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Official TRON lovefest thread, I love it more than Lightning Kitty.

By centerflank

6 years ago

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#42 6 years ago

only haters will say TRON is a poor game... (and do they really think it is ?)

to me, i'm still aiming to fully finish PORTAL, which i think it's something you have no 100% real control on it (must have a part of luck to complete all that shots) ... or i'm just so bad !?

last good game was few days ago, at 196M, and no "name entry" as my son got 5 better scores than that ! lol

#56 6 years ago
Quoted from Geremy13:

Last good game for me was last night when I got 15M.... loved it. Am going to try and beat that tonite. Going to read the rules first tonite.

forget about the score, just enjoy your games, and than points will follow...

2 months later
#763 6 years ago

i have this "free play" card done in the same theme

#797 6 years ago

finally put 1 gumball on mine, i found its a good idea

2 months later
#1313 5 years ago
Quoted from RobT:

It's amazing to me how much I still love this pin after all this time!
I have a bit of pin ADD, but man, Tron always pulls me back in.


about your score, nice, but you're still under my son
and i think he already got X12 (must be confirmed, but if you wanna know, remove the glass and try, you'll will know in 1 minute)

#1318 5 years ago


and i confirm X12

#1326 5 years ago

again, the prob is NOT to reach portal, but well to finish it !

1 week later
#1379 5 years ago

these pop bumpers caps are great !

#1382 5 years ago

well, a little misery now...

just noticed that the arcade was not more full square (hit by air ball ?), and was not more fully assembled/glued
i took it of, it goes in pieces

i know i can rebuild it... but...
dont tell me to buy the last arcade "mod", i know its beautifull and surelly one of the best mod in pinball history, but it's way to expensive for me (even more when i had already the version 1 and it burned after 3 seconds of work... no luck !)

now, i than replace the flash above the scoop, and to be honest, the first feeling is strange, but it became quickly addictive, as the flash hit you in the face while playing, and the view seems now clear in/to the bumpers ... !!!???
my son say the same (are we mad ???)

now, if you got some original idea to "cover/hide" the flash with a toy or something else, tell me, i can change my mind (and a small cap didnt do it, i tried it, with the other one on the ramp, its not good)


#1398 5 years ago

tanx for the feedback about my prob

pin is not more under warranty from time, even if P.P. is a nice guy, i doubt they send me a new one (but OK, its xmas time, i may ask, we never know)

and tanx quartergrabber+centerflank, you're already nice guys with the proposal, but i still got mine, not broken, just de-glued, and i still got another, the one bought/get with the v1 mod mounted in it

than, at the moment, leaving it as it, until i'll find something original, or... break the bank and get that v3 mod (but now i'm really in love with these new bumpers caps, the full plastic set, and some mirros blades)

Santa, are you listen to me !?

#1400 5 years ago
Quoted from luvthatapex2:

You need an arcade cab in that area. It looks naked without it and that flasher will get on your nerves in no time! Id rather a non working cab in there than none!

thats what i was thinking BEFORE i'll tried... and than i was more than surprise by this new "efx"
bah, lets see how it goes in the future

#1401 5 years ago


i have now set the angle of the socket to follow the scoop, its blinking more with the reflections on the metal
and/or i could also place it just on the wood level, right on the hole behind the scoop, easy trick

#1402 5 years ago
Quoted from IBARAKURO:

I joined the club
12 hours roadtrip
TRON LE # 121
a very beautiful copy
- Backglass light LED mod
- 2 light cycles
- Led recognizer
- mirrorblad
I must order:
- Tron cab mod
- Flynn's sign
- Fluorescent plastic
- Blue DMD
- The image of the backglass (there is a damaged spot)
and what else?

enfoiré !!! lol
and welcome to the club

1 week later
#1429 5 years ago

yes, i agree, really nice, fit perfect on the pin

#1430 5 years ago

now, as we admit that we need 2 colors, blue vs yellow (to respect the movie), why not white for the 3rd bumper in the back, near the ZUSE spinner...


1 week later
#1471 5 years ago

10... the same as my son (but dont know nothing about orgasm)
btw we're still chasing to fully-beat the PORTAL

and the chrome caps are very nice, well done

1 week later
#1523 5 years ago
Quoted from btw75:

I don't know how I did it today, but got to SOS without getting flynn. Chocked as usual in SOS, still without completing flynn. Never had paid attention to it at all since its rather difficult NOT to get it!


but dont feel alone
i just go to portal one more time, and it ended as always, with a 6.5M misery...
than, still trying to finish it

#1524 5 years ago
Quoted from Keebler:

Congrats man! NIB pins are exciting... my STLE should be here in a few days, I can't wait

nice, but not so sexy as CT new toy...

#1542 5 years ago
Quoted from dkpinball:

Guys, for those of you who have a Flynn's sign but didn't want to invest a lot of time and money into a PIG 2 to make it turn on and off with the GI, check out this thread:
Basically some time, a little money ($10-$15), some soldering, and you can have the Flynn's sign interact with the game. We also tested with it connected to the Flynn's Arcade insert on a TRON LE and it worked great. I'm not sure how it would work out on a Pro but it might be worth the time to find out.

thats how i linked my added led in the recognizer, with the GI cables behind the back panel...

#1543 5 years ago
Quoted from Buckman:

sure does, thanks for the explanation!

yep, and even if we're playing home, its a pity to only have that "mistery" to sometimes enabled the outlanes SPECIAL... btw, its now monthes i didnt get an extraball from there, still 0 (!!!) since code 1.74

means code need just few details to be "perfect"

more here : http://pinside.com/pinball/forum/topic/new-tron-code/page/8

1 week later
#1575 5 years ago

@hassan : well done...

@doc : 2 days ago, +/- 120M at first ball : SOS, than completed all was missing, than PORTAL enable, ball ejected from the scoop, bad control, and... out

(i prefer do not talk about the PORTAL battle on next ball, it ended as always, with a great bonus score of 9.5M)

#1580 5 years ago

yep, as said lots of time already, the prob is not to reach portal, but well to complete it...
gone there again yesterday, with another misery score of 10.2M
i do believe that luck is more important than skill to beat it (until i see a pin wizard getting full control on that)

btw, same conclusion game after game : this is a GREAT pin for sure, i love it (more than lamp) !

#1588 5 years ago

the "gem" skill shot was surelly not initialy imagined by the conceptor, was it !?
my son not bad at it

btw, about the super skill shot, its just the skillshot 2 (left turn, left shoot upper right flipper to right ramp) + to the arcade scoop at the end of turn

and to me, 3rd PORTAL reached in 3 days (while only playing few games), and ended with the same usual misery

btw, i'll repeat this ask here : since the 1.74 update, did you get "extra ball" thrue the "mistery" scoop ?
its now +/- 1000 games played here, and still 0 EB collected there, no matter how i set the "% level"
i'm than quite sure its linked with the number of EB you get in regular play (if too much %, than no EB)

#1602 5 years ago

ok guys, noticed for EB
before 1.74, also got some, but since...

2 weeks later
#1667 5 years ago

what !? 2 days ago for the last post !!!
seems the lamp is broken

ok than, just to say that we finally got an EB from the mystery spot ! its the 1st one in 979 games since 1.74 update
!!! hallelujah !!! we're at 31% of EB, finally, i dont know if this got something to do

and love to see my son kicking me in the ass, while playing as it
another fine game (still in 3 balls), with 1 SOS, completed, than PORTAL, not beaten it (as always), than again all step completed except the motorcycle and than just missed that 2nd PORTAL... all this with a (not so good score of) 257M

#1668 5 years ago

ha yes, forgotten, the other day, while in disc-multiball, i got 2 balls blocked/waiting behing the moving bank target
1 is quite regular, 2 is more than rare...

#1677 5 years ago

Hassan, please stop playing with your hands IN the pinball...

good job m8 !

#1678 5 years ago
Quoted from Kineticross:

Mind if I join you guys

welcome !

#1682 5 years ago

hmmm... at 49K i sell mine too than !!!

#1701 5 years ago

with NO doubt, i miss my Sorcerer...

#1702 5 years ago

ok guys, i think its THE right topic to ask, i dont wanna create a new flaming one with pro & cons, going nowhere...

here's the story : i got my TRON LE from the begining & i still enjoy it, no doubt about that
but (yes, but... ) i also want to see & try something else, and from days i'm now torturing my brain
i got some offers (deals) already for my pin, all seems nice, but not as attractive as what i have in mind, 2 ideas :

- a deal 1 vs 1 against a ST LE NIB (i actually got that proposal)

- selling the TRON LE, and than buying 2 NIB, a ST pro + MET pro !

to me, the second idea is more appealing, as i'm really in love with the MET pro at the moment (and this should grow with the new code coming)
i dont know about the ST, i played only few games on it, of course seems good, but... !? and what about a pro VS LE

now, we're in a TRON lovers topic, i'm a TRON fan, than you (lovers of the lamp), tell me what you think


#1704 5 years ago

(biglol, was waiting for this kind of words, and it takes less than a quarter)

#1706 5 years ago
Quoted from Timerider:

I would go Met Pro & an AC/DC instead of ST

and than, all you wanna do is torturing my brain a few more !?
btw, must admit its an interesting idea too...

#1707 5 years ago
Quoted from hassanchop:

Blasphemy!! You should be banned just by asking such thnings!

ok, you've won...
my NBA is just gone, than no more "need" to sell the TRON LE at the moment !!!
honor is safe, may the lamp accept my apologise...

(and of course, will bring only one pin to replace, i've gone for the MET pro)

#1716 5 years ago

wow, very nice "wall-art"

2 months later
#2203 5 years ago

since i got the MET home, i have a bit (well, must admit completly !!!) forget the LAMP on his corner...

do i deserve a blame ?

my son told me its logical, when the novelty & exciting from the MET will pass, we will go back to the LAMP with no doubt


1 week later
#2255 5 years ago

for people from west-europe, i'm selling mine...

pics : https://plus.google.com/photos/110304160913314353072/albums/6014108705987901649

(and for the lamp lovers, dont booh me, as it still shine in my garage !!! lol)

#2268 5 years ago

and another portal misery... as often, quite "easy" to reach it, but after... (i love this pinball !!!)

#2269 5 years ago

again today, same shit with a fantastic 2.5M scored on that wizard mode...

#2290 5 years ago

@time bandit : what are these inside-box decals you get in yours ?

@bjorg : i tried a white gumball in mine, its fun, more speedy (!!!), quickly dirty too, and i think with luck i didnt broke anything... my son finally asked to remove it

but even if it gives nothing more in the gameplay, why not !?

#2291 5 years ago
Quoted from centerflank:

and playing TRON & AC/DC

quite the same, with TRON & MET...

#2293 5 years ago

completly missed this... tanx

#2296 5 years ago


no, it was in a plastic, paperglued on the main glass or the front panel as i remember...

edit : just checked old pictures, it was right on the backglass

1 week later
#2331 5 years ago
Quoted from labnip:

No pins here
Buy lots of good surfin

let's admit : your tongs are just superb !!!

#2334 5 years ago

yep sorry, needeed a "h" in english, not in french...

#2338 5 years ago
Quoted from Erik:

sisqo.jpg 185 KB

wolverine must be scary now...

1 week later
#2376 5 years ago
Quoted from bjorg:

After having had the STLE for the past 6+ months, I can't really say that I go back to it much. TRON LE just has much better gameplay. I know, I'm preaching to the choir here.

yes i know that feeling, with my MET...

when arrived, we (with my son) didnt touch the TRON for long time, i even set it for sale, but it's still home, as all the proposals (some great/good for sure) i got didnt satisfied me until now, but may be the 1st reason is because i dont really want to sell it !? my brain is upside down when i think of it, i have only few options i could be tempted to do it

and now, as the MET madness is less hot, we're going back on the TRON, we're happy & enjoying as we were previously, and than yes IT'S a very good pin & addictive for sure
but as said just above, dont need to say that on this topic, as we all agree of course...

#2378 5 years ago

we spoke (long ago, here or another topic) about the higher END OF LINE jackpot, just did 7.7M
for what i remember must be the higher i i've done

4 weeks later
#2423 5 years ago


3 weeks later
#2473 5 years ago
Quoted from Silverballer:

Reason # 73 why I love Tron....when the ball flies up an inlane so fast that it makes a perfect arc over and drops down the opposite inlane, yeah, thats pretty sweet.

#73bis : less funny, when after the "arc", it goes to the opposite... outlane

#2481 5 years ago

EOT ! yes, i'm not wrong, not EOL...

seems end of... time has come for mine, just left the house few minutes ago...

btw, with no doubt, i'll still be with you, to enjoy and read about this beauty i'll never forget

1 month later
#2608 4 years ago

i have found my TRON LE replacement... i'm still in a similar game design...


1 week later
#2666 4 years ago
Quoted from labnip:

Screen Shot 2014-10-07 at 7.42.3... 24 KB

dont be afraid, and join me (lol)... the key of the backbox off my Magneto (!) is numbered triple 6...

2 weeks later
#2728 4 years ago

do you mean... his joystick !?

#2739 4 years ago

yep, that feeling while PORTAL is blinking on the scoop, and your heart is quite to explode !

"get in get in" (said quorra & gem)... and finally it ends with no satisfaction...

(lol inside)

#2743 4 years ago
Quoted from ENDOFLINE:

I only lasted 10 seconds in the portal

i hope its more longer with your wife...

(relol inside )

3 weeks later
#2806 4 years ago
Quoted from centerflank:

This thread is still going?

of course, even for those who have sold their pin... (snif)

#2818 4 years ago
Quoted from Billy16:

After playing Tron for awhile, I'm starting to believe that the Gem shot might be the most satisfying shot to hit on any of my pins. Each and every time I hit that shot it seems like a real accomplishment. If I can actually hit it while following Gem it's almost like hitting the lotto...

well, not really, as it's easier to... win at lotto !!!

2 months later
#2993 4 years ago

just back from a week-end at Eurodisney in Paris...
we meet 3 Trons (pro), 1 working very bad, 1 not tried, and 1 working good, at the arcade of the Disney Village (hello to the owners if your read)

we spent 2 hours there, raping the pin & getting the 3 first places, with 4 portal reached, and leaving with credits on it (because my son did get enough)

now, what about these, is this the best knew hiscore score in the world !? i dont know, but its quite amazing, done by my son (not me lol) :


1 SOS & 2 portal played (not completed) in the same game
to be honest, lets say pin is dirty, than playing slowly than usual, tilt really friendly, last code version on it, and 3 balls game with EB

than tags ANT & MIC are from us, if you go there and play a game, almost you know...

#2996 4 years ago

yep, its hot (the score, not the pin)

1 week later
#3098 4 years ago
Quoted from Erik:

We need a camera mod to record all the weird ball spin tricks!

as others said, not only climbing the right ramp
i remember 1 time a stunning return right STDM, "bang" on the metal piece, than goes left to came back thrue the left outlane and on the playfield

#3103 4 years ago

oh boys...

still feeling bad (to have sold my lamp), and cant "disconnect" from this topic !
have to call this a mind torture !?

#3113 4 years ago
Quoted from labnip:

You could always get one of these to fill the void...

its just even more simple : i can get back my TRON LE from the actual owner, the pin is available, i got the money (as selling more than easilly my MET)...


1. it tooks me monthes to finally decide to sell it, the main fact was : as it, i can bought/sell others pins, and try/play something else home, making a turn over (at the moment only 1 pin home)
2. that's what i did, with xmen & st , while MET is still here
3. taking back the lamp, again i will be "prisonner" of the pin as than it will never leaves, that means no more turn over !?
4. my son told me i was stupid to sell it... now he says : you'll be even more stupid to bought it back (and he's right considering what i said here above)


#3152 4 years ago
Quoted from Mar:

Well after 3 months of owning my Tron, I finally got to Portal. Funny thing was, I then got Portal a second time on the same day...
Pinball is a weird beast.
My question is, what do you do in Portal? Can it be finished and if so, how do you finish it? Is there anything after Portal or is that it?

going to portal is a 1st (easy) step
but finishing portal is another story
than, to reply your ask, you have to lit ALL the insert of every lane/ramp shots... than big jackpot (even better with X2 running)

PS : when you lit all the insert of a shot, than you get add-a-ball

good luck

#3164 4 years ago

i suppose the GI is linked on the inserts attract-mode, while these inserts are off !?

1 month later
#3266 4 years ago

please, someone free my mind !!!
... as its now quite a long time TRON is gone, and i'm still caming here

HELP ME (lol)

4 weeks later
#3425 4 years ago

why the TRON's haters are the guys who :

1. doesnt own a LE
2. just never played TRON
3. or more dramaticaly, never seen one in real

... !?

#3464 4 years ago

TRON is something special, it will be a part of the pinball history !
who have a doubt !? nobody here i think...

2 weeks later
#3567 4 years ago

did your wife agree ?

1 month later
#3709 4 years ago

so low !?
well, of course having 2 or 3 pins "only" home makes to have more games on them...
mine gets 7000-8000 when sold, and still beautifull

#3719 4 years ago
Quoted from RipleYYY:

so low !?
well, of course having 2 or 3 pins "only" home makes to have more games on them...
mine gets 7000-8000 when sold, and still beautifull

you all very low

btw, also forget to say (in my case) that we are 2 playing : not only me but my son, for quite 50% of the hits...

3 weeks later
#3916 4 years ago
Quoted from centerflank:

TRON business is serious! Ill wrestle anyone anytime!
So, did ya drill into your hand at all? Pics!

not a prob at all if you were Quorra...

3 weeks later
#4195 4 years ago

c'est beau hein

1 month later
#4349 3 years ago
Quoted from labnip:

Ok, tron nutz, here's some pix from Kraftwerk live last night... Pronish, nes pa?

Boing Boom Tschak !

(long live the '80, even if they began in mid '70)

2 weeks later
#4466 3 years ago
Quoted from lyonsden:

I spent the week doing some final tweaks ...

i always said that a pro will never be a LE...
now i must admit that yours is a real blast, fantastic job on the lightning

1 month later
#4612 3 years ago
Quoted from labnip:

Buy a Tron, join the club
Sell a Tron, get the torches

my TRON is now gone from time...
but i can't resist to came here as before, to read & watch

#4614 3 years ago

tchin !

#4632 3 years ago

for a moment, i have played mine with 1 (not 4) ceramic ball in it, as intended was faster for sure for that ball...

this can be considered for lots of others pins (without magnet, even if TZ got some, code was adapted), as it's "linked" to the theme, for example TF

4 months later
#5751 3 years ago

long time now i've decided to not more follow this topic on pinside (and try to forget TRON)
than just came back and read/watch stuffs about it, and directly got goose bumps... WTF !?


1 month later
#6019 3 years ago
Quoted from ATLpb:

Two rule questions:
1) Is there any time when Gem switch hits do not count (excluding SOS when you've already completed her)
2) After you start Quorra Multiball and add both balls by hitting the recognizer 6 times, the recognizer lowers and spinning disc becomes accessible. Are subsequent hits to the disc counted towards disc MB progress? Are they counted at all? it seems they are not...
Absolutely loving this game and have been inches away from Portal several times. Can't ever get both Quorra and Lightcycle completed in same game!

1. no... just a bad contact cause ball is too fast (happend on mine too)
2. no, giving only small points in that case

1 month later
#6251 3 years ago
Quoted from west6926:

Finally made it to Portal tonight

reach portal OR finish portal ? (as 154 is not that much)

#6253 3 years ago

ok, cool anyway of course, and congrats

as i really think that not 10 guys on earth did fully completed it, a more than very hard task for sure

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