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Oktoberfest Pricing $ 7,400 w/ Art Blades - PinballSTAR taking orders

By PinballSTAR

1 year ago

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#17 1 year ago
Quoted from vireland:

The art is even weirder than I thought. Her feet are completely at odds with her turned torso and the laced trail from her chest to her waist, but differently than I thought initially. The pose makes no sense at all. I mean literally, using the cues of her body pose, where is her butt?
[quoted image]

Wow you really anal-yze stuff lol.

#21 1 year ago
Quoted from vireland:

Uh, that's why I was asking for help finding her butt. Someone? Anyone? Where IS her butt?!
I notice weird stuff like the inconsistencies I pointed out all the time. My eyes are drawn to the anomalies.

Didn't say your investigation was wrong just really interesting. It is a caricature of sorts so I suspect they can have some creative license on these made up figures.

#48 1 year ago
Quoted from Rdoyle1978:

Well that’s good, that is pretty gross

Maybe put the monkeys head on the cartoon women then everyone will be happy! Lol

#54 1 year ago
Quoted from NorCalRealtor:

You call that sexual assault? My dog sniffs and licks people wherever she wants. Is that sexual assault?
I hate when overly sensitive types bully companies into changing something that was totally harmless. Show some backbone and leave the monkey in. It's hilarious.

Thank God I was starting to think my dog was the only one and had a problem!! lol My guess is Most of the critics have not played the game. Once you play it I think most will overlook simple cartoon art on the side of the cabinet or even the playfield. It's a made up game without license which means they have free creative license to make the art whatever they think looks best. Play the game, I suspect you'll get over what cup size the cartoon women is.

#107 1 year ago

API Game 4 just announced "Pervert Monkey offends the world!" with red face offensive torso bar maid as his partner in crime!

#118 1 year ago

Unreal.... 20 pages of people demanding tits and "R" ratings and a cartoon Monkey reaching for a Butt has everyone in arms. Too funny. Bet they don't even bother changing anything further on the art now with this cry. Do hope nobody starts complaining If they miss the ship forecast now that they need to go back to the drawing board. I have cash in hand to buy one of those original Cartoon back glasses!

#285 1 year ago
Quoted from newpinbin:

Still for an unlicensed game how do you come close to justifying this price? The game will only cost AP around $2800 for each machine!

Add infrastructure, distribution, marketing, and warranty reserves to your made up number and I think you will find you are way off. Granted nobody wants to see a manufacturing company Profitable?!?

#286 1 year ago

I SOOO know what our first mod figure is now. The Naughty Monkey Mod! Lol

#288 1 year ago
Quoted from dnapac:

Once I buy this machine...my first mod! This is my wife’s favorite little statue in our house. [quoted image]

Too funny but by the look in his eyes I Know what he wants to do with that finger and I find it offensively awesome! I was thinking more of a groaping monkey with a winking eye. From this sad turn of cartoon events may open up new opportunity. I Do hope API knows offering that old translite design would defiantly open up mass revenue return. Lol

#290 1 year ago
Quoted from newpinbin:

Go ahead and add it in there, you still can't justify this price for an unlicensed machine. If you do, how do you compare this same price to a licensed title? You can't.

Guess your right no argument but it’s a business and they don’t need to sell to everyone. If you like it and see the value your a buyer. If not there are many really great titles other than this one to choose from. Only the buyer needs to be happy with their decision.

#296 1 year ago
Quoted from iceman44:

I'd like to see more titties and cleavage similar to Heidi in the "Bier Haus" slot machine. One of mine and my wife's favorite.
If the art is being changed at all lets put that in the rework guys!
Think "Big Juicy Melons".

After this monkey fiasco I wouldn’t be surprised if the women are in burkas and ski pants in the next revision. Lol

#307 1 year ago
Quoted from mbwalker:

Boy, I sure would like to see your breakdown of the numbers.

What does make believe look like?

#363 1 year ago
Quoted from Bublehead:

I was there in 1999, on a business trip to Munich, still have beer coasters and pictures from the landhaus near Hamburg where I had to stay because my room in Munich had been given away when our flight got delayed in Naples and we didnt get to Munich until late in the day. And yeah, when the tents get crowded, and there is no parking left anywhere in the town except on sidewalks and church steps (yes a guy tried to park in front of a church on the sidewalk) and the beer is flowing and the men are singing, the amount of bawdy dancing and singing can hide quite a bit of handsiness that the frualeins tend to just put up with. Maybe it has changed since then but not according to Christian, my exchange student, he said not much has changed when the young boys get together and drink. I guess since he is a 20 year old young German man from Hamburg, he doesnt know what he is talking about. This is Christian and Stian, my German and Norwegian Exchange students from 2 years ago at Christmas 2016 and the hand made German Noel calendar his mother made and sent to us is hanging over Christain’s head. So yeah, I’ll take my Oscar now for being that well traveled SOB who has been there and experienced it first hand, and had it confirmed it hasnt changed much since I was there almost 20 years ago. If you don’t believe me, I dont give a crap.
[quoted image]

Ok bublehead is a fitting handle and What is that dog doing to that exchange boy!! These pics are offensive! Umph

#372 1 year ago
Quoted from swampfire:

Who doesn’t like beer?

AA and the 88,000 people that die from alcohol each year. Not being serious just thought we could start a new pitch fork campaign as the monkey is getting old already.

#424 1 year ago
Quoted from Bublehead:

The problem is not the monkey people. The problem is the decision to include it. The artist, the designer, and all the other API management that were involved in making the decision to include the image on a product that they were promoting as “Fun and Family Friendly”.
And I am not saying that they did this intentionally, that they sat around and went “What kind of innocent sight gag can we include in the art package that will get a laugh out of people?” And then brain storm and toss out all kinds of rude, crude, and socially unacceptable ideas until they centered on innocent pet monkey, who is clueless, runs around patting girls on the bottom and tries to push up the skirts of their dirndls. That is not how this image ended up on the backglass.
This image probably started as the thought that at Oktoberfest, it is not uncommon to see drunk men goosing the bottoms of young frauleins in drindls, but we can’t put a lecherous old drunk dude doing that on here, hmmm... what if we made him a stupid cartoonish monkey? One that is just anthropomorphic enough to make the connection, but innocent enough because, you know, its just a monkey. Here, we will put him next to these two sexy girls right in the middle of the backglass and we will make the girls smile, you know, so no one thinks the monkey is doing this without their consent. Yeah, thats not too un-PC. That should be just fine.
And then it was forgotten, or if not forgotton, it was looked at by a bunch of men, who thought, ha ha, stupid monkey... and thought nothing else about it. They all said “looks good to me Bob, ship that puppy!” And the art package went to the silk screener and the image was screened onto a few sample pieces and sent back and installed in the 3 prototypes, and they worked real hard, and built us a nice game, with lots to do, some neat toys, and a Beer drinking theme. What more could the public want?
Fast forward to now. We have women now looking at our beautiful machine, and they see this image of a monkey grabbing a poor work staff’s butt and they have to relive the thought of every man who has grabbed them on the ass while they just tried to do their job, waiting tables at a bar, or serving drunk men drinking beer in tents. Then these women see the hand of the monkey up the poor girl’s skirt, and they are reminded of all the men who have tried to take advantage of them with their unwanted touchy feely advances. Suddenly they do not really like this machine, the company who built it, and the people promoting it as “family friendly pinball fun”. And now we have a very real image problem on our hands.
What do we do? As a company who wants to be a good societal member, and doesn't want to gain a reputation as being mysoginistic and tone deaf, what can we do?
Well, first of all,we need to publicly appologize to all of our customers, that we made a mistake, and we need to get rid of the monkey. And secondly, we need to educate our design staff to be a little more thoughtful and inclusive and less male centric when developing content for the “family friendly” company image that we have been promoting. And thirdly, the next artist, designer, or employee who puts a monkey on one of our machines will be looking for new employment.
Now, I think API made all the right moves after the fact. But the vacuum of male cluelessness on their part is the mill stone around their necks that will take a lot longer time to wriggle out of. Maybe with their next version of the art package we will see some improvement to their tone, and hopefully by the time their next machine comes out, all of this can be remembered as some growing pains for API.
And let me be the first to euologize poor Mr Monkey, he had a short life, but boy wasn't he cute? I hope all of those who sided with you, Mr Monkey, I hope the secondary market will fill the void and provide all the monkey love that some on here have been craving. Good luck Mr Monkey. We are going to miss you.

Dear God that was the Longest story about Nothing!!! Who cares, step away from the podium and play pinball.

#429 1 year ago
Quoted from Bublehead:

What people are missing is the relevancy of all of this to the sale of pinball machines. Because thats what this is really about. And it is what is really important to Joe, to API, to you, me, and everyone else in this hobby/industry.
So yeah, lets talk about selling pinball machines... you want to buy one with a creepy, lecherous, skirt flipping monkey on it?, he’s real cute and not too over the top. I got just the machine for you. Who makes it you ask?, why American Pinball of course.

Do you Ever just drop it? You win, your right, your smart, what do you need to hear to Just move on already???

#443 1 year ago

I sat through the API presentation as well as played the game a few times at Expo does anyone how the player controlled magnets work? Is it similar to Black Night like a ball save or a TV flip the ball setup? Not sure this feature code was on at Expo but I could be wrong?

#454 1 year ago
Quoted from Zablon:

is it the 3rd button, or the normal flipper buttons? does one button control the 2 player controlled?

It was a third button granted I was to focused on the 2 and failing but as I didn’t know where the magnets were I wasn’t sure when to control them.

#457 1 year ago
Quoted from ARTMAN:

then you really don't care to understand why it's harmful

OR some of us just don’t Give a crap anymore about this Stupid subject and Wish you would just let it go and move On!!!

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