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Official TRON lovefest thread, I love it more than Lightning Kitty.

By centerflank

6 years ago

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#6702 2 years ago

Happy Happy Joy Joy!!!! I'm in the club!!

..and this game is brutal!! Really suk at it at the moment, lol...but makes me want to work hard, play better and beat it!

Started reading this thread in the hope not to ask annoying questions but after 11 pages and 2hrs wasted at work I gave up, so here come a couple of quick questions.

It has the Pin2DMD I think it is...where you colour it yourself...not a fan and will look to change it with a Blue DMD. Easy to do? Does the DMD come with the housing etc to mount straight out of the box?

Rule sheet...anywhere I can find a clean printable version excluding the one that Pinball News did I think it was......and last but not least.....MODS!!!!

I want to add a few, Blue DMD as mentioned, Tron Mirror Blades...and want to check on others I might be missing...is there a thread to show links to all possible mods for this awesome machine!!

...love it more than the lamp?!? Hell Yeah!!!

Tron (resized).jpg

4 months later
#6944 2 years ago

Looking to change my Devo pop caps to the more sleek looking chrome or black pops that Hooked on has!

Anyone have some good quality photos to make up my mind? Chrome seems to be the way to go with this.....thoughts? Agreed?

#6949 2 years ago
Quoted from northvibe:

The pop caps are a must!
I have mirror blades I should install :/

That was the other thing I wanted to do! Standard mirror or the Pingraffix ones I think they are...that look awesome as well.....man...I'm gonna be broke!

#6953 2 years ago
Quoted from flynnsbit:

My latest strategy is to get the Quorra shot and then directly into Gem

Oh man......lol.

On a side note, I recently changed my flippers rubbers to Superbands and had an immediate effect on my scores and ball times! Interesting!

#6957 2 years ago
Quoted from ENDOFLINE:

looking good brother!
i also have the old devo pop cap bumpers.... really liking the look of those chromed out ones.
are these still available?

Yeah, they are...just don't go to Pinball Decals to buy...they are $30 odd higher than on Cointaker from memory.

#6968 2 years ago
Quoted from monkeyboypaul:

What colour should I powder coat my Tron Pro's legs, rails, lockdown etc.?
I think the popular choice is metallic blue, but I'm also looking to do a SM, which tends to also be metallic darker blue, so was thinking of alternatives... currently has standard orange etched rails, which is how I purchased it.
Light blue, yellowy-orange, black & off-white all seem to feature in the film. Also thinking about back lighting the TRON etching on the rails with yellowy-orange on the left side, and light blue on the right.

For me, I can't get past chrome for this baby!! It looks, well....shit hot to be honest and would be my choice.

#6991 2 years ago
Quoted from TimeBandit:

Just got my black Hooked pop caps in. Had the chrome on my LE but went black on the pro to match the armour. Forgot how sweet these are!

Got my Chrome ones on the way!! So glad I made the decision to change from the Devo caps to these...looks sweet!

1 week later
#6998 2 years ago
Quoted from Micky:

I put the black ones on my pro a month or so ago. They look great!

I notice in your photo that you have not lined up the stickers as per his instructions! I too wondered how they would look as if you lined it up as per his instructions you can see by a couple of other member photos that the Tron sticker does not line up with line of sight, but instead on a couple are at different angles!!

My OCD probably wouldn't allow this. Think I'm gonna try and line up the stickers so they all face downward, towards the player.

4 weeks later
#7050 2 years ago

Can anyone confirm what sort of rubbers they have on their game please guys?? I have what look like clear(white) ones on most of my posts, slings and the like and feel they actually increase the brutality of this game!

They bounce around a lot compared to my other games which have the standard black rubbers. It almost feels like it's increasing the drains as well.

Loving this game but feel the rubbers are really affecting the way it plays. Thoughts??

#7056 2 years ago
Quoted from Hougie:

I love Titan translucents. They are definitely more lively than standard black. That's the best part!
Do they look like these?

Yeah, they look exactly like those. Not sure I'm a fan yet. I do love the way the seem to spread more light over pf'd but yeah...do you have these everywhere? Not just on the slings but posts as well. Only places I don't think I have them is around the posts that lead to the ramps and in and around the recogniser.

#7057 2 years ago
Quoted from Superchicken:

The best improvement I did for Tron gameplay was to center the bulb for incline. I had it cranked up in the back and the shots just didn't make sense.

Hmmm, ok....I"ll have a look at this when I get home. I'm sure it's the standard 6.5/7o

3 weeks later
#7130 2 years ago
Quoted from Silverballer:

The most satisfying get Gem , then Quorra, then nail them both

That's how I read your post...hehe

2 months later
#7378 1 year ago

Hoping someone can help. My disc has started playing up a little. When I first plunge it recognises as a hit to the 3 target bank and sometimes off the slings or the gem shot?!?

What's going on? Is there a sensitivity setting or something that might need adjustment at all??

Cheers guys.

#7382 1 year ago
Quoted from koops:

On my machine when the ball exits the shooter lane it often rattles the shot, hits the pop bumper post or doesn't cleanly go into the orbit if at all.
I'll double check the shooter tip to make sure it's hitting the ball squarely in the middle but apart from that are there any other tricks?

Is this when you plunge or when it auto plunges?

My MET used to do this during auto plunge and I found that the cliffy was stuffing things up. Otherwise I've heard that if both teeth don't hit square this can be a problem as well.

1 year later
#9046 3 months ago

Anyone care to confirm that they have double rubbers on the inside of the disc please, on each side?

I have 2x 1-1/2" with 2x 5/16' i think on both left and right side. Just changing over to black so wanted to be sure. Manual only shows single rubber with the 5/16" shown on top of each post.


1 month later
#9102 67 days ago
Quoted from DaveH:

We call that a combo
LC is all about combos. Don't hit them fast enough, and you start again. As I understood it, there was a 3 shot combo that if you could hit it, would light it solid. But I could never hit it. LC was always my nemesis.

I always try and hit the combo this way.

-left ramp- feeds back to right flipper
-quorra shot- feeds to upper left flipper
-then straight into the right ramp and bam! Done.

This combo is really aided if when you start the multiball in the scoop, right as it ejects, that you can launch that first shot on the fly up the ramp without the interruption of the second ball.

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