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The Real Ghostbusters Thread.

By Captain_Kirk

4 years ago

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#29 4 years ago

If stern doesn't pick it up I could see JJP doing it right...heck, WOZ is a 75 year old story right and they nailed that...

#71 4 years ago
Quoted from RobT:

My biggest fear is that the rumors are true, and that they really are making a pin based on the 1984 film.

Right because pins based on old movies/themes (TaF, AFM and JD for example) are never worth having in a collection!

#84 4 years ago
Quoted from dmbjunky:

I love how there are so many people that think Attack from Mars is a movie license.

Movie license? No. Clearly more than a coincidence that mars attacks and attack from mars came out within a year of one another? Yes.

(but gomez said!!! I know I know)

#108 4 years ago
Quoted from Marty_Graw77:

Ghostbusters PRO will be based on the new all-female reboot and the Ghostbusters LE will be based on the 1984 original film.
I hope I'm wrong.

Have they ever done such a thing? Have a pro based on one thing and an LE based on another?

#208 4 years ago
Quoted from Taxman:

The problem is the games use to come down in price since now it is a used game. NIB owners lost a bit of money for the pleasure for being the first.
Now everyone thinks it is an investment even if the title sucks. I always wondered why people think because they owned a game for a few months it is worth more.


Even the best stern pros & premiums generally sell for less than they did NIB.

I think people see a AC/DC pro with $600 in mods sell for $100 more than NIB and think the world has changed.

#224 4 years ago
Quoted from nman:

It's great to see so many people from the original films in this new reboot (?), but it's a damn shame they couldn't manage to pull at least some of them together for a real sequel for all those years.

Yeah, I agree but sometimes things should stay a good memory. I was so frickin excited when dumb and dumber 2 was announced with Carey and Daniels.

I couldn't even bring myself to watching it after the reviews came out.

3 months later
#1691 4 years ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

both the Pro and the Premium are great games.

yeah but they are also different. And one of them has more 'stuff' than the other. And if their prices were identical, >90% of buyers would order the premium 90% of the time I bet.

#1696 4 years ago
Quoted from MikeS:

From CES:
Jody Dankberg, director of marketing at Stern Pinball, told me. "This year we’re talking about an LCD display. It will be introduced on the first game after Spider-Man."

wow! Seems like a big thing for them to just casually talk about...Very 'non stern'....They turn a re release of an old title into an all week facebook event for gods sake.

Exciting to hear that though!

#1700 4 years ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

Why would they charge the same amount for two very different options, one being an option that has more stuff

They wouldn't. One is neutered (or 'lite' if more palatable) the other is the full featured version.

I think we're saying the same thing.

I too am glad they have multiple options for all budgets.

#1774 4 years ago
Quoted from MustangPaul:

#2, the top opens, closes and then lights up when you capture a ghost.

where the 'ghost' is a 'floating' ball...Would be a great ball lock

#1799 4 years ago

are you guys just messing around at this point? I honestly cant tell...

We've seen one 'meh' 'leaked' translite and what else? Something about a marshmallow man...

Is there more than that I havent seen?

1 week later
#1992 4 years ago
Quoted from PW79:

On a side note...
GB will be the new KISS in a year
Threads full of idiots who knew better but still bought an incomplete game.

Not sure why people downvote stuff that's completely true (but unsavory).

I agree 100%.

Mostly because I've completely sworn off NIB sterns until code is complete...but would probably buy a GB after the first major code update. I'm part of the problem.

#2049 4 years ago
Quoted from MikeS:

Short answer is yes. As a total package I think this game will impress upon initial release info more than any pin since Metallica. I anticipate a lot of people will sell GOT and KISS once they see the pics of GB.

After seeing it, what aspects of it struck you as being above and beyond GOT etc?

#2055 4 years ago
Quoted from frolic:

Seems like half of pinside has already seen it.

No kidding. I've seen the translite (praying it was just a draft) and the stripped playfield but neither gave me any solid feel for how the game would be. Not sure how everyone else had had a chance to see it in completed form.

#2063 4 years ago
Quoted from kaneda:

Art? Intergration of Theme? Both for sure.

That's what struck you most about seeing the completed game?

Seems others feel it's the new groundbreaking technology and Jampacked playfield.

We shall see soon enough I suppose!

#2092 4 years ago

10 fold innovation would mean next generation display (the generation beyond LCD so maybe holographic??) and maybe a 3D printer that prints items on the playfield during different modes or something.

Ok. Im going to say it. this is getting exciting. 10x for gods sake.

I. Am. All. In.

#2103 4 years ago
Quoted from rai:

Red dots or color display?

Dude. This pin has 10x the innovation of anything out there today.

Red dots or color.


#2143 4 years ago
Quoted from chuckcasey:

Why would they take down the "leaked picture" (probably a topic for another thread). The title of the tread says "speculation" and not fact.
Have the taken down the link to the picture yet?

I think everyone has seen the (hopefully) fake translite art...others have seen extensive pictures and videos of it/played it.

I have not so I cannot form an opinion on it yet. But with 10x more innovation than any other pin ever produced you can bet I'm hoping it's good enough to put next to my HH.

#2155 4 years ago
Quoted from GravitaR:

Based on what?

Not sure...the person that said it never elaborated.

But that was enough for me!!

#2156 4 years ago


#2157 4 years ago



#2243 4 years ago

I wonder what the blowback would be like if they use the hillbilly from TWD for callouts...
"We came, we say, I reckon we kicked its ass!"
"Yessir, it'd be true. Boy howdy, this man has no dick."
"YEEEEE HAWWWWW! Dont cross 'dem streams son!"

#2277 4 years ago
Quoted from JosiahCox:

damn is this thing looking good. I can see why collectors are trying to get on pre order lists for the LE.

Arggg! I'll be the only guy left on Pinside that hasnt seen the pictures and videos of gameplay for this thing before its released! Help a brother out if anyone is listening out there!

#2281 4 years ago
Quoted from JosiahCox:

there is a fair amount of good speculation in this thread.

I've seen all of the stuff you've noted including the speculation. It's interesting and piques my interest FOR SURE.

But to know how a game will really look you need to see final pictures of the playfield and cab. To be confident it's going to be a great playing game you'd need, at a minimum, a good video of it being played.

All I'm asking is for a little love from those that have seen the final pics and the videos of it being played!

#2285 4 years ago
Quoted from OLDPINGUY:

I dont think those are in circulation...seen, but not "holding".

thats fair and I believe you are probably right...But there sure seem to be ALOT of people here convinced its going to be amazing and I have to assume they've seen it/played it to have such a high confidence level. If thats true, first, I'm jealous! Second, I'm guessing it is going to be pretty great. I dont recall this type of buzz around other stern pre announcement pins recently...

#2286 4 years ago

What. The. Hell. Is. This.

#2289 4 years ago
Quoted from JosiahCox:

I don't think any one has final pics with art work and plastics yet. I doubt we will get any of that prior to the official launch.
Now, if I was speculating based off of the white wood and some of the comments by pinsiders I'd say you could expecting some of the following to be true.
2 ramps, one which, if the speculation is true, does a pretty cool trick. A captive ball in a horseshoe design. At least a couple of controlled drop targets that can block major shots. Maybe a scoop or two. Probably an orbit shot. Possibly a special small LCD display that does something cool.
That's all stuff I have read on here and with a little imagination you can see where most of that stuff would be layed out on the WW.
I do not know how it will play. Only hands on gameplay will be able to tell us that but I highly doubt most of us are going to be turned off by the overall package on this one. In fact, if they do a good job on the code and it shoots well, I can see this thing actually living up to the hype.
Keep the faith fellow Ghostbusters. Your long wait will be over soon.

Gotcha. Yeah, I'm hoping it's good too. Want to plunk one right next to my HH

But a translite and a WW don't tell me much...that's just me though.

Excited to see it revealed. Hope it's soon!

#2293 4 years ago
Quoted from MustangPaul:

That's what broadcast video looked like before you were born. Notice the poor luma keying of the ghosts. That was way before alpha channel and green and blue screening.

Eesh. TV in the 60's sounds like it sucked!!!

#2403 4 years ago
Quoted from chadsugg:

I have zero inside knowledge, but yeah I'd say there's absolutely no way they'd wait until after the entire "30 years of Stern" feature before announcing Ghostbusters.

It would be a good way to announce though right? Slip it in as the newest one?

#2497 4 years ago
Quoted from crlush:

Would be nice to have custom callouts, at least drops from the movie, please no voice actors like Walking dead.

Agreed. Kept me from pulling the trigger on TWD originally.

#2533 4 years ago
Quoted from PanzerFreak:

I would think it will be at TPF. With all of the stuff going into this game what do you guys think Premium and LE prices (non MSRP) will be? Same as GOT premium / LE or more?

Is there really 'that much more" going into it? I understand that 'innovation is 10x anything we have ever seen ever' but will there really be more 'parts' that drive up the cost? KISS has a giant molded head with a ball eject, spinner/motor, rock and roll figurine that shakes and a levitating ball/ramp diverter...and some people consider kiss 'under toyed'.

From a pure cost standpoint, do we really think GB manufacturing costs will be that much more?

#2537 4 years ago
Quoted from Wolfmarsh:

Innovation can also mean a decrease in part count/BOM.

I agree 100%. Beyond that Spike has been baked and r&d costs already spead across multiple pins since its initial release.

#2556 4 years ago
Quoted from jwilson:

I assume that the Pepper's Ghost effect will be above a trap that opens. That would be cool.

Would be cool to have the trap open during multiball and you can shoot balls into it like Scared Stiff...Every ball shot into it triggers a ghost to be sucked into it as well...

#2616 4 years ago
Quoted from Captain_Kirk:

I was simply responding to someone asking why Stern would leak this information. Assuming that they did leak it, the reason would be to generate hype and excitement. I didn't say I believed that Stern deliberatly leaked this info. In fact, I don't think they did.

Totally reasonable...which begs the question...what are you doing in this thread?

If they showed the pin to people outside of stern then they leaked it.

Based on the number of people here that have seen it already, it's safe to say, stern leaked it.

Which of course is a very smart move.

No downside.

#2622 4 years ago
Quoted from Chambahz:

Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, I present to you, exhibit A (and our only evidence):
"The NUMBER of people here that have seen it already"
Yup. Guilty. This PROVES that Stern management leaked the info. It COULDNT have been an independently acting employee.
OP: I have to ask you...
When you get up each morning, does somebody else help get you dressed?
: )

You seem really upset about stern showing this game to non stern employees.

Sorry dude. Get better soon!!

#2623 4 years ago
Quoted from Captain_Kirk:

What am I doing in this thread? I started it.

Right but the joke I was trying to make was...ah nevermind.

#2965 4 years ago
Quoted from kaneda:

There is no way Stern did this as part of some "genius marketing" plan by Jared. Every time something like this happens, there are always those who think it's the company planning it. As someone who works in marketing and has planned "leaks" before, I would be highly surprised if this were planned.
When you plan a "leak" you don't go chasing down offenders and demand they remove the images. Course the fanboys will say, "BUT THAT'S THE GENIUS PART, THEY WANT US TO THINK THEY DIDN'T LEAK IT!!!!" Bullocks. For all of the fanboys thinking this is Stern marketing brilliance, just stop for a minute and ask yourself, why would they do this? Here are my reasons why Stern doing this makes no sense:
1. Stern doesn't need a leak to drum up excitement for it's pins...they've never leaked anything before and its popular themes have sold well without any "leaks"
2. Stern is VERY PRIVATE when it comes to reveals. They offer exclusive reveals to IGN on all their new titles and leaks would undermine those exclusives.
3. Stern would never showcase something that's a "work in progress"...they are professionals and show you the final package right before you can buy it. That's GENIUS marketing guys...that's how Apple does it and that's the way to go. You want people in a frenzy on the day they can hit "BUY NOW".
4. Nothing personal, but they would never let Jared go out with something like this. Gary is not the kind of guy that wants to feed the pinball forum fanboys info...he could care less.
5. The movie studio would never approve those CAD images to go out.
I could go on and on, but the fanboys will still read what I wrote and say, "Yeah, but that's why it's so genius because they expect us to think that!!!!"
I'll end with this...you don't get stuff removed from Reddit guys unless Stern's legal came down on them. "Ah, but Kaneda, the lawyers are in on it, that's why it's so Genius!" See what I did there?

Four things you got terribly wrong in your analysis:

1) These arent $300 apple watches. With big ticket, non essential items, building excitement prior to a formal announcement/sale is hugely important so people can plan and save. These are not impulse 'click buy now here'! purchases for most.

2) You believed that updating the pepsi perfect logo was a good idea...So...Credibility gone.

3) If Gary Stern 'could care less' (as you say) then it sounds like feeding some info to hard core pinball fans prior to an official announcement may be right up his alley.

4) Its not 'bullocks'. http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=bullocks

#3005 4 years ago
Quoted from kaneda:

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA....you think Pinball Machines are not "IMPULSE" buys? That's all they are. Nobody needs a pinball machine.

and nobody NEEDS a third home...

But they arent impulse buys.

#3106 4 years ago
Quoted from Baiter:

After images were spread and speculation ended, no one wants to talk about the actual game?
Playfield art: Wow! Custom art designed for *that* playfield is what pinball is about. Glad to see games finally coming out without clip-art playfields, and this could be one of the best.
Lower playfield: Four inlanes in a standard width game!

Were there pictures of the actual playfield art? I just saw the one rough drawing near an insert?

#3151 4 years ago

Are you selling? That's a great price!

PM sent!!

#3400 4 years ago
Quoted from ArcadiusMaximus:

. I belong to a rather large Ghostbuster community.


#3401 4 years ago
Quoted from ArcadiusMaximus:

I don't understand the logic behind not featuring a mixed cast.

But enough about the first 3 ghostbusters!


#3402 4 years ago

Fak. Dup. Sorry.

#3403 4 years ago

Ah well. Enough about mysogonistic nerds...lets talk about pinball!

Hey, are people really putting down deposits? The dealers I've spoken with (and bought from before) said they can't take deposits yet...

#3408 4 years ago
Quoted from Baiter:

I have to wonder about a dealer who turns down a sale

The dealers I've spoken to said stern does not allow them to sell (or even take deposits for) pins before they are announced...

#3610 4 years ago
Quoted from pmWolf:

You're not alone. I'm with you on this one...it's like getting a "new game" experience every few months.
However, we may be wired a bit more positively than some others.

you're not 'wired more positively', you're just willing to 'settle'.

Waiting for code is totally reasonable. Not having any discipline or even roughly defined timelines for when code will be released (if ever) is where 'reasonable' falls apart.

#3623 4 years ago
Quoted from pmWolf:

that you have absolutely zero control over.

This is ONLY true if Stern has ZERO interest in feedback from its customers.

#3627 4 years ago
Quoted from pmWolf:

So, you believe that being miserable about it, and complaining dozens of times about it on Pinside will speed up the process. Also, it makes everyone around you happier.
Just making sure I'm understanding your point.

I think maybe the reason you arent understanding is because you are confusing providing feedback with people being miserable?

I have over a dozen pins and just as many arcade games. A great family, job etc etc. I assure you, I am about as far from miserable as possible. Discussing pins, and the things we love about them, things that irk us and everything in between is part of being a collector/player. I know some people are really worried about Sterns feelings but when done in a reasonable tone, feedback is about as reasonable and non-misery inducing as it comes.

We can agree to disagree I suppose...Back to Ghostbusters?

#3645 4 years ago
Quoted from Banker:

On a positive note, 98% of people playing pinball have no clue about codes. Great players do. Collectors like
buying LEs , having fun playing original codes while haters and non buyers bitch. Than every time stern or JJP
Releases a new code , their pin becomes more fun. Life is good!

What about the group of people that buys premiums but would prefer that stern be more communicative with their customers...Are those more 'heavy dislikers' or are they 'haterz' too?

#3651 4 years ago

So back to the task at hand...I just looked again and there aren't any images of a premium that I can see. I'm sure it's been discussed but I can't find it in here...are they going to do one? Thoughts?

#3782 4 years ago
Quoted from vid1900:

If Stern wanted to do it, they would have already done it....

Was anyone suggesting that stern wants to but can't?

#3882 4 years ago
Quoted from Captain_Kirk:

The new teaser has more down-votes on YouTube than up-votes. Not an easy thing to do.
And yet some Pinsiders down-vote my criticism of this reboot. Go figure.

The only teaser I'm seeing is this one:

Are there others?

#4169 4 years ago

Can't find it..can someone pm? Thanks!!

#4331 4 years ago
Quoted from swampfire:

...which people are still happy to pay $8000 for. Your point?

I think the point is that most people would prefer to see an Lcd at some point. Sure, dmd is fine but it's probably time.

But maybe not.

Personally, I think there is a viable concern that the 'art' aspect of a pin display could go away if everything is replaced with video snippets a la slot machines...(though there is probably a happy medium there somewhere)

#4416 4 years ago
Quoted from vid1900:

WOZ is out in the wild, it is a "kid friendly" theme, and yet it has not set the world on fire - not even with the youth.
The number one earning game again this month is WNBJM - a game with a score reel.

Any pin with Judy garland as its main character probably isn't going to ignite a new pinball frenzy amongst today's youth...regardless of how cool and innovative it is.

#4425 4 years ago
Quoted from NorCalRealtor:

Who is "We"? Feel free to express your (wrong) opinion, but you don't speak for the rest of us. My Whoa Nellie is on location in a very Liberal area (SF Bay Area) and earns well. The location is attended by lots of ranked players who loathe crappy-playing pins and they like WNBJM and go back to it. It's fun and it plays great. Women and children like it, too. I've seen many little kids choose it first over the 13 other pins there (all DMD). So, your pompous "horny men" argument is bogus.
Apologies for taking the GB thread further off topic. It just irks me when certain people think they speak for everyone.

To be fair he said if you had to choose between WOZ and juicy melons for a home game room...

I'd have to agree. I'm not a 'ranked player' (whatever the heck that is!!) but I find big titty melons to be tear jerkingly boring.

And I'm not even a Judy garland fan...

1 week later
#4711 4 years ago
Quoted from jar155:

I have legit reason to be critical here. The window to announce the game before a massive avalanche of stories about the movie and new cast closes in two days. Stern will be a tiny blip on the Ghostbusters map. They could have avoided that sort of competition in the news cycle. I'll save deeper explanation and more reasons why they've screwed up for the show.

Wouldn't using the ramping up of the movie to their advantage be possible? Most normal humans haven't really thought about GB in decades (let alone even know adults still play GB dress up and get in fights about the new cast being female). I think just having the word 'ghostbusters' out there will help propel the new pin. Nobody but pinheads pay attention to new pinballs anyway...

#4715 4 years ago
Quoted from jar155:

Stern always talks about new audiences and growing pinball. Stop burying your message and you might be able to do that.

How does it get buried when nobody reads stern press releases other than pin nerds?

Wouldn't it have an exponentially higher chance of rising to the top of search pages, news aggregators and general discussions if it were announced right before/during/after a GB movie was announced?

#4716 4 years ago
Quoted from jar155:

Stern always talks about new audiences and growing pinball. Stop burying your message and you might be able to do that.

dupe dupe dupe. Dupe of earl.

#4720 4 years ago
Quoted from jar155:

No, they'll have less of a chance due to the sheer volume of stories about the movie from more mainstream outlets. GB hashtags will be dominated by the movie, and news feed will be clogged with stories about the trailer and new cast.

Hmmm...i don't remember seeing a single GOT pin popping up in any feed I get when it was announced...and I don't think it was because the GOT movie was being announced that day and got overshadowed?

But as they say...a butterfly flaps its wings half way around the world...

#4727 4 years ago
Quoted from jar155:

Uh, the Game of Thrones pin saw decent mainstream coverage, but it had a poor hype ramp up. They still had coverage on visible IGN and the Wall Street Journal though.

I read WSJ but must have missed that article. (Not doubting it was there).

No idea what IGN is so you got me there.

I guarantee if I polled 100 co workers a grand total of 0 would know there was a GOT Pin.

Guess we'll see if GB pin shows up anywhere other than a stern press release and go from there!

#4747 4 years ago

Unless the pin plays like a total bomb it will sell out.

Leak, no leak, good marketing, bad marketing, good movie, bad movie.

1 week later
#5339 4 years ago

maybe KISS code today and GB drop tomorrow?

#5626 4 years ago
Quoted from C2CPinball:

Just an FYI:
Jody Dankberg, Marketing Director for Stern, came on my show this morning to talk Ghostbusters Pinball...
Episode 220 "Who Am I Gonna Call? or I Am Gonna Call Jody and Ed"
-Jody Dankberg from Stern joins us to talk Ghostbusters Pinball
-Ed from Texas Pinball Festival
Twitter - @c2cpinball
Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/coast2coastpinball
Email - coast2coastpinball@gmail.com
Itunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/coast-2-coast-pinball/id665142229?mt=2

good podcast!

interesting things:

1) timing was planned to coincide with release of new GB trailer/buzz etc.
2) art was intentionally 'cartoony'
3) stern is trying to do as much 'bright hand drawn art' as they can do at this point

#6020 4 years ago
Quoted from Jean-Luc-Picard:

I am about to pull the credit card out, but that horrible clear-coat also bothers me... This will be my first NIB.

There's something weird with the wood. Look at one of the kickout edges. The wood is chipped and looks like particle board or something. I'm guessing is really early proto stuff...? I hope!!

#6041 4 years ago
Quoted from catboxer:

Play it so...You know.

How could we have known!?!?


They'll be cranking these out for a full year. Unless you 'need' and LE, slow your roll. It's all good.

#6205 4 years ago
Quoted from frolic:

Don't expect a Star Trek or MET light show.

Why is that?

#6417 4 years ago
Quoted from Jean-Luc-Picard:

Anyone else have trypophobia and find the melting Stay Puft Marshmallow Man to be a bit disturbing. I am still buying a premium, but this phobia really really torments me. No joke, I almost throw up instantly. Luckily it consists of irregular shapes so it doesn't bother me as much. As well, I am not saying it is drawn poorly, it is fantastic I am just saying anyone else that has this dreadful phobia have this issue. I think the premium and pro translites look great but I may have to print some fire decals to put on the glass to cover these areas. Just to give you an idea how bad this trypophobia is, my wife bought a rug that collects dirt in tiny uniform flesh like holes and you open it and it then expands and you dump the dirt. I cant look directly at the rug and especially when it has cat litter or something in it or I freak out. These images will haunt me for days after I see one. I know I am not alone with this issue...
That said, please out of common courtesy for people that really suffer from this mental phobia do not post photos of it. My self and others who freak out about this cant handle it... thanks in advance.

I read part of this and then my eye started itching...can you take a peek and see if there is anything in it? Thanks

EDITED OUT PHOTO. Were you serious?

#6887 4 years ago

Yeah the LE is, how do you say....Not good. I actually think the PRO is the best but I could never bring myself to buy a hobbled pin.

#7005 4 years ago
Quoted from Manimal:

Wasn't bragging. Was merely trying to put it into perspective as to what it is....a toy, not an investment or a "holy grail". Doesn't matter what the model, I just happened to pick an LE because of personal preference. I wasn't "bitching" as you put it...just merely stating a point. I made no judgment, and I used the term "we"......I lump myself into the masses who pay to be entertained. It was just a perspective commentary. And to your last point, I know what 7 grand will do. I give 3 times that amount every year to a couple of different causes, and I devoted 25 years of my life working 2 full-time careers helping others. And while I am proud of my service, I'm sure there are those here who give much more from their lives and their wallet, and my hat is off to them. God please forgive me for introducing a serious topic into this fantasy world we have here........lol

Its a thread about a pinball. An entertainment device (as you noted). Its supposed to be a 'fantasy world'. Its an escape. All of us give our money and ourselves to help others...

Whats with the drama?

Maybe you should go to a spousal abuse forum and tell them to lighten up!

#7179 4 years ago
Quoted from TaTa:

It looks like its from a police power wheels toy... they totally missed a great opportunity

I was really surprised to....plus I doubt they'd show it if it was just a rough prototype.

#7330 4 years ago
Quoted from Captain_Kirk:

People need to stop whining about the topper. It's a must have for me.

If you're allowed to voice your opinion on the topper why cant others?

#7417 4 years ago

dropped my LE the day they announced. Currently in for a Premium though.

#7446 4 years ago
Quoted from Captain_Kirk:

They had access to all assets from both movies.
Everything they do is a choice, not an oversight.

good lord.

#7466 4 years ago
Quoted from Captain_Kirk:

Good Lord, what?
You have something to say?

Fanboys make me facepalm. Thats all. No biggie. Comes with the territory.

#7769 4 years ago

ok so...We've now all seen the game being played and have hi rez pics of the PF....

10X innovation?

#7772 4 years ago
Quoted from smassa:

What company has put out this so called "10x innovation" you are looking for?

Not sure.

Early on in this thread a couple folks had seen enough to know that this pin had '10x the innovation of any pin'.

Was just wondering if they and other still/do feel that way.

#7953 4 years ago
Quoted from Squizz:


Nice work!

I think the would look good. It could matche the red on their logo and ecto

#8146 4 years ago
Quoted from goatdan:

Wait until you play both and then decide. Some people wear by Metallica Premium, I personally like the Pro SOOOOO much more. In fact, in general that is where my tastes lay...

That's an interesting statement. The coffin ball lock and hammer are so cool (as is the cross). You're saying if the premium was less (suspend reality for a moment) than the pro you'd pay more for the pro?

#8173 4 years ago
Quoted from Rokablly:

Curious if anyone else likes the artwork on the Pro more than the Premium?
It would be nice if we had a choice when purchasing.

I agree. Wish you could custom order the cab/trans. Would be cool to pick and choose. Would also be a nice revenue stream for stern.

my preferences in order:

1) Pro
2) Premium
3-5) Portraits of Rosie O'Donnell
6) Slimer LE

#8186 4 years ago
Quoted from goatdan:

I know of at least two bigger collectors where money isn't an issue who bought the pro over the premium, yes.

Don't know why you're trying to be sarcastic. I think that having differing opinions is a great thing for the hobby.
As for me, I play my games and don't really care about the light shows. It's why I can claim VND is one of my favorite games of all time - the art is horrendous, but once I figured out the gameplay I love it. Your mileage may vary, but that doesn't mean because you think that VND looks stupid I'm going to suddenly hate it too.
To me, Metallica Pro is the better game and I also do own it over the premium. Why? Two reasons:
1) I like keeping my games stock. The captive ball where the hammer is on the premium being the block is not as interesting of a shot to try to bank things off.
2) I like my games fast as can be. The hammer in Metallica slows it down. In fact, due to this, a lot of the Pros I like over the Premiums because they are made faster. Although I wouldn't own one, I actually like ACDC Pro over the Premium because of how much the mini playfield slows things down.
If either of the above statements worry someone who owns a Metallica Premium and makes them want to rethink their decision, sorry. I am just saying what my personal tastes are, and that's okay. From what I see of Ghostbusters, barring something with the right ramp, I kind of think that I'll like the Pro more than the Premium.

Totally fair. I love fast games too but I cant really see the hammer materially slowing things down enough to worry me...Especially since its such a fun/cool ball lock. I do like whizbang stuff like the hammer, the coffin lock and the rising cross (that is just so cool)...I do understand others prefer just to 'play' and dont worry about light shows toys etc. Wish I didnt like all that stuff, it'd save me some coin!!!

#8202 4 years ago
Quoted from goatdan:

I put this in as a mod for my game

Blasphemy! You like non modded original pins!!!!

#8212 4 years ago
Quoted from Chippewa-Pin:

You mean you guys don't have separate checking accounts? I buy what I want and she buys what she wants. We've never had an argument about money in 13 years!

We have joint accounts and haven't had an argument about money in 15 years!

#8376 4 years ago
Quoted from Captain_Kirk:

Far too much common sense for some Pinsiders.

So you agree the topper looks tossed together? Then I think we are all in agreement.

It's a great idea but in the form it was shown in it looks like a baby toy.

#8382 4 years ago
Quoted from Captain_Kirk:

Not what I said, but the topper is a prototype.
I was at TPF, and went to see JT speak. He specifically said it was just a prototype, and said it in a way that was dismissive of the Prototype.
Everyone calm down.

I think everyone is pretty calm (outside of some vehemently defensive folks). Most agree the topper looks fisher price-ish/cheap and silly in its current state. Most also agree that if the finish product is done right, it could/will be awesome.

#8385 4 years ago
Quoted from Eryeal:

It's definitely a bit more polarizing of a topper - but as others have said, who knows what the "real" version will end up looking like .. it could look a lot different, or very close.
This topper is going to be geared more towards those that are true fans of the old movies - not just casual fans or those who remember seeing it once or twice as a child. All of the above toppers you mention - yes you are right in that they are just an extension of a toy already in the playfield, but every single one also has that "Wow!" factor from non-pinheads, kids, etc. This topper will not, unless said non-pinhead is a big GB fan and recognizes it as an accurate reproduction. I do think that a "trap" topper that opens up with light coming out of it would be much more well received overall and have more of that "Wow!" factor for guests. Now if the topper was $100, that's another story. But we all expect it to be in the range of all the other toppers, if not more.
I'm in the camp of being happy because with my GBLE, I find no need for this topper - it doesn't appeal to me, and I can't imagine that the production version will either. So I get to save some money. If it were a trap or something else, it may have gotten my money.

There could certainly be multiple toppers (3rd party). A trap with lights (lasers?) and smoke(!!!) would be insane. I love the idea of the ecto light topper and look forward to seeing a finished product. Just hoping it gets more of a 'realistic' look than a cartoony look...

#8395 4 years ago
Quoted from Captain_Kirk:

Whining doesn't seem calm to me.

feverishly defensive fanboys dont seem calm to me.

We can agree to disagree!

#8546 4 years ago
Quoted from pinchamp:

I can't remember who posted these original design ideas but I believe they were done a long time ago. These are the only pics I could find but there were many others too. So we're these original stern renderings or did stern just take/steal some of these ideas? If they did I don't see how that is not an obvious intellectual property case against them. But not til I get me LE please ...


pretty sure none of those are in the Stern game.

#8552 4 years ago
Quoted from pinchamp:

There are more. I just don't have the pics and there are more like the game. How about this from Star_Gazer from 6 months ago on page 4 of this thread... Nothing like anything stern is making either?


Hmmmm. You've got me there. I feel like I've seen that before...


#8587 4 years ago

How much extra are pinball refinery editions? I'd love a 'special' GB but the LE is the...wrong...kind of special....

#8672 4 years ago

do we have ANY idea what the proton streams would do? Seems like a pretty aggressive 'mod'...Would need code and hardware to work...Kind of thinking its a final boss battle with slimer or something?

#8848 4 years ago
Quoted from Ed209:

Do people actually enjoy videomodes?

I do.

#8858 4 years ago
Quoted from Captain_Kirk:

Changing or making false quotes is grounds for thread eject.

Really? Cmon man. Learn to take a joke. Jeez.

#8862 4 years ago
Quoted from Captain_Kirk:

Has nothing to do with what I think. That is strictly enforced around Pinside. I've been ejected for it as well.
So....my response to you would be.....Jeez....think before you post.

Says the guy whining about it and bringing it to the attention of the mods. I took your advice though and thought about it some more.

I'm still at:

"learn to take a joke"

And I've added:

"Think before you whine"

1 week later
#9565 3 years ago
Quoted from CaptainNeo:

i really don't know why anyone is concerned how magnets are going to act. we have seen them in use in many ways on controlling the ball since 1992. How difficult of an item do you really think this is? it's not. TZ has controlled magnets by the player. magnet flippers would be a hell of a lot harder to design and program than ones controlled to respond to ball proxys. Shadow uses them, TAF, GNR. Slings are not more challenging than any of these. Can't believe the crap you guys worry about.

Slings are one of the most tried and true 'knowns' of a pinball game. Magnets have never been used in place of a mechanical sling mechanism...Ever.

You honestly think its crazy to talk about what it may be like to play a pin with them? or *GASP* wait to throw down $7K on a pin before at least seeing how they play? Literally seems like the most rational discussion to engage in in this whole thread.

If thats not an acceptable thing to talk about on here...What is?

#9573 3 years ago
Quoted from CaptainNeo:

it's just people are freaking out about it.

I guess I just havent really seen people freaking out but honestly I haven't read every thread.

To me, it seems reasonable to wonder/discuss what a brand new sling method will feel like/work like.

As for the hologram, totally fair to address too...But since its not integral to how the pin actually plays I dont see it as crucial to a purchase decision.

#9577 3 years ago
Quoted from jar155:

Well, the hammer is just a toy that fails often.

It does? I've literally never seen mine fail...But maybe I dont know what I'm supposed to be looking for...?

FWIW, I'd take a toy that fails over a flipper or sling failure.

#9580 3 years ago
Quoted from Rokablly:

Newbie here and got my deposit on a GB Premium. Can someone explain or point out on the playfield what the magna-sling is exactly? Thanks!

In every other pinball, ever, slings have been powered by a mechanical kick arm. GB will replace that mechanism with a magnet that flings the ball away from the area. It will also be able to go other things like hold the ball during special modes etc.

Some people think it is ok to talk about what that experience will be like. Some dont.

Welcome to pinside!

#10025 3 years ago

huh....well I....


#10050 3 years ago
Quoted from Captain_Kirk:

Sometimes it does that, sometimes it just kicks it away.
Both were shown.

where are you seeing it kick the ball away like a traditional sling and not get pulled back around or whatever?

#10094 3 years ago
Quoted from kermit24:

Well said. If you want to just mimic regular slings what's the point of it?

I wont buy a GB if it cant play like a pinball game.

Some novelty during special modes etc would be great but if I want an oddity in my collection I'll just grab a pachinko machine or something.

Edit: Apologies for adding reality into this thread. Apologies to those that are opposed to critical thought.

#10101 3 years ago
Quoted from Captain_Kirk:

Most of us have skin in this game.

ya dont say!

Would have never guessed that lol!

#10672 3 years ago

Ditto +1

but also need to see KISS code. Cancelled my LE because that code wasn't out yet.

#10677 3 years ago

Because I told myself I wouldn't buy anymore Stern games until non beta KISS code was released. had no idea it would actually impact a title I had a ton of interest in...

#10792 3 years ago

Where is frank further to talk pin-bubble when you need him!!!

#11213 3 years ago
Quoted from musketd:

I'm sure they are having difficulties with it

Stern has never, and will never, have difficulties with anything. Ever.

(ask Kirk )

#11422 3 years ago
Quoted from jar155:

Looking forward to it, only a week away. Timing is weird, since the whole Internet will be buried in Star Wars hype, but I'll take it whenever I can get it.

Wait. Are you the dude that said they'd never announce GB when they did (so late) because it would be buried in GB (movie) press?

1 week later
#12125 3 years ago
Quoted from guyincognito:

Question for the parents who are worried about language, would you let your kids watch the movie on DVD?


Mines in Kindergarten. Plus, what if their friends want to play it when they are over? not my call to decide whats ok for other kids to hear.

Non issue anyway. They'll put in a family mode.

#12329 3 years ago

good lord. What is this, soviet russia where pinball plays YOU and everyone drives a Trabant?

They are a profit driven company with models to satisfy different users and price points.

#12594 3 years ago
Quoted from CaptainNeo:

so why even bother?

Because it makes them happy I guess?

Sad that some people are so concerned about what makes others happy that it actually bothers them lol.

Remember the days when people were actually happy for others and left them alone to do whatever made them happy?

Me neither actually. Sorry. back to your regularly scheduled programming...

#12789 3 years ago
Quoted from Captain_Kirk:

I think that's what rubs some people the wrong way. Their "adult" movie got turned down a notch.

I doubt it.

I'm guessing its because GB2 isnt a good movie.

Maybe they'll do a follow up pin solely based on GB2 & the 'new one'???!!?!

1 week later
#13319 3 years ago

OMG. The Fisher Price topper we saw was actually the production version. Wow.

#13324 3 years ago
Quoted from PanzerFreak:

Looks pretty cool to me. Honestly it looks better then 99% of the other toppers out there and is truly interactive. Pretty much every after market topper out there is plastic...

To each his own I suppose but I cant believe anyone really thinks its better than TWD or GOT toppers...Hell, even KISS for that matter. It literally looks like a cheap plastic kids toy.

With that said, if its

#13332 3 years ago
Quoted from LTG:

I think if it has an interactive light show like The Walking Dead aquarium, it will look great.
LTG : )

To compare it to TWD topper they'd need to replace the zombie heads with balloon heads with sharpie faces drawn on them.

#13462 3 years ago
Quoted from Bing_Party:

Agreed. Too many winers. Nobody is changing their minds

I cancelled my LE early on. Put my premium on hold until I can get a bunch of games in on it.

I'm not a hater nor a fanboy so I appreciate hearing everyone's views after they've played it.

#13507 3 years ago

Not everyone here is a rabid fanboy or a hater. I know thats an impossible mindset to fathom for some. Hard to believe that some people make rational decisions and dont take differing opinions/game reviews as violent personal attacks against them lol.

On March 3rd I pulled out of the LE list:


On Mar 3, 2016, at 7:45 PM,
Hey XXXX, going to go with 'just' the premium at some point. Need a deposit now for that or whats the process?

#13511 3 years ago
Quoted from Bing_Party:

But I am also good at smelling bs.
Not a fan boy, just need another pinball for the man cave. You obviously have hurt feelings if you consider that a violent attack.

Looks like your BS meter AND your reading comprehension machine broke on the same day lol.

I was saying some were taking peoples opinions of GB VERY personally and whine/get butthurt over them...Almost as if personally attacked if someone posts a 'not so great' GB review...So much so that they immediately try to discredit those posts. Its ok man, enjoy the pin. As I said, I cancelled my order until I can make a more informed decision and appreciate all reviews of the pin...Not just the fanboy ones (you know, like reviews that were posted before even playing the pin).

To each their own...Frankly I've never seen eye to eye with anyone that actually uses the term 'mancave' anyway!

#13515 3 years ago
Quoted from jar155:

Honestly, if you have any doubts about a machine, you should DEFINITELY not be on a preorder list. The only reason I am on the preorder list for GB is because I wanted an LE. It's been my most wanted theme for at least 10 years, so I was prepared to go all out. It's the only game I really felt the need to preorder. But generally, preordering isn't a good idea unless you want to score an LE and basically have to get in before they get sold out.

Yeah, was the same for me from a theme standpoint. Frankly the green rails didnt really do it for me and then not ever even seeing the magna slings (and my frustration over the lack of code for KISS) pushed me over the edge so I cancelled the LE. I'm hopeful I like it once I've had time on it and will grab a premium. Great theme and it looks very nice.

#13581 3 years ago
Quoted from Bing_Party:

He is just another one of those sensitive guys on here

Ugh. He's whining about people posting non glowing GB reviews too?

Unreal how think skinned people are here!

#13671 3 years ago
Quoted from jay:

it doesn't make much sense to run wires all the way down and to the front of the cab just for a power switch.

Its not the end of the world but it is for sure much nicer to have it under the front of the pin than under the backbox. Especially if you have pins close together/side by side in a line up.

#13866 3 years ago
Quoted from AtTheArcade:

Bingo! It's funny though...I log in to see that there's 50+ new messages but I can only see like 15 of them because every other post (or sometimes 3-4 posts in a row) just say "Ignored user post".

Dont worry, you arent missing much. Most of those posts are just new guys trying to convince everyone they are rich and thick skinned....

(Well, except for their posts where they are whining about non-glowing GB reviews)

#13868 3 years ago
Quoted from golfingdad1:

Does anybody know if the lockdown bar will be the 2 latches or the old school lever on the Premiums ?

Looks like its latches for all 3 models?


#13878 3 years ago

Insecurity and sensitivity is running deep here today!

(But mostly with middle aged sales guys that drive domestic 'sports' cars)

#13881 3 years ago
Quoted from Bing_Party:

agreed, wait middle aged? At what age does that begin? And i only have 2 domestic, rest are less reliable. But you know what is reliable. Sensitive people on here that put a smile on my face.

Most people that call their basement a 'man cave' generally die young...or whenever they run out of jorts...so I'd say 34 or so probably marks it.

Remember when you had a panic attack after that guy posted a GB review you didn't like, that was funny.

Hey, all ribbing aside, do you know Kaneda by chance?

#13887 3 years ago
Quoted from Bing_Party:

Man you got it wrong, only the good die young but i like that you tried. Kaneda he has a car right? I have a warehouse, there is the phonies and the folks that are the real deal. Man you guys are thirsty today...so thirsty lol. Age is a little off but flattered. But i will give you a hint that makes me the real deal vs Kaneda, I cashed out before the tech bubble popped...you need some luck in life, just be ready when luck comes your way so you can take advantage of it. Ah shutting off the webex as my car is done, what are you doing today?
Griffin, cmon thats what your comeback is. Geez maybe you should go play pong or something. sooo sensitive

Cool story!

Hey, talk to us about why you're so sensitive about negative GB reviews will ya?


#13889 3 years ago

According to some...they have their reasons....and they are good reasons...and people like it.

#13896 3 years ago
Quoted from pmppk:

The instruction manual for Pro shows the latches, while the one for Pre / LE shows a lever. See page 4.

Bummer. Sounds like stern opted for the less desirable lever mech on their higher end units!

#13899 3 years ago
Quoted from Bing_Party:

Just not a fan of reviews where people don't know the rules yet.

What about people that review pins before playing them?

Either way, its just an opinion right? Weird that for someone with such thick skin you took a negative review so personally.

To each their own though. My .02? just relax a little, you're getting pretty wound up over a pinball site. Hey if people didnt like your opinion and responded to it, who cares? Thats their opinion. You have thick skin right? let it go man.

#13929 3 years ago
Quoted from golfingdad1:

Now I am confused , doesn't take much

Kirk said that most people prefer latches over lockdowns.

And he's usually spot on so...

#13937 3 years ago
Quoted from Captain_Kirk:

I am indeed.
On that particular issue, I was commenting on the chatter I've read on Pinside over the last 4 years.
Since I've never owned a Pro, I have no opinion myself.

So you agree stern made a poor choice by not using latches on all models.


#14019 3 years ago
Quoted from spida1a:

» YouTube video

good video, thanks. Topper isnt as bad 'in person' as it looks in their pics (still looks way too fisher price though for sure). I will probably grab if less than $200.

Rabin stern defenders in 3...2....1...

EDIT: WTF?!?!? Just checked the site, its $500 effing dollars???!! I could hire mini me dressed in a GB outfit to stand on top of the pin and yell "i've been slimed" every time slimer gets hit for half that. Good lord.

#14029 3 years ago

For $500 there should be a ghost trap with smoke and a peppers ghost illusion integrated to it.

Anyone up for the challenge?

If not I guess I'll just tear this off a $200 power wheels.



#14040 3 years ago
Quoted from Flato:

Laserific is making a official licensed alternative topper that Stern approves.

meaning they get royalties on it?

#14244 3 years ago
Quoted from JEFFPINS12:

Just got back from the game exchange show and I was on the stream u saw , but won't point out which guy =)
I'm cancelling my GB order after playing it
I've played the pro and did not like it, was hoping premium changes would make me like it
Sorry but this theme is great , I've always wanted a Ghostbuster's pin !
John Trudeau really messed this table up. I wish it was a Ritchie table . Unbelievably poor design that is NOT fun like pinball should be but rather just irritating and frustrating watching the ball hope over the inlanes right to the outlanes and also down the middles even out of the pops .
Mag slings are horrible ! Dead bounces and they will even shoot down the middle or stop dead in tracks between the huge gap and screw you
The flipper gap wasn't needed and how the play testers left this design is shocking because the rest of the machine is also difficult not in a FUN way but in a way that makes you think , why design a fun slapstick theme like Ghostbuster's and make it play even harder and more frustrating then a zombie horror survival game like walking dead ? It's much harder simply because the drains are very bad and pisses people off. Code also wears because of the way the modes start. Just a bad combination of the design and software for this . Absolutely no combo potential that feels satisfying and too many pauses with that dumb Tobin book
I talked with many people at the show and seriously out of 15+ people that we discussed this game with said Trudeau just didn't do a great job , someone else like Ritchie would have made a great machine with this theme and it's unfortunate Trudeau was in charge of this one as his gimmicky flipper gap just put the nail in the coffin as far as fun goes . No one said the game was fun .. Only that it pisses you off and that who would spend money for such a short ball time ?
Sorry I'm moving on from this , the theme is cool but stern assigned the wrong guys for the job here

It will be interesting to see how sensitive people get about this review. A couple here have had full blown panic attacks whenever a review like this has been posted. Bummer to hear either way. I cancelled my LE a while back due to concerns like yours. Still have premium on order but won't take delivery until I've put in some good ball time.

#14302 3 years ago
Quoted from Bing_Party:

Trying to hard. Try not to look so thirsty. Just joking of course!!

Yikes. If YOU are telling me I'm trying to hard, I have some serious soul searching to do!!!

1 week later
#14798 3 years ago
Quoted from Bing_Party:

My QX80 just got recalled for a timing chain!!!! That's scary. This pinball, not so much.

Is that the one with portholes???

#14799 3 years ago
Quoted from yoyokopter:

I work on my topper
» YouTube video

Thats awesome, whats it going to hook up to etc?

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