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Oktoberfest - Wonka Discussion

By konjurer

63 days ago

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#1 63 days ago

Wonka SE looks awesome for the money and some people were quick to take jabs at Oktoberfest over in the Wonka thread. It does look like a great option. Wonka has better art and animations but, feature-to-feature, it appears that Oktoberfest has MORE stuff and new ideas in the mechanicals.

Here's what's in the Fest:

Ramp that raises and lowers
Rollercoaster Shack physical 3 ball lock
Upper Flipper
180 Ramp that feeds into lock
Beer Barrel physical 3 ball lock
Bar Toy that you bash to open then hit into bar and drop into the toy, Otto head spins (hmmm... functionally similar to the Goobstopper toy)
Two VUKs to some of the most interesting wireforms - clearly more interesting that Wonka wireframes
PROST bank of 5 slim line targets
OKTOBER bank of 7 slim line targets in crescent formation
FEST bank of 4 slim line targets also in crescent formation
3 Duck Targets
Full RGB LEDs on playfield and GI
4 Magnets
MagNab with 3rd button next to right flipper - right hand only mode
3 lanes into a 3 pop bumper nest
6 speaker audio plus 8" sub

I may end up with a BKSoR or a Wonka but I'm not going to dismiss Oktoberfest either - ton of stuff on that playfield and I love the beer and brats atmosphere of the Fest. Having not played it I hope I'm wrong but I just don't see anything revolutionary in Wonka. I think Balcer pushed the envelope just a bit more that Lawlor.

#6 63 days ago
Quoted from f3honda4me:

Played Oktoberfest last night. Me and my wife can’t get past the repetitive music and art and animations. It plays decent but should not be $7400 for what you get. Wonka SE is better in every measure.

So convince me. You provide no facts. Not trying to troll here. Compare feature to feature. Oktoberfest has more on the playfield.

The cabinet art is lazy shit. Ugly ass black legs. Clipart on the backglass and playfield art. The music is repetitive as hell - sorry way more repetitive that Oktoberfest. I'm just saying the hype didn't live up to expectations.

#9 63 days ago

I may end up buying a Wonka SE after playing. I'm just trying to be objective. Clearly there are more interesting mechs in Oktoberfest compared to the SE. Not saying it shoots better or has better art or animation. I've been extremely critical of the art and animations on Fest - BUT at the same time Wonka has some serious short comings in those areas too.

I posted my data on Fest... go ahead and compare. No one has taken me up on doing a fair comparison. Inform me. Personally, I feel let down by the reveal.

#12 63 days ago
Quoted from romulusx:

Oh by the way,he’s not trying to troll here.lol

Honestly I'm not. I really want to like Wonka. I've been pretty harsh on Oktoberfest over in that thread. I'm a value shopper. I just want to get the most fun and bang for my buck. After the reveal I spent some time reviewing the Oktoberfest stream and the feature matrix and I'm kinda shocked at how much more there APPEARS to be in Fest than Wonka. If you think my analysis is wrong I'm all ears.

#13 63 days ago
Quoted from BMore-Pinball:

I think I can say, without playing - that Wonka will be smoother and a better shooter

I think you're likely right. At the end of the day, I want fun for my $$s. And I haven't written off ACNC yet either. I played it Expo and it sucked but the machine was having major issues so I want to give it another chance.

#14 63 days ago

I think theme wise I also like Oktoberfest better. I'm a big fan of Wonka but Oktoberfest seems more manly for my man cave. I resonate with beer and brats more. I also like the Oktoberfest sound track MUCH better.

Thinking about the Wonka theme... I was disappointed that it wasn't more dark. Wonka is a dark movie. Kids drowning and getting mutilated. Creepy Slugworth. Scary river ride. Wonka was super harsh, almost verbally abusive on Charlie.

One other minor annoyance on Wonka was the sound effects. I have the same issue with Dialed In. It sounds like a room full of redemption-style arcade games.

#26 62 days ago
Quoted from Waxx:

people are trying to start a talking point that Wonka is missing mechs.

Nobody in this thread said that. Just comparing the mechanical features and I simply made the case that Fest has more mechs and, in my opinion, there's more innovative and interesting mechs in Fest. But admittedly, I haven't played either yet.

#44 59 days ago
Quoted from Captain-Flint:

So start a thread about it....

What's your point? I can't start a conversation about the relative merits of both machines because I haven't played either yet?

1 week later
#71 52 days ago

I played at least 12 games on Oktoberfest yesterday and I really enjoyed it. The layout feels unique and a blast to shot. Very different feel than Houdini. The skill shot is really fun. The Otto toy is a better implementation than the Houdini stage.

There’s a lot of stuff packed in. The rules were easy to understand and really fun. I couldn’t make the rollercoaster ramp but I was able to get a few balls in the beer barrel lock. The MagNab feature is fun and makes that shot much easier.

The art and animations look much better in person. Still hoping for some polish on the animations but I’m less concerned after seeing them in person. The playfield is beautiful and very colorful. It’s just a fun looking game to walk up to. Hopefully we’ll see a lot of these going to bars and bar area as it’s the perfect game for those locations. On the other hand, it’s a great game for families as well. Has a festive, carnival feel for sure.

I think API has produced another great machine. Just gotta play Wonka now but The Fest is certainly on my short list for my next pin.

#75 47 days ago

I think FUD is just a play on words but it is also a well known acronym for "fear, uncertainty and doubt."

1 week later
#81 39 days ago
Quoted from TheFamilyArcade:

Have you played either? Because if you haven’t this thread is stupid.

This thread was started when almost no one had played it yet. 90% of the pinball world still have not played both machines yet. This thread was to discuss and compare the feature sets of both machines. I was being a little provocative in the thread title but I wanted to start a very specific discussion about the lack of stuff in Wonka - especially after all of the over the top hype.

Where's the innovation in Wonka? Supposedly, this is the "pinnacle" of what can be done in pinball in 2019. It was just a bit disappointing to me at the time of the reveal. That's just my opinion. There 10,000 other people on Pinside that spout an opinion about pinball machines before they actually play them. Don't be so butt-hurt about it - it's just a toy after all.

#88 39 days ago
Quoted from bobukcat:

I weighed this pretty heavily when considering Houdini (which I love) and after seeing that most of the electronics in the game are P-ROC or relatively easy to source my fears were assuaged. The fact the developers are so active here also helps as I think they would continue on with support / development if they could.

P-ROC was a factor for me as well. I know that there will be boards available and someone could recode the game from scratch if needed/desired.

#89 39 days ago

FYI... I changed the topic title as it was too provocative and generating negative reactions. This was not my intention but I can certainly see how that happened.

#90 39 days ago

One of the Oktoberfest features I like is the curved banks of mini targets. You can aim for individual targets in the "OKTOBER" bank, use the curve to splatter several target hits and also how it operates like a curved lane to affect the path of the ball. Has this feature (curved bank of mini targets) been done before in another pin?

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