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Open invitation to Pintastic Pinball & Game Room Expo 2021

By hool10

3 years ago

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    #1 3 years ago

    Hello pinball media,

    This is Derek Karamanian and I'm a staff member for Pintastic Pinball & Game Room Expo. I handle the recording and filming for the show panels and I also edit/create promotional content on the YouTube page: https://www.youtube.com/c/PintasticPinballGameRoomExpo/featured
    What I'm writing to you about today is to see if you are interested in coming to the show this year on November 18-21. I have made it a personal mission over the past few years that content creators whether they be podcasters, streamers, artists, etc are not only invaluable to the show but also a necessity for the show and industry. It's akin to what other manufacturers have done, using Stern as an example, "global lifestyle brand" efforts and creating games such as "The Mandalorian". The biggest push I succeeded in this effort was the 2019 show in which I formed the Podcasters Panel:

    If you are a podcaster we have rooms that are quiet and can be made private for business meetings or to do an interview.

    If you are a streamer we are working with the hotel to improve their internet infrastructure as remodeling progresses. Currently we are on a 1 year lease with the hotel and may move next year. That being said, Backhand Pinball streams the "Silverball Rumble" an IFPA major tournament every year. We also have at least 2 podcasts in the region and multiple streamers in the region as well. Some plan to stream on the show floor using a mobile rig. If you need anything tech wise a Microcenter is located an hour away as is Logan Airport. Microcenters if you haven't been to one are considered the ultimate tech place with everything ranging from that bizarre female to female DVI to HDMI connection you can only find on Amazon and their prices match usually Amazons.

    We expect a record turn-out this year and I'm expecting some magic to happen at the show with a few industry firsts. Normally after Pinball Expo ends IGN reveals a week or 2 later Stern's latest game. We could even see the next American Pinball game, or another manufacturer, who knows. I expect a similar thing to happen with Stern producing Godzilla or whatever game it will be. Then Stern will manufacture and ship primarily to Cointaker and Pinballs.com. They will conveniently be at Pintastic for the first games to be bought and sold at the show and played by the public for the first time. This is my theory. In fact this happened with Sterns "Star Wars".

    What does Pintastic Pinball & Game Room Expo offer in return? I cannot say if it involves any monetary compensation (that is a Gabriel D'Annunzio question) but I will say this. It offers you to meet other like minded content creators and collaborate or inspire in-person that cannot be beat via remotely (especially after the 2020 pandemic). For some it offers some serious WPPR points. The area is unique as Sturbridge has many beer breweries, antiques, etc and being so close to Boston the weekend before Thanksgiving, Plymouth Plantation! Michael Grant who I'm a personal friend with long before American Pinball was hired and there are several that have hopes to join a manufacturer. A few such as Mark Seiden and his "Metroid" game and Ryan McQuaid "Sonic The Hedgehog Spinball" (I have played both, would love to buy the prototypes and will help with the metal fabrication on some components). While others it's a chance to make money streaming or to gain subscriptions to Patreon but for most it's to meet fans that aren't willing or can't physically/financially meet you hundreds/many hours away.

    I hope that you consider attending this year. I will be attending my first Pinball Expo this year and you can reach out to me there, via Facebook or PM me here.

    Thank you for considering,
    Derek Karamanian

    #2 3 years ago

    Well done Derek! We do have big plans for this years show and things are starting to fall into place.

    #3 3 years ago

    Hey podcasters and videographers, if you have a definite plan to have post-show coverage, you may well qualify for a Press badge. Sign up at
    (sorry about the 2020 in the URL; think of it as a pandemic-related glitch).

    The latest information I have is that bandwidth to/from the hotel is limited. We will prioritize for the stream of the Silverball Rumble(SM) to the maximum extent possible. If you want to send content during the show and have capabilities for an alternate uplink (i.e., cellphone), please bring the relevant gear! Todd Tuckey's group did not do that in 2019, and it really messed up their seminar. This may improve by showtime, but we can't count on it.

    Additional announcements about what will happen at the show are sent by email. On the https://pintasticnewengland.com/ home page, you can sign up to receive these emails.
    .................David Marston

    3 months later
    #4 2 years ago

    What Covid safety protocols will Pintastic have in place for the safety of your guests?

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