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Official Kansas-Missouri-Oklahoma Thread

By sparechange1974

4 years ago

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#304 2 years ago

Putting up my DE Checkpoint. Just finished shopping out. Has nos display, new drop targets/decals, new flipper bats. $2400

Laser cue sold, took less than half a day.

1 week later
#305 2 years ago

Looking for a TSPP. Preferred somewhere within a 3-4 hr drive from Springfield, MO.

#306 2 years ago

Checkpoint still for sale dropping to 2300.

Have an F-14 I just shopped out. Early production with the millioanire style displays and extra flashers from factory. Has new xpin led displays and a new beacon motor. 1650. Have a set of cabinet decals and new clear plastics I would include for 225 extra.

#307 2 years ago

Looking to deal a TMNT Pro. Cash is great, but happy to work out a trade: up, down, or sideways. Mostly interested in early SS, System 11, or the more value-priced DMD machines but willing to entertain whatever offers.

Machine - For Trade
HUO - Documented (Home Used Only) - “Swapping this ad over to "For Trade": Nice HUO Turtles Pro, bone stock, no issues. 370 plays, no pooling or chipping of clearcoat. No banding in the artwork. See photos for the re...”
Kansas City, MO
Archived after: 7 days
Viewed: 303 times
Status: Sold (amount unknown)
Contributed to Pinside

2 weeks later
#308 2 years ago

I will be delivering a game between Kansas City and Denver in the next week or so. If anyone has any Pinballs, arcades, jukeboxes, etc that need a transport, let me know. Could also make a loop south to OKC if there is a need.

#309 2 years ago

Checkpoint has been sold. F14 was sold as well.

#310 2 years ago

Looking for an AFM LE anyone looking to sell?

#311 2 years ago

I picked up a spring break and like it more than I should. Does anyone have a d list Gottlieb they’d like to sell? Like: gold wings, raven, rock, or tag team?

Also looking for 90s arcade games and projects.

#312 2 years ago

LOTR for sale. Would trade down + cash. Made some purchases that require funding.


#313 2 years ago

Selling my AC/DC premium, 2014 build date last run of the wooden back boxes.
Color DMD, Luci and original trans lights, pinbits lightning bolt flashers and a few other mods.

#314 2 years ago
Quoted from Lilpro66:

Selling my AC/DC premium, 2014 build date last run of the wooden back boxes.
Color DMD, Luci and original trans lights, pinbits lightning bolt flashers and a few other mods.

I saw a guy in Denver was looking for one in the Colorado Fs/FT thread.

#315 2 years ago

Space Station back up for sale.

Machine - For Sale
Space Station Archived
Partially shopped/refurbished - “Very nice Space Station. Has clear coated NOS prototype playfield. The biggest difference I see in the prototype is that the right outlane has a spot for a kick-back that must ha...”
Olathe, KS
3,000 (OBO)
Archived after: 8 days
Viewed: 866 times
Status: Sold (amount private)
Contributed to Pinside

#316 2 years ago

Gottlieb Volley. Very nice!

Machine - For Sale
Volley Archived
Used - shows wear but 100% working and clean - “Excellent condition and playing Volley. Cabinet 9.5/10; Playfield 9/10; Backglass 9.5/10. Can Work out delivery to Denver/Wichita/KC areas. Shipping elsewhere is ok if buyer make...”
Colby, KS
1,400 (OBO)
Archived after: 19 days
Viewed: 354 times
Status: Sold (amount private)
Contributed to Pinside

2 weeks later
#317 2 years ago

Machine - For Sale
Paragon Project Archived
Used - shows wear, needs some work - “This is a fairly rough but complete paragon. The backglass has fairly substantial flaking and the playfield has been “touched up” near the super bonus area. Cabinet is pretty...”
Springfield, MO
650 (Firm)
Archived after: 1 day
Viewed: 328 times
Status: Sold (amount private)
Contributed to Pinside

2 weeks later
#318 1 year ago

Starting up a regular delivery route in these areas.

Oklahoma City
Springfield MO
St Louis
Omaha and Lincoln NE

If you have any pinballs, arcades, jukeboxes, coin-Ops, neon signs, etc, let me know to and from needs. I’ll have a route early part of January. PM me if you need anything moved.

1 week later
#319 1 year ago

Looking for a Deadpool Pro if anyone is thinking about selling.

#320 1 year ago

Going to Wichita and then KC next week then back towards Denver....if anyone needs something transported, let me know.

2 weeks later
#322 1 year ago

Driving to Oklahoma next week from Illinois, will be in Tulsa and maybe OKC. If i can find any deals either way, buy/sell, i might bebe temptd to go the KC route instead,
Looking to see whats available, and i have quite a few available myself to if interested

Tommy 4000
Stargate 2700 SOLD
Joust 11000
Space invaders hep 7500
Spider-Man black. 7500
Dominoes. 5000
Miss world. 8500
Banzai run. 7500
Tales from the crypt 4750
Sharkeys shootout 2600
High roller casino 2600 pending
Munsters LE 8000
Riverboat gambler 2550
Cirqus voltaire 8500
Star trek pro 5100
Star Trek pro 5000
Star Trek next generation 4850
Lethal weapon 3 2700
South Park 3250
South Park #2. 3250
Deadpool. 5100
Bone busters. 2600
New in box
Rob zombie 6450
Iron Man vault 5500
Avatar LE (Pending)
Transformers Decepticon LE 7500

1 week later
#323 1 year ago

looking for a jp premium.

1 month later
#324 1 year ago

If anyone is looking to trade a pin for a very high end subwoofer, I just had my one owner JL Audio F113v1 factory refurbish/recertified. It has a brand new 13w7H driver ($1500), factory re-capped amp and the latest v1 updates applied. It comes with a 1 year factory warranty and all the original accessories/manual. The F113 is an absolutely amazing sub - a longtime gem in JL Audio's home lineup.

The new F113v2 units are $5k. I have mine listed on ebay for $3k, but would much rather trade it towards a 90s or newer pin (plus cash if necessary) so I don't have to ship this beast again.

Shoot me a PM if interested!

2 weeks later
#325 1 year ago

Recently picked up 16 early solid state project pins

They are here in El Dorado with me if anyone is looking

Viking, meteor, spectrum, flash, flash gordon, etc...

Pm if interested

#326 1 year ago

Have an led colordmd that i pulled from my pinball magic. 325 obo

#327 1 year ago

Heads-up for any greater KC-ers. I recently upgraded a Big Buck Hunter Arcade1Up. Screen, gun weights, extra riser, new trigger/pump switches. Turned out great, but wife/daughters are suggesting I should find it a new home where it might be appreciated by more than 25% of the family.

Nice complement to pins in a game room. But: I already have an Ice Cold Beer, Golden Tee, and MAME box. Simply out of room.

Here's the Craigslist ad. Would do $750 for Pinsider to avoid the hassle of "complete" strangers. If interested can also walk through some of the 'maker' adjustments...especially for new bezel/mounting. Looks good from every angle, but: required some ingenuity.

kansascity.craigslist.org link

#328 1 year ago

BBH sale pending. Thrilled it's going to find a great home.

2 weeks later
#329 1 year ago

Willing to drive for the right Lord of the Rings or Spider-Man Vault Edition. Cash deal or potentially trade an AIQ Pro + $.

1 week later
1 month later
#331 1 year ago

Looking to sell my Munsters LE. #380/600.

Looking for $9500.00 with the topper. $8000.00 with out the topper.

PM for details if interested.


1 week later
#332 1 year ago

Hey all. I’m the original owner of a HUO Dialed In LE. Perfect condition. Love the game, but have been missing TAF lately. Have a potential trade that would require 8 hrs each way of a drive (for each of us!). Wanted to see if there are any closer options.

If it’s a higher-end Addam’s with color DMD would consider an even trade. If it’s more of a player’s would want a little cash to make up the delta.

Great chance to trade out one of Lawlor’s early greats for his modern masterpiece.

Traveling for a few days, but happy to share pics/videos when I get back home.

Located in suburbs of KC.

1 week later
#333 1 year ago

Trying to restore my thrashed barn find Bally Kiss and looking for a donor 70s Bally SS cabinet. If anyone has one or a project game that has a decent cabinet would work also. The closer to KC the better. Feel free to PM if you have anything that might work. Thanks!

1 week later
#334 1 year ago

Heads-up for greater Kansas City. Just listed a Silver Strike Bowling 2007/Bags combo cabinet with Perfect Solution switcher.

Priced at $800. Individual pieces are worth more than what I'm asking, but: hoping it can find a new home before gutting for parts.

Located in Leawood, KS. Local pickup strongly preferred; but: willing to ship if buyer arranges.

Here's the Klov post with pics:

2 months later
#335 1 year ago

I'm going to be taking a road trip from Denver to Tulsa to pick up a game soon.

I'll have room to transport a game on my way there if anyone has been eyeing anything in the Denver metro area let me know and I can bring it.

#337 1 year ago

Hey all, I’m a freshly-downsized IT professional who’d be happy to help with tech work/shop-outs for some extra cash while I’m job hunting (especially since sitting at home all day is driving me insane, I don’t know how work-from-home people have managed to do this for two years now!). If you’re interested, just PM me with the specifics of what you need done... obviously I can’t tackle every project (although I’d love to!) since this isn’t my full-time gig, but I’d be more than happy to talk it over with you regardless!

I’m posting this in a few of the regional threads, but as far as this one’s concerned, Tulsa is probably the furthest west I’d be comfortable with and Springfield/Joplin the furthest north. Sorry Kansas, I love you anyway.

1 month later
#339 1 year ago

Anyone in this area have a Ghostbusters they want to sell? I'm on the hunt.

1 week later
#340 1 year ago

On the hunt for AFM LE, Godzilla LE, or Star Wars (Premium/LE).

Willing to trade the following +/- cash: WOZ RR, MM SE w/topper, F14 (over the top restoration)

1 month later
#341 11 months ago

Starting to sell off some of my tools/stuff from pinball. Offering these up locally first before I try shipping. Located in Kansas City.

Run DMD XL in blue alluminum frame - 350 (has small scratch on front plastic, pics on request)
Glare Guards - 5 each (I have a couple standard and one XL)
System 11 Warning/Patent Silkscreens with squeegees - 250
Rivet Press - 125 (This is a modified harbor press freight with the pin restore kit)
UNICATCH PNEUMATIC 22GA USC71/16L - 50 (Long nose staple gun for ground braid)
PinGuard Cabinet Protectors - 7.50 a set

3 weeks later
#342 11 months ago

Looking for a TMNT pro, BK pro, munsters pro, or open to other titles. Looking to fill a hole at one of my locations and would prefer a spike 2 game but open to others

#343 11 months ago

Hello all. I’m sorry I’ve been away for such a long time. Life has been kicking my ass for a while now, but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel!

I’m new to the “collection” aspect of the pin scene, and I’m looking to begin my collection with a few used pins in good working condition at reasonable prices.
Id love to have some pins from the mid 70s to mid-to-late 90s! Thanks everyone!

#344 11 months ago

I have a Jurassic Park Premium for sale and a Oktoberfest. Both HUO, mods with around 400 plays each.

#345 11 months ago
Quoted from kidchrisso:

I have a Jurassic Park Premium for sale and a Oktoberfest. Both HUO, mods with around 400 plays each.

Also have Mando LE and Dialed In LE for sale.

1 week later
#346 10 months ago

Anyone thinking about selling and just haven’t posted yet!? Ready for something new here

2 weeks later
#347 10 months ago

I have a pretty nice LOTR that I’d like to part with in prep for a CCR showing up if anyone is interested.

3 weeks later
#348 9 months ago

Just posted a few. GNR SE, BKSOR Pro, Mando Pro. Looking to sell whichever 1-2 go first as I like all three and couldn’t decide which to list!

#349 9 months ago

Putting my Guns N Roses LE up for trade … perfect playfield low plays. Anyone have something fun to trade!?

#350 9 months ago
Quoted from cottonm4:

Anyone in this area have a Ghostbusters they want to sell? I'm on the hunt.

I thought I would make this post. Within just a few days of my WTB post, a Ghostbusters owner, within driving distance inside Kansas, contacted me sold me his Ghostbusters.

Thanks to whoever started this thread.

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