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Official "HARDTOPS" thread

By Skypilot

1 year ago

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  • Time Warp 18 votes
  • Mata Hari 30 votes
  • Blackout 61 votes
  • Tri-Zone 14 votes
  • Swords of Fury 57 votes
  • Space Station 39 votes
  • Fathom 34 votes
  • Pinbot 87 votes
  • Eight Ball Deluxe 88 votes
  • Strikes and Spares 30 votes
  • Kiss (Bally) 27 votes
  • Supersonic 27 votes
  • Grand Lizard 52 votes

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#29 1 year ago

Ugh I need like four of these! Byebye $$$

#36 1 year ago
Quoted from Skypilot:

This product has changed my wish list also.

Same. Plus I have many machines I bought dirt cheap (2x Comet, Flash Gordon, Future Spa, etc), just to save them from the scrap heap, and suddenly thanks to hardtops and freeplay40's awesome ramps they will get restored.

3 weeks later
#99 1 year ago
Quoted from La4s:

They are catered to two different markets, IMO. CPR is $600-700 + a complete playfield swap. Hardtop is $350 without a complete swap. So, i guess it comes down to time and money for each person.

Plus other things, such as customer service. So far I have found Outside Edge very friendly, responsive, and helpful, and that goes a long way.

1 week later
#138 1 year ago
Quoted from 64bsstp:

To clarify: you don't have to remove all the graphics. Basically, the playfield must be smooth and the inserts must be blank.
You do have to remove all the posts, hardware and rails on the top of the playfield so you can apply the Hardtop. In my case I remove the screws from some of the mechs (slings) and switch assemblies to drop them under the playfield to make it easier to sand.

I believe you also need to remove stuff like mylar, glue, etc. I think I’m going to just sand mine then clearcoat and block sand as I would any restore.

#142 1 year ago
Quoted from brenna98:

Take a closer look at any original playfield. The black keylines are never perfectly center. If you add black to fill in the bare wood spots, your keylines will be inconsistent thickness.

Maybe if you were to paint a red (ie the insert color) ring around the insert it may have blended a bit better than the bare wood showing and not affect the keyline width.

#153 1 year ago

Has anyone found a router bit with a small enough guide to work? I'd much rather use a router if possible.

3 weeks later
#176 1 year ago
Quoted from scupbucket:

Another happy customer... great product and it saved my FP!
Quick question for the Outside Edge guys... Any possibility there would be an option to order these without the adhesive? Looking forward to High Speed... [quoted image][quoted image]

That’s pretty shocking to see side by side, looks great

2 months later
#239 12 months ago
Quoted from Skypilot:

Chicago Expo 2018[quoted image]
[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

Mmmmmm.... Flash Gordon. Tasty...

#257 11 months ago
Quoted from porkcarrot:

Any word on when we can order Flash Gordon?

Every night in my dreams...

#286 11 months ago

Last time I got teased this bad I brought a stack of $1's

1 month later
#396 10 months ago

Is it ok to leave my hardtop sitting in the box for 6 months or so?

I was wondering if the adhesive had a shelf life I should be aware of. Sorry if this was already answered!

1 month later
#471 9 months ago
Quoted from MrSanRamon:

In the email I was sent, this was the response: "...the costs associated are usually wayyyy higher than an average person realizes."
I just asked if it was possible, not if he thought I couldn't afford it.
I'm rethemeing a game, and have generated artwork for that game as every "rethemer" would do. Our choice now is pretty much to either hand paint a sanded off playfield or make a sticker/decal to put down as an overlay.
It would be so much easier for us, and probably longer lasting, to send in our artwork to have it printed on an already available/designed/made hardtop plastic piece.
It would take maybe 15 minutes to import a file (to a specific format) and register it properly for printing. Even at $200/hr overhead, that only adds $50 to the cost of the product.
From all of the posts about decal/sticker failure after installing and from my own experience of the process to get one of these overlays down onto a playfield without stretching or wrinkling the thing, one should see nothing but positives with having a semi-custom hardtops available.
I'm not dissing the effort to needed make these current Hardtops. I think that the people that are making these Hardtops are doing a great thing and saving some games from the being parted out and/or to make some marginal looking games beautiful again.
I just think that perhaps the next step would be to maybe offer some semi-custom work on an existing product.

I personally don’t care about any of this and prefer they focus on making hardtops that save existing games from the dumpster.

1 month later
#583 8 months ago
Quoted from ChrisPINk25:

Stupid newb question, what does EBD mean?

Eight Ball Deluxe!

5 months later
#863 3 months ago
Quoted from creepykenny:

ugh, hardtops shut down until further notice, not good for me since i was about to place my first order with them on monday, just damn
on another note, does anybody have a firepower hardtop they can part with?

Any news on this? I needed three of them. Just thankful I got a Flash Gordon when I had the chance!

1 week later
#876 87 days ago
Quoted from Outsidedge:

Hi All! I am finally getting a chance to log on and clarify what we communicated on our site. We are actually shooting to be shipping product again by October. Earlier IS possible... but only if we are ready. Our end goal was to be down for 90 days tops. We just cannot make the changes we are making and also keep filling orders. Impossible.
1. Hardtops are NOT going away.
2. Yes, more titles... no, we will not comment on next titles due to the nature of how we are able to work on them. We made that mistake developing High Speed by announcing... then got daily barrages of emails asking "How long".
3. There IS a list somewhere on
here that I posted some time ago, and that list is still accurate as far as titles.
I will post updates sometime in the next 6 weeks here.
Thank you all for your interest in our product... we are thrilled to play a part in bringing games back to life.
It is our goal to figure out how to turn new titles faster, but that is a complicated thing when mixed into a commercial shop that needs to keep the lights on first and foremost with "wheelhouse" work. We are changing things that may yield results though!
As always, I will apologize for either no response or slow response to the many emails as: "Are you going to do XYZ title"... or "when will you be back... when will this title be ready". We just get so many... It's tough to field them all. We will do our best.
Remember this one though (to maybe reduce emails a little): We RARELY get permission for 3rd party titles like Star Trek, Indiana Jones.. or any other IP containing stars/singers/movies/characters. We have only gotten a few so far.
Again... Thank you...Thank you. Grill out, go swimming... we will be back!

I hear all my project machines cheering in the storage unit! Great news and appreciate the post.

1 month later
#895 54 days ago
Quoted from dnaman:

This is interesting to hear that they would go to the trouble of having a both to show their wares when it sounds like there is already a high demand while 'being overwhelmed' for the product while running this as a side business. They haven't been able or willing to communicate with this interested audience, any of their work in progress type updates etc... Who else, which audience would they be trying to target at a show? That doesn't make sense to me. Let's just get back online and rolling out new titles. The orders are waiting.

Lol... that’s a good point. I have no problems with the way they’re doing things, but it sounds like somebody just wants to go to the show. No big deal. I do wish they at least had a mailing list or something though.

It’s a shame that licensing and copyright destroys competition that would otherwise satisfy the demand that turns us all into weirdos because we want a sacred $400 piece of plastic.

2 weeks later
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