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The Real Ghostbusters Thread.

By Captain_Kirk

4 years ago

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#13 4 years ago

If its indeed based on the classic films I'll be buying it in a heartbeat...assuming that there's a good amount of features. Honestly I haven't been impressed with number and quality of toys in Stern's 3 latest titles. Starting with WWE each of their games is coming with less and less...

I'm going to say the chances of custom speech at least from Dan Aykroyd are near 100% as he loves everything about Ghostbusters. He helped write the story after all!

I really hope an Ecto-1 LE is made. Make the speaker grill look like the grill on the Ecto-1, the side rails powder coated red to match trim of the Ecto-1 and an interactive beacon topper with siren! Combine that with artwork that resembles the sides of the Ecto-1 and you have an LE that will rival Star Trek LE.

#18 4 years ago

I've been tossing this idea around in my head for a while now. We have seen Stern leverage a mini LCD in WWE LE. My idea is to have a Ghostbusters firehouse toy with a mini LCD placed behind the windows within it. Each window could then be animated for game modes, features, etc.

#32 4 years ago
Quoted from markmon:

Old movies sort of suck and look majorly dated. I am definitely out on this one. This is 2015.

There's plenty of 2015 and other recent movies that suck. Ghostbusters is and always will be an amazing and timeless film for many. The comedy in the film is actually enjoyable unlike many of today's comedies which are about who can make the most toilet / sexual humored jokes. Comedies like Ghostbusters are from a time where character development was important in a comedy film. You don't see that nearly as often in today's comedies.

Also,if you think Ghostbusters looks dated I would watch the newly restored 4K master (mastered from 4k source) Bluray.

#35 4 years ago
Quoted from Captain_Kirk:

It's not really 4K. Just mastered in 4K.
A true 4K UH Blu-ray will be awesome after the players arrive this Christmas.

Yeah just realized that, lol, added. Yeah 4K Blu Ray's...I don't know if I'll be buying any of them once they are released. I've seen some upscaled Blurays on 4K native TV's and they look very impressive.

#45 4 years ago
Quoted from Aurich:

Really? I mean, I liked the movies too, but I think people are overstating the theme here. It's a classic, but hardly some pinnacle of incredible ideas. And I definitely wouldn't call the second film a classic at all.
I think there are a lot of fans, and it's got a bit of a timeless aspect to it, a recognizable logo and theme song, all that stuff.
I'm just tired of the "I'm gonna buy it day one just on the mention of the name!" mentality. And Stern doesn't exactly have a sterling track record going right now of instant hits. Game of Thrones is going over like a wet fart right now, and people freaking love that show.
It's fun to speculate, knock yourselves out. But maybe calm down how you hype yourself up, because you're just going to disappoint yourself when the real game doesn't look like what you dreamed up in your head.

Hey, I'm one of the biggest Ghostbusters fans around and said I will only buy a GB pin if Stern steps it up in the features / toys department. Their last 3 titles, WWE, KISS and GOT have all lacked enough features and toys to justify the price. Same goes if the artwork isn't good. I'm tired of hearing "but you don't play the artwork". That's like saying about buying a new car which color you don't like "well, you don't see the outside of the car when you drive it so who cares".

These NIB machines are $5k-$8k...that's for a pinball machine! For those crazy prices they should have an LCD, metal ramps + rails, multiple interactive toys (sorry Stern your "super speed power spinners" don't count as a toy), shaker in the LE, deep code that is completed in a reasonable amount of time and the artwork that looks good.

#88 4 years ago
Quoted from Hazoff:

Its very hard for me to disagree with Captain Kirk but I have to in this case, they suck.

That's the problem when you record custom callouts over the phone and the person you are recording is on the other side of the world...

Recording should have been done in a studio intended for audio recording and with multiple takes and multiple versions of each call out. Recorded audio should then have gone through processing to remove any unwanted sounds, blips, hums, etc. It doesn't sound like Stern did that.

Hell, they could have at least flown one guy out to meet with Karl and do the recordings on site. Recordings could have been done in a room using a fairly high quality mic and recorder. Plane flight, plus hotel room and equipment...maybe $5k. That tells you how cheap Stern has become. Hey, they had the time and money though to shoot a video of Karl playing the game at a studio where he was filming one of his TV shows...

#128 4 years ago
Quoted from RobT:

I don't like the GB film period. Even if it were released last week, it wouldn't be a theme I'd like on a pin.
Like any pin ever released, regardless of theme, it could wind up being a great player. Rumor is that ZombieYeti will be doing the artwork, which will make a huge difference. And it is rumored that it will have an LCD. Those two things excite me. The fact that it will be used on a GB does not.
I just really hope that the super annoying theme song is not used in the pin.

How would you feel if someone acted like you are in the Alien thread?

#162 4 years ago
Quoted from RobT:

You know me better than that. The more you say shit like that, the more I will keep reposting about the fact that I don't like the movie(s)...and that the theme song sucks ass!
Seriously, that theme song would grate on my nerves worse than some of the sounds in WOZ, including the stupid witch.
Please reply to this post, so I can keep going.

I love the GB theme song. I turned it on during my commute today and it still never get's old, lol.

You just don't understand how much GB means to many of us. I watched both films dozens of times as a kid and dressed up back then as a Ghostbusters for Halloween. Hell, I told my parents back then that I was going to be a Ghostbuster one day and they just smiled as I would then go walk around the house with my toy plastic proton pack with the theme song playing. I had the old classic Ecto-1 toy and even the large firehouse where you would pour this slime stuff down the top of it and it would make a huge mess but my Dad did it anyway while I watched just to make me happy.

Ghostbusters will always have a special place in my heart and assuming Stern does a GB pin right I'll be buying one.

2 months later
#341 4 years ago
Quoted from Captain_Kirk:

The Waison/Lonnie/Jack/Mike team did both WWE and KISS earlier this year, and both need updates. Dwight just did GOT, and Lyman hasn't done anything since Walking Dead (2014). In fact, with the recent TWD 1.53 release, that game seems to pretty much be in the bag. That would seem to free Lyman up for Ghostbusters, no?
I have no idea, of course, but something to chew on.

That could be the case. I hope he's the lead programmer on GB if Stern is making the title.

#384 4 years ago
Quoted from lordloss:

The quote was about doing the voice acting for the garfield movie.

As much as I like Bill Murray I think Dan Aykroyd would be better for custom callouts for a GB pinball machine. Dan is the heart and soul of the Ghosbusters after all. Unlike Bill Murray Dan Aykroyd loves everything Ghostbusters related and I'm sure would be up for custom callouts at a reasonable price.

If State Farm can pay Dan Aykroyd enough money to dress up as a damn cone head again that certainty Stern can pay him to do custom callouts in a sound recording studio.

Please Stern, do not get a generic voice actor like you did for the TWD as well as exclude original character audio from the game. If that happens I'm out.

#402 4 years ago

One things for sure and that is with the digital Ghostbusters pins, video games, redemption and even slots machines using original character audio (some custom from original actors) Stern doesn't have an excuse other then being too cheap to do the same.

Make it happen Stern

#424 4 years ago
Quoted from SideTrackTap:

The last couple Ghostbuster slots by IGT appeared to have custom callouts by Aykroyd with video excerpts of Murray from the first movie (on one of the versions). The Ghostbusters PS3 game (2009) had custom callouts from the whole cast according to IMDB. I'd say custom speech by Aykroyd should be a given, but I wouldn't get my hopes up for anyone else.

Having Aykroyd do custom call outs would be amazing. I'll be a day one LE buyer if this is based on the original film (sounds like it), leverages original source audio and has a nice layout that offers value for today's crazy NIB prices.

#460 4 years ago
Quoted from Trekkie1978:

Any word on music?

I hope Stern would at the very least license the main track. That combined with original character audio from the original movies and hopefully Dan Aykroyd doing custom callouts would make the audio package for a Ghostbusters pin very impressive.

#461 4 years ago
Quoted from BD_Designs:

Yeah I think Stern is going to have a huge winner on their hands with this game! So much potential!! I could not be more excited about this machine!

Absolutely. A Ghostbusters pin, if based on the original movies (sounds like it so far), would be a hit among pinheads and players as many of them grew up with the original films.

#500 4 years ago
Quoted from thefoxxman:

..George Gomez likes this.....


Nice. I sure hope all of the rumors are true! Is an announcement this month possible or are we looking at January?

#524 4 years ago
Quoted from IBARAKURO:

my dealer told me the game for January


Now let's hope that Stern delivers on many of the things we discussed here, especially Dan Aykroyd doing custom callouts.

We want this type of reaction when the game is announced.
resize_image (1).jpg

We don't want this type of reaction.

#534 4 years ago
Quoted from BangBackula:

I doubt we'd get the actual uncensored line, but as a consolation I would accept this as a tilt call out from Murray:
"Yes. It's true... This man has no flip."

Hey if it was in the movie it can be in the pin as an adult only setting, lol.

#535 4 years ago
Quoted from Captain_Kirk:

Agreed. I'm just having trouble picturing Murray saying "Multi-ball!", "Jackpot!", "Shoot the Ramp!"

Same here. I rather hear those callouts from Dan's character. His character and himself in real life is just far more enthusiastic about Ghostbusters.

#544 4 years ago

Nice find. Well, there's currently no other Stern game that comes with a shaker motor and a new type of display. Hopefully its Ghostbusters! Let's also hope prices remain the same as they are already out of control...probably wishful thinking.

#549 4 years ago
Quoted from kaneda:

I'm hoping the innovation matches the price. Shaker, new display, awesome art, great toys, then nobody will mine the current prices.

Good points, for sure. That's how it should be.

#551 4 years ago

I wonder if the game will have an actual new main display or a mini LCD toy such as the one in WWE but implemented better. I always thought a mini firehouse toy with an LCD panel behind the window panels (show animations related to active / completed modes) would be a cool toy to have in GB pin. Have that toy in the center and the firehouse doors open to reveal a physical ball lock (no giant slimer bash toy, haha).

#559 4 years ago
Quoted from hank527:

Zombie Yet has quite a bit of Bill Murray on his site. Rumor was Stern hired him.
JT and Lyman are up.
My guess is Slimer, Echto One and ST Puff are toys.

Just found the Bill Murray print that Zombie Yeti did. Looks really good. Hopefully that rumor of Stern hiring him for Ghostbusters artwork is true after all.


If this game has Zombie Yeti artwork, Lyman doing code, a good layout / toy offering by JT, licensed music + call outs by one or more cast members and is Stern's first game with their new LCD display then it sure has the potential to be one of the best pins yet.

#567 4 years ago

I'll see the new movie eventually but thank goodness Stern is likely basing the pin off the originals. No way would I drop $5k-$8k on a pin based off the new characters.

I just hope Stern doesn't pull another WWE and base the pro off the new characters and the premium / LE off the original characters.

#577 4 years ago
Quoted from SideTrackTap:

Damn. And here I thought I found something special. Oh well....
Just kind of excited for this Pin. I'm checking this thread everyday. Haven't done that since TF.

Same here. A Ghostbusters pin has so much potential to be great if done right. Hopefully Stern delivers.

#579 4 years ago
Quoted from Rarehero:

Zero chance. Once again - game will ship before new movie comes out. No one knows those characters and the new movie is an unknown.
Here's the only possibility of the new movie making its way into pinball. New movie - HUGE hit, everyone loves it, sequel is made...Stern re-themes the game in 3 or 4 years as a VE. Pinsiders predictably call it "Vag Edition".

Lol, good points. Stern would have to wait until after or close to the movies release to make the pin based off the new movie. All signs are pointing to Stern making a Ghostbusters pin based off the original movies as their next release.

Does anyone think Stern has licensed assets from both movies or just the first? Even as a huge GB fan I would be fine with assets only from the first film. Hmmm, but if they have assets from the second movie they could make a mini Vigo LCD portrait toy, lol.

#598 4 years ago
Quoted from ahdelarge:

Love the first image as a backglass. I reckon this game will be a winner for Stern and customers in all areas. Hope I'm right.

The theme certainly has potential to create an amazing pin. If the game does have Zombie Yeti artwork, one or more of the original actors doing custom call outs, a good toy / feature offering then there's only one thing that can hold a Ghostbusters pin back from being great...code. Let's hope that Stern can deliver a deep and interesting ruleset for this game.

Complete, interesting and deep code sells games, especially to the home buyer who now has many options.

#601 4 years ago
Quoted from spfxted:

So when is the announcement? Spider-Man VE is first so maybe Feb?

Stern is on the list of vendors for CES 2016 (January 6th-9th) so I'm thinking they will reveal it there. Stern did reveal WWE at this years CES. I don't see Stern announcing a vault edition of a game at CES which is intended for new products.

#622 4 years ago

Saw the leaked pro backglass art. Looks amazing. If the cabinet artwork and more importantly the playfield artwork looks like the backglass artwork then we are all in for a treat. GB could end up having the best Artwork out of any Stern pin with Zombie Yet (likely, not confirmed) doing the artwork. Has he worked on a Stern pin before?

#629 4 years ago
Quoted from vid1900:

The leaked art did not quite look like Zombie Yeti's style.


Well, to be fair his other artwork looks a lot different then that picture as well.

#630 4 years ago

Oh, I didn't know that. I thought Dirty Donny did the artwork for Metallica? Did he do just the side and backglass artwork while Zombie Yeti did the playfield?

#648 4 years ago

The guy that posted the leaked image also mentioned (still all in thread) something about a Slimer LE (with green armor) and no Lyman on code. I'm sure the Slimer LE will look cool but I would have preferred an Ecto-1 LE. Also, he said no premium...but Stern has said that in the past.

#753 4 years ago
Quoted from rotordave:

On the strength of an picture of unconfirmed artwork?
Brave man.

Stop it with all of the negative waves

#754 4 years ago
Quoted from ahdelarge:

Yeah, the more I look at it the more I like it and I think this works positively for Stern's next title. Stern knows that the cat is out of the bag on Ghostbusters. What if someone in Stern marketing did this to dangle the carrot a bit more and it helped continue the conversation about their next game, when the place was buzzing with Rob Zombie and The Hobbit talk? A backglass image could be something to prompt a hobbyist to allocate their pin funds to the next Stern game or hold off on any other purchase.

That's what I just did. Pin funds moving to Ghostbusters! I've been waiting for GB pin all of my pinball life, lol. It's the one theme that I'm surprised was never made into a pin and with many of its fans at an age where they can afford to buy a pinball machine the timing couldn't be better.

Hand drawn artwork by Zombie Yeti? Custom callouts by at least of the original actors? Licenses music? Hopefully a cool feature / toy set and layout. This game has the potential to be an amazing pin. Let's hope Stern delivers...especially on code!

#802 4 years ago
Quoted from Rarehero:

Licensed Ghostbusters merch has been interpreted in a million different styles. Besides the logo, I'm assuming they don't have an official style guide - so they let companies be creative.

Yup. It seems like the company holding the license, Columbia Pictures, allows much for flexibility in terms of theme use compared to other companies such as AMC (a lot of photoshop on TWD). It also helps that the original actors are on board to allow their characters on the games art as well as sound assets.

A games success or failure can be impacted by how flexible those holding the license are...as well as if the licensee will pay up to use the assets.

#893 4 years ago
Quoted from Mudflaps:

Back on topic, it's good to see enthusiasm about this release. TWD had good buzz beforehand, but not so much for Mustang, WWE, etc. It's fun to speculate about art, layout, design, and theme.
I can't remember if/when a translite has been publicly leaked in the past prior to a release.

I think Stern is going to hit this game out of the park and if they don't they only have themselves to blame. I think the rumors about the Zombie Yeti artwork are true, that at least one of the films main actors will be doing custom call outs, that Stern has licensed at least a couple of the films songs for the game, and that there will be a nice feature / toy offering. Stern needs a hit as WWE and KISS seemed to fizzle this year (WWE obviously more so) and who knows how much success GOT will have.

The Ghostbusters theme is capable of something that only few pinball themes have...charm. WOZ has it, LOTR has it and Ghostbusters can have that power too (ok no more Star Wars references, lol). MM, TZ, MB and AFM also come to mind. Charm in pinball can be hard to describe but I think of it as combination of quest based gameplay or gameplay with unique rules, comedic elements, and unique audio that creates a fun experience. Stern has released some great games over the past 5 years but I can't really think of one that has that charm element that other top games have.

If Ghostbusters is done right I think it stands a good chance of being ranked among the best pinball machines.

#896 4 years ago
Quoted from Mudflaps:

Great point. Maybe I'm alone, but I think RBION falls into that category as well. Any game that can balance theme, humor, art, sound, and gameplay effectively is certainly bound to be a classic. Don't want to pump up an unseen game, but the potential is certainly there.

That's a good example, definitely.

#912 4 years ago
Quoted from flynnibus:

So you have just confirmed the game is legit... And coming.

I'm sure Stern is pissed about the leak (if they themselves didn't leak it) but they should also be relieved as its allowing some of us to move pinball funds over to this game. I was about to buy either a nice used game or a NIB Hobbit until GB was basically confirmed. Now I'll be waiting for the full reveal of Ghostbusters before making a final decision.

#987 4 years ago

So are the rumors also true about the hidden "Disco Inferno Multiball" mode that features a disco ball style light effect across all playfield inserts?

Just joking...but it could be amazing, haha.

#1008 4 years ago

CES 2016 starts 2 weeks from today (January 6th) and Stern is on the exhibitor list! Hopefully Ghostbusters is there and maybe with a new type of primary display?

#1054 4 years ago
Quoted from kaneda:

Ghostbusters is about as perfect a theme as possible for Pinball. I really hope Stern knocks this one out of the park and brings some new toys/innovations to the table. It HAS TO HAVE a Balrog like Staypuff man that swings out. HAS TO! Please don't make him a stationary bash toy.

Same here. It's the perfect theme for Stern to push some new (or at least more) toys / tech.

#1167 4 years ago
Quoted from kaneda:

Those concepts are amazing. But prepare to be disappointed with the final with regards to toys. What's the last greatest toy stern has done? Just feels like there isn't any real innovation or attempt are true creativity happening over there.

The last I can think of is the hammer toy in Metallica premium / LE. That toy was a combination of a moving molded hammer, a moving magnet where the ball stopped on it and then dropped below the playfield and into a subway that revealed locked balls through a clear window. Now that is the type of toy that Stern should strive to put into all of their games. I don't understand how on one game you can have a toy like that and then on another, such as Mustang premium / LE, and have a $15 diecast car that just spins in a circle and doesn't interact with the ball at all. Same thing happened with WWE and even TWD premium / LE with the large prison toy just revealing yet another stationary bash toy behind it.

The same example can also be applied to Metallica Pro versus other Stern Pro's. Just look at Metallica Pro and then compare it to any other of their recent pro games. It's easy to see what game offers more.

Inconsistency in terms of what types of toys Stern puts into their games and how well they support a games code is their worst enemy. I just hope that Ghostbusters is on the value side of Metallica rather then some of their other games.

#1169 4 years ago
Quoted from kaneda:

I agree but I'm worried they aren't going to integrate the toys in an innovative way. How awesome would it be if stay puff rose from under the playfield like the Circus Voltaire ringmaster? Stern is all about cost savings, not seeing how far they can push it. Sucks.

I'm hoping that Stern proves otherwise with Ghostbusters. I'm a huge Ghostbusters fan and hope the game delivers but I refuse to spend $5k-$8k on a NIB pin based on theme alone. At today's crazy NIB prices a game needs to not only be fun but also be backed up by a decent toy / feature offering and good code support to justify the price.

#1183 4 years ago

For what it's worth it seems like all of the rumors are pointing to Stern putting more effort then usual into this game. Maybe they have finally realized they need to step it up with their toy / feature offering due to today's competition from multiple companies. Sure a 300 run of Rob Zombies doesn't seem like a lot but at $6500 that's nearly $2 million. 1500 Hobbit's at say $7800 a piece (average let's say due to price increases) is nearly $12 million. I'm sure Stern want's to attract those buyers to their products and by offering more value (features, toys, regular code updates) they can help do that.

We are hearing rumors about a subway, a new display, multiple interactive toys, multiple molded toys, a ramp that drops below the playfield, hand drawn Zombie Yeti artwork, and call outs by original cast members. That all sounds very unlike what Stern has shown us in 2015. I hope a lot of these rumors are true as Ghostbusters is a theme that if done right is capable of being a big seller.

#1185 4 years ago
Quoted from dmbjunky:

I just watched that for the first time not too long ago. It's amazing how many cameos are in that video, even the Donald.

Hopefully Stern snags some of these cool / wonky 80's songs for the game and puts a pinball twist on them. How much does a license for "Saving the Day", "In the name of Love", Cleaning up the Town", etc really cost in 2015? I highly doubt there are many, if any, companies wanting to license those songs today.

On that note I just bought the Ghostbusters soundtrack on CD from Amazon for $7, lol.

#1197 4 years ago

Cool pic! Thanks for sharing. We may all see Ghostbusters revealed shortly as CES 2016 starts next Thursday and Stern is on the exhibitors list.

#1388 4 years ago
Quoted from QuarterGrabber:

Sounds like what heighway pinball is already doing right now? And they backlight theirs too.

I'm glad Heighway Pinball is making games but I think the way artwork is presented on their cabinets, including the head, looks cheesy / cheap.

#1412 4 years ago
Quoted from mnpinball:

Dwight is lead on software for GB so everyone chill.
Lyman is lead with Borg's next pin.

Thanks for the heads up!

#1413 4 years ago
Quoted from jamieflowers:

Can someone tell me which Games Dwight has been the lead programmer on?

Star Trek and Game of Thrones are two of his most recent games. He proved with Star Trek that he can create a deep story based ruleset. I hope the same type of story / objective based ruleset is seen with Ghostbusters.

GOT is still a very new pin so I wonder how he's splitting his time between both games? GOT rules did seem much further ahead upon initial release compared to previous Stern games so maybe the same thing will happen with Ghostbusters.

#1444 4 years ago
Quoted from Captain_Kirk:

Dwight only worked on the last release for Star Trek, 1.6. He fixed a lot of bugs, implemented the dormant Medal Awards, and gave a nice overall polish. I want to point this out, because there are a lot of people (not me) who don't like Star Trek's code, and I don't want Dwight to get lumped into that. He did the best he could with the structure that was already there.
Dwight makes awesome code from scratch.

I didn't know that, very cool. I hope he does some unique things with the rules on Ghostbusters.

#1548 4 years ago

I hope Stern keeps the price the same even if they are including an LCD and a shaker motor. Somehow I doubt that though...If the rumors of an LCD being in Ghosbusters are true and a shaker motor is included with the LE then I would expect the game to cost $8000-$8500. If that's true I'm out, my limit is $7500 no matter how much I like a theme. I may have a chance to get an older Hobbit LE spot at $7500 so I really hope that GB LE prices are around that price.

#1595 4 years ago
Quoted from kaneda:

Guys just stop. They release GOT with horrible red dots and what's been happening? They are selling like hot cakes. Look we all want better displays for Stern games but this whole "IF THIS DOESN'T HAVE LCD I'M OUT" attitude is nonsense. Yeah maybe a few will be out, but seems like most are buying.

Didn't Stern post a video of an updated GOT video mode that looks far more detailed then the terrible stick figure version of it that is in the game today? They seem to be trying. Either way Stern needs to innovate, release code updates more frequently, offer more value (toys, features) and finally put a color display in their games.

Stern loves to say that they are "the world's oldest and largest producer of arcade-quality pinball games". Well, the old part of their statement is really starting to hit home to their lack of innovation and not using a color LCD as their main display. Kodak was once the worlds oldest and largest producer of camera's and their lack of innovating ruined them. Stern needs to wake up and innovate before they start seeing a drop in sales and it's too late to pay the bills for their new factory building.

Stern cannot expect to continue to grow while cutting corners by putting less in games / holding back features (LCD). Eventually that mentality will bite them in the ass due to multiple competitors taking a different approach.

#1690 4 years ago


#1714 4 years ago
Quoted from Fifty:

Yes. Dan Aykroyd has essentially come out and stated that Ghostbusters The Video Game is Ghostbusters 3.
Interesting Wiki read. I've played the game through and while it's not a perfect game, it's a perfect Ghostbusters game. The entire cast returned to do voice work for it including characters from GB2.

The amount of actors from the original films that did voice work for Ghostbusters The Video Game, including Bill Murray, makes be believe that Stern had to of at least gotten Dan Aykroyd to do custom call outs for the game.

Maybe a bottle of Crystal Skull Vodka will come with every LE? haha


#1717 4 years ago
Quoted from rubberducks:

Depends on the actors' willingness to do it and be good sports. If they (Weaver / Ackroyd / Murray) ask for their market fee, or even a quarter of it, there's no way any pinball maker is going to pay that.
Maybe one or some will do it gratis, for a nominal fee, or quid pro quo for a machine. Maybe not.

From what I've heard over the years Dan Aykroyd loves Ghostbusters, heck he helped create it, and has often done anything to promote the franchise over the years. I think he would jump (with some cash of course) to do custom callouts on a Ghostbusters pinball machine that will be around for decades to come. I'm sure hiring Dan Aykroyd still isn't cheap but having one or more of the original actors in the game do custom callouts will only result in more sales for the game.

1 week later
#1868 4 years ago
Quoted from Butch2099:

Sounds like it may be officially announced soon.. Where's the countdown clock?

Still thinking February?

#1877 4 years ago
Quoted from Darth_Chris:

I heard England show for Ghostbusters release.

Didn't the England show already happen? Is that the EAG show?


#1884 4 years ago

Didn't Stern release 3D rendered pics of GOT first before revealing the actual pictures of the game? Perhaps they will do the same thing for Ghostbusters?

#1895 4 years ago
Quoted from centerflank:

I've heard within 24 hours, we shall see.....

Oh snap!

#1951 4 years ago
Quoted from JustLikeMe:

I know they are, and I hate myself for succumbing to this behaviour - unfortunately though I'm a sucker, Ghostbusters is a dream theme, and I live in England. Not many machines are imported, and if I don't go for an LE initially its likely they'll all be taken by the time a Premium is announced, and new Sterns don't come up for sale on the second hand market very often. Frustrating, but what can you do.
As an aside these are the prices for GoT Pro/Premium/LE over here:
Pro - $7,140
Premium - $9,715
LE - $11,140
Makes the prices you guys in the States pay seem like a bargain!

Wow, those prices are insane! That's ridiculous. Are they so high due to taxes / tariffs on imported goods?

#2011 4 years ago

A friend of mine mentioned a pretty cool topper idea for Ghostbusters the other night. There could be a Stay Puft Marshmallow Man topper that is just the head and then hands that grip over the top of the cabinet. Stay Pufts eyes would move, maybe even his mouth, and then have color changing LED's inside of it for various modes (kill Stay Pufts it glows orange / red as in the movie).

#2058 4 years ago
Quoted from frolic:

Seems like half of pinside has already seen it.

I was playing a Ghostbusters LE down the street tonight, amazing game! Just joking, lol.

Yeah, the title is certainty no longer a secret. I'm looking forward to hearing who from the original cast Stern hired for custom callouts. From everything I've heard it seems like Stern has put more time, effort and features into this title compared to other recent titles. Can't wait for the full reveal.

#2136 4 years ago

Watched the first film last night for probably 100th time. I'm serious as these movies were on repeat for me as a kid, lol. They never get old. If Stern does the machine right with many of these rumors coming true they will have a hit on their hands and I can easily see GB ranked in the top 10.


#2232 4 years ago
Quoted from Rarehero:

Why? Why is some other song on a loop better than THE Ghostbusters song on a loop? The GB song is perfect for the "neutral" gameplay when you launch the ball. Other tunes can kick in when modes are started (like every other game ever)

Exactly. The guys doing the audio typically put a pinball twist on the tracks anyway. There could be several variations of Ray Parker and Elmer Bernstein's tracks.

Are the rumors about a hidden "Disco Inferno Multiball" mode true? jk, lol. This would be awesome though and the mode could have the playfield inserts act like a disco ball, haha. I'm hoping for something "crazy" and fun like the mode below since it's a theme from the 80's.

I've thought of this too much on the way to work, lol.

Disco inferno multiball rules. Multiple levels to progress through. Goal could be to collect ghosts, get Ghostbusters to the top of a building, or something to do with "Louis Tulliy's" apartment party where the song is originally heard in the film.

1. During most non vocal sections of the song offer shot progression rules (hit the blinking shots)
2. During the musics chorus have the inserts make a disco ball light affect. Depending on number of shots hit in the previous step this affects the scoring multiplier which is then used for shots hit's during this section of the mode.
3. Steps above is a single level, repeat as the song progresses, maybe offer 3 levels. Concept is to tie the beat / rhythm of the music to rules and lighting.

Seriously how much could a license be in 2015 for "The Trammps" Disco Inferno? I doubt much.

#2320 4 years ago

I understand that those in the know may not be able to answer this fully but here it goes. Is there more then one of the films actors doing custom callouts?

I'm sure most of us would be happy with just about anyone from the original films doing custom callouts but I personally think that Dan Aykroyd would do the best job.

As Peter Vankmen says in the first film "Ray Stanz, the heart and soul of the Ghostbusters"!

#2436 4 years ago

Anyone hear if any of the original actors are confirmed for doing custom callouts? Still hoping that Dan Aykroyd is one of them.

#2443 4 years ago
Quoted from MRG:

I now "see" the use of the video screen. VERY awesome use.
I aint afraid of no ghosts

That does sound awesome!

#2445 4 years ago

All I know is that the only thing that would stop Stern from hiring Dan Aykroyd for custom callouts is their pocket books. Slot machine companies have hired him for custom Ray Stanz callouts and hell State Farm had him dress up as a cone head again for a commercial...Make it happen Stern

#2452 4 years ago
Quoted from Captain_Kirk:

That's the best we can hope for....Aykroyd joining Hudson for custom callouts.
However, the whole cast will have lifted lines from the movies.

That would be awesome. The Ghostbusters video game released a few years back had every original Ghostbuster do custom callouts, including Bill Murray. Stern getting Ernie Hudson and Dan Aykroyd to custom callouts sounds more then doable.

#2453 4 years ago
Quoted from catboxer:

You'd think, but I wouldn't put it past Stern to screw it up and do sound-alike actors.

I hope Stern learned their lesson after the "botched license" (what I read Lyman posted) job with The Walking Dead. Having a game feature original callouts by an actor from the theme only increases sales. Thankfully they got an original show actor for GOT custom callouts.

#2456 4 years ago

If Stern comes out and says that Ernie Hudson, Dan Aykroyd and Bill Murray are doing custom callouts they would have a HUGE hit on their hands. That combined with a fun layout, good toy offering, and deep rules is the receipe for one of the best pinball machines of all time.

#2460 4 years ago
Quoted from Captain_Kirk:

Don't hold your breath for Murray. Besides.....too sardonic for Pinball call-outs. At least of the three remaining Ghostbusters.
Akroyd would seem to be the best.....but Hudson is cheaper.

Yeah I know he's a long shot but hey a fairly small video game company got him, Dan, Ernie, Harold and several other actors to do custom callouts so there's a chance Stern may get him. Plus it would be promoting the Ghostbusters brand which has a new remake coming out that a few of the original actors are in, including Bill Murray.

#2463 4 years ago
Quoted from JosiahCox:

I believe that there are ears on this planet that have already heard some custom callous from Ernie.
If we get him and Dan, I'll be plenty happy.

Yeah, that would be perfect. Ernie Hudson callouts if indeed true will be cool but Dan Aykroyds character Ray Stanz is the glue that holds the Ghostbusters together. Having them both in the game would be sweet.

#2464 4 years ago
Quoted from Captain_Kirk:

Let's hope the Ghostbusters brand survives the abortion that is coming this summer.

Ugh, yeah. I just have a bad feeling that the reboot is going to suck and will just be overloaded with a bunch of raunchy jokes. The new car, uniforms and proton pack all look terrible in my opinion.

#2531 4 years ago

I would think it will be at TPF. With all of the stuff going into this game what do you guys think Premium and LE prices (non MSRP) will be? Same as GOT premium / LE or more?

#2949 4 years ago
Quoted from mnpinball:

Right scoop is now gone, right upper ramp slightly moved up, slings are now standard with kicker arms. The magnet rumor can now be squashed. But still Pro vs. LE might be different. Some people seem a vid at the Euro show with magnets. The finished PF blank I saw has routed slots for sling kickers.

Wow, bummer about the right scoop being removed. The concept of having two scoops on the playfield with them being linked by a subway sounded fun and a welcomed change to layouts with just one scoop. Missed opportunity in my opinion.

#2952 4 years ago

Just saw some of the leaked cabinet artwork posted on another site. Honestly I prefer the Ecto-1 artwork on the pro over that for the Slimer LE. I'm surprised that the Ecto-1 artwork isn't on the LE and the Slimer the pro. Slimer is a cool ghost but the Ecto-1 is in the films far more then Slimer ever is.

An Ecto-1 LE would look and sell better then a Slimer LE in my opinion. The speaker grill could have resembled the grill of the car with the speaker cutouts being the lights. Bright red powder coated armor could have resembled the fins on the actual Ecto-1. Top it off with a topper with beacon lights / flashers and you have one of the best looking LE's ever. Another missed opportunity but obviously have to wait for the full reveal to give a proper opinion.

#3193 4 years ago
Quoted from pinmister:

Not that cool. I personally cant stand the huge LCD screen JJP uses and I find it to be a distraction and annoying. On the other hand I would like to see a smaller DMD size LCD integrated that does not distract from the playfield and gameplay like the one on Big Lebowski.

Opposite here. Would love to see Stern use a JJP size display. Can put far more info on the screen, it's easier to see, easier to view diagnostic information, and the animations have more of an effect on a larger display. For crazy deep Keith Johnson rulsets the extra screen space also helps, lol.

#3370 4 years ago
Quoted from dmbjunky:

That's definitely what it should have been. I'm reading the Ghostbusters International comic book right now and the story is the OGs have set up franchises in other cities. It's pretty good.

For sure. Hollywood screwed up with the Ghostbusters reboot. I liked one of Dan Ackroyd's ideas of making Ghostbusters 3 a passing of the torch movie to a new group of characters.

Here's how I imagined that idea panning out. This would have blown the current Ghostbusters reboot away.

They could have had the original Ghostbusters in retirement doing whatever while there was no ghost threat. All of the original equipment and the Ecto-1 remain in storage at the firehouse. Egon sadly passed away a few years earlier and the remaining Ghostbusters don't really see each other that often. Then all of a sudden there's a new paranormal threat and some young professors at Columbia University want to take on the ghosts and reach out to the original Ghostbusters. One of the professors was a student of Egons and learned from him how the proton packs and equipment worked. Ray, Peter and Winston meet up with the younger guys at their old headquarters and start dusting off the old equipment and fix up the original Ecto-1. The younger guys eventually get their own Ghostbuster uniforms and take on the main threat at the end of the film only to be nearly beaten until the original Ghostbusters show up and together they save the day.

There, there's the film that everyone I believe would have wanted. Put some actors like Ben Stiller, Channing Tatum, and Jonah Hill as the new Ghostbusters and I think there would have been some great laughs along side the original actors. The new actors could have been all of the actors in the reboot but just include them with the original actors. Personally I think the movie idea above had it been made would crush the new Ghostbusters reboot film in ticket sales and popularity.

Essentially this idea would be similar to Star Wars The Force Awakens in that you are bringing the original actors and new actors together to satisfy fans of the original film and to create new fans. Yes, some of the original actors are in the reboot but they are not playing their characters (Dan Ackroyd is making a cameo as a taxi driver supposedly...) and the original proton pack, car, suit, etc designs have all been redone. Instead of expanding on a film franchise that many of us grew up with and have loved Hollywood is pissing on it by tearing it apart.

The current Ghostbusters reboot film seems to be pissing off fans of the originals more then making them happy.

1 week later
#3748 4 years ago

Honestly, we have waited this long for a Ghostbusters pin, we know it's happening so maybe Stern will listen to the feedback in this thread and delay the game so it has an LCD in it. Personally I think Ghostbusters with an LCD would sell far better then Aerosmith or whatever next band pin with an LCD.

Ghostbusters is a theme capable of being a huge seller for Stern. Themes like Ghostbusters are few and far between and I think delaying the game a bit to put an LCD in it would only result in more sales.

#3795 4 years ago
Quoted from lowepg:

If Stern really wants to derail JJP, they should have released a LOTR VE right when TH was "promised' to ship last January....
But, until JJP can take an order, and ship a game in weeks (vs years), they aren't really competing on the same planet.

Well, let's say JJP has sold 5000 games between WOZ and TH at an average price of $7500. That's over $37 million in sales. The pinball market is not crazy huge so I'm sure Stern would have liked some of that $37 million for their own games.

If Stern wants more sales they only have to do two things. 1. put out code updates on regular basis, not one every 6 months for most games. 2. put a color display in their games, it's 2016...no more new DMD games.

2 weeks later
#4690 4 years ago
Quoted from vid1900:

You guys keep buying them, so Stern keeps making what you guys buy.

Bingo. This wouldn't fly in any other industry. I don't see buyers of cell phones saying "you don't see the CPU so who cares if it's faster" or buyers of new cars "who cares how the body of the car looks as you don't see it while driving".

I do think more pinball buyers are slowly starting to refuse to buy new Sterns due to the lack of value (LCD, code, toys, etc) in some of the latest games. This is one of the reasons why Stern is finally making the switch to an LCD. This is not an attack on a Stern games fun factor but rather what buyers are getting for $5k-8k.

If innovation didn't matter then people would still be buying Kodak film cameras from a company that refused to acknowledge the shift to digital.

#4749 4 years ago

Any confirmation if Dan Aykroyd will be doing custom callouts as well for the game?

#5100 4 years ago
Quoted from Wolfmarsh:

They are doing it sight unseen. Most everyone has seen the pics floating around, but I'm not buying the game based on just that.
If I play the game and love it, I'm probably in for a Pro.

I hear ya, I feel the same way. I have an LE spot being held but these crazy NIB prices are really making me think about what I'm getting for $5k-$8k. The pro is likely going to lack the right ramp dropping under the playfield and the interactive ghost feature, maybe even the proton pack gun toys as well. Are those items and powder coated armor worth $3k-$3.5k to me? Not really. With the pro we would still get the incredible art package, sounds like the drop targets in the middle of the playfield will still be there, same ramp shots and captive ball whatever gizmo toy (lol).

I'm sure the premium and LE are going to be amazing but I hope that the pro provides a value feel that Metallica Pro does. Some pros just feel lackluster and not worth the asking price but Stern did the opposite with Metallica Pro. I hope the same thing happens with Ghostbusters.

#5338 4 years ago

It's happening, it's really happening!

The wait is almost over for the full reveal!

#5397 4 years ago

I'm still hoping Stern surprises us and has an LCD in Ghostbusters.

#5416 4 years ago

Holy shi* that looks amazing!

#5431 4 years ago

I can't get over how damn good everything about this game looks. Just wow.

#5601 4 years ago

Any word on what music will be in the game and who is confirmed for custom callouts?

#5710 4 years ago

If any distributor has an LE available please PM me.

Thank you

#5817 4 years ago

I asked Stern via Facebook if Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, Harold Ramis and Ernie Hudson character audio from the films will be in the game and was told yes! That's great news.

#5828 4 years ago
Quoted from iloveplywood:

I never thought I'd be tempted to buy a premium machine, but the Ecto goggles just fit the theme so well that it would be a shame not to have it. This might be the perfect storm of pinball here: great theme, great artwork, and a play field that looks fun and unique. Stern really seems to be making an effort on the coding front also . . . if this is a good shooting game it could be madness.

Exactly! Also, they got the license right unlike some past titles which is huge. There will be custom callouts from one of the original actors and audio from the other actors will be pulled from the films. Stern also licensed the main theme song. It doesn't get much better then this.

#6080 4 years ago

I must say that I'm completely blown away by not only how good Ghostbusters looks visually but also by the number of toys / features in all versions. The artwork looks incredible with a ton of attention to detail. The toy offering is great on any model with some very unique features on the premium / LE. The molded toys look incredible as well. Double scoop shots, 2 captive ball shots with one being a 3 ball captive ball mech, LCD based toy, interactive Slimer toy, ramp that drops below the playfield into a physical ball lock / subway, magnets around flippers, two ramps using metal parts + metal habit rail, two drop targets in the center on the playfield?!

Then there's the fantastic work on the license. Stern did not botch the license with this title. Custom callouts from Ernie Hudson, licensed music, and the ability to use the likeness / audio of all of the Ghostbusters from the films. Incredible.

Myself and a friend already have deposits down on premiums. As a Ghostbusters fan I couldn't be more pleased.

#6099 4 years ago

So since the feature matrix mentions the slimer toy is motorized will it move side to side across the playfield? I assume not as much as say the crane toy in Batman but at least a little. I'm also not sure how much the slimer toy on the pro differs from one on the premium / LE. The slimer toy on the premium / LE is supposed to rotate.

Pro "Motorized animated interactive Slimer toy"

Premium / LE "Rotating motorized animated interactive Slimer toy"

#6152 4 years ago
Quoted from jonesjb:

Here is a breakdown of the rules, in case anyone is interested. What do you think in terms of having potential for that one-more-game factor?


Looks like a very deep ruleset and I'm sure like other games everything that can be done is not represented on the rules card.

#6307 4 years ago
Quoted from OhPinchy:

And yet ANOTHER Stern without a full color display. Get with it Gary. The public wants color. Pretty embarrassing that aftermarket companies make replacement displays for recent machines that should have come from the factory with color. Whats the reason ? First it was they were coming out with a new operating system. They did that and still no color. It cant be the price. My coffee maker has a color display. I don't get it. Other than that this looks like a pretty nice machine.

You know I would have said something similar yet Stern knocked it out of the park in the licensing, artwork, toys and features department with this title.

Sure The Hobbit has an LCD display but I would still take GB premium / LE over it as it has the better shot (far more, plus more unique shots), toy, and licensing (custom callouts from one of the films actors) offering. Everything about Ghostbusters feels very unlike Stern to me. They knocked it out of the park with this title and stepped up their game.

Also, the game does have an LCD, not as a main display of course but one for a very unique interactive toy.

#6407 4 years ago
Quoted from beatmaster:

that's the pro in the video.

It's the pro but I also noticed that it has the advertised premium front cabinet decal. Hmmm. Hopefully the premium has the pro front decal.

#6515 4 years ago
Quoted from Wolfmarsh:

I've been studying the hell out of the playfield layout on the pro. I really, really think it looks good.
So far, they've got the theme/art nailed, layout looks good. Just waiting on the last test, a play test where I can feel out the play.
If that passes, I'm totally getting a GB!

Oh yeah. As far as a feature, toy and artwork offering goes it seems like it will be the best pro since Met Pro. Ghostbusters pro / premium appears to have a lot more in it then Stern's past few titles and at today's crazy NIB prices that should be happening.

#6527 4 years ago
Quoted from PinballNewb:

Actually a really good point. And in this case what better way to associate positivity with the fear than getting to play a kick ass pin everytime you confront it?
You may be on to something here. Bring on the spider, snakes, and honeycomb translights!

I've heard similar things as well. Maybe 10 years ago I started having minor anxiety over my health and would work myself up thinking I had something wrong with me. The best advice I read is that if you take the fear out of what you are afraid of it's gone. Make whatever you are fearful of seem funny. Heart attack? Bring it on! Stroke? Yes please, I'll take 4. That mindset not only helped resolve my anxiety but can help with a lot of other things in life as well.

#6613 4 years ago
Quoted from Captain_Kirk:

Murray's voice is on the game, lifted from the movie. You cab clearly hear it during the video with the physic card game was being played.

Yup! All the main Ghostbusters actors voices from both films will be in the game (confirmed with Stern via Facebook), same with Rick Moranis's character as well. I'm sure we will also hear Sigourney Weaver's character as well with her character on the playfield / LE backglass. Stern did an amazing job with the license work on this game.

#6695 4 years ago
Quoted from jonesjb:

I think the Slimer topper would look even better on the Pro or Premium, this way it is more of a balance of characters, vs Slimer overkill. If I had the LE, I'd likely be looking for a Stay Puft topper.

Good points. I'm still hoping for the light bar topper, that would look awesome. With all three versions of the game having a Slimer toy and the LE having Slimer all over the artwork I'm a bit worried about Slimer overkill as well. With the GOT topper I feel that it's dragon overkill, lol, as all 3 versions of the game already having a dragon toy.

#6697 4 years ago
Quoted from Jackontherocks:

No wonder I don't like acdc as much only six shots, I thought GB was closer to Metallica which destroys me but I want to like so much in shot selection, happy to see a ton in this game

Yeah, this game is just oozing in shots and inserts. From time to time I'll list off of all of WOZ's toys but I may need to start doing that for Ghostbusters as well! haha

Captive ball toy, 3 ball captive ball toy, two drop targets in middle of playfield, 2 magnets near the slings, peppers ghost Ecto Goggles toy, motorized + rotating Slimer toy, two scoop shots, steel ramp with steel habit rail that drops below playfield into a subway for ball lock...Ghostbusters premium / LE is easily one of Stern's most loaded games.

#6698 4 years ago
Quoted from Captain_Kirk:

Not remotely interested in a Slimer topper. Lightbar makes the most sense.
But I hope Stern does it right. Rotating beacons and all.

Rotating beacon lights would be awesome and if Stern wants to charge $500 for a topper then there better be something that moves on it, lol. I would assume that external power would be required for a rotating beacon topper? Does anyone know if the GOT topper requires an outlet for power or just taps into the game?

#6702 4 years ago
Quoted from tiesmasc:

Didn't find anything in this exact configuration but did find a few "horseshoe" loops.
* D Gottlieb 1961 Flying CircusDG-1961-flying_circus_(resized).jpg
* Wms 1973 JubileeWms-1973-jubilee_horseshoe_loop_(resized).jpg
* Capcom Big Bang Bar

Cool. Thanks for posting those. So on the 3 newton ball mech in GB after all the balls are hit I take it there's some type of kicker or something that resets them?

#6733 4 years ago
Quoted from Betelgeuse:

Well damn. I just caved and reserved a Premium. It'll be my first Premium and also the first Stern game I'm buying before playing. I'm just a big fan of the theme (I made the custom GB machine years ago) and I think the game looks incredible. Don't let me down, Trudeau!

Nice! I'm in on a premium as well. I just hope Stern considers changing the premium cabinet artwork to that of the pro. The pro artwork seems more detailed, especially the front decal compared to the cabinet artwork on the premium.

Maybe Stern will make a change as they did with Metallica?

#6763 4 years ago
Quoted from PinB:

John Trudeau Ghostbusters Interview up now via "This Flippin' Podcast":
Interview starts at the 13:25 mark.

Thanks for posting! Listening now, very interesting.

#6767 4 years ago

Below are some Ghostbuster highlights / notes I took from the "This Flippin' Podcast" interview with John Trudeau.

Slimer toy: can be bashed w / cool lighting affects (referred to pro version)

Subway on pro: subway not possible on pro due to cost restrictions

On pro fun: Surprised how much fun pro is to play, said it turned out so well

Design: Starts with LE design and then take items off, easier to take things off then to build / design in. He said he loves the design process, the geometry.

Ramp that drops below playfield / lock on premium / LE: There's a divertor underneath, ball goes down and can get diverted into a 3 ball trap, balls get's released by a vertical up kicker (sounds like the right scoop). Sounds like a lot of testing went into design to make sure it works correctly. If lock is not lit the ball just comes back up. He said he's been thinking about it for 10-15 years.

Ball locks on pro: Virtual ball locks on pro

The steep left ramp in the back: Had to be that height to generate the speed needed for the ball lock

Magnetic slings on premium / LE: Tried them once before but the game never made production, thought with "ghosts" handling the ball that it sounded like a good idea to put in the game. Said they work pretty well, not like a conventional kicker. There are sound affects + flasher lamps that can go off when they are activated.

Double inlanes: hasn't seen them on a standard body game. Wood removed on left side to fit them, a steel plate there instead.

Flipper gap: Game has the traditional Troudeau flipper gap

3 ball captive ball toy: there's a post that captures the ball, hit 3 times, get all 3 balls on other side, post comes down, gravity feeds the balls back.

Second captive ball: Another newton ball toy, since there are no posts on the sides of the captive ball it doesn't have to be hit straight on to move the captive ball.

Asked which model would he pick: Troudeau said the premium, joked about not being a big fan of green.

Artwork: Sounds like he and Stern really liked working with ZombiYeti. Also hinted at him working with ZombiYeti on his next game!

LCD: It's coming but needs to be done right and be reliable. He said it's nice to have but he doesn't look at the display unless the ball is stopped.

Peppers ghost / LCD toy: Joked about Disney doing it for years on the Haunted Mansion. Said it was designed specifically with Ghostbusters in mind. Opto picks up the shot.

Code: Said Dwight is doing code with support from others. Mentioned the code is very good and will get better. Mentioned how each programmer has their own style.

Speed: He said the game is fast and brutal. He joked about it being a problem right now during testing, said the game screams.

Right ramp on pro: Ball returns to right flipper. George Gomez suggested the idea. There's a one way gate at top of curve, ball goes up over some rollover switches, strongest shot hits gate and the ball goes back to the right flipper.

The theme: A theme designers dream about, said "what don't we put in the game", made it easy

Working with Ernie Hudson: Mentioned he's easy to work with, very enthusiastic guy

Homage for Harold Ramis: They are trying to come up with something, would need approval from his estate and the studio

#6781 4 years ago

So there's been some discussion about the games multiple wizard modes. Are there 2 or 3?

Both "We came we saw we kicked its..." and "Were ready to believe you" are mentioned as wizard modes on the rules card. "Are You a God?" is not specifically mentioned as a wizard mode so is it a mode, a high score entry, or just a reference?


#6860 4 years ago
Quoted from Pimp77:

It's a video mode...blech! I'm guessing it's on all versions.

At one point during Dwight's gameplay video (well, couldn't see game, just audio) I heard him pressing the flipper buttons along side callouts of Venkman doing his card guessing experment. During that time I didn't hear any ball or soleonid sounds. Some of those cards are represented on the playfield. If there's a video mode in the game I'm guessing that's it.

#7044 4 years ago

The ruleset sounds so damn good and deep! A true objective based ruleset too. I like that the scenes cannot be stacked, that would takeaway from the fun and challenge of the game in my opinion (LOTR doesn't allow it either).

#7092 4 years ago
Quoted from Ed209:

Some great pics just popped up on the Stern Facebook page of GB on the line.


So there does appear to be an inner loop shot? I see a "no ghost" insert at the end of the inner loop shot with a switch that is where the exit gate appears to be. There's a some type of "Gozer" standup target near the first turn of the inner loop. I take it that shot brushes along the Gozer target and then continues around the inner loop?

#7126 4 years ago

Best topper ever! Buying it. Will look amazing on the pro / premium with the Ecto-1 on the cabinet art.

#7129 4 years ago

Gameplay looks awesome, the original music is great as is just the main theme song playing during general play, so many cool sound affects and DMD animations already. Yeah, this game is going to go down as one of Stern's best and all time best sellers.

#7134 4 years ago

Topper! It lights up. Slits on the far gray left circle thing could be for a siren? Looks awesome. I don't know if there are rotating beacon lights inside of it but the lighting effects did provide the look of the lights spinning.


#7136 4 years ago
Quoted from Hazoff:

Wait a minute thats the real topper?

Yup! It was shown in the live pre-steam.

#7139 4 years ago

Lol, when the game was in attract mode I heard Venkman say "Don't shut it off, I'm warning you". Damn I've never been this excited about a pin before. I'm sure it's partially due to me being a huge Ghostbusters fan, watching the films dozens of times as a kid, having all the toys, etc haha.

#7180 4 years ago
Quoted from Mr68:

Me also. I was worried they might over work the Ray Parker Jr. theme song. - Great erie and supernatural sounds so far.

Yeah, the custom tracks they have created are work and blend well with the main track. Overall I'm very impressed.

I don't understand some of the knocks against the topper. Seems like one of the most interactive toppers to date. Personally I prefer it over the KISS, TWD, and GOT toppers which all just replicate things already on the games. KISS is plastered all over the game already and the KISS logo lights up on the left side of the playfield, TWD fish tank is already in the game as a toy, GOT already has a dragon toy so why does it need a second one? The fact that the light bar actually sits on top of the Ecto-1 makes it the perfect topper for a Ghostbusters pin. Combined with the Ecto-1 artwork packages it looks sweet.

#7248 4 years ago
Quoted from kpg:

After watching the entire gameplay video, I noted the following criticisms- keep in mind, they are obviously not enough to cancel my LE order, but something I hope I am wrong about when I get mine:
1) The car horns honking need to go - that is going to drive me nuts. Way too dominating over everything else.
2) The flipper gap + brutal outlanes are going to be frustrating as hell for casual players who are over and want to play the machine - it looks very difficult and lots of "bad luck" drains- I lost count of outlane drains straight from the slings, it was pretty excessive.
3) There is literally one multi ball mode, and it although the intro is cool, it could get old fast. Where are the other multi balls? Why are they so difficult to start if there are more?
4) Topper. Everyone said what I already think, it looks very poor.
5) Does anyone know what they are even doing in the game? It seems the people playing only knew how to hit slimer and the rest was just random shots all over the place, with many shots resulting in STDM's.
My favorite pin of all time is TWD, and its difficulty keeps me coming back- thats why I am ok with it what I am seeing here, but I hope the Prem/LE is a huge step above what was shown today or that further code development will make this game much better as it seems pretty awesome already, but with obvious flaws IMO.

There are more multiball modes. I've heard 5, not sure if that count includes the two wizard modes or not.

#7292 4 years ago
Quoted from CobraClutch:

And that animation . . .

It's pretty early code. I'm sure it will change a lot between now and when all is said and done with the code including adding more animations and callouts.

#7293 4 years ago
Quoted from Damonator:

Do you really want to play the same 3 modes every single time you play the game? I don't.

I believe which scene you want to start is selectable? If not it should be.

I do like the modes cannot be stacked. With story objective based modes I think it's best to enjoy each one and attempt to complete it. LOTR does the same thing and it works great.

#7297 4 years ago
Quoted from Pinhead1982:

I kinda like the linear approach. Have I got wrong or do you have to complete the mode to get to the next?
Hate activating a mode and then letting it time out to move to the next and ultimately wizard mode.

I feel the same way to an extent. I just hope that what mode you want to attempt is selectable. I think the player does have some control though over what mode they want to start based on the row it's in?

To reach one of the two wizard modes all 9 scenes have to be completed, not just attempted. That will be a fun and rewarding challenge.

#7301 4 years ago
Quoted from dmbjunky:

I actually loved the original music in the pin. It sounded great. Also, I laughed so hard when Janosz from Ghostbusters II had a call out on the tilt warning. I didn't watch the whole vid but would love more references to Ghostbusters II including Vigo.

Same here. The original music and a lot of the sounds has a cool classic tone to it and matches well with the theme. Looking forward to seeing and hearing everything else that gets added to the code.

Some Vigo callouts should definitely be in the game. I hope he is at least in the game as one of the ghosts to battle. Also hope we hear the "yooooo", "Rayyyy", "Egonnnn" voice clips from GB2 when a player presses the start button to add players.

#7320 4 years ago
Quoted from Captain_Kirk:

People need to stop whining about the topper. It's a must have for me.

Agree. I'm sure the production models will look even better. It's easily the best interactive topper I've seen to date and one that actually makes sense to have on top of a game considering a light bar rest on top of the actual Ecto-1.

If people do really want a metal / chromed out and more detailed light bar topper someone can always make an aftermarket one and just use the existing topper connection on the game.

#7325 4 years ago

Those are valid concerns. The only thing that would stop me from buying a premium versus a pro is how well or bad the magnetic slings are implemented. Stern needs to nail the code / audio effects for the magnetic slings or that feature alone could make people avoid the premium / LE all together. With everything else looking great on the game and all of the effort put into it I would hope Stern thinks that the magnetic slings are a great feature.

#7327 4 years ago
Quoted from frolic:

Based on those leaked photos - which were of the LE playfield, and how many months ago those photos have been around, they've been testing this for some time, or at least the LE.
Perhaps, if Trudeau is correct in saying he designed the LE first then makes the Pro, the Pro is the version that has been around the least.
So that leaves me pretty confident in the LE and that version will play the best.

Yup, in the "Flippin Podcast" interview he said it's easier to take out of a design rather then build in. If Stern tested the subway ramp 300,000 times I'm sure they have done a lot of testing with the magnetic slings.

#7339 4 years ago
Quoted from OLDPINGUY:

I think that we may all look for that "perfect game", with of course, all our personal differences.
This one looks to me to be one of the games to qualify!
No complaints......only joyous anticipation!

Same here. I haven't been this excited about a pin since WOZ. The game really stands out compared to the last few Sterns. It's easy to see that Stern has stepped up the toy, feature, artwork and rules offering with this game.

#7423 4 years ago
Quoted from MikeS:

Anytime you buy a Stern game that wasn't coded by Lyman you are taking a gamble. Right now the code is much more reminiscent of Sopranos than it is of GOT which isn't a good thing. Don't get me wrong Sopranos is an enjoyable game but I wouldn't put it in the same league as TWD or ACDC or even GOT. It is early though and there is lots of time for the rules to become more nuanced and develop into something awesome. Pretty much every Stern game's code is disappointing out of the gate.

I think the ruleset is going to turn out great. 9 scene modes, 5 multiballs, two of which may or may not include the two wizard modes, plus hurry ups, etc. Factor in the games cool toys and sounds and there's a lot of potential there.

Personally I find ACDC'S ruleset repetitive over the long term. The multiballs pretty much all play the same (with the same DMD animation...), same with the songs. The game also lacks hand drawn artwork and voice work from any of the band memebrs. TWD lacks any voices and character likeness from the show which is a huge bummer. GOT feels like a generic castle game due to its generic medieval photoshop artwork and certainly doesn't provide a GOT world under glass feeling.

I'm not saying those games are not fun as they certainly are. However, I don't feel they hit on theme integration (audio, character likeness, custom callouts), artwork, and providing a world under glass feeling as well as Ghostbusters does.

#7426 4 years ago
Quoted from rai:

How are the scene/modes? Are they the shoot 'lit arrow' variety like ST or are they more nuanced like Tspp where Homer is : work, bar, TV, couch?

It seems like the hit the arrow variety. Think LOTR / XMEN. Personally I prefer that style of mode or at least a blend of hit the arrow and general points based modes. I find games like ACDC with no true progression based modes to get boring in the home environment while a game like LOTR will stay. WOZ and MET are two games that kinda have a blend of both.

#7433 4 years ago
Quoted from spfxted:

There are sooo many cool items on Amazon and toy stores that could be a Topper for this game!
amazon.com link »

That one looks perfect for a GB pin. Just need to make sure it's secured to the cabinet as otherwise it could make an interesting surprise when it crashes on the playfield glass, haha.

#7456 4 years ago
Quoted from Captain_Kirk:

As much as I like and stick up for GB2.......no....just no.

Same. I heard any interesting take on GB2 that kinda made me rethink the movie...in a bad way though, lol.

So the Ghostbusters save the city / world in the first film. There are thousands of eye witnesses that see the ghosts and Mr. Stay Putt. Now one would think they would be hero's to everyone! Yet they were according to Winston "sued by every city, county and state agency in New York" and everyone at the beginning of the second film thinks they are frauds. What a bunch of BS!

"Yeah, but what a ride" Ray

Ok, I'm done venting about GB2, lol.

#7467 4 years ago
Quoted from Captain_Kirk:

Yeah, they should have started franchising and universe building in the 2nd movie. If any series called for this outside of comic book movies, it's Ghostbusters. Hell, even Venkman was talking about it in the first film!

For sure, the franchise rights alone would have made them rich beyond their wildest dreams.

At today's NIB prices I may need to get a second mortgage to keep buying pins. Gary told me not to worry as everyone has 3 mortgages nowadays.

Ok, I'm done, lol.

#7525 4 years ago

One of the coolest things about Ghostbusters is the fact that Stern is doing things that have never been done before on a pin. That is very un-Stern and a welcomed change. Personally I'm tired of the same designs and toy types being used over and over again.

Here are the new items in GB.

1. Double lanes on each side: first for a standard body game
2. Magnetic slings
3. Ramp that drops below playfield + integrated with ball lock and VUK
4. Peppers ghost LCD toy: P2K could count for this but it's a first for a game not based on that platform

Combine those items above with what appears to be a deep objective based ruleset with a dream theme, multiple features / toys, awesome hand drawn artwork, great audio with custom callouts, and a cool layout and you don't just have one of the best Sterns ever made, you have one of the best pinball machines ever made, period.

#7611 4 years ago
Quoted from rai:

My first point exactly when I heard about the magnetic sling is why? Like the regular slings are fine. I thought if they wanted to add magnets and keep the regular slings so there could be effects like TAF that's a good idea.
But to take away the normal slings I hope they tested them thoroughly to be sure.
It's almost like if you have an automobile and you replace the steering wheel for airplane control. Will take some getting used to,
Please Stern give us a quick video like you did before on GOT upper PF.

I listened to John Troudeau's Flipping Podcast interview a second time and he brings up some cool points about the magnetic slings. Sure they can toss the ball around, but according to John they can also stop the ball to drop it on the flipper and even transfer it from one magnet sling to the next. With each type of motion different sounds can be applied, which some I expect to be ghosts. The more I hear about it the more it sounds like a cool feature to have in a game like Ghostbusters.

#7615 4 years ago
Quoted from Nightmare:

I agree. I hope this isn't in the final code.

Same. The code is early so I'm sure much more is coming.

Hopefully you can first light regular jackpots and not just the super jackpot. Also, let's hope Stern got Ernie Hudson to record some "jackpot 1", "jackpot 2" and a crazy "Super Jackpot" callout LOTR style, lol.

#7684 4 years ago
Quoted from RobertWinter:

That's one of the things I really enjoy in WOZ, no-hold flippers as well as reversed flippers, which I believe CCC also has with Drunken multiball. Forces you to adjust VERY quickly.
Now if they could really use those GB magnet slings to lift a cradled ball off a flipper, that would just be amazing!

Great idea! That would be cool and would provide a lot of "what the hell?!" moments.

#7773 4 years ago

I think it's cool that Stern will likely be offering the proton pack gun toys as an aftermarket mod only because the game already feels like it's worth the asking price due to it multiple toys, features, hand drawn artwork, custom call outs, and likely a deep ruleset. My only concern is that aftermarket mods could start being offered in place of items that should already be included in a game. A few game companies have been guilty of this by charging for day one DLC or announcing a DLC pack on release date while the game itself feels on the light side in terms of content. However, I'll give Stern the benefit of the doubt that they will do things right as they are offering a game with a lot of value out of the box.

How much do you guys think this aftermarket mod may cost? It would be cool if the mod could take advantage of extra specially designed modes that take advantage of it. Stern could offer the mod with say 5 or so modes tied directly to Ghostbusters 2. If the mod isn't in the game then those modes just wouldn't be accessible. The mod plus extra code could truly provide the first "expansion pack" for a pinball machine.

#7777 4 years ago
Quoted from Chambahz:

Completely disagree. Add-on mods should NEVER affect gameplay.
After spending $$$ on a Premium or LE model, the buyer should get a complete game.
My opinion anyway.

Good point. I would agree if it was an aftermarket mod not from Stern. With it being from Stern though they could bundle a few modes unique to the mod that would have no gameplay affect on the modes already in the game. This is if the mod is really interactive at all or if it's just a stationary mod for looks. If it's for looks then it could be enabled anytime.

#7809 4 years ago
Quoted from Sparky:

Dirty Donnie is on a future project for Stern. I'd be happy if DD and ZY alternated work on every future title.

That would be cool. Stern may finally be realizing that high quality artwork, deep + complete code, proper licensing (custom callouts + character likeness), and a solid toy / feature offering results in more sales.

#7826 4 years ago
Quoted from Guinnesstime:

Hardly tore down. This hasn't been done before to an important part of a game. It doesn't even exist yet.
Slings are mechanical. You can manipulate the ball's interaction by nudging. With magnets, you don't know what to expect. If I nudge, will it make a difference? How will they change the gameplay? Will there be an artificial "kicker" sound? Will there be magnet burn?
With standard slings, the drawback is *gasp* dust.

I'm glad the premium / LE have magnetic slings it. It's time for something different and I'm glad Stern took the chance. Standard slings just move the ball around the same way again and again. With magnetic slings there are far more motions that can be done. The ball can be dropped on a flipper, pulled off a flipper, handed off to each sling, tossed up the playfield and probably more things we haven't heard of yet. All of that sounds like fun to me.

I'm sure magnetic slings wouldn't work well on every game. They are a great idea for Ghostbusters though as like John Troudeau said the ghosts are messing with the ball.

#7857 4 years ago
Quoted from CaptainNeo:

I don't think GOT is doing all that great. I don't think they have even sold out of LE's yet. Only reason it's still of interest is because it's the newest game to come out. The art package definitely hurt that games demand. The license was a no brainer and would have been fantastic. Rules are really good. Layout is boring, but smooth. If the art package had some effort put into it, it could have gone from an ok, game, to a great game.

Bingo. GOT is also so fast as honestly there isn't much on the playfield. Ghostbusters pro seems like a premium next to any GOT version. For $5k- $8k I want a game with some unique toys, a lot of shots, great artwork, excellent theme integration and deep code. Speed is only worth so much in my book and at today's crazy NIB prices a game needs to be backed up by more then just two ramps and non-interactive toys.

Any pinball machine layout will seem faster if you remove items that stop and interact with the ball. Is that what people want though when the prices for these games are $5k- $8k? I don't think so. I tend to think that a vast majority of players want titles like GB, WOZ, MET, etc that are loaded up.

#7928 4 years ago
Quoted from rai:

Is the shot to the right of the left ramp an inner loop to Ecto goggles?
Does it got to the pops as well?

From what I've seen of images of the an empty playfield and gameplay videos it seems like the inner loop next to the left ramp exits at the gate next to the Ecto Goggles. It looks like the shot needs to be hit straight on otherwise it could go into a pops (likely from left flipper shots). There is a "no Ghost" insert near the gate for the inner loop shot. From what I can tell the Ecto Goggles shot can only be hit from the right orbit unless if there's an up / down orbit post (Metallica style), which I think it likely, that would also allow shots from the left orbit as well.

It's also possible that the shot next to the left ramp just goes into the pops as well since it has to hit that standup target back there. A ball dropping down into the PKE lanes and that inner orbit both appear to exit at the gate near the "No Ghost" insert.

#7955 4 years ago
Quoted from Squizz:


That looks nice! Great job. Hmmm. I wonder what it would with all white armor, except for the side rails powder coated red (match the red fins on the Ecto-1) and have the coin door chrome plated to represent the grill of the car. Combine it with the light bar topper and there's the Ecto-1 LE!

#7980 4 years ago
Quoted from mandelbloom:

haha darn double post. Ok I hope so because it seemed like only left and right from what he said and I am digging that up and down action

In his Stern live Q&A that look place last week John said something about the Slimer toy on the premium / LE hovering over the city area and then coming down for a few different shots on the left hand area.

#7983 4 years ago
Quoted from jonesjb:

Perhaps over the city is Slimer's default placement. If the wire arm is verticals and bent to the right it would put him right over the city. If so, I like this... It makes it look like he's haunting the city, then comes down for an attack... Vs just being visible and lowered slightly in the Pro.

Exactly, it should look pretty cool. I'm thinking that on the premium / LE Slimer will move to one of 3 different shots, the left orbit, left ramp, and the inner loop shot.

#8008 4 years ago
Quoted from PinCrush:

Played several games at TPF along with the wife and friends. Everyone loved the game and the wife wants one. The artwork is simply amazing and I love the playfield's tight shots. Its not a brutal game but does punish you for flailing around and bricking shots. I think thats a positive. The sounds were great including the GB title track and effects (including the honking... non-issue). I'm not a pro buyer, but it felt like a full game even without the Premium's features. On the downside, IMO, the light show is a big step back from the GOT Premium that was sitting next to it.

Great to hear. Thanks for the write up!

I'm sure the light shows will get better as the code progresses, there looks to be a lot of flashers in the game and the premium / LE has at least one more dome flasher over the pro (storage facility).

#8017 4 years ago

Yeah, all of the larger arrow inserts are color changing for the pro and premium / LE. I bet Stern had to limit the number of color changing inserts due how much else is in the game. Personally I much rather have a couple extra toys then all color changing inserts. You don't play the inserts, lol. At least a handful of inserts are color changing.

#8019 4 years ago
Quoted from Captain_Kirk:

Was at TPF this weekend. Had a great time. Got to play Ghostbusters and listen to Trudeau seminar. My thoughts and experiences:
The lines to play Ghostbusters were long all weekend. Didn't get to play it as much as I'd like, but my impressions was very positive. Beautiful cabinet and play field art. Looks better in person. Lots of shots, all very satisfying to hit. Audio was amazing. Played one game with headphones one. Such an improvement over SAM. Dots were exceptional too. Best I've seen on a DMD. This is important for when the game is colorized by ColorDMD. The color dots only look as good as their source.
The Stay-Puft marshmellow Man was out and cut in front of me and my brother to play and make a video. You can see us grumbling in Stern's Facebook video standing right behind him. I think it was Jared.
Trudeau's seminar was very interesting. I asked him about assets from Ghostbusters II. He said that the studio wanted them to use assists from the sequel, but Trudeau didn't like the Vigo character. He thought the Scoleri brothers and the Pneumatic Transit System were good fits. He said we may see some pink slime in the dots in a future update tied to the Pneumatic Transit System.
Another guy asked about the possibility of a color LCD upgrade from Stern. Trudeau said that when the LCD hits later this year, it will be with a SPIKE 2.0 system, so the current SPIKE systems can't drive the display they are working on.
Will definitely be ordering a Premium when I get home. I'm in love with this game!

Great to hear, thanks for the write up! The dots do look awesome on the game so far. During the seminar with John did he mention anything interesting about the magnetic slings and / or the Ecto Goggles toy? Hear anything about future code / rules plans for the game?

That's interesting news about Spike 2.0. I was wondering how Stern expected Spike to drive a larger HD display.

#8073 4 years ago
Quoted from jeffsgames:

i just ordered a cool keychain for mine when it comes in! $3 shipped from China. SHOULD beat the Premium release.
ebay.com link » New Extreme Ghostbusters Design Metal Keychain Keyring

Yup, that's awesome. Just ordered one too, haha.

#8084 4 years ago

Had an idea for the magnetic slings, not sure if this would work.

So, say your ball starts to drain at the right outlane. Right after the ball rolls over the outlanes switch the game automatically puts the right flipper in the up position and activates the left magnetic sling which pulls your ball back into play. Same concept for the left outlane but the left flipper goes up and the right magnetic sling pulls the ball back into play.

#8087 4 years ago
Quoted from epthegeek:

There's no probably about it - where the magnets are, they'd have no effect on a ball at/in the outlane.

Could it pull the ball up if it was near the flipper? What about off the flipper itself if the ball was cradled? The magnets themselves look fairly large.

#8089 4 years ago
Quoted from HighVoltage:

I guess we know why the LCD keeps getting delayed now. I agree, Spike didn't live up to their plans. Calling it "2.0" makes it sound like replacement board is a more likely option rather than added board.
So much for speculation about retrofitting STERN-approved color displays on original Spike systems.

I doubted Spike would ever play HD video clips after reading how difficult it can be from Keith Johnson in his interview with Pinball Magazine a few years back. Keith said something about WOZ requiring an SSD so that it could smoothly load HD video clips one after another. I'm not sure if even playing HD clips smoothly off of an Class 10 SD card is an option.

#8092 4 years ago
Quoted from rai:

Hope Color DMD will be able to work with Spike.

Has ColorDMD said if they are working on adding Spike support?

#8104 4 years ago
Quoted from Kineticross:

I don't know why people are complaining about the wide flipper gap. For a while, people were upset about how easy Stern machines were to play, so now they have a machine where there's tough shots and a wide flipper gap but they're not happy.
IMO this could be the best machine Stern has put out in a long time. Multiball start is one of the best ones in pinball, the rules are extremely fleshed out (and its beta code, that's saying something), and the art looks great. I would be surprised if people hated it upon release.

The game seems like it will be one of Sterns best and will go down as a classic pin. It just has that "the whole package" feeling to it. The game has increible hand drawn artwork, proper license use + custom callouts by one of the films actors, a deep objective based ruleset, unique and interactive toys and great pinball vibe original music.

#8105 4 years ago
Quoted from lowepg:

Well, you're absolutely right about that!
I think I paid $60 for 256G SSD's to upgrade my kids laptops.... best bang-for-buck I've ever seen.
I would guess the pinball machine could get away with an even smaller drive?
Any idea how big those WoZ drives are? 128? 150?

60GB I believe, game runs off of a version of Linux. The latest full WOZ install, 6.06, is an ISO just over 3GB.

#8118 4 years ago
Quoted from bigd1979:

It will be fine ...think of how the magnets work on tz upper playfield. The clearcoat on newer pins will hold up fine or you can put mylar down if your worried. The games you mentioned have a ball coming full speed off a flipper then stopping abruptly which will not be the case on gb. The Addams magnetic burn has nothing to do with the ball damaging the playfield ....its from a bad design and magnet locking on and getting super hot .

Yup, great points. The magnetic slings sound awesome, bring it on, if I'm dropping almost $7k on a new pin then I want some new stuff in it, lol.

John Troudeau mentioned that Stern hasn't decided what to do yet in terms of protection against magnet burn. Sounds like a piece of mylar across the whole area would be the easiest solution.

#8124 4 years ago
Quoted from Kkuoppamaki:

GB was definitely a lot of fun, a sure home run for Stern!
Did anyone else notice that the modes seemed pretty linear, i.e. always starting with the same ones. I hope this is just because of beta code, it would be nice to have some variety in the game play and not always work from start towards the finish

I heard that modes can be selected from one of the 3 columns and are selectable from the start of your ball.

#8126 4 years ago
Quoted from epthegeek:

When you light modes, the 3 shots that start modes are available. Whichever one you hit first, you start the next available mode in the ladder.
So they are linear, but there are 3 branches, and you get whichever one you shoot first.

Great to know. Thanks!

#8148 4 years ago
Quoted from goatdan:

Wait until you play both and then decide. Some people wear by Metallica Premium, I personally like the Pro SOOOOO much more. In fact, in general that is where my tastes lay...

I think GB pro will go down as one of the best pro's due to how much it offers, just like MET pro is regarded. I have a MET Pro LED, love it but of course would like to at least have the awesome hammer / ball lock toy on the premium.

With GB premium Stern appears to be offering more then any other premium they have made to date. There's a large steel subway ramp with signs that drops below the playfield and exits either above or goes into physical 3 ball lock to exit at a scoop on the top side of the playfield. Then there's the magnetic slings that open up a ton of new and exciting options for gameplay. You would think that would be it as far as premium offerings go compared to other recent Stern premiums but nope. There's also the Slimer toy that rotates / moves to probably 3-4 different shots on the playfield. To top it off there's an awesome peppers ghost effect toy that will result in "ghosts" appearing on the playfield itself that the ball interacts with Pinball 2K style. Holy sh*t that's a ton of stuff and I didn't mention the couple detailed molded toys on the premium / LE !

The best thing in my opinion about the extra offerings on GB premium / LE (the subway, magnetic slings, Ecto Goggles toy, the rotating Slimer) is that they all interact with the ball. So many premiums offer items that may move but don't interact with the ball such as a dragon that moves a bit more on GOT premium, a car that spins on Mustang premium, a TNT detonator that goes up and down on ACDC premium, a ship the moves a bit more on Star Trek premium, a grave marker that comes up out of the playfield on MET premium, etc. Those are cool extra's but you just can't be interactive toys, those are the type of extra's I want when dropping nearly $7k on a pinball machine of all things, and GB premium / LE appears to be offering more interactive toys then any other game Stern has built.

#8152 4 years ago
Quoted from rotordave:

Ladies and gentlemen, We have a new Panzer "toys mentioned in one post" record!!

Haha. I never thought I would say "toys" so many times in a post for a newer Stern game, lol

#8154 4 years ago

Speaking of toys here's a couple pics of the rumored aftermarket proton pack gun toys. They look pretty cool. If Stern wasn't planning to sell them I doubt the plugs for them in the outlanes would be there.


I'm not sure if this is the slimer mech or a mech for the proton pack guns.

#8191 4 years ago

I never understood the desire for less toys because they "slow" the ball down. At some point these crazy NIB price tags need to be backed up by items that interact with the ball. Speed / flow is only worth so much when the price tag is $5k- $8k. Toys that slow down the ball like the hammer in MET, the gumball machine in TZ, the spinning magnet in XMEN, etc are the types of items I expect in modern pins. Those types of toys make pinball fun and I've never considered them a negative for a game. Physical ball locks, items that grab the ball, mini playfields and other interactive toys only increase the fun factor in my eyes.

I'll say the same thing for "long" DMD animations / multiball setups. A couple people said the storage facility multiball intro is too long. Really? I think it's awesome and is a cool build up. Some people just need to slow down and appreciate these cool types of items in a pinball machine.

Thankfully GB premium / LE is loaded up with a ton of interactive features to back up it's high price tag, that's how it should be.

#8204 4 years ago
Quoted from jrockne:

So I've ordered a new ghostbusters premium!!! Little does she know I ordered it back on the 14th...


Haha, nice. I told my wife via text my desire to buy a premium, sent her some pics of the game and she said "Yeah, that's sweet. I can't even be mad about it lol".

#8333 4 years ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

Yeah I guess I have most if not all the stuff I cannot stream already on blu ray that I want to watch, and Amazon is way to easy to get stuff too. I do need to go back and watch these again. All the quotes people have been posting are reminding me of parts I completely forgot about haha.

Can't beat the 4K remastered BluRay pack for both films. Still 1080P but sourced from a 4K remastered version of the film. Both films look far better then the previous Blu Ray releases.

amazon.com link »

#8344 4 years ago
Quoted from pinball_customs:

Anyone notice the topper in this pic from the Stern Instagram today??


Yeah, saw it in live stream. Looks awesome! I did notice that the game in the pic is the pro yet has the front decal of the premium. Hmmmm

#8369 4 years ago

I think the GB topper looks awesome. The topper shown in the pics / pre live stream video is not a production version but just one that was tossed together. It's easily the most interactive topper to date and one that just doesn't duplicate something already on the playfield but in a larger version. Think of Stern's last 3 toppers.

1. TWD fish tank: Larger version of fish tank already on playfield
2. KISS sign: The "KISS" lettering is already represented by a large insert on the playfield and lights up
3. GOT dragon: There's a already a moving dragon on the playfield, why add another one for a topper?

The Ghostbusters topper is unique and is very fitting for the game considering that the actual Ecto-1 has a light bar on top of it. We shouldn't expect a topper, even for $400-$500, that looks exactly like the one on the real Ecto-1. For what Stern is offering I think it looks very good so far. Let's hope the actual production topper looks even better.

#8370 4 years ago
Quoted from cooked71:

I think the biggest problem with the topper is that it is such a stark contrast to the hand drawn art on the rest of the game.
The the rich organic art of the game just amplifies how flat, contrived and cheap the topper looks.
The topper might look ok on Transformers or NASCAR.

I hear ya about the art and then looking at the topper. To help blend the topper into the game and make the game itself resemble an Ecto-1 I'm going to be doing the following powder coat options on my premium.

1. Rails + hinges powder coated bright red to match the red fins of the Ecto-1
2. White to an off white powder coat for the apron, lockdown bar, and legs (represents hood / sides of Ecto-1)
3. Chrome powder coat on coin door, leg bolts, and shooter rod assembly (represents the grill of the Ecto-1)

With the topper on the game I think it will look pretty slick. Once a ColorDMD is out for the game I'll add that to. Boom, Ecto-1 LE! haha

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Now that looks much worse, lol.