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Official California For Sale Club (and Wanted too)

By jwwhite15

7 years ago

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#487 7 years ago

Off Topic, im hoping someone from our community can help me locate a Double Dragon Arcade for my son for xmas. Any help would be much appreciated. I also posted in the norcal thread. Im desperate Keep flipping
Harley D.

#491 7 years ago

Thank you for the lead

2 weeks later
#625 7 years ago

Congrats on the party zone Chris!
Harley D.

#627 7 years ago
Quoted from chrisjens2:

Thanks Harley! Any luck finding a Double Dragon Cab?

Nope still $hit out of luck, but patience is the key.

2 weeks later
#709 7 years ago

Looking for a nice Stern Spiderman. Hit me up.

3 weeks later
#883 6 years ago

Anyone interested in a modded xmen pro?

#890 6 years ago

Heres a link for my xmen forsale or trade
sfbay.craigslist.org link

#905 6 years ago
Quoted from KeithElliott:

Still looking to trade a Spider Man.

Been looking for a spidy got a custom xmen.

1 week later
#1003 6 years ago

I hear you guys ive had about 10 flakes on my Metallica. Very unusual for nor cal.

#1009 6 years ago
Quoted from Aurich:

lol, I just noticed you have my Sparky as your avatar.

What!? I didn't know he was going to NZ. I can see the pants in the photo though, so I believe you!

Thats becuase I think your work should be honored bro, you do great things for all of us and its my way of saying thanks.

1 week later
#1066 6 years ago

Anyone want a custom xmen pro completely modded.

#1078 6 years ago

Im looking for a nice star trek pro.

#1093 6 years ago

Looking for a star trek pro.

1 week later
#1162 6 years ago

X-men pro Still forsale with price reduction and vid.

2 months later
#1621 6 years ago

The seller has a very busy schedule but is very legit. It is worth the trip Pete.
Harley D.

2 weeks later
#1661 6 years ago

Looking for a early solid state players condition ok. Pm what you have cash in hand.
Harley D.

3 weeks later
#1748 6 years ago


I put my Refinery Met Pro up for trade again. Heres the link.

#1816 6 years ago

My pinball refinery edition met is still available pm if interested.
Harley D.image.jpg

2 weeks later
#1943 6 years ago

I have a players condition Mata Hari forsale or trade pm if interested.image.jpg

#1946 6 years ago

Steve, i worked out a deal with the original owner. People were trying to lowball him on price 300- 50 dollars. My hope is to get this pin cleaned up and playing as best as it can. Either for my family to enjoy or somebody else's. Im more interested in a trade than selling out right.
Harley D.

#1947 6 years ago

Shoot Aurich, come up to napa have some wine and leave with a pin!

#1976 6 years ago

I still have my refinery edition Met pro for trade.

#1997 6 years ago
Quoted from frogman70:

20150903_170036.jpg 20150903_161950.jpg 20150903_170057-1.jpg 20150903_162030.jpg

Sorry Bro, I would never stoop to that level and am very classy. You sent me a Shit Talking email and I responded back, calling you out for shit talking. If I remember correct I asked you to call me if you had the balls to talk shit. Im still waiting for the Phone Call. I think personally your pin is priced right and good luck on your sale. I have never bashed you or your pins forsale and I expect the same courtesy.
Harley D.

#2010 6 years ago

FrogMan and I are good miscommunication, all is well and bump for his Star wars. His pins are always top notch. Buy with confidence.

1 week later
#2057 6 years ago

Very nice pin would love to have. I could offer a 2 for one. Pm if interested.

#2093 6 years ago
Quoted from Xscrapiron:

Damn people. I will never bitch about getting up at 0500 again. My problem is getting to bed before 11pm. My job has me used to sleeping 4 to 5 hrs after working so many 16hr days in my career. Work sucks!! More Pinball please.

Shit Dan, we have the same Job?
Harley D.

1 week later
#2167 6 years ago

Nice Rollergames! I am almost done shopping out my Star Wars Trilogy. Segas are a pain in the butt. I am looking for a Stern Whitestar Cpu Rev D board as mine has a ton of battery corrosion and been unsuccessful fixing the board.
Harley D.

1 week later
#2257 6 years ago

I finally got my Star Wars Trilogy completely Shopped, pin looks awesome possibly looking to trade for other dmd pin. This is the nicest SWT i have ever seen. Pin looks brand new.image.jpegimage.jpegimage.jpegimage.jpegimage.jpegimage.jpegimage.jpeg

#2279 6 years ago

Congrats bro!

#2297 6 years ago

Thanks bro, alot of hard work has gone into it. Its a rare gem to find a title like this and in the shape i got her in.

1 week later
#2329 6 years ago

Still up for trade consideration, my Star Wars Triology.

2 months later
#2577 6 years ago

Ive got a very nice Star Wars Triology forsale/trade. Its close to nib you can get. It has tasteful color matching premium leds in the inserts and comfort brite cool whites in the gi. Ive added some cool diecast ships to the pin which look factory and its dialed in to go to a new home. Must have for the starwars fan. Pm for details.image.jpegimage.jpegimage.jpegimage.jpegimage.jpeg

#2579 6 years ago

Pm for details

#2583 6 years ago

Asking $3400

#2586 6 years ago
Quoted from zucot:

Price lowered to 4150 with color dmd.

Bump for a beuty pin and great norcal seller

#2603 6 years ago

Star wars Trilogy still forsale $3400 or trade buyer backed out. Nicest condition you will ever find.image_(resized).jpegimage_(resized).jpegimage_(resized).jpeg

#2611 6 years ago

Starwars Trilogy traded to a new home. Thanks to all who pm'd about it.

3 weeks later
#2753 6 years ago

Doomid, Aurich hit it on the head. This thread is for us as a Cal group to pass on our machines at fair market value. It is not intended to flip and Fuck over your fellow pinheads. Consider this next time you try to flip a pin. Remember we are a tight nit community and all we have is our reputations. Hopefully lesson learned.

1 month later
#3160 5 years ago

I hear you Steve! Its a great pin. One of the best integrated of all time.

1 month later
#3387 5 years ago

^^^^^^Wow you didnt just drink the kool Aid you Smoked it! Get real on those prices we post market value on this thread for fellow pinsiders not bend them over without even a back massage first

1 week later
#3517 5 years ago

Selling a nice WWF Royal Rumble. Asking $3000 obo, Here is a vid.








#3544 5 years ago

Plus 1 for mycal, great pinhead!
Harley D.

#3552 5 years ago

I will discount my WWF Royal Rumble to any pinside member say a couple hundred off.


#3558 5 years ago

Lets keep our thread on track boys and girls. Lets focus on helping each other out with our Machines forsale/trade.

1 week later
#3635 5 years ago

Royal Rumble still available also considering trades now.




1 week later
#3750 5 years ago

Had a deal fall through WWF RR available again, trade for other dmd or $2500 or best offer.
Harley D.





#3774 5 years ago

I clearly agree with sparky here. Mr bellman is reputable pinhead in our community bump for a sell for a honest pinhead.

#3798 5 years ago

Price lowered on Royal Rumble $2300 only trying to sell to make room for a new pin.




1 month later
#4210 5 years ago

Sweet looking GB! I agree about the lights to bright. I wish we could add our own plus you cant color match the inserts which is another negative. Someone will end up with a great machine and i think you will start a trend with the pink armour. By the way who powder coated it and whats the official color?

1 week later
#4259 5 years ago

Looking for a Who Dunnit, have cash in hand.
Harley D.

#4264 5 years ago

Nice machine!

1 week later
#4282 5 years ago

Still looking for a who dunnit. Pm please.

4 months later
#4865 5 years ago

I have a pinball refinery met for trade. Completely custom and is in perfect condition.
Heres a link.

sfbay.craigslist.org link

3 weeks later
#4979 5 years ago

Same special force on craigslist last week for $700??????

2 months later
#5248 4 years ago

Anyone have the auction results for shits and giggles?

#5274 4 years ago

I still think Spidy is sterns best to date followed by met, acdc and twd

1 week later
#5361 4 years ago

Looking for a totan pm with any leads.

1 month later
#5457 4 years ago
Quoted from Leo13:

I have an opportunity to get an IM VE so I'm selling my IM Original, modded (more than $1000) and beautiful:
- Full red powder coating (Pinball Refinery) on legs, lockdown bar, side rail with button protector, shooter housing and hinges
- Battle zone flasher stripe (very impressive lightning show)
- Speaker panel with light and acrylic arc reactor
- Full non-ghosting LED + Flashers (gorgeous!!)
- Sector 16 Iron Monger decal
- Shaker motor
- Iron Monger and Whiplash color-matching flashers
- Cliffy protectors on shooter lane, switch, magnets (carbon protectors)
- Gold backbox molding
- Gold leg bolts and legs leveler
Playfield has no wear, nothing wrong (everything works as expected), cleaned, fast.
More pics on craigslist: sfbay.craigslist.org link

Isnt this the same one Norcal Realotor was selling for $4500 a few weeks back? Kinda a douche move to add $300 more considering he did all the mods to it.

2 months later
#5679 4 years ago

Afm-sold, i was told for 5k someone got a great pin at a better price. Congrats.

4 weeks later
#5778 4 years ago

Pm sent on the jukebox.
Harley D.

6 months later
#6407 3 years ago

I have a perfect condition Ruby Red woz with 127 total plays for trade. Perfect condition.
Im looking for a Acdc premium plus cash. Could also do cash sale. Pm for pics.

#6416 3 years ago

Here is a ad for my Ruby Red Woz forsale or trade.

1 week later
#6449 3 years ago

My Ruby Red Woz is still available buyer backed out.

#6459 3 years ago

My woz has been traded to another pinsider, glad its going to a good home.

1 year later
#8049 2 years ago

In this past year, I took funds for one A/B titled pin and Restored a Double Dragon, Contra, Heavy Barrel, Nfl Blitz and got a really Nice upright Starwars and still had cash to mod my latest pick up a original restored Afm. I filled my game room with a ton of childhood memories to share with my kids. Nothing wrong with pin and vids.

2 months later
#8365 2 years ago

Looking for a nice Stern Spiderman appreciate any leads or pms.
Harley D.

#8373 2 years ago
Quoted from gprotein:

High end restored original AFM:

Thats the Jim McCune Afm. Best retired restorer in the business. I miss his threads on pinside.

1 week later
#8381 2 years ago

Looking for a nice Walking Dead premium, or a completely modded out pro with fish tank topper.
Harley D.

#8382 2 years ago

Thank you for the pm’s found one from a local pinsider!
Harley D.

1 month later
#8466 2 years ago

I have a players condition 8 ball and a very decent Sea Witch forsale if interested send me a pm
Harley D.

#8469 2 years ago

Bally 1977, Odin.

#8482 2 years ago

Which distributor has the best price for a Mbr SE delivered to Cali?

7 months later
#9037 1 year ago

Huo Pinball Refinery Metallica Pro forsale less than 200 total plays complete collector quality. Pm for pics and list of mods. You won’t find a nicer example. Asking $6500
Harley D.

#9045 1 year ago

I have a restored original Afm Forsale asking $7800 or best offer

Archived after 13 days
Not sold
Machine - For Sale
Attack from Mars Archived
Fully restored (full original status) “I have a original restored huo Attack from mars pinball machine. This pin has a clear coated Ron Kruzman playfield. All new cabinet Decals Mirror Blades All Chrome saucers includi...”
Napa, CA
7,800 (OBO)

#9064 1 year ago

Want to thank all who’s reached out Afm sale pending

3 months later
#9428 1 year ago

Looking for a Metallica LE or premium. Cash in hand.
Harley D.

#9448 1 year ago
Quoted from CCPL:

I've got the Refinery Metallica Pro if you think you might want to go that route instead of LE or premium.

I have the original Refinery pro from Gio and Steve. I actually put the ad out for my partner. He is dead set on a LE.

Machine - For Sale

Custom Metallica (Pro) - Pinball Refinery #37


HUO - Undocumented (Home Used Only) “Metallica Pro Pinball Refinery #37

All the Pinball Refinery goodness…
Powder coated Metal apron (not plastic)
Powder coated Hinges
Powder coated Side rails
Powder coated Lockdow...”

7 days ago

Folsom, CA



3 weeks later
#9521 1 year ago

This was my second spidy, i put alot of work into it. I completely torn it down both top and bottom side. Played perfect when I sold it.
Harley D.

2 months later
#9690 1 year ago

Looking for a Data East Star wars. Pm if you got one forsale.
Harley D.

2 months later
#9962 10 months ago

I’ve used Chris several times and same with my partner nothing but top notch! I will say his technique is much better breaking down and protecting our precious toys than when he first started. I will only use him moving forward.

1 month later
#10092 8 months ago

Looking for a Star Wars Comic Pro for my son and I to enjoy. Have cash in hand.
Harley D.

4 months later
#10479 3 months ago

I have a huo Sw comic pro and huo Sm forsale both completely modded out both are 10-10. Pm if interested.

1 week later
#10528 3 months ago

Still have huo SM and Star wars comic pro. Both pins completely custom and modded.

#10561 3 months ago

Spidy, sold pending payment

#10585 3 months ago

Lowered price on SW comic Art. May the force be with you.

2 weeks later
#10696 86 days ago

Looking for a Tales of Arabian Nights. Any condition. Got cash on the glass

#10713 84 days ago

I have a sw comic pro forsale

#10721 82 days ago

Still looking for a Totan, Dm if you have one.
Harley D.

1 week later
#10742 74 days ago

Looking for Jurassic Premium. Got cash on the glass.

1 month later
#10853 22 days ago

Wtb JJP Guns n Roses LE. I got cash in Hand.

#10861 18 days ago

Found a beautiful example from another pinsider. Thanks for looking out.
Harley D.

#10869 17 days ago

Chris Fox is the best. Look him up.

1 week later
#10904 4 days ago
Quoted from El_Tizzle:

Anyone know who the person on Pinside is that transports pins in Cali?

Chris Fox, he is the best

#10908 2 days ago

Looking for a Ac/dc Ltbr. Pm please.

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