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Hot Wheels -- Challenge Accepted!

By rosh

1 year ago

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#55 1 year ago
Quoted from Crile1:

Why am I so excited to see this game?

Perhaps because you, like everyone, has lots of great memories of playing with Hot Wheels over their lifetime? Then you see the pinball game (and you love pinball too ) and see all the fast bright colored ramps and loops, the Hot Wheels cars on the playfield, lots of bold lighting that adds to the excitement, etc etc... it gets your brain thinking about those great times, and it makes you happy and excited.

For me, it's like walking into an amusement park (another thing I love)... you hear the midway music and the coaster trains zooming by, you smell the cotton candy, you can't help but smile, and you haven't really done anything yet.

#70 1 year ago
Quoted from bemmett:

where the loop is or the cars crashing into each other is

As folks have pointed out, we have a vertical loop in the VUK, and of course horizontal loops on the playfield. As for crashing cars, we didn’t forget that either... one of the multiballs is called Loop Crash, where to collect jackpots you have to CRASH one ball into another to knock it into a loop. It’s pretty neat.

Quoted from TreyBo69:

Then again, from what I can discern from the photos, I think I like what the existing skill shot with the plunger is? Seems like you can soft, medium, strong, or full plunge for a different reward.

Right... with some secret opportunities in the mix too.

#100 1 year ago
Quoted from Crile1:

However, I hope that is just represented in the battle modes.

Primarily, yes.

Quoted from Rondogg:

just hope the shots aren't too tight

The only tight shot is the kicker... which is the Super Jackpot / start 10X scoring shot, so legit for it to be more challenging. Everything else is pretty wide, and most shots can be reliably shot either backhand or forehand.

#103 1 year ago
Quoted from Ferret:

Quoted from Crile1:
However, I hope that is just represented in the battle modes.

Primarily, yes.

I thought about this a little more and wanted to clarify my response a bit.

Hot Wheels -- the pinball game -- is set in the world of Hot Wheels City, period. You'll see the City shown prominently right from the get-go, as we visit different cool locales in the City when no particular modes/multiballs/etc are active in the game. Hot Wheels City has lots of fun and funny places. (I think the pizza shop is my favorite, I want that!) Even if a player doesn't know anything about the animated series, we think they'll love the fun and humor and Hot Wheels-iness of it all.

The reason I responded the way I did before is that when you start a Battle, we take you much deeper into a particular time and place in Hot Wheels City, where you'll be fighting to stop one of the creatures that's trying to wreck it all. So during these Battles, you'll be more centered on the Battle sites, hear more dialogue, etc... basically a more intense, focused experience.

Hopefully this makes sense... the design team has really had a great time using the Hot Wheels City content to build a super fun pinball experience. As you might guess, we've been watching and listening to this content a lotttttt over the past few months, and it hasn't gotten old... I suspect it'll stay fresh for y'all, too.

Can't wait for everyone to play the game!

4 weeks later
#167 1 year ago

I'm guessing any video you saw was probably from the AEI show in early March. There have been soooo many improvements in audio since then, it's a completely different product from what it was then. The game has lots of great throaty engine sounds.

1 week later
#187 1 year ago
Quoted from yancy:

Been watching Hot Wheels City on youtube with my son in quarantine, and I gotta say, this game is super tempting. The show is good clean fun. Bright, simple, action-packed, throwback stop-motion animation, and just the right amount of cheesy.

All of this is very true. In some ways, the style reminds me of The Muppets... nominally a kid's series, but it has a bunch of scenes and gags and one-liners that are clearly targeted at making the adult viewers laugh. It's just plain fun. And it really does integrate well with the flow of a pinball game. Can't wait for everyone to get a chance to play it!

2 weeks later
#190 1 year ago

Unfortunately, the state of Illinois (where American Pinball is located) is still under a manufacturing lockdown, mandated by the governor. As soon as that order is lifted -- hopefully by the end of May, fingers crossed -- we're excited to get Hot Wheels out to everyone!

3 weeks later
#308 1 year ago
Quoted from Thermionic:

In fact, I think this game might even eclipse the average Premium in several ways.

We certainly think so! Remember that Hot Wheels comes standard with all-RGB lights on the playfield, side art blades, the lenticular back panel, and a real glass backglass, just to name a few of our standout features. Oh, and free shaker motor included on the first 500 games!

And of course, most importantly... Hot Wheels is super fun to play!

#338 1 year ago

I am very excited for y'all to see what we've been cooking up for the past few months... it's a really fun game. I wish there were shows right now so everyone could get some flips on the machine, but until then, hopefully folks will get a good sense of it from the current and upcoming coverage online. Also looking forward to hearing people's thoughts when you start receiving your own machines.

#353 1 year ago

Right now we don't show the entire car collection, but that is absolutely something we're talking about adding in, during end-of-ball bonus and/or in attract mode at the end of game. Definitely have some ideas on really showing off all those great cars that Mattel shared with us.

#356 1 year ago

And just checked... during the stream, I said 500 cars, Josh said 400... split the difference, looks like there are 453 different cars that can be collected.

#357 1 year ago
Quoted from PinballManiac40:

Can you rotate them through attract mode, end of ball, end of game so it does not show the same car each time?

We will definitely have fun ways to show off the collection. As you saw in the stream, we show the different cars now when you collect them, but we'll do more with presenting the full collection.

#399 1 year ago

Contact your distributor to discuss the details with them.

To find your local distributor:

#420 1 year ago
Quoted from Eskaybee:

I’m a little concerned on the scoring imbalances

I’ve been pretty happy with the score balance so far. Yes, you can earn a very brief period of 10X Tach (not quite the same as Playfield X), which has the potential to blow up your score, but it’s not easy to set up and use well... and it feels great when you do.

And things seem pretty well balanced across game features. You CAN blow up any of the multiballs, or any of the Battles, or Epic, or Redline... but there’s no guarantee of doing so, you can easily fall flat on any of those.

Now, I’m only a PAPA/Pinburgh B+ caliber player, so I will be looking with great interest to any players proving me wrong with exploits. And if they do, I’ll fix it. Scoring balance is very important to me. I’m a 25 year competitive player, and I generally don’t like games where there’s only a single path to big scores.

Thanks for reading!

#421 1 year ago

Oh, about the Battle intros... yes, they’re long. They tell a pretty fun story, which we hope is appealing to... everyone, but especially casual players. We know that many/most experienced pinball folks will watch those sorts of scenes a couple times (on any pin) and then double-flip to fast forward thereafter, so might as well have the entertainment of the story for those who want it.

#427 1 year ago

Thanks, Aurich. I'm solid, but my description is truthful: I can't consistently keep up with the A/A+ players. Beat 'em if I'm having a good day and they're not? Sure.

I also don't have the super killer instinct to sniff out rules exploits... there are a few folks who really excel at that. But exploits (or even just "boring but safe winning strategies") have been discovered in the vast majority of games, so I won't feel too bad if someone finds something like that, we'll just improve 'em if/when found.

#452 1 year ago
Quoted from cooked71:

Enough depth for a home game?

I think so. Hot Wheels provides depth in lots of ways. The most obvious way is through the Tachometer... mastering the Tach, and Boost, is not easy. The instant you raise the Tach value, time is ticking... how do you best take advantage of it? Crank up the Track Builder jackpot? Start a multiball? Clean up on a Battle mode? The final "kill shot" of each Battle mode awards a Fuel Bonus based on how fast you won the Battle, times (of course) the Tach value... are you better off spending a few seconds raising the Tach value before making the final Battle shot, or should you cash in as quickly as possible? Should you stack a multiball or two with a Battle mode and/or some Epic features? In many games, stacking a multiball onto a mode is an obvious choice... but the Tach revs down faster during multiball, so if you don't play skillfully, this might be less lucrative. Of course, play it well, and points will be flying. Or you might be thinking that an obvious opening gambit is to just pound the Tach up to Redline, play Redline Mania, and shift up a gear for a permanent scoring increase... maybe. But the Tach revs down faster as you move up the gears... worth it?

Epic features are a fun and interesting element... They challenge you to make a choice of how many you can complete before you even get them started. The more you start at once, the more valuable they all are. (Think Medieval Madness: how many Madnesses do you light before starting Multiball Madness?) The difference here is that you have to make enough shots on everything you started in order to light the Epic Jackpot... it's quite the tease when you've stacked several Epics, accumulated a few hundred million on the Epic Jackpot, but can't collect it until you make, say, 6 more dangerous Car target shots. Should you have been less aggressive up front? Hard to say, but now you have to play out your decision.

And of course, as in most modern games, if you want to collect all the Hero Cars and reach Legend Multiball to "beat" the game, you have to play everything, can't just pound on any single shot or couple shots forever.

We think we've got a terrific balance of rules that are easy for anyone to understand, with scoring nuances that advanced players should really enjoy.

Quoted from Shapeshifter:

My main worry is are the shots too tight?

Nope. Shots are generally medium-to-wide. The only really tight shot is the kicker shot, but that's rewarded appropriately since that's where you start Boost and collect some Super Jackpots. On the plus side, the kicker can be made both forehand and backhand, just like most of the shots.

Thanks for everyone's interest and great feedback on Hot Wheels!

#524 1 year ago
Quoted from rosh:

No flipper button or other attract sounds, yet.

You sure about that, Josh?

Quoted from Yelobird:

The screen shows (similar to TOTAN) a position 1-2-3 skill plunge. That number will always be 3 then as I understand it?

Right... any of the 1-2-3 zones will give an award, but 3 is always the best award. It’s basically a stretched out version of the Twilight Zone skill shot, plus the addition of the flipper rev element.

#532 1 year ago

Very happy that you're loving the game, Yelobird!

#538 1 year ago

Congrats on receiving your game!

Your gear is also shown on screen by the Tach display.

Left flipper skill shot rev is a timing thing. It’s not one and done, you can play with it, but if you over-rev and “blow the engine”, you’re done with that part of the skill shot. Idea is to rev it as close to 10 (without going over) at the moment you launch the ball.

#545 1 year ago

Thanks, Jeff! Those feelings you describe are exactly what we were hoping for, so I’m happy to hear that we succeeded.

One minor note: you don’t need to reach fifth gear to qualify the Legend Multiball wizard mode. Just one Redline/gear shift is enough to earn the Hero Car. Of course you may want more for higher scoring potential...

#547 1 year ago

Yes, the shooter lane switch. What you describe shouldn't work: if you soft plunge, it disables the multiplier from the flipper rev. You can still make the lane (1-2-3) skill shot at that point, but you won't qualify for any multipliers from the flipper rev. (If you successfully do the flipper rev component, it'll show on-screen as something like "400,000 x 4" ... the 400K being from the lane skill shot, the x4 being from the flipper rev.)

#557 1 year ago
Quoted from jeffspinballpalace:

So let’s say you rev the engine and plunge the ball while the tach is about 7 or 8. You gauge the skill shot so it falls on 3 before dropping. For landing on 3, I am awarded three upgrades on tach so now it reads 4. Although I rev’d the tach high but less than 10, there doesn’t seem to be any effect. What am I missing?

Y'know, hard to say without watching you, but I'm guessing just play with the timing. It's meant to be difficult, and it revs down quickly the moment you release the flipper button... my personal approach is to pull out the plunger to where I want it, then hold the flipper button and release the plunger when the Tachometer lights are hitting 9 (and hope that the inherent delay of my reaction time gets me into the proper just-short-of-blowing-the-engine zone for the top multiplier, but hopefully I at least get something). You don't have to release the flipper button... in fact, that'll make it harder... just launch the ball at the right moment.

Quoted from Roostking:

What are owners thoughts regarding the off center display. This semed be a concern when announced

Because of my inherent bias, I usually avoid answering "what do owners think about...?" questions on games where I'm on the design team, but I'll make an exception for this particular question since I'm just as much of a screen-viewer as anyone else. It's a total non-issue. I just measured, and Hot Wheels' screen is about 3 inches left of where it's positioned on my adjacent Oktoberfest. You are seeing that screen from a distance of about 50 inches. 3 inches over a 50" range is not much. When you look up from the playfield, the full screen is right there in your field of vision, you don't have to move your eyes, let alone your head.

#575 1 year ago
Quoted from jeffspinballpalace:

$1 Million to the first person to demo the skill shot on video.

https://www.twitch.tv/videos/650077739 at about 15:10. Hopefully rosh will share his million bucks with me.

Dang it, just saw that LTG beat me to it. Well done, Lloyd.

#581 1 year ago
Quoted from firefly9r68:

got mine #5, love this game!

Very glad to hear it!

Quoted from firefly9r68:

few bugs i have found so far but all in all not to bad for the first ones out of the box code IMHO

If you'd like, please feel free to send me a DM here with the details of any bugs you've found. Thanks!

#591 1 year ago
Quoted from jeffspinballpalace:

Should we start a different thread for code ideas and bugs or just throw them up in here?

Feel free to throw them up here, rosh and I will see them.

BTW, were you able to get the hang of the flipper-rev skill shot?

#602 1 year ago

Hey Jeff, thanks for all your feedback!

Quoted from jeffspinballpalace:

Game code for Hot Wheels is complete and it feels quite elegant. It works extremely well with the layout and allows for many ways to explore the game. Rules are logical and straight forward, making them easy to understand

Thank you so much for saying all that, really makes us happy to know we accomplished what we set out to do. And of course very happy that you're enjoying the game!

Quoted from jeffspinballpalace:

Shot 1 involves the 1-2-3 in shooter lane. Plunge ball near x and earn 1+x on the tach. Whereby 1 gives you 2 and 2 gives you 3 and 3 gives you 4 on the tach. Now the second skill shot is screwy, and in a bad way. You rev tach with flippers and when ball leaves launch spring, whatever is # is on the tach awards points and a multiplier.

You're overthinking the skill shots a bit, they're simpler than you describe. The 1-2-3 shooter lane skill shot gives you +1 Tach level for making the "1" zone, +2 Tach for making the "2" zone, and +3 Tach for making the "3" zone. If you make any of them, the skill shot point award is based on the Tach (after the skill increase). The flipper rev feature doesn't give separate points, it's a multiplier opportunity for whatever you wind up scoring in the shooter lane. You can't hurt yourself with the flipper rev... even if you over-rev and blow out the engine, you'll still receive whatever points you should get from the shooter lane skill shot.

BTW, I wouldn't be too quick to think that skill shot points are throwaway. I've earned 80 million from a single skill shot (including the left orbit Super Skill), and it's certainly possible to do better than that.

Quoted from Yelobird:

SOOOO Loving this game so far!! AP put the "Hot" in Hot Wheels on this title so we wanted to share some of the inspiration we came up with to customize it our way.

Looks fantastic, Yelobird ! Glad you're loving the game, and congrats on some cool mods! It's amazing how quickly you come up with those

#620 1 year ago

We have in fact tossed around ideas for what should happen if you complete R-P-M sequentially, or even sweep them (is that possible?!). Ya never know what might show up in a future code revision.

#622 1 year ago

Thank you for buying Hot Wheels! We hope you love the game.

We're not currently thinking of having player-selectable cars, although it's a possibility for future updates. We are improving the way that we present what cars each player has collected, to show off all the really fun cars that Hot Wheels has in their lineup. Mattel has shared lots of amazing cars with us. I personally have several physical Hot Wheels cars because they're neat, even though I'm not a hardcore Hot Wheels collector... but I love seeing the various cars that pop up during the game, they're just plain fun. (Yeah, I'm on the code team, but there's ~450 featured cars, I still get surprised!) I certainly expect that both Hot Wheels collectors and casual Hot Wheels fans will really love seeing all the different featured cars.

Also: we've tweaked the spinner sound for the upcoming code release.

Since I'm dancing around it: yes, there is an upcoming code release for Hot Wheels owners. Not a promise, but we hope to release it before the US 4th of July holiday. Lots of great improvements across the board!

#634 1 year ago

We’re definitely not going to offer gameplay boosts based on a player-chosen car. That was considered and discarded pretty quickly, early in the design phase of Hot Wheels. It’s not that we don’t love that aspect of Oktoberfest, because we very much do... but we want all of our games to be distinctive. Hot Wheels is specifically intended to be about making the ball do its thing as fast as possible, and keeping your engine (Tach) revving.

Thanks for all the feedback, we love to hear it!

Oh, BTW, speaking of Oktoberfest car: right around the time we started the Hot Wheels project, I found a Hot Wheels Duck car. I snapped that up; it felt like the perfect transition from Oktoberfest to Hot Wheels. It was just sitting there front and center by my computer, yet none of my friends caught the hint when they saw it.

#690 1 year ago

Glad to hear it was a quick and easy fix! Enjoy the game

#733 1 year ago
Quoted from Scoot:

Would putting a matchbox car on this pin be sacrilege?

I'm sure many would consider it sacrilege, but hey, it's your game, do what makes you happy. I certainly know I've had and enjoyed both Matchbox and Hot Wheels cars. (And since both brands are owned by the same awesome licensor, Mattel, they probably wouldn't even mind too much... although I'd bet that there are some friendly rivalries between those brands within the company... )

Quoted from Scoot:

Seriously, I think this might be my first new pin but not sure. No one has one around me to play (as far as I know) so it would be a big gamble.

Thanks for considering Hot Wheels! We'd be honored if you choose our game for your first NIB pin.

#772 1 year ago
Quoted from Aniraf:

anything I should know before I set this one up?

If updating code, please pay attention to the comment in the release notes about possibly having to move a cable from one connector to another. There’s a Service Bulletin on the API site with the details. If you need to do it, it’s super fast and easy.

Hope all of you that are receiving your machines love the game!

#777 1 year ago

I'd suggest starting it off as the designer intended. Play it for awhile, and then if you're unhappy with the speed, you can always change it later.


#779 1 year ago

Glad you're enjoying the game so far! Please do let us know the issues you're seeing, we'll work hard to get them resolved for you.

#800 1 year ago
Quoted from jfre81:

I could see a future game in league on this getting decided by a couple of our top flight players on who tilts.

I hope so. The risk/reward of trying to save a ball is much more interesting when serious points are at stake in bonus. Plus we want to make that fun little "Advance Bonus X" target more worthwhile to shoot for. Bonus has actually been increased in value somewhat since the last code release, as part of ongoing score balancing.

#811 1 year ago
Quoted from skogen75:

Fashioned a spring from an old floppy disk

Thanks for sharing your tips on dialing in the game... but I just had to quote the bit above. That is just too cool, MacGyver style.

#813 1 year ago

Advance 3 Race Positions is one of the Collector Case mystery awards.

#820 1 year ago

Congrats majicman110 !

Hope all of you who are receiving games soon love them.

#828 1 year ago

It is indeed true that this is the path to mondo scores on Hot Wheels:

1) Collect enough pops to light Boost.
2) Get your Tach up to a decent level (and keep it there!).
3) Start something(s) -- any multiball works, any Battle works, a nice 5-way Epic works... of course, a big Victory Lap + Loop Crash + Epic + Battle stack would be your ultimate goal.
4) Start Boost.
5) Crush all the shots for all the things you have running for the next 15 seconds.

Do all of that perfectly, and you're likely to see your score explode.

Didn't do all of that perfectly? You're not doomed... relight Boost and try again. (Note: in the upcoming code release, there is an adjustment that controls how many 10x Tach Boosts you can get per Gear... default = 1.) Or if you're better than your opponent at maintaining a high RPM while doing stuff in the game, that can make up the difference even if your opponent had a great Boost, it'll just take a little longer.

All that said, in the next code release, there's quite a bit of score balancing... multiballs will be getting somewhat less valuable while Battles become somewhat more valuable. And I'm sure we'll continue to tweak until it all feels perfect.

Quoted from skogen75:

Loving this game...here is a quick bonus screen code idea... hold left flipper to pause on the cars collected screen, while holding left flipper, use right flipper to scroll through cars putting focus on selected car (displaying its name for instance and making it zoom in a bit). Me and the kids absolutely love the cars and would love an opportunity to check them out.

Very happy that you've loving the game!

We love the cars too! So grateful to Mattel for giving us ~450 of them that we can feature on the game. (When I asked for "several hundred cars" to feature, I think everyone on the team looked at me like I was crazy.) We're not giving a pause feature during bonus for now, but we are now displaying the car names on that bonus screen. And a little farther down the road I'd like to do more in-depth spotlighting of collected cars during attract mode.

Quoted from kklank:

This has probably been discussed but didn’t you do the code for Alien as well?
(Alien is Spectaular.)

Thank you, I really appreciate that! Yes, I did rules and code for Alien, as well as rules and code for Oktoberfest and Hot Wheels by American Pinball. And I hope I have many more games to come.

#829 1 year ago
Quoted from Ferret:

(When I asked for "several hundred cars" to feature, I think everyone on the team looked at me like I was crazy.)

BTW, while Mattel has certainly been wonderful to us, I want to give a huge tip of the hat to the legendary Roger Sharpe, who managed our licensing relationship, and certainly was a major factor in getting API everything we needed -- including those several hundred cars -- to make Hot Wheels pinball as great as it is.

#838 1 year ago

Yes, sounds like a leveling issue. I don’t recall any SDTM balls coming from there (e.g. plunged or auto-launched balls).

35 sounds REALLY high for flipper strength on this machine. It doesn’t have any super-steep ramps that should require that. Overheating the coils may cause overall worse performance long-term.

Enjoy the game!

#842 1 year ago

Thanks, Lloyd!

There should be no magic to it. If it's not working for you following the directions at the top of the release notes linked above, perhaps try a different USB stick?

Also, do you not already have the 20.07.01 code on your machine? I woulda thought that by now, all NIB machines would have that already installed, but I may be wrong.


#846 1 year ago
Quoted from Chuckwebster:

quick question in loop multiball are you supposed to get crash hits from the pop bumpers? i'm guessing no, since i got almost a billion points out of the multiball. Really fun game!

Yes, the pops are supposed to give crash hits. (Pop bumpers: the crashiest devices in pinball! ) We're still tweaking score balance across features, but the intent is that pretty much any game feature -- Battles, any of the multiballs, Epic, etc -- has the potential for Big Points if you play them well, keep your Tach high, and use Boost wisely.

Very glad that you're loving the game!

#850 1 year ago
Quoted from rosh:

Scoring used to be all about the pops and spinners, so I loved your idea of making that a big focus in Loop CRASH multiball

I don’t actually think that part was my idea, was it? I thought that was you, or perhaps ifpapinball ... I did dream up the CRASH concept on the magnet, though.

Quoted from rosh:

of course whenever I get loop/crash, suddenly ever loop shot makes it all the way through vs landing in the pops.

Of course you know this, but for other players exploring the game: loops do spot crashes even if you don’t get bumper hits. And if Super Jackpot is not lit, every other left orbit shot will be diverted to the pops.

#853 1 year ago
Quoted from Palmer:

Would be nice if we could get lane change across both sides ie left flipper can change right side and vice versa.

Having the split lane change is an intentional design choice. Without that, it would be relatively easy for even an intermediate player to chop wood and shoot a ramp 20 times to set up the big 5-way Epic, which can be crazy valuable.

Thanks for the thoughtful feedback, glad you're so happy with your choice of Hot Wheels!

#860 1 year ago
Quoted from ifpapinball:

Tach at 7 in 1st gear = 700K
Tach at 4 in 2nd gear = 800K (400K Tach value * Gear Multiplier)

This is indeed correct. Note that you never have to do the math in your head if you don't want: the omnipresent Tach display in the upper-right corner of the screen always tells you the current Tach value.

Quoted from skogen75:

If one “accidentally” went Redline (if they were trying to balance the tach at 7+) the good would be Redline Mania, the not so good would be the difficulty to build up the tach again, yet the good would be the tach doesn’t drift down at fast on a higher gear. To switch gears or not switch gears, that is the question

This is exactly the choice you must make. It's somewhat harder to rev up the Tach in higher gears (although it doesn't really rev down slower -- you have to hit the RPM targets to slow the rev-down). On the other hand, if you're not good at maintaining your RPMs, you know that in 2nd gear your minimum Tach value is 200K, not 100K.

And in case it wasn't clear: almost every score in the game -- Battle shots, multiball jackpots, Epic features, etc -- is based on Tach value.

#863 1 year ago
Quoted from skogen75:

One more question, does it show the tach value made on the rev-up on the skill shot on the LCD somewhere? I’m always looking for what value I made and it disappears from the play field very quickly (I might have been between digits, and it’s hard to tell what I hit). Quick thought (you guys must be getting tired of these ) have the tach flash the up to the tach digit you pulled on the rev-up and have it flash the number of the skill shot you achieved. Say you pulled an 8 on the tach rev-up and hit the #3 skill shot...flash the tach 1-8 three times.

When you make the skill shot, the screen does display "Tach +1" or suchlike along with the value awarded... but you probably don't need to see that, if you know which skill shot "zone" you made, since it's Tach +1, +2, or +3, for skill shot zones 1, 2, and 3.

We do have the Tach lights flash the skill shot rev-up in the upcoming code release.


#882 1 year ago

Although Lloyd (LTG) does not work for American Pinball, it'd be easy to think that he does, given how quickly he jumps in to lend a hand when people have questions. He is truly one of the nicest, classiest, most helpful guys you will meet anywhere... a "restore your faith in humanity" kind of person. Three cheers for Lloyd!

#883 1 year ago
Quoted from bigehrl:

is the pinwiki rulesheet from 6/17 the most recent?

PinWiki or Tiltforums? There's the start of a rulesheet with that date on Tiltforums, but no one has fleshed it out yet beyond the playfield description.

#890 1 year ago
Quoted from bigehrl:

i'm still a bit confused by the skill shot. when i hit the 3, the RPM on the screen seems to arbitrarily go up to a number 3 or higher. what changes it's value?

If you plunge the ball into what I’ve called “the 1 zone” — above the 1 but below the 2 switch — you get +1 on your Tach level. Plunge above the 2 switch but below the 3, you get +2 Tach level. Above the 3 switch but keep it in the skill lane, you get +3 Tach level. The baseline/minimum Tach level is 1, so doing these skill shots at the start of the game result in a Tach of 2, 3, and 4, respectively.

If it’s not the first ball of the game, the Tach might be higher than 1 at the start of ball... we deduct 3 from whatever your Tach level was when you drain. So for example: let’s say you drained ball 1 with the Tach needle between 6 and 7, call it 6.5. At the start of your next ball, the Tach will be at 3.5, so those same skill shots would now result in a Tach level of 4.5, 5.5, and 6.5, respectively.

Make sense?

#894 1 year ago

And we know that double use of the Tach can be slightly confusing, which is why the flipper thing is a “secret” feature.

#895 1 year ago

Oh, and the secret flipper rev part of the skill shot is only indicated on the Tach lights on the playfield, not on screen. The overall experience is quite different from normal skill shots, challenging and fun.

#898 1 year ago
Quoted from bigehrl:

so i just tried it and tach rev'd to 7 (i believe, hard to see it. but i understand will be easier in future code) and then i hit the 3 switch. but didn't see a multiplier on the screen

Probably a touch too low on the rev. If multiplied, the skill value will show on screen as (for example) “400,000 x 4” and then update a couple seconds later to “1,600,000” for those who hate math.

#902 1 year ago

Not at this time. We've discussed the possibility of creating a "race challenge" mode, and might do that at some point, but unfortunately it won't be by next Saturday.

Enjoy your new game!

#904 1 year ago

$1,000!! Daaaang. I’d ask if I would be eligible to compete, but I haven’t gotten under 90 seconds. Super fun idea, though!

#918 1 year ago

I have pretty much the same experience as chuckwurt, almost all balls that come out the center exit of the pops hit the left flipper. A few balls will exit the pops out the left or right loop. And the occasional ball that does try to go SDTM usually hits the center post and bounces back up. In my experience, it only comes out of the pops and drains if Legend Multiball is lit or something like that.

#927 1 year ago
Quoted from Crile1:

please add an actual crash sound when the "captured" ball is hit during loop crash multiball. The "smack" sound just seems a bit flat.

Fun tidbit: in American Pinball's tradition of "knockers aren't just for free games!", Hot Wheels owners with the knocker accessory get a physical knock effect as part of that crash.

Quoted from Gtrefraction:

I was watching twitch streams this week and there is actually some motorcycle game that has almost the exact same skill shot with RPM raise via left flipper button but I didn’t catch the name of the game. I thought Hot Wheels “invented” this skill shot but was surprised to see its almost an exact copy of some game that looked to be a mid 90s game.

I suppose as multibrawlr suggests, you're thinking of Full Throttle? (I was confused by the "mid 90s" part, since Full Throttle is actually "mid 2010s" -- LCD display should give away the timeframe.) Not gonna say that skill shot -- by my friend and Alien co-conspirator, Brian Dominy -- wasn't an inspiration... as was the vroom-vroom flipper rev effects on a few other games like High Speed and High Speed 2: Getaway. Hot Wheels' skill shot still brings something new to the game, though, since you have to make skillful maneuvers with both hands simultaneously to maximize the value. (e.g. Full Throttle uses a launch button, not a manual plunger)

Thanks for the great feedback, folks!

#961 1 year ago
Quoted from Palmer:

Couple bugs I’ve encountered
Red Line Multiball - Upon shutdown prior to start of multiball, if a ball finds its way into the shooter lane, you only have 1 ball the entire mode even if you drain it

Already fixed for the upcoming code release.

Quoted from Palmer:

Opening the coin door and entering menu will knock out lights on the game where you have to reboot the machine to get them back.

This is on our bug tracker, but haven't yet found a repro case for the problem... the vast majority of the time it works as expected. If you have a specific sequence of steps you can follow to make this problem occur, please let us know, we'd love to fix this!

Quoted from Eskaybee:

Speaking of which, I love games that can slightly alter main modes based on what you did previously. A couple examples would be HOTK (Hand of the King) in GOT, and Deadpool battles with teamups altering the rules. Does HW have any of those types of rules?

Not like that, no... a focus of Hot Wheels was having the rules be super easy to understand. If you like incredibly sophisticated and deep rules alterations based on what you do during the game, may I suggest Oktoberfest?

Quoted from Eskaybee:

Also, does HW come with HD or standard glass?



#967 1 year ago

If y'all are getting airborne balls when shooting the right ramp, you might consider lowering your flipper strength a notch or two (via Settings > Coils in the menus).

#971 1 year ago
Quoted from Crile1:

Question, at the end of one of my balls it said on the screen, "Epic Fail." ,besides my mediocre skill, what does that mean?

So if you drain with Epic Features active, we still give you a small percentage of your accumulated Epic Jackpot value as a (usually silent) freebie. But if the value of the Epic Jackpot lost was rather high, the game harasses you a bit with the "Epic Fail" messaging.

Quoted from Crile1:

Question, after playing two Battles, it would only let me start a battle by hitting the right saucer and no longer the track VUK. Is that how it is supposed to be?

It is. This is adjustable via Settings > Features > Battle Start Difficulty.

#982 1 year ago

Bleep, blorp!

Thank you all for the kind words, really appreciate it!

All of us at American Pinball certainly know that you want great games, and you want to be able to reach out to people at the company to get help and support, ask questions, or just talk about the game, so we're all trying our best to provide that for you. And since we're all lonnnnng time pinball fans, it's quite a privilege for us to be able to earn a living doing exactly that.

Thanks for your support!

#988 1 year ago

BTW, we invite owners and players who have gotten some solid play time in on Hot Wheels to add your thoughts to the Pinside ratings. <https://pinside.com/pinball/machine/hot-wheels-american-pinball/ratings>

#1007 1 year ago

Increasing the power of the flipper coils may have other undesirable side effects, like potentially damaging plastics or targets. Running the coils too strong will also heat them up more/faster, which will degrade their performance during longer play sessions.

We think Hot Wheels plays great in most environments with the recommended playfield slope (all levelers in; adjust to ensure 0 degrees left-to-right at both top and bottom of playfield) and the recommended coil settings (software default). If you do decide to bump up flipper strength, suggest doing so by no more than 1 or 2 units at a time, so you can find a flipper strength setting that's just enough to meet your needs, but no stronger than that.

Have fun!

#1009 1 year ago

I like your thinking, Chuckwebster ... but maybe the real answer is to have the software turn DOWN the flipper power during multiballs, to prevent them from overheating when they're being fired much more often than usual?

#1028 1 year ago

Re: Boost scoring time expiration alert... there IS a somewhat subtle warning about this, right near the flippers where you should be paying attention like a hawk while Boost is active. The light in the center of the Tach inserts flashes while Boost is active, and flashes rapidly when less than 5 seconds of Boost time remain... same idea as how the Shoot Again light works on most games to indicate that your ball saver is about to expire.

#1049 1 year ago
Quoted from VividPsychosis:

I’m not sure if it’s just my game or what, but I’ve hit 50 cars collected and didn’t get car crash multiball. Not sure what number of cars I need I’d like to eventually see that mode.

On default / Medium, it's 40 cars to qualify Car Chaos. It's a Car Collecting Case award. One subtlety of the rules that needs tweaking is that if you qualify Car Chaos but then get your Collecting Case award at a time when you can't start Car Chaos (e.g. during a multiball), you need to light the next Collecting Case before you can get Car Chaos... that's kinda harsh, and will be improved.

Quoted from VividPsychosis:

After getting a super jackpot in redline mania 2 with all the epics running beforehand, my car collection froze and stuck at 1 car remaining for the entire game.

I believe this is fixed in the upcoming code release.

Quoted from VividPsychosis:

I know this has been a long post, but overall I am super happy with my purchase and I look forward to seeing all of you guys continue to enjoy yourselves and this title. Way to go American Pinball!

Thanks for your comments, and so happy to hear that you love the game!

Quoted from Hold_Fast:

Only thing that seemed odd so far was the GI lighting level during game play. During attract mode, it is very bright, but when game play starts, the playfield seems a bit dark. My wife even turned the lights on in the room, LOL. Is there any way to adjust this? I noted settings for "light show", which was default to 10/10, but didn't see any other settings that could be changed.

Settings > Standard > Feature Insert Brightness affects both inserts and GI in the last production code... in the upcoming code, this has been broken out to have separate GI and insert brightness adjustments. But for now, just increase Feature Insert Brightness, and you should be good.


#1066 1 year ago

On most games, I like to remove the balls and place them in the lockdown bar receiver. Makes it impossible to forget about them when putting the game back together. The downside is that sometimes you knock the balls off when reaching over the cabinet to do whatever you're doing on the playfield, although it seems I mostly approach playfields from the side when working on 'em.

#1093 1 year ago

There are fuses in the backbox too; they’re hiding behind the monitor in the metal box.

#1094 1 year ago
Quoted from skogen75:

Question: on auto launch, does the ball go to the pops or make the full orbit?

Most of the time, should make the full orbit.

#1103 1 year ago

I third the suggestion to check the interlock switch wires. I lost my coils a couple weeks ago, turned out to be wiggly wires on the interlock switch.

#1121 1 year ago

Very sorry that you’re having problems, joefox22, but I’m sure Dave will get you fixed up pronto.

There are lots of callouts in the game that have multiple variations ... in most cases they are just shuffled randomly.

#1143 1 year ago

Great news, joefox22, thanks for the update. Enjoy the new code!

#1167 1 year ago
Quoted from brenna98:

That’s the PD-16 coil driver board you’re pointing to.
Yeah, 6.3amp slow blow. 5x20 size.
ACE hardware usually carries them, you can find them in with the nut/bolts drawers. Get several.
Now the question is, why it blew... look at the coil table in the manual to see what’s in the red bank.

Crile1 wrote that the one that blew was 5A... if it's supposed to be 6.3A, that right there could be the reason it blew, if the wrong fuse was installed.

#1178 1 year ago

The good folks at Delaware Pinball are having a tournament this coming Saturday Aug 15, starting at 10 AM EDT, and plan to have Hot Wheels as the featured streamed game. Should be interesting, AFAIK this will be the first time the game is used in competition. (Obviously doesn't help that competitions are more or less non-existent right now...)


#1180 1 year ago

Ah, my apologies, @bcrage88, didn't mean to discount other competitions using Hot Wheels! Very happy to hear it's playing well for you in competition and that everyone is enjoying the game.

BTW: if you have some Velcro that just refuses to do its job, the game should have come with a few extra pieces of Velcro, so you can try another strip... failing that, consider using a clear cable tie to help secure the car.

#1197 1 year ago

skogen75 - Have you already reduced the flipper power via Settings > Coils? During testing, we’ve had day after day of multi-hour play with no perceivable reduction in power.

pinball2020 - similar response. Try playing with the coil strength of the VUK... try both lower and higher. Of course, also make sure the game is level. Very happy that you love your game!

#1209 1 year ago
Quoted from majicman110:

I thought you wanted to rev to 9 and then plunge. If you hit ten, then no bonus is awarded. Is this true? My kids claimed that they still received bonus by revving the tach all the way to 10.

You want to get as close to 10 as you can without going over for the best value (x4). It is possible (but difficult) to have all 10 Tach segments lit up without going over. And there is a x2 multiplier available if you're not quite close enough for the x4.

Quoted from majicman110:

Tach question
Is spelling rpm using the targets the only way to increase the tach level? Seems like sometimes it increases faster, but not sure what I'm doing to accomplish that.

As the playfield states around the Tach inserts, all shots increase Tach level, but the R-P-M targets give the largest increase, and also briefly pause the rev-down of the Tach level.

Quoted from majicman110:

Also getting to 10 and getting redline mania is the only way to shift up a gear. So to get to fifth gear you would be completing four red line manias. Is this correct?


Quoted from majicman110:

Is there a comprehensive rule sheet somewhere so I'm not clogging up this page with my stupid questions?

No, not yet. But questions aren't stupid, ask away!


#1220 1 year ago
Quoted from pins4life33:

Found a bug got my mode, Snakes, then shot the checked flag for Victory Lap, immediately drained. Power loss on flippers and ran multiball which I could not play. I did score some points thou and got one jackpot even though I couldn’t flip lol. What a drag...

If you don't mind, please send the game logs to me at ferret <at> americanpinball.com so I can figure out what happened and get it fixed. When you send it, please mention the date and time when the problem happened (hopefully your machine's clock is correct ) to make it easier to home in on the problem area.

To capture game logs: simply insert a USB thumb drive into the USB port near the coin door. The game should display a message that audits and settings have been copied to the thumb drive; this includes the logs. Make sure that this USB thumb drive does not have a code package file on it, or the machine will try to install that code.

Thank you! And sorry that you encountered a problem.

#1223 1 year ago
Quoted from pinball2020:

Twice I have tilted with the awesome Shark tilt. Except the game stays on tilt. Is this a bug? Or a feature that makes me turn the game off and then on to reset? I am on the latest code release. Did I miss something in the thread and is it something you can reproduce and let me know if it is at my end or an unanticipated "feature" that you need to check out?

That is not a feature. I have not experienced this myself. Does this happen EVERY time you tilt, or only sometimes? Does it also happen if you switch to the "Car" tilt sequence?

Feel free to capture logs and send them to ferret <at> americanpinball.com. When you send it, please mention the date and time when the problem happened (hopefully your machine's clock is correct ) to make it easier to home in on the problem area.

To capture game logs: simply insert a USB thumb drive into the USB port near the coin door. The game should display a message that audits and settings have been copied to the thumb drive; this includes the logs. Make sure that this USB thumb drive does not have a code package file on it, or the machine will try to install that code.

Thank you! And sorry that you encountered a problem.

#1224 1 year ago
Quoted from Vegas9:

"Hot Wheels has received 20 approved Pinsider ratings. 5 more approved ratings are needed to get a rating and for it to be eligible for the Pinside Pinball Top 100 ranking."
If you have not submitted your Game Rating for Hot Wheels on Pinside, now would be a good time.
Let's make Hot Wheels eligible for the Top 100!

Ooh, up to 23... are there a couple more of yuz who want to push us over the line in time for this week's Top 100 update?

We do sincerely appreciate everyone's support, and are very happy if you're loving your Hot Wheels (or Oktoberfest or Houdini!).

#1226 1 year ago

Thank you! We're certainly well aware that as still a young company, we need to work extra hard to earn everyone's confidence.

Also, we love this stuff.

#1237 1 year ago

Several distributors stand ready to fix that problem for you.

#1243 1 year ago
Quoted from HighNoon:

What's everyone's highest epic fail (collect epic is lit, but you drain)? Mine is 118 million.

Not sure of that. My Epic Champ is around 600M. Should've really run it up more but didn't have the guts.

#1248 1 year ago

Thank you to those of you who did submit Pinside ratings for Hot Wheels... we were pleased to have the game debut today at #19 on the list. And we will continue to update Hot Wheels to make it an even better game than it already is!

#1263 1 year ago

Actually your inquiry caused me to notice earlier today that there was no setting to disable game abort on Hot Wheels (or Oktoberfest). This has already been remedied for the next code releases of both games.

#1275 1 year ago

Yep, Tach management is definitely key to big scores in the game. Assuming you're trying to blow up the high score table and can play as often as you want (vs say a match-play competition where you need "safe points")... ideal would probably be to start off by running up to at least 3rd gear, and get good at maintaining RPM's at 8-9. Advance race positions until you're at least in 5th place. Collect enough loops to qualify Loop Crash MB. Advance race positions to 2nd. Start the multi-Epic that you've also been setting up while making other shots (obviously the 5-way stack since we're plotting world domination). Start a Battle (T-rex can be especially juicy right now, a little more Battle score balancing yet to come). Shoot the left orbit to start the stacked Loop Crash + Victory Lap MBs. Somewhere along the way, you've probably lit Boost, so this would be a good time to start Boost. Shoot everything, profit hugely.

Piece o' cake, right?

I've played a disproportionate amount of Hot Wheels in recent months, and it's definitely warped my brain when playing other games... I'm constantly panicking "OMG, the Tach is running down, shoot something!". It actually feels weird to me now to trap up and take a moment to settle down and plan a strategy, since that's usually not a good thing to do in Hot Wheels... it wants you to go go go, non-stop, if you're looking for big scores.

#1280 1 year ago

Oh heck yes, backhanding the Boost shot is much safer than forehand.

#1282 1 year ago

Hi pinball2020 ... did you see the response I sent you via email last night?

#1288 1 year ago

Not quite sure how you beat us announcing this code update, jurulz, but thanks.

#1290 1 year ago
Quoted from skogen75:

When you redline it, the game some times just launches into the multi-ball without first going to the Redline Mania red screen, is that intended behavior?

That is not intended. Has anyone else seen that?

Quoted from skogen75:

Any chance we can get the old fanfare/music back after Rip Rod is earned? I liked how it matched up to the light show. Now, we get a little “bing bing” and then nothing with the awesome light show.

Hmmm. You hear a happy little couple second fanfare, right? It doesn’t specifically sync to the light show, but it should be more than just “bing bing”.

Glad you mostly like the changes.

#1295 1 year ago

OK, we'll check out what's up with it skipping the Redline intro (that's the best part! ). Sorry about that.

#1301 1 year ago

Hey pinball2020 ... as you might guess, the ball search can’t really do much about that, since there’s no coil in that spot... if it’s helping at all, it’s just through incidental vibration of the game that eventually frees the ball. Personally I’ve never had a ball stuck there that couldn’t be freed by a light bump.

I’d suggest that you verify the left/right angle of the game is 0 degrees, and perhaps also slightly bend the switch arm there so it doesn’t extend quite as high onto the playfield. That adjustment is always a bit finicky, since if you lower it too much, the switch might fail to register when a ball rolls by, and then you don’t get credit for your loop shot. So any adjustment there needs to be cautious.

Good luck!

#1314 1 year ago
Quoted from skogen75:

Also, maybe I just wasn’t paying close enough attention, but I didn’t seem to notice the epic collect ever light up (maybe something to keep an eye out for?).

Be aware that Epic Collect won't light up until you have qualified ALL of your active Epic features. There's an on-screen indication of how many more you need of each feature to qualify -- gotta get 'em all to zero. That's the risk/reward of stacking Epics: stacking makes them considerably more valuable, but also harder to collect.

#1331 1 year ago
Quoted from pinball2020:

rosh or ferret, any guidance on the random lights that come up (see my previous post) and suggested fixes or eta if it will be in an upcoming release?

We're actively trying to come up with an answer to this question. Stay tuned.

#1336 1 year ago

I've just checked in a fix for the Redline intro occasionally not showing. Since I can't reproduce the problem myself, it's somewhat theoretical, but I'm hopeful.

#1349 1 year ago

I have not had that problem myself, but I would suggest that if you're getting airballs when shooting the ramp, might be a good idea to turn down the coil power on the left and/or right flippers (via Settings > Coils > Left Flipper Main and ...Right Flipper Main). If the ball has enough power to get airborne on the ramp, it may also be delivering excessive whacks on targets and possibly even plastics, and that's not good.

#1355 1 year ago
Quoted from rockrand:

My knocker does not work in the loop crash multi ball,I think it’s to knock when a ball smacks into another locked on the magnet?
Works fine in test!

Verify that Settings > Standard > Knocker is set to Mechanical.

#1358 1 year ago

Complete the four distinct Car targets.

#1360 1 year ago

Advance Bonus X target? It should flash red when qualified... but it does join the car targets in a brief blue lamp effect right when you complete the 4 car targets, so maybe that's when you saw blue.

#1363 1 year ago

The number of cars required doesn't fluctuate (unless you've popped into Settings and changed Car Chaos Start Difficulty) but since Chaos is a Collector Case Award, it's possible to collect one of those when Chaos is ineligible (e.g. during another multiball), and then Chaos will be available as the next Case Award.

Or of course, you can collect a zillion cars but never shoot the right saucer to collect the Case Award and start Chaos.

Personally: I have not (legally) gotten all 5 Hero Cars yet in a game. I've gotten close: had everything except Rodger Dodger and drained my last ball in the middle of Draven Battle. Arrrrgggghhh....

BTW, if folks have not been watching the various streamers competing in the IFPA Hot Wheels Challenge... you really should. Watching top tier players attacking the game is tons of fun.

#1379 1 year ago
Quoted from majicman110:

Wasn't sure about this, but in the previous code if you start an epic feature, lit collect epic feature and then drained before collecting it wasn't there an "epic fail" screen that told you how many points you missed out on?

The Epic Fail display is only shown if the value lost is juicy enough... we figured it’s not such an Epic Fail if you’re only losing a couple million points.

#1381 1 year ago

It's just a very late shot on the flipper.

If you own the game and find it too difficult, there's a setting called "Epic Target Difficulty" that you can change to Easy ... in that configuration, either Epic target can be hit to collect whichever one is lit (Start or Collect).

#1391 1 year ago

Howdy pinball2020. Not quite sure what you're describing, I'm afraid. You can't be in Redline Mania and Loop Crash at the same time -- Redline Mania can't coexist with anything else. You can't start Redline during any other multiball. You can start Redline during other single-ball features, like Battles or Epic, but those features are frozen during Redline and will resume when Redline ends.

There's no Super Jackpot mode, although every multiball (including Redline Mania and Loop Crash, as well as Victory Lap and Track Multiball) has some form of Super Jackpots that you can collect, so you might've seen a screen reference to Super Jackpots during either Redline Mania or Loop Crash, or during some other multiball.

Defeating all the creatures is hard!

We're certainly very happy to hear that you continue to find new challenges and new things to discover in Hot Wheels. Have a great weekend battling the game!

#1397 1 year ago

The designer's recommendation is to leave all the leg levelers all the way in, adjusting only as needed to ensure 0 degree left-to-right angle consistently up the length of the playfield.

#1407 1 year ago

Be aware that most of the Battles have settings for adjusting their difficulty (beyond just the timers, which is also a setting). So if it gives you more enjoyment, feel free to make 'em easier.

#1410 1 year ago

I'm glad you notice/appreciate that dynamic music as you advance in the race. Very nice work by Matt Kern.

#1421 1 year ago

Target hits needed to light Pit Stop depends on difficulty (Settings > Hot Wheels > Pit Stop Difficulty) but at the default Medium setting, it needs 2, 5, 8, 11, ... hits to light. And yes, you can stack them (i.e. target hits accumulating toward your next Pit Stop Lit, even if Pit Stop is already lit).

#1441 1 year ago

The thing where the "default" background music amps up more and more as you progress through the race is brilliant on Matt's part. I can't think of anything quite like it in pinball since Whitewater. A bit more subtle: quite a number of the sound effects also change as you progress through the race. There are other conceptually similar audio features, like the RPM target sound effects getting more enthusiastic as the Tach gets revved up.

All the game voices were by professional voice actors. Trust me, you do not want the voices of either rosh or myself coming out of your game's speakers.

Very glad to hear that you're having so much fun!

#1458 1 year ago

If you have problems with the Velcro not holding a car securely, but don’t want to drill holes, you could also try a clear cable tie. Obviously not quite as clean a look. You can also simply try a different piece of Velcro, since in my experience some pieces of Velcro are just grippier than others, for reasons I don’t understand.

#1463 1 year ago

Thanks for your trust in American Pinball and in Hot Wheels, sixtyfourbits! I hope the game gives you and your family many years of fun.

#1465 1 year ago

Welcome to the club, Flipstream! Thanks for the kind words... hope you have a blast with your new game!

#1480 1 year ago

robotron: great pictures. Might I suggest submitting them to IPDB?

#1497 1 year ago

Welcome to the club!

Wow, Sunday delivery? I've seen that for Amazon packages and such, but I'm pretty impressed that big cargo gets delivered on Sunday too.

#1513 1 year ago

sixtyfourbits, feel free to ask questions about your issues... we API guys will try to help, maybe other owners can help, and worst case we'll refer you to your distributor or API Support... but it never hurts to try asking here.

#1516 1 year ago

Hi sixtyfourbits !

Re: audio crackling... Flipstream recently posted here that his ground loop isolator was plugged in backwards, and even then wasn't quite working right. I hope we haven't gotten a bad batch of those, but it's worth checking the easy stuff... remove your backglass, and you should see the ground loop isolator... it's a little rectangular thing between the PC and the audio amplifier. Make sure the cables in and out of it are secure, and that the cable from the PC is going into the "in(put)" of the isolator, and the "out(put)" cable from the isolator is going into the amplifier.

Re: stuck pixel on the screen... ugh. While you're in the backbox checking the audio connections, you can verify that the cable between the PC and the screen is nice and tight on both sides, but realistically, a single stuck pixel is more likely to be a defect in the LCD. Those happen, sadly, on everything from commercial LCD panels like we use, to consumer laptops.

If you continue to have these issues, please do file a service ticket at <https://www.american-pinball.com/support/service/>, and our service team will be happy to help you. I apologize that your machine wasn't 100% perfect out of the box, but I'm sure we'll be able to get you squared away ASAP. Meanwhile, I hope you and your family have a blast playing the game!

#1523 1 year ago
Quoted from Meri-cah:

Question for American Pinball. Is there a menu option to adjust the speech and effects sounds separately? Just wondering.

Not at this time.

Congrats on your new game, hope you and your family love it!

#1534 1 year ago

I’m guessing Chuck was joking.

I’m also guessing JJP didn’t “copy” the Tach per se, just happenstance that there are similar rules... just like having two new games in a month with a spinning disc mech. Synchronicity of the universe.

#1557 1 year ago

It’s a custom Linux build. I believe all current pin manufacturers have gone that route.

#1569 1 year ago
Quoted from pinball2020:

Besides doing highlights of Hot Wheels cars in breaks etc in the code, can you have a mode where we can walk through and see all the cars that are loaded in the game? Over 400 might be fun to see or also at the very least have them with pictures on the AP site?

We will definitely be doing more to show off this awesome collection of cars in future code updates.

Quoted from playa:

1) spamming the flippers pre launch adds points without ball in play.
2)left spinner tallies points when spun but no sound emitted like on the right side.

Flipstream said exactly what I would've said for both of these. For #2, note that if you go to Tests > Display & Sound, the game will play stereo-separated audio tests: white noise left speaker, white noise right speaker, callout left speaker, callout right speaker ... then a rising low frequency tone. This test is great for ensuring that all of the speakers in the game are working properly.

#1574 1 year ago

On my personal game, I only get a SDTM drain from the pop bumper exit maybe 1% of the time. (Pretty much only if Draven or Legend Multiball is lit, something like that. ) Mine is designer-suggested 6 degrees, and consistently level left-to-right.

One nice thing about the design of the pop exit is that sidewall just below the "Adv Bonus X" target gives you an opportunity to nudge the ball, so if you have problems with SDTM drains from there, an appropriately timed right-side nudge should give enough leftward deflection of the ball to solve that problem.

#1584 1 year ago
Quoted from pinball2020:

When does the new code drop? I am chomping at the bit now .

Chomp chomp chomp.

Thanks for watching our presentation!

#1588 1 year ago
Quoted from pinball2020:

New code is out on the American Pinball site - beat the email notifications and rosh, ferret and Vegas' notifications

Well, I did chomp chomp chomp atcha a couple hours ago.

Quoted from pinball2020:

Update- read the release notes - no fix for the LEDs remaining stuck on different colors unless the machine gets rebooted. Not so much an issue now but if a machine goes on location that kind of monkeys with the choreographed light attract modes, right?

This is still being analyzed, but it's likely that it will be resolved with a hardware patch, not a software patch.

Quoted from pinball2020:

How is the Treasure Hunt mode activated or what can you tell us about this?

Figuring it out is part of the fun. It's a fairly minor feature, but should give a warm fuzzy to serious Hot Wheels collectors.


#1591 1 year ago
Quoted from pinball2020:

For those of us not hardcore will they be identified as such as they are collected?


Quoted from pinball2020:

When you say hardware patch will we have to request it by mail ourselves (the component or what to change on the boards) or will you send it out to registered machine owners?

Don't know... testing is still underway. All I can tell you right now is that we have Top! Men! working on it, but it's unlikely to be a software resolution.

Quoted from pinball2020:

Now we know why there was frustration over the shark from what I have seen posted by the AP dev team. It looks like it was originally an integral part of the game and relegated to more of a minor role (which is fine by me).

Eh? No frustration about Shark... we looked over his segments in Hot Wheels City, and pretty quickly and unanimously agreed that he wasn't the right fit for the overall direction of the game. He never had any role in gameplay, not even on paper. Our artist, Jeff Busch, was busily doing his work while Josh and I were planning out the storyline and rules, and put Shark in the early artwork... I don't want to speak for Jeff, but I'm guessing he did so because Shark does have several appearances in the HWC cartoons. Once we advised Jeff that Shark wouldn't be in the game, he removed Shark from the artwork. Easy peasy, and I do believe the right choice.

#1592 1 year ago
Quoted from PinballRulez:

We this also become available offline?

I would very much expect that the Pinball Expo team will make all the Virtual Expo sessions available... check in at http://www.pinballexpo.net occasionally for updates.

#1605 1 year ago

That all sounds very strange. If it's a location game, I take it the logs are not accessible. Oh well. Was your friend able to power-cycle and get back to normality?

#1607 1 year ago

Good. Very weird symptom report though, right now I can't even imagine what might've gotten the system into a state like that.

#1617 1 year ago

Hey Flipstream, thanks for your thoughts, always really appreciate feedback from players and owners!

Quoted from Flipstream:

It would be awesome if the arrow inserts cycled the individual bulb colors to indicate there is more than one collect on the shot instead of a solid one color flash. For example, a large arrow insert could cycle lighting the first bulb purple, then a wine color for the middle, and red for the third to show there is a battle and loop crash on that shot. Or purple, light blue, and red if there's also an Epic mode running. Not sure if there are more than two mode shots that can stack for the small arrows.

I did try this at some point in the development cycle... IMHO the visual effect was kinda muddied when you had up to three different colors shining under the same arrow. It didn't look crisp.

Quoted from Flipstream:

I also feel coordinating the battle mode shot indicator colors to the main battle colors would be helpful for new players (Cobras green, T-Rex red, etc.) instead of all shots being purple. I could see some confusion between loop crash and T-Rex, though. Maybe change loop crash lights to the orange track color?

We thought the current implementation would be easier for players to understand... if you've got a big stack going (so lots of lights blinking everywhere) and are looking for the next shot to finish your Battle, you can always just look for the purple lights, instead of having to think through "what creature am I battling right now? OK, Triceratops, and what is his color again?"

Of course, these are all subjective choices, but just giving a little background on the thought process behind our choices.

#1619 1 year ago

That's not right. Try doing the update again. If you're using the incremental update, try doing the full update instead.

#1636 1 year ago
Quoted from Chuckwebster:

the Risk/Reward factor of this machine is off the charts.

I'm really interested to see how players will approach this game in match-play competitions. Obviously the advantage of going last is strong with this one if you're going for the outright win, but where do you draw the line for "I just need to beat one or two other people in my foursome"?

Quoted from Flipstream:

Interesting, both sequential lighting and simultaneous lighting turned out muddy?

Definitely could be muddy (depending on specific colors involved) when simultaneously lighting two or more different colors under the same arrow. When setting the chase to only keep one LED on at a time, it wasn't muddy but just looked weird in a different way... kinda jerky, for lack of a better term. IMHO. Not saying that there aren't other solutions that could look good, just that we played with options for awhile and settled on the current implementation as the best combination of looking good and being informative/easy to understand.

Quoted from Flipstream:

As a manager in the customer software support world, I am very impressed with the levels of outreach and customer interaction from API. I appreciate the extra insight, and I hope I'm not coming off overly critical since I am really loving this table.

Thanks for the kind words. You're not being overly critical at all. We really appreciate good honest feedback from our customers. We want to keep making games that people love... the best way we can do that is to keep doing the things people tell us they like, and change course on the things people tell us they don't like.

#1646 1 year ago
Quoted from Flipstream:

This site has a good view of the amp controls since they are hard to read without removing the amp:

Pro tip: your smartphone camera — possibly in “selfie” mode (front camera) — makes for an excellent viewer and magnifying glass in tight spaces.

#1649 1 year ago
Quoted from robotron:

there are 2 bulletins for hot wheels. one for a plate for ramp to keep ball from going into outlane when it comes down. also one to swap 3 wires on epic led for ser#3050 and down. is ap gonna send the plate kits to owners or is this upon request? also how do i know if my game (ser #3131) needs the 3 wire swap out?

Hi robotron... the tweak for moonwalking balls is upon request. No reason to get it if your game doesn't have balls coming down the left ramp and moonwalking into the outlane. (e.g. my machine never does this)

You should not need to do any wiring changes on game #3131.

#1651 1 year ago

Nice Chaos score! It can indeed be a juicy feature, but that's pretty darned impressive.

#1656 1 year ago
Quoted from pinballholder:

Also, is there a reason that on the Tach meter in the playfield, when you are getting ready to shoot a ball, sometime an RPM insert lights up in a different color? We have seen it with diff numbers and diff colors.

When the ball is in the shooter lane for the skill shot, the playfield Tach lights are used for the super-popular, super-secret flipper-rev skill shot, so they may temporarily look a little different than usual.

Welcome to the club, glad to hear you and your team are loving the game!

#1662 1 year ago
Quoted from pinballslave:

What's the music like on this game? Is there any metal in it? Is there different music for different modes?

It's got a pretty energetic set of music overall, though I know if any of it qualifies as "metal". Every mode and multiball has a unique music track, so tons of music in the game. There's also a pretty cool feature where the main "out of mode" music is dynamically mixed as you progress in the race, so the effect is like having a half-dozen or so pieces of music just for that. We do some other fun stuff with the music, like Redline Mania that is a multiball that is exactly 45 seconds long, so the music is synchronized perfectly to the overall multiball.

A lot of folks have streamed Hot Wheels, so you can search around for some streams and listen to the music yourself.

#1666 1 year ago

pinballholder, Red Line Mania does have music ... but some people have reported it going missing when using the "incremental" update package. The incremental update is a new feature, so it might have some lurking bugs. Try downloading and installing the "Full Code Update" for 20.10.15, that seems to restore the music for people.


Sorry for any inconvenience.

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#1711 1 year ago
Quoted from Vegas9:

As an FYI, all the main shots become progressively more valueable after each RLM gear you reach. So, the more RLM modes you play, the higher your scoring will be.

This. You shift gears after each Red Line Mania (at least until you get to 5th gear, which is maxed out), where gear is basically a permanent playfield multiplier. You also only get one full Boost per gear, so once you've used up your Boost, that's another incentive to redline.

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#1742 1 year ago
Quoted from rockrand:

I wish you could cancel the bonus faster,your other two games are way faster in serving the next ball,I keep hitting the flipper buttons wanting to get back to play,stern has it down really well,hit the flippers and. Boom ,next ball

I agree. We'll accelerate it more in the future.

#1749 1 year ago

Stealthy scoring opportunity: if you can keep both spinners spinning (probably a multiball thing, but could be done single ball if they’re spinning well) they can become quite valuable.

#1768 1 year ago
Quoted from fsumassey:

I updated to the latest code. I noticed on ball 3 both last night and today that you get your bonus at the end. When it shows the score summary after that it removes the bonus? Thought this was strange. I was at 299 million. Bonus pushed it up to like 329. When it went to the summary page it was back to 299.

Bug, already fixed for the next update. It's a race condition, so it's a bit of dumb luck whether that happens or not. It's more likely to happen if you double-flip to accelerate the bonus. (What's REALLY dumb is that Oktoberfest had the same bug, fixed it there, but didn't realize it was also in Hot Wheels... sigh.) Sorry about that.

Quoted from fsumassey:

Other than that I’ve had some car switches next activate if they get hit hard enough. Went under the glass and they seem to be working right. Just not activating if it hits super fast.

Shouldn't be any magic there, just try adjusting the switch gaps... as usual, you want the gap to be pretty close, but not so close that overall game vibrations generate false switch hits.

Quoted from PinballRulez:

What I really would like to be added is the possibility to adjust the volume of music, speech and sound effects. That would even more immerse you into the game.

We've gotten several requests for this... we're paying attention.

#1782 1 year ago

Treasure Hunt cars are not random.

#1805 1 year ago

Hmmm... verify game level? While I have occasionally had a ball caught there, it's pretty uncommon, and easily resolved with a nudge when it happens.

#1840 12 months ago

Was definitely one of those things that was refined by play-testing. The Tach used to rev-down at normal speed during multiballs, which meant that about 95% of the time you were playing multiballs with the Tach maxed out, and then one shot away from Redline when the multiball ended. Pretty much defeated the challenge of the Tach. Now you gotta work a little to earn your points. Throw in the challenge of arming Boost and using it at exactly the right time (which may or may not be during a multiball) and yeah, you'll either be on cloud 9 when you blow up the game, or cursing it out when it tells you who's really the boss.

#1845 12 months ago

After I coded Draven Battle, the first time I was play-testing it, I couldn't miss. Bam bam bam, nailed all the shots, done. I was worried that it was too easy. Don't think I've completed it on the first try since then.

#1905 11 months ago

PinballRulez - thanks for such a nice review of Hot Wheels. Of course it’s great to see that you love the game, but I really appreciate the detailed feedback, both good and bad. Honestly, it drives me crazy to see some Pinside Top 100 review that gives a lousy score like 6.823 — or even a good score like 9.152 — and not a single remark. The only way we can improve is to hear what players like and don’t like.

#1906 11 months ago
Quoted from PinballRulez:

- You do not get a feeling you are working towards a final goal

I would like to ask, though: seeing the Battle lights fill in, the Epic lights fill in, the Hero Cars fill in ... doesn’t give you a sense of progress toward a final goal?

#1909 11 months ago

Thanks for the great report, Happy81724 ! Hope you and your whole family have many years of great fun with the game.

Quoted from Happy81724:

- GI seems dark. I actually went and tested it to see if there was anything out. Its between lights in my basement so that doesnt help.

Go to Settings > Standard > General Illumination Brightness and make sure it's at max (10).

#1912 11 months ago

Yeah, interesting comparison with the GotG. I'm guessing the colored ramps on Hot Wheels eat up some of the light.

#1923 11 months ago

To reduce airballs, consider reducing the power of the flipper coils, especially the left one, via Settings > Coils.

#1937 11 months ago

So glad you’re loving the game!

Yes, as the IFPA Hot Wheels Challenge series has done a nice job demonstrating, there are tons of things to do, but it’s easy to understand / focus on each one individually and have a great time. But putting them all together for an epic game... that’s easier said than done.

Speaking of which, folks may be interested in checking out Karl DeAngelo’s great stream last night where he finally reached Legend Multiball. twitch.tv/iepinball

#1946 11 months ago

Upcoming code release has some Legend MB visual improvements, including fixing that borked background animation.

Timed wizard mode is nothing new, BTW... many games do that.

#1952 11 months ago
Quoted from Cobra:

Sweet. Please get rid of that white box that says ball added or added ball.Lol

WHAT?! That was the pinnacle of my artistic talent! I'm super sad now.

Fine, fine, that is also changed in the upcoming code release.

#1967 11 months ago

Just download this one. Enjoy!

#2007 11 months ago
Quoted from PinballRulez:

During Loop Crash multiball, 3 balls ended up in de saucer area I got them out by hand, but the pin was too confused so I could not continue my game.....

If you don't mind, please shoot me a DM with details about what you observed with this confusion... extra foam or not, obviously the game should not be confused just because it has a hard time ejecting balls from the saucer, so if there's a software issue, want to make sure we get that fixed. Thanks.

#2015 11 months ago

Yes, what Josh said.

Any pots that ACCUMULATE value -- these are primarily the Track Builder base Jackpot, the Supers in each multiball, and the Epic Jackpot -- are only (*) affected by the Tach value (which includes active Boost, if any) when you ADD to the pot, not when you collect the pot. (* Folks who really love rules minutia will note that collecting a Super Jackpot adds the current Tach value to the Super Jackpot immediately before awarding the Super, specifically to give a modest amount of instantaneous Tach/Boost influence on the Super Jackpot award.)

The flip side of that rule is that if you accumulate a bunch of high Tach value shots into a pot, that accumulated value doesn't go away if your Tach revs down or your Boost runs out. So for example, if you have several Epic features active, start Boost, then rapidly shoot a bunch of the Epic shots at high Tach value... your Epic Jackpot will skyrocket, and it won't decline even if your Boost ends, because those boosted values are now safely captured in the pot.

#2072 11 months ago
Quoted from Cobra:

Oh ok. That doesnt really happen though.

Then you don’t need that ramp mod. No worries. Enjoy your game!

#2074 11 months ago

You can visit <https://www.american-pinball.com/support/service/> to open a ticket requesting assistance with your game.

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#2126 11 months ago
Quoted from PinballRulez:

I did manage to get the 'Tricera' battle lit but could not activate it. ferret rosh Does the battle light at the track saucer only get lit when you can also qualify for track multiball? If so, where is the setting I can change this

Whether you can start a Battle at both the upper and lower saucers, or only the lower one, is independent of whether Track Multiball is lit... only depends on how many Battles you've played. Adjust via Settings > Game Features > Battle Start Difficulty.

BTW, nice score!