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7 years ago

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#6 7 years ago

I'm more excited for Franklin than Lacy, personally. I'm sure we'll still be operating by committee, but that's not a bad thing if your committee is competent. My only concern about Lacy, (similar to any RB that comes out of WI) just look at the line that he ran behind. I'm not sure that even a mediocre RB wouldn't look good behind a line like that.

Dial-tone Jones will be really interesting to watch. A proper 3-4 DE is something that we really needed!

1 week later
#130 7 years ago

Here's a comparison pic from the same day. The first looks to be an unflattering angle. Reporters that were there all agree that he does not look as fat as pictured in the first image. I'm not saying he didn't gain a little, but he didn't swallow Gilbert Brown.


#172 7 years ago

Well, the Packers season starts off a little rough with losing Bulaga. Bakhtiari has impressed, so hopefully there isn't a lot of drop off. That said, my concern is more about depth... it would be nice if Sherrod could make a return, but who knows if he'll even be any good.

Jordy had knee surgery, but they're hoping he's back for the start of the season..

We sign Vince Young to a 1-year deal. I'm guessing we're renting him to practice against the read-option.

1 month later
#499 7 years ago

Clay didn't practice yesterday, haven't heard about today. Lacy, Burnett and Finley were all back, though. Should be a good game.

#500 7 years ago

Clay was a full participant in practice today.

1 month later
#954 7 years ago
Quoted from davewtf:

This is going to be a repeat of 2010. Mark my words...

Consider them marked. Let's hope for a happy Thanksgiving.

1 week later
#1082 7 years ago
Quoted from tilt-master:

The fine makes sense, the draft pick is excessive. If the refs enforced keeping the sidelines cleared like they should, this probably wouldn't have happened. Wasn't the Jets incident enough to begin enforcing this consistently?


I go crazy every time I see coaches on the field during a play. Carroll is a repeat offender. I hope he stubs his toe real bad.

#1091 7 years ago

ESPN loved the Texans before the season started... It's funny how quickly they abandon ship.

Seattle looks to be the best team right now. I'll be interested to see how they play against SF.

Post edited by Deaconblooze : my funny picture was meant for another post

#1161 7 years ago
Quoted from o-din:

Jerry Jones and Daniel Snyder should have lunch sometime.

I imagine them splitting a baby panda.

#1246 7 years ago

I just want someone from the Cowboys to step up and say "Dez Bryant is a bad teammate". It would get a lot more respect from me than just chalking it up to 'passion for the game'.

That's BS, let's not forget, this guy slapped his mom.

#1276 7 years ago

Rodgers AND Cobb both getting evaluated on Wednesday...

#1293 7 years ago
Quoted from centerflank:

Cmon Arodge! Get in the game this week, Ill consider it my Christmas present if he and Cobb play.

I listened to Tuesdays with Rodgers/Wilde, it sounded promising (at least for Rodgers, didn't catch anything on Cobb)

#1312 7 years ago

Rodgers officially ruled out of Sunday's game.

I'm pretty disgusted.

#1343 7 years ago

Unbelievable. No one wants the North!

#1346 7 years ago
Quoted from o-din:

Four teams in the running, and not one of them controls their own destiny. Miami took the day off yesterday, but the Chargers didn't. So it's wide open.

Yes, that's a very confusing scenario. It will make for an interesting Sunday, next week.

The best thing the NFL has done in the past few years is make the last game of the decision against a divisional team. We've got the NFC North and NFC East titles on the line, and also the AFC spot mentioned.

1 week later
#1724 7 years ago

There were a number of reasons why this happened:

1. The season ticket holders had to decide whether they wanted to pony up for playoff tickets after watching the pack get bent over on Thanksgiving.

2. The policy on refunds was different this year. If the pack didn't make it, that money was put towards next years season tickets (I think that money is usually due around march or april).

3. We added 8k seats in the off season. Whether that was a good idea or not, it's hard to say it doesn't factor in.

4. It's frackin cold!!!

I'm not a ticket holder, and I never thought I'd have the opportunity to go to the game at a reasonable price. I just wen to the game in Chicago last week, as much fun as I had, I love watching the game in my recliner, with cheap beer, no worries about driving, traffic, parking, missing the early game, taking off monday, etc etc etc. Watching the game at home is just SO good now. If I had more notice I may have considered it.

#1738 7 years ago

GB Tickets are sold out, no blackout.

1 week later
#2099 7 years ago
Quoted from TheFamilyArcade:

And you want to begrudge them their raw emotions because they can't "act like they been there before"?

He's just very simply classless. If you're a fan of the 9ers, that's fine, but you must be able to see that he's a very unlikable person. While others may act in a similar way, I find kaepernick's actions egregious. I wish all players were like Larry Fitzgerald, that guy is as classy as they come. Hand the ball to the ref and head back to the sidelines.

I never try to get too wrapped up in rooting for individual players. Guys that may seem nice could be the biggest douches on the planet. Bottom line, these guys have been told they're the greatest since they were about 12 years old. They surround themselves with people on a payroll; when you go 20+ years with no one disagreeing with you, and no one putting you in your place, you're probably gonna become a douche. These are some of the most spoiled, and in many cases, dumbest people on the planet.

That said, when it comes to this weekend, my team is knocked out, who am I really pulling for? Peyton vs Brady?? That's easy. Wilson vs Kaepernick??? (that one would be even easier if Carroll wasn't involved..)

#2104 7 years ago

Go Hawks!

#2134 7 years ago

I can say it about a lot of guys.. I'd hate Braun if he wasn't a Brewer (in fact, I still kinda do..), I'd hate Matthews if he wasn't a Packer. They just ask for it.

If Wilson wasn't a part of the Hawks, I can't think of many reasons I'd be pulling for them, either. But he is, seems like a nice kid, went to WI, well spoken and humble. Still, Carroll and Sherman will make it hard for me to pull for them all the way. Peyton's a great QB, and I'm hoping if he gets a ring he'll be done for good!

Maybe I'm just an angry Packer fan bitter about a lost season. It's all fun, it's just sports.

#2143 7 years ago
Quoted from tilt-master:

lunatic coach that was in San Fran

Almost forgot about Singletary! I liked that he tried to teach that team some humility, but he probably should have tried without pulling down his pants, first.

#2176 7 years ago


#2256 7 years ago

Seen enough of bowman's leg... Hope he's alright, great ball player.

Big problem with the officials, if there's any question, call it a fumble!!

#2383 7 years ago

Oh, was that the one where he went up in the stands and punched that guy in the face? Gotta love the look of surprise on that guy's face when he realized World Peace was coming up to ruin his day.

#2410 7 years ago

I've heard enough about Sherman. The media loves to have something like this to last 2 weeks. Wait till media day..."Richard Sherman says something even stupider, and Peyton Manning says nothing interesting at all, next..on Sportscenter" (da da da). ESPN is the MTV of sports.

I won't feel too badly about who wins, I wouldn't mind Wilson getting a ring, or Peyton getting a second. I've got the Broncs by 3. I'm hoping for some OT, like O-din.

#2426 7 years ago

Sounds like a way to ease us into no kickoffs.

PTI talked about this yesterday, they said if PAT's are automatic, back em up!

1 week later
#2536 7 years ago

Congrats Seahawk fans! Nothing better than the night of a superbowl victory!

Pretty boring game from an outsider perspective, Broncos O just never got started. Happy to see Wilson grab a ring so early.

#2537 7 years ago

Oh, and weak commercials, too.

4 weeks later
#2602 7 years ago

Unfortunately, it looks like Shields will be testing free agency. I'm hoping we make some moves this year, I'd like to see us put together a legitimate run.

1 week later
#2616 7 years ago

This is supposed to be one of the deepest drafts in a while. We live in the late rounds. I'm sure we'll pick up some FAs, but we wait until the dust settles to get some bargains.

Early FA moves are often made by desperate teams. I agree we need to fill some holes and make a run, but at the same time, we need to worry about resigning jordy and cobb to extensions.

1 month later
#2632 7 years ago

I love the draft, too, but I really miss the Saturday first round.. It used to just be an excuse for me and my buddies to drink from 9am-5pm.

2 weeks later
#2652 7 years ago
Quoted from The_Dude_Abides:

Nowadays we have youngsters that put themselves in situations that get them in trouble

I'm with you, but I just had to point out that this sentence was very un-dude.

the bums lost.

1 week later
#2696 7 years ago
Quoted from centerflank:

Draft party over? Packers up next, lets go Oline or Dline....

Looks like our kind of receiver, but part of me was hoping we'd wait and nab Abbrederis (I guess that makes me a homer). I was hoping Niklas would make it to our slot to give TT the option.

#2698 7 years ago

I've seen him projected around 3 or 4. Maybe Nix here??!

edit: aww man..

4 months later
#2973 6 years ago

We made the bears quit with 5 mins left...at home! That feels great.

There are definitely some areas to clean up. I'm confident we'll get the run offense/defense figured out. NFC North is a weak division, we'll be fine.

#2980 6 years ago
Quoted from davewtf:

they haven't figured out the defense part since the superbowl run, dave. why do you think they will now?

Blind optimism?

1 month later
#3205 6 years ago

Good. I like the "no-pouting" policy.

1 week later
#3238 6 years ago

I'll settle for Thursday, there's nothing like rooting against the Lions and Cowboys on Thanksgiving. It's tradition.

I've started taking off the Monday after Thanksgiving. I've dubbed that Sunday "Thanksgiving part 2". We make a duck, drink lots of beer, and watch football. It's my favorite holiday.

3 weeks later
#3368 6 years ago

They benched him for Jimmy Clausen..

I always think of this when I see Clausen.


#3376 6 years ago

They definitely need a no-nonsense guy in charge. Singletary comes to mind. I really liked him in SF, but maybe he was a little looney.

#3413 6 years ago

Looks like Raiola will be out. What a goon.

Seattle looks tough, and I hate how we matchup against them, particularly in Seattle.

#3415 6 years ago

I thought I heard the talking heads speculate that he'd get 2 games. I think that was based on some other stomping. Obviously, disciplinary consistency isn't always in play.

#3419 6 years ago

Most often with those running QBs, they look so frantic. Like, they have 1 read, and if it's not there, they'll just start moving. They never look comfortable in the pocket.

Wilson just has a cool demeanor about him. He goes through his progression, and transitions to run very smoothly, without panic.

1 week later
#3483 6 years ago

University of Nebraska + Detroit Lions = horrible human being

#3540 6 years ago

Suh deserved that suspension, but I'd rather the Lions beat the Cowboys so we play either the Cards or the Panthers.

Now, edge goes to the Cowboys (even moreso than before). That would be a more entertaining matchup, particularly in Lambeau.

1 week later
#3681 6 years ago

I haven't had an opportunity to get all the way through this, but it seems like a good article:


1 week later
#3896 6 years ago

Here's an interesting article laying out a potential gameplan for the Pack:


I like our chances. I like that Seattle feels confident, and the Packers are overwhelmingly considered the underdog. Rodgers seems to be at his best when he feels like he's doubted. Here are some notable changes in the Packers since the first meeting this year:

-Healthy O-Line - I believe that Bulaga only played about 20 snaps, and we were forced to play Sherrod (who's on his way out the league now). The O-Line is playing really well together right now.

-Brad Jones - He's only in a limited number of packages, now. Sam Barrington has played well as his replacement.

-First Games - for Cory Linsley, Davonte Adams and HaHa Clinton-Dix. The first of those was not expected to start this year. Clinton-Dix looks much more comfortable in his role, and Adams looks like he could be a legitimate target if coverage takes Nelson out of the game. Boykin was playing as the third WR in that first game, and has unfortunately been all but MIA for most of the season.

-Percy Harvin - He was a heavy focus for the Seattle offense during the first game. Obviously, he's no longer with the team.

Just some observations. I'm expecting this to be a great game. I'll be useless on Sunday.

#4076 6 years ago
Quoted from davewtf:

Tom Brady is the only player on the roster that's won a super bowl as a patriot, correct?


#4119 6 years ago

I hate that every 'scandal' has to have the word "gate" after it. They're lucky this one rhymes..

I don't think this is a big deal. What made the NFL decide that 2psi higher was the magic number? My guess is that it was round. Is there any evidence that a ball deflated by this amount is actually an advantage? Are there disadvantages (possibly air resistance resulting in shorter flight, for instance?). I think some talking head brought up that this could affect kicks. Made sense at first, but I believe kickers have their own balls, as well.

I wouldn't mind seeing Belichick get suspended, only because I've always wanted to see just how mediocre Brady is without Belichick. He's the best coach of the last 30 years.

This is a non-story in my book.

1 month later
#4191 6 years ago

I just can't figure out how they'll make it all work after this year. They've yet to pay Wilson. Okung, Mebane, Bobby Wagner are all up in 2016, too.

Wilson with that kind of TE is definitely a scary proposition.

5 months later
#4234 5 years ago

Only 5 days until REAL football!

1 week later
#4355 5 years ago

Wow, scary stuff. I attended a Brewers game at Dodger stadium. It was pretty hostile, and I couldn't quite figure out why... I mean.. do you really hate Brewers fans? Isn't your energy better spent harassing fans with a good team?

I went to the last game of the season at Chicago for that 12/18 game winning TD to take the division. We spoke with a lot of Bears fans, and everyone we encountered was cordial and even complimentary. A few older fans even bought us some drinks before the game.

It's all anecdotal and circumstantial obviously, but I was impressed that a rival fan was treated as well as we were in Chicago.

#4364 5 years ago

Settle down, he's not condoning child abuse. I'm not sure how you read that..?

Whatever your thoughts, AP served a penalty that was not insignificant. Pacman gets no penalty for an assault. Are you condoning assault?

#4367 5 years ago

The intent was to harm him outside of normal play. Why isn't that assault?

We see this all too often, I'm not sure why it's not considered assault to stop on someone's head, kick someone in the balls, or slam their head against the ground or helmet after a play is over?

I'm no lawyer, but why wouldn't this qualify as assault/battery? The intent was clear. This occurred outside of normal play, so I would think that any implied consent from being a football player wouldn't be relevant. I don't believe a professional athlete should be immune to egregious attempts to harm others in between plays just because their profession is inherently violent.

#4371 5 years ago

Back to football:


It looks like Kam Chancellor will be out vs the Pack on Sunday night. I can't understand why a guy that plays one year out of his four year deal thinks he has a right to hold out. I imagine his teammates are a bit disgusted after the week 1 loss.

I'm still nervous to see how our run defense fares against Lynch, and Wilson for that matter. I expect both of them to get some pretty good yardage on the ground. I also expect that Jimmy Graham will get a lot of targets.

GB really likes the 3WR sets, which helps to move Cobb inside where he's the biggest threat. We'll likely see a lot of 3WR formations again this week after Jones had a big game in his return to the Pack in week 1!

#4375 5 years ago

Breaking - GBP RT Bulaga left practice with a left knee injury. This is the same knee that kept him out of the 2014 season..

#4388 5 years ago

Dez is out, too. I think DAL/PHI is going to be a pretty high scoring game with the quickened pace of play. Overall though, I think you're right, it's probably a toss up.

#4451 5 years ago

Early reports say Lacy may be back for week 3!

1 week later
#4553 5 years ago

Wow, are those parlay tickets? my man!

Our defense looked better than I expected. I hope we can come out of this without some more major injuries.. I really liked the defensive packages we were putting together, it was amazing to see some significant pressure the last couple of weeks! That gives me a lot of hope, and to Rodgers looks like he's in midseason form!

#4561 5 years ago

2 missed fgs... I wouldn't have let him kick it OT either.

#4603 5 years ago

Holy.. gotta be tough to play with a horseshoe wedged up your ass.

#4605 5 years ago

And now they're saying that was an illegal bat out of the end zone. I thought it was a heads up play, didn't know that rule (apparently, neither did the refs).

#4637 5 years ago

I've been saying Gore is done for about 3 years. I've been wrong for 3 years.

#4649 5 years ago

I'm really excited for SEA @ CIN tomorrow, that should be a great game. I thought GB played late, but I guess I was wrong, a noon start! Ugh! I love turning on Red Zone for the early games, but I can't do that if GB is on.

The night game doesn't do much for me. I wish they'd start moving around the schedules earlier in the year for that game.

#4690 5 years ago

Good finishes to the night game two days in a row, gotta love that.

#4697 5 years ago

I can't believe that call, and they made it twice!


1 month later
#5070 5 years ago

It always seemed like a completely saturated market to me. Florida has..

3 NFL Teams
2 MLB Teams
2 NBA Teams
2 NHL Teams (!!?)

NFL season overlaps with some pretty nice weather in that area. If your team is projected to lose 10+ games.. are you going to spend the day sweating in the stands to watch someone march you up and down the field?

The NFL blackout rules are also completely bogus (though I think they're doing away with them, or at least changing them). The NFL forces teams to build bigger stadiums, and then simultaneously punishes their markets when they can't be filled. That's a pretty vicious cycle when you think about it - who's going to care about your team if they can't even watch them on TV?

#5121 5 years ago

I'll be at the game tonight! Go Pack!

#5158 5 years ago

Devastating.. I can't believe that's how the MNF game ended.

#5219 5 years ago


Mike Carey contradicted himself on PIs in that game. The first call that went in the Packer's favor early was defended by Carey because the receiver essentially blocked the route to the ball. I didn't notice much different on the PI non-call at the end of the game (but I also haven't re-watched it). It just proves to me that they need to have a guy auditing the play calls. Why not?

I'm hoping the Pack can ride that game into some momentum late in the season. I'd rather avoid the path that requires Seattle if I could choose.

1 week later
#5273 5 years ago

I think the sweet spot in the NFC is actually the #5 seed. That would pit you against the NFC East in the first round.

A first round bye would be better, but that's looking like it will be tough to take away from AZ. I still want the division either way, but I wouldn't be heartbroken to see someone like Washington in the first round as a consolation..

1 week later
#5313 5 years ago

Yes. It's terrible. Makes the NFL look like the XFL.

#5323 5 years ago

I managed to make the playoffs in 3/3 leagues. I moved on in all 3, having a bye in one of them last week. Two of them are 'family' leagues that I don't really care much about (it's like my whole family is allergic to betting money). I started making some moves after I was catching some grief about losing a few games. I'm liking my chances this week to move to the championship in at least 2 of the leagues.

#5327 5 years ago

My family leagues are 20 each, I'm pretty sure. My other league is a keeper league I've been in for 5-6 years, and that's 50.

I'm the commish for my keeper league. We've voted quite a few times, and I think bumping it up higher than 50 would prevent at least a few people from staying in, and I don't want that (especially in a keeper). Next year, I'm going to get a side pot going, a skins game of sorts. If you want to be in, you agree to a certain amount, and we award the pot to the top pts total (or top 2, whatever) over the course of the year (or alternatively, week to week).

#5349 5 years ago

ODB just makes me like guys like Fitzgerald that much more. Fitz is twice the receiver ODB will ever be, and most of that difference is made up with humility.

ODB reminds me of chad johnson, nothing but a loud mouth whose talent will fade long before he makes a meaningful impact in the league.

#5359 5 years ago

Remember how I said I advanced in 3/3 of my leagues? Well, this week I lost in all 3. I guess now I get to play for 3rd in 3/3 leagues...

In an unrelated note, I tried to cancel what was left of Sunday Ticket on Directv (I sort of got duped into having it in the first place) since I won't be home the next couple of weekends. The Directv rep said they can't cancel Sunday Ticket... I said, just prorate it and cut off whatever's left, no biggie. Nope, they won't cancel it "during the season". Just a heads up if anyone ever plans on getting it for a portion of the season next year.

#5361 5 years ago

I did have Rodgers in 2/3. I hate to carry more than 1 TE or 1 QB. I don't like having to make those decisions every week, they're all pretty much the same other than the top 3 in their respective positions.

Actually, I also had Richard Rodgers in 2 leagues. I grabbed him early, and probably put too much trust in him. He got me some good weeks, but ultimately, he never got to the level I was hoping.

Oh well.. it was fun, I made a good run midseason, and I kept some of that money by winning a few "high point total" weeks.

The draft is the highlight for me. I honestly thought I had a perfect draft in two of my leagues this year, but no one can predict injuries. I'll play again next year, but 3 is my cap.

#5363 5 years ago

I also had Megatron. He was a fairly solid performer, but not what I had hoped. I still think he's one of the top 5 receivers I've seen in the last 20 years.

#5366 5 years ago

If GB wins out, and AZ loses out, GB gets the 2 seed. GB v AZ this week is huge. AZ has SEA next week, so a loss is conceivable.

Right now, the projection is MN and GB playing in the wild card round.. I hate that.. First, I hate playing any team 3x in a year, and 2 weeks in a row makes it even worse.

#5382 5 years ago

Off topic.. but the Jimmy V 30 for 30 is very good. I also liked Four Days in October (and I hate the red sox, but such a great story), Catching Hell (don't think it's a 30 for 30, but a must watch), and the Fab Five (also maybe not a 30 for 30).

Those mentioned above are also great. I think I've seen almost everything, and very few disappoint. The only ones I found to be unwatchable was the one about the Raiders in LA, and Tupac and Tyson. Those were interesting stories, but just so horribly directed that I still haven't been able to get through them despite my best efforts. Ice Cube should probably just stick to selling Dr Pepper or whatever it is he's doing now.

On topic... Woodson's last night in OAK. I have to wonder if all the uncertainty surrounding the franchise is part of what made him decide to call it a career. I still think that was one of the biggest mistakes that the current Packers front office made - not offering him a lesser deal, instead we just cut him. He could have been at least helped with depth over the past few years, and would have been great to have around as a leader. He's been one of my favorite players to watch over the last 20 years, Packer or not, sad to see him go.

#5383 5 years ago

Great job by the Raiders D to turn this game around!

#5386 5 years ago
Quoted from PorkChopExpress:

Kirk Cousins just got me 44 points in the Title game.


#5482 5 years ago

Chip Kelly fired. The guy coached an NFL team like I play madden, had to figure it wasn't going to end well.

#5520 5 years ago

Rex Ryan... somehow still finding a way to ruin the Jets season.

#5537 5 years ago
Quoted from Pinchroma:

the best defensive play made all day is by your kicker

no one can see what you're saying.

#5601 5 years ago

I agree, I like going to the occasional "important" game, but it's really hard to beat the home environment. This year I've been using my computer to stream RZC or another game I'm interested in to the monitor beside my TV. It's fantastic, but I was out of town too often this fall to enjoy it as much as I would have liked.

I do love tailgating, though..

#5605 5 years ago

The Browns hired a new GM - Paul DePodesta.. if you don't know who that is, it's Jonah Hill from Moneyball. I think it's a smart move, he's had a lot of success in MLB, but who knows if that can translate to the NFL. I think it will really depend on how much room they give him to put together a team. That town needs some continuity, so pair him with a young coach that subscribes to his methods for the next 6 years and leave it alone - what's the worst that can happen? They keep sucking?

#5616 5 years ago

He's not a baseball guy as much as he is an economist.. He was successful in baseball because he was able to apply statistical analysis to the game, and find the true value of a player. If he can successfully develop that same strategy to football, where there are fewer meaningful individual statistics, I think he will be plenty successful. I'm sure he's also smart enough to have considered all of this himself, I'd be surprised if he didn't already have a strategy in place.

I don't understand your point about a salary cap... you're saying that finding value in players where there's a cap system doesn't have as much value? I would argue that working within the constraints of a cap makes it more valuable.. He cut his teeth working for a low budget team, while other teams had an exponential amount of funds available - and he was successful. Now level that playing field, I don't see how that's a disadvantage to him..

#5622 5 years ago
Quoted from CrazyLevi:

You said it yourself, football and baseball stats are apples and oranges. "Moneyball" simply ain't gonna work in the NFL.

We'll see, I guess. I'm interested to see what happens, trainwreck or not. Like I said, what's the worst that can happen, they continue to suck?

The Bucs fired Lovie out of paranoia, they were afraid the Dolphins were going to snatch their OC - whom they apparently felt was significant to the crabburglar's (I just made that up, and I'm proud of myself) development. It's a short sighted move, no doubt.

#5634 5 years ago

Saturday football is the best - I can't wait!

#5886 5 years ago

I think I'd rather get blown out.. maybe that's just because the Pack has had quite a few tough playoff losses. I still think about them. If we got blown out, it'd probably slip my mind and wouldn't cause me to wake up screaming in the middle of the night.


#5900 5 years ago

That's worst case scenario. I hate it. Let's let them try to support one team before we throw two out there.

#5924 5 years ago

The 49ers pick up Kelly as their HC. It's like they hate winning.

#5931 5 years ago
Quoted from davewtf:

and Mike Holmgren recently expressed interest in the position. maybe he's too old.

I don't know if he's too old, but it can't help that he's been removed from coaching for a decade (a guess). I thought he'd make a good president, but I guess I was wrong about that one.

#5932 5 years ago

Doug Pederson named new Eagles HC. I like it!

#6048 5 years ago

"... and the Cardinals have won an amazing game.."

fuck. devastating.

#6050 5 years ago


#6116 5 years ago

I guess I'd like to see Manning win it all. I'm mostly apathetic at this point, I'm just hoping for some good games.

2 weeks later
#6251 5 years ago

I had it on, but wasn't actively watching it. I liked it when they had the skills competition, but I don't think they've done that for quite a while.

#6260 5 years ago

I want Manning to win, but mostly I just want a good game. If the broncos win it in the 1st quarter, then I'll just be bored. Ideally I'd like to see Manning win it in OT (first SB to go to OT would be great!). I'd also like to see Newton make a critical error at some point..

Every time I get a little excited, I remember we have the CBS crew.. and coldplay...

#6266 5 years ago
Quoted from Topher5000:

Nantz right? Can't stand him. He talks... like William... Shatner.

Yes, Nantz/Simms. They're the worst of the 4 major crews. I rank them Michaels/Collinsworth, Tirico/Gruden, and Buck/Aikman. The first of those is far and away my favorite, but any one of them injects some excitement into the game with their calls, Nantz calls football like golf - that guy can make a good game feel boring. Simms is just incoherent most of the time. They're the human equivalent of grits and broccoli.

#6388 5 years ago

A good game if you like defense. Some guys (Von Miller, especially) really stepped up.

Everything Peyton threw looked slow and floaty - he has GOT to be done.. I'm glad to see him go out on top, another SB and 200 wins is nothing to be ashamed of.

I was glad to see Cam throw a few tissy fits tonight. My daughter had a cold and also had to share her toys tonight, but she still looked more mature than Cam.

The commercials were weak. The one with the weiner dogs got a good chuckle out of me, but I was also 8 beers in.

Coldplay sucks. Those guys have got to be the lamest musicians I've ever seen. Coldplay is the Jim Nantz of music. I'm not a Bruno Mars fan, but that guy is an entertainer.. he's like MJ without all the weird stuff (probably). Beyonce, too.. you know she's going to demand your attention for the few minutes she's up there.

Overall it was a fun night. It's really too bad we don't have any real NFL stuff until FA. For Packer fans, we have to wait until the draft for anything exciting.

#6429 5 years ago

The "that's random" comedy angle is just so fucked out. It's lazy, and when doritos and mt dew are doing it, you know it's time to move on.

#6431 5 years ago

Who do you want in FA? I'd like to see us pickup a TE more than most anything else - Gates and Davis are both FAs.. but Gates is old, and (presumably) off the steroids that kept him healthy. Davis said specifically when he got drafted that he was glad GB didn't pick him.

Sadly, we also need a punter.

#6433 5 years ago

You're right, I also think we should have won another SB. I blame the coaching, as well as some curious staffing promotions. We moved Edgar Bennett from RB coach (ok, that makes sense) to WR coach (getting colder) to Off Coord (???). We promoted Alex Van Pelt to QB coach, and simultaneously assigned him the WR coach position - that's an interesting experiment, but based on the drop at each of those positions (regardless of injuries) I really don't think it's working out.

12 had a huge respect for Clements, so we moved him to Assistant Head Coach (whatever that is), and eventually removed his only real role as play caller. The writing is basically on the wall with him, I can't imagine he sticks around. Ideally, I'd like to see everyone take a step back, they've clearly risen to their level of incompetence, but I sincerely doubt we can convince Clements to go back to QB coach, etc.

I think the players are there with only a few exceptions. Our rookie CBs played really well most of the year, so I doubt we bring in much help for the secondary (we've got shields, hyde, rollins and randall, and maybe hayward).

I'm not really happy with RRodgers - he's just too slow, or at least he looks too slow.. I want someone that is a legitimate threat on the seam, and can make safeties play honest. I don't know that any of the FA guys are really the answer for that, so I suspect we'll do what we always do - draft.

I think we need some help at ILB. Jake Ryan played alright for a rookie, but he looks like another AJ Hawk, particularly in coverage (or lack of coverage). Perry and Neal are both up for FA, and we're talking about moving Clay back outside. I would guess we probably want Peppers back, but if he retires or we tell him to take a hike, I have no idea how we fill all those positions. We also have to make a decision on Guion and Raji...

#6435 5 years ago

I don't want to fire coaches, but I would like to get them back to the roles at which they excelled.

Our offensive line was banged up practically all year. Our defense was probably as good as it's been since we won in 2010 (and probably better).

#6440 5 years ago

I definitely don't think 12 is without blame. I (as well as the talking heads) were praising him through those first 6 games with his pocket presence, it was some of the best I'd ever seen. At some point I guess he got hit too often, and he started breaking the pocket too early or making some frantic throws.

He had a pretty poor attitude when things started looking bleak. Wilde (beat writer) actually pointed that out to him, and he started to relax towards the last few games.

He did have his knee scoped a couple of weeks ago. I don't necessarily think that's why he was playing poorly - the Packers say it was to clean up some previous work more than anything else, but he definitely looked reluctant stepping into throws. He threw off of his back foot way more often than I remember, usually he's got some great footwork and steps into throws pretty athletically, even when he's on the move.

All of that said, I think we did a pretty poor job of adjusting to how defenses were playing us. You heard it all year long that guys weren't getting open, and that was mostly true. NE makes a living with creative WR packages to give Brady the opportunity to hit the open guy - a lot of rub plays or trips, for example. We tried that a few times, but we seemed to abandon it rather quickly.

#6461 5 years ago

And shortly after that she'll be peddling copper bracelets and beard trimmers.

#6479 5 years ago

It seems we always look for former greats in the twilight of their career, but only when they're mostly overlooked by other teams (woodson, peppers). Forte is 30, so he fits the first of that criteria, but I doubt he'll be overlooked in FA, and we don't get into bidding wars.

TT also doesn't seem to place much value on veteran RBs. We had an opportunity to get Lynch when he was leaving Buffalo for a pretty good price, he even had #12 pulling for that move in a time where we really needed a RB, and we didn't budge. Steven Jackson was another option a few years ago - we had no one in the backfield, and he seemed like he'd be a perfect fit (again, at age 30), but we opted to go to the draft instead and got Lacy.

If we feel that Lacy isn't going to get back to form, I bet we look to the draft again before picking up someone in FA. I think signing Starks makes that even more of a certainty.

#6489 5 years ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

I once saw two cubs fans fighting each other at a reds game and they both got kicked out.

douche on douche crime. my favorite.

2 weeks later
#6519 5 years ago

I guess Osweiler was butt hurt that he got the bench. I didn't realize he was Elway's kid's roommate in college, heard that for the first time today.

#6547 5 years ago

I don't think GB needs OL help by the way of FA. We have some good young guys in place, and I expect we pay either Sitton or Lang next year. I'm sure we'll grab some prospects, and with the exception of Sherrod, we've been pretty good at picking out some good ones.

Last UFA (that wasn't previously in a GB uniform, at least) I'd like to see is Jerrell Freeman (ILB). I wouldn't mind a trade for a good TE if we could snag one for a mid to late draft pick.

#6551 5 years ago

24.5m over 4 years, 12.5m of that is guaranteed. Seems like a really reasonable price for someone that could have made an immediate impact..

Jerrell Freeman is visiting Chicago, today.

Edit - Trevathan was asked if the Packers had contacted him; he said no, but he wishes they would have.

#6577 5 years ago

Glad to see adam gase go to Miami.

2 weeks later
#6639 5 years ago

I love the signing! I was hoping for more than 1 year, but I would bet we draft a TE and see what shakes out going into next year.

Cook ran a 4.49. Sure that was 8 seasons ago, but the 5-year average for WRs is 4.55, and Finley ran in the 4.6s. I'm really interested to see how he does with a good QB.

2 weeks later
#6642 5 years ago

Seems like they're already worried they won't be able to get people in the seats.

#6647 5 years ago

I think Adam Gase leaving was a pretty big hit to the Bears. They made some moves in FA, but I would expect that their offense takes a serious hit this year.

#6654 5 years ago

Packers with a week 4 bye. That sucks. Also a pretty tough final 4 or so games. Otherwise not too bad.

2 months later
#6762 4 years ago

Simmons should be nothing more than a local sportswriter. He can't go 3 sentences without the words "Boston", "Belichick", "Brady", or "Sox". Is there any other national sports writer that's such a homer?

#6782 4 years ago
Quoted from Whysnow:

Last years QB coach is now the O coach so that is good.

Their offensive success should be attributed to Adam Gase. His loss is probably going to hurt.

#6808 4 years ago

Rodgers is a douche, but he's our douche. MM is a good prep coach, but he's a pretty poor game manager. Our team is what it is because our ability to draft and develop.

I think the division will be pretty tough this year. Even the Lions turned it on toward the end of the year. Although.. I just remember Megatron retired, so they probably won't be a factor.

I think the Bears will take a step back with the loss of Gase. Any offensive scheme switch will do a little to set you back. You have to let everyone learn and get comfortable with a whole new playbook. Cutler was better last year, but I don't think he has the leadership qualities to smooth over a transition in year 1.

The Vikings will be interesting to watch. The best thing that we have going for us is that Bridgewater (if he's going to be any good, and I'm still not convinced he will be) and AP will be heading in different directions. AP will inevitably trend down at some point. He's done well to fend off father time, but we all know the toll time takes on RBs. I don't think Teddy will be able to beat us on his own for at least a couple more years. He's just not that kind of talent.

Just my impressions. I like the Packers to win the division. I'm nervous for what comes after that.

1 week later
#6829 4 years ago
Quoted from Pinball-is-great:

Guess I will pull for the Saints to get the 2nd NFC wildcard spot.

This probably isn't going to happen.

Quoted from Pinball-is-great:

Would love to see the Saints win the Superbowl in Feb, 2017.

This isn't going to happen.

#6833 4 years ago
Quoted from SteveO:

I was thinking the same thing. I also think going back to a dome is a mistake for the Vikings.

Their football stadium is a dome, but their baseball stadium is open air. I have a tough time figuring that one out.

1 month later
#6950 4 years ago

Plus Gabbert was a first round pick. He was in what, his 3rd year when Wilson came out? Most guys don't really emerge as a QB until at least that. Rodgers sat under Favre for 3, which I still think is the best way to bring a QB into the league. But I agree, a punter makes a miss in that round look more egregious.

I took off work Friday and Monday of opening weekend. I was very close to pulling the trigger on Tuesday to recover from the double header, but I exercised some restraint.

Anyone getting Sunday Ticket? I've had it every year, but I'm also out of town a lot. I think I'm actually on the hook for it right now, so I'd actually have to call to cancel..

#6952 4 years ago

I'm pretty sure that's the only (legitimate) service.

#6954 4 years ago

RZC is great. It makes me hope for GB 315 or night games. I have a monitor near my TV in the basement.. I usually put the RZC on the big screen and the most interesting game (fantasy interests, or whatever) on the monitor.

1 week later
#6995 4 years ago

How was a non-contact injury that gnarly?

I really hate to see that. Hopefully he can come out of it alright. I never really thought he was their 'answer', but I was looking forward to beating them with their starting qb.

#7010 4 years ago

Packers are either going to trade or cut Sitton... seems odd that we wouldn't have put him on the trade block sooner.

#7031 4 years ago

Hey guys - 2 days to real football.

#7033 4 years ago

Low blow!

Really though, I'm still watching baseball, and still will until the season is over. I love that baseball is on during the week, it helps the week move along, and offers a nice passive distraction. Being a Brewers fan is tough, but I still enjoy watching. The Sunday games will probably only get the occasional score check - Sunday ticket and games where I have a rooting interest take priority on that day.

#7039 4 years ago
Quoted from mcluvin:

My Yahoo draft grade was a B

Yahoo draft grades are garbage, to be honest. I always get Cs. That's because I refuse to take more than 1qb and 1te. It always gets me for lack of depth. Why would I grab an extra QB when every other person in my league has 2? By not grabbing an extra QB, I essentially free up a roster spot while having access to any number of favorable QBs based on matchups..

Quoted from mcluvin:

Any tips on waiver wire?

We do an auction waiver in my (favorite) league. You get $100 at the beginning of the season, you can bid on a guy if you want him on your roster. In a normal league where there's no reason not to grab a waiver, there really isn't a lot of strategy.. just take a look at your prospect compared to your bench - do you think that waiver pickup has more upside?

As stated above, I hate wasting bench positions on QBs and TEs. You're going to start your QB for like 12 weeks out of the year, so why eat up a bench spot with an extra QB? Same with TE in most cases. I'd much rather have a WR or RB on my bench that has a lot of upside and could be played at a flex spot with minimal risk if he looks like he's catching fire.

#7048 4 years ago

I'd try to trade Brady for some WRs around week 3. Deangelo might be a drop around that same time..

#7055 4 years ago

Your first league looks pretty darn good. I've been avoiding Gore for the last 3 years because I thought he was done. I've been wrong for 3 years.

Wheaton is one of those guys I target in every league. I think he's going to get a lot of looks on the outside opposite the double coverage on Brown.

#7056 4 years ago

30 hours!

#7082 4 years ago

AFC East: Pats
AFC North: PIT
AFC South: IND
NFC East: NY
NFC North: GB
NFC South: CAR

#7084 4 years ago

I do think JAX has a good chance. Their defense could be pretty darn good, and Bortles plus some offensive weapons means they could be competitive in a weak division. I really think it's a toss up between those 2 teams, with JAX not far behind.

1 week later
#7179 4 years ago

I'm near certain that all-22 (at the very least) is only available the day after the game.

Edit - I looked, they're only advertising "live" preseason games, and gameday audio. Everything else is blocked until the next day. I'm still thinking about it, the 45m playback and all-22 are definitely nice.

Also, the fact that there's only 45m of real football in a 3.5 hour game is annoying.

2 weeks later
#7338 4 years ago
Quoted from Erik:

Is that how Thursday always is?

It's their "color rush" jerseys. They force them now for Thursday night games. I guess they're hoping to sell some more jerseys to all the people that the shitty Thursday games may inspire.

#7341 4 years ago

There's no NCAA thread... but damn - this Louisville v Clemson game..

#7355 4 years ago
Quoted from CrazyLevi:

The 15-yard penalty for "he shot the bow and arrow" was a new one though.

I saw it out of context, but I found that to be pretty absurd. It seems the NFL is really cracking down on stuff like that. I'm not a fan of individual celebrations, but it shouldn't be penalized.

#7369 4 years ago

I'm rooting for an ODB ejection. That guy's a little bitch.

#7370 4 years ago

He took off his helmet on the field.. pretty sure that should have been his second unsportsmanlike right there.

#7372 4 years ago

It's not you, it's bad. The MNF intro as the worst it's ever been too, and that's saying something.

1 month later
#7573 4 years ago

So everything that's too close to call gets overturned? I don't think that would help.

1 week later
#7616 4 years ago

I wouldn't get too excited about the redskins. The packers have cornerbacks you've never heard of before, and we're thin across LBs as well. I figured we'd get beat up pretty good by Jordan Reed and DJax. It didn't really matter, we let everyone get over the top.

We're giving every QB we play HOF type numbers. Cousins is the same guy you thought he was before this game, it's just that he had a chance to play against an NCAA-FCS team.

#7646 4 years ago
Quoted from Erik:

Just can't tolerate the pace of the live game.

This is it for me too. The RZ channel is fine, but it's really hard to care about any one game.. it's just constant scoring and there's no context or drama. A singular live game is filled with commercials (after a TD, after the XP, after the kickoff...), it's hard to stay awake.

2 weeks later
#7803 4 years ago

Kenny Mayne did a segment before a MNF game about one-handed catches and the gloves receivers use. He was going to the park and having kids and old people wear the NFL gloves and catch balls one-handed.

Not exactly catching 40 yard bombs, but it was pretty clear that the gloves did have a significant impact on the ability to make some snags.

1 week later
#7902 4 years ago

That fake punt (if it was planned) was busch league. Punter gets knocked out cold, and Carroll is on the sidelines grinning like an a-hole. The Seahawks are like a who's who of d-bags.

#7904 4 years ago
Quoted from tilt-master:

Except Russell Wilson

#7909 4 years ago
Quoted from SteveO:

Pete Carroll has a history of not having class.

Oh yeah, I know. I remember when the USC stuff came out, he tucked tail and got out of dodge like a coward. Penalties should have followed him to the NFL. Since I despise him so much, I thought that maybe I was remembering how it all went down incorrectly. I watched the USC documentary, and it was worse than I remembered - he left the day before the infractions came down. What a weasel.

#7984 4 years ago
Quoted from dirkdiggler:

After watching the 30 for 30 espn did with Ice Cube on the LA Raiders

I think that's one of the few 30 for 30s I haven't seen. The directing/production was so bad I couldn't stand to sit through it any longer.

2 weeks later
#8160 4 years ago

The next 2 weekends are the best of the year. I love playoff football on Saturday..

#8221 4 years ago

I think we have 3/4 that will be good (close) games.

Det@Sea. Detroit has played pretty tough, but they hit a landslide (like they always do). The Seahawks have been all over the place. I think Seattle has enough an ego that this one slips by them. (DET)

Oak@Hou. This one should come down to Osweiler. I would think OAK would just stack the box and make the QB, that got benched just a week ago, throw. He's got the type of targets that could make things interesting if he can get under control. (HOU)

MIA@Pit. I think this will only be a game if Moore can make PIT respect the pass, and they can get Ajayi going. Gase is a QB whisperer, so that's not out of the questions. But... probably not. (PIT)

NYG in the bitter cold at GB. GB's rushing game is doing really well with the speed and elusiveness of Montgomery. If Michael can help relieve him and pound the ball, GB should have a pretty good shot at keeping their sparse secondary off the field. McAdoo coached for McCarthy, so there's no doubt he understands his offensive philosophy. He could gameplan against #12, and exploit GBs depleted secondary with ODB, even if only as a distraction.. I'll take GB, but I wouldn't be surprised if we saw OT. (GB)

#8228 4 years ago
Quoted from TheLaw:

Man its gotta be a late night post to pick the Lions! Put the bottle down!

I only had 1 (bottle)!

Heh, no really, I think it's possible they pull it out. A long shot? Yup. I think the west was pretty weak this year, and Seattle has just been so up and down. They've shown down the stretch that they aren't a cohesive group, and come playoff time, that can make a big difference.

#8234 4 years ago

I'm hoping this is the year that I can change my avatar pic..

#8254 4 years ago

Alright, I'm 0-2, and those games sucked. I hope Pete Carroll stubs his toe real bad.

#8277 4 years ago

Whatever happens, at least this one is a game.

#8279 4 years ago

87, and now 88. Shit.

#8285 4 years ago

Heads up play by Matthews. I was just bitching about guys letting the ball lay on the ground. If there's even an ounce of doubt, pick it the hell up!

1 week later
#8510 4 years ago

I've always thought that the player incentive pay for playoffs were a little odd. I don't know the exact amount, but it was something like 20k for each player to advance in the playoffs. That's not nothing, but compared to salaries for many players, it's probably not goin got do a lot to move the needle.

There was a recent retiree from the NFL on ESPN radio a few months ago. He estimated that about 70% of the players only cared about their paycheck and were mostly indifferent when it came to team performance. I think that's high, and just one players opinion, but it does make you wonder how many players are just as happy to go home instead of spending another few weeks practicing for a negligible amount of income.

#8593 4 years ago

It was a rollercoaster season for me. I'm definitely bummed to see GB bumped again in the postseason, but it seems a bit easier to accept since we were obviously outmatched. We'll lick our wounds and hopefully explore FA to make another run next year.

I'll be hoping the Falcons can pull one out. They seem to have the talent to take this one. Overall, I just want to see a better game than what most of the playoffs have offered.. how about the first SB to go into OT?

#8600 4 years ago

The season was a snoozer, that's definitely true. The Packers/Cowboys matchup did still get more viewers than game 7 of the world series this year - even with all those bandwagon cub fans!

I'll watch the skills competition this week, I'm glad they brought that back. I have close to 0 interest in the pro bowl game, as usual.

1 week later
#8652 4 years ago

The Pro Bowl was actually fairly competitive this year. It didn't seem like many really mailed it in like they normally do. It was the best Pro Bowl I can remember, though I only watched it passively.

#8656 4 years ago

I put some money on the Falcons. I really think the Pats will have a hard time with them. I think this will be a good one.

1 week later
#8803 4 years ago

That game was as shitty as all of the others until 8m left. I was actually starting to wonder what else was on. The comeback was crazy. It led to another insufferable fan base winning a championship this season, but it was remarkable to watch at least.

That halftime show was shit. I hated every bit of it, except the schrodinger's cat moment when she jumped from the roof.

#8855 4 years ago

There's a trend in advertising now that I can't stand. Companies have largely abandoned cleverly written commercials for "random" commercials. Just string together a bunch of things that don't go together, and the dullards seem to laugh at it. I think it started with Old Spice. This was one of the worst years for commercials that I can remember. I don't care about the commercials much to begin with (I love fast forwarding through them or watching otherwise ad-free media), but it's part of the day.

Next up - free agency. It's the only reason I have a twitter account, and I dust it off for these few days every year. GB isn't one to make headlines at that time of year, but this year I expect we'll be more aggressive than we have in previous years.

Then, the draft... I'll leave the combine on for background noise while I'm doing other things around the house. I'll read up on at least the first round or those players that might possibly land in my town. I miss when the draft was Saturday/Sunday.. In college we'd take the TV outside and toss around a ball and hit some beers. Those were the days...

3 weeks later
#8876 4 years ago

It's so hard to tell if he might be legitimate, or if it's the scheme. I make this point to death, but the Pats went 11-5 with Matt Cassel.

#8883 4 years ago
Quoted from DaveH:

It's everything.

You're right, I intended "scheme" to encapsulate those other things you mentioned.

Quoted from fosaisu:

I am surprised he'd want to hop behind our o-line. Feels a little bit like trying to recreate the Manning experience with lesser parts, but we shall see.

I think Romo has more left in the tank than Manning did at that point, at least as far as throwing ability and movement goes. Oakland is the team to beat out west, especially after the way their season came to an unfortunate end. I'm excited to see the division be more competitive next year, but I do think the departures mean that Denver will still be on the outside looking in.

1 month later
#8990 4 years ago

I like studying up for at least the 1st round. I love the draft. I wish it were still over the weekend- that made for some great day drinking. Here are some decent articles to help get familiar with prospects and their potential landing spots:



#9008 4 years ago
Quoted from hwyhed:

I'm surprised that my chefs moved up and showed some cajones and drafting a potential great qb in P. Mahomes..when some analysts compare him to having a Favre/Elway arm, how can u not get excited? A. Smith is a good qb, just not great...

That was an interesting move. Reid must have decided he's gotten all he can from Smith. Mahomes can be careless with the ball - if Reid can rein him in, he could turn out to be a pretty good player.

#9020 4 years ago
Quoted from Erik:

I think I saw last night that Broncos guy was suspended or kicked out of 5 schools and he's 25! Weird pick.

He seemed like a nutjob.

Packers are either interested, or feigning interest in Kizer. I really hope it's the latter. I'd like to see us trade back again and get some more pics. I'd like to see us land Dalvin Cook if we could do it with a "free" pick.

#9023 4 years ago

Same old Bengals

1 year later
#11036 2 years ago
Quoted from CrazyLevi:

Well, don't forget the Packers whining about Clay Mathews' continued "full weight on the QB" calls when that rule was passed because of Aaron Rodger's injury. It's the #12 rule!!!

It's pretty simple - don't drive your weight into the QB. Clay kept whining about how impossible that is but I've seen PLENTY of guys do it right - make an effort to roll off the QB on the way down and they won't call it.

He braced himself to prevent putting the full weight on the QB. Watch it again.

People don't seem to like judgement calls, but to me it's all about intent. If someone is hitting the QB late or trying to take them out of the game, eject them. I don't see 15yd penalties stopping a guy like Burfict from playing dirty.

#11038 2 years ago

The flags might have an effect if you're playing against Eli in a non-conference game, but I think some teams would trade a 15yd penalty to knock out a division rival's franchise QB. Admittedly, they may also decide that losing a struggling LB for a game is also a pretty good trade.

I was talking about the hit on Cousins. I can see why they called the hit on Smith by rule. I do maintain that I don't think the intent to injure was there, 52 was coming in hot and his momentum was going to drive Smith to the turf, and he did also roll off. It could have been called either way, but I don't fault the ref for throwing the flag under the current rule.

#11040 2 years ago

It happened more recently than Buddy Ryan, I think most recent was Greg Williams in NO with the bounties. I also hope that's not still a thing, but you also have to consider that their performance is important to their financial well-being and job security. Failure to win the division for too long will mean a pretty quick exit, but if you can remove the linchpin of a division rival...

Using that same example of NO - they don't beat the Vikings that year if they don't hit Favre like they did. They were eventually found out and paid a penalty - suspensions, fines, whatever... but Sean Payton is still HC of the Saints, and Williams is the (interim) HC of the Browns.

#11041 2 years ago

Unrelated - a friend and I were talking about OT the other day. We decided that there should be NO ties. If at the end of OT a tie remains, there will be a kicking contest to decide who wins. You will kick (at least) 3x, and you may not use the same player to kick more than once. You start with a 30yd kick, and move back by 10yds.

It's silly, but it would also be pretty fun. When do you use your kicker? The 40? The 50? Do you have someone on your team that can make a 30yd kick?

It's better than a tie!

#11046 2 years ago

I agree, I like college better. I think giving each team a possession from their own 35 or 40 in the NFL would be the best way to do it. The problem is the NFL is a pretty sanctimonious institution and I don't think they'll ever adopt a solution the NCAA put in place.

My suggestion was really a tongue-in-cheek, unconventional solution to the NFL tie without disrupting the current format (a discussion that has been the staple of every sports radio show for the past 10 years or more).

#11055 2 years ago


2 weeks later
#11062 2 years ago

Smith has got to be done. That was gruesome.

The MNF game tonight should be a good one. Two high-powered offenses. Hopefully it lives up to the hype, especially after the blowout last night.

#11073 2 years ago

This game is living up to the hype so far

#11074 2 years ago

An all-timer.. this is setting up for a nice finish.

#11077 2 years ago

Yeah, I was really hoping for the tie, or a KC win. That check down along the sidelines on the last play was a gift, not sure what he thought he saw on the last play.

The funny thing is, you look at the score and you think there was no defense. They certainly gave up points, but also disrupted both QBs, and scored at least 21 pts on their own.

That was fun.

#11081 2 years ago

Help me out with Bell. I thought by him sitting out this year past the date to report that his contract extended to next year? Or, at least the Steelers keep his rights, and they can just franchise him?

#11101 2 years ago
Quoted from Whysnow:

you forgot about the bears... even with a backup QB they managed a win in D city on Turkey day.

A bears fan! Don't startle him, they're rare this time of year.

#11119 2 years ago
Quoted from TheLaw:

The coach wont change the their real issues of being cheap asses and giving rodgers no help. I can't think of 1 defensove player on the whole team not named hawk

Hawk hasn't been on the team for several years. Despite what people like to say, there is a lot of talent, but much of it's young. I'd be surprised if you hadn't heard of Mike Daniels. Blake Martinez has been a really consistent player at ILB. Kevin King is a true talent at CB, but often hurt. Jaire Alexander made some really big plays as a rookie, and looks to have pro bowl level talent. Kenny Clark is also a great young player if he can overcome injuries.

I also don't subscribe to the idea that we haven't given 12 any help. Cutting ties with Jordy was controversial, I'll certainly agree. But, we went into FA and got Jimmy Graham, and drafted heavy at WR and RB over the last couple of years. Cobb got hurt early, and hasn't seen the field much this year. He's not a game tilting player, but he's a vet that can run some routes, and frequently did well to come back in those scramble scenarios.

McCarthy will probably have some success someplace else, but it feels like the game has passed him by. He doesn't seem able to get 12 to buy into his system, and that's largely his fault for hiring a QB coach that, in his words, was to develop the young players, not to coach Rodgers.

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When do the pack draft 12's heir apparent? They did it to the last HOF QB in town.

Will we see Rogers in a Jets uniform?!

Rodgers will be 35 in just a few days. I'm not sure if your question is sincere, but I think you start looking for your next QB now. There's no rush to draft a QB, so if you don't think you can land your next franchise QB, you punt until next year (and the year after if necessary). I like a young QB to ride the bench for 2 years before taking over. Throwing a QB to the wolves has done more harm than good in my memory.