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#9399 3 years ago

Just watched big ben throw his 5th pic..two have been returned for six points..crazy!

#9424 3 years ago
Quoted from TheLaw:

obviously the Saints tried to say they would but it's passing all day long on that team.

This, and he wasn't their starter! He backed up Ingram so he only got 5 touches a game. Would of been sweet to see the Vikings pick him up after their rookie rb went down ! Cardinals don't run that much either.. AP should just retire!

#9426 3 years ago

Mcadoo will be fired by next week!

#9434 3 years ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

Zeke back in the slammer!!

Yup, anyone with him on their fantasy team better draft Alfred Morris for week 8!

#9440 3 years ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

You think he's gonna get more action than run dmc?

Ya, sorry McFadden..your days are done. And Morris averages more yards per carry when he is the primary rb so I don't see them splitting the duties..buuut, who knows! They got a few weeks to figure something out. (Like appeal Zeke's suspension!)

#9485 3 years ago
Quoted from Topher5000:

Effin' Cleveland.

Don't forget effin' San Fran & effin' New York

#9512 3 years ago

I'll call it now.. them cowboys are gonna spoil your tickets boys!

Quoted from Topher5000:This weeks picks:
NO (-6) over GB
CAR (-4) over CHI
SF over DAL (-6.5)
LAC over DEN (-1.5)
ATL over NE (-3.5)

Quoted from dirkdiggler:

Back to back 4 and 0 weeks so I'll put my picks here and watch me go 0 and 4
SF +6.5
DEN +1.5
LAR -3.5
CIN +5.5
Bonus pick GB +5.5
Good luck everyone!

#9520 3 years ago

Zeeeke gotta eat!
How bout them cowboys dirk?

#9527 3 years ago
Quoted from dirkdiggler:

Missed this. Who, what?

The Steelers did it against the bengals. I thought it was funny as fuk! And harmelss. NonFunLeague needs more of this! As long as they dont slander the other team..let em buck!

#9528 3 years ago

Packers are done! It's amazing how much a team revolve's around one player. I heard they dropped ticket prices up to 50% in hopes of filling seats. So it sounds like their fans have admitted it's over too! Good for the rest of the NFC tho!

1 week later
#9572 3 years ago

How bout them cowboys! Well, until that last play beforr half-time. Wont matter anyways if the eagles keep rolling like they are.

#9574 3 years ago

I agree the NFC is different without Aaron Rodgers playing! Who would of guessed the Vikes and Eagles leading their division's!? Saints too..crazy!

#9584 3 years ago
Quoted from teekee:

Vikings are doing it with their backup QB why can't the Pack?

Packs got no defence.. ask Rogers about the vikes D!

#9586 3 years ago

Yes they do!! And in their defense...rogers is a stud! They will have to change the playbook up to better suit Hundley.. he looked much better coming out of the no huddle than when they slowed it down. Who would of guessed the Vikes woukd look so good with a 3rd stringer in there!? Im picking them to win the north

1 week later
#9623 3 years ago

Cowboys season is on the line sunday nite dammit ..hope their o-line shows up.

#9625 3 years ago
Quoted from mcluvin:

I believe Tyron is confirmed out for Sunday. Been starting Dak all season, but picked up Keenum just in case. Not sure what to do as Keenum has a tough matchup.

ya..rams are tough..but Keenum is legit! Better than Bradford(imo)! Gonna be a good game.. NFC division leaders both at 7-2! Crazy
As far as fantasy league starters... i stopped playing after i caught myself cheering for Aaron Rogers over the cowboys one year! It was just wrong!

1 week later
#9667 3 years ago
Quoted from dirkdiggler:

Check the schedule. Lions have easiest schedule and will win the north.

Quoted from dirkdiggler:

Vikings have the brutal 3 in a row also. Doubt they even make the playoffs.

Vikes need 2 more wins to clinch the division..that's if the Lions win their last 5 games! Love american turkey day! Home in time for the cowboys game.. even if they win out they prob wont get a wild card dammit!

#9670 3 years ago

Yessir they are. Jerry would have it no other way!. Dak just got pick-6'ed as i type this! Hahafaaak!

#9672 3 years ago

They were a playoff team JUST last year!. Zeke and tyron smith not being there sure fukkin hurts them. Dak didn't look good tonite but that guy is a horse! Never say never but 4-1 leaves em with 10 wins..they could do it

1 week later
#9708 3 years ago
Quoted from dirkdiggler:

Check the schedule. Lions have easiest schedule and will win the north.

Quoted from dirkdiggler:

Vikings have the brutal 3 in a row also. Doubt they even make the playoffs.

Quoted from Dee-Bow:

Im picking them to win the north

#9741 3 years ago
Quoted from dirkdiggler:

Aren't you a cowboys fan anyways?

Cowboys win out and Seahawks lose out (somehow!) They play eachother yet! Cowboys sneak in with the final wild card spot at 10-6 ! There, i said something even dummererer!

1 week later
#9795 3 years ago


#9797 3 years ago
Quoted from Blitzburgh99:

Once he broke the plane of the goal line with the football in his hands, it’s a touchdown and play is over.


1 week later
#9810 3 years ago

How much are they giving him?! Either way.. coach Belichick is brilliant. Worth every penny and they can't get fined for all that 1st hand info!

1 week later
#9915 3 years ago

Let's hear some superbowl predictions BEFORE wild card games! I'll get crazy and say Vikes over the Jags! 34-16

#9917 3 years ago

Pissed off or pissed drunk at the parade?!? Haha

#9940 3 years ago
Quoted from John_I:

Bortles is so bad. It's embarrassing to be a Jags fan. Gotta love the announcers saying it might be the wind after he misses a wide open receiver that is maybe 5 yards away. Its not the wind. Its the fact that he sucks.

As John Madden would say, "He couldn't hit the broad side of a barn with a handful of hay"

#9969 3 years ago

How many upsets this weekend?!

#9974 3 years ago

Almost!! He fell down tho!

#9996 3 years ago

Jax's offense came to play! Quick drive for 7. Now let's see if Saxville can stop bigBen...

#10006 3 years ago

Ohhhh mama

#10028 3 years ago
Quoted from Dee-Bow:

Let's hear some superbowl predictions BEFORE wild card games! I'll get crazy and say Vikes over the Jags! 34-16

Quoted from o-din:

Let it be said here first.
I'm taking the Jaguars over the Patriots next week.

Quoted from TheLaw:

Bortles/Keenum SB!

#10029 3 years ago

We will see next week! No one's beat no one yet!

#10042 3 years ago
Quoted from MK6PIN:

Wow, just wow

Congrats! Off to Philly!

1 week later
#10206 3 years ago
Quoted from BeaglePuss:

For people outside of NE and Philly, who are you rooting for and why?
I would think that the two fan bases are fairly universally disliked across the nation, so I'm curious to see who people want to win (or lose less I suppose).

NFC east reps!

#10291 3 years ago
Quoted from dirkdiggler:

XFL first pick. QB Colin Kappernick?

johnny manzel

1 week later
#10452 3 years ago
Quoted from yuriijos:

Congrats Eagles!! Great game. Who’s their starting QB next year? Wentz or Foles?

Wentz ....Foles a very content back up

#10524 3 years ago
Quoted from Whysnow:

I was not scratching up reasons. Honestly as a spectator, those were the 2 biggest faults of the game. Both teams played very well, but the better one won.
Other bog one was the missed FG (holders issue)
It was a very entertaining game, but if there is anyone that the loss rests on, it is squarely on TB12 and coaching decisions.
Foles played a solid game and great decision making when it mattered.

how many times did the Pats punt on 4th down? I think they didnt kick once! It wasnt the TB12 & the offense that lost... 500 yards.. 3 td's & 0 picks! Their defense shit the bed from the opening drive to the end of the game.. giving up 41 points ain't gonna win many games in the NFL

#10590 3 years ago
Quoted from Colsond3:

Either way, that's why hockey is great. Everybody shakes everybody's hand at the end to congratulate them on the victory.

reminds me of Sean Avery & Martin Brodeur!!

#10595 3 years ago

Rogers is a stud. As soon as he was hurt the entire NFC dynamics changed.

#10707 3 years ago

deadhorse (resized).jpg

#10709 3 years ago

Wonder what the reason Malcolm Butler was benched for! I assumed late for curfew or missed a meeting..but he claims none of that to be true. Did the coach just give up on him?! He is a free agent i think so don't matter for next year but still weird! And it was shitty seeing him during the anthem when he found out.

7 months later
#10839 2 years ago

What also sucks is chearing AGAINST your favorite team because u needs QB or kicker to have a good week to win you ff match up.! I stopped playing ff too! Too much work.

1 week later
#10874 2 years ago
Quoted from vicjw66:

Your D? Are you Clark Hunt? Heck, are you even from Missouri?

Aren't the rams from St. Louis?!

#10877 2 years ago

Browns are picked to win! Free beer night?!?

#10885 2 years ago
Quoted from vicjw66:

Sorry you can’t call them your Chefs, and you certainly can’t be so specific to call it your D. That’s just the rules.

Ya.. and get off his lawn. Damm kids!

3 weeks later
#10938 2 years ago

How bout them cowboys

#10942 2 years ago
Quoted from romulusx:

Let’s see if Garett can continue to make good decisions!

I'm surprised he exploited the jags D lke thst too! But hey!!

#10958 2 years ago
sszey7ja5ovz (resized).jpg
#10990 2 years ago

Cowboys got burned on that false start penalty!! Buuut, they did get amari cooper for a 1st round pick!! Raiders seem to be trying to tank and accumulate draft picks! They got the bears 1st rounder next year too. Who's next to go?!

#10993 2 years ago
Quoted from CrazyLevi:

It's not a bad approach - a ton of first rounders (and the Cowboys' will be high since they suck) and tons of cap space for Gruden to assemble a young team he likes.
As far as the Cowboys? Well they need a receiver so I guess not a bad trade. I don't think receivers are really their problem though. Dak is looking like a one-year wonder, Coach Jerry Jones is not a good football coach, and their line is aging and overrated. And, the Cowboys aren't exactly swimming in cap space and Dak and Amari Cooper - among others - are going to have to get paid soon.
As a Redskins fan this trade and what it means big picture for the Cowboys doesn't scare me.

Yup, cowboys in a nutshell! Jones only hires puppet coaches.. Dak is aight, dont scare me as much as Romo did tho! Considering our best receiver right now is Cole Beasley.. I welcome cooper for a 1st rounder all day! Weird division again this year..

Quoted from TheLaw:

The problem with the Cowboys is they're fucking horrible.
They're like the Transformers movies, everyone knows they suck but they keep happening and we keep hearing aboot them, even though I can't anyone that likes them.

What's the matter over there grouchy old man?! You hate your life? Horrible trolling job. Misspelled words, didnt even finish your sentence. Life is too short man.. smoke some weed or drink some scotch and chill out!

#10994 2 years ago

That transformers analogy was lame as fuk. Just saying!

#10997 2 years ago

Ok .. they suck.. who cares! U really can't hate a sports franchise that much. can ya?! And what hype? Ain't nobody picking them cowboys to win it! Their division is up for grabs tho!

4 weeks later
#11059 2 years ago

That should shush up eagles' fans for a week!

#11071 2 years ago
Quoted from CrazyLevi:

Alex smith just proved Bell made the right move. earl Thomas earlier this season as well.
Bell is a more attractive free agent with one less year of wear and tear on him as well.
You’ll see more and more players doing this I think. Hard to blame them.

Even if he's done I think Alex Smith still gets like 70million guarenteed.

#11072 2 years ago
Quoted from yuriijos:

LeVeon Bell, what a frickin tool!!

Says who?! you and the boys down at the tire shop! He sits one year, stays healthy, and signs for +15million a season.. Whatta tool!

#11089 2 years ago

#11091 2 years ago

Haha..yup..six wins and first place. After the saints they got four games they should/could win..just gotta make the dance. Ask Eli and the giants! Oh ya, 8/180-2tds.what a dumb pick up AC was.

#11093 2 years ago

11-5... c'mon man! Happy Thanksgiving!

1 week later
#11127 2 years ago

Or if the cowboys are gonna win tonight! Which for the record I don't think they will...but here's to hoping!

#11130 2 years ago
Quoted from CrazyLevi:

Stranger things have happened. Cowboys have a great defense.
They'll probably get blown out though like everybody else. Hope so!

Ya.. defense might get tired by the fourth tho..unless zeke has a helluva game and the offense can stay on the field.. need to score cause u know brees will! Should be gooood

#11241 2 years ago
Quoted from TheLaw:Nope. Lions quit on Patricia pretty quick too. I think he's going to trade Stafford too

Head coach can't trade players

#11326 2 years ago
Quoted from Colsond3:

Dallas - win
Rams- loss
Texans - win
Redskins - win
Worst case scenario...9-7. Which is better than 8-8.


#11336 2 years ago


#11347 2 years ago
Quoted from CrazyLevi:

Sorry man. It was a great game but you now have to accept what I accepted last week for the skins: season is over.
Cowboys? Who knows. I was wrong about cooper. Looks like he was worth a first rounder. They are hot right now so who knows.

Last week?! They were done when Alex Smith broke his leg! And I dont even think he's that good of a qb.. I wont run salt in the wound..but that was horrendous today! Dallas/philly game was a battle! Philly has a great defense too.. they just couldn't get off the field today and finally burnt out!

#11365 2 years ago

Khalil Mack just might be the best player in the NFL this year. That D was furious last nite!

1 week later
#11611 2 years ago
Quoted from CrazyLevi:

It doesn't always work out for NE, people just think they have the golden touch.
They traded a 5th rounder trying to salvage Albert Haynesworth as well I believe.

A 5th rounder ain't as bad as 100 million

1 week later
#11686 2 years ago
SWEDISH-CHEF-psd71677 (resized).png
#11714 2 years ago

Although nobody "wants" to play Seattle right now, Zeke is well rested and I hope the cowboys let him carry it +25 times..I know they usually choke in the playoffs but they at home.. sat their star RB and have a pretty damm good defense..I like them cowboys chances.. wild card weekend anywiss

#11723 2 years ago

Home team wins all 4 this weekend

#11732 2 years ago

How 'bout dem

#11738 2 years ago
Quoted from Colsond3:

The only game plan you need against them: Stop Elliot. It’s one friggin guy that accounts for 70% of their total offensive yards.

i dunno, I'd say the D shut down the hawks offense all game! #19 made some plays in the 4th too.. and how many draw plays did #4 call for himself.. I think Dak outplayed Russell for sure.. got a lil scary at the end tho, sure glad their old man kicker pulled a hammy!

#11895 2 years ago

Eagles vs Cowboys in the NFC championship game.. you read it here first people

#11901 2 years ago
Quoted from Colsond3:

I agree.
[quoted image]

I make a mean whiskey sour with that stuff!!

#11916 2 years ago

Mike Patton singing the anthem at the rams/cowboys game!

#11945 2 years ago

Cowboys couldn't stop the rams offense ONCE. game clock is a better indicator than the score. Should of been a much worse blowout..DAYUMMM..rams offense looked pretty damm good too. That offensive line is the real MVP ..or maybe coach Mcvay!

#11948 2 years ago

The St.LouisRamsofLosAngeles

#11949 2 years ago

Today's picks....
Brees or Foles?!
Rivers or that Brady kid?!
I'll jinx em both and go birds & bolts

#11995 2 years ago
Quoted from vicjw66:

You're a funny guy. Now go watch your rough riders or whoever plays in your backwater town.

Roughriders is one word... u save that other stuff for when you're visiting San Fran .. but come on up to a game sometime! We just got a new barn!

#11997 2 years ago

Tre Mason is our running back btw.. I think he played for the rams too!

#12015 2 years ago

Hey, he will have u know that his brother once scored 4 touchdowns in a game! I think that was his brother anywiss!

#12087 2 years ago

Rams vs Patriots..but what da hell do I know!

#12128 2 years ago

Browns just hired the roughriders head coach.. he was also our GM and defensive coordinator! Chris Jones..DAYUMMM

1 week later
#12369 2 years ago

Well, since we are on the subject...

BN-GJ521_nfl011_P_20150111171249 (resized).jpg
#12418 2 years ago
Quoted from dirtbag66:

Wasn't dumb when I went to watch my brother play in '97. Saw Junior Seau kill a jellyfish, rode the elevator with Tom Coughlin, and then there was Ricky Watters' girlfriend. Yowzers.

Save that shit for your resume.. #lifegoals

#12443 2 years ago
Quoted from mcclad:

I am not a big sports fan, Putting money on the Cavs this year does not seem like such a bad idea...


2 weeks later
#12702 2 years ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

Some players will always play hard because they love playing football but once a lot of them get the big contracts they lose their passion for the game. Also the NFL is NOT giving fans what they want. Everyone i know hates the new rules and all of the political BS. Have you happened to notice that NFL ratings have plummeted lately? Must not be what the fans want.

What were the ratings for the last few years compared to pre plummet?

1 week later
#12776 2 years ago
Quoted from flynnibus:

The man no longer looks and sound great for his age - I doubt he fights much.

You gotta hand it to him.. it was a good run

6 months later
#13981 1 year ago

Hey Matt..what's cooler than being cool...Julio Jones!

#13987 1 year ago

Awesome game.. lets see if jets/browns lives up to that level of gameplay tomorrow nite!

#13991 1 year ago
Quoted from vicjw66:

Happy for the Rams that the Eagles lost as they could be battling for home field in playoffs. But I don’t see Wentz lasting the season if he keeps putting himself in harms way.

Don't plan that parade route yet! Only week 2!

#13997 1 year ago
Quoted from vicjw66:

Oh, I got my folding chair already picked out. These first two weeks were the biggest challenge to get through. Rams didn’t look so great offensively in the first half of either game but they finished really strong in both.

And how can the eagles host a playoff game if they only get in thru the wildcard?! We all know them cowboys are gonna win the east!

#14034 1 year ago

Josh Gordon's comments lit a fire under Dak! I loved when he scrambled and ran at Josh! Dak is a beast!

#14062 1 year ago
Quoted from DaveH:

Sigh. You’re right Colson. It’s probably not an attack against the team I cheer for.
Ok, that one is a bad example because since the Pats won a few Super Bowls since then. That statement didn’t age well.

During the time it took you to make that post a third accuser has come forward against Antonio clown with rape allegations

#14136 1 year ago
Quoted from hawkeyexx:

Cam will not play on Sunday....he is in a walking boot. Can the Cardinals get their first win????

Panthers suck with or without Newton! Cards win!

#14154 1 year ago

The fitzmagic has fizzled out! Dolphins are starting Rosen on sunday.. cowboys picked to win by 3 touchdowns! DAYUMMM! Pats are favored to win their game by 23! I don't gamble but have a feeling both games will be under those spreads! The Fish and the Jets are pretty damn horrible tho

#14447 1 year ago
Quoted from Daditude:

I originally assumed y'all were just drunk posting while watching the games...unfortunately, it is now Tuesday and the comments are still raging on

Leave it to pinside to fuck up a discussion on football!

#14522 1 year ago

Who wins tonight?! Short week can't help the eagle's..sorry Colson, picking the home team

#14595 1 year ago
Quoted from JohnnyPinball007:

For the Titans staff, Matt Ryan 75% of the time overthrows Julio Jones by 5 yards or so. So just treat any passing down as a punt and put someone deep to intercept (if that is legal?).
Julio is awesome and works his ass off to try to catch those wtf passes Ryan throws.
While ago Rogers was throwing some wtf, and I kept calling him Matt, and my gf was just rolling her eyes.
Anyway, I wish all of you the best, and I hope your home team/favorite team wins this weekend.

Pessimists are the worst sports fans! Week 4 & already writing their home team off!

#14598 1 year ago

Riders can clinch a playoff birth with a road won against the Argos in Toronto today! Oh wait, wrong league! GO GREEEEN

#14686 1 year ago
Quoted from CrazyLevi:

I’m trying to figure out how they “could have easily” beaten the saints.
If they played much better and didn’t look like and average team who can beat poor teams like the skins, giants, and dolphins, but will have a lot of trouble with good teams?
Well, I guess? That doesn’t really count for much though. You can say that for almost every team who lost this week, that if they had played a lot better they could have won.

They lost by less than a field goal and you dont understand how they could of won?

#14705 1 year ago
Quoted from o-din:

Not sure what coach in his right mind would want to work for Dan Snyder.

That entire franchise is a disgrace! From the owner to the team name.. sure glad they in the nfc east tho!

#14800 1 year ago
Quoted from Deaconblooze:

Looking forward to Sunday. There are 10 noon games, and only 2 afternoon games. Might be a good week to exhaust myself with RZ.

I checked your pin collection...you don't even own a Rob Zombie pin!

3 weeks later
#15454 1 year ago
Quoted from CrazyLevi:

Just checking in. Apparently redskins aren’t good. Enjoy the football.
Go Nats!

Apparently? They are 1-7. It's very apparent! National's are now choking too & about to lose their third in a row! Haha

#15475 1 year ago
Quoted from CrazyLevi:

Me since before the season began:
“Redskins gonna suck this year.”
Moronic Canadian Cowboys fan two months later:
“See!! The redskins suck! Hahaha! Ha! Derp! Also the nats sucks Hahaha lolllll”
Derp indeed. Enjoy your 4-3 victory parade in downtown Ottawa with the other Canadian cowboys bandwagon jumpers, dummy.

Then why is it just becoming apparent to you? Derp! Because u read it on here! Ottawa is a three day drive.. Minnesota is 12 hours. Moronic and/or ignorant Americans! And no, i don't know Dave from Toronto! G'day sir!

#15481 1 year ago
Quoted from CrazyLevi:

It’s called “a joke” you fuckin’ hoser.
Cowboys fans are truly the dumbest motherfuckers in sports fandom.
Also not sure if you’ve noticed, but you are talking shit on behalf of a mediocre team that’s leading a shitty division at 4-3.
Do you really think the cowboys are doing anything of note this season?

Why so angry man?! Someone don't like your team they are morons?! DAYUMMM mang! Relax sportsfan.. any team can win any Sunday..even the 'skins! You don't have any more of a clue then the next guy as to who is going to win! Annnd, the cowboys really aren't that bad this year! Just saying!

#15522 1 year ago

The Nationals are a Canadian team in my books! Expos left Montreal 2005.. I'm glad they won too! The rockets are from Houston..not Toronto. You spend so much time arguing on the interweb that you are confused as to what the hell you are even talking aboot..

#15525 1 year ago
Quoted from fosaisu:

And the Cowboys are from Dallas. I think that was his point.


#15529 1 year ago

Exactly how many is a ton of teams? Wtf does that mean! Too many crazy trolls drinking their own koolaid in here!

MV5BNDYxMzhhZTAtZTg0ZS00YTMzLTk1NjQtMmM3NGI5NzRmYTI5XkEyXkFqcGdeQXRodW1ibmFpbC1pbml0aWFsaXplcg@@._V1_UX477_CR0,0,477,268_AL_ (resized).jpg
#15535 1 year ago

With all due respect... Redskins defense is as soft as charmin.. maybe even a ton of charmin!

#15564 1 year ago
Quoted from vicjw66:

It doesn’t make sense for him to try to keep bagging on the Skins either. It’s like going to the special olympics and yelling at the athletes that they suck.

Ok..ill stop. I was gonna mention that their offense hasn't scored a td in the last three games.. but you're right ..best to not bait the goof trolls on here..they'll go all retard again.. also, cowboys play the fore'skins sooon. Seems like a trap game!

#15596 1 year ago
Quoted from CrazyLevi:Go Dolphins! Would be hilarious if the Skins manage to get the #1 pick while management is trying really, really hard to win, and the Dolphins don't while tanking really, really hard.


#15615 1 year ago

Fumbles, pics, Or u could always try and block the field goal attempt as well.. but i don't think a coach would be around long if he told the D to let just them score to preserve the clock.

#15643 1 year ago
Quoted from CrazyLevi:

Sadly it's true. Most complete team in what still is a pretty mediocre division.
If the Eagles could stay healthy they could possibly overcome their atrocious secondary. But then, if my grandmother had wheels she'd be a wagon.
Looking forward to that titanic Skins/Giants battle myself.

So your grandmother is a wagon? Btw, YOU picked the cowboys to win the east less than two months ago. Also could go back to see what u said about amari cooper when the cowboys traded for him. Turns out you haven't known jacksh!t about nothing for quite some time! But still run them warrior fingers every nite. Last week the Redskins weren't even trying and this week you admit they suck. Your opinion is as solid as a soup sandwich.

#15717 1 year ago

There is only 32 teams and i doubt if anyone will pick up Kap as a qb. His last few seasons were horrible and I've felt it's his inability on the field that's kept him off of it. This NFL workout is probably just part of his settlement. But why would any team risk losing thousands of fans for a back up qb that really isn't that good anymore?! Maybe he will play in the new Vince McMahon league but that's about it.

#15733 1 year ago
Quoted from PtownPin:

He should play in the Canadian league....talent level is more in line

I agree Maybe it will help Kaep.. maybe just bury him! Johnny Manziel tried and he couldn't cut it! He came to show NFL gm's that he was a high caliber qb... fail! talent level in the CFL has definitely improved and it's not a joke league anymore..just don't pay the player's good $$

#15848 1 year ago
Quoted from CrazyLevi:

Isn’t that how most backups off the street get jobs?
They get a call in November, show up with 5 other guys, run drills uncontested, and one of them gets brought in for 1 game or the rest of the season.
Happens dozens of times a year at every position.

Please list just a few examples of players who were called in november to prove you're not just talking out of your ass again.

#15849 1 year ago

Sorry levi..i didn't have any coffee in me yet there.. and i agree them cowboys aren't quite a superbowl team, yet.. but damn they got some good pieces to the puzzle. That offensive line is awesome! Can't believe how much time Dak gets on passing downs. Not sure about Dak either! He don't lose games and he don't scare me like Romo used to! But is he worth $40m like he's asking?! I dunno!

#15978 1 year ago
Quoted from romulusx:

Here we go,I don’t care what he fucking called him you don’t act like that on the football field.I played high school for two years and yeah names are called.Believe me the brothers called each other worse then what we ever did!I knew this bullshit was coming if he had called him a nigger than Myles would have said so right away!

Were you the guy who once scored four touchdowns in one game?

#15981 1 year ago

Aight.. some of u peeps were right.. troy and buck are fukkin horrible ! Never really noticed just how bad they are. They pump no energy into the game & seem like they don't really wanna be there.

#16022 1 year ago

Guys...stop!! Talk fun football shit and don't troll! It's too easy to push each others buttons! Thats your public service announcement for the weekend! Fuk the stupid back and forth banter in here!! Aight?! Gud!cheers and let's go cowboys

#16041 1 year ago
Quoted from romulusx:

It looks like Philly is going to hand the East to Dallas,but the only thing that will save a Garrett is a NFC CHAMPIONSHIP

Hand them the east? They're playing an 8-2 team..we play the Pats today.

#16046 1 year ago
Quoted from romulusx:

I’m saying if the Eagles keep losing
I wonder how badly Belichick will out maneuvered Garrett today

Garrett will be grossly out coached and will probably make some really bad decisions.. dunno how that helps the eagles hand them the east tho..and the panthers are making losing at the half look easy? Wtfraxk u talkin aboot?!

#16277 1 year ago

They are who Levi said they are... damn cowboys

#16290 1 year ago
Quoted from CrazyLevi:

Sorry dude.
Good news?
They’ll still win the division!
Bad news?
They’ll lose in first round and garret won’t get fired. Again.

I dunno if the playoffs will save him this time. Tough gig where only one team win and the other 31 lose. I think they got some good pieces on the field but you can't underestimate the importance of a real coach. In all pro leagues..possibly win the division still but then get smoked by the wildcard team.. damn, i sound like i need a drink!

#16292 1 year ago

How about that stiff arm on matt ryan from that rookie d-lineman from the saints! Kapow! Haha...and i look forward to the Raven's/49'ers Sunday.. should be goood

#16308 1 year ago
Quoted from Erik:

The more I watch Buffalo the more I think they could upset someone if they make the playoffs. I would likely take them over the AFCS champ, and probably KC. They need to put Gore out to pasture.

Their record is padded like the cowboys..lets see how they play the next 4 games..i think they finish 8-8!!

#16341 1 year ago
Quoted from flynnibus:

Carefully worded... they said 'they found no evidence to support..' - but didn't come out and say Garrett was lying either. It's basically them saying "we can't confirm nor deny"... but they didn't take Garrett's view over Rudolf's.

I think it's to do with both players working for the same union.. how can they back one player now that both have abuse claims.

1 week later
#17113 1 year ago
Quoted from Colsond3:

My prediction for tonight. Eagles 3, Giants 0.

Right score...wrong team

#17616 1 year ago

Dak said "deferred" ..sure hope they get the ball to start 2nd half.. and Todd who?! One rushing yard so far for the 1st half!

#17622 1 year ago
Quoted from CrazyLevi:

Speaking of the cowboys...Kai forbath? Really? Come on guys.

2\2 (50,42)

#17623 1 year ago
Quoted from CrazyLevi:

Wow. The eagles are bad and don’t have a chance of beating the also bad cowboys.
Best possible outcome. Haskins looked good. Haskins looked good. We got 2nd pick on lock down. All we have to do is lose to the giants. Please. Come on guys. Don’t beat the goddamn giants. PLEASE!
Speaking of the cowboys...Kai forbath? Really? Come on guys.

Who actually wants their team to lose just to gain a draft pick position?! That's asinine. There is undrafted superstars.. Lamar Jackson went late and turned out alright! Eli prob gonna beat your 'skins tho! Also, i sure hope you're right on the first part of that comment! Happy Sunday mang!

#17731 1 year ago

Maybe there has to be at least one representative from each team!

#18040 1 year ago
Quoted from newovad:

How about two straight road wins and then a heartbreaking missed field goal (after a late pick six) in the NFC championship? That sounds about right to me.

off of Kai Forbath's foot?! Sweeeet, I'll take it!

#18083 1 year ago

Levi. Cowboys still win the division if they lose today?!

#18085 1 year ago

Haha.. yes, this is gettin f'ugly

#18087 1 year ago


#18110 1 year ago

I say fire Garret & Kellen Moore tomorrow.. Emmit Smith & Michael Irving honorary coaches for final game! Faak!

#18322 1 year ago

31-14 cowboys!
24-14......... giants!

#18497 1 year ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

No they didnt because they still have two cancers on the team that they need to get rid of, mayfield and Beckham. Look here at Mayfield how classless he is.

We get it

#18714 1 year ago

Fly eagles fly! Hahah

#18738 1 year ago


#18742 1 year ago
Quoted from RWH:

Would you listen to this crap?

No.. (that's click-bait for trolls) but I would like to know if people really think the niners actually have a shot..or will the saints make it to green bay to even have a chance to redeem last year's blown call, or are the Bill's gonna win a playoff game.. heck, I'd rather hear Levi get all giddy about that defensive end that the frikkin Redskins are probably gonna draft! Ignore him and keep it football.. he will eventually stop or go away! Happy new year!

#18743 1 year ago
Quoted from TheLaw:

Political shit per usual.
Has Elway sign Eli yet?

Ya..eli has to ask for a trade or hang em up! He could just retire and call it a career..but i doubt he will.. Denver would be a likely choice tho..

#18751 1 year ago
Quoted from CrazyLevi:

Eli is at this point in his career an absolute bum and needs to hang it up. But he probably will be a backup somewhere next season and then throw 3 picks at the first given opportunity.
Jack Del rio DC hire official in Washington. boooom!
He’s gonna coach up that young D and of course chase young.
The rest of the East is fucked. For real this time!

They're winning the offseason so far! Obviously did their homework prior but not wasting time and getting shit in order this early is huge for next season.. why wait around! (Fire Garret already cowboys!)

#18767 1 year ago
Quoted from RWH:

Who do you guys think Cleveland will fill their GM spot with? I'm thinking 3 guys are possibilities. Will be a big part of any HC considerations I would think, so I think they'll fill this spot first.
1st pick Eliot Wolf who is the Browns current assistant GM
2nd Scott Pioli currently with Falcons as assistant GM.
3trd. Nick Caserio currently personnel director for NE he has ties with Ohio having grown up in Lyndhurst but he is the longest shot here I think as he is considered one of NE best.

Elliot Wolf..reunite him with coach McCarthy and see if they can re-live the packers glory days

#18783 1 year ago
Quoted from RWH:

I don't think McCarthy can handle the personalities in Cleveland. I'm not saying he a bad coach just in my opinion not such a good choice but who knows?

Ya. We will see if they shakes shit up there.. seems like a few cancers on and off the field tho. If OBJ was telling other teams he wants out during the game.. then I'd ship his ass out ! But it starts from the top of the food chain.. the owners.. speaking of batshit crazy owners.. jerry jones has a third fukkin meeting scheduled with Garret on thurs.. hope it's to clean his office out! Haha, love the cowboys but DAYUMMM

#18794 1 year ago

I wish my team cheated better then faak! And i hope your not right RWH!! but it sure seems like if Garret was getting the axe he would of been told already.. frig

#18814 1 year ago
Quoted from Topher5000:

I pick the Bills v. Saints in the SB.

Saints 34 v. Chiefs 14

#18828 1 year ago
Quoted from bssbllr:

Up from a nap! What did I miss?[quoted image]

Colson threw for four touchdowns..one game!

#18830 1 year ago
636083-albundy33 (resized).jpg
#19309 1 year ago

I thought i was gonna come in here to read about the 'aints fans feeling cheated...again!

#19310 1 year ago

I'd way rather try my luck with a proven nfl coach than a young college coach who specializes in team motivation. Garret was a cheerleader..we needed a coach.. good luck coach McCarthy! Go cowboys!

#19596 1 year ago
Quoted from dirtbag66:

This made me laugh. Thanks!

True question, Why are you here? Almost 2200posts,almost 1400 downvotes! Clearly a troll. How about a new year...a new you!?! Your shtick is getting lame.

#20056 1 year ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

You ever just have a feeling about something? Well i got that feeling right now!

i-got-caught-watching-one-episode-of-breaking-bad-never-seen-it-before-47624 (resized).jpg
#20095 1 year ago
Quoted from dirkdiggler:

Regina Saskatchewan is a queen city[quoted image]

Ya we are!! We are queeeeeens!. Wait, what?!

#20163 1 year ago

Damnn u never know..great analogy deacon.. Roger's over grap.. but niners chexk all the other boxes.. i was trying to decide which division has the best chance of an upset?!?! All 4 teams are pirdy damn gud!

#20203 1 year ago
Quoted from CrazyLevi:

I’ll take it; the Panthers were winners! Hopefully we will be too!

What year did they win it again?

#20226 1 year ago
Quoted from CrazyLevi:

Look at McCarthy - not only is he hungry, he's morbidly obese and lazy. Dude has already won a SB and now he's just looking for (and got) a paycheck.
Rivera is more like Andy Reid! A winner who is still in search of the ultimate prize.

I do like coach Rivera and believe he's a player's coach.. but Andy reid looks like a god dammed walrus. a morbidly obese one at that!

#20322 1 year ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

That running back on the Titans is scary!

King Henry..big trust....whoop whoop

#20569 1 year ago

I thought we got rid of the trolls!

#20584 1 year ago
Quoted from Rondogg:

Good call, I meant to call out Who-dey, not Whysnow. My apologies to Whysnow, who has never posted anything racist. With Who-dey, every post toes the line...
Deleting post now.

I agree.. his posts are just trolling and really don't add much to the conversation. I see him joining his buddy from Chicago soon.

#20647 1 year ago

I'm wondering what the beef between Rogers and coach McCarthy was about?! It was enough to send him packing even though he is a proven winner (by actually winning superbowlS levi!) I was kinda nervous thinking JJ was gonna hire another puppet and then was nervous he hired a wash up coach.. now I'm excited to see what he brings to the team. Hopefully he can relive that early magic with Dak that him and Rogers shared!

#20664 1 year ago
FB_IMG_1579918812656 (resized).jpg
#20741 1 year ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

Well for me I just love football so I'm at least willing to give it a chance. Wouldnt it be great to have football year around? Why not give it a chance at least?

Why not? Because they're a bunch of couldofbeens and not even NFL practice roster calibre of players. Johnny Manziel couldn't cut it up here in the cfl and had to quit to keep his stock value high.. i imagine he will be a starter for the Boise Benchwarmers when their season starts.

#20749 1 year ago
Quoted from RWH:

So you only watch the pro's play, okay nothing wrong with that. I like the game so I'll watch them. I see them the same as I do NFL practice squads or MLB's minor league teams. Yeah not playing at the same level but the difference in truth is minimal at best. No standout stars but I get to see guys playing hard in hopes they get called up. If you truly like the game skill level is secondary to just watching the game for the games sake.

Yes.. prob not that bad of talent.. i wonder if Vince McMahon will have some goofy rules to fuck the honor of the game somehow!! I also don't watch much college football (except for bowl-games) and there's talent there too.. just too many fukkin teams!

#20750 1 year ago
Quoted from Dee-Bow:

Yes.. prob not that bad of talent..I wouldn't say people are stupid to not watch tho.. i wonder if Vince McMahon will have some goofy rules to fuck the honor of the game somehow!! I also don't watch much college football (except for bowl-games) and there's talent there too.. just too many fukkin teams!

#20752 1 year ago

Im on a "safety break" at work and just quoted myself! Haha. Meant to edit & add a lil more! Time to get back on this roof!

#20754 1 year ago

I'm a construction contractor.. so it usually involves a short drive & a left handed jazz cigarette... (if you're smoking what im selling compadre! )

#20773 1 year ago

Which TE will have a better game sunday?!

#20776 1 year ago
Quoted from jorge5240:

Looking to put some money down on the Niners if anyone is interested?

Quoted from fosaisu:

If you don't blow your limit with TheLaw, I'd put $20 on the Chiefs to win.

I don't bet at all... but what other prop bets you guys got some action on?! Heads or tales ?! Or maybe seeing some shakira titty?! ..(yes, i wish it was sunday!)

#20787 1 year ago
Quoted from fosaisu:

Also, good call on the beer rationing. I was hammered right out of the gate for the Giants in 2008 (mostly remember the creeping gloom coming over the lone Pats fan at the party, though that’s a fine memory just on its own) and had to rewatch later. Kept it sober for the rematch in 2012.

That's me for almost every home game for my CFL team! Art Mann presents did an episode a while back on sask roughriders home games! We have a brand new stadium now! & it's still a gooood time!

#20788 1 year ago

Minnesota is a 12-14 hour drive and the closest NFL to me.. i been checking when they play Dallas again... but vegas to see the cowboys in a few years would be deadly too!

#20815 1 year ago
Quoted from Deaconblooze:

The last 100 or so of his posts in this thread were squarely in the troll column. I'll admit, I found him to be pretty civil and I appreciated his contributions to the discussion in the OTHER thread.
If he can bring that sort of talk back here I'd like to see him back.
Where else are we going to find a Browns fan?

Yup..he just couldn't lay off the constant trolling, and Who Dey calling people stupid for liking certain teams and constant slander of Cleveland was getting old too! Lebron reminded us last nite it's just a game.. basketball, football, hockey....who really gives a shit that much! But college football.. y'all love that sheeet religiously ! Also, I'm starring to lean towards defense and the run game.. go niners!

#20817 1 year ago
Quoted from CrazyLevi:

I had a weird dream that the 49ers won easily with KC hardly ever seeing the field.
Why? I do t really care who wins or what happens. Maybe it’s my deceased gambling addict grandpa giving me a sign?!
So free hit tip for you all.

I could see it. Chiefs have battled back from some crazy deficits alresdy in these playoffs and have looked but mortal after all.. i dunno why everyone is crowning their ass already! They are who we thought they are!! (A helluva offense!) But definitely beatable!

#21043 1 year ago

Title should read: Richard Sherman of the San Francisco 49'ers sucks

#21054 1 year ago
Quoted from flynnibus:Nearly beat them? 49ers scored *3* points in the second half... and only 1 drive of any significance. They sat and watched as the Ravens denied them anything while the vaunted 49er defense couldn't get off the field in the 4th quarter.
The vaunted 49ers defensive front was SILENCED in that game. Nick Bosa, Rookie DPOY.. ONE tackle. The entire team had *two* QB hits the entire game. They had the best record in football... until then.
Yes, that's a beatdown shutdown on the 49ers defense.

You're really good arguing on the internet.. but they're the chiefs...not ravens! and Rondogg, aren't both teams on the road? It was in Miami can't wait til next season but any baseball fans in here?? Go Bluejays!

#21159 1 year ago
Quoted from Blackjacker:

His three-year contract with CBS expires this spring.

They about to pay him more to be up in the booth than he ever got on the field! He's gonna get around 10million a year on the new deal and more if he makes it to Sunday afternoon games..

#21197 1 year ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

First of all he is a liar and second, even if hes telling the truth he is still a piece of sh*t for not standing because there is NOTHING any more important than showing your respect for this country and our veterans. Too bad some pissed off patriot didn’t knock his ass out!

There are many many things more important than that. Like how do they get that soft flowing caramel INSIDE a caramilk bar. (Mind blown) i can think of more if ya need!

And by pissed off patriot do you mean some white privileged drunk piece of shit who has no idea what it's like to be black and living in America? History shows they dealt with some serious shit there.. and still do. Save your stupid rant. You're not winning anyone over in this one

#21204 1 year ago
Quoted from romulusx:

Who Dey is right,you are wrong
and your prime minister is a racist that wears black face and brown face.
This is from a Canadian who’s black population is a big 2.5% Wow so inclusive

Yup ... JT is an idiot! But so what, this is a football thread !

#21206 1 year ago
Quoted from RWH:

Weren't you the one calling people out for their arguing here in this thread and here you are doing just that, while also making asinine comments about American sentiments and politics, something you know squat about.[quoted image]

I know enough to know it don't belong in here.. take your redneck views elsewhere!

2 weeks later
#21392 1 year ago

Going to be interesting to see how the joe burrow story plays out! You know you're a loser bottom feeder franchise when you suck so bad to get the #1 pick and an Ohio native doesn't even want to play on the team! Ironically