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By Skypilot

1 year ago

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#301 1 year ago

Question. Installing hardtop for BK. Noticing there may be a decent sized gap between the hardtop surface and the ramps. I have only lined things up, and havent applied the hardtop yet. Does anyone have pics of their BK with hardtop so i can see if this is common? I worry that the ball will not flow down the ramp and onto the PF smoothly.

#303 1 year ago
Quoted from AMBoggs:

I can’t speak to BK, but I had this issue with my space shuttle ramp. What I ended up doing was putting some washers down in the gap to raise the ramp entrance.

Yea, that isn't the entire issue though. There is a gap from the bottom of the ramp entrance to the hard top the 'Y' axis of the playfield. I'll get some pictures up to give those a better reference tomorrow.

#306 1 year ago

These are pics of the ramps with a custom riser pad under them - it helps, but I feel like the art should meet up with the ramp.

20181101_095527 (resized).jpg20181101_095532 (resized).jpg20181101_095536 (resized).jpg
#311 1 year ago

These images are before laying it down permanently. We ended up filling the ramp entrances with epoxy and sanded level to playfield. By doing that the hard top is almost the perfect height of the metal ramps. The hardtop is aligned perfectly to every insert. The gap is still there, but it isn't a make or break for me. I completely understand that these things can't match EVERY playfield.

#326 1 year ago

Got a series started on this process. When I see a products potential - I stand up for it. So, I decided to put up a series to help those future buyers on the installation process. Looking forward to Swords of Fury cause that game is hard to find and when you do get them the PF's are more than likely trashed. Just so I cover all my bases - if there is any info that NEEDS to be noted in the narration of the follow up videos let me know. Thanks.

#338 1 year ago

Got the upper PF hardtop for BK installed today. Found 2 holes that were not cut and NEED to be done. I will have more info about this in the next BK video. Other than that we have made the appropriate modifications with the ramps and this thing is gonna be better than factory. It looks great!

#351 1 year ago

Next in the series is up!

1 week later
#362 1 year ago

Part 3 is up!

#371 1 year ago
Quoted from TechnicalSteam:

If you custom made the ramps. You could of tapered them so they extend to edges and then come to ramp.
Painting them black would look pretty odd. Think filing them in and painting them to match pf may be drastic. And late
Hopefully ramps become avail again.
Not sure how that plays though.
I have as much of the same issue at hand in my project ( refurb ? not really resto ) .
I think the only thing holding many of us back now from a renaissance of fixing games is Ramp availability.
Plastic set demand is pretty much not a big issue.
Please someone take up the vacuum forms or figure out a affordable way to 3d print these on demand. Many of us would be super happy.

I have posted videos of our resolution and process. All looks and plays great. Very smooth transition.

#377 1 year ago

Last episode for the Black Knight install goes up tomorrow on "Black" Friday. Full reveal and it will be one of the best looking BKs you have ever seen.

#378 1 year ago

Finale is up! Thank you for the product. I look forward doing more games using it.

#380 1 year ago
Quoted from ChrisPINk25:

Great conclusion thecapn ! For the missing holes, could you have used a small drill bit and drilled through the hole that is underneath the playfield? Since you were not using a rotisserie, I understand it would be a little harder for you to do that. I plan on doing that when putting on the side rails for my space shuttle. They didn't provide holes in the hardtop for all the side rails. I can't wait for the playfield swap!

The holes in question do not go fully through the PF. You can see the screws used for this in the video when I point out the holes are missing. Thanks for watching!

#394 1 year ago

Allow me to set the record straight. NO EXTRA HOLES NEED TO BE MADE FOR BK. lol. That is unless you have a custom job that someone did years ago. I'm glad you posted a clear pic of what it is suppose to look like. I'll make a note on the video description too!

#403 1 year ago
Quoted from Spraynard:

Is this fine to clear the shooter lane? Or is 2PAC necessary for that?

2PAC is your BEST way to go. Other options will work, but may not hold up as well in the long run.

1 month later
#466 1 year ago
Quoted from MrSanRamon:

I sent an email, but thought I'd post here too.
If you already have a hardtop for a specific game, would it be possible to print different artwork on that hartop plastic?

This would be a great product for re-themes too! Obviously, due to license issue we can't be sent the original art templates to games, but what about a digital blank canvas template for those of us that can photoshop our own art for re-themes? Then would you be able to print original themes? Just curious. I think this would open the door for even more business.

1 week later
#539 1 year ago

I just don't know why you would go through the effort of painting the ENTIRE pf black. Different? Yes. Effective? Yes. But at what cost? Extra time and effort into something that will NEVER be seen again after the install is done. I do the parameter of the inserts black for the possibility of an offset. If you do the entire pf for an offset - then you have little faith in your placement of the HT. lol. I'm curious to see how the inlanes and outlanes look with black instead of the original maple showing - be sure to show the after photos!

#542 1 year ago
Quoted from vid1900:

Did you ever see those "special edition" CPR Centaur with the white shooter lanes?

yup, played one last year at Texas Pinfest.

1 week later
#554 1 year ago

For those that followed my BK install with whole "need extra hole" issue. Come to find out for this machine we didnt need extra holes, we were dealing with a mod that the previous owners did at some point in time. Today the owner was rummaging through his coin box for the game and found the missing part that was replaced with the plastic. He is going to polish and remove the mod. lol.

Attach16386_20190124_141608 (resized).jpg
#556 1 year ago

I recommend you switch to spraying with 2PAC, but I know that not everyone has the equipment to do that. I would first start by increasing your grit for your inserts. 500 to start, but raise it up to 1K at least for a smoother surface for the clear to attach and level smoother.

#558 1 year ago

Results will be better with 2PAC, but the 2X will work for the end goal. Just up that grit to 500+. Weather is factor here too - if you are spraying and its cold in your garage - that clear isn't going to level and cure as its intended to do.

#565 1 year ago

You can save a little money by getting the cheap harbor freight air brush kit and using that to spray your 2PAC. I have the video starting where we did this and how we did it too.

2 months later
#628 10 months ago

I got 2 Swords of Fury games ready to go! I hope that one is next up. I also hope it is soon! lol.

#631 10 months ago

In my BK hardtop series I mention that with these games many of the holes were hand drilled. (that means there will be inconsistencies) Not every PF will be the same nor will they match EXACTLY with a hardtop. But it will be damn close! Just like Spraynard stated - don't drill holes in that HT til you have it permanently down on the PF. If the holes go all the way through the other side of the PF you can carefully drill starting on the other side using a very small drill bit to give you a pilot hole so you can flip it back over and drill down the correct way.

#650 10 months ago

Bring on SoF! I have started the series! Allow me to show off this product!

3 months later
#873 6 months ago
Quoted from Outsidedge:

Hi All! I am finally getting a chance to log on and clarify what we communicated on our site. We are actually shooting to be shipping product again by October. Earlier IS possible... but only if we are ready. Our end goal was to be down for 90 days tops. We just cannot make the changes we are making and also keep filling orders. Impossible.
1. Hardtops are NOT going away.
2. Yes, more titles... no, we will not comment on next titles due to the nature of how we are able to work on them. We made that mistake developing High Speed by announcing... then got daily barrages of emails asking "How long".
3. There IS a list somewhere on
here that I posted some time ago, and that list is still accurate as far as titles.
I will post updates sometime in the next 6 weeks here.
Thank you all for your interest in our product... we are thrilled to play a part in bringing games back to life.
It is our goal to figure out how to turn new titles faster, but that is a complicated thing when mixed into a commercial shop that needs to keep the lights on first and foremost with "wheelhouse" work. We are changing things that may yield results though!
As always, I will apologize for either no response or slow response to the many emails as: "Are you going to do XYZ title"... or "when will you be back... when will this title be ready". We just get so many... It's tough to field them all. We will do our best.
Remember this one though (to maybe reduce emails a little): We RARELY get permission for 3rd party titles like Star Trek, Indiana Jones.. or any other IP containing stars/singers/movies/characters. We have only gotten a few so far.
Again... Thank you...Thank you. Grill out, go swimming... we will be back!

Thanks for the update. Us fans of your product truly appreciate it.

2 months later
#975 4 months ago

You guys are killing me by putting SoF on the back burner. sigh. I have two SoF ready to go!

1 month later
#1088 78 days ago

Is EBD really in higher demand than SoF? Was playing my SoF last night and was telling myself, "some day...."

#1091 78 days ago

Completely understandable. Hopefully with Outsideedge being back in production they can start cranking out the product. I'm sure with inventory being back in stock and the fact that the product has really started to take off in popularity and favoritism towards the hobbyist they will do well. I'm just being impatient and selfish here when I want SoF. All good things...

1 month later
#1241 26 days ago

Outside Edge shared this on Facebook - not sure why they haven't here yet. Check out what is next....

82432193_1175518992645783_4731782787311337472_n (resized).jpg
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