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Official TRON lovefest thread, I love it more than Lightning Kitty.

By centerflank

6 years ago

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#206 5 years ago

Just got done cleaning up my dirty little pig. The first time I played Tron was at Gameworks in Schaumberg, Il. I walked away thinking that the pin was a POS. About six months later I got to play TWeaver's LE. I was instantly hooked. I ordered a NIB pro about a week later and have zero regrets. I'm sure some people think I'm crazy for saying this, but to me, Tron makes my ACDC premium seem boring. I truly love more than lamp.

image.jpg image.jpg

1 month later
#544 5 years ago

I'm having a love/hate relationship with Tron right now.

I got home from work this afternoon and decided to clean and wax my playfield. Then I broke out four new PBL shiney balls, rubbed them down with chrome cleaner that I use on my bike, (First time that I tried that.) and proceeded to play a game. After the first flip, I knew that my cleaner combination was something special. The balls seemed to just float on the playfield. Every shot was buttery smooth. On my first ball I had everything lit solid except the light cycle, and proceeded to start SOS. Now I'm jacked because this is by far the best I've ever done on this pin, and I'm doing it on the first ball! BAM, ball comes out of the scoop, I time my flipper wrong, it hits the U in Zuse, STDM. Shit. 91 million on the first ball. Ok, ok, I got this, all I have to do is start light cycle multiball again. No problem...... Problem, big problem. Three shitty balls later, and I end with a score of 106 million.

I wanted to smash that pin to smithereens.

But I still love it more than lamp.

4 weeks later
#759 5 years ago

My Magneto didn't have a shaker. METLE didn't have a shaker either. Stern must pick and choose which LE's get shakers.

Can one of you provide a link to that flipper light strip? Looks cool.

#811 5 years ago
Quoted from Concretehardt:

Question: does the most recent run of Tron pro (2 chick run)
Have the built on leg protectors on the cabinet like ac/dc premium has?

I have a third run and yes it has the leg protectors.

1 week later
#873 5 years ago
Quoted from centerflank:

Hard to say at this point, Lamp has really given me some great times, spidey is brand new and hasnt proven itself, but as we can see it has great potential.

I have the two side by side and for me it's a toss up. Both are great fun, but completely different. I always play Tron first, get my ass handed to me, then play a nice long game of SM and feel better. The shaker is integrated very well. A red dmd cover is a must. SM also has a couple of my favorite callouts. "Never wound, what you can't kill" and "Bonesaw is ready!" Macho Man never gets old.

Awesome pin. Congrats and enjoy.

2 weeks later
#1031 5 years ago
Quoted from retired_user_101:

well nuts... think i can buy just this part ?

Email Pam at Pinbits and show her the pic. I had a plastic protector break on my Tron and she replaced it for no charge.

1 week later
#1090 5 years ago

Personally, I think the G.I. LEDs are drowning out the color of the ramps. They look great after ball drains when everything goes dark.

1 month later
#1437 5 years ago
Quoted from billsfanmd:

Thanks...understand all the comments I just dont recall seeing red arrow flashing anywhere

It's not like a bunch flashing at once. If the Flynn insert is flashing, cradle the ball and look for the flashing arrow. I believe that it goes in order from left to right. Left loop, then left ramp entrance, then Quorra, and so on. Also, on ball one, I believe if you miss the scoop skill shot, and the ball goes through the Zen, if you hot the right ramp (left ramp entrance) for the secondary skill shot, then you've found Flynn also.

3 months later
#1847 5 years ago
Quoted from Aurich:

I should start a new thread, but just gonna say this, the LED OCD is bad ass, it's funny how something so subtle can make such a huge difference. Installed it in Tron today and I freaking love it. You really have to see it in person, video doesn't quite capture it.

What does it enhance on Tron? What are we missing out on with LED's installed? I tried watching the led OCD vid but couldn't see any difference.

#1889 5 years ago
Quoted from retired_user_101:

i had to pay extra for the gem/quorra translite, and i've got a frickin' LE
ps. machine looks 1000% better.

Damn BB, I've got the two chicks and would love a 3D. I just don't see the big deal on the two chicks. I mean, it's a Disney approved photo.

#1980 5 years ago


In your second pic, what's on the right spinner? I had the white Cliffy posts in the same spot and took them off in about a week. I got tired of cleaning black rubber off of them every other game.

Edit. I just noticed that it's also an LE. Lucky bastard.

1 week later
3 weeks later
#2231 5 years ago

Gem and Quorra have a new roommate. It's bright and shiny but it still has a long way to go to take down Tron as my favorite.

1 year later
#3706 4 years ago

1470, I'm slacking compared to you CF.

3 weeks later
#3850 3 years ago

Definitely don't go cheap on the adhesive. I've read plenty of posts of guys saying that their clear rubber came off. I've had mine on for about 750 plays and have had no problems with it. It's so nice not having those black skid marks anymore.

#3887 3 years ago

I've never tried the pinballcenter.eu transparent rubbers, but I do have Titan transparent rubbers on my Tron, and they work fantastic. I haven't had one ball lodged under the slings yet with them installed.

#3894 3 years ago
Quoted from centerflank:

Curious if this is the first time that game the starts with W, round in the middle and ends with Z has been typed in this thread? Was a good run.......

Thankfully he didn't include a pic of the pin that shall remain nameless. Bad enough that he had a pic of that rasslin pin in your Tron thread.

#3956 3 years ago
Quoted from herg:

I think I'm going to wuss out and put a regular rubber disk back in mine. I had a ball fly over the left sling and outlane, into the apron. I can feel the entire machine shake when it grabs a ball, and I've started gritting my teeth every time the ball gets near it. I'm afraid it's going to break something.

Meh, give it a few plays and it will settle down. I've had mine in for about 750 plays and have never had anything break.
Keep it in, it's worth it.

1 week later
#4061 3 years ago

I put a new GC score up tonight and drained before making the scoop for Portal.

2 years later
#7330 1 year ago

CF was chased off by a Pinside newbie loudmouth. Coincidentally, that guy has basically left the forum also when he got into some heat for a few of his postings.

3 months later
#7483 1 year ago
Quoted from weaverj:

what are you supposed to do when you get to SOS?

Complete everything that you didn't complete earlier before SOS. When looking at the middle playfield inserts, if they're lit solid, then the mode or multiball has been completed. If it's flashing then it's been started but not completed.

1 month later
#7595 1 year ago

No Flynn? That's crap.

2 months later
#7818 1 year ago

Here's what I used. Close to 1,000 plays and holding strong. Picked it up at Lowe's.
20180529_124441 (resized).jpg

1 month later
#8005 1 year ago

I just did something I've never done before. Started SOS twice in one game. I beat it the second time, but then scored a paltry 3.3 million in Portal. I did put up a new GC score, so I have that going for me.
20180704_150011 (resized).jpg

2 months later
#8385 9 months ago

All you guys need to do is pull the standup target out, get a nutdriver and tighten the living shit out of the two screws. I did that a year ago when I picked up mine and they haven't moved. Absolutely no need to buy these splints.

#8387 9 months ago
Quoted from 85vett:

You were lucky. Tightening them that much generally either breaks the bolt or strips the backing. Those bolts are tiny, can't handle much tension strength and don't have a lot of thread into the backing.
This does work but in my experience it was always temporary or led to breaking of the bracket.

You must be tougher than me then. I've done this to all my Borg pins with those stand up targets and never had a problem. Tron, Iron Man, Metallica. Once tightened they don't move.

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