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Ok Guys...I need you Help on a first Pinball purchase.

By loren3233

10 years ago

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#1 10 years ago

Tomorrow I will be looking at a 99 Sega Southpark machine for an asking price of $1500 (firm).
I called and asked a few questions and was told this.....

The playfield is an 8 out 10. There is a bit of wear on the exterior paint. The cabinet, backbox and glass are all in fine shape. There are no cracks in the toilet and the two scoop holes near Cartman & Kenny are in "pretty good" shape. He has the manual and says the machine plays fine.
I do plan on asking if he will take $1200 and go up from there....Any ideas?

He also has a 90 Data East Pinball "The Simpsons" and said that it is a perfect machine that was just rebuilt (he spent 2500)and wants $1500 firm. I did not ask many questions about "The Simpsons" machine.
He is selling both due to having a family member move back home.

Can anyone in the group help me out due to this possibly being my first pinball purchase?

southpark.jpg simpsons.jpg

#2 10 years ago

I could be wrong but I think the Simpsons is the better of the two as far as lastability and overall game goes - also probably be easier to sell if you want to get rid of it,

$1500 does sound a bit high for that, you could get newer game like Demo man or some other b- listers for same price. I would say $1100 on simpsons, $1000 on South park, unless these things are really nice.

#3 10 years ago

loren3233, prices seem pretty fair to me. The key is to look at as much as possible and play it for a while. Check the system for any errors (or dots) and turn it on and off a few times to ensure start up is not a problem. We can't tell much from the pictures, but just examine it thoroughly when you see it in person. Do some investigation online to find out about all the toys on the playfield then make sure each is working when you go to see it. In today's economy nothing is really all that firm you can always ask for a hundred or two off and say that is all you got, if he/she really wants to sell it quickly they will come down a bit in price.

#4 10 years ago

I found the South park to be extremely easy and rather boring because of it. Yeah, it's funnier but the jokes only make you laugh for so long. The Simpsons was actually more difficult even though it is older and has less ramps and stuff. Also, the Simpson's will sell better later on. The price is high for the typical game but if it is as good a condition as you say then it is worth it. Having played both, I would go with the Simpsons. I am a fan of both so that is not a factor. I would have purchased one last month but it sold before I could get it.

#5 10 years ago

The SouthPark has a higher resell value than the Simpsons machine of around $700-$1000. His asking price is below market value on a shopped working machine. Average is $2200 for a SouthPark. The average market price for a shopped Simpsons is $1300.

So if you are looking for the machine that will be worth more down the road I'd buy the SouthPark. But money isn't always the deciding factor. Also the SouthPark has the DMD feature that is still being used in production machines today.

Myself I liked playing the old Simpsons game better. Factor in the fun.

#6 10 years ago

I would go for the simpsons for lastability and it's easier to sell. As for south park what it lacks in gameplay and shots it makes up for in humor. I got the southpark information straight from chris bucci he is really good at rating pinball machines take his word for it. Today when i checked craigslist i found a south park for 2400 its way too high so id consider yourself lucky to find one at that price.

#7 10 years ago

I would definately go with the simpsons, it has far more replay value.
A friend of mine has had both. He still has his Simpsons, but sold his SP because South park can be pretty boring after a while, more of a novelty which wears off quickly with the swear ROMS.

Brokedad is exactly right, southpark does sell for more. However here in Canada SP 2000-2500, Simpsons 2200-3000. Just because simpsons is harder to find someone willing to sell. Pretty rediculous prices here.

Good luck with whatever your decision is. Remember once you get one machine you are gonna get at least 3.

#8 10 years ago

Don't buy either. The South Park at $1,500 is actually a really good price. It's not an expensive game because it's a good game for your house, it's expensive because it still makes money on route. Unfortunately, it's way too easy and you will bore of it very quickly. The good news is that if you do buy it, you could probably get $1,800 if you fix it up a little bit.

At $1,500 the Simpsons is way too expensive. The game books for $1,175, I don't care how nice it is $1,500 is nuts. $900 is much more reasonable.

Between the two, get the South Park, at least when it gets old (which will happen very shortly)you can get your money back. But if you waste your time and money on these, you won't be able to take advantage of better games at better prices if they happen to come up.


#9 10 years ago

It all depends on if you are gonig to eventually sell it or not if its in great condition and you plan on keeping it a while then pay the extra amount plus you never know when a situation might come up when someone is looking to trade an even better pinball machine for a simpsons it happens fairly often.

#10 10 years ago

Go bring a buddy and play the heck out of them both and pick the one you enjoy the most. Its not to often that you have pins for sale side by side. I played Southpark years ago and it was a blast but don't rememberr much but the licking lezbo race on the DMD.

#11 10 years ago

Wow thats a tough call man?
What TV show did you like better ?

#12 10 years ago

I'm going to come out and say it. I think South Park is worst DMD game ever made. No contest.

#13 10 years ago

Well I was planning on going after the Southpark but now I have no option....I checked my voicemail's after work and the guy just sold after I had made the appt to go check it out tomorrow....oh well....in his message he said he would give me a good deal on the Simpsons but he didn't mention a price. I definately dont want to pay $1500 for it so I will call and ask him tomorrow morning what kind of deal he wants to sell the Simpsons. He did say he just had it refurbished and spent $2000 on the work. Not sure if it would be worth the trip.

#14 10 years ago

$2000 dollars in refurbishing a DE Simpsons? Wow! Thats either stretching the truth (Fish Tales style), or about $1600-1700 dollars too much for a generally common pinball machine.

Simpsons DE shouldn't go for more than $1300. $1400 is pushing it. $1500 is too much for a alpha-numeric. The alpha-numeric exception is Funhouse, which is another tier/category compared to a DE Simpsons.

South Park isn't that good of a pinball machine, so I wouldn't worry about that one loren3233. I don't care how many voice over lines you can throw in there, its just not a fun game to play. I don't know if its the worst game though jar155.

With luck, I'm sure you'll run into better deals. Spring/Summer is coming and more deals should be appearing (pinball shows & people clearing storage spaces).

#15 10 years ago

Thanks for all the responses guys....being the new guy it does sure help out. I am lucky enough to be able to attend the Pin-A-GoGo in Dixon next month....I live about 15 minutes from Dixon and plan on going and learning more and more about the hobby.

I think if he still has the Simpsons machine I may make a low ball offer 900-1000 and see if he is willing to sell....If not I may just hold on till next month.

#16 10 years ago

I had both games at one time simpsons is a better game,but gets old. South park is funny game for about 2 weeks. I sold both after about 6 months. for a first pin simpsons would be my choise. save some more money and get a better pin. I will be getting a white water this saturday for $1600 they are out there. You can always sell it later.

#17 10 years ago

There was a guy selling a WWF pin out of Chico about a month ago on CL for about 1400. And with pinagogo there should be some deals coming along. I am in Sacto and plan on going to pinagogo too. Don't rush your purchase...you may realize that older SS or EM pins can give you a lot of game play for 1/2 or less that what you are looking at spending...

#18 10 years ago

I know that book values are not the end all be all, but I don't agree with the pricing advice that people are giving you. $1,400 for a WWF is way out of line, it's literally 20% over book value.

$900 to $1,000 is not a lowball offer on the Simpsons. It books for $1,175 so $1,000 is 15% less than what he is asking. I usually don't like to offer less than 5-10% less than asking, but we're talking about a DE Simpsons here. If it was a LOTR, TSPP, MB, something that was in demand I'd say it was a lowball.

Also, I personally don't care how long I'm keeping a game. You came in here asking for advice on what to buy/pay and unfortunately you are getting a lot of justifications into over paying. I am very confident that the Simpsons is well overpriced. If you said price be damned which one should I buy I would start talking about game play, which one you liked more or how long you should keep the game.

I wish that when I first got into it someone gave me a good talking to about patience. It's so easy to justify spending way too much on games that are mediocre, and the DE Simpsons is a mediocre game.

If you think it's worth $900 or $1,000, offer that. Anyone who gets insulted by lowballs is a fool, I'd rather have a low offer than no offer at all and it's my right as a seller to say no all day long.

I'll stop now.

#19 10 years ago

Agree patience is key - dont be blinded by the lure of getting your first pin - you will have 2-3 more behind it, you somehow will manage to save money, sell things you dont use - whatever it takes to get the next one...trust us

Also if you can play or buy williams classic pinball for wii or xbox - it might help you figure out what style of play you like, then you can ask us what games fit that bill - you may be a pat lawlor guy or a steve richie type - maybe popadiuk style, then we can point you in the right direction, just dont buy somethign because its for sale and close to you - ask raijin we just drove 6 hours for a damn tommy....hes cleaning it up nice though and should be solid when done.

The pinball bug is infectious - I got 4 pins now Raijin (nextdoor neighbor) has a pin - its spreading down the block - watch out - once folks get turned on to it, its just a good safe hobby...hrmm now for a bigger house

#20 10 years ago

fusion is right, research is the key. DE Simpsons is probably a fun game, it would probably be fun enough for you to buy it. But once you do some research and play some A titles you'll start to realize what your missing in a game of that nature.

A titles tend to have it all, great art, flow, animations, sound, gameplay, toys etc. Once you play a bunch of A titles find out what is most important to you in a pinball. There are a ton of games out there with great flow but shallow rules. Or great rules but bad art. Or great rules but bad flow, you get the point.

Find out what you enjoy the most in pinball, then find a $1,300 game that excels in the traits that are important to YOU, but at that price range it probably won't excel in everything.

That is probably a game worth paying for.

Also, do not forget about visual pinball for the PC. In my opinion it is not a good indication of game play. The main thing I use it for is to learn the rules of a game I'm not familiar with before going to check it out. Playing the DE Simpsons in VP is a GREAT idea because you'll know how the game should respond, what the DMD should look like (I know, not in this case) what the game should sound like etc.

I played EATPM in VP just for fun. I went to a shop to pic up something else and he had a gorgeous EATPM. When I started talking about the feature where the boogy men move up and down the operator said "they do that?" Had I not played it in VP I never would have known it was broken and he didn't either, if I was there to pick up that pin.

#21 10 years ago

For 1,300 you can find underated games that are just as good as A list games for example Judge dredd and Demolition man two very awsome games that are better then DE simpsons and sell for the same price.

#22 10 years ago

i'd keep looking. i looked on CL and forums for 3-4 months before i bought my first pin. ...almost went for a couple but, it didn't work out. the deals didn't feel right. i ended up finding my fav pin (tommy) from back in the day. good price and good condition. jumped on it. you'll know when a deal is right. 1500 for de simpsons is not it.

keep on lookin'

...and yes i 100% blame FUSION for my pin addiction.

i took my pin apart.. cleaned it.. it's half put back together now ...and i'm already looking for another. anyone have a shadow or rbion??? ...hurricane?? ha.

damn u fusion!!!

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