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Oktoberfest Pricing $ 7,400 w/ Art Blades - PinballSTAR taking orders

By PinballSTAR

8 months ago

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#132 8 months ago

I didn't think pinball players were politically correct , thats why i like them folks, political correctness is mind control . enjoy your mind control

#137 8 months ago

i agree it was better when nerds/geeks were using this medium for research and such but then marketing lead us to this day were shoving everybodys nose into our buisness and hearing how they are better than us and they should be the first in line and everything should be twirling around their butt . its kinda funny really

(being nice and kind and empathetic is one thing, but the pendulum is swinging knee jerk into a wall and being welded there. It's getting crazy. I agree, the internet is ruining the world. It was much better when only the geeks/nerds were part of it.)

#144 8 months ago

I love the art forms that pinball machines have presented in the past and now , i never feel that i object to the art on pinball machines they tell a story about the times that they came out of, i don't mind hearing what people think, but i feel that some people suffer from a busy body kinda mentality , they worry too much about the images and they don't allow things to flow to there natural levels instead they try to take control of everything , kinda like political correctness try's to persuade their narrative on to us bullying people to be like them , if people are good, kind and have some kind of moral compass then nothing bad should come of anything except for the unpredictable nature of fate's hand . quit telling me about how something is going to be received in marketing because of your children,
we all have people in our lives. just do the right thing enjoy life enjoy one another and enjoy pinball and if octoberfest shows me one more beer i'm heading for the fridge

#151 8 months ago

you know now that i think of it my dogs will do that to my butt to get me to pick them up . it is good that my family is emotionally healthy to accept that , and in the spirit of fall festivals i am thankful for that

#157 8 months ago
Quoted from Zablon:

good, now that the monkey is gone, time to scour the artwork for something else to be offended by. By the time they ship it should just be solid pee yellow.

with the word supreme written across it

#162 8 months ago
Quoted from hank527:

I'm offended by the lousy artwork and name of the game being blocked. It's just sloppy. It needs fixed. I could care less about the monkey and if done right the monkey could be super funny like a Benny hill skit. Make the girls name Pat. .

yeah i just looked at the pinball art , and it looks kinda generic a little cut and paste photo art , the focus looks to be on the playfeild the rollercoaster wire forms and some interesting drop targets . all the edginess in the art is in the alcoholism , i'll hold any judgement on it and let others tell me what they think of it

#171 8 months ago
Quoted from TheLaw:

Wow, listening to both sides is like 2 monkeys trying to fuck a football.
Too soon? Late?

theres only one monkey here

#179 8 months ago

thanks for the heads up

#200 8 months ago


#218 8 months ago

i think houdini looked great .

#219 8 months ago

we should be talking about pinball here

#223 8 months ago

Paul_8788 how are you able to sway American pinball's financing to change designs in its late stages of production ? it sounds costly

#226 8 months ago
Quoted from paul_8788:

No clue what you are talking about. I am not trying to sway American Pinball in any way shape or form. I am fine with monkey and without monkey. My buying/playing decision wouldn't ride on something that I find to be trivial to the point of ridiculous (as is the fact that this has been a controversy at all, either having it or removing it).
If they are a reasonably functioning business, which I assume they are, they looked at the costs of changing the art, vs the perceived risks in not changing the art, determined what was important to them and made a decision. Simple, basic common sense, until the internet gets a hold of it.

Thanks for the clarification some of your thoughts were sounding like planned changes from american pinball . i agree with you on the more important things this machine may offer we should be talkng about that .

#229 8 months ago

nice machine

#239 8 months ago

look ...... pinball with beer all over the place

8aca76c890d9464a4dc5854b5037b5ade03ae801 (resized).jpeg

Does this come with a cup holder?

#243 8 months ago

so the targets that spell out October are curved and flippers are there, at least sorcerer had a wall to bounce the shot off of

8aca76c890d9464a4dc5854b5037b5ade03ae801 (resized).jpg
#256 8 months ago
Quoted from PtownPin:

Looks like a pretty fun game....not sure its $7700 worth of fun

Yeah hard to say what the rules are , nice colors on the playfeild but the price is premium level

#260 8 months ago
Quoted from Ericpinballfan:

Whats really sad about this thread is that it is Joes Sale thread at PinballSTAR.
I had do a double take and look at top and realize this should of been its own thing.
Sorry to see this happen to both Joe and API over a minor piece of art.
I think we've become a little hyper sensitive here in the 21st century.
Hope the Louvre doesn't start to cover up all those breasts on the collection spanning 10 thousand years of cultural expression.
What happened to free speech and art?
Fyi, yes, I am aware and sensitive in our new society of offenending all , men and women alike.

the pinball machine looks nice , i would like to see it being played is there a link ?

#263 8 months ago
Quoted from LTG:

Did some research, especially one lady in a league who is subjected to ass grabbing, neck kissing, etc. etc. and the two offenders are still there.
In my business, or during one of my events. If I miss something. PLEASE tell me. It will be dealt with immediately and harshly. I have no problem throwing a bully out, calling the police and trespass them out, or having them arrested.
Any person, male or female, should be safe.
LTG : )

yeah thats not right , those who are running that tournament should also be responsible for the safety of those they invite, sad to hear of this

#340 8 months ago


#350 8 months ago


#356 8 months ago


#358 8 months ago


#361 8 months ago


#365 8 months ago

flip it

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