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Official TRON lovefest thread, I love it more than Lightning Kitty.

By centerflank

6 years ago

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#4287 4 years ago

Ho, I'm new to tron and just got me a Tron LE. Love the game but it has a flaw. Sometimes when you play it, it just stops, like the machine thinks you drained the ball, but it is still in place. Very frustrating to lose the ball like that on a good play. Any of you had this before? And what to do? like to hear your opinion on this.

Still love the game, it's hard but very rewarding when thinks work out.

#4293 4 years ago

Thanks a lot, I already thought it would be down there, going to check this solution. Many thanks.

1 week later
#4315 4 years ago
Quoted from KevInBuffalo:

Dear Tron Pinball Superfans,
I'm looking for a good LED flasher to replace the one to the right of arcade scoop on Tron. I want it to be more noticeable when Sea of Simulation or the End of Line jackpots are ready. Thinking something orange since I've got the orange ZEN plastic protector there. Any recommendations?

I kept mine also incandescent after trying various led flashers. The incandescent has a nice afterglow with a real nice dim. The led is more like on and off.

#4353 4 years ago
Quoted from monkeyboypaul:

i LOVE this game, but i really HATE getting my balls trapped.

Hmm, getting your balls trapped, looks painful....

1 week later
#4439 4 years ago

Aaargh, playing Tron last monday and set a new high score, playing Tron yesterday and she left me stuck with 20M.........

1 month later
#4611 3 years ago

Keep calm and play Tron. I'm just hooked on this machine. It will taunt you...we have a visitor...it will haunt you....but you know you always have a chance.....good luck playing and trying to walk away.

#4613 3 years ago
Quoted from RipleYYY:

my TRON is now gone from time...
but i can't resist to came here as before, to read & watch

Ahh....we have a visitor.....
See, you can't get Tron out of your mind......you will own one again someday....I heard the chatter....
libations for everybody!

#4615 3 years ago

I replaced the disc with a new clear version today. Looks great but the ball speed! It's vicious. Is it safe?
It just flies all places, wondering if some of you already had problems with broken parts? The black version I took of was really nothing compared to this one. Is that staying that way or will it slow down a bit?
Best part is that my disc is making much less noise....and had one of my best games ever!

#4623 3 years ago

I bought mine at Pinball Center - http://www.pinball.center/en/shop/pinball-parts/pinball-rubber/miscellaneous/4365/disc-rubber-set-transparent-tron-legacy - it's german site, I buy almost everything there. For small things they have reasonable shipping rates and great service, Marco one of the owners responds quickly to questions.
This is the most dramatic 10 euro upgrade ever! It just scares me to hit the spinning disc...ones it just rocketed it down the drain...awesome but fierce..you just have no chance.

#4624 3 years ago

Played some games yesterday, the spin after the ball is grabbed by the new disc is awesome! I have seen some crazy things in a few playes. Like getting out of the disc and making the Gem shot itself. Even getting up a ramp by itself. Maybe it also has to do with some cleaning of the playfield with SuperFlip but it is just amazing....almost a new game! I can't keep leaving it alone......

#4631 3 years ago
Quoted from monkeyboypaul:

Can anyone think of a valid reason why i shouldn't put 4 ceramic (power) balls in a Tron?
It'd give the 'chaos' call out some additional gravitas. Might also work in AFM.
The cost argument is invalid as we've all derailed our money logic by joining this club.

Hmmm.....I wonder if the game wouldn't be too fast. I only know the powerball from Twillight Zone, there it is an additional function. I would say try one and see what happens.
'The cost argument is invalid as we've all derailed our money logic by joining this club'

#4644 3 years ago

Hmmm, Sell my heavily modded Tron LE and save for an ' unknown to come' Tron VE........Yep

#4667 3 years ago
Quoted from CaryCarmichael:

You talking the naughty version or the one that came with the later version of the game?
I have the one that came with the game, and I'll be replacing it with the 3D when it arrives this coming Monday. So, my girls of Tron would be available.

What would you like to get for that? Would you do shipment to europe?

#4674 3 years ago
Quoted from centerflank:

Edit-no international shipping, sorry!

......to bad....

#4676 3 years ago
Quoted from centerflank:

Not too bad, make your own shit. I dont want to deal with custom forms. Im trying to facilitate this item at no markup as its not worth my time. Just helping out those that want them.
Hit a fab shop and get some CAD work going. I'd ask the guy for his work but I'd never insult him that way, if he wants to offer it up that would be good stuff! Not my call.

well I make my own sh.. but sometimes it is just easier to get a ready product from someone who already figured it out. Also get him some Return on investment.....but I will look further....no worries.

#4701 3 years ago
Quoted from KevInBuffalo:

Yep I've got some 3M spray adhesive at the ready. Been doing my research.

Got mine at Pinball Center. Just clean the disc real good and stick it on, no additional adhesive needed here.

#4703 3 years ago
Quoted from centerflank:

DO NOT DO THIS.......Setting your disc up to fail. Don't post that in this thread ever again.

And why is that, what will fail?

1 week later
#4729 3 years ago

Got these in mine, planning another recognizer in the back




1 month later
#4828 3 years ago
Quoted from nosro:

If anybody has a Tron and is comfortable with Pinball Browser, please contact me. I need help on this project:

Check retro_p he has done a great job with a remix version for LE and PRO.

2 weeks later
#4995 3 years ago
Quoted from herg:

Pinball Center in Germany sells a clear silicon one. Here's an example of what it does.
» YouTube video

Yep that one scares the first time, are my plastics going to end up ok? But it does wear out over time. Mine is now perfect, just sometimes it just warps the ball right down the middle.....that's Rinzler kicking your.......

#5063 3 years ago

Well the color display is a love it or hate it thing...good that there is a choice now. The hi-res settings are not convincing me on any Stern. The colored dots are way better, imho.
For Tron, as the world it is set in is very monochrome and blue. I think the blue display is still the way to go. Leave all the colors on the playfield with the lighting.

#5134 3 years ago

The dotted images look ok, the Hi-res are not so good, I never liked those (saw these also on ST and SM). Probably going to invest in one as you cab also set the total screen on just blue.

#5147 3 years ago
Quoted from kporter946286:

Not that many of you know me personally, but last Saturday night my Dad suffered a rupture in his brain stem and was put on life support. B/c he was an organ donor the process took a few days but He was officially pronounced dead Tuesday and I will be burying him Friday. Reason I bring this up is because he was an Organ donor and even at 77 years old, a Cold Coors light drinking bad boy motor head guy still was able to donate his liver to a 40 year old and kidneys to a 60 year old and help save 2 lives. If your not, you should think about being an organ donor. Its amazing what they can do. And you never know whom you can help save. I've been absent on here the past week and will be for a few more days while I attend to my Fathers' Funeral.

Best of luck in these hard times.......sorry for your loss.

#5196 3 years ago
Quoted from PaulCoff:

Anything with TRON is a good mix. Just keep it HOT.

That is some fine hot sauce between your legs.....no wonder about climate change with that hot sauce.

1 week later
#5319 3 years ago

Well that is a good question, the GEM shot for me is the hardest, on a Tron LE what would be the strategy.
I shoot the Quorra lane, ensure the bank is down, and aim in that direction, sometimes I succeed, most of the time not. Are there other options as shooting the bank is not working with drop down targets?
I am talking about real shots not strange things that happen like the disc flies the ball out with so much spin that it end up in the Gem lane or tapping Gem with an ball from the schooter lane.

#5356 3 years ago
Quoted from centerflank:

Optimator doesn't go on ice, only shitty American beer needs ice so you can't taste it.

The optimator ok, but the Heineken also not cold? They sell these in the bar in Holland. -1C and ice on the tap. The glass comes out of a special freezer. And you pay extra for all that cold beer


#5467 3 years ago
Quoted from MK6PIN:

Meh....personal choice.....I like the subtle color on the colordmd ...ALOT.....and Stern's electronic knocker sounds like shit on all their machines, not just TRON.....wire up the mechanical version....

I think I would go with the colorDMD, you can always set that to blue only. So you can play around, I think it is just more versatile...but there is a higher price.

3 weeks later
#5722 3 years ago
Quoted from 2Kaulitz:

well i'm about to join the grid landed a nice tron pro in trade. Can anyone tell me about sound mods ?

There is a real nice remix for LE and Pro, made with pinball browser and the Remix album from Daft Punk. There are various topics on this - https://pinside.com/pinball/forum/topic/tron-music-replacement-work-in-progress#post-2943270

For myself, I did not change anything. The original soundtrack is already really nice.

1 month later
#5915 3 years ago
Quoted from rcbrown316:

Hey flank. after looking closer at the rails and hinges I am going to pass. I thought I might be able to do something cool there but it would require too much modification. reading your last post its all probably a moot point anyway. installed the under cab flashers and a couple of spots on the toys on the back (cant find the blue hallmark cycle) that are sitting on the new glowing edge plastics. Looks pretty good. today the (next) shaker and speaker light kits arrive. Just ordered the anti dmd glare kit from comet too. Next decision is replacing the orange dmd. i've seen the color but 400 is too much. anyone here have the xpin in white? what do you think?

Ok 400 is a lot but it will get you a great experience and upgrade to your machine. You can also get a red filter, mine has that and looks great. You just got the machine and are anxious to alter things but just play it first some time and then decide what to go for. In 6 month the 400 dollar does not seems to be so much?

#5947 3 years ago
Quoted from rcbrown316:

where do you buy the clear spinning disc rubber? my first one flew off yesterday. I had another in the bag when I bought it but if this is going to continue I need some on hand.
probably old news but i lit up the scoop with a 1.5 inch standoff, blue no-lense led and standard light socket for about 3.50 in parts. Also had an extra 7 led strip in red from comet that I applied to the inside of the motor assy to light up the motorized target cavity. 3.95. shoulda taken pics

Try pinbalcenter.de for the clear disc. Some here swear with 3M adhesive to put on that and lock it thight for 24 hours, that seems to be the recipe.

1 week later
#6010 3 years ago

That looks great! Question is, how do the flippers flip? Are they as strong as the original ones. I had some cheap copies in my machine but that just didn't feel right.

#6014 3 years ago

Did you order those flipper bats in germany you said? Where if I may ask?
And the lighted leg protectors? Also real nice on the Tron!

4 weeks later
#6175 3 years ago
Quoted from rotordave:

Standard one.
All standard.
Standard all the way.
Except the ramp protectors. Modded to the max.

Modded to the max....can't be without the clear disc of death

#6198 3 years ago

Well it is what it is, it is an open forum with all to reply. So this is no closed club where you can do what you want, use Whatsapp for that. I think the rules are clear and ok. There are shitty threads, there are gems, there is help and advice when asked. Most of the treads do seem to go off topic a lot. The community is big so there will be al kinds of people hanging around, good and bad, ones you like ones you dislike, pro's and newbies. As long as we go around fine with each other and show respect you will be fine. You can discuss and disagree, you can have an opinion. As a newbie myself in the scene, I had a lot of great answers that showed me the right way. Some treads you feel welcome, some not....just my opinion.

BTW, I hope Centerflank will come back soon, as he is a Tron Fan and will help you out anytime! Great value for the community.

#6201 3 years ago

Can we go on with tron........

1 month later
#6430 3 years ago

Oh I'm on vacation but the video looks real good, have to download this next week when i get home.
How did you connect those led wires to the ramp wires? could that be done with an LE?

1 month later
#6512 3 years ago

I have that one from Pinball Center in Germany. Works great, easy install. Its 25 euro, bit pricey, I think I got that one cheaper.

1 month later
#6583 2 years ago
Quoted from Grg:

» YouTube video
Joined the club! First things first, alter the mood boys. Link to my tron pinball browser video.
First was changing Flynn,  clu and gem music to the original with a twist. I then changed the clu rollover sounds to light cycle sounds. I couldn't believe there is essentially no speech for jackpot, super jackpot etc that's why I like afm and fish tales, the super jackpot speech is awesome. So created The System voice for super jackpot call outs instead of crazy weak fx noises. The combo shots (6 in total) all had fx sounds, changed to the System speech for combo 1, combo 2-5, the last combo 6 is Kevin Flynn speech. I like this as it reminds me of stern star trek looping the ramp combo. Kevin Flynn voices for high score call outs added.
Ummm what else.....Probably heaps I missed. About 20 hours so far and much more remains. I know people share the dubstep version but I wanted more original. Will concentrate on mainly fx sounds from here, I've been using the movie converted to mp3 to obtain the new fx and speech.

That sounds great, maybe good to post it in this thread - https://pinside.com/pinball/forum/topic/tron-there-are-now-3-music-remixes-poll#post-3309124
Are you willing to share your version?

2 weeks later
#6622 2 years ago
Quoted from webdiddy:

I haven't tried your remix on my machine yet but believe you me I will, it makes my remix feel inferior.
Would you mind pm'ing me the file?

I would like to receive a PM with the file also

2 months later
#6724 2 years ago

Oh I want the color Led in mine...Just so expensive in europe.... Just have to wait to visit the US.

1 month later
#6765 2 years ago

I replaced my soundtrack back to the original one, after months of the dubstep version. Still that original version is amazing. And the game to. Funny thing when you alter something like that you just play better. Only light cycle left to portal, almost there....

#6767 2 years ago

Any one has a Tron Girls Translite or nice copy for sale? I want to frameit and light it.

2 months later
#6917 2 years ago
Quoted from plowpusher:

Hi guys im looking at getting a LED color DMD but after seeing how bright they are was thinking oh shit the glare must be blinding. I have the standard orange now and didnt like the glare so put on a glare gaurd on the screen and its perfect now so before i drop 400 bucks will need some advice thanks

I have the colorDMD led installed and you can set the brightness. Also have a Polarizing film in front of it. That really helps the glare and brightness. Easy to install no extra plastics. So there are solutions out there, just get the one you prefer.

3 weeks later
#6971 2 years ago

to be honest, chrome is the only way to go with this machine.

2 months later
#7103 2 years ago

My cleaning lady broke my tron girl translate now it is damaged beyond repair. Does anybody have a new one for a reasonable price?

1 month later
#7241 2 years ago

Maybe just put something between the shaker and the cabinet. Did that on my POTC, just some rubber to have a more balanced shake not the huge rattling.

1 week later
#7290 2 years ago

yes it is confirmed....99 BS on this forum. Invest in Batman 66 now as you still can, will be the greatest machine ever.

1 month later
#7387 1 year ago
Quoted from monkeyboypaul:

Personally I’d go with the manual. About to do this on a TZ that I just bought too.

Me too, or do you have issues with making the ramp shot? I expect that your right coil will be a stronger version. Other wise it would have no use.

3 months later
#7578 1 year ago

I bought the pinball decals version, it is about the one thing with a normal price in that shop but fits great.

2 months later
#7895 1 year ago

I think it is just the one as here on eBay ebay.com link » Tron Legacy Series 1 Three Vehicles Diecast New In Package

2 weeks later
#7965 1 year ago

I would love that, I am able to make something myself but need to know what strip and controller is used for that effect?

3 weeks later
#8097 1 year ago

Yes the disc is brutal, it feels like your machine will not survive and be ripped apart. Oh it will slow down over time. Still fun but not like that first 100 plays. Maybe better for the machine

3 weeks later
#8221 1 year ago

Ordered the amazon light kit. Easy selfmade mounting. Great effect.

20180813_202624_1 (resized).png
#8222 1 year ago

Hmm the gif did not work...believe me amazing effect

#8225 1 year ago
20180813_202624_2 (resized).png
#8227 1 year ago

Computer says no....sorry.

20180813_202624_3 (resized).png
#8228 1 year ago


Yes..got it!

#8261 1 year ago

Is there somewhere 5v available in the backbox, to light the portal flow mod?

#8268 1 year ago
Quoted from TimeBandit:

[quoted image]
[quoted image]

Ok thay one was taken by the arcade mod. I think i will add it to that

5 months later
#8780 8 months ago
Quoted from smoothbore19:

new addition the arcade
[quoted image]

I got one similar. Only made it behind some dark plexiglass since it was to bright.

1 month later
#8819 7 months ago

Will that remix be available in Pro and LE?

#8837 7 months ago

That was by far one of the coolest mods I have ever seen, but not cheap and easy and for sure not plug and play. I know I had contact about the code running that but even the lettertypes you needed to get yourself. Also the LCD monitor and hardware (including the altered translite) are not cheap.

#8838 7 months ago

After getting my Tron out of storage for over 6 months, the game plays great but some of the leds seem to random flicker. Not all, just the specials, Flynn’s arcade and sometimes the shoot again. I already checked all connectors in the backbox. Any idea’s? This is an LE.

#8840 6 months ago

Thanks will try that.

#8845 6 months ago
Quoted from davidlldennis:

How do you do a dip switch reset? I have the same random light flickering in some of my LEDs.

I think just change it to another country, start up the machine, switch it off and set it back to the setting you need. Start up the machine again.

#8859 6 months ago
Quoted from davidlldennis:

Which dip switch is the country code?

On the main board, in the lower left corner are a set of 8 switches. All off is US. #4 on is italy, #3 on is Netherlands. See the manual for settings.

#8863 6 months ago
Quoted from davidlldennis:

Thanks. Still have the random light flickering/pulsing from time to time... meh...

Yes also with mine. Going to check the wires and connectors.

#8882 6 months ago
Quoted from Chosen_S:

The Flynn sign is mounted so far out of the way, I don’t see it ever getting hit by an air ball

Yes it will hit a arcade, flasher and ramp first. I can;t see that hitting an airball either. Also I do not have many airbals on tron.

#8886 6 months ago

The tron code is still available via stern pages - https://sternpinball.com/support/game-code/
Why would you like to make your own backup?

3 weeks later
#8931 5 months ago
Quoted from DaveH:

Sigh. After more than 7 years, my tasty Tron is under agreement to leave my house. It's a strange feeling. Tron was my first NIB game. And I swore it would never be sold. I need space, but I didn't HAVE to sell it. But after this many years, and this many games played on it, it was time. I'll be sad when it goes out the door. All the swearing and anger at failing to finish Light Cycle multiball. The joy at the code change that let me restart disc multiball so I could finally finish it. All the games I only needed to start Gem for SOS... and couldn't. The uncountable times I couldn't hit the right orbit to finish CLU and then the timer ran out as I switched to the lanes. The amazing difference when I added Eli's ramp lights. The hours perfecting my LED scheme. It's been 7 years of joy to own it. Fortunately the person buying it is a friend of mine, so I will be able to visit it.
As I leave this club, I'd like to thank you all for the fun and joys of sharing a great game.

That should be one hell of a replacement machine to fill those shoes. I do not understand with 23 games in your collection, there was no single one less than Tron. Such a unique machine....luckily these machines are not unobtainable. They do show up. But still what will replace Gemm and Quora?

2 months later
#9086 3 months ago

I do not think a VE will do Tron justice. Upgrading to the current form LCD would be a miss for me. It is just to small for Tron. If you go lcd go the JJP way. That brings the content to live. If I look at the hobbit, POTC and even Wonka....the lcd from JJP just nails it. So I would rather see that 27” lcd project and put that in any premium or LE than get a VE with or without LCD. And remind all, these VE’s won’t be cheap......

2 weeks later
#9166 80 days ago

durzel, what expensive inreplacable mods do you have then?

#9168 80 days ago

I agree with the ramps... but again the first 30 games are scary, after that it settles down very nice. The Flynns sign it will not hit, also the arcade is safe. Plastics and ramps can be hit.

#9179 77 days ago

Why did centerflank leave the hobby, he was heavily into Tron few years ago.

#9181 76 days ago

So end of the line for him?

#9186 76 days ago

He and pinside did not agree....what is there not to agree? Not trying to dig up drama, but if you just keep it polite and be nice to others there is nothing wrong here. Yes there are some outspoken persons....but just ignore...just like in traffic...move on.

2 weeks later
#9258 58 days ago

On all my machines, mirror blades all the way.

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