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Official California For Sale Club (and Wanted too)

By jwwhite15

5 years ago

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#703 4 years ago

I'm looking for a dead, unrestorable late 80's William pinball machine for a P-roc project. I'm in Southern California. Ideally, it would be a system 7 to system 11 pinball. It doesnt have to have the boards in it, just a relatively intact play field and cabinet.

Just to clarify, I'm not looking for a free machine, I'm willing to pay $200 or possibly a little more.

4 months later
#1391 4 years ago
Quoted from o-din:

It sure is! It's also a great way to circumvent having to list a pinball machine in the marketplace.

Educate this newbie... Why would I not want to list a machine in the marketplace?

1 month later
#1589 4 years ago

I am selling my Williams Flash in Tehachapi, California.

This would be a good machine for someone that wants to try their hand at cabinet and playfield restoration, as the machine is very complete, and mechanically in good condition.

Im asking $800 obo for it.



4 weeks later
#1687 4 years ago

Man, I thought you would have sold that by now. I wish I could get the cash out of my Flash, I would love to have a HS.

1 week later
#1708 4 years ago

That is one clean looking Taxi. GLWTS

1 week later
#1764 4 years ago

It looks like I have finally found a home for my Flash. Hopefully it will get moved out in the next few weeks.

I'm looking for a High Speed or Pinbot for around $1000. I know there are one of each on Craigslist, but I think each may be a bit overpriced.

#1802 4 years ago

Digging through my stash of pinball parts today, I came across a back glass for a space invaders. (The rear glass with the graphics) I'll post pictures if anyone is interested in buying it.

#1804 4 years ago
Quoted from Pinbali:

I hate you... I would have bought it, I just picked up my kid from Woodward yesterday. Ugh

Bummer. I find that when it comes to pinball, Murphy's law is in full effect.

#1814 4 years ago
Quoted from dsuperbee:

Hoping to find a Tommy, hopefully in N. Ca. Only requirement is that the blinders are there and functional.

I know there had been one for sale on the LA Craigslist for quite some time. I don't know it's condition though.

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1 week later
#2143 4 years ago

With regards to your U20 issue. I fought a similar electrical issue in a friend of mine's Judge Dred a few months ago. You can read about it here: https://pinside.com/pinball/forum/topic/tech-jd-keeps-eating-uln2803s

We ended up replacing U14, and so far it has held up 3 months later.

3 months later
#2618 3 years ago

I am looking to trade my Popeye. This is a very family friendly machine, that has a very deep rule set to keep the adults interested. It is pretty clean, and works well. I would prefer another Williams WPC era machine. I would love to get a High Speed 2 or No Good Gophers.
It's located in Tehachapi, CA..


#2660 3 years ago

Ive had a few inquiries about my Popeye, most wanting to buy it outright. So I am posting a price of $2,100 for it.


2 weeks later
#2730 3 years ago

I've dropped the price on my Popeye to $2,000. I still would like to trade it if I could.

1 week later
#2881 3 years ago

I've dropped the price on my Popeye to $1900. I'd like to sell it to a pinsider rather than put it on Craigslist.

#2902 3 years ago

Any one interested in a project Space Shuttle?
All the parts are there, and the plastics look to be in good shape (however some are warped). I tried to clean up the playfield, but it is planking too much to be cleaned. The cabinet head needs repainting also. One the plus side, it works and plays well. However, a remote backup battery needs to be installed. I am hoping to get $600 for it.









#2910 3 years ago
Quoted from swanng:

Agreed. I think the most I ever paid was for Medieval Madness (or maybe it was Tales of the Arabian Nights): if I recall, they were both $2200.00. The ToTAN was a private sale from a collector in Salinas, and I got the MM from Betson off route. Purchased both around 2005-2006.
I don't think we'll ever see prices like that again.

Yeah, they are not making any more of those machines. Unless the economy takes a huge dive, we may never see prices like that again.

#2963 3 years ago

Popeye and Space Shuttle both were sold today. Thanks Wil...

#2987 3 years ago

I am going to try to buy this year at pagg. I'm looking for a player quality WPC game like HS2, FT, or WCS94.

So how hard is it to find deals at PAGG? I've never been to a show before.

#3016 3 years ago
Quoted from Cheddar:

But please, if you buy leave the machine on the floor until the end of the show. Nothing is worse than machines leaving friday and leaving holes on the floor.

I can see how that would be a problem. I hope to be able to stay until at least noon on Sunday.

#3047 3 years ago
Quoted from rvdv:

Selling for a Friend:
Time warp, good cabinet, nice playfield, nice backglass
game was taken apart for restoration project that got stalled
all pieces are there
don't know condition of boards since game was disassembled
name your price ? money will be donated to good cause
pick up or can ship


Where is the game located?

1 week later
#3126 3 years ago

Man, that looks nice. GLWS....

#3137 3 years ago

I've often wondered why the color red is always the first color to fade out on Williams machines?

#3142 3 years ago

Man, you guys are making it hard to wait for PAGG before I pick up my next machine.

#3154 3 years ago
Quoted from iwantansi:

Damn.. that makes 3 TSPP for sale in California

It seems like TSPP and Judge Dredd are coming out of the woodwork right now. I am in the market for a TSPP, but the prices are north of what I want to pay for one.

#3173 3 years ago

Well it didn't take too long to find a TSPP in my price range. Thanks doomid...


#3200 3 years ago
Quoted from doomid:

Always said this would be one of the last to go but Ghostbusters has forced me to put it up. BOP 2.0 by dutch pinball. Took about a year to show up, game is amazing. This is the upgraded kit with color display and upgraded speakers and sub. Works as it ahould problem free. Game itself is full LED includong flashers. Playfield mylar removed befpre i got it, has ballmarks in middle but very uniform. Touchups done around inserts. Cab very nice, no fade and original. Head has some scrapes but nothing significant.
Not sure what to ask...thinking $4800.
I have some gameplay videos i can txt or email. Will ad detailed game pics later today like cabi and pf

I got to play this machine last weekend, and it was pretty nice. Buy with confidence.

1 month later
#3598 3 years ago

Ah cr@p, it looks like the craigslist spammer is back. My inbox got filled with notices of bogus pinball ads again today.

#3608 3 years ago
Quoted from Ericpinballfan:

Mrart2u- see you there at PAGG. Look forward to meeting everyone, most for the first time.
I have a very fun Big Guns I'm bringing up for sale. Great system 11, highly underrated.
Fairly cheap compared to many titles these days. Come play it and see if your Invincible!

Dammit, I'm out of room for any new pins. Just to make sure I'm not tempted, I'm driving a small car to PAGG.

#3647 3 years ago

I'm still looking for a transite for Pinbot. My is faded all to hell.

#3698 3 years ago

That ad looks like it was placed for the Wife's sake. "Gee Honey, I don't know why it's not selling..." Because at that price it will never sell.

1 week later
#3805 3 years ago

You know, I don't think I would provoke this group with an offer like that.

#3859 3 years ago

I got to play a Centaur at PAGG this year for the first time. That is a great artwork/gameplay package. I'd have to say at least $2k.

1 week later
#3981 3 years ago
Quoted from seenev:

Anyone know of a TZ in good shape for a reasonable price in so cal? I've responded to a few ads but have received no responses.

Check EBay. Some one in SoCal had one listed right now that is HUO.

1 month later
#4237 3 years ago

I'm thinking about putting my HUO TSPP up for trade. Here is what I am thinking...

My game is worth about $4,200. It's in pretty good shape. I bought it from Doomid about 6 months ago.

I'd trade it for:
STTNG, in good condition straight across
FH +$200, in good condition
NGG +$700, in good condition
FT + $1500, unfaded, in good condition

These are just starting points....

2 weeks later
#4280 3 years ago

Well at my place, the Simpsons Party Pinball has gone to a new home, and STTNG is now in the house!


#4303 3 years ago
Quoted from swanng:

Just listed my Twilight Zone for sale with a few extra parts in the Marketplace. First $6,000.00 takes it.

Man... Once again, one of my grail pins comes up at a decent price, and I am in no position to buy...

Oh well, I guess I will go play STTNG..

2 months later
#4678 3 years ago

Woo Hoo! My space issues are over! Today, I closed on a house that included a 1600 sf shop! Too bad now I don't have any money..

2 months later
#4919 2 years ago

Well happy New Years from the snowy mountains of SoCal! I hope everybody is doing well.
Well 2017 has found me with the classic pinball problem: I finally have a shop with enough room to hold more machines, but I can't afford any more machines. I hope someday California pinball prices come back to reality. In the mean time, I will keep working on my beaters, and I hope that by the end of the year, I have to most expensive SF2 pinball in history.

So here is the new shop for those who are interested!

#4930 2 years ago
Quoted from jbovenzi:

Very nice shop Uncivil! Hope you are having good luck with STTNG!

Star Trek is one of the machines under the sheets. I've had a lot of fun with that one.

#4933 2 years ago
Quoted from Aurich:

Nice space! Here's the thing, you can always save money for a pin. They're not cheap, but they're attainable with some patience if you don't have the cash right now. You can't do the same thing with space. I've got a garage for my toys, and that's it. It's not getting bigger, I can't save up for a bit and just get more real estate for a few grand.

You have a good point. At least I now have the space. Now If I could just find a rotted out Funhouse....

3 weeks later
#5048 2 years ago

I managed to get over to AYCE GOGI today after a meeting. Shane was there, and was a gracious host. I had a lot of fun playing both BM66 and GB. He also has a brand new Domino's Pizza machine. If you haven't had a chance to go down there, it is a great place to play.

1 week later
#5069 2 years ago

Anyone in SoCal have a Rottendog MPU327 they want to sell? I'd like to put one in my Black Knight.

#5073 2 years ago
Quoted from doomid:

TWD Pro anyone interested?

I thought you had a premium? Or is this not the machine in the restaurant?

3 weeks later
#5157 2 years ago

So I am thinking of trading out my STTNG. It is in pretty good shape, fully LED'd out, and still has the stock display. If I had to put a value on it, I would think about $4,800. What I might be interested in would be NNG +some cash, a Funhouse +some cash, or a Simpsons Pinball Party +some cash (or straigh across for a nice one).

The ironic part is that I traded a very nice Simpsons Pinball Party for this machine. I now regret that decision. I like STTNG, but I have played it enough that it is no longer one of my grail pins like I thought it was.

1 week later
#5162 2 years ago

Ive put the STNNG I have for trade or sale up in the marketplace...

Archived after 16 days
Sold (amount private)
Contributed to Pinside
Machine - For Trade
Used - shows wear but 100% working and clean “Up for Sale or Trade: Williams Star Trek: The Next Generation The Good: Playfield in pretty good shape, only some bubbling under the mylar in front of the mission hole. The plas...”
Tehachapi, CA

1 week later
#5214 2 years ago

It looks like the next Captian's Auction in SoCal will be interesting. There are lots of pins listed.

#5228 2 years ago

Is that your flipper football I see listed at Captains?

About the only deals I see go thought there are on pool tables and jukeboxes. They sell late in the action, and for cheap. I just wish I had a way to move a pool table from the auction house to my shop...

#5249 2 years ago
Quoted from jwwhite15:

Not the plan but something has come up and I need to move 1 if not 2 Pins. I thought I would let the locals know first. Nascar 100% working, clean with powder coated apron and habitrails 2500, RBION just torn down and shopped with cliffs and LEDs 3500, Popeye works 100% with great colors 2300, or a RCT that plays great but needs shopped 2700. I can send pics if you are interested. Thanx in advance.

Bummer dude... I can attest, that is a nice Popeye.

#5263 2 years ago

Hey all, I hope one of you California based pinball parts horders can help me out here.... I want to convert my Alien Poker P-roc project from a single ball game to a mulit-ball game. To that end, I needs some parts....

I am looking for a complete ball trough setup from an early williams SS game. Something from out of a Williams system 3-11 that works on 34 volts. I need the entire trough, all the trough switches, both the outhole coil & eject coil, and the shooter lane switch. The ideal donor would come out of a Black Knight or Space Shuttle.

3 weeks later
#5397 2 years ago

My Black Knight is for sale in the market place.... This machine is signed up for PAGG, and you can take delivery there if you like...

Archived after 30 days
Sold for $ 1,500
Contributed to Pinside
Machine - For Sale
Black Knight Archived
Used - shows wear but 100% working and clean “For Sale: Black Knight... Ive done a lot of work on this one. Bulletproofed system 6 board with remote battery holder, new interconnect, and the lighting transistors swapped out f...”
Tehachapi, CA
1,500 (OBO)

1 week later
#5428 2 years ago
Quoted from SpamMusubi310:

Hi Guys,
Anyone going to PAGG this year?
I'm gauging interest for my HUO Star Trek Premium. If there is strong interest and if EricPinBallFan has enough room in his trailer, I might have it up at PAGG.
Check my profile for pictures!

I will be at PAGG this year with my BK and my NGG.

There is a for sale thread for PAGG you may want to try posting the machine on to gauge the interest:


2 months later
#5628 2 years ago

My sister has a nice Surfer, and she has sent it down to me in Tehachapi to clean it up and get it ready to sell. She lives in the South San Fransisco area, and I will be bringing the game back to her in about a month. Is there anyone in the Bay area that might be interested in buying the game? We are thinking of asking $1000.

It has 41k plays on the meter, and is very clean inside. The cabinet has a few dings in it, and I would rate it a 7, and the playfield is pretty clean except for two wear spots. I would give it a 7. The back glass is perfect (a 9), and mechanically it is in pretty good shape (an 8.5). So the machine I would rate at a solid 7 out of 10.

If you are interested, PM me and I will get you some pictures as I shop out the game.

#5652 2 years ago
Quoted from Ericpinballfan:

Confirmed.."Dialed-IN" at Lynbrook Bowling alley in Anaheim is a blast.

Lucky guys... Since our local nickle arcade shut down in Bakersfield, it has become a pinball desert....

1 week later
#5696 2 years ago

I want to raise some funds for a new (to me) machine. So I am thinking of letting my nice NGG go. Any interest? It was the NGG that was at PAGG this year, and yes, I did fix the broken ramp lift.

1 week later
#5724 2 years ago

It's official, I now have my sister's Surfer for sale. It will be in the bay area next weekend.

Archived after 42 days
Not sold: Decided to keep game
Machine - For Sale
Surfer Archived
Used - shows wear but 100% working and clean “Up for Sale: A pretty clean Gottlieb Surfer Mechanically, this machine works pretty well. It appears to only have about 40,000 plays on it, and inside is pretty clean. The backg...”
Brisbane, CA


#5729 2 years ago
Quoted from Ericpinballfan:

Second pin trying to get rid of.
Jokerz med project but all there and powers up. Comes with tons of stuff, manual, some new plastics , couple sets of used plastics, extra center lift ramp. New decal and upper deck. Giant box of stuff.
Pm me with phone number for more details. Currently folded up in garage. Will open and get pics by weekend.
Cabinet and playfield players condition. But all in all great system 11 for the price.
$1200 firm, firm.

Having purchased a project pin from Eric before, let me tell, when he says "giant box of stuff", he means a GIANT BOX OF STUFF. He won't let you leave until you have just about everything you need to get the game up and running. Buy with confidence...

2 weeks later
#5799 2 years ago

Selling my Hurricane. Lots of new parts in this one.

Archived after 40 days
Sold elsewhere
Machine - For Sale
Hurricane Archived
Fully shopped/refurbished “Up for Sale, a pretty nice Hurricane. The Good: New Comet ramp Hurricane ramp is in good shape new topper LEDs in the matrix lights and GI Freshly shopped out fully functional Th...”
Tehachapi, CA
1,850 (Firm)

1 week later
#5868 2 years ago

Does anyone have an empty system 9 cabinet they would be willing to sell? I picked up a termite eaten Sorcerer this weekend, and it needs a new cabinet.

1 week later
#5897 2 years ago

I am going to be letting my Alien Poker go. It plays great.

Cabinet: 6 out of 10, mainly due to planking paint
Playfield: 6.5 out of 10, some minor wear, and planking. It's better than most original playfields I have seen.
Mechanically: 8 out of 10, sometimes the drop targets don't score, but the boards have been built-proofed.
Back Glass: 8 out of 10, some chipping around the displays

Price is $750. Located near Tehachapi, California.

1 month later
#5975 2 years ago

I'm looking for a working Stern cpu/sound board 520-5300-00 for my LOTR. PM me if you have one for sale.

1 month later
#6048 2 years ago

I am still hoping to find a cabinet for my Sorcerer...

Archived after 42 days
Unknown reason:
Parts - Wanted
Wanted! “I have a Sorcerer that is in need of a cabinet (the old one had termites in it). So I am looking for a standard sized Williams cabinet from the mid 1980s. This more or less cover...”
Tehachapi, CA

#6068 2 years ago

I had to visit the State Architects office in down town LA today, so I got a chance to stop by Ayce Gogi at lunch time, and check out the new lineup. He as both the new Guardians of the Galaxy and TNA available for play. I only played one game of Guardians, as it feels alot like most of the new stern games. I did almost put $5 into TNA. That thing is fast, and a tough play. I was only able to destroy one reactor in all my games. Given the music and the vibe of the game, it feels like the grandson of Pinbot.

Man I wish I could get down there more often.

#6073 2 years ago
Quoted from doomid:

I saw your mugshot on Dialed In..

I guess putting UncivilEngineer in the name spot was a giveaway.

2 months later
#6404 1 year ago

Well I finished one project... So now its time to finance or find my next one!

Archived after 14 days
Sold (amount private)
Contributed to Pinside
Machine - For Trade
Fully restored (full original status) “Up for sale or Trade, a restored Gottlieb Street Fighter 2. I have been working on this game for about 2 years, and you can see the transformation I performed here: https://pinsi...”
Tehachapi, CA

#6421 1 year ago

Anyone interested in a Demolition Man? It works well. Playfield is in decent shape, but the cabinet is kinda rough. I was thinking of asking $2,500 for it.

#6440 1 year ago

DM has hit the marketplace.... I can deliver to Expo, as I will be there Saturday.

Archived after 11 days
Sold (amount private)
Contributed to Pinside
Machine - For Sale
Fully shopped/refurbished “Up for Sale Demolition Man The good: Playfield is in good shape recent shop job new playfield glass alternate transite LEDs installed The Bad worn handle grips cabinet is a bit r...”
Tehachapi, CA

#6469 1 year ago

So I think I have finally lined up enough funds to go looking for one of my grail machines. So here is my official 'I want it!' ad...

I am looking for a restoration candidate Funhouse.

If you look at my posting history, you will find that I completely re-did a SF2 over the last two years, and I am hoping to do the same with a Funhouse.

So what do I mean by a restoration candidate?

1. The playfield must be complete (including Rudy)
2. Ideally, the game is still assembled. However, I would consider a game in pieces as long as the playfield is still assembled.
3. The cabinet can be faded, scratched, and gouged. I just don't want anything with delaminating plywood, or water damage.
4. The backglass/translite can be faded, or even completely missing.
5. The playfield...This is where things get tricky. I know there are reproduction playfields out there, and they do occasionally come up for sale. That said, I absolutely would love to buy (and am willing to pay more for) a restoration machine that would include an uninstalled reproduction playfield. However, as long a the playfield is restoreable (minor wear marks, no prior touchups) I will consider it. Rudy must be complete.
6. Boards/electronics.. It does not need to work. I can be missing boards, but no missing/hacked wiring harnesses please.
7. Price: Obviously I am not going to pay you the same as you would get for a nice fully functional Funhouse. I am willing to pay $3,000-$3,500 (cash on the glass) for a complete game.
8. I am not interested in shipping a game from out of state. Ive had bad experience with shippers, and am more than willing to travel as far south as San Diego, and as far north as the Bay area.

1 month later
#6606 1 year ago

I have listed my LOTR for trade/sale. I need to raise some cash to pay for some other projects, so I am looking to trade this one down. I am also willing to sell it outright.

Archived after 9 days
Sold (amount private)
Contributed to Pinside
Machine - For Sale
Fully shopped/refurbished “I have a pretty nice LOTR for trade/sale. Overall nice cabinet, only a few minor scratches Playfield shows no wear all the plastics are intact Pinsound board installed and working...”
Tehachapi, CA
5,300 (OBO)

1 month later
#6877 1 year ago

I picked up a Rowe CD100B jukebox I am looking for some parts for. Does anyone is Socal have a working CDM3 CD player they might be willing to sell? I think the servo is toast in mine. I will be in the LA area on Saturday, and am hoping to come pick one up.

2 weeks later
#6930 1 year ago

I sent a PM regarding the HS plastics.

Quoted from ctl723:

Cleaning house this weekend. I can post pics, but I'd rather you inspect/buy in person. Located in Santa Clara, 95050.
1. Nip It - $800
* Project game. "It was totally working before I took it apart". Tore down the top side to touch up playfield that had some paint loss + planking. Never got around to putting it back together. Parts should all be present (can definitely confirm that all the hard to find bits are like the artwork + balligator mech). I have an extra (good but not great) playfield I picked up at some point that I'll include with the game. Backglass is fantastic and perfect, enough so that I thought about just keeping the glass as art and tossing the game but I'd hate to do that to a "working" game.
2. Xenon Playfield (CPR Gold) - $800
* From the original run. Registration + clearcoat are great. Some slight warping from storage.
3. Medusa Playfield (CPR Gold) - $800
* From the recent (only?) run. Looks great. No issues.
4. Addams Family Playfield - $1000
* This was from IPB. Bought a game that already had a new field installed, so don't need it. Really nice.
5. Centaur Backglass - $200
* Original glass. No flaking, no peeling, all the paint is there, but there is some bubbling visible at certain angles.
6. High Speed Plastics - $150
* Brand new set from CPR, never used. Totally thought I was going to buy a High Speed someday, but never did.
I'm open to reasonable offers on all items.

2 months later
#7122 1 year ago

I am going to mix up my lineup some, so I am selling my Taxi: $2,200.

#7125 1 year ago
Quoted from jahbarron:

specialk-33 is looking for a Taxi a few posts up

I hit him up, and he passed on my Taxi. He he got a better offer.

#7128 1 year ago

My Taxi is now on the markeplace...
See it here:

Archived after 29 days
Sold elsewhere
Machine - For Sale
Taxi Archived
Fully shopped/refurbished “I need to make room in my shop, so I am selling either this Taxi, or my WW. The playfield on this Taxi is above average, as the area around the pop bumpers is not torn up. Howeve...”
Tehachapi, CA
1,800 (Firm)

1 week later
#7150 1 year ago
Quoted from WhiskeyPinball:

Hi Gents,
I am looking for some early SS titles - projects (am based out of Concord - East Bay Area).
Show me what you got / want to get rid of.

I talked to acitti today, and he has some projects machines I know he will be needing to move out soon.

#7151 1 year ago

On a related note, I am wiling to entertain offers on my Taxi I have for sale.

#7159 1 year ago

I need to make some room in my shop, so I decided to sell my Taxi. However, I may also be willing to part with my Whirlwind if there is interest.

Mechanically the machine is in good condition. I picked this up as a project last year, and managed to get it going. It got a ton of play at the Golden State Pinball Festival this last year, and help up well. The playfield is original, but is still in good shape. It does have some broken plastics, particularly around the drop targets, and the slings.

The worst part of the machine is the cabinet. It looks like it sat on someone's porch for a while. The head is delaminating in one spot. I believe the head on this late System 11 is the same as the heads on early WPC machines, so cosmokramer should be able to make a replacement at a reasonable price.

The price would be $2,400 firm for the machine. I will try to get some pictures and and an add up this evening.

#7166 1 year ago

My WW is up in the marketplace.

Archived after 12 days
Not sold: Decided to keep game
Machine - For Sale
Whirlwind Archived
Used - shows wear but 100% working and clean “I need to make some room in my shop, so I decided to sell either my Taxi or my Whirlwind. Mechanically the machine is in good condition. I picked this up as a project last year, a...”
Tehachapi, CA
2,300 (Firm)

#7167 1 year ago

Ive lowered the price on my Taxi... I could even deliver to SoCal for the right price.

#7183 1 year ago

I’ve pretty much made my last price reduction on Taxi. If no one wants it st this price, I may put it in storage till next spring.

Archived after 29 days
Sold elsewhere
Machine - For Sale
Taxi Archived
Fully shopped/refurbished “I need to make room in my shop, so I am selling either this Taxi, or my WW. The playfield on this Taxi is above average, as the area around the pop bumpers is not torn up. Howeve...”
Tehachapi, CA
1,800 (Firm)

2 months later
#7322 1 year ago
Quoted from swanng:

I have a Gottlieb Haunted House complete project machine that needs a new home. The cabinet is in better shape cosmetic-wise than most, and the playfields have the typical wear. All the boards are included and some ground modifications were made to the CPU and driver boards, and some transistors were replaced on the pop bumper driver boards. The capacitors for the rectified DC in the bottom of the cabinet were replaced. The backglass is in very good shape and is included. I will have some photos available this evening on Photobucket. Local pickup ONLY.
Price is $750.00 firm.
PM with any questions.


1 month later
#7496 10 months ago

I have a HS I am going to part with. It’s about average condition with the usual Mylar on the playfield. I was waiting for the hardtop to come out, but now I’ve got other priorities. It does have a new red main ramp installed, and the traffic light has been relocated. The cabinet is in above average condition, but the front was drilled for a lock bar. The back glass does have a some wear spots around the displays that someone has tried to repaint. Mechanicaly it’s in good shape. The only issue is the GI has been wired to be permenantly on. SOLD...

#7499 10 months ago

HS is sold. Thanks guys.

3 weeks later
#7604 9 months ago

I’d like to buy a Project Black Hole. I’m only looking to spend around $1500 for a complete machine (the domestic version), or possibly more if a new playfield is included.

2 weeks later
#7652 9 months ago

I’m still looking for a project or player Black Hole...

Archived after 7 days
Unknown reason:
Machine - Wanted
Wanted! “I am looking for either a player condition or project condition Black Hole machine. I am looking for a complete machine, domestic version only.”
Tehachapi, CA

Added 9 months ago:

I’m going to hold off on this for now. I ended up spending my funds on parts for my other machines...

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#7777 8 months ago

My Millionaire is now up for sale. Delivery available to the Golden State Pinball Festival.

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Sold elsewhere
Machine - For Sale
Millionaire Archived
Used - shows wear, needs some work “Fully functional Millionaire.. it shows some wear, but from the roulette wheel to the cheesy 80’s music, it all works. Delivery to Golden State Pinball Festival available.”
Tehachapi, CA
1,000 (OBO)

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#7859 7 months ago

I was down there on Friday, and took a look at the selection. The NF didn’t look bad, and the JD was very clean with no fade,but had a credit dot. I was kinda in and out so I didn’t get a chance to took in much detail other than the JD.

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#8148 5 months ago
Quoted from xsvtoys:

They are saying 6.6

It was pretty strong in my neck of the woods. I felt the rolling, and realized what it was, and moved outside. All the hanging lamps in my shop swung around pretty good. It lasted a good 20 to 30 seconds.

#8188 5 months ago

I have an old EM Pitch and Bat I am going to sell. It is a 1972 Midway Flash Baseball. Everything on it works but the sound. The old 8 track player doesn't work anymore. Im asking $300 for it. PM for pictures.

#8194 5 months ago
Quoted from zermeno68:

I actually live in Ridgecrest... I am about 3 miles away from China Lake military base and some distance inside is the location of the epicenter. I NEVER want to experience these Quakes that we just went through AGAIN!!!!! This was my first experience with earthquakes.

My boss got a call yesterday from a mining facility up near Ridgecrest, I may be up there tomorrow doing a damage assessment. It will be my first time dealing with the aftermath of a major quake. I know every time there has been an aftershock over 4, I’ve felt it here in Tehachapi. I’m ready for this run of quakes to be over too.

#8202 5 months ago

Well here is the ad for my Midway Flash..

Archived after 6 days
Sold elsewhere
Other - For Sale
“Mostly working 1972 Midway Flash pitch and bat machine. The only part that doesn’t work is the sound. The original 8-track player is present, but doesn’t work. Must be picke...”
Tehachapi, CA
250 (Firm)

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#8338 3 months ago

I am selling my Earthshaker to fund yet another restoration project. Come to the beautiful mountains of Tehachapi, and leave with a fun pinball machine.

Archived after 12 days
Sold elsewhere
Machine - For Sale
Earthshaker Archived
Used - shows wear but 100% working and clean “I’m selling my Earthshaker to fund another project. The machine works 100%. The cabinet has a few serious scrapes in it, and the playfield has one bubble in the Mylar. The boa...”
Tehachapi, CA
2,500 (OBO)

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#8506 54 days ago
Quoted from MrArt2u:

Anyone coming out to the Banning show in search of some project games, I’m a mere eighty *easy* SoCal freeway miles away in Pasadena and I’ve got a bunch of them. Mostly EMs and a few early SS. Stacked deep and selling cheap. Space Mission, Aztec, Tri-zone, Sharpshooter, Extra Inning, Turf King, star Pool, Time Zone, they cool old Genco Rifle game. So many I can’t possibly remember them all! Some were working when I bought them. Some weren’t. Nothing you guys can’t handle

While I am always up for a SS project, for this trip, my suburban is already full

#8523 48 days ago

I'm looking to change up my collection, so Victory is now for sale. If you like Gottleib System 80b machines, this one is very clean.

Archived after 7 days
Sold elsewhere
Machine - For Sale
Victory Archived
Fully shopped/refurbished “Up For Sale: one pretty clean Gottlieb Victory This is one of the cleanest Gottlieb System 80b machine I have ever seen. It even has the original factory card envelope still...”
Tehachapi, CA
1,600 (OBO)

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