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The Nifty Playboy Bulldog Incident

By Sticky

1 year ago

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Post #219 @NiftyLED posts a screenshot. Posted by NiftyLED (1 year ago)

Post #289 @NiftyLED list of parts used and services performed. Posted by NiftyLED (1 year ago)

Post #347 @NiftyLED offers to settle for $3000 instead of $4200. Posted by NiftyLED (1 year ago)

Post #562 Screenshots of @NiftyLED 's side of the conversation. Posted by NiftyLED (1 year ago)

Post #670 Pictures of the completed machine. Posted by NiftyLED (1 year ago)

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#36 1 year ago

Pretty sticky situation.

#50 1 year ago

5k for a playboy will sink his business too. Once I see a price like that I'm not going to bother looking any further and anything priced right I'm going to assume is a piece of shit.

#63 1 year ago

If his labor became more than he thought he should have contacted you before proceeding. If he didn't realize until he added everything up at the end then he's not very good at this.

#66 1 year ago

Nice tattoo.

#77 1 year ago

What other work did they do to make you feel good about a restoration taking two years? There may be some crazy law that after having it so long they now own it. I hope this all gets worked out.

#81 1 year ago

Wouldn't a company buy them directly from the manufacturer and not from a small time distributor?

#85 1 year ago

In today's world I can't see any major players buying or associating with someone who post pics of a guy with a box on his Johnson.

#92 1 year ago

No wonder new games cost so much. All the middle men with their markups. That's kind of dumb IMO.

#97 1 year ago

Even took a established name. I hate that. I got fooled with a burrito the other day from a place that has everything looking like an Alberto's.

#104 1 year ago

Don't worry Santa sees everything. He may not even get a lump of coal if all this is correct.

#137 1 year ago

I'm still curious about the work performed before that lead to this and why you let them keep it for two years?

#155 1 year ago

You should get a break on labor for sure when someone works at their leisure. And a patience trophy. Both parties are financially invested at this point and I hope this can get resolved. I can't even imagine how I would feel if I saw my pin up for sale. I will offer to mediate and hold the pin if needed.

#181 1 year ago

No wonder it's 2k more they contract out the restoration work.

#221 1 year ago

After two years maybe show a complete invoice with parts and labor and eat some of the labor for taking so long and resolve this. I would have picked my pin up after the first month personally. No one should work for free but 2 years seems extreme.

#282 1 year ago

I don't agree with stating what you own as a valid reason for any of this. Many including myself have way more than you do. You are young and maybe associate what you have as who you are, but I don't think this is the case. Somewhere communication is the problem or you discovered spending that much for an old pin was crazy especially once we have all seen the CA secondary market take a dive.

#310 1 year ago

911's are a dime a dozen car. Now if you want to impress check out my car that was even published in a book.

IMG_0828 (resized).JPG

IMG_0830 (resized).JPG

IMG_0829 (resized).JPG

#324 1 year ago

Take it you were 1,500 different, and now only 50.

#340 1 year ago

Now it becomes a pissing contest and nobody wins. $50 more and this is done seems very reasonable to me. You were willing to pay 2,550 with no problem.

#369 1 year ago

I'm local let me get the game and if I can keep and play for 30 days I'll pay the $50 difference. They are eating the labor I don't think you could ask for more. Emotions I'm sure are high on both sides and possibly justified. Hey let me know.

#377 1 year ago
Quoted from AUKraut:

358 posts and no one on Pinside has called this a "Sticky" situation........kinda disappointed!!

Look on page one. Good morning your late to the party.

#389 1 year ago
Quoted from Sticky:

Can anyone vouch for him?

I'm not a very public pinball scene person but trustworthy. My profile is there for you guys to see and will provide any info you want. Would like to help if possible.

#420 1 year ago

Like pulp fiction don't let your pride get in the way. Should you be pissed definitely but in the end this business maybe takes a hit and you get your pin for just a little more than expected. Do the deal and end this and if you need a 270lb gorilla to make sure everyone stays calm I can help corona is not that far from me. And totally understand about not knowing me. I wish the best for both parties.

#623 1 year ago

Remember just because you win a judgement means only you were right just ask the Goldmans.

#654 1 year ago

#684 1 year ago

Would love to crab Pismo Bob out of the hardware store and get some games in as well.

#688 1 year ago

That chrome really makes it pop. It's a shame things went the way they did.

#709 1 year ago

Anybody in the market to buy a bulb company real cheap? .02 cents on the dollar maybe.

#738 1 year ago

Pinside servers had to have been close to crashing. I know my mail alert stopped working during this.

#933 1 year ago

Pm sent

#1079 1 year ago

Update: at house waiting for Nate. I guess it's good I've been out of work so someone could possibly help this situation. Will update as things happen. May there finally be peace on earth if for only a moment.

#1080 1 year ago

Not impressed with the 20 min. I've been here in my truck. But hey there is always bigger problems

#1102 1 year ago

Update: I would be happy with this pin the outside looks great and really pops. The playfield is not bad at all for an old pin and has some character. I would put this in my collection for sure. Nate was a great guy and very helpful he shrinked it up with a blanket and help load. Something went sideways along the way, but I have to say I liked the guy and he was a little late because he had to come from Lakewood and if you lived in CA you would know it's a Christmas miracle he got here. My impression is there are two sides and both parties are good people and people make mistakes some big some small and it's wrong not to forgive. I know I have made mistakes and if we were never forgiven I personally would be fucked. I hope both sides are able to forgive and all of us learn from this. Next update game will be at it's new home. I'm not asking someone to forget but to forgive emotions can get out of hand but hey we have probably been there.

#1205 1 year ago

Final Buzz update: I meet some good people today Nate was nice and helpful and I feel is a good guy. He could of been here it is have at it, but instead wrapped with a blancket to never get back and some shrink. Not going to lie I like him and would hang out. The other guy I didn't meet but I meet his wife and two adorable children and they were very nice. Second I met Joseph's dad he is 79 and was totally awesome I wish I could have stayed longer but I had an appointment to sell and drop off my MET. I was glad to be able to use my time for something good. Yes I have been out of work for 3 months and have been selling my pins to survive I take care of my wife and two children as well as the house I bought for my mom to get out of MI snow and be with her grandkids. Heavy is the head that wears the crown as they say. Please don't feel pity for me I did this and I will be back on top eventually. I hope that people see that you can always help and be a good person in life. My day was fun especially with the dad. Here are some photos of us I took unfortunately in a rush. 5 1/2 hrs. And 130 miles with a smile on my face the whole time. Thank you Joseph for the really nice wine and $100 bucks it really helps. I feel bad taking anything because I give to give not to receive. Thank you everyone for the kind words and let's all keep flippin and smiling.

IMG_0834 (resized).JPG

IMG_0835 (resized).JPG

IMG_0836 (resized).JPG

IMG_0837 (resized).JPG

IMG_0838 (resized).JPG

#1206 1 year ago

Please remember we are not perfect and when you point a finger 4 point right back.

#1221 1 year ago

You guys are great. I did it all today Odin style. LOL Who one day hope to meet for some weird reason.

IMG_0840 (resized).JPG

#1233 1 year ago


IMG_0842 (resized).PNG

#1234 1 year ago


IMG_0841 (resized).PNG

#1235 1 year ago

I like Super Dave. How could someone down vote this?

#1248 1 year ago

Thank you Sticky for the kind words as well as others. If I won the lottery i would be hanging with your dad like everyday. I really wish I had more time yesterday. I hope to meet you one day, but seriously bring your dad whenever that happens.

#1261 1 year ago

I personally love the bulldog part.

#1345 1 year ago

Playboy is special to me because it's one of the first pins that I spent a whole summer playing. The art didn't seem like much to me because I lived in a nudist colony. Back in the day naked woman were everywhere, and I was always front row at every Miss Nude USA pageant even though I was too young to really appreciate the experience. It was great to get a couple games on one again for sure.

#1353 1 year ago

Stop all the arguing and go give some blood " ya filthy animals "

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