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#257 4 months ago

Finally found a nice copy that has not bee trashed and thrashed and is complete

IMG_20190626_164459 (resized).jpg
1 week later
#264 4 months ago

I ordered orange superbands for mine I feel that there is enough blue in the plastics .... will be doing so other mods as well

#267 4 months ago
Quoted from Clnilsen:

Awesome! What other mods re you doing? Post pics when you get them done!

Always felt that the topper, image of the dragon, was a little lack luster .... could definitely be improved ... that mod is happening as we speak ...

I have stripped the playfield and removed the mylar and have finished the first round of clear ... waiting a few days and then will sand, touch up, add insert decals that I am making and clear again.

Will add pin-blades, and LED flipper and start buttons (my own design) and most likely put some figurines tastefully around the playfield.

2019-07-01 11.54.53 (resized).jpg2019-06-30 19.51.31 (resized).jpg2019-06-30 20.08.47 (resized).jpg2019-07-08 13.47.47 (resized).jpg2019-07-08 13.47.50 (resized).jpg2019-07-03 13.34.51 (resized).jpg
#268 4 months ago

I need a couple pictures of that upper flipper from some owners ... mine is hacked and I have only seen one other that had a good angle ... looked like a star post and a 1 inch rubber to the gate post but I am not sure that was right ... I have a new plastic set and I am sure that plastic is the only thing that goes there just not broken in the picture ... Show me what you got

2019-06-30 20.08.47 (resized).jpg
#269 4 months ago
Quoted from Clnilsen:

So here is my Saturday afternoon project. My front cabinet has been chipped since I got it, and I never was a fan to begin with of the flat black look (especially next to my Doctor Who) so now it has some front cabinet graphics of its own!

[quoted image][quoted image]

If you don't mind sharing this file for the front bricks I would put the Banner at the bottom and make a dragon under the start button and share it back to you! I want to keep it somewhat original but dang I just can't get over the all black front. I like yours better for sure. Nice work

#271 4 months ago


ummm looking for some art work and I came across this .... anyone know anything about this?

Scroll down and see all the images

#277 3 months ago
Quoted from CullenT:

Removed the mylar that was bubbling all over. Started with Goo Gone but that was very inefficient. It also pulled up a lot of the insert paint even going as slow and cautiously as possible. Using the freezing method was an absolute breeze. Night and day difference! Left the ink on the inserts intact but they will be sacrificed as I try to get all this glue up I'm sure. Playfield paint itself unscathed.
Will be looking for decals or some other solution for the inserts.
Goo gone never seems to work for me very well.


This is a video I made ... I have many years of experience removing graphics.

Thanks you for the pictures, that helps but also shows me there are more than a few solutions people have created ... I am not sure yours is original but I think that is the right idea with just a plastic guide.

I have a new complete set of plastics and I will look to see if there is something that fits in that location.

I am getting ready to clearcoat my playfield and do touch-ups ... my water-slide decal paper just came today so I will make my inserts and print them soon ... I will gladly share the file when done.... .I never got a reply from the guy that is supposed to have them ....meh

#278 3 months ago

On Page 3 of the parts manual number 18 shows the part number for the legs ... what I understood from reading posts and watching videos is that the legs were different in the rear than the front ... much longer .... .... but looking at the part manual it show only one part number for all 4 legs .... so why couldn't you just go with a standard painted Bally leg and have a 3 inch shorter machine ...??

Leg size (resized).PNG
#279 3 months ago

Mine are 31 in the rear and 28.5 in the front .... the rear feet are all the way out as tall as they would go and the front feet are screwed in as short as they would go .... my playfield angle was only 5.8 degrees if I remember correctly ... and I must say that play felt a bit slower than say my ToM or BoP

Anyone know the angle that is suggested for that game ... i can't seem to find it in the manual

#283 3 months ago
Quoted from Tallon:

Didn’t I sell you yours? Ok since no one seems to be jumping in and helping out and since I’m working on another one (that’s 7 I believe) I’ll answer all I can.
Let’s start with the legs. The back legs are suppose to be 34.5” long. That’s why you game is slow and floaty. You can either have a set welded up or try and see if someone has a set. I looked for about 3 months before I gave up and just had a set made.
The post by the upper flipper has been the skinny clear post on all 7 of the games I have done. My guess is someone changed it to a star post to stop the ball from getting stuck at the top of the flipper
To be continued.......

Yes Talon thank you, I can see the back legs are listed at 34.5" from Marco and the part number matches what is in the Official Bally Parts Manual ... so I guess I should rephrase my question a little .... Why does the manual show "(4 REQ'D.)" and only one part number? ..see previous photo.. All legs are the same according to Bally.
If they are not all the same and we know what the rear are then what are the front supposed to be ?? Sorry I do not want to sound like a butthead and I do appreciate your and everyone's help (that is why I am here; for the things I have not figured out or read for myself) I just like to have proof and then I do not have to wonder if some operator changed the front legs to make the game faster so he could make more money on route.

Those picture of the plastic was also what I came up with in my plastics set .... so after seeing your results I will most likely make mine from metal or maybe do something else there.

thanks for the reply.

#284 3 months ago

Insert decals done ... my wife helped on this one fellas ... I have them ready to apply just waiting for my first coats of clear to dry out nice on the playfield ... give it a smoothing and then to insert decals and final touch-up couple days after will be final clear.


IMG_20190723_115117 (resized).jpgIMG_20190723_115148 (resized).jpg
1 week later
#289 3 months ago

Was able to work on this a little today and thanks to Clnilsen and a little Photoshop work I added some images to his brick pattern ... after installing it and setting the coin door Trim in place (Still need to paint that and the door) it looks like my cabinet has a bit more color to it than what he was working with ... all good I am very happy with it not being black ... for now I am going to touch up my cabinet and enjoy it for a while ... maybe next spring when I am not so busy I will order a set of graphics and freshen up the outside.

If someone wants this pattern please PM Clnilsen as it is his original work on the bricks. I am fine with sharing my part of the project.

IMG_20190731_183257 (resized).jpgIMG_20190731_205459 (resized).jpgIMG_20190731_235418 (resized).jpgIMG_20190731_235501 (resized).jpg
1 week later
#292 3 months ago

I am working on my 3rd version of the insert decals ... I will have them done in a few days .... Where the insert lettering on the left was white it will now be yellow slightly orange ... mostly because my printer will not print white (most printers don't) and black does not show up at all when not lit. I played with the size and format a little more (my wife is wonderful but she does not have the passion that I do to get it just right) so that first link for the file will still be the correct one but I will update that file when I am finished.
Other than that family things going on Camping, Weddings, Reunions, and such no progress to show for now ...

4 weeks later
#304 62 days ago
Quoted from jlbintn:

If I missed this earlier, my apologies. Are you making water slide decals?

Yes I am working on them and I have finished them, the problem I am having is the water slide paper itself is not staying on like the glue is not holding it in place so that is issue one ... second issue is that the blue and red inserts on the left are supposed to be white and since a inkjet printer does not print white I am working on silk screening those. I have a friend that has a plotter and we are trying to make them now. The letters are small so it is difficult to make them for sure ... I also had to run the page through the printer 3 times to get enough ink on the transfer decal sheet so when you shine a light through the insert you can see the letters .... first attempts were too light and the letters looked "see through" ... I will check tonight and see if I have the correct "latest version" of the insert decals on my dropbox and I will post another link.

#306 57 days ago

Sorry got a little side tracked trying to buy a new camper ..... anyway here is the link to the latest Insert file and other related items .... use as you need


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