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Official TRON lovefest thread, I love it more than lamp!

By centerflank

7 years ago

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#66 7 years ago

Finally installed ChadNC's rails today!

IMG_3274-1024.JPG IMG_3275-1024.JPG IMG_3280-1024.JPG IMG_3281-1024.JPG IMG_3282-1024.JPG

1 week later
#189 7 years ago

Do you love it more than THIS lamp?

1 week later
#268 7 years ago

I predict it's only a matter of time before the hardware gets the plating/powdercoat treatment! Either you love it more than lamp or you don't!

#315 7 years ago

I mean I love Tron and all, but that right there is a LAMP

1 week later
#418 7 years ago

Please keep the spirit of this thread alive while CF is getting his timeout!


1 week later
#506 7 years ago
Quoted from darkryder:

I should have my NIB Tron Pro from the last run of 200 next week. Getting seriously pumped! Which leg protectors, mirror balls and Cliffy + ramp protectors are "must have" items before I launch the first ball? I've been out of the mod scene for a while and haven't purchased a new pin in a few years. I already know this game is going to get heavily pimped/modded

At a minimum mylar at the shooter lane with cliffy, and mantis or cliffy at the scoop. I have cliffies on the ramps but has anyone broken a ramp on this game? I have been tempted to remove them.

p.s. wtf centerflank

Post edited by Erik : wtf

#512 7 years ago

I'm not sure about precut strips. I buy the half moon ones for the slings and trim as needed to fit elsewhere. Also I add the little 1x1 mylar squares at the ball drops on all my pins. Not sure if necessary but I can't see any drawback

Also congrats and you will love it! Coolest game ever! With all the nifty mods it's the gift that keeps on giving. I think you'll find Tron fills all your pinball needs. I don't even own a single lamp or piece of botanical headwear anymore.

1 week later
#610 7 years ago

That seems sort of exploity to me. I wonder if that will be changed in the next update.

Post edited by Erik : Yes exploity is a word, look it up. Keep looking, it's somewhere.

#616 7 years ago

It has been said a few times that Lyman would continue to work on it and release updates until it reached 2.0. I don't know if that's true (or even necessary) but I've read it enough times that I have to think there's something to it

1 week later
#666 7 years ago

Do you guys find that non-pinheads play your Tron more or less than other pins?

I had a bunch of family stay a few days over the holiday and I was really surprised Tron was neglected in my mini-collection.

#670 7 years ago

Yeah just curious. RFM has by far been the biggest hit with non-pinheads. AC/DC probably second. I think Tron is pretty much the coolest game I've ever had and they couldn't have cared less!

Once this group discovered Safecracker pays out tokens it was ON tho

#696 7 years ago

Nice pic, definitely get that guy into it! With curious facial hair and beer in hand he's already halfway into the pinball madness anyways.

Those speaker discs are fantastic. LCMB kicks my butt too. I complete Gem way more even tho it gets a bad rap. Maybe I'm not a combo guy? I probably slow the play down more than most folks which doesn't help my combo skills

1 week later
#805 7 years ago
Quoted from epthegeek:

Ah. Never actually got around to seeing that, so I didn't know the reference.

geek card revoked!

#823 7 years ago
Quoted from Concretehardt:




#830 7 years ago
Quoted from centerflank:

No, they power off with everything when you flip the main power switch, I have a 4-1 splitter that plugs directly into the "always powered on" port of the pig, and it also has 4 or 5 other ports that you can plug mods into that daisy chains to wires with alligator clips you can move around easily....

I never got the PIG™, but I had a hot mess of splitter cables. I eliminated them with this and it works well.


#838 7 years ago

Was going to point out the recent thread about re-mirroring a Hardbody backglass, but yours looks quite reflective

#850 7 years ago
Quoted from trilogybeer:

Don't you Mean CENTAURFLANK ?

This is too awesome for words!!!

#855 7 years ago

This thread makes me wish I had photoshop skills

#856 7 years ago

Also I'm sure you'll all remember where you were when this happened


#867 7 years ago

needs Encom decals!

#879 7 years ago

My vajazzler looks very different so I'm guessing this is this something to do with your boat/swing contraption? Looks sort of like a wrongful death claim waiting to happen. I like it! From what I can see that's some clean bending and welding

#902 7 years ago

I used the blue one and it did help to blur the gridlines somewhat

#908 7 years ago
Quoted from Keebler:

Yeah, that splitter is a must for Tron!

damn that's a lotta stuff! Gimme the rundown!

#931 7 years ago

Hmm yeah I got the blue acrylic one too. Actually didn't realize there was a film included with the xpin.

So slightly OT .. what would happen if you put a blue filter over a red DMD? Purple? Blueish red?

#933 7 years ago
Quoted from QuarterGrabber:

Yes I connected the plug on the left. Then there is a brown wire plug you need to plug it into as well near the back of the playfield. After that it still didn't work so I took the black wire it came with and plugged it into the shaker board and then into the power supply and whamo, it worked. Can anyone that has a shaker in theirs tell me if I did it wrong?? My shaker is a Stern rev B.

I can't remember at all how mine was done but I think if yours is working you did it right!

#959 7 years ago
Quoted from Keebler:

How do you not have slide rails yet? I hated the posts for the couple hours I had to use them.

I'd never actually seen those pegs til now. When I saw the pic I thought QuarterGrabber was using some sort of crazy ribbed shooter rod as a pointer

#974 7 years ago

I'm thinking of getting those pajamas and matching up with these to take the experience to the next level.


#998 7 years ago
Quoted from Concretehardt:

Ps. I Would Iike to to do chrome rails and lockdown bar where is the best place to buy those items?

Mike Chestnut had some chromed Stern hardware in inventory last time I was over there

#999 7 years ago
Quoted from karl:

Now what did I miss? There's got to be more "must have" mods?

If you are ordering a new lockdown bar I believe you may also need to swap out the receiver. Also you might prefer a pair of pf slides instead of the pegs

#1022 7 years ago

I was so amazed by your integration of the mystery wheel device that it took me a while to notice the shadow!

#1036 7 years ago

I still don't have a big problem with Gem, it's that dadgum LCMB. I feel like I must be missing something because it's rarely mentioned. Tips for the challenged?!?

#1037 7 years ago

Btw that broken plastic stinks. I just went through this with a safecracker topper that arrived in many pieces At least yours is still made!

#1044 7 years ago

I play a Pro at the arcade sometimes and it doesn't feel gimpy. It doesn't have mods tho so it does feel sort of bare bones. All modded up I'd say the experience is comparable.

This is the lovefest thread, so we love all things Tron Can't go wrong either way

#1052 7 years ago

Definitely worth trying! X-Men is one software update from being on my short list!

Do you have an arcade in the area or a league? You may get the opportunity to play them at someone's house just from striking up a conversation. If I met someone at our local arcade that wanted to try some of my games I'd invite him over. Sharing the games is part of the fun for most of us (it helps if you bring beer too)

#1064 7 years ago

You guys see Vid's guide to led backlit standup targets? If that works with the Pro do it and post pics!!

2 weeks later
#1126 7 years ago

Anyone put some of those comet LEDs in your Tron? Trying to figure out which is the best for slings and pops but the website baffles me

#1128 7 years ago

I have incandescents

#1129 7 years ago

I'm looking for something that casts the light really wide, so I'm not sure PBL's would work. Seems like Comet has a few designs that would be good but every time I try to navigate website my eyes glaze over and I just go back to looking at Tron pics

#1131 7 years ago

I ordered some of the 4+1s and 4+4s so I'll let you know how they turn out

#1146 7 years ago

I must have read too many of your posts because I looked at your Novus pictures for quite some time expecting to find some sort of photoshop trickery or clever image/words written in Novus!

#1156 7 years ago

I put the blue ones on mine. Looks ok but I just have the yellow bats, which I don't really like. One day I will swap the bats to a different color, but I have only been deliberating colors for a year so I need a bit more time to decide

#1164 7 years ago

Absolutely LOVE the TSPPs with sprinkles!!!

#1167 7 years ago

I got the bulbs in from Comet. My goal was to test them in the slings and in the Devo hats and if I like them I will order more to finish it out. My experience with LEDs in GI has been they don't tend to spread light around the PF, leading to dark areas or necessitating additional spotlights. Adding more spotlights is unacceptable, so the GI has to cast a wide, bright light otherwise I will stick with incandescents.

So here's the ones I got: 4+4 SMD for the pops and 4+1 SMD for the GI. These are listed as "natural white" and the color seems like any other standard white LED to me.

Before pic. All incandescent here except for the spotlights.

This shows only the right sling with LEDs, and a nut driver in the middle to compare how the light was cast from each side. Highly scientific!

I put one in the Space Paranoids plastic, instantly drawing attention to my dusty pf.

Three 4+4s in the pops. Turned out they already had LEDs in them but they were the concave single LED type (and too dim for me).

So long story long, I'm not really an LED guy, but I'm pretty happy with them at the moment. I'm going to play them for a while before committing to swapping all the GI. You wouldn't want these anywhere you could see the bulb from the player's POV. I also found the 4+1s are brighter than the 4+4s.

#1195 7 years ago

I've never had a ball hangup like that but it may be because my house slopes slightly in the opposite direction

#1197 7 years ago

Never had that happen either. Possibly slope related also

#1202 7 years ago

That stinks. Is it scraping on the plastic? I noticed with the plastic protectors it kind of drags a little

#1206 7 years ago

That's wild, is it possible the ring is too large?

#1236 7 years ago

add some EL paper behind the cutouts!

#1238 7 years ago

I ordered some from someone in china off ebay and it works fine. I don't have laser cut hinges tho, just rails.

We definitely need pics of this Tron!

#1240 7 years ago

Appreciate you offering but I'm just gonna slum it with the factory hinges. I'm sure there will be plenty of interest tho, they are pretty sweet looking

#1242 7 years ago

They're cut out. ChadNC made them once, not sure if he had plans to again but you could check with him

#1263 7 years ago

unscrew those two sockets from the brackets and place them on the pf material (or something nonconductive) to test. I think you've created a weak path to ground for one of your rows or columns

#1266 7 years ago
Quoted from centerflank:

Excellent suggestion, im on it....
edit---nope, still getting the ghosting in the matrix, I think Ill detach that insert....

I think you will need to add diodes to those sockets then (or at least the first one in the series)

#1267 7 years ago
Quoted from retired_user_101:

new toys to drop in. . .
i feel so behind compared to others here
can't imaging what it will be like for folks 5 to 10 years from now to get mods for Tron.

Nah you're not behind, I have the stock cycles. True story

#1286 7 years ago

Trilogy could you make a Tron that could mix me a stiff drink? If I had that I would not need anything else.


#1289 7 years ago

lol actually the sidecar is my drink of choice. could you mix two ingredients and I could add the lemon after? Let's get this done!

#1301 6 years ago

I'm not sure if Brett Butler is the center fielder or the actress but either way I'm a huge fan!

Btw notice how dark that pic is? Think he/she owns a lamp?

#1335 6 years ago

I almost had one of those behind-the-drops hangups yesterday. You guys jinxed me

Also I'm regularly getting schooled by the Daft Punk pop bumper. Any sort of weak orbit shot or a Gem shot will touch the bumper, launching directly at the left outlane at lightspeed. Wiresnip mod?

#1357 6 years ago

True stuff! Those things sort of feel like cheating. Thanks Super Bands!

#1369 6 years ago
Quoted from ENDOFLINE:

wow.... so it sounds like the super bands are a win win? need to buy a few sets of these for my pins. you guys using the blues on tron?

I got blue on yellow bats. One day, one glorious day, I will replace said bats and there will be libations for EVERYBODY!

#1370 6 years ago
Quoted from HOOKED:

What do you think of these - if you have not seen them yet.
Seems every owner has posted here so though as an owner I would share.
Lit chrome version (less chrome screw in my haste to post).
This is mounted on a pop body with my custom led pad under the mod.

Need some pics from player pov plz! Looks cool there tho

#1374 6 years ago
Quoted from HOOKED:

my custom led pad under the mod.

Who else had a Trongasm when he read this?

Are some black and some chrome? More pics and looking good!

#1394 6 years ago

FYI I have the original arcade cab with the v1.0 screen mod and it is not square. It looks like something I would have created in wood shop class. I call it the rhombus. Still I like to tell myself there's a certain charm to it

1 week later
#1428 6 years ago

Lookin good!

#1432 6 years ago

You have to hit the switch over to the right of the arcade machine to start Flynn mode. Then you'll see the lights cycle through. You'll probably find it's not something you'll need to aim for as you'll complete it during the course of the game without even noticing it.

#1439 6 years ago

new favorite word. Thanks centerflank!

#1441 6 years ago

Nice! One day I have to play one of these Tron ELIs

#1443 6 years ago

Would you believe I played Tron 3 times today and 2 of those games I completed LCMB (which I almost never do). In both games I failed to even reach SOS yet it was extremely pleasureful™!


1 week later
#1448 6 years ago

Happy New Year, lovefesters!

Any of you guys have one of those white x-pin DMDs? I have the blue one but have been thinking about swapping it out. Lemme know your thoughts!

#1457 6 years ago
Quoted from Aurich:

Don't have one, but saw Brett showing it at Expo, looked good.

Does it still have the grid lines?

Quoted from QuarterGrabber:

Sorry I'm wasted. Somehow I thought you were talking about Xmen.


#1480 6 years ago

Wish I was there too! Bout to get the coldest its been in 20 years or some such here

#1486 6 years ago

Wow that's amazing! It actually looks like a lenticular

#1508 6 years ago

You hit the lottery CF!

2 weeks later
#1565 6 years ago

Posting link in case anyone missed this hot buttered awesomeness

#1568 6 years ago

Mine's pretty fast. I don't know how to quantify but you couldn't hold the flipper up or it would put the ball in the vicinity of the outlane. I try to time a flip in a way that the ball hits the bottom right sling post and slows the momentum.

I will say tho there's some variance in pins. Our local arcade has a Tron and the Quorra shot is so much easier than mine that it's not even really a challenge. Mine seems barely snug enough for a ball to fit through. If the ball guides are different then I could see there being discrepancies in coil winds as well.

No harm in adding a resistor to that coil if it's too much, imo!

1 week later
#1635 6 years ago
Quoted from PC-Pin-NC:

Found this last night on Ebay: link » Tron Pro Pinball Machine Heavily Modified

2 weeks later
#1693 6 years ago

I used some stuff called 3m Scotchprint in my arcade cabinet. It's super easy to use. There's a few pics in my build album. Here's one

It does have a texture by design tho so I don't know if you could clear it to the point of it being completely smooth. I like the texture so it doesn't bother me. No fingerprints either!

1 week later
#1714 6 years ago

What's with all the Tron sale talk? Lamp lovers have overrun this thread

#1722 6 years ago

Topper oozes awesomeness. Wants the speaker lights too. PART IT OUT!!

#1737 6 years ago
Quoted from centerflank:

Order the huge transparent rubber bucket from and show us some pics!

I got the pinball life clear ones. Not sure if they're different than pinballcenter's. They look pretty good to me. I don't think I would put them on my other games but on Tron it works. Firmer than the factory black ones but I'm not a purist

2 weeks later
#1767 6 years ago

Weird shenanigans in that poll imo. There's only one pin that Tron Pro should be behind, and its name starts with T and ends with Ron LE!

#1790 6 years ago
Quoted from tomdotcom:

I thought those xpin ones had the grid sections. Exactly what I don't want..

Yeah I got the xpin and it's griddy. Can't you connect a Stern to a colordmd or a custom lcd like in Crash's thread now? If so that's the route I would go if I didn't have one already

#1801 6 years ago
Quoted from retired_user_101:

wow... (just have to vent, hopefully in a safe place)
some bleep really bit my head off in another thread for offering some sales advice (and it wasn't even his stuff).
"vent closed"

I missed the excitement I guess. We keep it cool around here

#1802 6 years ago
Quoted from nicoga3000:

So I'm still on a quest to sell my X-Men, but while I wait...
I've been looking into mods for a Tron if I ever get lucky enough to snag one! Are a shaker and sub "must haves" for this game? I know there are boat loads of other mods out there, but just starting with the absolute basics.

Definitely a sub. After that I'd go with Eli's fiber optic ramps. I would skip all the other stuff til those two are done

Edit: btw your x-men is awesome looking. good luck with the sale

#1811 6 years ago

I've ran a no name 6.5" sub and a super cheap 10" sony and they were equally great. I don't think you need to dump much money into pin subs. I keep my pins pretty quiet which makes the bass almost non existent but powered subs save the day! My favorite is when you start LCMB and the jumping bike makes the deep WHOOOOM sound that makes the floor vibrate. Also that usually signals I will be draining in the next 15 seconds

#1815 6 years ago
Quoted from retired_user_101:

checked my tron last night. i had 1200 games on it. how's that compare to others?

Just checked and 195 but misleading because it had around 70 plays when I got it, then the update came out a day or two later. So probably 300 plays?

Btw followup from a previous Tron lovefest page, I like the comet 4+1 LEDs and will be ordering them for the remaining GI and possibly MM's GI when I finally get up the nerve to do the pf swap

#1819 6 years ago

Nice, an even trade sounds fair although admittedly I don't follow prices. I'd be making you an offer for your X-men if I didn't think I'd get stabbed in my sleep!

ps centerflank

#1822 6 years ago

Stern pros come with pegs which aren't well received. There's some pics of them somewhere in the lovefest. You can buy the slides though.

#1840 6 years ago

Pros won't come with LEDs from the factory. Selecting them is really up to your personal preferences

Pinsider Hooked was selling modded lightcycle kits for a while. You might check if he still has some. I think someone documented somewhere how you can modify the ornaments yourself if you want to save money

I mylar the shooter lane and the ball drops. Also there's a long mylar strip in front of the scoop, but you might add another square at the end of it to extend it if you find the ball is shooting over the strip.

I also removed the black rubber nubs to the left and right of the recognizer and replaced with dead drop foam that goes to the end of the ball guide. It helps prevent the balls from getting nicked by the edge of the guide as they go into the disc

You may find the game stays cleaner if you get rid of the soft black rubbers. Then again you might not!

New balls will help, then just use Novus on the ramps and wax pf occasionally.

Edit: Also the Stern cabinet protectors are very popular

#1842 6 years ago

Nah no soldering necessary

#1911 6 years ago

No one knows. I think final run has been rumored for the last four runs!

Early ones had screened cabinets and different translites. I think new ones may have cars instead of light cycles also

#1915 6 years ago
Quoted from ENDOFLINE:

the toys in the later trons might be a tad different..... instead of light cycles i think you get TRON GUY in various action poses.

Lol that would be awesome. Brettbutler work your Photoshop magic!

#1971 6 years ago
Quoted from nicoga3000:

Anyone have a quantity/count for how many Cliffy post protectors I should order?

I used 9 I think. One of them I cut in halves and stacked on the full size two at the "S" target to make mega Cliffies.


IMG_3882-1024.JPG IMG_3880-1024.JPG
#1972 6 years ago

My three target drop is listing to port!

#1974 6 years ago

Thanks they're just the white Cliffy posts but with enough retina-searing lumens they can appear translucent

Someone needs to invent an internally lit post, then with the clear sleeves we'd really have something!

#1976 6 years ago

They're the ones from pinbits. Colloquially, Devo hats devo.gif

#1978 6 years ago

Yes those are the caps!

Pinsider ChadNC made rails for a while. Hooked did the EL paper kits for them. You'll have to check with them. I think maybe the pinball refinery guys were selling rail kits too.

Btw some, if not most of your questions are discussed earlier in the lovefest thread so if you haven't already, mix a tall cold one, clear your calendar, and go through it from the beginning. Could save you time/money/problems/penicillin shots

So did they pick up your Tron today?

#2003 6 years ago

Wait til you see what DK adds to the site tomorrow!

#2004 6 years ago

Hey DK you should make a little board that does what this ribbon cable resistor connector does. I need it!

Yes I could make one like oga83 shows but it would end up looking like ass and I don't like things that look like ass. Well, other than ass

#2007 6 years ago

nuthin. I was messing with Skins

Post edited by Erik: Pretty sure aforementioned resistor board would be a great addition tho

#2018 6 years ago
Quoted from golfingdad1:

I will be picking up a Tron pro this weekend , so stoked . Is ther anyone out there that could give me instructions or a thread on how to hook up an external subwoofer. It's a 10" ported and powered Yamaha sub witha RCA jack connection.
Thanks for any and all help.

Congrats on the pickup!

You lop off the RCA plug from the end of that cable, disconnect the cabinet speaker, and connect the cabinet wires to the sub's cable.

Since you're not using high level inputs you should probably check impedance of that sub at the input jack.

#2022 6 years ago
Quoted from nicoga3000:

And not the tape to rails connection, but do you have a pic of the cord plugging into something in the machine? Like a power supply or something? I can get the EL tape wired, but I just don't know how to end the connection into the machine...That's my point of confusion at the moment.

If youre adding a bunch of mods you need this:

Then just get some 3-pin connectors and bathe in the glow!

#2038 6 years ago
Quoted from eyeguypec:

How are those clear rubbers holding up? Dirtwise? How do they compare in play to the whites? I changed out the disc pad from black to clear and its much cleaner but grabs the ball much more and makes it incredibly fast.........

I find they stay very clean. The drawback is they're much firmer than the stock black ones

1 week later
#2090 6 years ago
Quoted from ignusfast:

I've had it in there for a bit now, and while it's crazy, it's not been destructive yet. The funniest thing it's done so far was one shot that went straight in, shot to the right, and stuck under the rubber in the disk area. I had to ask my wife with her tiny hands to reach in there and get it.

#2131 6 years ago

I agree with Rob's assessment of the rule depth, but I would still go BSD from those, all else equal.

Anyways SNAP OUTTA IT, you got a Tron coming, focus on the prize!

#2166 6 years ago

First time I lit Portal I clanked the scoop shot and tilted trying to save it. Match Event

#2187 6 years ago

Every time I see clips like those it makes me think how Tron would be even awesomer with an LCD

#2199 6 years ago
Quoted from golfingdad1:

What's the easiest way to gain access to the spinning disc for cleaning or replacing?

I do it the lazy way and lower the target, then rub the disc with some Purple Power

1 week later
#2233 6 years ago

Good idea! Carl's breathing regimen is proven, and if I understand correctly, its patent is pending.

You guys see those new side decals? I like them but I'm torn between those and some mirrors. Or nothing at all

Has anyone met Tronguy? And if so do you think he would be amicable to an apron autograph?

Also last I saw of Brettbutler he was getting trolled in some thread. Lovefest getting stale without the butler

1 week later
#2271 6 years ago

LEs came with single slot. Less weight for more speed

#2275 6 years ago

That looks slightly nicer than mine

2 weeks later
#2319 6 years ago

Sporting the Tron shirt at Disney?!?

Btw looks like they rented out the place just to you

#2335 6 years ago
Quoted from RipleYYY:

let's admit : your tongs are just superb !!!


#2345 6 years ago
Quoted from centerflank:

Why is it a threat? More TRON'S mean more people get to have lots of fun. While I would of course not be thrilled with a significant value drop (if thats what happens)..... it is what it is.

Permit me an anecdote.

Longtime readers will recall I am the owner of a 2007 Toyota Tundra. One week ago I happened to pass a Toyota dealership and proudly parked in the front was the most minty Tundra I have ever seen. As you can imagine, I immediately stomped the parking brake, cut a hard right, and skidded into the dealership.

As the tire smoke faded I gazed upon this unblemished survivor. Springing from my well worn seat, I marveled at its clean lines, shiny tires, rich paint, and chrome baubles lovingly installed by its first owner. Oh, the agony he must have felt parting with this Adonis. And were these LED lights already installed? I knew I must have it, but at what price?

I stood on tiptoes peering through the driver's side window and admiring the beauty of the interior. Certainly no Tundra has seen this condition since the G.W.Bush administration. Nervously peeking at the window sticker I was amazed and relieved to find it cost no more than mine new, and I began hastily justifying the purchase.

"A minty Tundra! What are the odds?!? It is a once in a lifetime opportunity," I reasoned. "Surely I cannot pass this up."

It did not take me long to look through the features and determine it had everything I could want, and more. Yet there was something that did not seem right. Something disingenuous. Something, dare I say, capitalistic?

Again I looked at the window sticker, and everything appeared correct, save a typographical error. "2014 Toyota Tundra," it read. Surely not, and I rolled my eyes appropriately. Yet in that seemingly insignificant gesture I briefly caught a glimpse of an entire fleet of Tundras, deviously placed side by side, and in an equally perfect state.

Scampering to the adjacent vehicle I noticed it too bore a 2014 date. Panic began to set in. I ran to another, then another. Soon there were four, then five, then nineteen more with the same model year.

Confusion turned to outrage. "How could this be?" I puzzled. "Could they be remaking, nay reFAKING, Toyota Tundras?"

I thought of all the special times I had spent with my truck. Those times when I knew I was one of the few on earth who had the opportunity to own one. All the memories taken away and replaced by bitterness. It was the foul taste of safety recalls and 13 MPG.

My rage built, and then I saw, some six vehicles away, a salesperson wandering near some 4Runners. No doubt ready to peddle these false wares on an unsuspecting buyer. That would not be me.

Boldly striding over, I removed my left glove and used it to deliver a strong backhanded slap across the chops, as I cried, "Good day to you!"

The salesperson gasped, tears welling, and darted into a nearby Geo Storm. Starting it after only two tries, the miscreant sped away.

In hindsight I'm not convinced she was a salesperson or even works there, but I believe my point was made, as it is now.

#2349 6 years ago

Any Troniacs with 3d printers? I have found pretty much the perfect topper if one could be made using this model

#2354 6 years ago

Not big enough? Should we go Boogie Nights on this one?

#2367 6 years ago

I think the way this one works is the top two vote getters make it through, so Tron should be ok. Bat Tron signal couldn't hurt tho

1 week later
#2380 6 years ago

Herg is coming for you! Expect the mods to be alerted to this abuse for your completely unjustified thread bump!

1 month later
#2441 6 years ago

Back from vacation and ready to kick sum ass, Tronguy style!

#2456 6 years ago

If you just need power for your mods and no intelligence then the FTS-8 will do it for relatively cheap

#2475 6 years ago

Crazy sheet going on here, Troniacs. Yesterday I was fantasizing about an all-new Tron game, then last night I had this amazing dream involving the lovely ladies of Tron. And then this morning I see this license plate.

Something is afoot at the Circle-K!


Post edited by Erik: did I get my movie reference wrong?

2 weeks later
#2503 6 years ago

I think it's the coolest video game of its time. Looks awesome with the black lights, it has good audio, and the lightcycle mode is fantastic. Tank mode spanks me tho

1 week later
#2536 6 years ago

It's tied three ways so you can't lose! Whichever you pick will be the ultimate winnar!!!

#2549 6 years ago

Just between us Troniacs, I'm hearing rumors that Tron LE Continued will be announced at Expo. I'm about to put mine on the market in anticipation! Here's a sneak peek of the translite, which will of course be lenticular

Post edited by Erik: Not really my thing, but apparently BrettB knows Borg and demanded more Jeff Bridges. Who am I to judge?

#2574 6 years ago

I want to get the pinbits devo hats upscaled to actual hat size and wear it while playing, possibly with some internal lighting instrumentation. Good idea? Or the best idea ever?

#2584 6 years ago

I think someone with cad and 3d printing skills could make a whole new bumper cap style that would be similar to the recognizers. Or at least one for the left bumper. I've often thought that bumper maybe was originally designed to be something recognizerish, with its two curiously tall posts

#2586 6 years ago

Well don't hold out on us!! I expect it involves you fully colorizing the game with smartdmd and providing us the code!

#2612 6 years ago

So who ordered those sweet new Tron decaled mirror blades and when can we see some pics installed?

#2618 6 years ago
Quoted from ENDOFLINE:

in the theme of all things tron.... here's a updated pic of my two babies. both are currently working (knock on wood) and I just got a alt marquee for my tron.
rich @ thisoldgame made these marquees for my buddy's movie the video craze and the best part is this thing glows too

Very cool! You need to seek out one of those Tron cocktail tables next

#2620 6 years ago

Newcastle in the bottle, I'm betting it was skunked!

#2622 6 years ago

Yeah I had to swear off Newcastle, except on tap. That's a shame too because it's one of my favorites.

So you teased us with this sweet Tron mod reveal, then nuthin!

#2628 6 years ago

Hah yeah that one was on CL for a while. Unfortunately I didnt really have a spot for it

#2637 6 years ago
Quoted from Quiddity:



#2649 6 years ago

I think with play it will start to lose some grip

So what's a fair price on a restored Tron arcade game?

#2652 6 years ago

What the deuce

#2668 6 years ago

I'm not sure about those clips. Looks like they're held on with a piece of foam double sided tape. So assuming you run your fiber optics under the lips of the ramps everywhere the clips attach they'd block the light coming through

#2671 6 years ago
Quoted from AloneMordakai:

Love the way this machine looks... so sexy. I'm a fan of the Tron IP though, so I'm biased.

You're not alone .. Mordakai

1 week later
#2689 6 years ago

Thats a lotta duct tape.

Also interesting about the spare pf being numbered out of 400. Makes me wonder if they ever made all 400 LEs.

Wonder if quarterGrabber's pf was numbered

#2694 6 years ago
Quoted from QuarterGrabber:

Where the heck are you now? Bora Bora?

#2699 6 years ago

I guess no Tron 82 announcement at Expo. Maybe next year!

#2706 6 years ago

Yeah dreaming. I blame lapnip tho, he brought it up and got it stuck in my head

#2734 6 years ago

I will always think of you as blue nuts guy!

Looking forward to pics of your fiber optics installed!

1 month later
#2834 5 years ago

just for awesomeness:

1 week later
#2867 5 years ago

Tis the season!


#2869 5 years ago
Quoted from labnip:

is there an elf hiding in the scene ?

#2872 5 years ago

Nice! You got all the misfit toys! My daughter would eat that up. Is there a set or did you have to buy individually?

4 weeks later
#2947 5 years ago

Skymall lamp

1 week later
#2961 5 years ago

mods, thread eject plz

3 weeks later
#3010 5 years ago

Mod opportunity!!! This bulb under the right ramp burns my eyeballs. It needs some sort of colored plastic over it. Or maybe something with a risque Gem pose?

#3014 5 years ago
Quoted from QuarterGrabber:

Why isn't that LED blue


I got the fancy LEDs from comet but have never installed them except in a few spots. I have a problem with that kind of thing. I might try a frosted bulb but still I think I would prefer a colored plastic!

Edit: also I don't like stickers that go on the underside of ramps like in BSD and MM. Those always look like crap to me!

#3016 5 years ago
Quoted from Frax:

Just get a blue incandescent. They're pretty least the ones I pulled out of my Congo last night are.

Ok so that's the other thing. I'm not so wild about colored GI

Yes I have issues.

#3022 5 years ago
Quoted from Frax:

This is really bordering on hypocritical. I don't mean to be real harsh about it, but you don't want an under ramp decal, you don't want LED, and you don't want colored incandescent but you DO want a colored plastic above the bulb which will do the same bloody thing as a colored incandescent.
Just take out the bulb, or put a resistor inline with it to drop the light output. Maybe try a 47. I don't know anything else you can do that would be "satisfactory". Maybe try putting some car window tint on the bulb!?

Yes you understand my many requirements perfectly! I hadn't considered a 47 and that's a good suggestion. But one day I may get motivated to install all the LEDs so then I'd be stuck again. Then again maybe some of the frosted ones are pretty dim.

A custom plastic would be ideal

Edit: Also probably goes without saying, but I don't like bulb condoms either, if they even make white ones.

1 week later
#3087 5 years ago

We need a camera mod to record all the weird ball spin tricks!

#3120 5 years ago
Quoted from dendoc:

Can the knowledgeable folk here tell me what the machine is saying when it sounds like "Roger Moore"? I just can't figure it out, and it says it a lot.

I'm Quorra?

#3123 5 years ago

Which mezelmod target splints work with the ZUSE targets? I understand there are two piece and one piece

#3135 5 years ago
Quoted from dendoc:

Thanks, off to play and check it out. Been driving me crazy. I have to admit I am in love with the chick combo - that Quora to Gem double is mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

Don't go overboard, in the end they'll break your heart

#3145 5 years ago

All good advice except from that smartass QG

I wax the pf and novus the ramps every month or so. Not everyone waxes but I like the additional layer of protection and speed.

Definitely get the cliffies. One day the ramps may be impossible to find. I also mylar the shooter lane.

Rather than setting the game to 5 ball, set it to an extra ball at 25M or some value that is achievable but not easy.

Also if you have a powered subwoofer on hand you owe it to your boys to hook it up

#3153 5 years ago

Anyone put led rings in devo hats? Trying to figure out how that would look

#3156 5 years ago

Tron has mylar in the pops, mylar below the arcade cabinet, and there are aftermarket protectors for the scoop. You can add mylar anywhere you suspect may wear (shooter lane, ball drops, drain hole)

I don't know that Tron would wear like that particular PF anyways. That looks like something was not right with the manufacturing. Keep it clean and you should be fine

#3163 5 years ago
Quoted from TimeBandit:

» YouTube video

Tell me more

#3165 5 years ago

This just happened

IMG_4047.JPG IMG_4048.JPG
#3169 5 years ago
Quoted from bjorg:

Very cool!! How did you do that?

They are the clear/translucent pincabs with 24 5050 SMD LEDs on each leg. It has the Stern metal cabinet protectors so there is a small gap between the cabinet and the pincab that allows a tiny bit of space for the LEDs.

#3170 5 years ago

Also I have 4 Tron related vinyl stickers if any of my fellow Troniacs want one. PM me with your address and which one you want. Only requirement is you must own a Tron or you are Quorra.

3 weeks later
#3210 5 years ago


#3228 5 years ago
Quoted from Hougie:

...its even better than sweaty Centerflank pumping iron!

Granted, by the narrowest of margins. Congrats Hougie and hook up a sub posthaste

#3231 5 years ago

Man you gotta do it EOL! I see you have ACDC too. That's a must! You can hook them both up to the same sub and double your pleasure

2 weeks later
#3288 5 years ago

it costs a buck to play Tron at QG's house

The Recognizer might look better if you trim off the white border

#3294 5 years ago

slap one on a pingulp and the other on your light cycle

#3296 5 years ago

I'd put it on the license plate

#3298 5 years ago
#3311 5 years ago
Quoted from labnip:

new Chevy car...
tron-chevy-car-1.png (Click image to enlarge)

I'm a potential buyer if that bumper is rated for 5 MPH collisions

#3328 5 years ago

PM pinsider "pinballlooking" about Tron cabinets

#3360 5 years ago

Done and also kind of stunning there's no TZ yet. I would have guessed that was done long ago!

#3391 5 years ago