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Official TRON lovefest thread, I love it more than lamp!

By centerflank

7 years ago

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#7 7 years ago

I'm also a huge Tron fan, no other game has got my heart racing so buddy owns the LE and I hope to snag it from him someday

3 weeks later
#146 7 years ago

Tron does rule, what RobT just wrote, gave me a woody...I need this game in my it

Metallica LE, BSD, Tron LE....couldn't get much better than that for a 3 pin lineup...

3 months later
#1048 7 years ago
Quoted from nicoga3000:

I can't convince my wife that an LE is worth it ($10k+ is silly to me). But she'll go for a Pro if I can get it for a fair price. I'll mod it over time! I guess I just wanted to make sure that before I start my hunt, the lack of Daft Punk multiball, fiber optics, drop targets, etc. detract from the game. It's really between this and an Avengers machine, ha. Saying that in the Tron lovefest <3

Avengers?? Really...of ALL the games you could possibly buy?? Avengers is 3rd last out of all the games ever made hahahah ...imo

1 month later
#1342 6 years ago

I'm officially in the Tron loving lamp club. I just picked up Buckman's pimped out Tron pro!!!

Also a public thanks to him for being an amazing seller. Super detailed descriptions, machine is gorgeous. Thanks so much Steve!!


#1345 6 years ago
Quoted from retired_user_101:

m-o-r-e pix, or it never happened's a few iphone shots...daughter still wanted to play Jackbot instead hhaha




#1347 6 years ago

Haha love the dirty window shot...nice one...

#1348 6 years ago

After a few games I think the LE's ramps light up better than the eli kit? Brighter it seems? Also the motor on this pro is loud as hell. Gonna try and lube it. Don't think Dave's LE was ever that loud. This one sounds like it's about to take off haha...

I also pitched it up to 7 degrees, and adjusted the tilt bob properly, it was set right to the bottom? Your scores don't count now as it was impossible to tilt hahaha..

Can't wait to go play some more tonight! One of my all time fave pins, can't believe it's in my basement!!

#1353 6 years ago

Ya turning the volume up does help alot, but I'm still going to try and fix it. I like to listen to my records and play sometimes too and with the way it currently is, it would drive me nuts haha..

Anyhow SUPER happy with the machine and everything, just talking about the game is all

Happy Happy

3 weeks later
#1496 6 years ago

Had a belated New Years Eve party a couple nights ago with some friends at my place. Played the crap outta Tron, and at about 5am the left upper flipper died and locked on. We must have played a good 50 games on her though before it bit it.

Yanked the board today and q12 mosfet is toast. What mosfet do I need to buy? It's q12 for upper flipper.

My poor baby haha


#1499 6 years ago
Quoted from Buckman:

That's awesome!

That sucks!
Good thing it's a cheap fix though, just a bit of a hassle.
You made it to Portal on the machine yet?

Still no portal, I did just learn about the Flynn/Scoop thing to finish modes in SOS, so that may help

I only needed to finish ZUSE the other day to light it...easy one haha, I only needed the far right standup I think...

#1501 6 years ago

From this thread:

"I've been to Portal a few times but have yet to complete it.

You all know that in SOS you can complete modes if Flynn's is lit by shooting the scoop and it will award you the current running mode (for a lesser point value). So if you are having trouble with Gem or another mode you can just finish those that way. You can relight Fynn's with the right orbit during SOS too as many times as you want. Also in disc multiball during SOS you don't have to hit all the various lit shots, you can shoot the spinning disc in the center and each read of the switches in there (the optos) will award one of the lit shots. Sometimes that's easier than some of the lit shots, especially if your disc tends to kick the ball out fairly consistently to a safe place.

My best game so far is 187M. I'm pretty sure I had double scoring going when I started SOS and I had a decent amount of the modes completed and I got to Portal but didn't come very close to finishing it."

1 week later
#1519 6 years ago

My Tron is back in action, replaced mosfet for upper flipper and life is good again.

Even got to use my Hakko 808, that thing kicks ass..

#1521 6 years ago

Hey get Luci outta here, this thread is for Quorra only

3 weeks later
#1630 6 years ago
Quoted from Whysnow:

I actually think it is reasonably priced given all the time and $$$$$ he has put in to it. How much are LEs going for recently? This seems like a relative bargin compared to those and I personally think it looks better with all the sweet 1 of a kind mods. Flanker, are you willing to sign it along with the sale?

No it's not reasonably price whatsoever lololol. I have lots of mods on mine, shaker, sub, Flynn sign, Eli kit, light cycles, arcade mod, etc. Mine was mid 6000CAN...

Center is obviously selling at "Neo" price...

1 month later
#1741 6 years ago

I finally got portal multiball! I had to finish almost all the modes in SOS to do it too. Worst part was I had the sound off cause my son was making me listen to a song. Still F'n stoked!!


1 week later
#1754 6 years ago
Quoted from NorCalRealtor:

Just installed a Stern Blue LED display in my Tron Pro and it is even better than I expected. I already knew the color would be more fitting. What I did not know was how much clearer all the animations would look. I can't speak on the Xpin or Vishay alternatives, but I can recommend the Stern Blue display 100%. Perfect shade of blue. Perfect brightness. Definitely install the included blue display film. Best upgrade on my Tron so far.
I remain torn on whether or not to sell my Tron in order to make room for (and fund) MMRLE. Tron is my favorite pin in my current lineup, and as much as I'd love to open a NIB MMRLE in a few months, I just don't know if I can bring myself to part with Tron. I know I would miss it. I wouldn't even consider selling it for any other pin.
Any thoughts?

Yes, don't sell Tron, it may not be the deepest game, but it's one of the best of ALL time IMO. I have made multiple different roms with different music for mine too

I want one of these displays now!!! You bastard, making me spend more money lol

1 week later
#1784 6 years ago

What's the best blue display to get? I want one with nice blue color, and something that doesn't show the grid lines between the sections too...

#1786 6 years ago

I thought those xpin ones had the grid sections. Exactly what I don't want..

#1798 6 years ago

Thanks for the replies, maybe I'll wait to see what the ColorDMD guys do with it...

#1946 6 years ago

The blue one only uses one screw.

The orange one maybe ur light isnt set down far enough, or you're using the wrong screw...

#1947 6 years ago

On the blue ones smaller hole, the screw just goes into the plastics, not the bumper hole, so slide it down and mount it with the 2 screws into the posts.

7 months later
#2810 6 years ago
Quoted from tejohans1:

Tron PinballSNAKE
how many combos have you managed on tron?
IMG_4134.JPG 251 KB

I believe I've gotten 9 a couple times when specifically going for it..did you beat that in the video? I didn't watch it all...

I like that Zen plastic, and the one over on the left too...who sells those again?

#2813 6 years ago

I kind of ONLY want the zen big deal if I can't find it..

1 month later
#2902 5 years ago
Quoted from DrMark12PA:

Am I missing some technique or in that video in the video just crazy lucky that the ball doesn't go straight down between the flippers (as happens to me constantly)? Some days I'm lucky to get 1 million points on the first ball much less get the SOS. Any tips that someone can suggest to prevent this?

Nudging and knowing the angles of the table and the sucker shots...oh and lots of practice

4 weeks later
#2989 5 years ago




#2992 5 years ago
Quoted from monty-:

what's the pitch? the ball just settling there near the arcade scoop seems bizarre.

My Tron is set at around 7-7.5 I'd guess. I like my games steep and fast...

Here's another good one I had...


#3006 5 years ago

Looks to be a virtual pinball someone made....I had to look about 5 times to figure it out lol...

3 months later
#3497 5 years ago

I just put a full set of new white Titan comp rubbers with blue flipper rubber on my Tron Pro, and cleaned the playfield, and had a chance to clean the orbits really good too. It's so pretty now, I almost don't wanna play it.


#3511 5 years ago
Quoted from Chosen_S:

I was working on my LE, and found this at the bottom of the cab, any ideas where it goes?

image.jpg (Click image to enlarge)

Do you have the Flynn sign mod? That looks to be the back panel for the FLYNN sign...

edit I see you do have that there's your answer...

2 months later
#3950 5 years ago

Oops wrong thread...deleted

#3971 5 years ago

Destroyed my GC score last night. Previous best was 160mil, and my other high scores are in the 130 range. Almost got to Portal twice. The first time I had everything finished except the stupid light cycles going into SOS


2 weeks later
#4133 5 years ago
Quoted from flashinstinct:

Unfortunately I live in Canada so the EL kit is not worth the money with the current exchange rate. $500 for little wires that light up are far down my list unless someone is generous enough to give me instructions on how to make it from the coolights website with a step by step video... LOL.

Eli's kit is the FIRST thing a Tron Pro needs. Canada or not....

2 weeks later
#4238 5 years ago
Quoted from ryanwanger:

Anyone have any Tron LED kit recommendations? I don't really know enough about the different types of bulbs, manufacturers etc - and not interested in picking out each individual bulb. Tell me what to buy!
It can be really difficult to tell from pics, even on LED seller websites.


I've had a couple of Pinsiders ask me if I could summarize up what I did for my Tron Pro LED setup, thought I'd put up a post with the various LEDs that I put in and links to them (this is also for myself so I can remember what I did!). The picture below is what the machine looks like, and the map to show the GI was done up by hassanchop. Below is also a quick video I did a couple of months back. I tried a bunch of stuff, this is just what I liked and did (grouped stuff together in sections around the playfield):
- 6 on the backpanel are these (cool white 44/47 double LED):
- 4 of these (the ones that are visible - cool white frosted 44/47):
- 4 of these (right side sling and return - blue double LED):
- 4 of these (left side sling and return - orange double LED):
- 15 of these (the rest of the GI - cool white 44/47 retro):
- light cycle large inserts (no change - left as incandescent)
- TRON letters left side (purple 555 retro - 4 of them):
- clear inserts (ZUSE letters, scoop PORTAL, ZUSE on the main ladder - 6 of these):
- large PORTAL insert (555 premium 2LED cool white - 1 of them):
- disc inserts (PBL ablaze ghost busters 555 in blue - 7 of them):
- green inserts (BUMPERS/ADVANCE QUORRA/QUORRA/ FLYNN'S ARCADE) - 4 of these:
- main ladder RECOGNIZER insert (555 2LED red - 1 of them):
- main ladder TRON insert (555 2LED blue - 1 of them):
- CLU helmets/main ladder CLU/3 CLU rollover letters (8 of these 555 warm white 2LED premium):
- main ladder GEM/FLYNN inserts (2 of these 555 warm white 2LED premium):
- large orange triangle inserts (6 of them, 555 orange 2LED premium):
(8 in total, 555 warm white 2LED premium):
- no change, left as is.

#4239 5 years ago



#4245 5 years ago
Quoted from Gov:

Wow, your ramp lights are twice as bright as mine.

Hard to really judge the lights with just a settings, room light, etc, will really change how the pics look...

3 weeks later
#4348 5 years ago

Added some sweet FN text to my Tron...


#4363 5 years ago

I did chrome em

#4417 5 years ago
Quoted from wontwa:

Early code? I remember this being a thing early on when I had the game, then a code update resolving (if memory serves me correctly).
Re: Daft Punk multiball - never saw it in the 2.5 years I had the game, took the glass off for a quick look before selling.
Also, since selling the game and going through a bunch of others in an attempt to recreate that great feeling I got from Tron, have realized that there is only one Tron and I should have never sold it. Best game ever (for me). Will definitely be buying again sooner than later.

My buddy who owned the LE changed the DAFT completions to 1 instead of 2. Makes it alot more achievable for the 'average' player....

#4431 5 years ago

It's called something else in the menu. Maybe end of line multiball. I forget what exactly....but its in there...

4 months later
#5262 4 years ago
Quoted from delt31:

yes - I was the guy who dropped 15k for NIB......
of course I'm joking but holy __ that is a lot for NIB - even if it's LE.'s's priceless...

2 months later
#5895 4 years ago

My first time over 300million.

Total Tron destruction....


#5897 4 years ago

No disc, I removed the whole disc assembly. So it's a giant gobble hole now.

4 weeks later
#6054 4 years ago

Switching up to some clear titan rubs.


#6055 4 years ago

New shiny balls too and a sensual rub down....very sensual

A six beer cleaning for my baby..

#6060 4 years ago

Not sure I'm digging the clear flipper rubbers, might switch back to the blue titans. It kind of tricks your brain into thinking the bats are shorter than they really are...also don't look that great with yellow bats....

#6069 4 years ago

All modes complete ball 3, save disc for last. Hit the super with 2 balls left, and then simuldranious. I have done it before....but god that hurts...

Got portal many times, but only once have I got there with all modes lit and double scored the bonus...

1 month later
#6361 4 years ago
Quoted from nosro:

I'm not sure what happened. The last time I checked my score, it was 41 million and I had managed to complete all modes on the first try except Zuse and Disc Multiball, which I had not started yet. I then completed Zuse and Disc on the first try, thereby going straight to Portal. I only played for approximately 30-45 seconds on Portal before draining to one ball, after which I played totally lame, but then suddenly found my score to be shy of 200 million. So somehow Zuse, Disc, possible a Tron timer, and my brief time in Portal netted more than 150 million.
Standard settings except that replay was set to extra ball, and I earned the extra ball through sufficient ramp shots, resulting in 5 balls played in total.
What a rush.

50 million if you go straight to portal before SOS. 100 million if you have double scoring running when you hit the scoop for portal...not sure what you did TBH...but here's the score to beat!

Also if you are dialed in on the GEM shot, the end of ball bonus can get pretty ludicrous


8 months later
#6850 3 years ago
Quoted from beelzeboob:

Well...I was playing yzfguy's machine and he sets it up easy so that he can get high scores that look good enough to post on Pinside. Ten minute ball saves, extra balls for hitting the slings, and four winds multiball just because. I set my machines up for people who know how to play pinball.

HAHAH pure comedy..thx for the laugh

5 months later
#7259 3 years ago

I will also take one if someone has backed out.

1 week later
#7295 3 years ago

I never use that post. I turned off my shaker motor too....just crank the music up with upgraded speakers and that shakes the game plenty

7 months later
#7910 2 years ago
Quoted from 85vett:

First time ever on Tron getting portal without needing sea of simulation during double scoring. 100 million bonus for doing so. I'm not beating that for a while.
Holy crap that was a rush.

Nice, I've only got the full double collect a few times myself, awesome feeling!

GC (resized).jpg

#7911 2 years ago

double post

4 months later
#8495 2 years ago
Quoted from Chops00:

Does anyone know how to increase the bonus multiplier in Tron? I've searched both here and the web to no avail. I think it might be just the number of times you make the Gem shot or the right orbit but haven't been able to confirm either one.

Gem does it.

1 month later
#8624 1 year ago
Quoted from snakesnsparklers:

If that's all you need I have made this and can provide it. Of course it's not an official release but it is exactly what you are asking for, an official release that has been modified to swap to the callouts you desire from another official release. No code changes or anything that would make it not feel like an official release.

Yes please, PM sent

4 months later
#9019 1 year ago
Quoted from Shapeshifter:

Thinking of getting a Tron this year but can't find answer to this question.
When/if you finish Portal, what is the payoff/reward for doing so?
Is Portal a great wizard mode or just an average one?

Very average....getting there is the fun. The mode itself...not so much...

The main god goal to me, is finishing all the modes, then getting double scoring going, then hit the scoop to start portal.

9 months later
#9400 9 months ago
Quoted from insx:

Getting to Portal is why I sold my Tron.

But did you complete all the modes first and have double scoring lit before you entered?

#9404 9 months ago
Quoted from smoothbore19:

Anyone use an LE ramp on a PRO? As these damn ramps as re hard to find. I found an LE left ramp that I'm going to use on my my pro. I know it has cut outside for the light wire. I can live with that.

And then you can add the ramp lights as well, win win

#9413 9 months ago
Quoted from insx:

Nope, does that make hitting all the shots a bunch of times more exciting?

Instant 50 million if you go straight to portal before SOS vs instant 100 million if you have double scoring running when you hit the scoop for portal.

Also yes the wizard mode sucks. Like they just threw it on with no thought at all. If they VE the game, maybe they'll update the wizard mode? Not likely though....but one can dream.

1 month later
#9439 8 months ago
Quoted from Jazzbouche:

Now i’ve done portal a second time: this time with all modes complete in advance. How do I get double scoring going?

Spell TRON, look at the playfield inserts, you can't miss it. Read rules for all the intracasies of it. How to change which mode is lit...etc.

082 (resized).jpg
3 weeks later
#9453 7 months ago
Quoted from rai:

Question, where should the scoop shoot the ball to? Right or left flipper??


1 month later
#9530 5 months ago

100mill is a really good score on Tron I'd say. My best is 340mill. Double scoring helps alot, Gem multipliers can help give huge EOB bonuses too.

4 months later
#9739 49 days ago

I decided to play a quick game while lunch was cooking, got the 100mill portal collect on my first ball. Noice!

PXL_20201015_184435038 (resized).jpg
#9741 49 days ago
Quoted from Pinkitten:

Wow. That’s bonkers. I’ve owned my Tron for 2 years and can’t reach Portal. In fact, my high scores are all from 2018. I can usually reach Sea of Simulation, but I’m 2 or 3 modes short of Portal always. Do you find the best path is to complete the modes before reaching SoS? Or do you clean up the mess and finish the modes during SOS? Nice job! Heckuva ball. I would honestly pull that ball out and encase it in acrylic. It has earned retirement.

The true goal of Tron is to complete all the modes first, then double scoring, then portal. One you get better, portal isn't that hard to get to. Usually light cycle is the hardest for me to finish. My GC is 340million or so My game plays fn fast too, but it's just a matter of practice, flipper skills, and a little luck sometimes.

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