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Official TRON lovefest thread, I love it more than lamp!

By centerflank

7 years ago

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#118 7 years ago


anyone wanna get on the tron train?? chu chu


#126 7 years ago

hahaha..... you took that picture?? nice man. whats the story behind the edot train pic?

the most i've ever had was 2 edots in the garage. i was sellin one and keepin' the other (upgradin')

Quoted from Wickedbass:

Nice pic, i remember taking it

#129 7 years ago

yeah.... nOthing beats the sounds in discs of tron. esp when sark is just laughing at you and mocking you when he derezzes you. hope you find a speech board!

Quoted from hAbO:

If anyone has a sound board from an EDOT I'd give my left nut for it. I want my upright to talk It's not trivial to connect it but it can be done.
PS If you love lamp then you might like this in December
» YouTube video

#132 7 years ago

so it sounds like a lot of us pinsiders are edot/dot owners?? post some pics guys!

Quoted from caker137:

The squawk and talk board comes up on eBay regularly. I see 2 available right now. You might have to buy as-is though.
BTW - my old guide to doing this is up here:
Pm if you have any questions

#158 7 years ago

yeah... the guy's name is prOk (on klov, he might be on pinside too) from florida. real nice guy, makes alot of cool products for arcades/pinballs. i tried to get him to make more of these ramp plastics (or see if he had any extras) but he only made like a few sets of these

he also made some cool plastic protectors before pinbits was selling theirs (uv reactive).

i am also not a big fan of the ZEN text on the pinbits plastics.

here's an older pic i took with prOk's plastics......

Does anyone know where to find the prototype ramp plastics shown in the following video? I would love to get a set of them. I have only seen them here though so maybe it's a long shot.

// Error: Image 115390 not found // // Error: Image 115391 not found //

#161 7 years ago

yeah, i should probably switch out my left side protectors. they are supposed to be more of a yellow/orange color.... mine look more of a light green under the black light.

Quoted from Keebler:

I see your point with that, didn't think about that before. I am definitely going for an orange side / blue side theme, so I might see if I can get one in blue.

#175 7 years ago

darnit ..... I totally missed these.... hoping brain makes some more (fingers crossed).

Quoted from Keebler:

Quick update on the prototype plastics...
I was able to contact prOk (Brian) from the info provided by ENDOFLINE and hAbO, thanks a ton guys Turns out he was able to find the laser files he was going to use for the production version of these, that he never actually made I guess. Anyways, he cut some sets of them today and put them on his website. I believe I just bought the last set, but he might be able to make more if any one is interested. Brian is a super nice guy btw.

#178 7 years ago

no worries bro...... just got home from my extended cax/family trip, so haven't had anytime for pinside.

Quoted from Keebler:

Sorry man, I should have PM'd you

#180 7 years ago

thanks bro! appreciate the offer. hopefully he will make more, esp with all the tron pros/le's out there. I think if more peeps knew about these, there would def be a lot of interest in them. post up a pic of your tron pin

Quoted from Keebler:

If Brian doesn't make any more, I will send you the extra set I picked up as a backup (in case he never made them again). Afterall, you helped me track them down in the first place.

#182 7 years ago

yeah, those are sweet. his recognizer/light cycle toppers are also equally awesome.

#186 7 years ago

nice dude... i'm digging the blue t-molding.

Quoted from Keebler:

I posted a few above, and the following one in some other threads... but I want to finish it before I take overall pictures of it. I'm still waiting on my blue side mirrors, blue DMD and I need to get my parts in for powder coating.

1 week later
#216 7 years ago

nice dude..... edot/dot parts are not cheap these days. did you pick up one of the repro cpo's from thisoldgame?

Quoted from retired_user_101:

i wonder if its possible to hook this little puppy i picked-up to my tron pin & use it to play ?

#220 7 years ago

the ramp plastics look great. are they blocking the C L U letters at all ??

Quoted from PappyBoyington:

Just added the ramp plastics. I like them.

#233 7 years ago

i really like the BLUE start button that pbl is now selling. looks waaaay better than the ol' standard green start button.

Quoted from PappyBoyington:

I need some more mod ideas. Anybody have any mods that are not usually seen? No dolls though.
Don't like the look of little dolls sprinkled around the play field. Here is my game as it stands today. I'll probably do the light cycles someday.

#280 7 years ago

i think i'm more of a "encom on the coin door" kinda guy. that's alot of encom right thar!

oh..... good idea on those star posts. very kewl.

Quoted from PappyBoyington:

Good idea

#329 7 years ago

maybe send rich a email on his website or on klov..... I bet he's got a couple of the floor discs left. I bought the floor disc for mine.... wow what a difference!!

Quoted from retired_user_101:

yup. i should receive it soon
i need the floor disc and a few other art pieces that are no longer in his stock.

#334 7 years ago

bummer man.... just keep tryin'. i know he was still recovering from cax a few weeks back .....

TRON weekday bumpage. Bruce approves of this thread

i wish... he's out


#348 7 years ago

just wanted to say "muchas gracias" to centerflank for hooking me up with his set of ramp protectors! super fast shipping, got them installed over the weekend and lovin them. thanks again brother.

Quoted from centerflank:

You can easily tell if they are lit or not, so doesnt really block them.
I installed mine and dont like how the yellow looks with my orange LED's, If anyone wants them $10shipped to lower 48, pm me... #SOLD#

#358 7 years ago

thanks dude.... i'm kinda on the fence with the ramp deals... but for now they are staying!

minor adjustments you say??

Quoted from Keebler:

Right on, I'm glad you got a set I'm getting some minor adjustments made to mine to make them right for my machine, but overall I love them.

1 week later
#444 7 years ago

that's cool the le is still there @ starcade..... did you notice that some JACKASS removed the LE serial # tag/plate/badge thingy??

Quoted from retired_user_101:

spotted this illusive tron pin out in the wild today in the disneyland arcade next to the space mountain exit. (for some reason, i appear to have been standing sideways during the photo)

#448 7 years ago

wow..... that was quick. the new plastics are lookin good mang!

lookin forward to see'in that bad boy all dialed in with the new powdercoating.

Quoted from Keebler:

I got my modified yellow plastic today, it matches perfectly. Now if only I could play the game, I still have 2 1/2 weeks before my armor comes back

#483 7 years ago

can somebody school me on these navi balls?? these balls make the game easier/harder/more random??

Quoted from bangerjay:

Latest addition to white Tron... Navi balls

#485 7 years ago

ahhh... got it, thanks man..... tron is hard enough for me already.... i'll stick with my silver jets

Quoted from centerflank:

Much harder, they are lighter than the steel balls and super fast. The arent affected by magnets so great for TRON

#495 7 years ago

ok..... i'll play.... here's some pics of my tron corner

3019.JPG 152.JPG 216.JPG

#510 7 years ago

now THAT is a keeper of a woman right there.... you are a lucky son of a gun

Quoted from centerflank:

I found something I love better than TRON and lamp combined!

1 week later
#571 7 years ago

dude.... keebler.... that topper looks awesome! lookin forward to seein' what you do with that light cycle. looks like a weiner

Quoted from Keebler:

Sounds interesting, can't wait to see it!
I got my future topper today... going to assemble it later

#593 7 years ago

lookin good keebler....

I think I will call this..... TRON LEGACY - THE BLUE PERIOD

also diggin that color changing shooter rod too. what.... no blue color coin mechs??

Quoted from Keebler:

Tron is back in business finally, that was a long 3 weeks! I'm really liking the Encom decals on the legs, thanks for the idea centerflank

#596 7 years ago

I love TRON CAKE more than lamp... this was my son's b-day cake a few years back

442.JPG 489.JPG

#605 7 years ago

hahaa...... the tron party was for his 3rd b-day party so "no" on the quorra deal. hehe... we did have a pinata, cake, and all you could drink juice boxes

you know..... my big 40th is coming up next month. you got me thinkin about the whole quorra dancey deal! maybe time to hit the local club!

Quoted from centerflank:

You didnt hire him a stripper in a Quorra outfit? Pffft....gotta go the extra mile!

#607 7 years ago

ohh boy.... she would love it... not!

Quoted from centerflank:

Well thats a huge deal! Im sure the wife would be fine with you having a private Quorra showing at your house for just the 3 of you if you catch my drift?

#621 7 years ago

nice tokens man.... and don't forget about these

showin` the luv...
i'm going to mod these, by building a tron pin around them.


#660 7 years ago

"best thread ever" bumps....


#685 7 years ago

soooooo.... get all the mods done first, then install blades last. oh wait.... the mods never end on this pin

good idea on that poster board keebs. i need to get me some mirror blades asap!

Quoted from Keebler:

I wasn't able to buff out the scratches on mine very well, the best thing to do is just prevent them as much as possible. I will definitely take more care with the next set I get.

1 week later
#767 7 years ago

unfortunately TRON LE's did not come with shakers.

Quoted from QuarterGrabber:

I thought every recent LE came with one, TRON LE did and it came out before Xmen LE and the title after Xmen LE has a shaker so why would they skip Xmen LE only??

#768 7 years ago


Quoted from centerflank:

Finally they have arrived!!!

#795 7 years ago

you had me at custom skull painted legs dude, centaur is a great pin!

mos def hit the brakes on the tron encom mods for at least a few weeks.

Quoted from centerflank:

I know, crazy right? It has custom skull painted legs...I should have at least one early SolidSt. in my collection, I dunno.

1 week later
#827 7 years ago

nice dude.... spidey is a amazing pin.

pics or it didn't happen

Quoted from centerflank:

I wired my cycles to be on all the time right into the power supply below the right flip button, but I also have a pig so easy to swap around.
Did I mention a spidey fell into my lap? Just had to be patient and stopped looking for one

#881 7 years ago

wow.... looks like you got alot of work done on the spidey over the weekend. wish i could say the same for meeself, spent most of my time playing GTA5

congrats on the new pin!

Quoted from centerflank:

Hard to say at this point, Lamp has really given me some great times, spidey is brand new and hasnt proven itself, but as we can see it has great potential.

#967 7 years ago



tronjammies.jpg etnighty.jpg

#970 7 years ago

I know right?? hahha..... i think they are either pajamas or maybe underoos? i was never lucky enough to own these when i was a kid.

Quoted from ChadH:

Tron pajamas! Oh man, if I would have known back then!!!

#976 7 years ago

those kicks are RARE.... anyone here own a pair?

Quoted from Captive_Ball:

Don't forget the matching jacket and kicks!

#1012 7 years ago

i just wanted to say "sorry" to my tron because i haven't been playing her much lately......

the reason why is that i got a new pin over the weekend in a trade deal. that new pin is a WH20! really lovin the whitewater so far. cabinet has a little wear, but the pf is in nice condition, some of the ramps were replaced too, white rubbers installed, topper is original. it truly is a awesome pin!

005.JPG 002.JPG
#1017 7 years ago

OHHH..... me likee ramps..... esp the search for animal chin ramp

#1018 7 years ago

thanks for the props brother.... just wish I had mo' room. can only jam so many cades and pins in a 2 car garage. this wh2o is still nowhere as clean as that minty fresh spidey that was posted on here recently

Quoted from Keebler:

Nice man, White Water is a great game! That's a sweet lineup you have

#1038 7 years ago

the gem shot isnt too bad on the pro.... but HOT DAMN its a bitch of a shot on the le's.

Quoted from Erik:

I still don't have a big problem with Gem, it's that dadgum LCMB. I feel like I must be missing something because it's rarely mentioned. Tips for the challenged?!?

1 week later
#1094 7 years ago
Quoted from Keebler:

This is my next mod I think, it's just a little hard to drop $300 on glass

anytime I hear the words DROP and GLASS in the same sentence I get really scared

2 weeks later
#1138 7 years ago

did reed make it through the portal that night??

#1140 7 years ago

haha... I can picture it now..... reed in a tron helmet and the lil' miss in a quorra wig doing "role play funtime"!

sounds like a great night mang

Quoted from centerflank:

Oh Im pretty sure he did. Sorry, I have no pics of the portaling.

#1141 7 years ago

new word added to the tron legacy wiki page "portaling". love it!

how would the definition of that be worded??

Quoted from centerflank:

Oh Im pretty sure he did. Sorry, I have no pics of the portaling.

#1155 7 years ago

I am mos def gonna pick up some of these super bands for my pins (at least try em out) .... what colors are you guys using??

Quoted from Captive_Ball:

Please show pics of the flipper covers with new Super Bands on the it will look sweet

1 week later
#1234 7 years ago

nice..... post some pics once it arrives.

i double dog dare you to take some pics playin the tron pin in a banana hammock. heh.... maybe that could be a new trend.

i can see it now..... PINSIDERS PLAYING PINS WHILE SPORTING BANANA HAMMOCKS SELFIES (in various colors that is).

thanks center for inspiring a amazing idea

1 week later
#1302 7 years ago

Heh Brett.... You gettin that edot on klov??

Quoted from retired_user_101:

early xmas present…
one piece at a time

edot-backglass.jpg 125 KB

#1308 7 years ago

haha..... nice bro, looks like you are prepared! I bought my Cheyenne from modesit on klov, he's a super nice guy.

Quoted from retired_user_101:

well, i can't confirm or deny. but, if one were, they might have spent this evening building a reinforced, carpeted, flat dolly on wheels for easy future moving

edot dolly.jpg 103 KB

#1328 6 years ago

for some reason I thought you would have the uber rare ENCOM rails and hinges

Quoted from centerflank:

EDIT----I DO NOT have extra rails, ONLY 1 extra set of hinges.
I also received my rails/hinges with EL paper yesterday from Zdoor. I already have a set of hinges that are painted ready to go on, does anyone want to buy these raw hinges? I could get them professionally automotive painted as well when my rails get finish idea on price but maybe 40 raw-80painted?

DSC09746.JPG 157 KB

#1329 6 years ago

congrats brett! and welcome to the edot club make sure you buy as many possible repro parts/artwork from rich @ thisoldgame (im guessing you already have?) not sure if he's making anymore, but the replacement plexi (above the cpo) is frigin awesome. the target decal is pretty sweet too. im a softie for anything that glows.

Quoted from retired_user_101:

my new tron toy. just a little exciting. been working years to collect parts to build one, then this emerged !!…

#1358 6 years ago

im loving the road trips pics there buckman!

all that snow reminds of something from the 80's called TRON ON ICE


Quoted from Buckman:

Now that looks like one fine machine you've got there! Walked downstairs this morning and couldn't believe that it wasn't there, but luckily for me there's this cool looking machine I picked up from kamidave to take it's place
Had an awesome time driving up to meet you guys yesterday and drop off the machine, and glad to hear you like the machine. I got lucky with driving yesterday and the Coquihalla Highway wasn't too bad (just a few snowy sections). Always fun doing a pinball road trip!

trip 3.JPG 243 KB

trip 2.JPG 163 KB

trip 1.JPG 83 KB

IMG_2666.JPG 172 KB

#1363 6 years ago

Haha..... Here's a 30 sec clip.... I spy a blinking recognizor in the background

Quoted from retired_user_101:

ok… someone has to find a video of that & post it here !!
(but only if it is TRON ON ICE LE)

#1366 6 years ago

if you ever find the full video of TRON ON ICE.... please post it here! or pm me

Quoted from retired_user_101:

holy cow… i guess the Tron piece was a segment of the bigger 'magic kindom on ice' show?
guess i'll be looking for that entire piece now. that's a must see

#1367 6 years ago

wow.... so it sounds like the super bands are a win win? need to buy a few sets of these for my pins. you guys using the blues on tron?

Quoted from Erik:

True stuff! Those things sort of feel like cheating. Thanks Super Bands!

#1375 6 years ago

heh hooked..... im liking the direction you are going with these tron discs. what do you think about possibly taking OUT the word tron in the middle of the discs? i was just thinking it might look cleaner if it was just the design of the disc. just thinking there might be enough of the words "tron" on the backglass, sideart, pf,etc. all in all lookin good mang.

Quoted from HOOKED:

What do you think of these - if you have not seen them yet.
Seems every owner has posted here so though as an owner I would share.
Lit chrome version (less chrome screw in my haste to post).
This is mounted on a pop body with my custom led pad under the mod.
I agree its a bit over powering in pics but really cool in person.

Tron final lit.jpg 18 KB

1 week later
#1422 6 years ago
Quoted from centerflank:

I was also a member of the Pi Omicron Tau chapter in college

Woahh... Small world, I was a member of the Alphabeta chapter

2 weeks later
#1487 6 years ago
Quoted from retired_user_101:

For your viewing pleasure....
Check out the legs on this tron

image-577.jpg 169 KB

You got any more pics of those beautiful pin legs

#1491 6 years ago

lookin' good mang .... are those the blacks or chromes?

Quoted from Keebler:

Installed my new pop caps today... big improvement over the Devo hats imo.

tron-pop-caps.jpg 427 KB

#1505 6 years ago

wow..... i thought the tron le's are expensive... look how high the EDOT's are going for link » Discs Of Tron 1983 Bally Midway Arcade Game Wow Enviromental Cockpit Rare

#1517 6 years ago

she must work out


#1527 6 years ago

What.. No special message like SUCK IT AURCIH

1 week later
#1578 6 years ago

WORD TO THE WISE.... play tron drunk + higher scores = portal mode completion

Quoted from docfenderson:

I've been trying to decide if it's better to play drunk, caffeinated or both… after some not-so-scientific tests that seemed to indicate a somewhat improved reaction time after consuming a double espresso, I went out for a few cocktails, came home pretty well drunk and, much to my astonishment, racked up a 94M point first ball.
Apparently, for me at least, drunk is the way to go!
So, Tron enthusiasts… what's your best first ball score and what, if any, neuro-enhancing substances were you using when you got it?

photo.JPG 167 KB

#1604 6 years ago

cliffy that up bro!!

Quoted from retired_user_101:

what's up with all these extra balls on tron ?

tron-pin-extraBall.jpeg 204 KB

ron-j.jpeg 11 KB

#1605 6 years ago

I wish I had a pinsider offer that up to me. now that is a good buddy right thar!

Quoted from centerflank:

Can I drive up soon and wax it for you and install the mod? I need to grab LOTR from Hilton soon anyway. (when the weather isn't skull bashing us)

#1615 6 years ago

i just made a mess in my pants

Quoted from centerflank:

That was not the most pleasant project swapping the rails and installing the EL paper....but looks pretty sweet!

DSC09959.JPG 197 KB

DSC09960.JPG 208 KB

DSC09962.JPG 250 KB

DSC09961.JPG 250 KB

#1646 6 years ago

when the tron pin was first announced i was really hoping and praying for something like this...... black light reactive, inserts would glow, ramps might glow, glow, glow, glow. i was still happy with the light up ramps, but dammit it coulda been HUGE with the possibility of uv reactive pf art/etc.

Quoted from bangerjay:

Black light

image-797.jpg 159 KB

2 weeks later
#1684 6 years ago
Quoted from centerflank:

Every time the auction ends I realize how thankful I am I still own it and the price goes up.
Edit-----Better act fast, 50K by christmas!

are you paying ebay fees every time you relist it?? i hope not

#1686 6 years ago
Quoted from centerflank:

No, its all free listings. Im crazy not stupid!

good good man

1 week later
#1713 6 years ago

if you can sell it for 7-8k..... DO IT DO IT

Quoted from Riffbear:

Yeah you're right! I would regret it and since i got both machines for an absolute bargain there is no way I would be able to get them for that same price ever again

img8003em.jpg 30 KB

#1732 6 years ago

did someone say edot pron?? thats my fav kind of pron

i remember years back peter hirshberg had that awesome barncade and a beautiful edot to go with it. his old arcade pics inspired me to "step it up" and try to make my garagecade better and better.


Quoted from retired_user_101:

i know its crazy, but i pull up this page and catch myself stopping & staring at that EDOT pic
which is nuts, because i have one!! edot porn...

2 weeks later
#1770 6 years ago

there's this really cool old neighborhood close to me in old town orange. been searching for years to find a property on this particular street.

finally a place came up for sale! I can finally say I am now a proud owner of a 3 bedroom house on this street in south orange county


#1780 6 years ago

yeah... its a no go. i wish this was my street i actually took this pic like ten years ago when we were in italy.

#1810 6 years ago
Quoted from Erik:

Definitely a sub. After that I'd go with Eli's fiber optic ramps. I would skip all the other stuff til those two are done
Edit: btw your x-men is awesome looking. good luck with the sale

heh erik.... i've heard some good things about adding a sub to the mix. what kind have you bought or like the best?? might have to add one to my tron too

#1823 6 years ago
Quoted from Erik:

I've ran a no name 6.5" sub and a super cheap 10" sony and they were equally great. I don't think you need to dump much money into pin subs. I keep my pins pretty quiet which makes the bass almost non existent but powered subs save the day! My favorite is when you start LCMB and the jumping bike makes the deep WHOOOOM sound that makes the floor vibrate. Also that usually signals I will be draining in the next 15 seconds

tanx for the info! anyone have a fav brand/model of sub?

i'm hoping to find one of these on the cheap on my daily thrift store runs

#1869 6 years ago
Quoted from Aurich:

So how does the TRON logo work on the Hooked caps? It's a decal? I like the caps, but honestly I don't like the logo, I don't want to see the text 3 times, would have rather it was an abstract design that was more identity disc like. If you leave off the decal I assume it's just a big colored center.

i totally agree with this..... i think it says TRON on this pin enough. we get it, its tron legacy

maybe just a plain black sticker in the middle of the disc pop bumpers would look great!

#1900 6 years ago

it's funny how many pinsiders have turned there trons into one big BLUE love fest. blue dmds, blue side rails, blue legs, blue led bulbs, blue speaker grill lights, and on and on and on.... the blue just seems a bit excessive to me (imho).

lookin' at sam and quorra all i see is WHITE


Quoted from Aurich:

Amendment: The love I feel for blue LEDs is opposite love. HAPPY NOW MFER?

#1902 6 years ago
Quoted from DaveH:

Lookin' at Sam and Quorra all I see is... Quorra.


#1913 6 years ago

the toys in the later trons might be a tad different..... instead of light cycles i think you get TRON GUY in various action poses.

Quoted from nicoga3000:

Quality wise, though, they're all identical?

#1916 6 years ago
Quoted from Erik:

Lol that would be awesome. Brettbutler work your Photoshop magic!

hahaha... brett brett brett !!

#1973 6 years ago

lookin good erik..... i might have to get those clear posts!

they look icee

Quoted from Erik:

I used 9 I think. One of them I cut in halves and stacked on the full size two at the "S" target to make mega Cliffies.

IMG_3882-1024.JPG 112 KB

IMG_3880-1024.JPG 124 KB

#2005 6 years ago
Quoted from Erik:

Wait til you see what DK adds to the site tomorrow!

ohh... do tell do tell. any hints

#2050 6 years ago
Quoted from Skins:

Does anyone know if these flashers will fit in the flasher domes or are the too tall?

image-269.jpg 29 KB

not tall enough..... need to go higher!!

#2061 6 years ago

i found these older pics i had saved of anything and everything tron pinball


1 week later
#2134 6 years ago

yeah... a deeper game would mos def be a great choice next to tron.

how about another stern game with a deep ruleset like LOTR??

Quoted from Erik:

I agree with Rob's assessment of the rule depth, but I would still go BSD from those, all else equal.
Anyways SNAP OUTTA IT, you got a Tron coming, focus on the prize!

#2138 6 years ago

yeah bro.... that TZ looks dark as hell over in the corner. poor TZ.

let's get some new pics stat

Quoted from centerflank:

Oh, that reminds me from that pic I took a few weeks ago, I got a Comet LED brighten up my TZ package in the mail today from OldPinGuy so I threw them all in to see the difference. TZ is just a horribly lit game especially next to an ACDC or StarTrek. Ill edit in the new pic in a minute....

1 week later
#2186 6 years ago

TRON > woz

anyone own one of these rare gems??


1 week later
#2248 6 years ago
Quoted from centerflank:

Mirrors all the way on TRON, I love the black chrome blades I put on mine, standard mirrors look really nice too.

DSC09992.JPG 273 KB

DSC09982.JPG 210 KB

your tron is lookin nice and icy there center ..... whats the story on your pop caps??

3 weeks later
#2301 6 years ago
Quoted from frunch:

Just found this thread....quick question: what is Lamp?

ask this man.... he created the grid, isos, and the lamp


#2313 6 years ago
Quoted from labnip:

hola from L.A. this week. i think there's some pins around here somewhere.
will try to find some & post.

nice dude... how long you gonna be in town for??

you here for e3?

#2321 6 years ago
Quoted from labnip:

Oh yeah
"ElecTRONica" shirt.
Space mountain is down for maintenance, and this arcade is hidden at its exit.
No one around...

nice dude... make sure to get a dole whip over @ the tiki room and keep an eye out for the guy they call Maynard.

#2330 6 years ago

nice bro... is that the hb rubys?? love me some rubys, most of the socal piers have them down at the end.

i'm guessing its nice and overcast down there too (june gloom).

Quoted from labnip:

No pins here
Buy lots of good surfin

image-255.jpg 148 KB

#2352 6 years ago

daddy like

Quoted from centerflank:

I found Trophy's halloween costume for this year already.

sexy-tron-costume.jpg 20 KB

#2353 6 years ago

looks good to scale... all except for tronguy's large package. can that be morphed/changed?

Quoted from Erik:

Any Troniacs with 3d printers? I have found pretty much the perfect topper if one could be made using this model

tron-guy-3d-render.jpg 109 KB

#2355 6 years ago

yes, dirk would approve of this thread.... looking for a dirk diggler gif....

Quoted from Erik:

Not big enough? Should we go Boogie Nights on this one?

#2357 6 years ago

that is a beautiful painting right there.... I always have a soft spot for roller girl


Quoted from centerflank:

I must say, Boogie Nights is probably one my fav all time movies. Its comedy just absolutely hits home with me. This would be an outstanding adult themed pinball.

Unknown-963.jpeg 6 KB

#2368 6 years ago

I was watching some random videos of the old show STARCADE and came across this episode where the grand prize was a brand new TRON arcade! I remember watching this show when I was a kid on wgn.

I won't spoil what happened..... but check it out

#2370 6 years ago
Quoted from centerflank:

Wonder if steve still has that metal detector or if he hawked it for smack.

I would have kept it for sure! steve looks to be a true nerdling, I bet the dude still has it.

ohh.... true story.... one of the guys over on klov (damon) was on this show back in the 80's. it was a "family" episode of starcade and he was competing with his mom against another family. its classic for sure! the grand prize was a juno first arcade. did damon win the game?? check it out.

1 week later
#2399 6 years ago

i went opening night..... were you there bro?

Quoted from labnip:

who went to Electronica ?

electronica-2.jpg 27 KB

electronica-1.jpg 76 KB

electronica-3.jpg 54 KB

electronica-4.jpg 67 KB

#2400 6 years ago

i got this coin opening night of electronica.... had such a great time at flynn's arcade and the music/dance set-up wasnt bad either. hopefully someday they will bring flynn's arcade back (fingers crossed).

when tron legacy was released @ the theaters there was a ton of cool tron swag over @ downtown disney. really miss that stuff, wish i had bought more

ELCTRONICA1.jpg ELECTRONICA2.jpg tron1-1.jpg
#2402 6 years ago

haha too funny... think i had the alarm clock that matched this beautiful lamp.

Quoted from Pinbally_1968:

hmmm think I saw the light!

Lamp.jpg 150 KB

2 weeks later
#2419 6 years ago

moving recognizer and chrome too

Quoted from MadocOwain:

LE, for drop targets, Daft Punk and resale value.

3 weeks later
#2451 6 years ago

lookin good dude on the mods. love it. nice 3 pin stern lineup right there!

im still waiting for my "tron guy premium ve" that stern is supposed to make later this year

we still need a tron guy "chicks translite. who's on board??



Quoted from Rom:

Can I join the club?
Opened in january 2014 and modded. I'd like to add more but I take a break now and play a bit.
This is already my second Tron pro. I missed it so much, I had to find another NIB and do the modding all over again. But this time with Eli's color changing ramp lighting. Just wonderful!

Tron a 08 2014.JPG 205 KB

Tron b 08 2014.JPG 185 KB

Tron c 08 2014.JPG 171 KB

Tron d 08 2014.JPG 266 KB

Tron e 08 2014.JPG 295 KB

Tron f 08 2014.JPG 309 KB

Tron g 08 2014.JPG 241 KB

Pins c August 2014.JPG 278 KB

#2469 6 years ago

forget about taco tuesdays..... today is tron tuesdays.

go out there and show your tron games some love today. come on now!!


#2482 6 years ago
Quoted from RobT:

My Tron Pron:
» YouTube video

this video just choked me up a little bit.... beautiful... tears of joy.

3 weeks later
#2533 6 years ago
Quoted from Goronic:

Is this THE Steve Ritchie » YouTube video

gr8 video... thanks for sharing.

wow... amazing this thread still has steam.....

only cuz this pin is still the best pin ever.

buhbuhdadum.... TRON!!!!!!!!

#2534 6 years ago
Quoted from labnip:

...also, us folks who own the 1st run have secure club access into Founders Association Retaining Tron.

i never rec my badge for this club

#2551 6 years ago

last month jeff was on the howard stern show.... best interview ever, love the guy even more now!

Quoted from Erik:

Just between us Troniacs, I'm hearing rumors that TRON LE Continued will be announced at Expo. I'm about to put mine on the market in anticipation! Here's a sneak peek of the translite, which will of course be lenticular

Post edited by Erik: Not really my thing, but apparently BrettB knows Borg and demanded more Jeff Bridges. Who am I to judge?

tron-dude.png 496 KB

#2559 6 years ago

I still got the ol' devo hats on my tron..... maybe time to upgrade to these. they look icey man.

whats the preferred color on these?? black or chrome?

Quoted from labnip:

tronpinpop2-b4-after.png 1.2 MB

tronpinpop10.jpg 104 KB

tronpinpop10.jpeg 160 KB

tronpinpop11.jpeg 255 KB

#2570 6 years ago

I agree.... it already says TRON enough all over the cabinet. not needed.

Quoted from KevInBuffalo:

I'd be down for those Hooked caps if they just looked like identity discs and didn't say TRON. Maybe a rev. 2?

#2572 6 years ago

what a deal... i'll be shipping mine over next week

Quoted from labnip:

for a nominal $20.00 fee I will remove the 'Tron' stickers from folks hooked-pop-caps where they are already installed. Shipping of me in lower 48, ~$2,000.00
This is a deal at a total service+shipping of $2,020.00
But really... it's priceless for that new brighter and less tronny look

#2581 6 years ago

welcome to da club pdiddy... i mean tdiddy.... or is that fitty

#2600 6 years ago

# 1 RULE of Tron Club....

never, and i mean never leave your tron pin in the car. never!


Quoted from centerflank:

That is no excuse to leave the best pin ever in your vehicle. You are definitely not invited to my Halloween party now.

#2611 6 years ago
Quoted from northvibe:

Are there replacement ramps for sale, with the metal protectors on them?

i know that cliffy sells the ramp protectors... or at least he used to sell them??

#2614 6 years ago

in the theme of all things tron.... here's a updated pic of my two babies. both are currently working (knock on wood) and I just got a alt marquee for my tron.

rich @ thisoldgame made these marquees for my buddy's movie the video craze and the best part is this thing glows too




#2616 6 years ago
Quoted from labnip:

nice !!!!
ps. hola from Lafayette today

thanks bro... lafayette... nice.

#2624 6 years ago

haha... the only other cabinet I would love to build would be a space paranoids. one of these days!!

Quoted from Erik:

Very cool! You need to seek out one of those Tron cocktail tables next

#2626 6 years ago

what ... huh?? ebay or klov... link please

Quoted from labnip:

there's 1 for sale right now
i'd totally get it, if i didn't think my better half would poison me in my sleep

#2629 6 years ago
Quoted from labnip:

it was on ebay, just got word it sold.
think "Erik" bought it

Screen Shot 2014-09-29 at 11.46.... 55 KB

ahhh..... the cocktail table. for some reason i thought you were talking about an actual space paranoids.

#2630 6 years ago

this video pinball would also be cool.....


this virtual pinball ........ not so much


#2650 6 years ago

my guess would be $600 -1k (dep on location and condition)

once TR3N comes out it could be worth $1,500 - $2,000

Quoted from Erik:

I think with play it will start to lose some grip
So what's a fair price on a restored Tron arcade game?

#2654 6 years ago
Quoted from Erik:

What the deuce

custom-pinball1.jpg 74 KB

i think my peepee just shrank

#2659 6 years ago

daddy likee!!

Quoted from Robotronx:

Pinball Center has a new disk rubber color option.

62180_mi.jpg 6 KB

1 week later
#2683 6 years ago
Quoted from thunderking50:

Tron in my game room yeeeaaaaa
Pics coming soon or it didn't happened !

So excited I played 2games before coming
To work and I love the third flipper ramp and
end of the line arcade... So satysfying combos
I will have fun discovering that game.

congrats dude... its a amazing pin fo sho!!

#2705 6 years ago
Quoted from Erik:

I guess no Tron 82 announcement at Expo. Maybe next year!

Tron_poster.jpg 17 KB

was this an actual thang or you just dreamin again erik

#2707 6 years ago
Quoted from Erik:

Yeah dreaming. I blame lapnip tho, he brought it up and got it stuck in my head

haha.. got it man. how about we just throw all the games into one?? tron arcade, dot, the pin all in one machine. pinball machine with video modes from the other two games. all with retro art work. might me too much, but it migt not

#2735 6 years ago

nice blue nuts man....

I prefer mine in clear though

on a serious note, wonder how they would look in clear??

Quoted from Erik:

I will always think of you as blue nuts guy!
Looking forward to pics of your fiber optics installed!

#2741 6 years ago

I only lasted 10 seconds in the portal

Quoted from RipleYYY:

yep, that feeling while PORTAL is blinking on the scoop, and your heart is quite to explode !
"get in get in" (said quorra & gem)... and finally it ends with no satisfaction...
(lol inside)

#2761 6 years ago

i'm in like flynn.... take my money stern!!


Quoted from labnip:

did you hear about the Tron Prequel pin?

#2766 6 years ago
Quoted from centerflank:

Some Ahole bastardized a TRON cab

sadly... bally did this to alot of old trons that were no longer making money. they were actual official conversion kits to get mo' life out of those old trons.

two tigers is suprisingly a pretty fun two player game. still sad what bally did to them

2 weeks later
#2792 6 years ago

BUMPS.... for the best thread ever


#2794 6 years ago
Quoted from Silverballer:

That is cool. ENDOFLINE, do you mind if I save that for a future Avatar?

yeah, sure bro... i just grabbed it off of the interwebs.

i think there was a gem print too (both posters / prints are pretty rare)

#2797 6 years ago

yes, yes it is.


Quoted from centerflank:

This thread is still going?

#2822 6 years ago

that's a tough shot for sure... very rarely do i ever get that one.

mos def a good weekend to work on my tron skills

Quoted from centerflank:

The best is hitting Gem off the plunge and it just makes it over the switch then rolls back over it registering for 2 hits. Simply awesome!

2 weeks later
#2861 5 years ago

the quality on the stern apron stickers is pretty sub-par. esp after picking up a set of aurich's ST stickers (its amazing the difference in quality).

i would love to see apron decal replacements for all the stern games (esp tron, im, lotr, acdc, and on an on).

Quoted from Aurich:

The real problem is that Stern just uses really low quality printing for those apron decals. They just don't look good, regardless of the design. Fuzzy and faded, just bleh.
The real baller status would be to make both new decals and new plastics with the same image that would go into the the LE style apron so they could be lit up ...

#2870 5 years ago
Quoted from Erik:

IMG_20141204_073329799.jpg 177 KB

nice..... my kids love elf on the shelf.

hope all you tronheads have a holly jolly christmas


#2871 5 years ago

just took a pic of buddy over @ casa de eol ....


#2873 5 years ago

thanks bro. you know.... I bought these years back (maybe 5 - 10 years ago) back when k-mart and suncoast video sold them. they actually sold year without santa toys, santa clause is coming to town, and Rudolph too. if you look on ebay the good Rudolph ones are made by playing mantis toys. wish i had more room to set them all up!

Quoted from Erik:

Nice! You got all the misfit toys! My daughter would eat that up. Is there a set or did you have to buy individually?

#2875 5 years ago

a couple more....



#2877 5 years ago
Quoted from labnip:

DANG !!! that's sa-weet

Thanks brother!

1 month later
#2954 5 years ago

perv on this...


#2967 5 years ago

it's like digital jazz man.... love it!

Quoted from MK6PIN:

Flank and gang, check this out.....ordered 1/2 size ( 18.5x27) movie poster of TRON Legacy. Advertised as two sided ( inverted image on back) to make colors deeper. Got , and it was actually 2 diffent pictures...threw it in the lightbox for kicks.....and looks cool as shit ( sort of)....

What do you think? I'm going to get a " real" two sided for it ( only $7.00) but this is growing on me, the more I stare at it.....mark

image.jpg 135 KB

1 week later
#2988 5 years ago

Jeff approves this thread...


1 week later
#3005 5 years ago

bwaaahhh!! but its GO TIME buddy.

Quoted from labnip:

Something funny about this Tron

image.jpg 51 KB

#3060 5 years ago
Quoted from Billy16:

Well....let's get this back on point.
TRON is the best pin, ever!

images-1.jpeg 5 KB

word... to sam's mother ...

3 weeks later
#3172 5 years ago

woahhhh.... mind offically blown.

you win erik! haha...

Quoted from Erik:

This just happened

IMG_4047.JPG (Click image to enlarge)
IMG_4048.JPG (Click image to enlarge)