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Official ReplayFX show thread - Pittsburgh PA July 30 - August 2 2015

By ninjadoug

5 years ago

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    #22 5 years ago

    I'm so looking forward to this!!!!!

    3 weeks later
    #46 5 years ago

    I know I already said I'm excited, but - I'm really excited! Coming all the way from San Diego for this!!

    1 month later
    #78 5 years ago

    I am so goddamned excited about ReplayFX that I could rip someone's arms off!

    #90 5 years ago

    Any chance of a Killer Queen being at ReplayFX????

    #110 5 years ago
    Quoted from ninjadoug:

    At This time PAPA does not own an AMH.

    Say it ain't so! It's on the roster on the replayfx site!

    1 week later
    #144 5 years ago


    I'm so excited!!!

    #159 5 years ago

    I don't mean to be a bother, but is the website going to have an updated list of games before next week? For example, the pinball list seems to cut off after "S".

    #161 5 years ago
    Quoted from LOTR_breath:

    Not for me. I can see all the way to Zig Zag WMS 1964.

    Oh, I just realized that turning my iPad vertically shows all the machines.

    #170 5 years ago

    My friends and I are going crazy as to why we're not getting the answers on the Intergalatic Communication correct. One of my friends got ZERO answers correct on the last transmission, and he's the biggest Final Fantasy fan ever, so he is just beside himself with anger.

    Which I think is hilarious, and when I beat him all weekend long in various games of all types, he will probably go insane, HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

    This is such a huge weekend for me, yawl. I'm flying in from San Diego, to meet dudes I've been friends with online for years but have never met, renting an AirBNB loft a mile away from the convention center... This has the makings of one excellent trip! (or a high-tech Deliverance reeenactment)

    #195 5 years ago

    Just checked in to my flight - EXCITEMENT INTENSIFIES

    #285 5 years ago

    Having a great time! Got kicked out of the Pinburgh area last night (the whole space was empty during what I suppose was dinner break, my friends and I just strolled in) but it was all good, a little misunderstanding. The two friends I'm with haven't played pinball in over a decade and they just can't believe all the games there are to play!

    Couple of things I'm hoping get worked out:

    - the machines are supposed to be on free play, but I saw a good 20% of them with no credits, and no apparent way to get more on the machine.

    - there were quite a few pins & arcade games that were out of order. Hoping that gets resolved soon.

    - America's Most Haunted is AWESOME.

    - Spy Hunter II is not.

    #292 5 years ago
    Quoted from sohchx:

    Aww not happy to hear that. I plan to be there tomorrow or sun day.

    it could just be first day glitches - don't let what I said keep you away, it's still a lot of fun!

    #345 5 years ago

    I loved Full Throttle! Very fast, very fun.

    Soooooo looking forward to being able to play the Pinburg machines today!

    #493 5 years ago
    Quoted from kaneda:

    If struggling to find a game on free play when there are hundreds to play is our biggest concern, we're all living in Nirvana

    I went to ReplayFX, it was amazing, but come on: if it's being advertised as an event where "all games are all on free play", then it's not so much to ask that all games be on free play. Or have a way to have credits on the machine quickly and painlessly.

    Ugh, did I just feed the troll?

    My impression: B+. I'll have more comments when I'm less inebriated.

    #494 5 years ago
    Quoted from sohchx:

    They sold beer today

    they sold beer the entire event in the back concession stand. But I do think the front little drink area just started selling beer today.

    #500 5 years ago
    Quoted from flynnibus:

    Any comment about games without credits is nothing more than a tempest in a teapot. No one should focus on that as a take-away.

    I love Tempest and a good Earl Grey, and I'm not trying to give you shit or anything, but I don't see why this isn't an "issue" if not a big deal. One of the main draws of the festival was that all games were set to free play, and that simply wasn't the case sometimes. It was disappointing Thursday, better Friday, fantastic Saturday, and dismal on Sunday.

    I bought a plane ticket and a VIP pass because of that pitch. It was not the case. Did it ruin the festival? Not at all. Was it noticeable? Yes it was. Will I be back next year? Come hell or high water.

    #582 5 years ago

    Got back to San Diego last night. I miss everything about the trip already.

    So the reason I went on this whole trip was not only to attend ReplayFX, but to also meet up with two of my friends that I had never met in real life, but have known online for over a decade. They live in New York & Connecticut, so I flew into LaGuardia on Wednesday and the three of us drove from Connecticut to Pittsburgh on Thursday. Stopped at a Cracker Barrel on the way, their first experience with one (I'm a seasoned vet, chicken & dumplings FTMFW), and they loved it. We stayed in an amazing loft right that we found on Airbnb by what our hostess referred to as "The German Club" (Teutonia Mannerchor). Yeah, the neighborhood was a little grungy but what the hell, sometimes you gotta get out of your comfort zone and really, we never felt anything less than at ease the entire time.

    We finally hit the Convention Center at around 6-ish, got our |33+ VIP bags, and aimlessly walked around the HUGE show floor. Seriously, it was epic! Yeah, it was on a cement floor, which was a little tough on the feet after a weekend. But it was a small sacrifice to be able to enjoy all of these machines in one place! It was a little bit of a bummer to have so many pinball machines non-accessable to the public for the first two days, though. At about 8PM on Thursday, the Pinburgh area was completely empty, and I thought I had read somewhere that they were open to VIPs after hours, so the three of us walked around the area for a bit, even playing a game or two, before someone came up to us and nearly ripped us a new one. That COULD have been a sour way to start the whole experience, but fortunately, when we calmly explained to the guy (who was actually trembling with anger when he walked over to us) that we didn't mean to be out of place and we meant no harm, he calmed down, telling us that it had been a long day, which I totally understood.

    On Friday, the three of us started our own little micro-Pinburgh, playing three player games to see who would have bragging rights until next year. I totally dominated those two, but to be fair, I've been playing pinball all my life (and I still suck), whereas they hadn't touched a flipper button since they were kids. They actually won a few rounds, and I'm sure that now that I've ignited the spark in them, they'll be hitting up Modern Pinball on a regular basis to hone their skills and give me a run for the title next year!

    We partied a little TOO hard Friday night, so Saturday was spent doing quieter things, like reflecting on our place in the universe, and playing board games from ReplayFX's HUGE collection of titles to choose from! I introduced my friends to the joys of Dominion (and got trounced for my efforts), and we got to play our first game of Galaxy Trucker in meatspace, rather than online (and I got my ass beat in that, as well!). I was really glad to see the board gaming section of the festival get some love after being moved down one floor, because it was DEAD on Thursday night.

    The VIP lounge / trivia / Nintendo World Championship event Saturday night was awesome! Nice little selection of meat and cheeses to nosh on, which was good as my table went home empty handed (and my friend was fuming that nobody listened to his Mortal Kombat trivia answer). Also, homegirl in the cowboy hat that switched tables and ended up winning twice? She should be flensed.

    Sunday ended up being a LITTLE bit of a bummer, as games were being turned off and in some cases whisked away before 5PM! I know that's the kind of thing that happens at these huge conventions - I've been to E3 before and Sunday is usually a ghost town - but it's a drag when you pay money for an event and a good amount of it is gone before the day is over. Having a VIP badge for the whole thing made it not hurt so bad - glad I played AMH on Thursday, cause it sure wasn't there on Sunday - but if I only was able to attend on Sunday for whatever reason, I'd have been mighty unhappy to not be able to play everything that was advertised as being there.

    That brings me to another little bitch that I have to do: to the people saying "ohhh, there were so many machines to play, if one doesn't work / have credits, just find another game to enjoy" - sure, that's a great glass half-full silver lining way of looking at things, but that doesn't change the fact the event was advertised as "everything free to play" which wasn't always the case. Mr. Game's Motor Raid (I think that's what it was called) didn't have any credits on it every time I went by it until Sunday afternoon! But don't think I'm whining, just offering constructive criticism for next year.

    I'm hoping that there IS a next year, and a year after that, and a year after that.... forever! And I will be there every year!

    tl;dr? Pros and Cons:

    PRO: Holy shit were there a lot of games at this event!

    CON: But some of them didn't have credits or controllers (in the case of the console games) and it wasn't clear as to how to obtain the things that would make them work.

    PRO: Americas Most Haunted!! Full Throttle!! The Hobbit (I didn't get to play it, but it looked incredible)!! P3 / Lexy Lightspeed!! BTW, Aurich, I would definitely spend some time with the P3 hardware before writing it off completely. It is HOT ISH. And in the arcade: Neon FM!!

    CON: All these wonderful games and Stern's Mustang wins game of show?

    PRO: Seeing Billy Mitchell in the flesh, looking angelic in head-to-toe white. Dude is WAY taller than I thought he was.

    CON: People who hog machines... I'm looking at you, group of four who wouldn't let nobody near the damn Quick & Crash machine!

    PRO: The look on my friends faces when they saw Apollo 13's thirteen ball multiball for the first time.

    CON: The look on my friends faces when they had to drain all the balls of a six player game that someone walked away from in order for us to start our own game.

    CON: The non-uniform TVs of every shape and size in the console lounge...

    PRO: ...but, as my friends pointed out, these games were made for CRTs. Con withdrawn!

    PRO: Being drunk and eating a Primanti's at 3AM

    CON: Immediately barfing up the Primanti's as soon as the cab back to the loft started moving (he got it all out of the car, he's a champ, but the cab driver still kicked us out)

    PRO: Uber

    CON: Taxis

    PRO: The view of the city from the Convention Center "Poverty Simulator" (I kid you not)

    PRO: Brunch at Meat & Potatoes

    PRO: Yinzers

    PRO: Missile Command, cockpit style

    PRO: Seing Keith Elwin and remembering I bought replacement pinballs for my Monte Carlo from his shop!


    PRO: The marvel that is Hercules

    CON: Hercules was broken half the time

    PRO: Atari pinball artwork

    CON: Atari pinball gameplay

    PRO: Going to ReplayFX, seeing the beautiful city of Pittsburgh, staying in a wonderfully funky & unique loft, and hanging out with two excellent young men

    CON: Going home


    #594 5 years ago

    Hey Wizcat!! We got robbed, man. We should have won some prizes!

    #599 5 years ago

    I don't understand what you mean by this. Stern had a HUGE presence on the convention floor - they even won the Game of the Convention award, or whatever it was called!

    Which, frankly, I found to be some bullshit. Yes, Stern kicked out a bunch of dollars, but Mustang was not better than AMH, or The Hobbit, or Full Throttle, or P3. It was a good, solid, AVERAGE pinball game.

    I don't want to see future ReplayFXs awarding whoever spent the most money to be there, even if it's on a meaningless award.

    #615 5 years ago

    Killing it with the pix!! Great photos!

    So what was up with that frosted glass LotR? Was that just something neat, or was it to force people to play by sense of smell?

    #619 5 years ago
    Quoted from ninjadoug:

    Just a cool gimmick that is fun to play!

    It was definitely cool!

    Do you mind if I ask what was up with the.... I guess it was the scavenger hunt? With the QR codes? And did anyone ever find the space fuel?

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