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Official TRON lovefest thread, I love it more than lamp!

By centerflank

7 years ago

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#3274 5 years ago

Man I am sooooo excited to join this club, bought PinballJon's and can't pick it up till the 28th due to distance, but I can't wait to contribute to this great thread!!! I've been reading through this thread for days I LOVE LAMP!!!!

1 week later
#3326 5 years ago

I am getting my Tron next week and really looking forward to Modding it. I found the site for the Arcade Cab mod v3.1 but it says its sold out. I found the Eli's Lighted Ramp mod but it too is also sold out AM I S.O.O.L.? Or is there other sites and ways to acquire these two Mods? Please help out a new Tron owner if you know how and where I can get these.

#3352 5 years ago

I am 5 days away from picking up my Tron Pro from Pinballjon. I am freaking out. The game came with black mirror blades, shaker motor. I wanted everyone's opinion on top 5 modes. I have already ordered the new run of the 3.1v Arcade and a flipper fidelity kit. I am trying to track down an Eli's ramp mod and will get the color DMD. Besides those mention what are the must haves? I.e. Tron cycle modes, Flynn sign, pop number caps, ECT ECT. Can you guys help stoke my fire and if anyone has a lead on an Eli's that would be great. I saw a lighted ramp mod from the UK on Ebay foe like $75 was thinking of doing that for time being?

#3354 5 years ago

Eli's Mod Ramp lights now available. special thanks to MinusWorlds!!

#3369 5 years ago

Tron in Da house! Thanks Pinballjon!! Got me Eli's ramp kit already to install and will be gettin theV3.1 arcade in a couple weeks!!

#3373 5 years ago
Quoted from HENSBROOKER:

If you like I can get you a set of those sweet looking lit up light cycles !

Yes I want them but I just blew about $5800 in getting to this point. I need a month to recover. If you still have them a month from now remind me and ill take a set

#3374 5 years ago

Also anyone know where to get that sweet Flynn's arcade sign and the stickers that go on that piece that raises out of playfield in front of the rectifier?

#3381 5 years ago

Wow guys!! I have been an owner for about 24 hours and am totally blown away!! This is a jaw dropping pinball experience I have not yet felt to this point. Unbelievable! Thanks to everyone in this thread that helped convince me to buy one

1 week later
#3415 5 years ago

2 weeks or so into ownership. It's amazing. I haven't even put the Eli's Ramp light Mods on yet and I am just blown away by every aspect of this game. I must really stink but I have barely cracked 20,000,000. I think game is very challenging and I've never played a "just 1 more game Pin like this! Can't wait to install the new Mods and continue to learn this masterpiece!

#3433 5 years ago
Quoted from labnip:

don't ever say I haven't given you a reason to drink, Tron & EDOT fans...
recommend you have 3 or 4 drinks before watching (don't give up... watch the whole thing)

» YouTube video

Okay Ill Bite, but I love his video's they are funny and he puts himself out as the punchline alot....with that being said watching NOW.

#3439 5 years ago

Okay Todd is awesome and you just don't get him or his comedy. I still love his vids!.......or I dont get what your talking about which could be true as well! LOL!

1 week later
#3520 5 years ago

Anyone install the PinGraffix Speaker panel graffic? I see on their website they have 2 diff. ones. I would like to see how they look on the game and if anyone has done this can you post a picture?

1 month later
#3641 5 years ago

Anyone have a photo of Pingrafix Side blades installed in the Machine?

#3645 5 years ago

I love Jose's work! They look great. Thanks for posting and welcome to the club!! I think those pinblades are a no-brainer after looking at your photos!!

#3681 5 years ago

Anyone here have a NOS or spare right ramp? I bought mine broke at the entry where the cliff would go. I have the Eli ramp kit but want to wait to install till I get a new ramp. Marco and Bay Area are out of stock...

#3698 5 years ago

Anyone know of where I can purchase or does anyone have an extra set of Cliffy protectors. I desperately need the Blue Ramp right side protector. I installed the Eli's kit over the weekend (wow what a difference) and the Tube is exposed due to a cracked ramp. I have also asked everyone of how to obtain a new right ramp and was told possibly distributors. which I will check but figured I got the Cliffy it would help protect that area till I find a ramp.

#3702 5 years ago
Quoted from Erik:

I would contact Cliffy directly. He ships stuff out super fast in my experience

Took your advice, they are on the way!!

3 weeks later
#3785 5 years ago

A possible BEWARE of Ebay seller Flashymods. I tried to buy a $40 Recognizer mod back on June 29th. It was to be delivered on July 5-8. I waited and never got a tracking number or information about it. I sent "Mark" 2 emails asking what was going on. He sent me back an annoyed PM saying he was on vacation ect ect. I said fine Ill wait. I waited a few more days and he sent me another nicer PM asking if I wanted Blue or Red. I sent back a pleasant reply asking if he was a pinball enthusiast and if he was on PS and if he had pictures of how the blue looked vs. the red. NOTHING. 2 more weeks and 3 more PM's from me and nothing. I paid the $40+shipping immediately and its been 22 days for a simple drop it in the mail kinda transaction. Just letting others out there don't bother buying from Flashymods as "Mark" isn't interested in selling anything to you. On a Side note. does anyone know were to buy the recognizer light mod or where the best one is to be found. I don't want to build my own for $5.00. I just want an easy plug and play Mod I am tired of DYI activities and would rather be on my boat this summer than in my garage.

#3788 5 years ago

I checked it out. Why is it $110 vs. $40 from Flashy mods. loos like the same. Also what colors did you guys use. Edit. I just checked an someone else gave him Negative feed back for same thing this month. He is taking money on these orders and wont communicate or ship them.

#3791 5 years ago

So QuaterGrabber. where do you suggest?? My problem with Mark is he didn't either have the Mod or he was not willing to ship it even though I paid for it a month ago. I understand sh!t happens, hell I've drug my feet on sending out parts for free to people, but I am not a working parts business. He has a name "Flashymods" but is not willing to sell stuff even though he has open auctions and was willing to take my money. I just want the Mod I don't care whom from. I would also like to know why Kims is $70 more expensive when they look to be the exact same thing?

#3794 5 years ago

I have the Tron Pro model. Where would i plug it into? Does the Pro model recognizer come apart easy without breaking? With this kit is it just on all the time vs. other kits that it comes on and off only when recognizer is activated. I would kinda like it flash every time you hit the 3 bank, then when its active it come on, then when mode over go off and repeat. SO that the Recognizer is more interactive.

#3795 5 years ago
Quoted from KevInBuffalo:

I got my Recognizer and Light Cycle mods from Flashy. Turnaround time was quick -- I did have a problem with the cycles not lighting up but he was quick to fix the issue and take care of everything. This was a few months ago and the mods are still working great.
Just my experience, FYI. He's MrDo here on Pinside if you want to try contacting him here.

I asked him if he was here on pinside and got no response. I also see that others this month are having same issue with him. Maybe he got sick or has some family issues taking place. I would like to give him the benefit of the doubt on that, as it would explain lack of communication. He had a 100% feed back rating on ebay up till the last few weeks when he hasn't been communicating with people. I hope he is alright.

#3797 5 years ago
Quoted from QuarterGrabber:

It depends were you connect it/clip it to under the playfield. As far as I know non of the pre-made Recognizer kits for the pro operate the way you want it to. They all just stay on all the time. If you want it to turn on and off at certain points you will have to hook any of the kits up to a pig2 system.

Great info, maybe this is all just a blessing in disguise. I will look into this....also KV3 I have Pm'd Mr.Do with my thoughts and concerns. Thanks for the heads up.

#3798 5 years ago

Just to wrap the Flashymod saga up. He did get back to me here on PS and we worked it out, he refunded the money and is pulling his auctions for now due to a matter he needs to attend to. I appreciate the help and hope all is well for MrDo/FlashyMods and that he gets things turned around. No hard feelings on my end Sh!T HAPPENS. Thanks to everyone else whom has mad suggestions as to alternatives and I may try building my own via that pig2 sytem.

#3799 5 years ago

I have the Eli Ramp mod, isnt' there a way to hook up the Recognizer into that to make it flash. Does anyone out there have a Recognizer that does more than shine 24/7? Here is what I want it to do.

#3808 5 years ago
Quoted from kidchrisso:

I just got a pro and made my own with a six cell LED block, I just soldered it on with the 44 flasher on the recognizer insert.

When does doing that make it flash? Like when the video I posted flashes? Does it come on and stay on during the mode? and go off after the ball drains?

#3818 5 years ago
Quoted from kidchrisso:

Here is a quick video.
» YouTube video

So it blinks in attract mode. What does it do during game play?

#3823 5 years ago

What are they??

#3827 5 years ago
Quoted from centerflank:

Gloryhole templates

Is that a Men's room wall? Looks like it would get crowded?!?

#3836 5 years ago
Quoted from kidchrisso:

Same, blinks when the 44 bulb blinks that I have it tied into.....gosh

Sorry Man, I guess I can see how my comment sounded douchy. I didn't mean anything by it. Just was asking. I am excited to get this Recognizer kicking ass and trying to collect as much info as possible!

#3889 5 years ago
Quoted from QuarterGrabber:

Hmmmmm, What will you be selling these for?

Thought you retired? That lasted a while 3 days!! Lol!

2 months later
#4360 5 years ago

I am going to do the Pop bumber upgrade. What is your guys preference. I have seen both Black and Chrome Black is much cheaper at $79.99 and Chrome is $109.99. From the photos I can't tell what I prefer and wanted to ask my Tron Brothers what they have installed and which in their opinions is better.

#4367 5 years ago

I have those dark Pinblades as well. So Black might be best

#4420 5 years ago
Quoted from PaulCoff:

Daft Punk Multibal "Is the shit right there".
I've gotten it a few times (more then extra ball) and its progressive.
» YouTube video

What prevents just changing the Rom on a Pro to include the Daft Punk Multi Ball?

#4425 5 years ago
Quoted from TimeBandit:

LE code won't work in a pro. 100%. Sadly enough.

Why? Can't be that much different. Can't someone make a Home use ROM? With all the talent on this site you would think that this would be a piece of cake. It can't be Hardware that is holding this up other than a few drop targets.

1 week later
#4511 5 years ago

Flank that is a start but we can do better than that. I am sure someone can come up with a cheap cool T-Shirt Idea. Guys give Flank some ideas. one thing I personally don't like about the first one is the Suck it and I would add something to show that its Tron PINBALL not just Tron in general.

#4513 5 years ago

That is what I am talking about!! LOL

4 weeks later
#4571 5 years ago

Shaker is mandatory and adds a lot to this game. This is Eye popping, Sound is awesome and the shaker adds that extra. Next you need Eli mod and Tron arcade mod

#4604 5 years ago

Congrats welcome!!! Now time to Mod the shit out of it!!!

#4610 5 years ago

CC you got me motivated to finish up a couple mods tonight. Finally did the $5 led in the Rectifier mod, Flanks blue disk and my cliff set!! All I have left to do is Speaker upgrade, Pop Covers and the mirror blades that came with my game when I bought it!! Love this game.

3 weeks later
#4699 4 years ago

I like the dark. I was thinking that was the way to go. The chrome is nice but to "Blingy" for me. I do like the blue but I think I am going to go black. Nice LE apron too! I was looking into that as well.

#4704 4 years ago

the grab from the new disk is significant. The adhesive that comes stock can't handle that force on its own. Disk you just installed will pull off eventually (much sooner) and I'd imagine possible cause other problems including ruining the actual plastic disk that spins.

#4710 4 years ago
Quoted from centerflank:

Ya know what, F it, put the disc on whoever one would like, I'll never post about it again.

LOL! I don't think he was taking a shot. We value your input Flank. Have a bourbon and play some TRON, turn those trip's up to 11 and rock the house!

1 month later
#4786 4 years ago

Just to pitch in...mine never goes SDTM on those shots always bangs around the pops for a while. maybe if its going really fast and its the perfect storm it will fly through there.

Maybe its a leveling issue? You did just get the game. I know in my game room some of my games could play perfect in one spot and if I move them i get weird SDTM issues.

For example my TOTAN. I had it on one side and it would always bounce in the pops and i loved it. now its moved across the room and I barely ever get it bouncing in the pops just flys right through not touching anything.

My Cyclone Boomerrang/Spook house. Same thing.

And I use 2 levels and typically get games "level perfect" but find sometimes they play better with a little tweaking after you know what's happening to that specific game in that specific location.

#4794 4 years ago
Quoted from nosro:

Sorry for the fuzzy picture, but I learned from this that Stern post sleeves (left) are thinner than Williams post sleeves (right). Maybe everyone already knew this except me.
In summary, if the balls are not being deflected into the pops, replace the Stern post sleeve above the Zuse pop bumper with a Williams post sleeve. This eliminated nearly all of my SDTM drains from the pops.

I was unaware of this as well. I don't have the issue, and I guess I assumed they would be slightly different but that is significantly. Ill place that tidbit in my back pocket for the future!

#4806 4 years ago

Who has money left for TRONVE??? Markets crashing, interest going up, Stern Shitting out 6 games a year, ALIENS, White Zombie!, F14 reproduction PLAYFIELDS!!!!!! Shit If we were all smart we would all dump TRONS together and beat Stern to the Punch! However, I am a lazy NON~greedy bastard. Don't think I care to ever sell mine. Why sell the best game ever made? furthermore why sell the ORIGINAL version of best game ever made??? TRONVE needs to happen as I really don't think people believe us.

1 week later
#4873 4 years ago
Quoted from centerflank:

You made your disc slower? I'm outta this thread. Lock it down moderators.

I think we may need to revoke his Membership...EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY!

Rule #1; TRON > Lamp

Rule #2; TRON Must always go FASTER!

Rule #3; TRON Must be played with a good Bourbon or Beer

Rule #4; There is no such thing as TOO many Mods

Rule #5; PINSIDERS whom participate in Unsubstantiated and/or Speculatory TRON VE talk....please CONTINUE to do so, However not in this thread and please note that all Card Carrying members unofficially have their TRONS currently for sale @ $30,000 buy it now price.

Rule #6; If 1 Sub-woofer is good.....3 is F!ng FANTASTIC!!!

1st Amendment: A good Tequila, Vodka and/or Gin is an acceptable beverage.

2nd Amendment: All TRONS are to be switched over to translucent rubbers by end of March or face a hefty fine plus public shaming.

#4879 4 years ago
Quoted from bjorg:

Oh wow guys. I guess I better sell my Tron to a more worth owner... ;(

Hey man, I didn't make the rules! LOL I just follow them, Flank runs a tight ship around here!!

#4881 4 years ago
Quoted from centerflank:

10 shots of tequila and it's all good.

If I were you bjorg, I would listen to the man and start drinking heavily!

#4885 4 years ago
Quoted from Frax:

Just checked my BAC.. 0.210, 0.177, 0.163

You sure you didn't mean you just checked your BAC!

#4898 4 years ago
Quoted from centerflank:

All TRONS are to be switched over to translucent rubbers by end of March or face a hefty fine plus public shaming.

I will add that to the rule's list!

#4899 4 years ago
Quoted from kporter946286:

I think we may need to revoke his Membership...EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY!
Rule #1; TRON > Lamp
Rule #2; TRON Must always go FASTER!
Rule #3; TRON Must be played with a good Bourbon or Beer
Rule #4; There is no such thing as TOO many Mods
Rule #5; PINSIDERS whom participate in Unsubstantiated and/or Speculatory TRON VE talk....please CONTINUE to do so, However not in this thread and please note that all Card Carrying members unofficially have their TRONS currently for sale @ $30,000 buy it now price.
Rule #6; If 1 Sub-woofer is good.....3 is F!ng FANTASTIC!!!
1st Amendment: A good Tequila, Vodka and/or Gin is an acceptable beverage.
2nd Amendment: All TRONS are to be switched over to translucent rubbers by end of March or face a hefty fine plus public shaming.

#4959 4 years ago
Quoted from Chosen_S:

I have a prediction
I believe Disney is producing a Tron movie
I believe a TronVE pin is in development
Reasons for prediction:
1. Tron run/r video game is out... Why now!?
2. We keep seeing various Tron characters out and about randomly
3. Tron 3 movie, canceled, no way. Just concealed to have an epic egg hunting concealed release.
4. Tron pros still selling in the private market for $6500+
5. Lots of talk, speculation and evidence on tronVE possibly being made. (An actual Spider-Man VE)

Thought we established TRON VE talk is good but should be kept outside this thread. Lets keep the Non-Believers frenzied on the Outside of the TRON Bible's pages. The purpose of this thread is to Drink, Drink, Drink go fast fast fast and Mod the shit out of our games!!

#4976 4 years ago

Well I finally connected my Subwoofer....that lasted about 3 minutes before the wife came down and said "Oh no!, that Isn't going to work"!! Lol Wowsa!!! Guess I may not be able to live up to that commandment unless she is out of the house!!

#4980 4 years ago

To be fair my 5 month old Protégé had just fallen asleep! Lol. Wow Sub is def. A must cant believe I waited this long

#4982 4 years ago
Quoted from herg:

My wife asked, "What's her problem?"

Are you Herg from the Atari Game By Game podcast? I always wanted to ask.

#4987 4 years ago

Yeah with that New Avatar We all better watch out! What's sexier than a Fishnet! I'll just pretend I never wore this outfit....


#5015 4 years ago

They have video posted yet? This is fing great news!!

#5021 4 years ago
Quoted from shimoda:

Anyone who wants to thank me for coloring tron could send me their LED-DMD that i could build a Run-DMD with it
There will be a livestream Mon or Tues (more details to come) and video should be out later this week.

I thank you for taking time out and making TRON that much better....however my wife and wallet say FU. LOL

#5030 4 years ago

I just want to thank all my TRON brothers and sisters on this thread. Your all a great group of people. And Dammit after catching up on and dabbling in some new threads, I have say I really appreciate what we have in here. You all are what make Pinside special! Thanks

#5139 4 years ago

Not that many of you know me personally, but last Saturday night my Dad suffered a rupture in his brain stem and was put on life support. B/c he was an organ donor the process took a few days but He was officially pronounced dead Tuesday and I will be burying him Friday. Reason I bring this up is because he was an Organ donor and even at 77 years old, a Cold Coors light drinking bad boy motor head guy still was able to donate his liver to a 40 year old and kidneys to a 60 year old and help save 2 lives. If your not, you should think about being an organ donor. Its amazing what they can do. And you never know whom you can help save. I've been absent on here the past week and will be for a few more days while I attend to my Fathers' Funeral.

#5204 4 years ago

Alright boys/girls....Rough last 10 days or so...but I think its time to get back on the old Light Cycle and get back to business here. I really appreciate all the kind words and support you guys put out there this last week. Even with 100's of friends and family members being with me for support, you guys really made me smile! Thanks.

Anyways. SO what do you all think?? Is this Color DMD worth 4 Crisp Franklins???

#5208 4 years ago
Quoted from MK6PIN:

Glad to see you posting.....hope the healing process is going well......I drank heavily on Sunday to do my part to pay homage ( well, I was really just drinking)......and yes, the color DMD is definitely worth it for TRON.....think they are out of stock at the moment.....meaning you must immediately rip one out of your other games and download the rom.....
Think labnip had one for $47k....oh wait, that's his TRONLE...meds kicking in.....

Well first my Dad would be proud of your Sunday night ritual on his behalf!

Second. That is a good point. I am sure I will be buying one sooner than later but, in the mean time TOTAN can suck it up and donate!

#5226 4 years ago

Check this out! Pinball Coors Light commercial! For Pops! Even got killer Daft Punk esque sound track.

#5275 4 years ago
Quoted from Billy16:

Surely this blasphemy deserves Double Secret Probation?

Its Official delt31 is now on DSP!

#5280 4 years ago
Quoted from fisherdaman:

can someone with a shaker tell me when in the game the shaker goes off? I need to know so i can test my shaker. thanks.

Mine shakes all the time. Like almost every switch turns it on to some degree

#5323 4 years ago
Quoted from northvibe:

I've tried to get gem via the shooter lane. Hard shot.
In another thread people were talking about banking it off the left side stand ups, drops on the LE, and hitting gem from that.
I try to hit gem via the upper flipper but it is not consistent. Also banking it off targets or stand ups even the upper flipper from the right flipper, but again I cannot replicate :/

The ball feeds into the right lane, I wait till ball almost at tip (in baseball it would be pushing the ball or going opposite field) then try to hit the O-N. After a while you get the hang of it. This group taught me to do it and I had it down rather quickly. Good Luck. and Like Flank said, depends on what your drinking.....

#5400 4 years ago
Quoted from centerflank:

I was enthralled by new podcasts, sorry.....Im off to grab my 2nd TWD tomorrow.
Picking up the long awaited rails for a few of my TRON friends
TRON 4 EVA!!!!!!!

Hells Yeah!! Rails are in!!

#5413 4 years ago
Quoted from delt31:

well I'm officially a tron owner. Been a little bit of a journey but all is good. I ended up with all three translites btw and will sell the 3d and girls one soon if anyone is interested.
Now that I actually have the machine, I look forward to running through this thread and collecting your ideas on making this thing shine. I'm also aware that some of my recent messages here might have been taken the wrong way (and looking back, I can see why) so if so, my apologizes. Now to replace these damn incandescent bulbs.....first task is to find out what really looks good color wise so I'll be looking through all of the vets pics posted here for ideas!

Welcome Aboard brother Delta! Glad you found the best game ever!!!!! and Always nice to have a fellow TRON bro closer than fucking Wisconsin!

#5414 4 years ago
Quoted from delt31:

well I'm officially a tron owner. Been a little bit of a journey but all is good. I ended up with all three translites btw and will sell the 3d and girls one soon if anyone is interested.
Now that I actually have the machine, I look forward to running through this thread and collecting your ideas on making this thing shine. I'm also aware that some of my recent messages here might have been taken the wrong way (and looking back, I can see why) so if so, my apologizes. Now to replace these damn incandescent bulbs.....first task is to find out what really looks good color wise so I'll be looking through all of the vets pics posted here for ideas!

Welcome Aboard brother Delta! Glad you found the best game ever!!!!! and Always nice to have a fellow TRON bro closer than fucking Wisconsin!

Quoted from centerflank:Boom! I'll work on getting these boxed up, probably make some custom ones from the TWD box

Can't wait! Just don't get annoyed when I bombard all you guys with questions on how to do the EL lighting!

#5430 4 years ago
Quoted from centerflank:

I know nothing on EL wiring, gio did my wiring.....
Wisconsin rules! Home of the best NFL franchise!

When My beloved Browns Left. I became a Pack Fan. Loved watching Majowski play and Green Bay hard working town, but then a curse was placed on me and my Team was brought back...18 years later I have been through more pain and torture than a Saw Movie watching my Browns lose year after year.

#5435 4 years ago

Pastor Flank Can you pass the following prayer to the TRON Gods."Dear Tron Gods, Please forgive me as I have been coveting another Pinball machine, these last 3 days. I know that I should not be looking at another machine with such desire. The name of that Pinball is Ghostbusters. Grant me the serenity and Will to stay True to you O' TRON~AMEN"

#5436 4 years ago
Quoted from labnip:

Man I could fill that place up.
"Nice Apartment. Lots of space."

Man I had a huge Crush on Vicky Vale I'll have to watch that movie again Soon!

#5452 4 years ago
Quoted from delt31:

Guys - my tron says to install 4 balls but there are only three switches in the ball holder so I've only installed 3. Is mine missing a switch? If someone wouldn't mind taking a pic of your ball holder so I can compare to mine. Seems like mine only has 3 switches (where the balls rest while not in play)....
EDIT - manual says there are only 3 so I guess mine is fine. 4 in and all is good.

4 balls in mine. Install 4 ball sticker too.

#5453 4 years ago

Anyone else. I am not sold on needing a Color DMD for TRON. I know this has been asked before, but I kinda would like just the Blue DMD.

#5464 4 years ago
Quoted from MK6PIN:

I'm not familiar w that one, but served w TRON.....can't be bad......

Looks like a Fizzy Beer. Maybe a Fresca meets Hops!

#5468 4 years ago

I think your right about that PeterG. I am weighing my options and the full color is only $120 more. Might as well have full color as I may change my mind in future

#5470 4 years ago
Quoted from luvthatapex2:

... and you get the 6 different colorDMD modes to play around with - scanlines, dots xp, hi res.....

I have a TOTAN Color DMD. Is there any tutorials on how to mess with all that stuff. I haven't had much free time. I got it installed and have just left it stock dots. Would like to see smoothing and what not on that.

I think if Borygurd dropped his price down to $200 it would just do the Blue, but at $280 its hard not to say F it and just do $400 for the full color.

#5474 4 years ago
Quoted from delt31:

guys with pros and shakers - I just installed mine and it feels like the shaker is not working all the time. Some shots like slings and targets will trigger shaker but then some balls, I get nothing. Tested the shaker out in the coil menu and it works perfectly fine. Is this normal?
I'm on the latest code and shaker is set to max.

Mine seems to go off to a varying degree on all major hits. I've never thought this isn't shaking enough. Ill play a few rounds and let you know what mine does.

#5477 4 years ago
Quoted from delt31:

I can totally see how modding this thing can get addicting!

Understatement of year! Welcome to the club!

#5484 4 years ago
Quoted from centerflank:

I stopped pricing the mods when I hit 3.5k

I keep telling myself I am done! I just need speaker upgrade kit, TRON Pop Caps, (install the rails that Flank just sent), install the under the cab lighting I have, Installed the dark mirror blades and I am done! Don't need light cycles or Flynn's arcade. everything else though was a must for me.......on shit and that Color DMD ughh...

#5490 4 years ago
Quoted from luvthatapex2:

Tutorial for the colordmds? Sure on the colordmds site there is a faq. Simple 4 buttons on the top,of the lcd. Left button starts the menu and button 3 and 4 will toggle options. Button 3 to save it at the end. No rebooting necessary as soon as you leave the menu the new display options are active.

Honestly In my TOTAN I got it running and it took a while b/c of some stupid shit (i changed out the WPC-95 A/V board and I never hooked it back up on the AV Board side) I was frustrated, the colored Dots looked fine to me and I never looked at it again.

I just meant, What all can these things do? I didn't even know they had other options on them.

Quoted from delt31:Thanks guys - sounds like the machine does not do it inconsistently (besides fast scoring). Never owned a stern with a shaker so just double checking it wasn't me!
I can totally see how modding this thing can get addicting! Just bought the speed arrow plastics that go on the bottom of the clear ramps (thought they were standard - guess not) and the sticker for the top of that targets that rise and drop.
Frax - great job on that mod which lights up the dropping targets. Haven't bought it yet but thinking about it!
Noticed the disc spinner makes noise - seems like that's normal too.

Oh and I guess the shaker isn't going crazy the whole time. I played about 10 games trying to figure out what causes it to shake and I have no Fing Clue. Seems like it shakes with the coils, with the TRON Targets, with the modes? Feels good enough to me on mine, If I needed a Vibrator for more stimulation than what this give me I'd ask my Wife

#5513 4 years ago

shit double post

#5514 4 years ago

what thread is that one from ???

p.s. I got the Rails

#5525 4 years ago
Quoted from S3G:

I just received my Tron Legacy Rails and hinges. They arrived in perfect shape with absolutely no damage at all.
You did an absolutely outstanding job packaging these.
Thanks once again for all your help and efforts in putting together a group purchase for all us fellow Tron owners.
I really appreciate it.
If your ever in my neck of the woods ,
Let me know. You are welcome to stop by for a few of your favorite libations. On the house of course.

Shit man, you got them painted that fast???

#5527 4 years ago

Man they look great!

#5551 4 years ago

I just went to DK Customs site and bought a Flynn Sign.......didn't say I couldn't and he took the money???

#5554 4 years ago

p.s. edit. My Dad left me a suprise $16k got it in the mail today. So I said fuck it. Trying to get the remaining Mods I don't have. Just ordered Speaker up grade, Tron sign (hopefully), harrasing MK to help me get all the EL paper stuff for my new CFLANK rails, and Pop Caps. and a case of Coors Light!!

p.s.s. He even sent a tracking number# already! Prob just computer gen. but maybe just maybe

#5557 4 years ago

GB For SURE that was our jam!

#5559 4 years ago

My buddy pinball_erie has a Pro.

I am waiting for him to trade it out. He has had it for a while and he and I trade a lot.

#5566 4 years ago
Quoted from centerflank:

Too be happy to put my balls on it.

What wouldn't you put your balls on??? Lol

#5583 4 years ago
Quoted from plowpusher:

You guys with the clear disc installed i must say that thing is insane .i played that pro at TPF and never seen anything like it .it acted like a rocket lancher . One hit on the disc the ball jumps out on playfield and backspin propells it backward on top of reconizer and out of play just nuts

Now you know and know is half the battle!!!

#5638 4 years ago
Quoted from Saveleaningtower:

Out of respect for Flank I'll end it here now. Tron on fellas. Happy Easter.

Good choice no room for anymore assholes around these parts! I have that position filled! LOL! TRON ON

#5682 4 years ago

Look what just arrived!! Thanks Mike!! You than man!!!


#5686 4 years ago
Quoted from monkeyboypaul:

Spare Paranoids or original Flynn's plastic? Discuss.
I went for the Space Paranoids because the full size Flynn's sign overpowers the smaller plastic. Plus a directional RED flasher underneath, angled up and slightly away, makes it look like the recogniser is 'firing'.

I am going to do the Space Paranoids as well. Looks cool. Just need some time to install. I got my Pinbits plastics and Upgrade Speakers in as well so ill be busy this weekend

#5732 4 years ago

I have PinGraphics on 3 of my games and they are far superior to other Pinblades ive had. 100% thumbs up!! Unfortunately I have Black Mirror's but if I didn't Id buy these in a heart beat

3 weeks later
#5835 4 years ago
Quoted from TheLaw:

Tron is a different decade HS, not super complicated or deep, but never gets old. It's almost EM style with tasks so simple it amazes you how hard it is.

Explains why I love High Speed so much!!

3 weeks later
#5983 4 years ago
Quoted from RobT:

Tron blows. I picked my avatar because it looks cool. I bought a Tron LE cuz it looks cool. That's where it ends.

Wow a Rob T sighting!!! I personally haven't seen you post in a long time. Good to see you around!!

4 weeks later
#6150 4 years ago

Word Up Fellow Tronites! Been a while since I've been on here and I hear Flank is taking Radio Edit, so I feel now that the CAVS are champs and I finally have some free time, I am making my return!! Miss being on this thread you guys/gals are the best~!

#6158 4 years ago
Quoted from MK6PIN:

Welcome back !!! ( although I can't honestly remember when you memory is somewhat lacking) free time for me in a week.....

Didn't really leave, just haven't been on PS for about 2 months. Just busy with life and needed a break. But I am back and ready to BS!

#6176 4 years ago

Pinside is getting worse by the day. Throwing Flank out whom is a pillar of pinside, is absolutely ridiculous. Some douchy PS member whom adds nothing to the site, whined and bitched and basically narced out Flank for absolutely no good reason. TO that Douchebag, grow the FUCK up and to the MODS you better fix this ASAP. Ugh....We have some Mods that are friends in this club pull some strings Tiger!

#6194 4 years ago
Quoted from ForceFlow:

We won't comment on the specifics of Centerflank's situation other than it involved lots of harassment, threats, and vulgar attacks against other members.
Suffice to say, Centerflank was given plenty of leeway and chances to get back on track and follow the site rules prior to his account freeze. Freezing his account was by no means taken lightly, and was an unfortunate result of his behavior and his behavior alone.
If you wish to discuss the situation further, please open a moderator feedback thread. This is not the place to discuss an individual member's status.
Let's get back to pinball...

I've seen it all in regards to this situation.

And its FACT that is all BS. This Pinsider or ones like him want to talk "radio edit" but don't have the pinballs to back it up.

Why are we promoting guys whom are keyboard tough then don't have the pinballs to back it up.

Flank is opinionated for sure. However his opinions are highly valued.

His backing of this community is highly valued

Its not like a random guy is coming in here spouting of BS like he knows what he is talking about.....oh wait that is almost every single Fing Thread on this Site over the last 2 years.

This is a Joke! FACT!

I am ashamed that guys whom put so much into this hobby and actually do stuff for the hobby are being single out b/c they aren't pussy and don't back down to Trolls.

Pinside let tons of nonsense, meaningless and useless members spew forth crap every day.

Price Police, Newbs acting like they know it all, constant TMZ quality gossip all talking and acting like they know WTF they are talking about? Run there mouths and start Threads and topics with No sources, No experience and no knowledge of what they speak of.

At least in the Cleveland, Erie, Buffalo and Pittsburgh Triangle this site has become just a running joke.

If you want to know who is who and what is what Pinside is no longer the place. 10% of Pinside is Legit and the powers that be seem to be promoting Ignorance and snuffing out Actual REAL Members of the Pinball community.

Go ahead keep your policy and watch this site rot out.

This totally reminds me of NASCAR. After Dale E. Died in 2000, NASCAR exploded, right time right place, 09/11, Afghanistan, Patriotism, shot NASCAR to heights it had never seen... however they had no idea how to handle the success and have fallen in to the gutter.

Pinside 5 years ago when I joined was the Elite of the Elite, Great threads, topics, Help and community. Now its turned into a steaming pile of "Radio Edit".

Look at all the top threads and forums its 1000x worse and meaningless Crap than any "Inflammatory" but completely TRUE statements, PM's, TOPICS or comments Flank ever made.

I am glad PS rather have 1000's idiots spewing what they hear back and forth like an Echo chamber, than 1 Actual top 1% Pinsider.

see where it gets you

p.s. its Quality not quantity.

#6196 4 years ago
Quoted from beelzeboob:

Flank hates me for some reason, but I agree with this. Must've been something he did off forum.

Are you proud of something you did?

If you really feel Flank "Hates you" why not just make your own Tron club for people that think and act like you. maybe Clark Kent would prefer to Mod that thread over this one. I think Tiger did a good job, we police ourselves and I am not happy outsiders have come in and ruined a good thing.

Does that kind of thing turn you on?

Can we block Moderators? It just pisses me off looking at that stupid Clark Kent avatar. Why do you just let Tigerlaw moderate this thread?

Personal Attack! FF you have 30 shitty games are you purposely going after the worst games available to go with the worst avatar of all time? Plus have you never heard mixing Star Wars and Superman may cause cancer?

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