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The Real Ghostbusters Thread.

By Captain_Kirk

4 years ago

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#6311 3 years ago

Hm, I think I'd want a Premium in the Pro cabinet.

#6383 3 years ago

I like the art on GoT, it's really easy to see the game, nice colour scheme. It's not up to the standards of this game but it's not bad. I almost feel sad that I just ordered a TWD but then I remember it will be 2017 before you can buy a GB with finished code.

2 weeks later
#8775 3 years ago

Stern can take their sweet time on LCD in my opinion, the stuff I've seen so far in the pin world using that display tech reminds me of cheap 99 pence mobile games or flash animations from 2008. I really do wish they'd gone to colour DMD though.

Still waiting to see footage of these magnetic slings, they could be cool or they could totally ruin the game - check out Jack Danger's video of the Pro model at the Stern factory, the sling action is pretty insane side to side sometimes, that dynamic could be completely different.

#8779 3 years ago

My worry is - slingshots have become a skill based element of play - you can use them, avoid them, the end results of landing on a sling are somewhat predictable and in control of the player. Is a magnet going to randomise them a lot more? Is it going to result in more or less side drains? Will it cause premature playfield wear by pulling the ball harder onto the paint? Didn't seem to be a problem on TZ mini playfield but those were low power and the finish back then seems to have been a lot stronger than it is now. These question marks (particularly the wear one) are the reason I haven't pulled the trigger on one.

#8781 3 years ago

The only game I've owned with a magnet which was under the wood rather than poking through, was BK2K. Wear spots on that magnasave are so common they made a decal for it. Obviously that's pulling and holding the ball in one spot, maybe these result in less downward pressure.

I'm really 50/50 on selling a bunch of my more valuable arcade games and getting a GB Premium, this is one of the things making it 50/50. I'd really like to see them in action, just a short video.

#8785 3 years ago

The pro has a way better cabinet than the LE or Premium but I'm a feature whore. I wonder if you can special order them: "Hey Stern, please stick Pro decals and translite in my cabinet instead of Premium".

#8789 3 years ago

What's the ship date for Premium/LE?

#8875 3 years ago

If the mode is fun, I'll take it. I don't mind the random nature either, I'm one of the people who plays Who Dunnit without tournament mode and shoots roulette.

#8946 3 years ago

I cracked. Put some of my collection piece JAMMA games up for sale, told my distributor I'd take a Premium.

1 week later
#9867 3 years ago

My gut feeling is that if there's genuinely a problem with the way it runs, it'll be magnaslings during multiball. I hope there's no problem, no intention of changing my order though. There's no sense in doing so unless you had another game in mind and had to front up more than a small deposit.

#10202 3 years ago

Well this was certainly polarising.

I'm sure they're going to be a bit more active when the code is finished, but it's also clear that a slingshot firing the ball all the way up a side lane are not going to be part of GBs future. I am worried about playfield wear. Other than that I'm interested to see how this plays out, I have no particular attachment to traditional slingshots since they generally outlane me. At the same time I don't want balls swerving near the flippers too often.

#10267 3 years ago

I wonder what those two inserts at each slingshot will be used to indicate? They're not there at all on the pro.

#10302 3 years ago

That conspiracy theory doesn't make sense, the LE will sell out regardless.

#10424 3 years ago
Quoted from Captain_Kirk:

You're friend is wrong.

So your saying Steve does strip after all?

#10427 3 years ago

Yeah but you missed it - I made fun of your grammar too.

Seriously you're getting really obnoxious in this thread - really getting in people's faces as soon as you disagree with anything. Chill out, you don't need to defend your purchase.

#10546 3 years ago
Quoted from BentleyBear:

The price you have to pay for a GB in the US is nothing to what i payed for a GBLE in Norway ($10743,75)

Yeah it kills me seeing our stateside friends throwing around these numbers like they're a problem. My GBP cost $10069 in the UK.

#10560 3 years ago
Quoted from Pinballlew:

Curious what their average salary is though, maybe it is relative?


There you go - pins are *very* expensive luxury items here. In fact everything is expensive - for the dollar value multiply by 1.4 at the moment. Then deduct about a third in direct income tax people never get to see. Our pin prices already include the sales tax though (a massive 20%).

#10635 3 years ago

Do they still claim to put more clear on Premium & LE than Pro?

#10887 3 years ago

Waxing will make the ball faster and make it worse - at least that's how it's worked on every game I've ever owned.

#10947 3 years ago
Quoted from seenev:

Overseas first? I didn't know that Stern HATES AMERICA!
Seriously though... why?

Well, we have to pay about 30% more, that wouldn't be a bad reason.

#10986 3 years ago
Quoted from T7:

You're not paying any more - it's just a conversion rate for different currencies. You can't act like 100 dollars = 100 Euros = 100 Yen = 100 etc, because they are not the same. Sometimes the exchange rate helps, sometimes it hurts - but everyone should stop comparing them all like they're the same thing.
Stern isn't making any more money because your exchange rate changed.

GB Premium US: $7095
GB Premium UK: £6995 (in £500 off sale)

Now US prices don't include sales tax, so: £5829 in the UK with 20% lultax removed.

£5829 = $8393

Ok so it's not 30%, but discounting the fact that the real cost ends up past $10k due to tax, even with an approx $700 discount we're still paying $1300 more for the game.

#11026 3 years ago

Wow, people certainly weren't wrong about the thin clear. That's an awful finish.


#11029 3 years ago

I suppose we will find out when the first LEs land since the Premium playfields will be the same as those.

#11065 3 years ago
Quoted from tiltmonster:

Have people been complaining about this? (I know there have been a few members that pointed this out based on some pics) Does it look like it's different from other "new" Stern Pins?
Should we expect any difference in the Premium PF finish? (I know LE may be different...)
For a Home Use Only machine, do you feel that this will this be an issue?

I'd just seen a few people comment on this, one in a live stream on location. I was in a location which has a GOT and Star Trek yesterday and had a really close look at those and they didn't look like this.

No idea on those other questions, it may not be a problem at all!

#11163 3 years ago

I really don't think the spelling error is anything to be upset by - it's so minor. A corrected one might even look visually worse as the font size or positioning will need amending slightly, not much space left for an extra letter. Pretty sure it's going to be on the LEs too.

#11168 3 years ago
Quoted from Captain_Kirk:

Nah, they just have to shrink the font a bit. The LE and Premium have a different playfield, so I expect it will be fixed on that one.

Depends if they've already run them - there are photos showing a LE playfield with the error.

#11186 3 years ago
Quoted from mandelbloom:

Keep dreaming I suspect next week at best, they will likely announce a deadflip stream based on past precedent.

I'd be up for that, I really want to see how the LE/Prem play - as does everyone else I no longer have a horse in the race, I got smitten by a WOZ over the weekend and changed my order.

#11563 3 years ago
Quoted from Flato:

Jeez all this talk of modifying the game to make it easy got me thinking I need to modify my Audi so I can't do over 30 maybe I can put a post under the gas peddle

A bad analogy, limiters are becoming more common in cars as a way to protect yourself from revenue cameras - my Jag has one.

#11856 3 years ago

You can tell the game was designed to have those slings. I'll try to pick up a Premium somewhere down the road, cancelled my original order as I wanted something else and they'll still be making this in a years time.

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