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By jwwhite15

5 years ago

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#5112 3 years ago

HI! first time posting in this thread.

I'm looking for a 'project' pin for a re-theme. Playfield artwork can be in terrible condition because I plan to sand it off anyway. Condition of the rest of the machine may or may not matter, and really just comes down to how much work i need to put into it, vs price I am willing to pay for it. The important part is I don't want to destroy a good pin with this project, I want to salvage something that's just collecting dust or is on its way to the dump.

No guarantees I'll buy what you offer, but if you have an old clunker you don't want to deal with anymore, shoot me a PM. Especially if you are in the southern California area!


1 week later
#5146 3 years ago

Been contemplating selling my Ghostbusters pro. I LOVE the game. It's super hard, and a fantastic play. I currently have my machines in the lobby at the game studio I work at for everyone to play (I live in an apartment with no room for games) so it has a LOT of credits on it (4k?) but I have kept very good care of it (replaced rubbers and waxed 3 times since sept) and I have all the practical anti air ball mods on it, shooter mod, and green glow library scoop.

thing is, people at work play ghostbusters a LOT. I have a Williams Space Station right next to it and no one ever touches it. Even though I love Ghostbusters, It's going to be available to buy for a few years to come. I could sell it off, and wait for a good deal on one of my other wish list pins to pop up. I recently had to pass on an amazing deal on a Monster Bash because i didn't have the funds at hand. And my co-workers seem to not want to play 'old' pins. so I could spare my investments some wear and tear by sticking to the older titles...

Does a Ghostbusters pro in great condition and mods go for 5K? or are people mostly wanting NIB for that price? I figure if I can get 5K for it, then I can sit back and wait for a Scared Stiff, Swords of Fury or Twilight Zone to pop up, and in a few years grab a Ghostbusters premium when I have more living space, and I will have it all to myself.

#5153 3 years ago
Quoted from NorCalRealtor:

No sense in paying $5k for a GB with 4000 plays when they can get a new one shipped to their door for $5k. Yours is not heavily upgraded. You'll need to make it worth someone's while. I'm thinking $4400 is about right.

I may look into putting it on location somewhere instead and make a little money back if I can then. Thanks for the feedback!

2 weeks later
#5188 3 years ago

has anyone here ever played the Fireball 'Home Edition'? I see one for sale nearby. Asking price is $500, Pinside has it listed at a $250-$300 value.

also it looks smaller than a normal Pin? are the parts standard? will I be able to find them?

what am I getting into here? should I buy this thing?

orangecounty.craigslist.org link

2 months later
#5521 3 years ago
Quoted from merccat:

So this might be kind of an odd wanted request:
Looking for a solid state parts only game... playfield only may work too.
This is going to be used for parts to build demonstration pieces and possibly a student project (I'm introducing pinball to a community college science & engineering group / maker-coder club).
Since it will be torn apart for parts and I don't want to spend too much, looking for a complete basketcase someone wants to sell that still has a good amount of usable parts.

I'd check Craigs List once or twice a week. There are often 'non working' pins up there very cheap. I got a 'Foxy Lady' machine for $150. It's playfield was in good condition, and it has all the playfield machanics and parts, but inside the cab was completely empty. So I'm re theaming it and putting in my own power supply, controllers, etc... Theres another cocktail pin in non working order on the Orange County craigs list right now for about $200. wish I could by that one too but no room.

also if you are planning to use a Raspbery Pi/ Arduino to control all new 'guts' in a machine, don't limit yourself to SS machines. If you can find an old EM that has been gutted but a salvageable play field, there's no reason you cant control the solenoids with your modern programing. The old EMs are simpler in design as well. easier to program for.

1 week later
#5543 3 years ago

If I were buying for a home collection I'd probably grab that Theatre. Unfortunately no room at home so my pins are in a public place. wouldn't want it to take public abuse. Really nice table though. Wish I had the space.

#5555 3 years ago
Quoted from Reality_Studio:

This one is now pending sale to be picked up on Monday. Good news is I think I finally learned the trick to selling pins on Pinside! List them here and no one cares about them, mostly crickets and little interest. But once you sell it elsewhere like on ebay, craigslist, letgo or wherever and then flag it here as pending sale, then interest *skyrockets* and the offers fly in lol. Such a fascinating phenomena to watch.

Good to know

#5575 3 years ago
Quoted from sndchaser:

If someone in So Cal has a cocktail pinball (project ok, if complete) they'd sell me, please send me a PM.

These two have been on Craigslist for a while:

Take 5, doesn't look too bad:
losangeles.craigslist.org link

looks like this used to be a Black Magic? Doesnt get more 'project' than this... You could probably offer $20
orangecounty.craigslist.org link

3 months later
#5961 2 years ago

If anyone is looking for spare parts for a System 11 CPU or if you are skilled at repairing acid damage and want to flip one for profit, just put up my Williams Space Station Board.

Archived after 43 days
Sold (amount undisclosed)
Parts - For Sale
Used, fair condition “In the middle of restoring a Williams Space Station when it started throwing a 'U25 RAM FAILURE' error. Checked out the board to find acid damage on some of the board. I don't ha...”
Huntington Beach, CA
100 (OBO)
It's $100 buy now or best offer. If it's in any way useful to you shoot me an offer. If $10 is the highest I get by December then that's what I'll sell it for.

Trying to get a little cash back to help pay for a Rottendog replacement.

1 week later
#5989 2 years ago
Quoted from TheOnlyest:

$1900 seems like a fair amount for you to pay someone to pick up this turd and drop it at the landfill for you!

Ive only played a few credits on location but I liked it generally. Seemed like a fun enough game. I enjoyed it more than the current SW title...

Though that table does seem to get a lot of community hate. not sure if its a DE quality issue or what.

#6013 2 years ago

I'd wait. Usually the 8K-9K range I see are project machines. Might as well get NIB for that price. I hope its soon... I want one too... I really don't want to drop 10k-11k. But It's a machine I MUST own someday...

#6015 2 years ago

That DOES look nice. great deal

4 weeks later
#6070 2 years ago
Quoted from Soulrider911:

So I write this:
"Ya I knew this was too goof to be true stop spamming, and you should be ashamed of yourself trying to appeal to people’s good nature by using a false health circumstance, so bad God recognizes these dishonest acts"
He Replies:
"Dude are you fucking retarded or what!? I am a power seller on eBay so you better watch your stupid mouth or i will see you in Court for Federal Offense you stupid MORON!"
And I checked that Ebay account is located in Peoria, Illinois NOT California lol.

careful... harsh words on the internet = federal offense!!!

3 weeks later
#6117 2 years ago

Finally selling my Williams Space Station. $2,000. It was a long term project pin that I've just lost steam on. Put way more work into it than I should have for a pin I never intended on keeping in my collection. PM me if interested and want photos. Pick-up only in Irvine, Ca. I have a hydraulic cart to help get it to your truck but I am not gonna crate and ship it. Here's the run-down:

The good:
- 99% everything working (coin door buttons don't work)
- Brand new RottenDog MPU board
- Brand new Power supply board
- New blue main ramp
- all LEDs
- all new star posts
- new rubbers
- recently repaired and re-enforced cabinet.
- comes with new playfield mylar (if you wish to put it on)

The bad: (mostly cosmetic stuff I haven't gotten to yet)
- minor playfield wear. mostly behind the pop bumpers where you can't see it. In general, playfield looks great. It was under Mylar which I removed. just needs a few touch ups.
- Translight is a little beat-up around the edges. It generally looks fine, if you want a 'perfect' machine it should be replaced.
- No lock on the coin door
- 'security bar' over the coin door. I don't mind it but others might see it as an eye sore. It could be removed.
- The coin door buttons are not working. Previous owner made a hackjob mess of the coin door and I didn't get around to replacing it.
- Right coin validator doesn't work. Left one does.
- The cabinet has a matte brushed on black paint over the repaired sections of wood. I intended to mask the logo and give it a fresh spray coat of semigloss but never got around to it.
- does not have the original 'space station' plastic toy over the round lane diverter. Though I am sure you could find one on the market somewhere.

It's a neat machine, and I put a TON of work into it, but it ultimately doesn't fit in my line-up of wanted pins. If anyone is interested in trades (or just interested in selling) my wanted list is:

Elvira and the Party Monsters
Scared Stiff
Twilight Zone
Swords of Fury
Centaur II
Tales from the crypt


4 weeks later
#6283 2 years ago

Just bought a Swords of Fury, need to make some room. Lowering the price of my Space Station:

$1,500 Williams Space Station. Pick up only in Irvine, CA

I'm still working on the machine, the only thing wrong with it at this point is the coin door buttons and cosmetic stuff. Open to trades for machines on my wishlist.

1 month later
#6471 2 years ago
Quoted from o-din:

Two good locations in downtown. Lost Levels on Harbor and Comic Hero University at the train station.

Comic Hero had a really nice Monster Bash last time I was there. Love that game.

4 months later
#7017 2 years ago

A bit off topic, but I am going to invest a bunch of time to a playfield restoration. Reading up on tips and tricks, and I am pretty much good to go on everything except the clear coat.... I don't really want to mess around with automotive clear coat. That stuff seems better left to professionals.

Anyone know someone local (OC and LA area) that would be interested in hitting my playfield with an automotive clear coat? Willing to pay a reasonable rate, and deliver/pick up. PM me with any contacts or offers. Thanks!

2 months later
#7195 1 year ago

Iron Maiden Premium: $7,500

so I keep my pins in the lobby of my day job, and some drama went down, so now I need to store or sell my machines. I freaking love this game but I just can't store all of them. So it's gotta go. Game is in perfect working condition. Pick-up only, any time of day. I'd like to get it out of here by this weekend if possible. I have a hydrolic cart here and can help you load it into your vehicle.

PM me if interested. Thanks!

- Adam

#7198 1 year ago

Fair enough. It’s just what I paid for it. I could come down a few hundred, but more than that and I may as well just pay more to store it.

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