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Hot Wheels -- Challenge Accepted!

By rosh

7 months ago

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#1196 67 days ago

I love my Hot Wheels. I noticed today in 4 out of 6 ball travels through the VUK, four looped through perfectly and two of them did not seem to have enough "oomph" and fell out of the upside down part of the ramp. Suggestions on settings or is it something with my levels? I do keep the machine on the high side.

#1198 67 days ago

And give Dave a raise for being so patient on customer service calls, please, Ferret. Give yourself one, too.

1 week later
#1222 60 days ago

Question for Team American Pinball:

Twice I have tilted with the awesome Shark tilt. Except the game stays on tilt. Is this a bug? Or a feature that makes me turn the game off and then on to reset? I am on the latest code release. Did I miss something in the thread and is it something you can reproduce and let me know if it is at my end or an unanticipated "feature" that you need to check out?

#1227 59 days ago
Quoted from Ferret:

That is not a feature. I have not experienced this myself. Does this happen EVERY time you tilt, or only sometimes? Does it also happen if you switch to the "Car" tilt sequence?
Feel free to capture logs and send them to ferret <at> When you send it, please mention the date and time when the problem happened (hopefully your machine's clock is correct ) to make it easier to home in on the problem area.
To capture game logs: simply insert a USB thumb drive into the USB port near the coin door. The game should display a message that audits and settings have been copied to the thumb drive; this includes the logs. Make sure that this USB thumb drive does not have a code package file on it, or the machine will try to install that code.
Thank you! And sorry that you encountered a problem.


So far - the only two times I have tilted, both times locks up with the shark image doing what it was doing (am trying not to spoil it for people who have not seen it yet ).
I will force a tilt later on today (it is 2:45 AM here now ) and then change settings to CAR and tilt that and send the results to you.

Ohhhhhh - one change I have on my machine that you may not have on yours that you tested - I have the machine set to 5 ball mode. Did you try that on your machine and you still were okay?

Thanks, Ferret.

****UPDATE 08:03 AM **** Good news (at least for now)? I am unable to recreate the error. I tried to tilt the machine repeatedly and it did advance and work as designed so thank you for the feedback. I have a formatted flash drive standing by to snag the error if I see it again (hopefully not).

1 week later
#1281 51 days ago

ferret and Dave had been offering some suggestions and wanted to post my pictures here to see where I have had balls get caught and also they can respond with suggestions to fix these:

First picture is to the RIGHT where the saucer is. The ball gets stuck and sits on the lower drop target.
Second picture is the UPPER part of the playing field under the magnet to the left where the ball gets stuck under the "ball doorway" on the ramp.

If you gentlemen can offer insight and direction as to best practices for fixing these we would be very grateful.


IMG_1114 (resized).jpgIMG_1115 (resized).jpg
#1283 51 days ago

I did, thanks, and for the benefit of the Hot Wheels fans I am posting responses here and hope I might get some more guidance on the "upper" under magnet sticking point.

Ferret speaks :

upper playing field issue
I've heard of a potential ball hangup here, but unfortunately I'm not sure of the recommended solution... my game is a very early prototype (doesn't even have any art, just plain wood) and I believe the placement of posts on my game is slightly different from production machines. I've never had a ball stuck there that couldn't be freed with a modest nudge. Suggest submitting a ticket asking for help. pinball2020 comment: ( I have reached out to Dave to see if he has any insight from seeing the pictures posted).

right side issue
Underneath the playfield, the drop target assembly has a screw that allows you to adjust the height of the target. You can give it a very tiny tweak to adjust the height so the top of the target is perfectly flush with the playfield surface so the ball won't get caught up there. This is likely to be a very fine-tune sort of thing, since of course if you raise it too much, it may obstruct the ball's path to the saucer.

As always, you guys rock.

And for the other Hot Wheels fans:

* Yes the pads are getting banged up - try changing the flipper strength down from 25 to 20. It has helped and I may need to test tweak them to 22 or 23 but I get less richochets off the glass, looks like less pad wear, less Hot Wheel car kewpie doll knockdowns over the ramp on the right from flying balls and as a bonus - I FINALLY successfully beat the gorilla with controlling my shots. Stay tuned and keep tweaking and post what works for you so we can experiment as well.

Hope the other Hot Wheels fans are having fun too.

#1300 49 days ago

Hi ferret,
As requested, here is a "sticking" from the top of the playing field. The automatic ejection sequence kicked in (repeatedly) and finally dislodged the ball in this case but I have had it stuck not-quite-on-the-switch and it would require tilting or removing the glass.
Please advise fix or suggestions.

Ball Stuck at top (resized).JPG
#1313 49 days ago

This may not be specific to the update but I try to find and use older USB 2.0 32 GB drives and use those formatted at FAT32 (if you aren't already using them).

Also the ball getting stuck on top is from getting shot up into the bumpers and going up or sometimes from multi balls bouncing around, etc.

#1324 48 days ago

Bug in new update. Got my first Red Line Mania. I did the get the intro, that still came in the same. Like the new music. Don't like the extra lights lingering on afterwards requiring a machine reboot. The upper back of cabinet left red flasher stays lit, under the playing field the white leds stay lit. Needs a hard reboot and wait for a second or three to clear.

IMG_1128 (resized).jpg

#1329 46 days ago

rosh or ferret, any guidance on the random lights that come up (see my previous post) and suggested fixes or eta if it will be in an upcoming release?

#1334 45 days ago

ferret and rosh
I got the same bug that others reported when starting Red Line Mania - the mode started up without animation, music or narration. I dumped the game and sent it to ferret.

Also +1 to add some sound volume control if possible for music separate from narration/notifications of narrator.

How do you add lights for the Hot Wheels cars? Sounds like fun.

Thanks all!

#1337 44 days ago

Thanks, Ferret. The rest of the team does testing then for it (or Dave )?

1 week later
#1390 33 days ago

Ah since I have the brain trust here, I just got the highest score I ever had on Hot Wheels (well to date) of 1,456,797,660 (and it was on 5 ball setting, not 3). I was in Red Line Fever and Looping and Crashing Mode and then in all the dark red lights, cool sirens and thumping metal music I heard and saw "Super Jackpots". What did I do to get into Super Jackpot mode? The lanes were lit with unique lights too I noticed . I think it will be awhile till I get there again but want to have something to shoot for.

Full disclosure: To date I have not defeated all the creatures and in Race Mode I seem to get down to 2nd place and drain and that is infuriating in a good, first world way.
I think I will drop down to factory setting of 3 balls and see how that goes, too.

#1392 32 days ago

Howdy, ferret.
I think then it was Red Line Mania, Loop Crash and back and forth a few times and yes, I must have hit the Super Jackpots a few times in each mode. It was all very bright and loud . What I expect out of a pinball machine .

#1401 31 days ago

Has anybody asked yet if the bat on the lower left side of the playing field is in the game? If not and he is in the Hot Wheels City show - can you add him?

#1406 30 days ago

As an elder fart playing the game I can say that the creature battles are very hard. My game is set back to factory settings (with 3 ball games).

I barely have gotten on the board for stopping the Gorilla (once), I stopped the Cobras (once) and am wistfully waiting to stop the T-Rex and Triceratops - though I have done enough damage to finally get on the board with some scoring against the beasts .

My focus is usually how to win the race (got to Victory Lap once ) and keep the RPMS going on higher and higher .

#1409 30 days ago
Quoted from Ferret:

Be aware that most of the Battles have settings for adjusting their difficulty (beyond just the timers, which is also a setting). So if it gives you more enjoyment, feel free to make 'em easier.

Thanks and saw that when I first unpacked the machine. Not quite there yet but when I really want to see them all defeated I might break down and jump in and do that.

Quoted from rosh:

I like to stack Track MB with the battles, especially the first track, since it is easy to start, and that helps in the battles.

Thank you and good point. I will try to remember that. Right now I am going for mindless reptition as I am being Pavolvian trained to get the ever increasing, thumping speedier beat as I move up positions. I made it to third gear now (once). Too much fun and entirely too addicting . Thanks, ferret and rosh (and Dave and AP) .

And of course I expect every pinball machine I ever play going forward to have perfectly synchronized light shows with syncrhonized shaking and vibrating on the machine. Thank you for stopping just before inducing seizures . You have set the bar high. I love it

#1411 30 days ago

Ferret, You all are disgustingly wonderful. Wanna know another subtle thing I picked up on you rascals did? I just noticed as I change left or right letters spelling "EPIC" during any car information animations on top the lights in the smaller icons move along with my button changes as part of the heads up informational display. You slick ferrets and weasels, you. Nicely done

Edit: Yes, kids are loving the dinosaurs in this game. Can't go wrong with Hot Wheels and dinosaurs.

#1426 26 days ago
Quoted from PinballRulez:

Better than AFM? That is my favorite game. Looking forward to that big treat when my HW arrives (hopefully next month).

It is DIFFERENT than AFM in a good way and similar in others.
If you mean, is there fantastic integration between lights, sounds and the pinball movement, I think it is better than AFM. (And I love AFM).
There are several stories/modes like AFM but you don't need to do them all progressively like in AFM.

Since it is all a subjective thing let us know your thoughts after you get it.
Hope you are as delighted as we are.

#1440 24 days ago

Please tell Matt Kern if he isn't on Pinside he should work the music selections for all your games. I love his transitions. I have gone through what I think are all the levels and modes on medium - this is due to lack of sleep this weekend but my own choice and fault . Having feeling proud of myself (or a total idiot ) I decided to try other settings.

To get more Matt Music I changed the starting settings for the RACE to start at position 4 and then 2 to get more thumping back beat cool music. It is wonderful and reminder to owners to try things in the settings. I did get a remarkable 14 sec race (going from 2nd place to 1st place) but that is what resetting all the scores is for .

Plus I don't mind the game narrator telling me "Great" and "You're pretty good at this." Who did the game narration, rosh (or ferret)?

Thanks again for making a fun game. I am thinking of just blanket loading your Easy presets for when we have relatives and their kids come over and let them have at it.

I can always reload "Medium" later on.

#1445 23 days ago
Quoted from fsumassey:

I’m debating on trading my Jurassic Park Pro for this. Thoughts?

Hmm. I loved playing JP Premium and probably would trade it if I had it. I have not played the Pro. Can you play it somewhere so you can get a hands on test and see for yourself? Your taste may not be quite the same as mine. Hope that helped.

#1448 23 days ago
Quoted from MrSanRamon:

The grandkids came over yesterday and played Hot Wheels for a short period of time.
The older ones thought it was great and wanted to play it longer.
But the 3-year-old played for a little bit and then wanted me to get him the yellow Hot Wheels car inside the game. And he wouldn't play any longer, he just started crying when his mom said you can't have that car.

That happens. If you want to win grandfather of the year, you can pick up a few Hot Wheels cars from the supermarket or drug store and give him one next time he comes over to play (if mom agrees to it). Bonus points if you can find the same car he wanted but hey, life is like a Hot Wheels track - it has it's ups and downs .

#1457 23 days ago
Quoted from Happy81724:

Thinking about joining the club. Is there any issues with this pin? Also, is it like stern where prices can vary by distributor?

There may be some variance but not too much I think. The price is the same ball park in the neighborhood of $6000-6300 NIB. Only issues I have had are the settings and from what you have read so far -
* Change pads underneath stop lights and RPM switches.
* Screw cars down so they don't get knocked off.
* When you get really deep into the game there are known bugs were the LEDS get flustered and don't know what to do so they stay a certain color. That is a known bug in the code and is easily fixed by restarting the machine.
* You may need to screw flat some popup switches - not a big deal - where balls sometimes get stuck.
* Not one of these are showstoppers.

* You get almost instantaneous support from Rosh, Ferret and Dave on the forums or from American Pinball.
* Random machines have $3000 - in hundreds taped on top of the shaker motor - NO THAT IS NOT TRUE - IGNORE THIS ONE PLEASE.

*If you are planning on running it on a location - you need to dial back the flipper strength - or bolt down the car on the right side ramp because it may get hit a lot.
* It is a great family friendly theme.
* It is just plain crazy fun with very well synchronized shaker motor action, lights and sounds.

If in doubt, try playing it and see for yourself if it is for you or not.
Oh and will it be better than your Avengers Infinity Quest LE machine? Dude, you KNOW it will be EPIC better It has claymation in it ! ! ! !
(Pinball is a subjective hobby - ordered a premium AIQ myself.)

#1500 19 days ago

Welcome to the club everybody!

1 week later
#1559 9 days ago

Just as an anecdotal observation. When I went to eat out and was watching the pinball machines that were set up - a Rick and Morty, a Hot Wheels, a Guns N Rose, an Avengers:Infinity Quest, a Black Knight:Sword of Rage, a Jurassic Park and two more, people were gravitating over to the Hot Wheels. It was the only machine also that seemed to be in an attract mode. Also saying that I loved playing the other machines. I am just happy to see Hot Wheels getting the love, too .

#1562 8 days ago

rosh, Vegas and ferret,
Besides doing highlights of Hot Wheels cars in breaks etc in the code, can you have a mode where we can walk through and see all the cars that are loaded in the game? Over 400 might be fun to see or also at the very least have them with pictures on the AP site?

Just some suggestions

Thanks for all you do, guys!

#1583 6 days ago

Guys - glad you finally fixed the stream @ PinballExpo. Thanks for making the presentation.

* Any chance we can get the powerpoint for it?
* When does the new code drop? I am chomping at the bit now .

Thanks again!

#1587 6 days ago

New code is out on the American Pinball site - beat the email notifications and rosh, ferret and Vegas' notifications
Thanks team!

Update- read the release notes - no fix for the LEDs remaining stuck on different colors unless the machine gets rebooted. Not so much an issue now but if a machine goes on location that kind of monkeys with the choreographed light attract modes, right?

How is the Treasure Hunt mode activated or what can you tell us about this? Thanks again!

#1589 6 days ago
Quoted from Ferret:

Well, I did chomp chomp chomp atcha a couple hours ago.

This is still being analyzed, but it's likely that it will be resolved with a hardware patch, not a software patch.

Figuring it out is part of the fun. It's a fairly minor feature, but should give a warm fuzzy to serious Hot Wheels collectors.



Re: Treasure mode
There will be some cars that fall into the Treasure category that were limited over the years. Got it. For those of us not hardcore will they be identified as such as they are collected?

Re: Hardware patch
When you say hardware patch will we have to request it by mail ourselves (the component or what to change on the boards) or will you send it out to registered machine owners?

Also thanks for the PinExpo presentation explanation about the changes in design. Now we know why there was frustration over the shark from what I have seen posted by the AP dev team. It looks like it was originally an integral part of the game and relegated to more of a minor role (which is fine by me). When I watched the You Tube show I see that the shark had his moments as a creature but the prehistoric ones are more natural fits.

Appreciated! I have stopped chomping at my bit now

#1623 2 days ago

Since everyone has what they have on the machine for whatever reason, this may be meaningless but I did the incremental update and have - for now - no problems with Redline Mania.

I also downloaded the full update to store off because, why not. You never know in the future when you might need a full update.

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