One thing I hate about EM's an Air Aces restore

By psd4me

1 year ago


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#1 1 year ago

Hi Guys I'm restoring a Bally AA for a friend and finally got thru one of the things I hate the most about Em restores today (especially four player games)


I was just so happy to have them done I had to post pics. They did have some rust on a few of them so all metal parts got soaked in vinegar put in the tumbler and then I coated them with Rust Prevention Magic to seal them up and all the plastic parts got put in the sonic cleaner. And yes I know the new sleeves need to be cut down I just stuck them all in to make sure I had enough. For those wondering this is a complete restore. HSA restored pf. I scanned and am making stencils to repaint the cab, which I put a new bottom in. The BG is in excellent cond so this should turn out pretty nice when done. If anybody has a super nice apron or one of the Pinball rescue decals they're not using please let me know. Thanks Mike

#2 1 year ago

I just think it is awesome this game to receive this kind of attention.

3 weeks later
#3 1 year ago

If anybody is interested I'll post some updates, not every step of the way but some highlights. I got the light board finished up today (other that getting new labels made)

4272015_462 (resized).JPG4272015_465 (resized).JPG4272015_463 (resized).JPG4272015_464 (resized).JPG

I cut a new piece of ply for the relay mount. I'll be replacing the wood for the bottom board in the cab also. I hit some of the bad spots with some filler and repainted the board semi gloss.I also replaced the troublesome Bally connectors with the Williams Gottlieb style. Mike

#4 1 year ago

I have to agree with wayout440. I just picked up my first EM and I'm getting ready to go through it as well.

#5 1 year ago

PF harness fresh out of the wash

4272015_474 (resized).JPG

#6 1 year ago

Pulled the PF out of the crate today and got it on the rotisserie. The owner went with the matte finish. I replaced all of the inserts before sending it to HSA.

4272015_475 (resized).JPG4272015_476 (resized).JPG4272015_477 (resized).JPG4272015_478 (resized).JPG

I just love to sit and stare at restored PF's

Here's a few before pics.

4272015_247 (resized).JPG4272015_246 (resized).JPG4272015_244 (resized).JPG

1 week later
#7 1 year ago

Started getting some parts on the pf All new lamp sockets( I hate flakey sockets)

4272015_492 (resized).JPG4272015_491 (resized).JPG

Hope to have the side rails repainted this weekend.

#8 1 year ago

I got the side rails repainted and on this weekend.

4272015_508 (resized).JPG4272015_509 (resized).JPG

Along with a new lane guard from Gatecrasher

Also got the drop targets finished up and installed tonight

4272015_505 (resized).JPG4272015_506 (resized).JPG4272015_507 (resized).JPG

#9 1 year ago

Nice progress...that is a beefy stand up target bank

#10 1 year ago

What a beautiful playfield. I love those Pitts looking planes and the overall theme of the pinball.
You are doing a fantastic job at resurrecting this old machine.
pitts (resized).jpg


#11 1 year ago

Looks like a great project.

I won a local tournament on this machine this past weekend, so I have a new appreciation for it. I'd played it before and not impressed, but when dialed in, this is a great drop target machine.

I picked this machine for the rubber match in the final round, as it was the only EM. The other player is a modern Stern expert and he got to pick the first two games. He hates EM's even more now!

What's that red/blue playfield in the background, I don't recognize the baboons.

#12 1 year ago

Grand lizard. One of many of my own resto's I need to get to.

2 weeks later
#13 1 year ago

I got the apron and shooter gauge back from the powdercoaters today and got the decal on.

4272015_518 (resized).JPG

Also got the ball trough and top side of the pop bumpers on.

4272015_521 (resized).JPG4272015_519 (resized).JPG4272015_520 (resized).JPG

That's all for now. Hope to start putting the harness on the pf this weekend. Mike

#14 1 year ago

Beautiful, beautiful beautiful. What a great work.


#15 1 year ago

Thanks Yves. I'm really happy with the way it's turning out. Mike

11 months later
#16 30 days ago

Well after some time away from this (Too long) Air Aces has made it back to the top of the list I had the upper ball arch and the kickout brackets nickle plated along with new red bulb lenses.

4272015_1096 (resized).JPG

I also got all the gi sockets on and going to start putting new braiding on tomorrow night. I had to end up custom bending some of the sockets for the gi, I coudn't find the proper ones in my searching.

4272015_1094 (resized).JPG

4272015_1093 (resized).JPG

#17 29 days ago

I got the back part of the braiding on tonight. Start on the rest tomorrow.

4272015_1097 (resized).JPG

#18 29 days ago

I wish more EMs got this kind of treatment. Really beautiful work.

#19 28 days ago

I got the lower half of the braiding on tonight. Now I think I can reinstall the harness and get the pf finished up

4272015_1098 (resized).JPG

#20 28 days ago

I've had AA twice in my pinball the game and the artwork. Still have an NOS BG on my wall...but mine never looked like this!!! Great job.

#21 28 days ago
Quoted from Hogey:

I've had AA twice in my pinball the game and the artwork. Still have an NOS BG on my wall...but mine never looked like this!!! Great job.


#22 28 days ago

First-rate work you're doing there. Agreed more EM's need "the treatment"!

#23 28 days ago

I take my hat off to you. Great job on a great game.

#24 27 days ago

Got the back section of the pf harness installed tonight. It's always nice to see the pile of parts and hardware start to go away when reassembling.

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