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OT: Oak Island....Are you watching?


2 years ago

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    #141 2 years ago

    They get some crazy ass speculators on there saying its the ark of the covenant etc. Thats why I record it so I can get past the nut cases and
    all the commercials. As well as every commercial follows with a 30 second recap of what they did 30 seconds before the commercials. It is an interesting story though and I would be shocked if they find that hundreds of years ago they were able to put enough manpower and material on that crap little island to be able to dig a shaft down 190 feet! They must have gone through quite a few slaves. I have to admit I am hooked on it.

    2 weeks later
    #245 2 years ago

    It's much easier to put up with the commercials and commentator by recording it and fast forwarding thru them and all the repeat stuff after the commercials. What I don't understand is why they pretend that items found are currently to their time frame. It's like if you found a 1947 coin now and assume it was buried in 1947. Hell no....it's been in use for years and could have gotten buried a year ago. That lead cross could have existed and been worn around the necks of 4 or 5 generations of a family before it was lost in the islands. Items like that were valuable cherished and valuable back in those days, not like these days of disposable everything.

    #288 2 years ago
    Quoted from Luckydogg420:

    I’m pretty sure that the lead cross that they found is actually a map of the box drain system and the circle is the location of the money pit.

    Sure....why not? After all they had one guy who came on and said its the ark of the covenant buried there

    It is interesting that they have found so much goofy stuff there. But think about it....hundreds of years ago items were lost etc in open ground. Now most of what was open ground has trees growing on it and other trees have died etc. There should be lots of stuff that has gotten stuck underneath trees that have sprouted up since then. And they have not shown anyone checking in some of the thick underbrush areas because it is too difficult to get into, but not impossible.

    3 weeks later
    #404 2 years ago

    Using the FF feature on the DVR I got through last nights episode in 19 minutes. They spent more time on recaps than commercials.

    11 months later
    #704 1 year ago

    I love how they forget to give the other possibilities of how the lead cross ended up there. How about a sailor fell off a boat with his family heirloom around his neck. His body floated up on the area and decomposed, leaving the cross where it ended up. Or a sailor had it around his neck and it got torn off in a fight or snagging some gear while moving it? I doubt it was part of any treasure and firmly believe the body washing up on the shore theory. Who knows how far away the ship he fell off of was...it could have been a big storm and he got washed off the deck.
    And nobody mentions the facts of nature. Whatever areas were open between the trees 400 years ago probably got filled in with new trees as the older ones died off. Any treasure that had fallen on the ground during transport probably is entangles in new tree roots that have grown since then. Not to mention the mulch from dead leaves and branches that have covered any precious items that may have been dropped. Hence...the jewelry items found under the rocks were not buried there. They had been dropped on the ground during transport 400 years ago and got buried under tree and leave mulch. So any buried treasure has obviously been removed and some was dropped during transport from its location to a waiting ship.
    The idea of the water pit traps is a pure nothingburger. All they will ever find underground is timbers left behind by previous searchers. Feeding and providing for slaves to construct such an elaborate system and trap would not have been feasible. And obviously the ships crew could not have stayed on the island long enough between the seasons to construct such a system.
    So I am in the group that records this interesting story and fast forwards through all the garbage to watch a 10 minute show too.

    4 weeks later
    #786 1 year ago

    Its already been proven that they have voids in the limestone that are naturally occurring. It is quite possible that any dye put in one might well travel through from one void to another etc until it comes out in the harbor. They never have said if the water in the voids is fresh water from surface rain etc or salt water.
    Regardless its fun to speculate and believe we are involved in this search just as the brothers are. I applaud them for selling this show and thereby allowing more money to come in for equipment and other means of discovery.

    #800 1 year ago

    I still think the lead cross was on the body of a sailor that got washed overboard out in the ocean. He body got washed up and deteriorated thereby leaving the lead cross where it was found. Thats my story and I'm sticking to it.

    1 year later
    #1175 3 months ago
    Quoted from JohnnyPinball007:

    That could be true. The way the show tells it is he farmed potatoes(I think), and when he died he was pretty much the wealthiest person around there. The show keeps hinting that he may have found some valuables while farming.
    And that is the one thing that gets old with this show, all these hints.
    I want to see some facts and footage.

    Now that is a very good supposition. With all the technical equipment they have on site and the time involved they have gotten nowhere. I cannot imagine how many people it would have taken to build the tunnels etc they claim is there. And how many hours? So the amount of food that huge pile of workers/slaves would have needed is tremendous. And then the housing of them all. Then add how much food they would have needed to restock their ship. Now if it was their ship that got burned in the swamp where did all these people go who did all the work? Surely all of it was not built in one summer. I agree that the loot was buried shallow enough that it could have been dug up by hand when somebody was to return later, and that somehow the former slave found a piece or two accidentally while farming and searched further finding the mother lode.

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