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Official TRON lovefest thread, I love it more than Lightning Kitty.

By centerflank

6 years ago

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#1397 5 years ago

Well, its no surprise why Captain Kirk also has eyes for Tron. And look, he even brought his own lamp.

Good Times 019.jpg
2 months later
#1739 5 years ago

Reason # 42 why I love Tron. The left pop is just darn evil as it slams the ball over to the upper flipper not once, not twice but three times- and I am always a half second behind it. Durp.

#1751 5 years ago

Reason #29 why I love Tron- it challenges me to play well on every ball. In order for me to reach SOS or nab a decent score I gotta make the most of each ball. If I fall behind playing someone it is very difficult to make it all up in one, the complete opposite of ACDC.

2 weeks later
#1821 5 years ago

Congrats on picking up Tron in any form...its just an excellent game hands down. Speaking of hands down, one might guess that is how I played it tonight. It was pathetic...30 games in about 40 minutes. I sucked bad and even though I feel like Rocky's face after 15 rounds with Apollo, I'm still standing. : ) God I love this game.

#1944 5 years ago

Make that three.

3 weeks later
#2167 5 years ago

I am slowly getting further up the SOS ladder. Tonight I reached it with everything lit solid except LC and Zuse. Nailed the z, u and s but the e eluded me. I normally never shoot for e as it always seems to get a random hit.

Btw...I dont think I have seen it mentioned yet but congrats to Olivia and Jason on the arrival of their new baby boy. The game has changed, son of Quorra.

#2198 5 years ago

I keep coming back to this awesome thread and once again I must say I really love this pin. The honeymoon just keeps going and going. I find myself totally immersed in Tron. Lights, sounds and game play. Just killer.

1 week later
#2232 5 years ago

Tonight I was sooo close to starting portal. So close. So close Im still screaming obscenities and throwing sh!t around.
I'm gonna practice Carl's breathing techniques, freshen my drink up and get right back in there.

3 months later
#2470 4 years ago

In respect for being Tron Tuesday I am going to go nail Quorra and Gem over and over and over again.

#2472 4 years ago

Reason # 73 why I love Tron....when the ball flies up an inlane so fast that it makes a perfect arc over and drops down the opposite inlane, yeah, thats pretty sweet.

1 month later
#2657 4 years ago

It is blue. It is for Tron. I could not resist. Just wonder if it will grip like the clear one.

2 weeks later
#2720 4 years ago

Tronwomen are the Best. I would do anything to get them to sign my translite. I would even sleep with them if I had to. I love Tron that much.

4 weeks later
#2793 4 years ago

That is cool. ENDOFLINE, do you mind if I save that for a future avatar?

3 weeks later
#2852 4 years ago

I would buy them as well Aurich. The current ones are grainy and appear almost out of focus to my poor old eyes.

1 month later
#2955 4 years ago

Gosh I really love this game but it pisses me off at times. Seems like each game leaves me flipping the machine off with my right hand while simultaneously reaching to start another game with my left.
To me, that is great pinball. That is why I bought a ticket to the show.

#2962 4 years ago
Quoted from DavidPinballWizz:

I just moved from this club to the Star Trek club.

Your dead to me now. I don't want to see you at the casinos and when you visit our mother, I want to be notified a day in advance.

3 weeks later
#3011 4 years ago

I agree Erik. I have tried all kinds of different bulbs and ended up putting a incandescent back in. It would be cool if that corner of the ramp was somehow tinted blue. Would painting the underside work?

2 weeks later
#3132 4 years ago
Quoted from dendoc:

that Quora to Gem double is mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

Yes it is. I love nailing them back-to-back, very satisfying shot especially with the shaker rumbling.

#3134 4 years ago

No need to resist, I know what words I was typing. I will stand behind them.

1 week later
#3162 4 years ago

Erik provided a good answer to your question bjorg. Clean the playfield regularly and change the balls out if they get scratched or nicked. Tron's pf is not known to have this issue, if it did, the owners would of spoken up. (were not shy) I say keep it clean and play on.

2 weeks later
#3188 4 years ago

Just had an old friend get back in touch and come by for a visit. Took him down to the pin dungeon and fired up all the machines and guess which one he immediately walked right up to and started a game on? Ba ba ba bum.

3 weeks later
#3261 4 years ago

Looks awesome Hougie. I think the lit ramps are the coolest mod ever made. A true "must have" imo.

1 week later
#3344 4 years ago

I thought this was the working mans Tron thread. You all need to take that fancy high falooting LE-type talk somewhere else. This statement was sponsored by the word of the day : envy.

3 weeks later
#3488 4 years ago

The babes of Tron. Sigh. You can catch them both together in the strange flick Turistas. I don't want to spoil it but what they do to Gem cannot be unseen. Creep-o-meter pegged.

4 months later
#4441 3 years ago

Greetings programs, I have been busy lately and had my head tucked inside some new (to me) pins but made time to power on the big blue T last night and got to SOS on my first game. The ball shot out of the scoop and hit the right flipper in a bad spot, rolled straight up and came back down sdtm. Game over. Not in the cards. Apparently father Flynn and I were not on the same team.

1 month later
#4598 3 years ago

I would keep the shaker and immediately add Eli's kit. It really does make a huge difference. In fact I will say this.....it is the best improvement I have ever made to any pin.

1 week later
#4640 3 years ago

Tron is simply my favorite game. It rocks. It rolls. It slices and dices and cuts tomatoes paper thin. If I could not obtain one where I live I would move.

2 months later
#5219 3 years ago
Quoted from centerflank:

Lamp is being retired, its done, finished.

Noooooo. Life evolves around Lamp and Tron. Cf, you started all of this and as chairmen and our bravest warrior, you hold the naming rights. But before we slap a number 12 on the box lets think things through, otherwise every idea man has ever had about the Universe is up for grabs. Biodigital jazz, man.

#5222 3 years ago

There can be only one.


1 week later
#5407 3 years ago

I feel like I am drowning in GB slime green Kool-Aid today. Its nice to get back on the grid and into the blue.


The batteries were an answer to another post, I will let you all guess which one.

#5408 3 years ago
Quoted from MK6PIN:

What's the difference between shaking and vibrating?.....hmmmm..

#5410 3 years ago

Only lithium for Special K

1 week later
#5547 3 years ago
Quoted from aeonblack:

bricking 90% of my shots to Quorra

Check the "U" target and you will probably find it leaning to the right and blocking a clean shot to Quorra. Loosen, straighten and tighten it back down and you should be good to go.

#5564 3 years ago
Quoted from Erik:

Too much or too magnificent?

Too white. Might work if you made it blue.

2 weeks later
#5747 3 years ago

My guess would be the z connector has wiggled a little loose.

#5763 3 years ago

It looks like this thread has gone a full day without a post. Whaaat? I guess were all too busy enjoying Tron. I know I am. It is still my go to game. every time. If all my pins made me feel this good .....I would never leave the house.

4 months later
#6492 2 years ago

Everyone tells me I need a new kitchen table. That looks perfect.

2 months later
#6624 2 years ago

Happy Thanksgiving programs!

1 week later
#6627 2 years ago

I just purchased my first sub, the Polk, and connected it to Tron. Omg, what a difference. The game has changed, son of Flynn.
I am completely deaf in my left ear and this sub has helped tremendously. I think it just went up to the top of the list for mods, along with color dmd and pdi.

1 week later
#6650 2 years ago

The bubbles are cheap pos and cannot be trusted. Besides, many have theirs inclined more than 6.5 degrees. You are right about the checking the side-to-side level though. The right orbit is a tough shot for me and seems even tougher when I really need it.

2 weeks later
#6677 2 years ago

That total lightshow is spectacular. I kinda wished I would not of watched it because now I want it. There is never an end to upgrading Tron. And thats ok. Adding the sound of LCMB startup on the target bank and ball launch was ingenious.

2 weeks later
#6700 2 years ago

CF better pop back in and update the title of this thread. I still love Tron more than Lightning Kitty but I have pounded that pussy 9 lives over. Time for some strange. I mean change.

3 weeks later
#6729 2 years ago

I made it back to Portal. Only the second time ever for me and I was beginning to wonder if that light still worked. I was playing far above my skill level. I mean, everything was just unfolding in front of me. It was as if I knew where the ball was going to go and gave the machine just the right nudge at the right time. MB's? No problem, just keep two of them on the left flipper and nail everything with the right one. I started wondering to myself....Is this how Bowen feels all the time? Wow. It was definitely time for a Snickers bar.
Well, I am not Bowen and reality quickly set in. I flubbed the last ball and ended with only 159 million. It could of been much higher if a ball would not have bounced into the scoop to start SOS before I could complete disc mb. Everything else was lit solid. Arrgh.

Tron kicks ass. I had just completed it and the first thing I wanted to do was play again. That says a lot right there. Libations for everybody

2 months later
#6880 2 years ago

Is the ball dropping out of the right ramp onto the metal lane guide and hopping over to the outlane? BOBCADE, how straight is the metal lane guide on your machine? In Grg's pic above it appears pretty straight. Mine leans towards the outlane slightly and at first it bothered me but I think it helps the ball stay in the inlane . Just wondering if yours may lean the other way.

#6893 2 years ago

Hold on now, you replaced Gem on the right side bbox. Grrrrrr.

1 month later
#6943 2 years ago

Ahhhhh. Princess Olivia. Just what I needed, much nicer than a cracked-egg deathstar. I think she is trying to tell me something. Buy an LE, buy an LE.

1 month later
#7061 1 year ago

The magic incline for mine turned out to be 6.7 degrees. Plays fantastic that way. It is truly my favorite machine and over this past weekend I set a new GC score. I feel like a God.

2 weeks later
#7105 1 year ago

I am sorry to hear about your translite PeterG. They are still available but not sure about a reasonable price. I feel kinda bad commenting but TimeBandit's post left me almost rolling on the floor laughing.

#7118 1 year ago

I concur. I make no effort to hide the fact that I am totally enamored with Gem. The music for her mode puts me in a nice groove. I have discovered the most satisfying shot in all pinball is to get Gem started, then Quorra, then nail the combo to complete them both with one shot. Yessssss.

2 months later
#7323 1 year ago

Ok, now that we have that all settled lets get ourselves back to the grid. Our fearless leader has passed thru the portal and may never return but our love and allegiance to Tron remains strong. Libations for everyone.

3 months later
#7440 1 year ago

I have had Eli's ramp mod installed for quite a while now and I am still impressed. When my final game is over I just stand there staring at the playfield, mesmerized by the color changing ramps. Kinda like a lava lamp. I do love lamp.

1 month later
#7575 1 year ago

Its been 5 years but I purchased mine from fellow Pinsider Pinball_Customs.

#7580 1 year ago

Looking back through my emails I see that I had about the same experience. All in all it took awhile but it has held up nicely over the years and looks much better. It was worth the nominal price and short wait. Thanks again Pinball Customs.

2 months later
#7773 1 year ago

Please put me down for 2 clear ones and huge thanks for your efforts.

#7805 1 year ago


2 months later
#8158 11 months ago

Received the discs this week. Sorry for the delayed notice as it took a day or two before I could get to the post office. Huge thanks for all your effort.

#8210 11 months ago

Just dropped in to once again pledge my undying love for Tron. Hard to believe I have owned it for nearly 6 years because I am still on the honeymoon. Starting to think Stern built this pin just for me and they did!

8 months later
#8930 79 days ago

Wow Dave, sad to hear but we all have to step off the grid at some point. We bought our Trons about the same time and it was also my first nib. I relate to your story so much. It has been fun creating a unique Tron. Tweaking all the lights to get them just the way I like it. Adding Eli's awesome kit. Blue X-Pin. The challenges of gameplay. Arrrghh so close so many times. Yep. Been there and still doing it. Tron remains my favorite game and I think I am going to stay out here on the grid a while longer. Catch you later program.

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