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Official TRON lovefest thread, I love it more than lamp!

By centerflank

7 years ago

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#1245 7 years ago

Here is a video of the flasher test through the clear recognizer disc. I just installed it on my LE and OMG it is amazing. One or two scary ejects so far only, but generally just solid spin and great speed. Do it.

#1262 7 years ago
Quoted from retired_user_101:

sea of simulation…
…you are a mean mean bitch
why do you taunt me so ?!

Out of scoop.. On to right flipper.. Pathetic bounce up and over into right out lane. It's in the code.. I can only do this manoeuvre once SOS has started!

4 months later
#1942 6 years ago
Quoted from centerflank:

Last chance to vote for TRON in that elite8 it now!!!!!!!!

I just pushed Tron in front by 1.

1 week later
#2064 6 years ago

Tron Pro with the LED OCD board installed. This is fking awesome. You HAVE to get it in there. This is straight in and all default settings. I didn't even start to look at the software. Beautiful right out of the gate. Fantastic work Herg!

1 month later
#2283 6 years ago
Quoted from NorCalRealtor:

Help needed. Just installed white CT Premium Frosted LEDs for my GI and they're too bright, especially in the back half and especially when they flash. I definitely want GI LEDs but I need to tone the brightness down. What type of LEDs are ya'll using for your GI?
To be clear, I'm referring to the 20-something playfield GI sockets, not the 2 spotlights or the 6 sockets along the upper rear of the playfield. Went with 2 white supers and 6 blue frosteds for those which fine.
P.s. I'm okay with a little color but don't want to see my Tron on the skittles thread.

Orange / blue combat theme for sure.

Leave a bit of cool white in here..

Coupla yellow/orange under the left ramp, leaving a white up the very back..

Blue in the back corner, and down the right wall..

Enough colour to mix it up without being gaudy, and with a little context.

#2292 6 years ago
Quoted from RipleYYY:

@time bandit : what are these inside-box decals you get in yours ?
@bjorg : i tried a white gumball in mine, its fun, more speedy (!!!), quickly dirty too, and i think with luck i didnt broke anything... my son finally asked to remove it
but even if it gives nothing more in the gameplay, why not !?

2 months later
#2446 6 years ago

Put new black rubbers back on the slings tonight in place of the clears I had put on for aesthetic purposes. The clears looked awesome in the beginning but they were blacking up anyway and they are a real dead rebound. Gee there is nothing like some new rubbers. Feels like a new machine. Remembering simple maintenance, eh?

1 week later
#2478 6 years ago

Nice. Yeah, it's just the total fkn shiz isn't it? I watched this a couple of times back to back even though I could just go downstairs and look at mine, lol. Insert colours looking pretty strong there.. Any gels installed or is it just the camera? I put a red gel on the centre Flynn insert as it is positively pink, and I was all like, "pink? No, that is not a colour that is going to live on Tron."

1 month later
#2679 6 years ago

The only Papa video for Tron is Roy Wils in comp. It is still pretty good. Covers most of the game.

--edit. No, there is another. But it's not very thorough.

#2687 6 years ago

Unboxing a TronLE playfield..

You don't want this to be the first thing you see off the truck!

First thing to check..which side is it?? Phew, it's the bottom.

I'm goin' in..

Didn't they make 400 machines? This is a spare?

Nice packin'

This had me worried. Is the printing off? Is this a second? Turns out to be no problem. The one in my machine is a bit crooked here as well.

Reflector shot. She is definitely going out for new clear!


More mylar..

Morelar mylar..

Shooter lane's a bit ugly..

If you've never had a good look at the art under the pops..

Rate my clear..

Me want more glassy finish..

Some decal edges are obvious

Baby Got Back

mmmm, virgin scoop

Full frontal

That's what she said..

#2695 6 years ago
Quoted from QuarterGrabber:

I can't believe after an entire roll of duct tape the damn shippers still managed to punch a hole in it

It was the tape that took the full force of the blow mate. Who knows what would have happened without it?

1 month later
#2826 6 years ago
Quoted from Billy16:

After playing Tron for awhile, I'm starting to believe that the Gem shot might be the most satisfying shot to hit on any of my pins. Each and every time I hit that shot it seems like a real accomplishment. If I can actually hit it while following Gem it's almost like hitting the lotto...

Totally agree..

1 week later
#2831 5 years ago
Quoted from MK6PIN:

Whoa!!!....what the freak is that??? Looks awesome...does this work along with the fiber ramp lights , or is that an all in one I'm seeing? Really looks like it follows the ball on most occasions....more info, please!!!....mark

#2839 5 years ago
Quoted from Aurich:

Print at 300 dpi for the right size:

Ok, my obtuse moment for the day.. for the life of me can't find the adjustment for this.. If I open it in photoshop it is showing me 77PPI (which may or may not be the same as dpi for all I know) and changing that to 300 makes the image tiny. And in all my printer settings, mac or pc, I can't find a dpi setting. Me so DUMB, but anybody have the answer??

#2862 5 years ago

Gimme that lightning fast LCMB completion (with cheeky Gem bank as entre)..

3 weeks later
#2893 5 years ago
Quoted from labnip:

ColorDMD just said TRON is on their 2015 list

Can't wait! Goin' in the brothers..

#2899 5 years ago
Quoted from Concretehardt:

Any one have a link to some helpful Tron game play stratagies?

Sorry if you've already seen this, but it's Bowen commentating Roy's playing. Pretty good coverage.

#2910 5 years ago
Quoted from DrMark12PA:

Am I missing some technique or in that video in the video just crazy lucky that the ball doesn't go straight down between the flippers (as happens to me constantly)? Some days I'm lucky to get 1 million points on the first ball much less get the SOS. Any tips that someone can suggest to prevent this?

Drains mostly are determined one or two steps before the actual drain. After enough play, you will recognise which bounces or failed shots then LEAD to a drain and you take steps to remedy the issue at that point. A classic example is the dribble off the right ramp posts in tron. Whenever the ball is aimlessly heading towards those posts, nudge the hell out of it if it touches the post. If it comes to rest there and dribbles off it is almost always then STDM.

3 weeks later
#2977 5 years ago

Just put PDI glass on the LE. Oh my.

#2979 5 years ago
Quoted from labnip:

Little difference?
Big difference?

Stunning. There are plenty of threads about glare-free glass, so I'm not going to bother with my own version of crappy video or pics, but the deep blue of the Tron PF really lends itself to the PDI treatment. Literally just take your normal glass off, have a look, and that's what it looks like.

2 weeks later
#3064 5 years ago
Quoted from MK6PIN:

outs 1 - orange pulse, 2- orange flash, 3 - blue pulse, 4- blue flash....I've messed w delay times/ length of pulse, but can't get them to alternate (they pulse simultaneously).....

My ramp light driver board will do it. I'll code it and post a vid.

#3072 5 years ago
Quoted from MK6PIN:

Yes, yes please....alternating blue and orange under cab will rock!!!....back on topic....TRON is supreme!!!

This sort of thing?

#3082 5 years ago
Quoted from Frax:

This is fk'''ing rad.
When is your board for sale again, and how hard to make custom effects on user side? lol.

Thanks, yeah it can do some mad stuff. It is sooooo close to ready, but now being held up by Chinese new year in terms of getting production started. My model in terms of coding for now is that I will do it for you by request if people want something custom over and above what the plug and play versions will do. Because of the way I have designed the code it seriously takes me only minutes to do stuff like this from scratch, but for an end user they would have to install atmel studio blah blah blah. I will code, email the code file and you drop it in via USB. You just tell me what you want it to do. And I will do that for free of course.

#3115 5 years ago
Quoted from dendoc:

Can the knowledgeable folk here tell me what the machine is saying when it sounds like "Roger Moore"? I just can't figure it out, and it says it a lot.

Who says it?

#3150 5 years ago
Quoted from forensicd:

Ok, question for you tronnies. I have a Met pro, and acdc pro, and now have a tron. The flippers on the tron seem to be a little more clunky, not as smooth as the others. The acdc is by far the smoothest of them. Not sure if need to rebuild the flippers or not, as have never played another tron besides mine. I would imagine all stern flippers should in theory act the same way, but these seem different then the others, almost heavier. Is it supposed to act this way, does yours feel different then other sterns? thanks!

Yes! Finally someone with the same level of hyperfocus as me. My Trons (both) have "clunky" flippers, as did my ST Prem. It's like there is just some type of layer of silkiness that has not been installed at the factory. They work fine, are not weak or failing in any way. They just seem to bang around like an old tractor. Sometimes it feels like it's in the flippers, but other times it feels like it's in the way the cabinet is transferring the noise and feel. Very hard to nail down.

4 weeks later
#3219 5 years ago

Clear disc is awesome, in general. I have one on both my Trons. One was a piece of cake to install (original black one peeled off like a banana skin). Second one was an absolute &^$@()$^&@^()%%@#@##^%!!!!er.

Do the clear disc, definitely. Get a new plastic and fresh install I reckon.

#3222 5 years ago
Quoted from VolunteerPin:

Does the spray adhesive work well for this install?

Haven't tried that bit. I'm still running well on the sticky back that it came with.

1 week later
#3267 5 years ago

You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave.

1 month later
#3465 5 years ago
Quoted from centerflank:

Agreed, the ratio of posts to douchebaggish Pinsiders is virtually zero.
F'ING TRON!!!!!!!!!!!!

But Flank, it's like, just the same five of us over and over again.

#3469 5 years ago

AND we've slipped behind LIONMAN in the post count. C'mon Tron Army!

#3491 5 years ago
Quoted from herg:

Sometimes I wonder if Jason Sudeikis lurks here and what he thinks about all of us ogling his wife.

hehe. He would just smirk and say, "losers."

1 week later
#3532 5 years ago

My clearcoated new LE PF. Thanks to Scott aka Savage, in Brisbane. And Ryan, of course, for selling it to me in the first place.

#3535 5 years ago
Quoted from QuarterGrabber:

Wholly crap that looks so different now . It makes it look like it left my house with no clear at all . Congrats, amazing clear job!

Yeah, that was not a good factory run at all, was it? Compare to how good the Kiss clear is looking for example.

#3538 5 years ago
Quoted from QuarterGrabber:

No and I thought the LE's came with extra clear too. Well it looks fantastic now. What are you gonna do with that thing anyway? Wall art until you need it?

So badly want to get it in and use it, but also want to just look at it. And maybe rub against it just a little bit.

#3539 5 years ago
Quoted from labnip:

i dig the bow-chicka-bow-wow music in the playfield vid

I take no credit. Scott's also the film-maker.

1 week later
#3603 5 years ago
Quoted from QuarterGrabber:

I know, it's been happening to other people too. Probably just a bug in the new update. I'm too lazy to report it to Robin, hopefully someone less lazy did.

This is me testing it.

#3604 5 years ago
Quoted from QuarterGrabber:

labnip said:
well that's a weird quote defect
I know, it's been happening to other people too. Probably just a bug in the new update. I'm too lazy to report it to Robin, hopefully someone less lazy did.

2 weeks later
#3622 5 years ago

I just looked back at the thread I started when I got 209m. That was 556 days ago, and I have got NOWHERE near it since.

#3623 5 years ago
Quoted from Hougie:

Maybe this:
This image got 2 "unsafe" tags and has been hidden automatically, as per your settings. un-hide15bcd1b3809c7a0112b2eeae5b59a5b2.jpg 2

Most hidden pics I leave unhid once I open them. This one went straight back to hidden.

#3625 5 years ago
Quoted from Rockytop:

I picked up an LE last week and to say I'm loving it would be an understatement. I'm really digging the callouts. I'm tempted to try to make it through a day at work speaking only in Tron callouts

The extra callouts is the most overlooked feature when the LE is being compared to the Pro. It adds so much to the immersive experience.

#3628 5 years ago
Quoted from QuarterGrabber:

Could someone not just take the extra callouts from the LE and insert them into a Pro using pinball browser if they want? Seems like they could?

Might be difficult to find the trigger. Pinball browser replaces sounds that are already being triggered. I guess it would depend on whether the code is calling an empty space, or not calling anything at all.

#3654 5 years ago
Quoted from QuarterGrabber:

Really, no additional glue? Everyone I talked to that has installed them told me to add adhesive spray because the stock glue wasn't stong enough.

I've had one come off and one stay in place. The one I prepared better is the one that staid on. Go figure.

3 weeks later
#3806 5 years ago
Quoted from QuarterGrabber:

I am officially retiring myself from pinside today. I will still corespond by PM, just no more posting so if you need to get a hold of me please PM me. Thanks.

No no no dude. Just drain all threads but this one.

#3854 5 years ago
Quoted from wcbrandes:

cflank does it make the ball go a little crazier,

No! It makes it go a LOT crazier.

#3857 5 years ago
Quoted from kidchrisso:

Anybody have video of the clear or blue working with the lighting?

#3891 5 years ago
Quoted from pinaholic:

Creek and Cave . WOZLE not in pic.
20150723_170636.jpg 20150723_170548.jpg 20150723_170721.jpg

Are these all the machines you are going to get rid of to get a Tron?

1 week later
#4044 5 years ago
Quoted from flashinstinct:

Holy mother of god...I've just hooked up the sub :O


#4052 5 years ago
Quoted from flashinstinct:

Holy mother of god...I've just hooked up the sub :O

I have said before...

Quoted from TimeBandit:

LCMB is the one MB in all of pinball where the act of starting it is more gratifying than getting it, but ONLY if there is a sub hooked up to it. If there is a pinball god, this is the moment where one stops, reflects and gives thanks for pinball.

#4065 5 years ago
Quoted from mcluvin:

You guys kick my butt. I was feeling good about 69 million that included ~20 million Sea of Simulation bonus. Anybody else hate Quorra shot to Gem shot to SDTM? What a buzzkill......

You mean successful Gem then through the pops without hitting then DTM? Yeah that SUCKS donkey balls. That is the meanest drain in all of pinball. I have adjusted level to try and address it, but usually just try and always nudge the hell out of it through the pops to try and get some contact, any contact, please, somebody help me, just one little touch of the bumper, how can you be so cruel, I just pulled off the greatest combo there is and you're DRAINING me for it!!!?? Aaarrrrgghhhh you &;$%*^&->£€|!!!!!!

#4071 5 years ago

This was 20 months ago!
I have not got anywhere near it since. What an awesome machine that once you get a great score, there is no way that you feel like you have beaten it. It just continues to own you.


#4081 5 years ago
Quoted from QuarterGrabber:

Yes ColorDMD announced TRON earlier this year as getting the colour treatment. Just throw the blue DMD in Metallica and give Tron the colour it deserves

But the Tron world is only three colours, black, blue and orange. Image search...


#4085 5 years ago

As much as I love colorDMD and Tron, I honestly think it would be the most underwhelming color DMD treatment.

#4088 5 years ago
Quoted from QuarterGrabber:

I disagree and I think you will buy one

Probably, haha.

#4096 5 years ago

What's the bucket?

Edit. Ahh, I found it.

#4098 5 years ago
Quoted from centerflank:

You put in on your head and run around in the street while banging a wooden spoon on it.


1 week later
#4188 5 years ago
Quoted from xsonics2k2:

but I can't as the art and translite on my Tron are one piece

Usually the black trim around the edges just slides off.

#4215 5 years ago
Quoted from Hougie:

light cycle mb can suck it.

So true. This is my best LCMB completion, but I've only done it this neatly like, twice, ever. It's a killer.

#4224 5 years ago
Quoted from Frax:

Had a game the other night where I plunged Gem from the shooter lane so clean it actually went up the whole lane, out the left side, and out the left outlane.

Hahahaha. I can just imagine the range of emotions during the few seconds over which that happened. Just like TSPP when grandpa yells out Extra Ball!! immediately followed by Oh Thunderpants! You gotta laugh.

1 week later
#4246 5 years ago

Plus, brightness is not even the right scale to be using. Tron ramp lights are measured in units of Awesome Superluxness, or ASL. I have an ASL meter and have tested both my pro and LE and both machines score 11 ASL.

#4277 5 years ago
Quoted from MK6PIN:

I hit GEM shot TWICE w my upper left flipper last night!!!..decided I could now turn pro....of course that was the end of that...never got the 3rd, or even remotely close to her again.

I really like that we who love Tron really love the challenge of this shot, whereas the down voters and ranking bashers claim it to be bad design.

#4290 5 years ago
Quoted from PeterG:

Ho, I'm new to tron and just got me a TRON LE. Love the game but it has a flaw. Sometimes when you play it, it just stops, like the machine thinks you drained the ball, but it is still in place. Very frustrating to lose the ball like that on a good play. Any of you had this before? And what to do? like to hear your opinion on this.
Still love the game, it's hard but very rewarding when thinks work out.

Very common problem..

#4294 5 years ago
Quoted from centerflank:

No. Id roll with a superbly loaded pro. I would never think twice about it. So few differences that actually matter.
*although I have custom light up rails/hinges done by TrilogyBeer*
The only thing that you physically shoot for is drop targets and daft punk MB. I have no preference on stand up or drops. They are both all good with me.
Daft punk MB is really the one and only true diff to me between the 2 versions and I can live without it. NOT KNOCKING THE LE, its an amazing game in that model.

I totally get the popular view on this. This is one pro that stands tall, very tall, when compared to its LE brother. The other side of the mirror though is this.. Ask an LE owner if they would trade to a modded pro for some extra cash?

1 week later
#4308 5 years ago

This is STILL my favourite use of pinball browser across all my machines. Hard to beat a bit of Jean Michel Jarre. The disc battle music was always the big letdown for me.

#4316 5 years ago

Yet another vote for incandescent here. I only have two incandescent bulbs in all of my machines. This one and the ringwraith in Lotr.

#4322 5 years ago
Quoted from KevInBuffalo:

Thanks guys. Maybe a blue incandescent is the way to go. Bet that'd look great.

I did exactly that. Looks great. I alternate between the blue and natural. Sometimes I find the blue doesn't stand out enough, and I currently have a natural in for that reason but the blue is definitely more interesting/cooler.

#4337 5 years ago
Quoted from centerflank:

I'm curious if some of you are really reading the posts in this threads or are just skimming through looking for PRON

PRON, I love it more than Palm.

#4366 5 years ago
Quoted from kporter946286:

I am going to do the Pop bumber upgrade. What is your guys preference. I have seen both Black and Chrome Black is much cheaper at $79.99 and Chrome is $109.99. From the photos I can't tell what I prefer and wanted to ask my Tron Brothers what they have installed and which in their opinions is better.

Match your trim I think. Chrome for LE. Black for pro.

#4424 5 years ago
Quoted from Chosen_S:

I'm guessing because stern only wanted it in the LE

You need an LE Rom, which will only work in the LE
At least I'm 99.99% sure

LE code won't work in a pro. 100%. Sadly enough.

#4436 5 years ago
Quoted from centerflank:

I just set my pro to light up portal after 1 recognizer bank hit

You might get it one day soon then Flank.

#4440 5 years ago
Quoted from PeterG:

Aaargh, playing Tron last monday and set a new high score, playing Tron yesterday and she left me stuck with 20M.........

It's the ciiiiircle of liiife...

1 week later
#4470 5 years ago
Quoted from Gov:

Ya, the GI is what I would be after since I already have Eli's mod installed.

Here's a little bit of the total lightshow version in development. I'm going for lock in with Eli's ramps. Plus some of the effects I built for Met. Just GI.

#4472 5 years ago
Quoted from lyonsden:

Nice work! Any chance you will open source your code and make it available for the entire community? I hate seeing all this close sourced stuff.

At this point I don't even know if I'll even get it finished, lol. I have no problem putting my game code out there. It's hard to open up the hardware though as its a custom build. And for my game code to work it requires all the lamps and switches in entirety to lock into modes properly.

#4474 5 years ago
Quoted from lyonsden:

I was crushed by how much work assembling kits and distribution was,

Could not agree more with this statement.

Quoted from lyonsden:

But I am poking him to open source his stuff -- which needs to be done if he (or anyone who will be selling kits) is using GPL code

Also agree. Rest assured there is not one open source component used in my stuff.

My goals are very specific. I am into mode locking. I don't want to compete in the general lighting arena. I actually don't want to compete at all. I just want to make blinky lights, lol. I want, on a personal level to see if it is actually possible to blend completely into the machine. I also don't realistically think I can make a commercial venture out of this. Like most here, it is love of pinball and love of learning that is driving me. Any game I approach is first and foremost an expression of what I want for myself. I honestly can't imagine having the energy to get more than three or four games done, ever, before I drop off the perch. It's too demanding to wring every drop of behaviour out of the machine. If I can drop a few kits into a few folks' machines along the way then happy days, but I can't imagine we are talking meaningfully large numbers here.

1 month later
#4616 5 years ago
Quoted from PeterG:

I replaced the disc with a new clear version today. Looks great but the ball speed! It's vicious. Is it safe?
It just flies all places, wondering if some of you already had problems with broken parts? The black version I took of was really nothing compared to this one. Is that staying that way or will it slow down a bit?
Best part is that my disc is making much less noise....and had one of my best games ever!

It slows down a bit. I have two Trons with the clear disc and never a broken part. I don't think I've heard of anyone having a broken part from the ball flying. Fair warning, you WILL get addicted to the speed. I keep a supply of fresh discs, so that when it does slow down I can put a new one in and get it back to full fling.

#4618 5 years ago
Quoted from MK6PIN:

Ditto for me ( only one TRON though) broken things ( yet) but major fun !!!....It does slow down a bit over time....I have 3 left...due for a holiday change, I believe

And it's not just the speed. Have you noticed the sound it makes when it grabs the ball at full speed?! It's like it's tearing the fabric of spacetime. Freaking awesome.

#4621 5 years ago
Quoted from centerflank:

Where do you buy this disc replacement from?

Discs'r'us, Centerflank Arcade, Tronville

3 weeks later
#4715 4 years ago
Quoted from Chosen_S:

I used spray on vinyl adhesive with new pinball life disc and blue disc from flank
Worked a charm...
I think I even scuffed up the clear disc a little to give it some tooth

I like a bit of tooth. Also, purchase. Two good, grippy words.

1 month later
#4911 4 years ago

I'll just have to make do with the LE

2 weeks later
#5164 4 years ago
Quoted from fisherdaman:

bueller .... bueller .... bueller

have you checked it's not disabled in the feature adjustments?

#5201 4 years ago
Quoted from Frax:

Could someone please buy my Tron so I can go to IFPA SCS Nationals? THANKS.

You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave.

#5271 4 years ago

Trump Day??
Aaaahhhhhh! I didn't say that. Running away now. Byyyeeeee.......

#5274 4 years ago

Pretty old. Sorry if you've already seen it.

1 week later
#5455 4 years ago
Quoted from delt31:

Guys - my tron says to install 4 balls but there are only three switches in the ball holder so I've only installed 3. Is mine missing a switch? If someone wouldn't mind taking a pic of your ball holder so I can compare to mine. Seems like mine only has 3 switches (where the balls rest while not in play)....
EDIT - manual says there are only 3 so I guess mine is fine. 4 in and all is good.

The fourth switch is an opto. It's the green PCB at the shooter lane end. The ball breaks the beam to activate the switch.
And a Tronly reminder to be real careful when finding your own reasons to override the instructions. You don't want Quorra to have to intervene and save your ass from the grid. Or maybe you do...

#5479 4 years ago
Quoted from delt31:

I can totally see how modding this thing can get addicting!

Quoted from kporter946286:

Understatement of year! Welcome to the club!

Haha. True.

1 week later
#5604 4 years ago
Quoted from Erik:

I can make you a hot deal on Tigerlaw. Timebandit and Blondetall will cost you.

I know I'm quite a reasonable guy, but I haven't ventured into volunteering for the hardest job on the internet just yet, lol.

#5680 4 years ago
Quoted from Erik:

Winner gets a camping trip with centerflank!

In that case, I guess 3,245,654.

1 month later
#5910 4 years ago

Haven't been to the clubhouse for a while. Nice to see a bunch of new members. Nothing to report. Tron rules. I'm thinking of laser cut rails that read like this.. TRONLEgacy.. or not.
Carry on.

1 month later
#6210 4 years ago

The Gem Crystal Apron..


#6213 4 years ago
Quoted from TigerLaw:

Wow! Where did you find that? Very nice!

Made it. A few versions coming for the redshiftLED website. A bit of fun. This is an R&D test, but it's so awesome I'm leaving it in I think.

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#6317 4 years ago
Quoted from webdiddy:

There's something really strange going on. I just played a game and started identity disc multiball, and guess what, the left ramp turned yellow and the right ramp turned blue (light cycle multimall). Seams to me like the board for my eli ramps is really confused. I wonder if this can be fixed with a software update to the board or if it needs replacing? There must be some kind of warranty right?

Just reflash the code. Well be good to go.

#6330 4 years ago
Quoted from beelzeboob:

Well, it's really all about designing a game that makes you feel like you COULD have gotten to the end...but always wind up just a bit short. I love my ACDC, but I know I have no chance of ever seeing the wizard mode. Same with WOZ, GOT, and even IJ. But with this game, I've lit the entire ladder with only one or two left to complete to reach portal. And I always seem to come up a few shots short. And THAT'S why you keep hitting the start button, after all.
A well-modded Tron is a wonderful thing, indeed.

Boob! I had no idea you'd joined! Welcome to the coolest club there is.

#6332 4 years ago
Quoted from monkeyboypaul:

Everything was going well on ball 1 with all but CLU lit solidly, but then the effect wore off and balls 2 and 3 didn't even touch the sides.

So, you were literally CLUless.

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#6488 4 years ago
Quoted from monkeyboypaul:

I seriously hate Light Cycle Multiball sometimes. So simple, but so difficult to achieve a completion most of the time.

I fully subscribe to the idea that LCMB is harder than Gem.

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#6511 4 years ago

Either works. No need to take sides. I would have either. I do have the Cliffy though, with a cut out on the right for the soft plunge to roll into the scoop (I think that might have been the second design Cliffy went with, but could be wrong on that). It's not necessarily true to say the "Cliffy doesn't work". Maybe really old, first run versions don't work, but most of the Cliffys out there work fine.

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#6534 4 years ago
Quoted from MapleSyrup:

Ok. Maybe this has been covered before, but I thought I'd share this with Tron nerds like myself.
I've found an interesting way to make the Gem shot that is fun, and I'm hitting it with a WAY higher percentage than trying to slam it off the orbit or Quorra loop.
I've been back flipping from the left flipper. A quick back flip (with a small bump out) will send the ball slowly up the left orbit. Usually comes to rest at the base or just past the base of the upper left flipper. It's just started to roll back down as you can slam the Gem shot with pretty great accuracy.
Maybe this is old news to you guys, but I thought I'd share.
It was something I looked at and though, "Hmmm... I wonder if that could be pulled off!?", and then I did it on my first try.
I do a similar bump out and backflip from the right flipper to the Away Team shot on my STle.
Happy Flipping

Yup, all the best gem shots are off a slow moving ball. Time and time again I watch people play Tron and only shoot for gem when it's a deliberate set up, either through Quorra or the orbit. There are so many opportunities when the ball floats near the upper flipper during the general run of play.

#6541 4 years ago
Quoted from Archytas:

I was suprised the game has no speed setting for the disc. Just on/off.

Hell yeah. Find me a way to speed that sucker up!

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#6563 4 years ago

Being made now. I use 4mm optic fibre. I hand made my prototypes out of paperclips.
Screenshot_2016-10-27-06-41-33-77 (resized).png

#6570 4 years ago

IMG20161029215131 (resized).jpg

IMG20161029215257 (resized).jpg

IMG20161029215200 (resized).jpg

IMG20161029215119 (resized).jpg

IMG20161029214936 (resized).jpg

#6571 4 years ago

IMG20161029220616 (resized).jpg

IMG20161029220605 (resized).jpg

IMG20161029220258 (resized).jpg

IMG20161029220202 (resized).jpg

#6573 4 years ago

IMG20161101080644 (resized).jpg

IMG20161101080513 (resized).jpg

IMG20161101080627 (resized).jpg

IMG20161101080456 (resized).jpg

IMG20161101080315 (resized).jpg

IMG20161101080309 (resized).jpg

IMG20161101080250 (resized).jpg

IMG20161101080236 (resized).jpg

#6575 4 years ago
Quoted from northvibe:

When is the tron stuff ready?!

Within this calendar year. Total Lightshow is doing a version of the ramp lights that reacts with switches as well as lamps.

#6577 4 years ago
Quoted from jkashani:

I wonder how those would look spray painted?

From player viewpoint they are almost invisible. And that's in daylight. In a dim or dark room you won't see them.

#6579 4 years ago
Quoted from northvibe:

As in I shouldn't buy Eli ramp mod.......... ??

That is the mod of mods. It's what I aspire to. It is very high quality, with those beautiful aluminium housings for the LEDs. It is available now. You should buy it.
Mine will do more, as it reads switches as well as lamp states. Mine will have much simpler LED attachments to the ramp fibre and therefore will look less impressive as a piece of hardware. I don't feel I am stepping on too many toes as that mod has had the market for a couple of years now, and most people have probably already got it, and I am bringing something new to the table with the switch reading. Mine will be much lower cost. Mine is not ready yet, and technically, there is a risk that it may never be, so you may get frustrated if you wait. I have a good track record of quality through the installed user base of the Metallica GI mod.
Those are the data points.

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#6608 4 years ago
Quoted from Erik:

Hey TimeBandit these aprons are fantastic. On the LE there's no artwork in the triangle areas of the metal apron. What would you recommend on yours? Would it look weird leaving it empty on the acrylic?

I reckon someone has to try laser etching there. I just put pro decals on mine. On my LE that is. The photos here are obviously my pro, but somewhere there are photos of my LE with a clear apron on it with pro decals.

#6611 4 years ago
Quoted from Billy16:

I think Gem is 80% luck, anyway! I have the most luck banking it off the stand up targets. I'd really like to ask Borg if Gem was just an accident, or if he had any idea of how tough a shot this was going to be and of the many different ways of hitting that b#*%h of a shot we'd discover.

I think it's the Rogue shot from X-Men. Someone could do a Photoshop flip and see if the geometry is the same. If there is an "accident" in the design, it is probably the rising 3 bank target which gets in the way of the shot. With that target down it feels almost exactly like Rogue off the third flipper, with a similar success rate.

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#6672 3 years ago

Who doesn't love the start sequence sound for LCMB? I couldn't get enough of it, so I took my new sound caller board that is driven by Total Lightshow, and made the recognizer target bank call that start sound, but only during LCMB. That target bank just sits there like a goon during LCMB, so now it does something useful. Headphones with good bass a must, the subwoofer is pumping here.

#6675 3 years ago

I also put it on ball launch. It primes when the shooterlane is depressed, then plays the sound call as the shooterlane switch is released. Unbelievable in MBs! You just get bombarded by it.

#6676 3 years ago

Total Lightshow does Quorra. Detail of QMB.

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#6685 3 years ago

Here is a run through of the complete Total Lightshow Tron code, all the way up to and including SOS. Missing from the demo but in the code are, outlane colour fade effect (orange left, blue right) and extra ball orange left ramp sync with extra ball insert.

#6689 3 years ago
Quoted from MK6PIN:

Looks great!!! I'm behind, but is this using Eli's fiber kit for pros only? Or does it integrate with LE's ( doubt it) doesn't look leds from video....

This is all new gear unrelated to the Pinbits Eli kit. Same driver board as the Metallica kit. Pro only.

#6693 3 years ago
Quoted from MK6PIN:

got it....will live w the LE show....

LE forever once you got one. The show on this is better than the LE, but the LE stays if one has to go.

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#6854 3 years ago
Quoted from MK6PIN:

.mine doesn't leave".

Neither of mine is leaving.

That's how good it is, boo yah.

Two is barely enough.

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#6877 3 years ago
Quoted from BOBCADE:

I should clarify, I hit the left ramp clean and the ball drop on the right side keeps hopping the rail and out the drain. So far I have leveled, tried adjusting the ramp screws with angle, changed the post rubber, spun the ramp grommet. 35-40% of time results in a lost ball. Crazy

Pic? Not sure if anything would be immediately obvious, but such a rare issue.

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#6919 3 years ago

So sad. LE#75 left the house today. I'll be ok. I still have my Pro. But I'd like to be alone for a little while.

#6922 3 years ago
Quoted from MK6PIN:

How do I unsee this???

I know. I'm sitting here thinking how do I unlive this?

I won't leave the Tron club. In the long run it is better I think that someone else can experience the LE magic. Those drops, that extra multiball, that LEness that just oozes from every surface. I wish everyone could.

Maybe you never really own a TronLE. Maybe you are just a caretaker.

I was actually playing my pro all the time because my Lightshow on the ramps is far superior. Tron has always been a great pro.

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#6964 3 years ago
Quoted from northvibe:

I thought someone had them, pinbits?
However timebandit is making a similar like kit, and I think it is cheaper?

And has greater functionality.

#6985 3 years ago

Just got my black Hooked pop caps in. Had the chrome on my LE but went black on the pro to match the armour. Forgot how sweet these are!

IMG20170615213617 (resized).jpg

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#7024 3 years ago

I never noticed this in years of owning, but I can't seem to change the disc hit numbers, ie hits to open target bank and his to start MB. Even though there are menu items and the numbers change, in gameplay there is no change. Am I missing something?

#7035 3 years ago

That's the plastic spinning disc that is part of the mechanism. It's not the clear adhesive disc used to replace the black one.

#7036 3 years ago
Quoted from Mokthemagicman:

What makes this Disk better?

That's not actually what you want. There is a clear adhesive silicon disc that is used to replace the black factory one, and is super grippy and flings and spins the ball like crazy.
It comes from Europe and I'm not sure the guys who stock it still ship to the U.S.

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#7104 3 years ago
Quoted from PeterG:

My cleaning lady broke my tron girl translate now it is damaged beyond repair. Does anybody have a new one for a reasonable price?

Yes, I can get you a new cleaning lady fairly cheaply.

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#7145 3 years ago
Quoted from Jimmyapple:

pinbits is out of the ramp kit. Anyone know where else to get one?

I will have my version back in stock next week.

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#7353 3 years ago
Quoted from weaverj:

what makes it pop up during gameplay? i figured i'm in a specific mode or i'm not qualified to do something, just not sure what.

"Tron" pops, ie; super pops are lit. Extra scoring for the pops so it helps you out by keeping the ball in there longer.

#7355 3 years ago
Quoted from MK6PIN:

Beat me to to find the ghost in my machine.....

It's pretty obvious you have a problem with your grid. I think you need to get in.

#7357 3 years ago
Quoted from weaverj:

makes sense. tyvm.
speaking of pops, you guys like the chrome or black upgrade ones? i think black fits the game better, but the chrome is shiny...

I had chrome on my LE, black on my pro. Looks consistent with the armour.

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#7371 3 years ago
Quoted from Billy16:

I'd miss the bank-into-Gem shot too much to take out the stand-ups.

I think that gets accepted a bit too easily as a thing. I had an LE for a long time and had no problem banking the shot off the drops into Gem. It IS less likely off the rubber if the middle drops are down (but still doable), and in this configuration the rubber is a little farther back and does kill the bank shot, but if you hit the targets there is no issue with the shot. So to sum up, yes it is available less often, but it certainly doesn't disappear. And if I were to install a rubber post in exactly the same position as in the LE, then I would say you would get a good go at the shot off the rubber.

#7372 3 years ago

Here's my LE playfield with the two holes close to the target cutout that take the posts for the drop target rubber. Now I'm wondering whether I do the playfield swap and put the LE PF in my pro, or drill the pro PF for the posts?

IMG20171111205855 (resized).jpg

#7376 3 years ago
Quoted from Mokthemagicman:

Where is the drop targets for a Tron Pro available on Redshift website? Is this still a work in progress?

Keep an eye on this thread for details..

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#7427 2 years ago
Quoted from weaverj:

i have one side of one of my lighted ramps acting a little weird. the color doesn't match the other side exactly. most noticeable when the ramp is supposed to be yellow; the bad side is orange/red. is there a reset or something for those to recalibrate? ty.

It will most likely be the green component in one of the LEDs failing. Either the LED itself has failed or the green control wire has lost contact.
If there's a red control board in your back box its one of my kits. If there's a small pcb plugged in to the CPU bus it's an Eli kit.

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#7459 2 years ago
Quoted from Jimmyapple:

Hey everyone. Got a question. If anyone’s interested in testing this out for me. I have a Tron Pro and having something weird happened so I wanna make sure it’s normal. During multi-balls and the end of ball cycle when F1 through F4 fuses are activated or initiated the light to the left goes off and I hear a popping sound from the fuses and so when there’s a lot of activity its popping pretty loud in the back box. Is that normal? You can tell if you take the translite out and get to disk multiball and watch the 4 red leds go out. Thanks- I do have it modded like everyone else including having aftermarket ramps lights.

GI mechanical relay operating. Normal behaviour. It's at its most annoying when you hit a spinner with Zuse running.

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#7482 2 years ago
Quoted from Jimmyapple:

Thanks- just flashed for a long time but was nowhere near sos so just curious

Every time you roll over the Flynn switch it starts flashing until you hit the Tron targets.

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#7517 2 years ago
Quoted from weaverj:

is there a place other than pinbits to source a replacement blue box for an eli ramp kit? pinbits sent me a replacement controller, but that didn't correct my color issue.

You've probably just lost one of the colors on the actual LED. You can take the blue housing off the LED enclosure and access the LED. You can then replace the LED if you can do simple SMD work, and find a suitable replacement. I'm not sure of the LED part number but the housing is custom so you won't be able to find a complete replacement for the whole thing anywhere else.

#7524 2 years ago
Quoted from delt31:

I just chromed her out!!!

Loving the chrome, delt! I'm going that way too. I have an LE cleared playfield that I'm putting in, along with the drop target bank. Think I'll document the whole process as "the road to Tron Premium".

#7528 2 years ago