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Opinions needed

By Mpluff

3 months ago

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    #1 3 months ago

    I have the opportunity to buy some Em games. The choices are:
    Super Flite
    Big Indian
    Royal Flush
    Space Mission

    Rate them best to worst based on game play for me. I have only played Big Indian and Royal Flush a bit.

    #2 3 months ago

    1a Space Mission
    1b Royal Flush
    1c Super Flite
    1d Aztec
    1e Big Indian

    I've played all of those, and enjoyed the hell out of all of them. I'd buy all five if I had the room and the means.

    #3 3 months ago

    I have only played two on your list, Royal Flush and Space Mission. I would go with Space Mission.

    #4 3 months ago

    I have played all of them:

    1) Aztec
    2) Big Indian
    3) Royal Flush
    4) Super Flite
    5) Space Mission

    Note: All of them are good games and all just a little bit better than the other.

    #5 3 months ago

    Played all:

    1) Super Flite/Strato-Flite. House favorite by all. Pinball and non-pinball people.
    2) Royal Flush. One of the ones I grew up on. Still a favorite today.
    3) Space Mission. Beautiful game, but I find it to easy.
    4) Big Indian
    5) Aztec. I’ll never sell mine, but it’s a drain monster. Great 4 player fun.

    #6 3 months ago

    I have played all 5, here is my order:

    1) Super Flite
    2) Royal Flush
    3) Big Indian
    4) Space Mission
    5) Aztec

    I would seriously just try to swing a deal for all 5, however.

    #7 3 months ago

    I have not played Super Flite, so can not rate it. My order of the rest:
    1. Royal Flush
    2. Big Indian
    3. Space Mission
    4. Aztec

    #8 3 months ago

    Royal flush
    Big indian
    Super flite
    Space mission

    #9 3 months ago

    It looks like Royal Flush is consistently close to the top of you lists. What it it that brings you back to this game?

    #10 3 months ago

    Royal Flush has it all- multiplayer for playing with others, fun bright colors and theme- backglass looks great! Large drop target bank to shoot at. Pretty straight forward on what to shoot at for the novice and pro.

    #11 3 months ago

    Check out the reviews for Royal Flush. I think several folks have said it better than I can:

    The main takeaways:
    Strategy - go for jokers first or just hit the drops? Drop targets from forehand or backhand? Card hands lead to different point totals. Targets behind the drops for optional scoring. More points for those targets once all drops are down.
    Shots - Left lane back to the top = tough to hit. Drop targets, i.e. the important things, can lead to instant death. Ricochet to get into the lane to open the gate. Right side off the rubber and past the pop bumper to get back to the jokers.

    One ball can win it all. Interesting geometry and a simple ruleset that can be difficult to complete. Slightly different scoring for 3 ball versus 5 ball (3 ball has double bonus on Ball 2 and 3, 1K for pop bumper hits and targets behind drops always lit for extra points). Getting all three jokers for Special is a rare occurrence on my game.

    #12 3 months ago

    I'd go with Big Indian. Find Royal FLush a little overrated myself.

    #14 3 months ago

    In spite of some who discount the pinside top 100, it is a list composed of thousands of verified pinheads over a decade and a half with specific rating criteria included. I have placed the pinside ratings below for your convenience.

    Pinside top 100 ratings as of 7/3/2019:

    Super flite #50
    Big Indian #51
    Royal flush #63
    Space Mission #111
    Aztec #172

    #15 3 months ago

    Hi Mpluff
    as others have said: Get them all. I do not like the pinside-rating*** --- ipdb says to "Game Play":
    - Big Indian 7.77
    - Space Mission 7.85
    - Royal Flush 7.91
    - Aztec 8.11
    - Super Flite 7.17, Strato Flite 7.42
    On Your list the Big Indian is my Number-1 (a friend has one), then Space Mission (I have one), then Royal Flush or Aztec - I do not remember well the Aztec, the friend has an Royal Flush. On Royal Flush we must accept "Bonus" is more like a tricky playfield-feature - rather then a simple bonus-ladder.
    Then as last the "Super Flite" - its some 40 years since I played Strato Flight. Not so crowded playfield - but good to aim at, shoot - and hit (when You are good).

    pinside rating*** - in the top ten pinside EM-pins there are only two from the 1970ies, Number six is from 1958 ...
    Greetings Rolf

    #16 3 months ago

    I would rank them:

    1) Royal Flush
    2) Super Flite (I never realized how good this is til I got one. Actually, I have a Strato-Flite)
    3) Big Indian
    4) Space Mission
    5) Aztec

    I own the first three. Royal Flush is my latest acquisition, which may skew things a bit for me, but I think I’ll still rate it tops when the “newness” is over.

    #17 3 months ago

    Royal Flush.

    #18 3 months ago
    Quoted from Mpluff:

    It looks like Royal Flush is consistently close to the top of you lists. What it it that brings you back to this game?

    I have Card Whiz, the two player version. It looks simple but it is not. Build the poker hands to maximize your bonus. Playfield is nothing to look at, but the backglass is very nice.

    #19 3 months ago

    1.Space Mission
    2.Royal Flush
    4.Big Indian
    5.Super Flite

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