now who am i going to root for? It just won't I be the same without the black hole and the fans"
I told her she can come across the bay and be 49ers fan like me.
She told me to go fuck myself!
Love you too babe.

#8531 3 years ago

All right, all right, all right.
4 hours till kickoff!
Filled the fridge with beers and currently rolling some lefthanded cigarettes.
Enjoy the games today.

#8580 3 years ago

4 - 0 today but didn't have the ballz to add pit/ne over to the ticket.

Is anyone interested in a super bowl prop page? We could do $5 entry, 20 props. Winner takes 80%, second place 20%, everyone else. Nothing!
Or just for funzies.

20170122_210757 (resized).jpg

#8584 3 years ago

Early Super Bowl odds.

NE -155
ATL +125

Found one -3.5 NE and no total yet. Probably be one of the highest totals in sb history.

#8587 3 years ago
Quoted from SteveO:

Atlanta was impressive. I am looking forward to this year's Super Bowl, except for Lady Gaga. It's time to revamp or get rid of the halftime extravaganza. When I go to a football game, the stadium is playing something like Metallica or AC/DC. They aren't playing Lady Gaga or Cold Play.

Halftime show is for the wife's and kids. Total corporate shmuck. I'm a football fan. I don't give 2 shits who's singing at halftime.
Halftime is a piss break, smoke break and grab some sandwiches and wings.

#8616 3 years ago

They should get rid of the pro bowl.
No one wants to play in the game and risk injury.
Oh look, the 6th best qb in the nfc said no so I get to go. Big whoop.
All Pro is what/all they need.

#8627 3 years ago

Line is NE -3
57.5 total

#8628 3 years ago
Quoted from TheLaw:

I used to like it the way it was; after the Superbowl. It's a bullshit game that's a good way to wind down after the season.just a reason to have 1 more Sunday of drinking after the SB.

I liked it too the week after the season also. One last weekend to get a teaser in. Miss the old qb challenge they did every year too.

My biggest complaint is the nfl award show where they announce the Hall of Famers now.

I used to look forward to a couple hours of nfl network covering the nominees waiting to see if they get a call and then a make shift press conference broke out and we got to see how happy the guys and their families and peers are for them. One of my favorite nights of the season.

Now we get a list of guys and come out to a small audience, clapity clap clap and it's over. Booooo

#8649 3 years ago

All right, Super Bowl week

Haven't checked the books since last Monday but our national lottery has the line set at -3.5 NE, 58.5 o/u.

Pats 15 - 3 ATS this season.
Falcons 12 - 6 ATS this season.

At 3.5 I'm leaning Falcons but will probably end up betting heavy on the pats as weekend approaches.

We always do a prop pool with 15 to 20 game props. $5 entry. Winner takes the pot. Fun way for the non fan/casual observer of the game to have some fun too. Photocopy a stack and hand them out before the game.

I wonder if we get a Eugene Robinson/Barret Robbins this week?


#8661 3 years ago

Hall of fame announcements tonight. Here's my predictions.


#8663 3 years ago

Rudy has his favorites

20170204_131936 (resized).jpg20170204_131647 (resized).jpg20170204_131743 (resized).jpg20170204_132155 (resized).jpg

#8665 3 years ago

Bumbed that T.O didn't make it. They're pulling a Irvin on him. Next year Ray Lewis and Urlacher as first time guys who are just about guarantee 1st ballot and Randy Moss is up for the 1st time.

I didn't think Davis would get in. 5.5 years isn't a hall of famer in my books.

#8705 3 years ago

Best fuckin superbowl ever!!!
Most suspenful 1.5 quarters of football. Largest comeback was 10 before Pats 25 tonight.

JULIAN EDEMAN'S catch should go down as top 3 catch in superbowl history.

#8712 3 years ago
Quoted from yuriijos:

Didn't get the whole Riger Goodell thing, what's the scoop on that?

What, you mean roger fidel and his vendetta against TB and the Patriots?
It was the Tom Brady FU tour all season long.
Boos 100% deserved.

#8733 3 years ago

Anyone else laugh their asses off when Willie McGinnest was walking with the trophy and dropping f bombs into a live microphone untill they cut his mike and Strahan pops out of nowhere and grabs the Lombardi from him?

I wonder if ol willie still has a job

#8786 3 years ago

The hall of fame is becoming a joke. A long line of current hof members are questioning why Owens isn't in after 2 votes.
Owens didn't even make the first cut of 10. Which basically means until the whole structure changes, TO isn't getting in. Complete farce.

#8821 3 years ago

How about the guy who wagered 1million dollar on ATL +3?

5 minutes left in the 3rd it's 28 - 3 and you're flying high thinking you've got this and then the collapse starts.

#8827 3 years ago

Just heard that the stolen Brady jersey could be worth $300.000
Why would anyone want something they can't display and brag to their friends about?

#8854 3 years ago
Quoted from Topher5000:

I liked the ad with Snoop Dog & Martha. I wasn't paying 100% attention, but it was something like "Snoop, what do you want for your birthday?" "I'd like..." "A purple kushy pillow?"

Haha, that was hilarious. My wife was yelling "hit rewind! Snoop just said he wanted some purple kush"

Besides the Gronk commercial, it's the only commercial I remember this year. Seems either the commercials suck now or I really don't give a rats ass anymore. I'm guessing both.

Where's the babes eating cheeseburgers and drinking beer and animals doing stupid things?

3 weeks later
#8887 3 years ago

New fastest 40 at the combine
WR John Ross 4.22 seconds
Lost a million bucks by running in Nikes.

#8889 3 years ago

Belichick just hijacked Rich Eisen's headset at the combine. Throws a quick shot at the nfl. Pretty funny.

#8900 3 years ago

That's Elway's problem as a gm. He thinks they're just a qb away from winning yet wastes a first round pick last year on a qb and refuses to give him a chance to develop. How about rebuild the line and grow with Lynch or the northwestern kid?

Romo is half the QB Manning was. I'd rather have a washed up pizza pimp noodle arm today then Romo and his broken everything.

#8903 3 years ago

Cleveland trades for Brock Osweiler and plans to cut him? Haha, poor Brock. Should have stayed with the Broncos.

#8904 3 years ago

Pats cleaning up in free agency. I just dropped $300 on Pats at 5.5 to 1. I thought it'd be more like 2 to 1. Next best is Shithawks at 9 to 1.
I feel really good about the bet.

1 month later
#8941 3 years ago
Quoted from Erik:

This is the least interesting draft in recent memory. There's a consensus #1 followed by a consensus shrug. With that said I can't wait til the 27th

I love the draft. Ever since I was a little kid I'll get a couple draft magazines, watch the draft and write every pick out. Team, position, pick, etc...
Even now I dvr both nfl network and espn's coverage. I wish they still held it Saturday and Sunday but it's all about prime time $$$.
It will be strange not seeing and hearing Boomer anymore.

Quoted from Erik:

I also can't wait to see where Ross and McCaffrey end up and how they're used.

Doesn't McCaffrey scream a Patriot?

1 week later
#8971 3 years ago

Von miller was on Dan Patrick show recently and showed dp he has the word CHIP on his shoulder.

#9025 3 years ago
4 months later
#9068 3 years ago

Only 1 day to go!!!!! Want to give a shout out to toasterman04 for telling me about Nfl league pass, redzone and nfl network 24/7 for only $20/month. Finally a way to stream games live in hd in Canada.


■MVP. 1. Rogers GB 2. Wilson SEA
■SUPER BOWL. NE/SEA 3 with SEA winning it. Tough not to pick the defending champs and send Tommy off with #6 though. I really wanted to pick the Packers but think the nfc championship game will be up in Seattle which gives them the edge and not sure if they have any/enough defense. Going to sprinkle a little cheddar on NYG (15-1) and KC (20-1) as longer shots to win it all.

Good luck to everyone and enjoy the 2017 season!

1 week later
#9143 3 years ago

My buddy bought a traeger this summer and we've been to 3 cookouts and were fantastic each time. The recipes on the site seem to be endless and I'm eyeing one up for my xmas gift this year!

Also I think the Chargers moving to LA with the Rams is going to be a disaster. I just don't see both teams being supported. Maybe 1 if they are good/contenders but when both teams are 4 and 8 and out of the playoff race i think seeing half empty upper decks will be the norm.

I'd do what you're doing. Buy a big roast, tap a keg, invite friends and family over and still be under the cost of a ticket.

#9187 3 years ago
Quoted from hwyhed:

Any predictions on what team fires their coach 1st? I'm going w cinccy and M. Lewis n NY Giants and B McAdoo..

I'll take Chuck P in Indy for a hundo, Alex.

#9223 3 years ago

Pretty emotional, powerful moment about 30 minutes ago over in London with both teams interlocking arms and showing unity and support for each other during the national anthem. In a time divisiness, seeing Jacksonville owner Shahid Kahn standing between 2 players was a powerful, lasting image to me. Looking forward to see what else to come today. Stay strong my American brothers.

#9224 3 years ago

Another first. Steelers will not come out on the field for the national anthem at the Bears today

#9252 3 years ago
Quoted from o-din:

You think having two teams would double my odds. Three teams if you count who ever's playing the Patriots, but noooooo...
That's why I have so much respect for the NY Football Giants. They are the only ones that have come thru in the last 20 years.

And it took 2 fluky, once in a lifetime plays to happen. On the flip side tho the Pats last 2 superbowls were won on bonehead calls by coaches. (Seahwaks throwing the ball on the goal line, Falcons not kicking fg and winning the game)

Come to think of it all 5 of the Patriots superbowl victories could have been losses.

Love playing the hypothetical game.

#9263 3 years ago

With all those high draft pics, jags should start to get better. Think the defense is getting good. J. Ramsey seems like a star in the making. If the qb can avoid turnovers and run the ball with fornette, jags could be respectable. Maybe 8 - 8 this year?

#9279 3 years ago
Quoted from CrazyLevi:

Laugh it up, Tom Brady isn't gonna live forever. In a very short time the Pats are gonna be just like everybody else.

Jimmy G might be the next A Rod who sat behind a future hall of famer for 3 seasons. There's a reason the hoodie didn't trade him. He's not Cassell, Mallet, etc.. I bet Vikings, Bears and Lions fans prayed for the day Favre retired. And turned out A Rod was even better. If he's half as good as Brady they should still dominate the division for years.

#9330 3 years ago

Yes! More 49ers talk!

20170913_070352 (resized).jpg

#9331 3 years ago

The heart and soul of the 80s Niners. I love Joe, but he didn't do it alone.

20170927_232546 (resized).jpg

#9349 3 years ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

How is sanu not owned? Ten team league?
I'm sticking with Cooper for now. I'd start him no matter the matchup. My rule is stick with your studs through 4 weeks at least.

Cooper has been playing like garbage. He's my #2 wr and cost me last week. To the bench you go coop. Especially against broncos d.

#9366 3 years ago

I'm mountain time and the 7:30am start is nice. Don't know if i want it every week but better then watching pregame shows talk about the same 5 teams.

#9367 3 years ago

Damn. Carr out 2 to 4 weeks with bad back. When I drafted Carr and Cooper I thought I'd be set. Waiver wire, here I come

#9400 3 years ago

5 picks for big Ben. Yikes!

#9409 3 years ago

Aaron Rodgers is the man! Great drive and pass to win the game.

Looks like JJ Watt is done again

#9411 3 years ago

Fractured tibia for watt. He's like Gronk on D. A beast when healthy but injured way too often.

#9414 3 years ago

Man what a stink a roonie that was tonight!

#9419 3 years ago
Quoted from Topher5000:

Well, that sucked.

You should check out podcast on tunein. I originally was like you last week with Buf pick. After hearing 75% of public was betting Buf and sharps betting Cin I switched my pick. It's nice to know where the pros/sharps are laying their bread. Went 13/14 straight up this week and 11/14 ats. Damn Lions cost me my third ever perfect weekend.

#9422 3 years ago

Saints just traded Peterson to the Cardinals for conditional pick. Forgot he was in nwo. Sad to see future hall of famers washing out in other cities.

#9429 3 years ago
Quoted from RWH:

Eifert once again done for the season in Cincy. As a Cincy fan since 1968. I simply can't fathom the thought process behind keeping this TE regardless of "how good he is", he has never played an entire season; hell he's not played four games in a row since coming into the league in 2015. I don't give a damn if your Tom Brady, if you are on the bench injured 12 games a season your simply dead weight eating up cap space for another player that can actually contribute to the teams success. Release him an move on already! Oh yeah I hear the nay sayers "he's one of the best TE's in the league"......really, when did he play long enough to earn that tag. Trade him, he's a non-factor, even if he's traded to a AFC North opponent odds are around 75% he'll not be available to play come time to face them.

Nice rant! Not sure if anyone anywhere is saying the dude is best te in the league tho. Lol. That's a stretch.

#9441 3 years ago

Lots of questionable qb starts have this weeks picks still up in the air.
Stafford, Carr, Mariota. Still no line in the Ind/Ten game.

And something smells fishy. Jkv is in the 3pm time slot with a west coast team visiting? 97% of the time that's a early kickoff and hurtful to the west coast team. Does the league want the Rams to succeed and become popular to justify them moving to LA?

#9442 3 years ago

Oh oh! Rodgers just carted off the field

#9449 3 years ago

Wow. Atlanta stinks! 17 - 0 lead at home against the fish and you lose?

#9451 3 years ago

I've also never seen "BREAKING NEWS" flashed across the screen for 1 player. Lol

#9453 3 years ago

Staffords nickname should be captain comeback

#9455 3 years ago
Quoted from TheLaw:

His original "Captain shitty for 3 quarters" is hard to shake.

Haha. Looks like niners just got screwed in wsh. Opp? Really??

#9460 3 years ago

images (resized).jpg

#9463 3 years ago

Winston for TB is out with a shoulder. I guess cause Jay Glazer didn't break the story it's not Breaking News?

#9470 3 years ago

The more the nfl tries to define what a catch is, the harder it is to actually figure out what the hell a catch is.
Seems every week there's 2 or 3 calls that should be a catch and is reversed by replay or not even challenged.

#9473 3 years ago

Bell from pit gets unsportsmanlike penalty for punching the goalpost (ken norton jr style) for 5 seconds but the dopes in minny last week play duck duck goose for 15 seconds and that's ok? Come on nfl

#9480 3 years ago
Quoted from Pinball-is-great:

So, now are we looking at Kap going to the Packers?
Ooof, I did not just think that and type that.
No way the Packers org/players would all rally around him as a united team.

Don't see any team signing Kapernick after he filed paperwork this weekend suing the nfl for collusion.

#9491 3 years ago

Gotta promote this again. It's so good if you like to gamble.

RJ Bell's Dream Preview on podcast 1. preview on tune in radio.

Week 7 pics should be available in a hr or 2. His pro better Steve Fezzik won a $55,000 parlay 2 weeks ago. They also preview college football Tuesdays. Great listen.

#9505 3 years ago

Back to back 4 and 0 weeks so I'll put my picks here and watch me go 0 and 4

SF +6.5
DEN +1.5
LAR -3.5
CIN +5.5
Bonus pick GB +5.5

Good luck everyone!

#9513 3 years ago

Fuk the Cowboys what have they done? Niners suck but at least they try and keep games close. I'm money lining them at +320.
Cowboys distracted with jerry and his threats about the anthem. They still haven't played since his stupid comments.

Quoted from Dee-Bow:I'll call it now.. them cowboys are gonna spoil your tickets boys!

#9515 3 years ago

What a hypocrite. Did that ^^^ just for the publicity. Says he's going to be the bad guy and suspend anyone who doesn't stand? I'd love to see Dak and Dez kneel during the anthem and see if ol Jerry has the guts to stand up to his threats. What if half the team kneels? Are they going to forfit? Jerry needs to shut the fuck up and stop thinking HE runs the league. They did award the draft next year to Dallas so maybe that was his end game?

#9519 3 years ago
Quoted from Erik:

Anyone who watched the entirety of the Browns Titans game deserves some sort of disaster relief

When the game came on I was so relieved to watch anything but the london game. Ughhh.

Why doesn't fox leave the game when it's a blowout and cut to something else? Tb/Buf was good as was the rare fox afc nyj/mia game.

#9521 3 years ago

They beat the niners. Big whoop! Everyone does. They still suck
Only lost $20 so no biggie

Quoted from Dee-Bow: How bout them cowboys dirk?

#9526 3 years ago
Quoted from jesster64:

TD celebration game of hide and seek. are you kidding me? whats next, team peekaboo?

Missed this. Who, what?

One my wife liked a few weeks back was a offensive lineman went over to the corner of endzone and made a basket with his hands while someone shot it like a basketball.

The league should do more wire cam during the broadcast. Really get to see the play unfold. More fog!

#9550 3 years ago
Quoted from SteveO:

Another London game today. Are they playing a game in Mexico again this year?

I think Pats/Raiders will be in Mexico this year.

#9551 3 years ago

Bucs are awful. Woof.
Usually teams fire their coach when the team has a bye week. Bucs have no bye week this year. Think he survives?

#9556 3 years ago
Quoted from Topher5000:

Frakken 0.5 point kept me from winning $100! "Hey, lets try to be cute & go for 2 in the driving rain!"
My neighbor bought his ticket the day before & had a 5 point spread so he got a push. Lost on NO though.

You must be betting online? Sport select had Atl -4.5
I had the Jets

Turned out to be the best early game I watched even tho I lost my bet

#9557 3 years ago
Quoted from Topher5000:

Frakken 0.5 point kept me from winning

Welcome to sports betting. Happens a dozen times a season. Every now and then it goes your way and you're searching thru the trash for a ripped up ticket you thought had lost but ending up winning on a fluke play.

#9560 3 years ago

Classic Belicheck.
Trades Jimmy G to the Niners for a 2nd round pick.

#9565 3 years ago

What shitty news. Hou rookie QB Desean Watson tears his acl in practice.

I like watching young breakout stars and he appeared to be the real deal. Afc south just got interesting again.

Man, one less star to cheer for on Sunday

#9570 3 years ago

Fantasy alert !!!
RB Leonard Fournette out today for breaking team rules

#9582 3 years ago

I think famous Jameis's pregame speech trumps them all in worst everything. Licking his fingers and asking guys who wants to eat a w? Wtf?? Lol.
Half the guys around him are thinking the same thing. Like really dude?

#9587 3 years ago

Check the schedule. Lions have easiest schedule and will win the north.

#9588 3 years ago

Vikings have the brutal 3 in a row also. Doubt they even make the playoffs.

1 week later
#9613 3 years ago

Also never helps betting all favorites. Lions actually covered the -13. Won by 14

Quoted from TheLaw:

Betting NFL is tough as everyone knows and I'm not trying to get in your business, but I'm going to strongly advise you stop betting on the Lions Every game is a "trap game" for them.

#9619 3 years ago

I've been gambling for 25 years on sports and was a 75% favorite bettor and had decent results for 20 of them. About 5 years ago I discovered and now I'm a 75% underdog bettor with way better results. The best thing about it is it shows where all the money is being placed and by who (public/pros) Highly recommended!

Not sure if anyone else does this but is a great trick. Go thru the games and write down what you think the lines should be. Then check the actual lines and see where differences are. Good luck!

#9630 3 years ago

Highlights for me this week.

Seeing if the Rams are legit. 3rd easiest schedule so far.
NE/Oak in Mexico. High altitude.
Cap Sunday off with the Eagles curb stomping the crying Jerry's

This weeks picks.

Cin +2.5 @ Den
Cle +7.5 vs Jax
Lar +2.5 @ Min
Phi -3.5 @ Dal
Over 53.5 NE @ OAK

I like few road favorites this week which is always scary. Won't throw much cheddar on them
TB -1 @ Mia
Phi -3.5 @ Den
Bal -2.5 @ GB
KC -9.5 @ Nyg
NE -7.5 @ Oak (mexico)

If Rivers is out Buf +5.5 @ Lac looks tempting. Chi +3.5 vs Det and Atl +3.5 @ Sea also tempting.

Good luck everyone

#9637 3 years ago

If anyone doesn't/didn't expect that the Pats would be at least in the AFC Championship, isn't paying attention. Love or hate Brady, he is the best player ever to lace it up. And Belicheck is the greatest coach by far. Nobody game plans and adjusts better then the hoodie. I'm just glad it's happening now in my generation and something to tell the nieces and nephews about, when I'm an old fukr

#9643 3 years ago

How dumb is the Mexico stadium where players have to walk up thru the stadium for 3 minutes to get to the locker rooms? Oh you broke your leg? Tough it up skippy.

With the chiefs stumbling lately everyone is still alive in the afc west. 8-8 division winner possibly. Watch out for the lightning bolts. Lol

Afc stinks. Might have a 7-9 wildcard team this year.

Nfc will beat up on each other in the playoffs and the Pats or Steelers will be rested

#9657 3 years ago

Since the afl/nfl merge in 1970 it's been Dal and Det on thanksgiving. In 2006 they brilliantly added a 3rd game. Thank god.

To me, I think of big ol John Madden when I think thanksgiving. Always had the mutant turdukin with 7 legs sticking out and the winning team mvps grabbing a turkey leg and taking a big chomp.

Cbs had the lame phil simms mom pie. Wonder what hookie gimmick they'll come up with for Romo?

#9664 3 years ago



#9665 3 years ago

These epic fails both happened on thanksgiving. Let us never forget and pray something epic happens today.



#9671 3 years ago

Didn't think one scumbag, woman beater would make such a difference. Most overhyped team in the history of sports. It's been 22 years since they've even been relevant and they get talked about like they're the Patriots.

Make the world a better place. Punch a Cowboys fan, in the face
(Not condoning violence)

#9673 3 years ago
Quoted from Dee-Bow:

They were a playoff team JUST last year

And? Every team makes the playoffs once or twice a decade. Well everyone except the Bills. Lol

#9675 3 years ago

IND +3.5 vs TEN
SF +6.5 vs SEA
MIA +16.5 @ NE
PIT -14.5 vs GB

#9676 3 years ago
Quoted from dirkdiggler:

IND +3.5 vs TEN
SF +6.5 vs SEA
MIA +16.5 @ NE
PIT -14.5 vs GB

Haha. I suck
Worst week this season.

#9685 2 years ago
Quoted from SteveO:

I hate the Cowboys.

yes. Could have stooped there

Quoted from SteveO:

Nantz would just retire.

Hello friends

#9686 2 years ago

Prediction time.

Niners trade Jimmy G to the redskins for Cousins in the off season.

#9688 2 years ago
Quoted from TheLaw:

Cousins is not under contract with the Redskins in the off season.
Nor is Jimmy under contract with the Niners.

Yeah they both cash in big time! Redskins can't franchise him a 3rd straight year at 34mil/year.

#9690 2 years ago

Agreed! Scott Mitchell, Charlie Whitehurst, Matt Flynn, Brockinator, etc, etc, etc...

Quoted from TheLaw:Yeah biiiiig bucks coming. Jimmy G is the standard NFL debacle waiting to happen. I love how he comes in and throws a total trash time TD and everyone agrees "he's such a professional"
Seriously every time with back ups.

#9692 2 years ago

Giants bench Eli Manning

#9696 2 years ago

Rumor has it that Peyton is going to take over the Browns. Why I have no idea. Maybe get little bro as his qb?

#9698 2 years ago

Plain and simple, giants management are tanking for a better pick. Geno guarantees they won't win another game and if niners win another game they're getting the #1 or #2 overall pick.

#9707 2 years ago

Rumor has it Brylcreem Mcadoo is getting canned today.

Archie said Saturday that Eli just might retire instead of playing somewhere else. I don't see it.

#9709 2 years ago

Dude, who cares? I say stupid shit all the time. Lions shit the bed. Big whoop. Move on.

Aren't you a cowboys fan anyways?

#9714 2 years ago

How good even is Eli anymore.? It's not like the Giants have been good in years. 2011 is a long time ago. Now that the niners won, the Giants seem to be a lock for #2 overall pick.

#9716 2 years ago

Gronk suspended 1 game. Big deal. It's the fish. Back for Steelers in 2 weeks!

#9724 2 years ago

Think the Browns will go winless? They play Chi on Dec 24. Best chance for a win. Chi doesn't want any more wins. I think Den is the same. Don't want anymore wins. Already lost 8 straight.