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OT: Oak Island....Are you watching?


1 year ago

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    #151 1 year ago

    This is my favorite show on t.v., I could talk about it for hours.

    I like how the story is really all the people who have been involved with this over the years, not really the treasure.

    Random thoughts:

    We don't really know if the early 1800's expedition (or the late 1700's) actually happened, there's newspaper articles from the 1850's saying that the people who did the one in the early 1800's were involved, but they could have been creating the hoax at that point (1850's expedition). This is the most cynical view in my opinion, we essentially know everything from 1850 on happened.

    I basically believe most of the story (even the late 1700's origin part), but think whatever was down there is long gone, possibly long gone by the late 1700's.

    My biggest theory is that perhaps there's some kind of way that all the stuff they find really deep is somehow being washed in through the system of caves below the island.

    So for instance, maybe a ship wrecked 1000 yards away, and when they find the bones, the old wood that deep, it's something that somehow washed under the island through a cave or sinkhole or something.

    The 'coin in the swamp' they found the first season I'd bet money the production crew planted. Probably bought it off ebay.

    Another thing they don't really talk about is the gentleman in the 60's dug a BIG hole, people. Some people claim he went down 200 feet and 200 feet wide. If he did then that explains everything in the hole...

    There's a small chance the hole funneled and he 'missed' the sweet spot at the bottom.

    So i'm at like, 50% chance something was there that's now gone, 40% chance it was a hoax the whole time, 10% chance something is still there.

    #152 1 year ago

    Speaking of the announcer, at the end of the last episode he said something like

    "Could it be, that they will find a history, more profound than any ever uncovered before?????"

    Uh.... even if it's the Ark I don't know if it'll fit that kind of a build up.

    #153 1 year ago
    Quoted from Buzz:

    I find it interesting that the one guy, name escapes me, that was a freed slave started buying more and more lots. Imagine buying some land and finding a bunch of treasures.

    Yes, that part is very fascinating.

    What they don't talk about though is the topography of the island has changed a lot, just in the most recent decades. So if that guy was there 200 years ago, the Island looked completely different. What we see now as wooded was likely just pastures as the time, so it makes sense that he would buy several lots next to each other....

    If it's true (and who knows) that he became very wealthy, then who knows.

    You have to think, he lived there on the island, and the "money pit" was a couple hundred feet from his house. It would be like having a treasure supposedly buried at the end of the block and you never go check? You never go dig?

    #154 1 year ago
    Quoted from gliebig:

    Each show starts with saying the legend says 7 people have to die, but I've never really heard anything about the legend other than that phrase.

    The 'legend' is complete crap.

    Plus, they just found two sets of bones in the hole.

    So that puts us at at least 8.... since the bones carbon dated to the 1700's (the one guy who died in the explosion was in the 1800's).

    #155 1 year ago
    Quoted from lllvjr:

    All I know is the guys from gold rush could have dug down to the money pit by now for less money lol

    A guy basically did in the 60's, they don't talk about that much, lol.

    #156 1 year ago
    Quoted from BillySastard:

    This is why I quit watching. I don't need a recap of what happened after every commercial break. Ice road truckers did the same thing. That and they created unneeded drama for every little thing. Made the show unwatchable.

    What annoys me even more, is when they show you what's going to happen in 4 minutes at the other end of the commercial.

    #159 1 year ago

    The bones are really pretty significant, they could get another year out of the show just by stretching it out.... but apparently they're about caught up to present time, the bone carbon dating was done in september I believe.

    #161 1 year ago
    Quoted from Fytr:

    I visited Oak Island as a teenager on a trip across Canada and have followed developments in the news over the years.
    I watched the first couple seasons but the format is too brutal, even with a PVR. Surely someone has edited entire seasons into an hour or at most two of actual content?
    I’d watch that!

    I kind of like the interviews they do with some of the crazies, but really they probably couldn't get everything they've accomplished into an hour or two.

    - Lots of interviews with people and Fred Nolan about the Cross on the island before he passed
    - Lots of searching the swamp, found a coin and a large board that appears to be a plank off a ship
    - Drained the cove and found at least some evidence of the original coffer dam there
    - Found coconut fiber on the beach as often described
    - Cleaned up Dan Blakenship's borehole
    - Put a camera down the borehole
    - Actually put a diver inside the cave at the bottom of the borehole (crazy, dangerous, super insane that they did this) - Dan had actually dived into the cave himself many times in the 70's.
    - Tried to track down the location of the stone with a code carved in it
    - Found and dug up several tunnels like Chappels and whatever the other large one was that was near it
    - Tried to dye the borehole and get the dye to show where the island's surrounding water connected to it
    - Searched for supposed markers buried underwater off shore
    - Drilled several helter skelter fairly large tubes looking for goodies
    - Found a cave at the bottom of one hole
    - Put a diver inside the cave, twice
    - Drilled a grid of 40 smaller tubes looking for goodies
    - Found two bones, from two different human beings, carbon dated to the mid 1700's
    - Found lots of wood 200 feet in the ground (should be impossible)
    - Are now drilling a 50" hole directly over where they found the bones and believe the original money pit to be

    They've actually accomplished a TON but the production style is so repetitive it all seems overblown. If you look at what they've actually done, though, they're doing a fantastic job trying to get to the bottom of it (no pun intended). The one brother is such a cynic he's keeping it all really straight up.

    #173 1 year ago
    Quoted from gliebig:

    Yeah. That diver that went down that hole a couple times. I didn't know a human with that large of testicles existed.

    There were two different divers, did you see the first guy?

    The guy that was on the last season went down in a newer caisson twice... but in the second (I think?) season, a diver went down Dan Blankenship's caisson. When it gets to the bottom, it's only 22" wide for about 20 feet, and had a large bar lodged in the pipe. Absolutely insane.

    They called the guy back asking if he'd go back down, and he said it was so dangerous, and since he had in his mind already determined there was nothing down there, it wasn't worth the risk to do again so they'd have to find somebody else!

    1 week later
    #242 1 year ago

    It's my opinion, and others might not feel the same, but I think that the brothers are being pretty honest about the whole thing. I don't believe they're trying to just make 'good t.v.', I think they actually are trying to do things the best way they can determine to do it.

    The simplest explanation for why they're not finding anything is because nothing's there.... The island has a long history of people being 'duped' into spending tons of money looking for the treasure. They're just trying to exhaust every possible way of looking for whatever's down there.

    If you haven't been there, go to http://worldtimeline.info/oakisland/ which tells you the timeline of the work on the Island. Over and over again, dozens of times people found really intriguing stuff buried that doesn't make much sense (like the Brothers are finding right now).

    What you'll soon find is that the island has already been exhaustively 'exhumed' many times over; the only chance that there's something still down there hinges on a suspect story from 100 years ago that they heard something collapse from below... so possibly the spoils fell down to a lower level somewhere. It gets harder and harder to believe anything's there when they dig up levels previously pinpointed as important and nothing is found.

    The China they keep finding is really interesting, they were finding a bunch of that in the 50's and 60's too.... it's all really old, from the 1700's. Several groups have found wood way deeper than anybody had been before too, which is really strange.

    If anybody's going to find anything, I think these brothers have the best chance of it.

    1 month later
    #457 1 year ago

    I love this show but that damn lead cross about made me turn it off forever. "Oh Look, it's a plus shape, that looks just like the plus shape (and millions of others) that I saw last week on a wall I just happened to be looking at in europe and perfectly fits my cockamamie theory!!!!"

    I'm sitting there watching it like a moron, thinking "No... no... no they can't be actually suggesting that cross that's partially deformed looks just like another cross that's partially deformed and they think it proves a connection..... "

    11 months later
    #801 4 months ago

    To me this season has been pretty good (maybe the best season?) because they're finding historical stuff that is from other searchers. I don't believe they'll ever find anything valuable but I like how they're focusing more on re-finding and re examining things that may or may not have been found in the past.

    A good example of course is all the stuff out in the cove, that's very interesting.... they seem to be saying that Chappell may have done it, and Marty made a great point, asking why they would spend so much time and effort in the cove if they HADN'T found the box drains.

    I think when you take a lot of the production and editing away, both of the brothers are fairly skeptical of all of it, but have an open mind which is pretty much how I see it. I don't really believe the box drain story, but they are finding a ton of stuff in the cove suggesting that at least someone, at sometime far in the past, believed the box drain story.

    To me this stuff is much, much more interesting than all of the cockamamie ideas people dream up from the Templar's, etc. I think they should focus on previous searchers, some may have been frauds but you may be able to figure some things out by looking where other searchers stopped because they ran out of money. I don't think the brothers are going to run out of money with the History channel behind them....

    #804 4 months ago

    On last night's episode when they found that metal bucket I about died laughing. "Yup, we think this is original work from the Sixteen Hundre..... what? That says Ace hardware!"

    #809 4 months ago
    Quoted from woody24:

    Yes! They tested it, and it came back POSITIVE! Then when they tested it again, the concentration.....WAS EVEN MORE!

    Yeah that seemed unscientific as hell to me, they should have fully explained all that so jerks like me wouldn't be sitting here thinking "Uh.... I still don't believe it."

    Couldn't they test some other water to show that it's not in that water, then test that water again? They said the damn sample (which was clearly very red) was a 9 then when they tested the muddy water they said had the dye in it... it was like a 16 or 19.

    Come on man. We're all suspicious anyways then they try to push some crap like that on us.


    I'm still pissed about the '90 foot stone' thing. I like the idea that the stone they 'found' is actually the one that was supposedly at the book store... and that maybe it never even had any other marks on it, all that makes sense to me.... what DOESN'T make sense to me is how they showed video of them looking around (where they'd already looked before) and there it is! A dusty stone sitting on a pallet in the corner, directly under the bookstore for the last 100 years or whatever. Either that whole part was staged, or the entire stone is a fake they've recreated for the show. If they'd just come out and say where they really got it from I'd be more willing to agree it's legit.

    There is an old story that the stone was at a bookstore, and the son of the owner said he saw it often when he was a kid and it was smooth, but someone had scratched "JM" onto it. On the show, they find a stone that's the correct size, but has L.N. carved on it.

    to me, this actually makes a lot of sense, if they were going to fake it surely they would have carved JM in it.

    so the history is, in 1803 supposedly it was found, in 1862 it's mentioned in a letter. So the 'story' at least existed in 1862 for sure, although it could obviously have been a hoax. Guy writes a letter saying it's in the fireplace of the house on the island and everybody can see it. in 1911 Captain H L Bowdain goes to the bookstore the stone is supposedly now in, and says there's nothing carved on it except some scratches the employees scratched in it... but in his opinion it never had a code inscribed on it and it hadn't been 'beaten smooth' by a leather workers hammer.

    so the theory is, the stone they have on the show is the same actual stone that Bowdain actually saw in 1911, but the son of the store owner, a few years later when he wrote his account got the initials wrong. To me, that would be fascinating... but they're so damn intent on saying it had a code on it they won't show or talk about the stone anymore since it clearly doesnt' have a code inscribed on it and likely never did.

    #813 4 months ago
    Quoted from barakandl:

    Marty seemed annoyed with everything the entire last episode.

    Yeah he really did. Something must have been going on with production or some of his crew... probably a million things out there to get frustrated about.

    #814 4 months ago
    Quoted from L8vid:

    "The Curse of Civil War Gold" starts up in a few weeks to waste more of your time! I wonder if the guy's broken hip healed ok...

    I really wanted to like that show but it's just too unbelievable, even worse than Oak Island... If there was a bunch of gold when Jefferson Davis was trying to hide somebody would have spent it or stole it or something shortly thereafter... the whole thing about it being in that lake was just completely dreamed up, there's no evidence or even an old story to back that up...

    #818 4 months ago
    Quoted from jesperpark:

    Probably because he saw Gary Drayton planting one of his "top pocket" finds

    My whole thinking is, maybe Gary doesn't plant anything. I'm sure the brothers don't plant anything. Do we really trust television Producers to not plant anything though? I'm basically at the point where any artifact they find is useless to me because I think they're all staged. I like the history of the island the history of the previous searchers, and I like the layout of all the past work and hope they find some box drains or whatever... but if they find a piece of gold or whatever in the ground that is meaningless to me.

    A friend of mine brought up a good point too, he said there have been so many tourists there over the centuries (we know the island was covered with tourists in the 1850's because a reporter wrote about it) hell ANYBODY could have planted ANYTHING. So the cross, the jewelry, the carved stones, all of that means nothing as far as i'm concerned....

    #819 4 months ago
    Quoted from Sinestro:

    Uh, no....the muddy water was not that high. It had a decimal point in there you're missing. It was not higher than the dye sample.

    Go back and watch again. I just rewatched it. He tested the red dye and said "we're getting 9.689" then the guy said 'That'll be our base reference for fully saturated" then the other guy said "about 9.7". The other guy says "Anything that's 1 or above will be a positive indicator of the actual dye"

    So they check the muddy water, and it says "11.98"

    Then they redo it when Rick is there, and get 19.47. They remark that even though they can't see the dye, there's some concentration.

    3 weeks later
    #852 3 months ago
    Quoted from gliebig:

    Every show starts with the mention of the curse and how 7 must die. I have never, in the all the seasons of the show, heard any details about this curse. You would think there would be a story behind it?

    I thought it was something made up for the show, but they did some sort of extra show about a month ago and showed that yes, various accounts from 1967 or so mentioned the curse.

    They've found bones of several people on the island though that don't count as one of the 7, so even by their own legend they're way over 7, lol.

    On the same show, they also mentioned that the guy who did all the surveying, Nolan, refused to spend a night on the island even though he owned that house above the swamp! Said he was superstitious as hell.

    #853 3 months ago
    Quoted from mcclad:

    I remember reading about Dan Blankenship 41 years ago when I first got interested in Oak Island, and for the first time since then, I did not care if they found anything after his passing. I wanted him to have validation after all those years, but he will never get to be there when, and if, any treasure is found. I know that his past work was so valuable, and if anything is found, his participation in the hunt played a big part in recovering the treasure. At least all the things that they have found so far proves that something was done on the island in the past, so his work in trying to solve the mystery has not been in vain. Still, I can't help but think it would be a bittersweet moment if they do recover something, because he won't be there to see it. His death really bothered me a lot.
    After watching last nights episode its hard not to notice how many people are actually involved in this. There is so much effort and work going into it. My mood started to change, and for everyone involved I hope that they do find something. My interest in Oak Island has always had ups and downs. Now its time for an up. I hope that I can see the day when something is pulled from the ground. I would settle for a single gold coin. Everyone is waiting for that "A-ha" moment, and I think its long overdue. The only problem with that is if something is found, it will become fact and then the whole mystery and intrigue will start to fade away.

    I feel as if they've completely underutilized Dan's mind, this guy knows more about the Island and everything that has happened on it, than anybody ever has. He was without a doubt the foremost expert on it, not only from the 50 years he was there but also the stories he heard from all the people that came before him, and all the researchers he's ran into over the years with stories and theories and books and research.

    Each episode, if I were a producer would have been sitting down with Dan and discussing something, then showing video of what was found and what to do next, etc.

    They never even fully explained why he wanted to do 10X, instead of the Money Pit. He clearly never thought 10X WAS the money pit, so why did he spend so much time on it?

    He was a huge wealth of knowledge and now all that's buried. Very sad, but that's how life is!

    #854 3 months ago
    Quoted from woody24:

    Really surprised about how quickly they showed what was at the bottom of the new hole they dug. They showed the choosing of the location, and pulling stuff out all in one episode instead of 3. Hope that's a good sign meaning that they have so much good stuff to show that they now have to cram it all in instead of spreading it out.

    They may have decided not to renew or something, because yes everything is being shown at a much faster pace. I mean they found what they claim may be the 90 foot stone and only spent about 10 minutes on it, then moved on! They're finding crap all over Smith's Cove and just move on. Pretty wild.

    #855 3 months ago
    Quoted from MRG:

    New bore hole showing progress until the crane operator strike....

    And they even had a halfway decent theory for why to dig there. As soon as they showed the guy sitting there I thought "Oh boy, another Quack" but it actually was pretty straightfoward, logical, and interesting. According to the narrator they started sending down a 5 foot hole the next morning, so they must have thought it was a good lead too.

    #856 3 months ago
    Quoted from woody24:

    The more I watch this, and the amount of time and energy I know it probably takes to do everything they do, they more I think, "thank god I'm not the one doing all that."
    Like the whole coffer dam, and digging up the crane platform. And also mapping out everything they find in smiths cove. Glad we get the Cliff Notes version. It'd be exhausting. I'm not one for repetitive tasks. So I know I'd never be able to be a hammer grab operator.

    I've got a book that details all the various digs over the years, so I skimmed through it to see what has happened in Smith's Cove. Of course the guys have all this information and more, but there has been so much work out there I'm confident they're just finding searcher stuff from the 1860's-1930's.

    They found the box drains (supposedly) in 1850, they tried to plug them with clay. In the late 1860's they tried to dig a pit 50 feet in or so to bisect the flood tunnel, never found it but at 80 feet or so the hole flooded.

    Then they started dynamiting stuff. By the 1930's they were using dynamite in several holes drilled across the beach looking for the flood tunnel. They then started theorizing there are other bypass tunnels that go around and still connect with the money pit. By that time they had lost the original money pit, though and still aren't sure where it is.

    There are 3 different companies, and 3 different accounts of finding the box drains, though. One company found them, 16 years later or so another company followed them 30 or 40 feet up the beach and later another company was still following the remnants of them towards wherever they were supposed to converge.

    I'm pretty skeptical about the whole thing but it's interesting that three different sets of people claimed they did see the box drain setup. You'd think if it was a hoax it would be confined to one time period...

    1 month later
    #904 71 days ago
    Quoted from DeathHimself:

    Over??? Nope this is just the beginning.

    They actually said that exact quote at the end of the 'digging deeper' or whatever last week.

    My personal thoughts are, as a businessman, that Marty and Rick and Craig are no longer paying ANYTHING for the work done on the Island. The History channel is likely footing the entire bill, and if they aren't, Marty & Rick need to get a new deal with somebody else.

    I'm positive they are. Look @ the first season, they spent very little money relatively speaking, and did things like a dye test, dreamed of drilling at the money pit, dug with a shovel in Smith's Cove, explored the woods, etc.

    Now they're sending down massive shafts several times a season. The show has good ratings, and i'm sure it's in the History channel's best interests to either pay or work a deal with some companies to come in and do the big work even if Marty doesn't want to fund it. That all probably happened about the start of the third season.

    Maybe someone who's into production can chime in, but at the very minimum you've got expenses all over the place that the History channel (or whoever the production company is) are already paying for. Flying guests in to be on camera, having film crews in several places for weeks at a time, having after production costs like animation, etc.

    About 2 weeks after Marty said "Well, we would drill another hole but I don't know if we want to spend that money right now" somebody at History likely said "We'll arrange it" and that was that. Marty & Rick probably get paid a token amount to do after production sit down work on camera, etc.... get all the major work funded, and receive significantly increased revenues from the tours which are absolutely booming and booked like a year in advance now.

    I think this is pretty common with 'reality' t.v., if the production company wants something exciting to happen they just pay for it. I would if I were in their shoes. It makes for interesting T.V. for instance, if next year History pays the 300k or whatever it costs to dig up the swamp. If I were Marty, no way in hell I'd do that because it's likely nothing, but to the History channel it's a small price for another 30 episodes or whatever.

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