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By jwwhite15

5 years ago

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#75 5 years ago

This thread makes me want to sell or trade something lol ….but what…I want to whittle or mix things up, but like everything too much.

#79 5 years ago
Quoted from Scsurfer:

I Just bought my first last week for my Mtn. House but want another one.

What did you get?

#84 5 years ago
Quoted from RobT:

That's kind of what I'm going through in terms of not really knowing what I even want to go after. There have been a few pins that have come up that I've considered making an offer on, but they are pins that I've already owned before. I've decided I don't want to do that as there are still a few pins out there that I haven't owned yet that I should give a fair shake in my lineup.
TAF is one I've considered. I've never cared for that game in the wild, but playing it at a friends made me change my opinion a bit, so I might give one of those a shot if one came up at a fair price locally.
<sneaks a peek at Greg's collection>
I see you have a TAF!

I LooOOoOOOove my TAF, that's never leaving.

There are a few games I've never had that I wouldn't mind having to play at home for a while. Champion Pub, Who Dunnit, Scared Stiff, TOTAN off the top of my head…but at the same time I don't really want to get rid of anything to make room for them. Maybe it's time to sell off the last of my arcade games lol.

Usually I whittle Sterns vs. "classics"…while I like Sterns, I hit a point where I have some Sterns that I play more than others…so the others can go. I'll prob say "bye" to STLE at some point to make room for something else, but I'd like to enjoy the next update first.

#111 5 years ago
Quoted from RobT:

Champion Pub and WD? wouldn't last long I'd bet. I owned WD? and it was cool and different at first, but the novelty wore off very quickly.

*shrug* ….all games are novelties to some extent. Sometimes the tone and 'world' of a game is enough to keep me entertained. MB is "easy" and I can get Monster Bash and/or Monsters of Rock all the time….but I don't care, I still enjoy the experience so much, I wouldn't sell it. Many games have come and go - but since there are still a few I've never had in my house, I'm open to them if the right deal came along.

1 week later
#297 5 years ago
Quoted from o-din:

I have a Klondike I would sell for $550 to make room for incoming. It has a nice playfield with little wear and a decent backglass. The cabinet could use some touchups, but it is solid and all working. I recently shopped it out and installed a set of new pinball rescue

Crazy - I was just in a store yesterday, talking to the salesman….pinball came up in the conversation - and he said "Ya know what game I loved back in the day that I'd love to get - Klondike! Can you find me one of those!?". I told him I'd keep my eyes peeled.

PM sent.

2 weeks later
#444 5 years ago
Quoted from dapperdan24:

There she is! Rarehero started the ownership process on this one I believe. That seller is at least the 5th owner if you sold it to him Troutfarm. That was hard selling that and my MET. I miss them both! You still have the Monster Trout?

That's the sluttiest Magneto of all time. It's gotta be way over 5 owners by now.

#446 5 years ago
Quoted from dapperdan24:

She is indeed a whore! And I miss her

Weirdo. I'm glad I kicked that ho out the do!

#456 5 years ago

I haven't posted it FS yet - but I'll post it here first if anyone's interested.

I've got a Party Zone that I'd like to see go bye-bye!

$1000! Bam! That's a deal, right?

I won't have time to take pics till the weekend...but here's the skinny:

Decent game. Not perfect, not shitty. The ramp where the ball pops up to return to the right is cracked where it connects to the wireform. Both pieces are there, some epoxy should make it good to go until a replacement is found. Capt. B-Zar's head likes to spin to the left and stay there once you start a game. I'm sure this is fixable, I just don't have the time to monkey with it. Other than that, it's pretty clean, plays well, DMD is nice and bright. A little tinkering and you'll have a nice DMD game to play!

#474 5 years ago
Quoted from Cruster:

Looking to pick up a STLE if anyone has one.

PM sent.

2 weeks later
#546 5 years ago
Quoted from FlippinFantastic:

Looks sweet ^^.
Anyone have any projects? I'm looking for something to tinker with.

I have a Party Zone available for $1000...still haven't had time to take pics but if you wanna come check it out, PM me. It's not much of a project...pretty clean. B-Zar's head turns to the left and stays there....and the plastic return ramp from the VUK has a crack that'll play just fine if you epoxy it together or something.

#550 5 years ago
Quoted from Pinbali:

Send me some pics or post them. I may be interested. Pics might do the trick

I'll prob have time on Wednesday.

4 weeks later
#731 5 years ago
Quoted from Kerry_Richard:

Hello Pinsiders...
I have the need for a new or used DMD display for my Fish Tales.

Get a ColorDMD for that thing! C'mon!

1 week later
#760 5 years ago
Quoted from Curtis_Playfield:

Boy oh boy, I'd do anything for a list of things y'all used to say about Congo ten years ago! Haha everyone hated that game! Now it's Fathom

Congo is one of many bad theme/great games! No one wanted it because you'd get made fun of for having a game based on a shitty movie in your house....but, they were cheap. Cheap games rule, theme be damned. Cheap games that are actually awesome rule even more! Congo rules!

#767 5 years ago
Quoted from PaulCoff:

Agree, but those call outs make me want to castrate myself w/a blunt rock.

Which ones? I love them all. Tim Curry rules!!!!

#783 5 years ago
Quoted from PaulCoff:

Theme is not always a factor in my choices, but having to hear "Amy" made me let it go.

Haha...oh well - I like Amy & the entire sound/music package on Congo. Ever hear when she says something like "Player 1 ugly"? LOL

1 week later
#843 5 years ago
Quoted from PNBLWZD:

Anyone have a nice huo T3 for sale in so cal?

Shoulda bought mine last year! HUO from the writer of the movie. Now it's in Japan.

3 weeks later
#1025 5 years ago
Quoted from edwood40:

Looking to buy a nice HUO Lord of the Rings. Would love to see one with the brass/gold armor but open to any nice machines. Please send me a message if you have or know of one. Thank you.

Snaroff in Pasadena is selling his.

1 month later
#1260 5 years ago

Hey guys. Thinking of putting my Rolling Stones LE up for sale...MMr's incoming and I've sorta been trying to keep to a 1-in, 1-out thing. I'll prob take pics and make a proper FS ad this weekend...but if its a game you're interested in, shoot me a PM.

4 months later
#2011 4 years ago
Quoted from BenetBoy78:

Anyways, I shied away from the T3 at the time, but now I wonder where that HUO excellent condition T3 is, or one even better? I am thinking $3-$3.25k for a mint low play machine, but willing to discuss...no worries.

Damn, I had a HUO T3 that was owned & autographed by the writer of the movie - I shopped & LED'd it...sold it for $2300 - there was practically zero interest in it!

1 week later
#2095 4 years ago
Quoted from Eskaybee:

hah, that reminds me of when i told Rare Hero my working hours. He's like you wake up at 4:30....in the morning!?! WTF is wrong with you. lol.
yea, i go to bed at 9:30pm. is that freakishly early too?

I can't even comprehend it. I've been trying to wake up at 6:30 so I can go to a 7:15 bootcamp workout class...it's practically impossible. I did it on Wednesday, but today I just couldn't f*cking get up. I have no idea how you do it.

#2101 4 years ago
Quoted from twinmice:

RS is Sold. Thanks

Mike re-buying Road Show for the 48th time in 3....2....

3 weeks later
#2298 4 years ago
Quoted from Code_Blue:

Do these LED's look better in person? Or does everyone here just love purple?

Somehow Pinballbulbs convinced people that every game should be purple. It's bizarre. To be fair, it doesn't look as blown out in person...but it definitely doesn't go with most games....it takes away from the original colors in the artwork.

#2302 4 years ago
Quoted from Eskaybee:

It worked well for BDK.....but that's cause it is BDK and you don't want the artwork to be seen
But yea, too much color Christmas-feel just doesn't work. I love my IMVE factory lighting; bright, clean, and clear.

BDK is very black/blue/purple already - so some purple accents would totally fit. But yeah, IM - it's heavy on the Red/Yellow...the purple/blue/red IM's people post pics of just look ridiculous. I left my IMve mostly stock...put a red where there was a too-bright-in-my-eyeline white bulb, for example. Mostly practical. Changed the ramp points build-up inserts to warm white-yellow-orange-red.

1 month later
#2412 4 years ago
Quoted from Delta9:

Radical for sale 2500 norcal sacramento pm if interested » YouTube video

I'll give you 2500 to un-colorbomb that mess!!! Ooopph! Not one white in the GI - you can't see a thing. Perfect example of what not to do with LEDs. GLWTS!

1 month later
#2574 4 years ago
Quoted from zucot:

All I want for Christmas is for someone to buy my Shadow.

Lower the price.

#2585 4 years ago
Quoted from zucot:

Price lowered to 4150 with color dmd.


Glad I got mine for $1800 a few years ago.

#2594 4 years ago
Quoted from zucot:

Thank you.
Yeah, I wish I could go back a few years and get in on a lot of those Bally / Williams games for significantly cheaper.
I'm not looking to make any money on this game, in fact I'm already losing a little at that price. I just need the space cleared up for newer games. Stern has been kicking so much ass lately that I'll be down to one old Williams game before long.

Well, psychology plays a part of selling games. If you start getting "desperate"..."I need this game gone now!"....people are gonna try to get a lower price. If you're patient - you'll eventually find the right pair of eyeballs looking for a Shadow, and yours will be the one they want.

2 weeks later
#2662 4 years ago
Quoted from xbloodgreenx:

I kinda miss having Dr. Who

I kinda like having your Dr. Who. I played it yesterday!

#2664 4 years ago
Quoted from Jean-Luc-Picard:

Dr. Who, when it comes to pinball is a masterpiece.

Agreed! It's been a bit of a pain in the ass to maintain (argh, Time Expander...I love/hate you!)...but it's such a cool game. The one xgreenbloodx sold me has the moving Dalek on top, which is really fun. I LED'd it with a tasteful mix of cool & warm whites & added a spotlight on the left sling to brighten up the playfield. The game really pops!

2 weeks later
#2737 4 years ago
Quoted from doomid:

Thinking about selling my Heavy Metal Meltdown. $1900

Quoted from doomid:

Has mirrorblade on left side only.


#2756 4 years ago
Quoted from doomid:

really tries to not post again on this but i cant stand arupid comments, from people that dont know me.

Don't want stupid comments, then don't post games at stupid prices. It's a Heavymetal Meltdown for F's sake.

#2787 4 years ago

If you haven't found one in a few months, hit me up...I really don't play mine much and I'm pretty much just using it as a table. I'll probably put some furniture against the wall where I currently have it.

#2873 4 years ago
Quoted from Reality_Studio:

Selling my Pirates of the Caribbean by Stern, for local pickup only in the Los Angeles area. $4999, for many high res pics check this link:
Might consider trades but would prefer to sell it locally.

Let me know if you're ever bored of that Who Dunnit!

#2876 4 years ago
Quoted from Reality_Studio:

Eventually....but not yet, still love it

No rush. It's just one of those games I always found to be very cool but never picked one up.

1 week later
#2943 4 years ago
Quoted from Jean-Luc-Picard:

dapperdan24 is Deactivated already. So, needless to say... Bad Seller. Good news, it was $650 + $150 + tip for a Cocktail Pin that needs a lot of work. I am just happy it was not a $4k holy grail pin. I consider this like a pinside traffic violation. My fault, DONT do it again.

Curious - what was wrong with it? What do you consider "a lot of work"? I've seen a ton of Caribbean Cruises and they're never "perfect".

#2946 4 years ago
Quoted from Jean-Luc-Picard:

Cosmetic, I need to remove mylar, sand down thick red paint. Re-paint a parrot, inserts and so on. All things I am capable of doing, but when you are not expecting to see this when you bring it home, it is alarming.

Damn, that sucks....but at the same time makes me think I'm sitting on a $1000 Caribbean Cruise lol

#2954 4 years ago
Quoted from NimblePin:

Wow Rare,
You MIGHT just be the long lost third Corona brother that went missing at Sea......................World all those years ago!
Should I call Maury to get those tests rolling?

Please don't insult me by comparing me to those jackwads.

2 months later
#3444 4 years ago
Quoted from TheOnlyest:

^^^ Right... there were over 7400 Whilwind's produced, they sold for $3600 when they were new.... just my opinion... geezus.

What they sold for new is irrelevant. That was the 90's. It's now 2016. Most used B/W 90's games sell for more than they did new, because they're long out of production and desired by collectors. Supply/demand.

3 weeks later
#3616 4 years ago
Quoted from bellbrand:

Who is selling an IM?

Haven't you had it twice already ?

#3620 4 years ago
Quoted from bellbrand:

No once... I just had it for a long time.. You have me confused with you..

Oh yeah! Hehe.

#3627 4 years ago
Quoted from bellbrand:

Neither.. Try something new. How many RS have you owned??

Mike is trying to own every single existing RS and NGG once. He's up to 43% of Road Shows and 64% of Gofers.

1 week later
#3700 4 years ago
Quoted from TheOnlyest:

Its been awfully quiet around here lately, and it seems like its been a while since iv'e been lambasted for expressing my opinion about ludicrously overpriced machines... have a field day with this!! https://pinside.com/pinball/market/ad/35017

High speed, eh? The price is high, the seller is high, anyone who buys it is high...

#3714 4 years ago
Quoted from SLeRiC:

Make me an offer on Demolition Man!

I'll offer $800! You can keep all the blue and red LEDs

#3720 4 years ago
Quoted from MrArt2u:

Awesome! I really enjoyed playing your Demo Man too, SLeRIC, thanks for sharing it. It motivated me to rotate ours in to the lineup. And *possibly* add a few LEDs (I said a FEW, Rarehero! You could come over and swap them out when I'm not looking, if you want

I like LEDs! Even I'm guilty of having a partially color-bombed Congo.

#3722 4 years ago
Quoted from SLeRiC:

Make me an offer on the Dirty Harry! Can't wait to see another subside bid.
sfbay.craigslist.org link

Nah, I don't like that game. But HOLY JEEZE is that what they're really selling for now? A few years ago you couldn't give them away for $1400.

#3801 4 years ago

I'll start the auction at $1!

#3811 4 years ago
Quoted from SLeRiC:

Indiana Jones is worth well over $5K ?
Maybe interested in trade?

He said "make an offer".

Look guys - if you're selling a game, just ask how much you want for it and go from there.

#3876 4 years ago
Quoted from NorCalRealtor:

You must have put one too many zeroes. WOZ can be a real clunker for techs. Not to mention the repetitive Yellow Brick Road song. And isnt that movie from the '30s? Perhaps you're stuck in the '30s.


#3878 4 years ago
Quoted from Buzz:

I have that one already. I was hoping more for a 1,500 JD maybe. Pricing is out of control these days, perhaps a good old fashioned recession is needed. Then they could be all mine, mine I say.

Prices went up during the last recession. Pinball is recession proof!!!

There would have to be a mass simultaneous sell off of games for prices to drop considerably. 20 local Centaurs for sale at the same time? Then the prices drop. One? All it takes is one buyer.

High Pinside prices are still better than retail. I was at a local showroom the other day and heard a customer say "I gotta start saving up $10,000 for that Iron Man!" I almost choked.

#3883 4 years ago
Quoted from JEFFPINS12:

ok , no mic drop at the end ? ? Because that was just a really good one , I mean , I had to check if I was still on Pinside or if I was on a website for up and coming comedians

Hey so, this is the California sale thread....I think you're looking for the Arkansas Douchebag thread!

#3886 4 years ago
Quoted from Shiny_balls:

Arizona? I think it's Arkansas

...and you would be correct! Will edit.

#3888 4 years ago
Quoted from TKDalumni:

Dude ran 7 arcades and owns a house here in CA...think he can post whatever he wants lol

Sure. So can we.

2 weeks later
#4081 4 years ago
Quoted from seenev:

I've been looking for a game at a reasonable price for a long time and I just want to say...
Screw resellers. I hate you scum bags.

You need a time machine. The inventory just isn't there anymore...finding cheap project games seems to be a near impossibility now. They were all plucked up, restored, and then kept (or resold...then kept lol)

Quoted from TZBen:

they've been around the seven years I've been in the hobby.

Yeah but a few years back - you could still beat them to the deals since deals and pins for sale were plenty. Now it's a desert.

#4083 4 years ago
Quoted from Reality_Studio:

A Time Machine you say? Well yes, yes I do have one as a matter of fact:
Had to As far as inventory goes, from what I see back in the day people used to pay close to nothing for pinball machines and as a result tons ended up in the landfill since they were worth nothing. Nowadays though people are more actively buying them and paying more for them, as a result less are thrown away and what's left is being restored and sold to people that actually keep them and play them. As a result low inventory of games is now inevitable. It's annoying when you can't find or afford a game, but personally I prefer that to having them just be junked.

Landfill? Where on earth did you come up with that? In my experience, I bought a ton of games during 2007-2011 because there were SO MANY (mostly on Craigslist) at great prices. No one was throwing games away after buying them cheap. We were getting them cheap, restoring them ourselves and adding them to our collection...or then selling/trading them, putting them back into the world better than we found them. There are only a finite amount of these machines out there....so the "inventory" of games have dried up. BTW a few years ago, Time Machine was a hard sell at $600

#4087 4 years ago
Quoted from Reality_Studio:

From general observation and talking to others. Tons went to landfills, you can ask most anyone about that especially people that vended the games. More still rotted away in barns, leaky storage rooms, etc. Stuff that is worth nothing tends to get stored in a fitting manner. The same thing happened to arcade machines. I'm sure Time Machine was less than $600 back in the day, but I also could have bought a Hemi Cuda dirt cheap when I was a kid as well. Prices chance, I don't cry about it. All this new interest in games means I can go many places now and play said games in nicely restored condition. That was all but impossible not all that long ago. It's far more important to me that I can actually play the games even if that means I can't afford many of them, to me that's a win but your mileage may vary.

Maybe old EMs and some early 80's games went to landfills, but by the time the late 80's/90's rolled around, I think that was a pretty rare occurrence.

I'm talking about just a few years ago - games were plentiful and "cheap". It was that inventory drying up that has lead to the higher prices and more competition with resellers that we have today.

#4092 4 years ago
Quoted from seenev:

None of this is what I meant. Even when there are reasonable deals out there, some reseller has already claimed it by the time I can contact the seller. They typically list it again at a much higher price later the same day. It's disgusting.

Yup - sucks but with the low inventory, they're like vultures. Well, they always were - but when a ton of games came up on Craigslist at the same time in the past, you at least has a chance ...they couldn't be everywhere at once !

#4109 4 years ago
Quoted from The_Dude_Abides:

There is an HUO LE up here on CL for $5400.
sfbay.craigslist.org link

Dayum - if that was local I might be tempted to bite.

#4111 4 years ago
Quoted from Ericpinballfan:

It is local, just 6 hour drive there and back.
And wasn't there a shipper for us on this thread for Nor Cal, So Cal shipping, $150 each way?
Love that name and number again.

1 hr drive or less is local (for me). I don't want a Mustang that bad...but I'm saying if it was down the street - super convenient style - I'd consider grabbing it.

#4116 4 years ago
Quoted from kpg:

If you use Chris / Sly Fox shipping he'll probably charge u around $220 or less to bring it down to you. He's awesome

Like I said - don't want it that bad

1 month later
#4346 4 years ago

If anyone in SoCal finds themselves in need of a low priced old school orange dmd (or a stern red led one), hit me up. I have piles of them from converting to ColorDmd.

3 weeks later
#4389 3 years ago

I'm going to list my Caribbean Cruise cocktail & and RBION soon. Haven't decided on price yet and gotta take pics. Just a heads up if you're local and interested!

#4413 3 years ago

My Caribbean Cruise is sold!

Anyone looking for a Ripley's (RBION)? It was a routed game, but meticulously shopped out by Hana9So (Kyle T) and Aurich did a beautiful job repairing/repainting the scoop. It's super clean, plays great, tastefully LED'd with non-ghosting bulbs, with proper color temperatures under the inserts, warm white in GI. Some color splash on the shrunken head. Cab has some nicks, but not bad for a router.

PM me for pics!

Asking $3000 obo
Not really looking for anything, but will consider trades. Not sure what I'd really want ...but, open to games I don't have. Sopranos maybe? Flintstones? I dunno - PM me!

#4417 3 years ago
Quoted from dri:

Fair price!! Interested in a Starship Troopers or Hyperball?
Edit: I'm PM'ing

Thanks, but I need less games, not more.

I'm generally only interested in 90's B/W games or a Stern I haven't had, like Sopranos. No Segas or DE's, please (although sometimes I miss Tommy and GNR).

#4445 3 years ago
Quoted from Eskaybee:

So is the death of this thread near an end? Looks like people's LOCAL sale posts are getting moderated into oblivion. Where's the retarded emoticon...? Oh here it is.... « Spoiler! Click to reveal. G-R-E-E-D »
P.S that spoiler would have been cooler if I could actually post a picture in this thread!! Wtf pinside

Well, no more public pictures...no biggie. If you're interested in someone's game, PM and then exchange pics by email.

3 weeks later
#4571 3 years ago
Quoted from twinmice:

Just listed my BOP 2.0 Kit in the marketplace if anyone is interested. Restored my BOP, selling it, but the guy whos buying it wants it original without the 2.0? So, im pulling it out and wont have use for it. Paid almost 1900.00, selling it 1600.00 firm plus shipping, since it basically new. Thanks Mike

Does he know you can play the original with the 2.0 kit? Two games in one. He'd be insane to take the game without 2.0 installed.

1 week later
#4619 3 years ago
Quoted from doomid:

Very Nice Johnny M, full led and cliffys.
Tiny fade at front of cab, slight orange. All else pretty perfect. Hand fully working.
Prefer to trade, lemme know what you have. Wouldnt mind a nice ST pro or GOT pro. Can add cash.

Any interest in RBION?

2 weeks later
#4664 3 years ago

If anyone local is interested in a NIB Spike Shaker Motor and/or a "NIB" Ghostbusters Pinball Universe center post/outlane upgrade kit - hit me up! I won't be needing them any more.

Added over 4 years ago: Kit's been sold. Shaker still avail.

#4666 3 years ago
Quoted from Cheddar:

GB has a fun spooky shaker usage. I put this kit in my pro and it took 10 minutes and is a good bang for the buck mod. GLWS

I cancelled my GB order, so no need for the shaker or kit.

#4673 3 years ago
Quoted from Ericpinballfan:

None of my business, but why? I rather like GB. Just wish I had room and money. I'd get that Hobbit too!

I've been trying to force myself all year to like the game because I love the theme & art so much, but the truth is - it's just a poorly designed piece of shit. The flipper gap is terrible, the droopy flipper alignment sucks, the magna slings cause cheap drains, the airballs cause cheap drains, the right ramp doesn't work (ball rolls back most of the time), the ecto goggles don't really do anything, the linear mode structure is terrible, and the current code is filled with bugs. It's just too frustrating & not fun. It lacks the charm of the movie entirely. All of THAT should have made me cancel, but I was still thinking "It's GHOSTBUSTERS, I'll get over all that cuz it's GHOSTBUSTERS!" ... but it was the playfield QC issues that were the final straw. I went to Portland over the weekend and saw multiple Premiums with insert ghosting. After that, I was officially out. I finally said "why am I spending so much on this fucking mess...and on top of that, it's going to disintegrate."

On top of that - Stern is just rubbing me the wrong way in general lately with their delays, poor QC, arrogance & greed. The whole Batman thing was a major turnoff. Had my game shipped in June when it as supposed to - I probably would have sucked it up and stuck it out, hoping for code to save it....but, I've been there before - and as time has passed and my game didn't ship, the reality of this title really hit me before it arrived at my door. So - I bailed.

#4676 3 years ago
Quoted from Acampero:

What was the production run on this machine? I can't find it on IPDB.

12. It's a Super Duper LE.

#4685 3 years ago
Quoted from atwong:

Does anyone know what NIB Metallica Pro is going for nowadays (dealer)?

Don't do it. Stern's been using a shitty new playfield manufacturer & many people have insert ghosting and clear cracking on games made this year. Do yourself a favor and get one made in 2015 or earlier.

#4707 3 years ago
Quoted from kpg:

Lowered my TH LE to $7700
machinefor salePlaced 2016-10-31 19:07 (3 days ago)For sale: The Hobbit (Jersey Jack Pinball, 2016)“Selling my Hobbit LE that was purchased NIB in June of this year.

What I have done to it:

1) Tilt graphics side artwork
2) Beast...” $ 7,700 kpg Rancho Santa Margarita, CA Home Used Only (HUO)

Stop tempting me !

2 months later
#4993 3 years ago
Quoted from bellbrand:

Looking to trade a Hobbit Smaug edition 2nd owner low plays.. all adjustments have been done by previous owner.

That was quick lol I'm still loving mine!

#5021 3 years ago
Quoted from NorCalRealtor:

Then take it to Ebay and fish for some more rich dummies. There are no takers here for 100% marked up, bend over while I insert this uncut pineapple prices. It's insulting.
By the way, there's a near mint Paperboy for $2500 right now on SF Bay Area Craigslist, if anyone is looking.

Holy moly. I'l never understand vids going for pin money. I'll just MAME that f*cker. I liked buying vids when they were $300 or less.

#5027 3 years ago
Quoted from NorCalRealtor:

Dedicated cabs are cooler than Mame's but I agree it's hard to justify paying pinball money for one. A handful of grail vids have eclipsed $2k.

I love dedicated games....but when I was buying them, they were usually $300 or less. Most I ever paid was $500 for Q*Bert, and I still think that was too much. Once you start getting into thousands...that's pin money!

If someone offers me $2000 for any of my vids....they're GONE lol

1 month later
#5140 3 years ago
Quoted from lb1:

Has anyone seen this game in person?
sfbay.craigslist.org link

Cashing out before everyone knows it's an incomplete pretty prototype mess.

2 weeks later
#5174 3 years ago
Quoted from KeithElliott:

only 172 plays on it.

I was going to post the "Shame" meme from Game of Thrones, but you can't post pics here.


#5177 3 years ago
Quoted from KeithElliott:

LOL, I know I know. I have had zero free time the past few months for pinball or anything else for that matter.

Yeah me too, pinball sucks. But Hobbit is still an awesome Ray of sunshine in the black tar mud of dumpster garbage.

#5193 3 years ago
Quoted from RobT:

I've played it enough to know that I have enjoyed it pretty much every time I've played it. I have told friends that I need to own that pin at some point to get it out of my system, and I've been saying that for well over a year now. Played it again at Arcade Expo and confirmed again that I want to own it, even if it won't be a long term keeper.
Some of the shots on that pin are *extremely* satisfying and largely make up for the other design flaws....to me. The sounds are pretty cool too.

I like it more than most people. It's fun for a while, so enjoy! If it wasn't for its fatal flaws, I'd probably still have it....like the gaddamn small sling holes - the sling switches bend back against them and give you unresponsive slings. Any time I bent them back, they'd be crappy within a couple games again. Also the endless Multiball once you get further into the game...once you're in Vs. Modes, it's all Multiball, all the time.

#5198 3 years ago
Quoted from Eskaybee:

Didn't the new code somewhat address vs. modes?

Did it? I thought it just added dots for the final wizard mode. I'm not sure what could address the Vs. modes. Once you collect everyone once, the next time you collect them, you get their Vs. mode, and all the Vs. modes are multiballs...and if you don't complete the Vs. Multiball, you can restart the mode and continue where you left off. So - you're either playing all the various Vs. modes or replaying them for MB after MB...it's kind of impossible to drain at that point as you're always a shot or so away from another Vs. mode.

#5224 3 years ago
Quoted from Ericpinballfan:

I have found that all the high end pins have reserves now at the auction. Several of the line up has been there before. Same BR,Addams,Twilight as last auction.

Fake auction. Waste of time. I miss the old Super Auction days when they were real, not consignment phony bullshit.

#5261 3 years ago
Quoted from MrSanRamon:

You'd think that someone would want SM...just not planning to give mine away.

I miss mine a bit. But I'm sorta in a pinball holding pattern at the moment. Also I'd have to peel off all those target decals & find the original sling plastics. lol

#5264 3 years ago

Does anyone want to buy a GAMBLE!?

Anyone interested in taking my Big Lebowski #56 spot for $8500, PM me.

#5270 3 years ago
Quoted from daddyxxx:

Have a huo hobbit smaug....interested in trading for tspp.shrek or?..2 for 1...1 for 1..plus cash minus cash...pm thanks

Dang! Another one bites the dust. How can such a brilliant game get booted so often?

#5273 3 years ago
Quoted from Adams:

But I see how it might be difficult to sell a 10 year old game for $5K when there's just so many options. You can get a 5-year-newer X-Men or Avengers for less money or get a NIB Ghostbusters delivered to your door for $5,500

Those games are far inferior to Spider-Man. Spider-Man is excellent! $5k is a real value on that game in today's market, IMO.

#5275 3 years ago
Quoted from shovelhed:

I still think Spidy is sterns best to date followed by met, acdc and twd

Sometimes I'm shocked I sold mine years ago, considering I still really love the game. I was just getting my fast action fix from Tron & Iron Man and my Ritchie/Lyman fix from AC/DC and it was just sitting there unplayed. I put about 4000 plays on my Spider-Man!

#5280 3 years ago
Quoted from smassa:

Cause its not that fun to shoot.

Except that it is.

#5283 3 years ago
Quoted from vicjw66:

Certainly more fun to shoot than Family Guy.

Wouldn't go that far. But hey, trolls gotta troll...and we're in bizarro world now where people have convinced themselves Ghostbusters actually plays well. Nothing makes sense anymore.

#5285 3 years ago
Quoted from NimblePin:

Kinda like tasty Vegan doughnuts.

Donut Bar San Diego!!!!

Gaddammit I can't post pictures here

#5291 3 years ago
Quoted from Dr-Willy:

I think the market all the way around is getting softer. I think the days of everyone one getting more then what they paid for a game, or very very close to what they paid for a game are at the end (im not saying you are doing that just making a statement about prices). Ive never understood FS ads where someone list a game for NIB price or more then NIB because they added some "mods" to it. I remember seeing a SM for sale a few months ago. It was HUO with only like 400 plays on it or something like that. It was leded and had quite a few mods and looked great, and it sat well over a month with a 5k price tag on it.

At the end of the day it's always supply and demand. Spider-Man Vault put a slight dent in demand for the original. I personally would rather have the original, but the existence of the Vault splits the market for Spidey a bit.

#5298 3 years ago
Quoted from RobT:

I'm going to put my collection up for sale:
Iron Man original (HUO, I am second owner), heavily modded, custom powder coat, custom apron with flashers, toys, etc. (no color DMD) $6100
TWD Premium (pretty much stock) great HUO condition (original owner) $6100
The Hobbit LE (original owner) plastic protectors, LED light kit for rear and under apron. $7200
PM with any questions etc.

What the dang!? I mean ....I hate pinball and I'm still sticking w/ my games for the time being!

#5305 3 years ago
Quoted from vicjw66:

Ghostbusters is definitely overrated. The pro especially. I think you might be a little too close to FG brand and thus overlook the many many many flaws of that pin. Trey Parker and Matt Stone probably think South Park is a great pin.

Quite the opposite. The last thing I want to see outside of work is FG. It's just a flat out great game. The most Williams feeling Stern has built and one of Pat Lawlor's best. Great design, great unique main toy, great rules by Keith Johnson. It's highly rated by tournament players, casuals, and players in between. I think you're a little too against the game for reasons never quite explained...usually completely out of context & just to push my buttons for some reason.

#5323 3 years ago
Quoted from bellbrand:

What do you mean you hate pinball??
And Rob whaaaaat?

That's my schtick now, Lisa! Because of my negative experiences with the NIB side of things lately, I say "I hate pinball". I actually don't hate pinball, but I'm never buying a NIB pinball again, that's for certain.

#5329 3 years ago
Quoted from vicjw66:

Call outs get old and annoying after awhile more so than other games. Hearing same jokes and Louis' voice over and over.

Was the bowling alley's machine running old code? The game came out 10 years ago and people are still telling me they're hearing new quotes on their machines. FGY had more custom dialog and show clips than any other Stern out there. Tell me a game that has more varied clips.

Also who is Louis?

Quoted from vicjw66:

Rules were alright but nothing special.

I'm convinced you were playing old code.

Keith Johnson rules are always special.

#5333 3 years ago
Quoted from Eskaybee:

Tv wizard mode is attainable and a blast;

And because the TV wizard points hinge on how well you did on the modes - that makes playing the modes well a priority & not just wood to chop through.

Quoted from Eskaybee:

For Stevie pinball, there's a smaller ball you can put in the game that makes it play a little more fun; bouncier and faster.

I feel like most people miss the point of the mini-pin: Stewie Multiball. Juggling the upper and lower simultaneously and trying to alternate the character jackpots (Peter mini, Peter main, etc) is a blast ...I can't think of another multiball like that. Plus, the variety of stacking opportunities. A mode & Lard & Fart & Crazy Chris & Happy Hour = crazy points.

Also now that it's "the future"....ColorDMD! ColorDMD, as usual, looks great.

#5349 3 years ago
Quoted from StrangeSubset1:

$1,200?! If I'd be up there I would be all over. Almost TGTBT.

Seems right to me! Back when I started collecting, it seemed like LW3 was the most produced game ever - as every auction had 3 or 4 of them and they were constantly on Craigslist. They were usually less than $1000, too. While prices have gone up - I don't think there's any major demand for LW3, so $1200 still seems about right for today's market.

3 weeks later
#5411 3 years ago
Quoted from Jean-Luc-Picard:

Toying with the idea... Of selling my collection

Mind if I ask why?

3 weeks later
#5452 3 years ago
Quoted from twinmice:

Going to be selling my T-2 I just restored, new cab decals, cleared playfield, all new leds, all new coils, black powder coated rails, hinges, legs, lock bar and gun, a lot of new stuff, not perfect, but very nice, 40+ hours into it. Going to be asking 4250.00 Mike

$10k by Xmas!

#5463 3 years ago
Quoted from Aurich:

I don't really care that he's trying to make a few hundred bucks, I'm more confused why selling a pimped out one to trade for a vault makes any sense. What's special about the vault?

Metallic foil cabinet decals with high rez art are awesome. Playfield quality may be better (was on mine at least). Monger comes with his chest lit up (although you can do that mod on the original).

#5467 3 years ago
Quoted from Aurich:

Oh right, forgot about those, yours does look nice. I dunno, I wouldn't sell just to spend more to get the same game, but that's just me.

Dats pinball for ya! People gonna do their thing.

#5471 3 years ago
Quoted from TKDalumni:

There's a guy trying to trade is OG MM for a remake..kinda the same thing here. Interesting concept.

You can't get the "high rez" new color dots on the original...I have to imagine that's probably why.

#5473 3 years ago

Because it's programmed on their Beaglebone software that's emulating the original code and "overlaying" the new graphics over the old. As far as I know, WPC'95 isn't capable of doing this. I'm not sure if ColorDMD is...but they'd have to re-do all the art from scratch vs. coloring existing art...I don't see that happening.

1 week later
#5502 3 years ago
Quoted from jasonbar:

For Sale:
Avengers Blue LE #121 of 250.
Undocumented HUO.

2 weeks later
#5540 3 years ago

Thinking of selling/trading my Bride of Pinbot w/ 2.0 Kit installed.

Some info:

-I've owned this since 2010...after I bought it, I shopped it out, rebuilt flippers, new helmet & new ramps
-Tasteful LEDs
-BOP 2.0 kit installed which allows you to play the all new BOP 2.0 or the original (Order #1, from the first batch which I hear is running on a higher quality CPU)
-Still have all the old parts
-Aside from the 2.0 kit & repro ramps/helmet, it's all original. Cab has some fade, playfield is original mylar. Has minor wear on the ball drops, but looks good for an original - no crazy bubbles or anything. Not a high end machine, not a beater.
-Has the vacuum formed light up topper from Argentina installed. (As seen here: ebay.com link » The Machine Bride On Pinbot Jack Bot Pinball Topper )

-If interested, I also have a brand new repro plastic set & a brand new repro playfield. I planned on doing some more restoration, but I'm not motivated to do the work myself at this time.

I'm thinking $5500 obo for the game & original spare parts...if you want the playfield/plastics as well, we can work out some kind of package deal.

Open to trades, but not many games I want these days...Champion Pub is something I'd like, maybe Who Dunnit...not sure what else is on my radar, but open to DMD-era game suggestions. Maybe something I've already had, but miss - like Spider-Man (red or black)...

PM me if interested, I can send pics thru Email.


#5545 3 years ago
Quoted from RobT:

Link to my Hobbit LE for sale:

A STEAL. Phenomenal game. New code drops Monday, too!

#5547 3 years ago
Quoted from RobT:

I'm too much out of the loop. New code?!?

Keith posted on the JJP forum...2.0 code releases on Monday.

1 week later
#5583 3 years ago
Quoted from cleland:

Of course, I just purchased Dialed In LE and don't have the funds.

When's the party?

Quoted from cleland:

This is one of, if not the nicest IMVE's on the planet. Someone is going to be stoked, hope it stays in Cali so I get another chance one day.

Sell Goatf*ckers, buy Lisa's IM. Problem solved.

#5589 3 years ago
Quoted from cleland:

Haha, I know of your well documented hate for GB, but the wifey and I really enjoy it. We can't get enough of "Who Brought The Dog"

Quoted from bellbrand:

I have the pro and we like it as well..

I just cant figure out how people who've been in this hobby for so long and have played so many excellent games can stomach such a horrid, soul sucking box of garbage. If that's what passes as "enjoyable" these days, I'm done...I should sell everything...pinball is over...

#5591 3 years ago
Quoted from Eskaybee:

....let's see, I'll take your BK2K and WH2O. Better sell 'em at fire sale prices too as to help get you out of the hobby quicker

How about a BOP 2.0, not at Fire sale price? lol ...maybe I'll drag that outside this weekend so I can take good pics.

#5594 3 years ago
Quoted from bellbrand:

I will take your LOTR please

I can't do it! LOL.

1 week later
#5616 3 years ago
Quoted from twinmice:

Was a hard choice but I put a lot of work into my CCC and they may remake CC but it will never be CCC.

It'll prob be better. Finished code & high-rez color dots on a big screen. Get out while you can!

1 week later
#5634 3 years ago
Quoted from Cruster:

For those that might be interested, Dialed In is on location at Linbrook Bowl in Anaheim.

Also at AYCE GOGI in Van Nuys if you're up this way.

2 weeks later
#5701 3 years ago

Still gonna be selling my BOP with 2.0 kit installed at some point. Just been too busy/lazy to take pics and list it for realzies. Hit me up if you're interested.

2 weeks later
#5759 2 years ago
Quoted from Blazed:

Machine - For Sale
Black Spider-ManHome Used Only (HUO) “Home use only Black Spider-Man. I am the second owner. Excellent condition. Has a small chip in the black at shooter lane(since covered with removable stealth protector). McKee al...”
2 days ago Yreka, CA 6,500 (Firm)

Dang, if you were closer I'd be tempted.

1 week later
#5817 2 years ago
Quoted from BobC:

Is it safe to transport pins during this heatwave? Keep them in a vehicle? I'm worried about the playfield plastics warping in the heat.

I think if you're in the car with the AC on your should be OK...but I wouldn't leave a pin just sitting in a car somewhere right now. ramps and plastics might warp.

#5847 2 years ago
Quoted from twinmice:

Looking for a Star Wars episode 1.

GB has ruined your taste in games, Mike lol

#5852 2 years ago
Quoted from twinmice:

Ha not for me, a non pinball friend wants it. I asked him if he was sure and even told him not the best pinball ever made but still wants me to find him one.

Phew. Lol

2 weeks later
#5884 2 years ago
Quoted from Blazed:

Machine - For Sale
Black Spider-ManHome Used Only (HUO) “Home use only Black Spider-Man. I am the second owner. Excellent condition. Has a small chip in the black at shooter lane(since covered with removable stealth protector). McKee al...”
27 days ago Yreka, CA 6,500

still available

Wish you've were closer!

#5886 2 years ago
Quoted from Aurich:

Well, at least now I know where Yreka is!

I thought it was fake - I had to look it up lol

2 weeks later
#5917 2 years ago
Quoted from bellbrand:

AS pro just out of the box with 10 plays

It's that good, eh?

#5924 2 years ago

For the locals before I list on eBay or whatever:

-Bride of Pinbot repro playfield. Bought a few years ago, was gonna do a swap, never did. Still sitting in the box. Beautiful perfect clearcoat. I think Mirco made it...or Peter...or are they the same guy? Lol $800 obo

-BOP CPR repro full plastic set. Again was gonna do a full restore...never did it. Just been sitting in my closet. $200 obo

-Also have a ton of DMDs that were removed for ColorDMDs. Anyone want some old orange or red DMDs, hit me up. $75 each for locals!

1 week later
#5941 2 years ago
Quoted from PNBLWZD:

Either for sale, or trade towards a GBLE and/or SWLE.

Two horrible piles of vomit. Keep your classics.

3 weeks later
#6001 2 years ago
Quoted from bellbrand:

Is ST pro priced to high? I'm open to offers

Aren't NIB Pros like $5400 now? Seems like a fair price. Just a lot of games competing for sales. Did you list it on CL?

#6005 2 years ago
Quoted from bellbrand:

Yes it's listed on CL

Local collectors running out of room due to all the new stuff?

I just listed an arcade game on CL - took a few flakes and 3 weeks to finally sell (and I dropped the price).

1 week later
#6020 2 years ago
Quoted from ENDOFLINE:

curious what arcade you sold? please tell me it wasnt that sweet pacman cocktail

Nah, it was just a cabaret multi.

5 months later
#6617 2 years ago
Quoted from twinmice:

Anybody know of any Hobbits around Santa Clarita to play? Has to be in nice shape as my wife wants to play one to see if she likes it, and first impressions are everything. lol

Mine. Duh. Ya never took me up on my offer to come check it out.

#6620 2 years ago
Quoted from RobertWinter:

Sorry Greg, but THAT was funny!

Fuck, I don’t post for like 5 months and nothing’s changed.

Eat a bag o dicks, Pinside!

#6622 2 years ago
Quoted from vicjw66:

Good to see you back. Pinside is more interesting with you on it. There. That compliment cancels it out.

Not really back.

I signed in to check my messages a few weeks back.

Felt like telling Andrew Heighway to go fuck himself today.

I check this thread to see if any interesting sales or trades pop up. May post things for sale here.

There’s a Nintendo switch thread I like.

That’s about it. I’m not going to spend time discussing the usual pin stuff anymore in other threads.

#6649 2 years ago
Quoted from kpg:

Getting a new pin and need to make room. My loss is your gain..excellent machine too.

Dang. Tempting. I wish it had the green armor!

#6651 2 years ago
Quoted from Jvspin:

I remember going to an auction years ago. Was a bit disillusioned when I noticed owners bidding on their own machines.
Many of the games were won by the owners when the bid price didn't get high enough for them. Later learned this is called a "buy back" and is common.

Good auctions are long gone...Captains is mostly consignments, so you're really just buying games under the guise of an auction. The true auctions were Super Auctions, before Captains came onto the scene. They auctioned equipment that large companies just wanted to get rid of...there was no vested interest in pumping prices - the purpose was CLEAR IT OUT by the end of the day. I never actually bought a pin at Super Auctions, as they were still a bit pricey considering the condition and work they needed...but man did I get some amazing deals on dedicated classic arcade games!!!

#6665 2 years ago
Quoted from kpg:

Dropped it again to $7450 and will drop it $50 per day until it sells.
Need to make room asap
Best deal you'll find on an AFMR LE, ANYWHERE

Tempted as F....

#6668 2 years ago
Quoted from rvdv:

That is a decent deal
But need to wait another 30 days before it’s get to where I want it to be
Fingers crossed for next 30 days

I’ll buy it on day 29

#6671 2 years ago

I'll buy it when you sell it

#6684 2 years ago

Dang - KPG, RVDV ...together you’re almost an alphabet...hug it out - peace & love, peace & love!

#6690 2 years ago

Put your dicks, er....cars away.

#6724 2 years ago

Take it to myotherpenisisacar.com!!!! FFS...

#6746 2 years ago
Quoted from imagamejunky:

Bump for price drop. This is a fantastic IJ. Quite frankly I’m surprised nobody has bought this yet..

At that price? I'm not.

#6751 2 years ago
Quoted from TheOnlyest:

I for one will never buy ANY used, 20+ year old pins for twice what it cost brand new, regardless of its condition... And if this means I will never acquire the last 4 games on my wishlist, so be it!! I wont be on the list of chumps who help drive up pin prices to the retarded level they are these days!
No offense or anything dude, just why you wont hear from me on this one. But good luck selling, there are still plenty of chumps around here with way more dollars than sense!!

Some games will be lower priced, some will be higher...just basic supply and demand. IJ's always been a hot game, but they made a lot of them and it's never been in HUGE demand relative to its supply.

If the game hasn't sold at a given price, there's no need to for "surprise". It hasn't sold because it's priced too high. Simple. It's in "NIB price" territory, and any potential customers with that kind of cash to spend are probably looking at those options these days.

#6760 2 years ago
Quoted from Ericpinballfan:

Holding my tongue for to long on this.
F them all. Raise the price back up and dont be in such a hurry. It all sells eventually.
Price police shit has to to stop.
Guys. Not our job to criticise for sale ads.
We all have opinions, thank our forefathers for the First Amendment. But in this case, do you want guys to bash your machine every time you try to sell it?
How would you feel?
And frankly Indy is a 6 ro 8 k machine now.
Go check sale archives.

This thread isn’t usually price police-ie....but that comment “I’m surprised it hasn’t sold” ...that was like a weird attempt at buyer-shaming. Like, we’re too f-into stupid to grab this great deal. So - that’s why it got a ton of comments. The only reason something sits unsold: Priced. Too. High. Just a fact.

3 weeks later
#6859 2 years ago
Quoted from bellbrand:

I’m looking to play Houdini if anyone near me has one and wouldn’t mind me swinging by and playing a few games.
I live in chino hills

Not totally near you, but AYCE GOGI in Van Nuys has Houdini.

2 weeks later
#6914 2 years ago
Quoted from NorCalRealtor:

The pin rocks. You won't regret it.

When did that happen? Aboballee Bobo A Boballee Bo.

#6917 2 years ago
Quoted from NorCalRealtor:

I think sometime around when v0.9 met the Cleland sound rom. Although I do miss that call out a lot! If I were Cleland I'd work it back in there somewhere.

LOL. That callout (and others) cemented my hatred for that game, forever known as Garbage of the Galaxy. You just can’t make a game based on a comedic property, use all the likenesses and video footage, and pepper it with nonstop monologues of fake & terrible voice actors. Even Cleland can’t get rid of the fake pinball specific callouts. The Marvel licensing a-hole who wants to do the voices himself and get the extra paycheck ruins every game.

#6921 2 years ago
Quoted from jahbarron:

I like the way the Pro plays. I know nothing of the movies and generally play in loud bars. Stern really doesn't specialize in World Under Glass. TWD &amp; GOT are two of the worst execution of licenses I've ever seen. They look almost bootleg.

GOT has show clips and one custom voice for a real actor from the show. TWD is all fake - but they can almost get away with it since they’re based on serious shows and the pins sell the concept well enough for a game. TWD = player against zombies. GOT = Take down the other houses and become king. GOTG movie is non-stop comedic character performances. People love it for the CHARACTERS. If you’re gonna bass a pinball on a comedy, you need the comedy audio in the game. That’s why people like South Park despite the game sucking. That’s why people liked Austin Powers. Even if a game is mediocre, if it gets comedy right - people will enjoy it.

3 weeks later
#6961 2 years ago
Quoted from venom112:

Anyone here in SoCal have a mint collectors quality LOTR for sale ?

I have a Bill Davis clear coated spare Playfield if you get one & need a better Playfield. I was gonna hang it on the wall, but if anyone wants to buy it, PM me.

I also have a BOP Mirco repro Playfield & new plastic set I’m never going to use, if anyone is interested.

1 month later
#7042 1 year ago
Quoted from Eskaybee:

When will Pirate's land at Ayce?

They had one months ago. The 3-spinner version.

#7044 1 year ago
Quoted from Eskaybee:

Yeap, and guess who had the GC on it

Guess who played it and never wants to play that game ever again.

#7046 1 year ago
Quoted from Eskaybee:

Not enough hobbit math rules for you?

Hobbit isn’t math. It’s a cinematic mode based progression game, like LOTR. It has audio and video of all the characters and stories and draws you into its world. POTC has zero characters or stories despite having to pick from 40 characters. It lacks personally. Feels stale. Doesn’t make use of its multi movie license.

#7056 1 year ago
Quoted from vicjw66:

I agree with you on Pirates but c'mon. Do you really like Hobbitt? Like the movie, Hobbit is long and boring. Is there another machine that has longer ball times than Hobbitt? I'd rather play Family Guy....and that's sayin something.

Oh hai troll.

Yes, Hobbit is a phenomenal game. Try it with 2.96 code. There’s no modern game that has the entire package like Hobbit does. It’s a cinematic pinball experience like no other. It has a beautiful score that no other pin can compete with. It has modes that are clever & match with the playfield features instead of being “shoot the colored shot”. It has the best use & production values of all the LCD displays so far. A huge loss to everyone who made up their minds based on the early show versions & never gave it another chance. I’m not even remotely bored of it. It grows on me more and more.

“Long ball times” is the pinball review of the lazy & dishonest.

1.) All games can be made faster and harder.

2.) Long ball times as a negative only matters if the game doesn’t have the content to back up long games. Hobbit has 30-something modes and multiple Wizard modes. Long ball times are GOOD when there’s that much to do.

#7058 1 year ago
Quoted from vicjw66:

Agreed. If you're into watching other people play pinball then this is the game for you.

Do you judge games by playing them or watching them? Reviewing games by “wait factor” in a multiplayer scenario is silly. Play a game and judge it as a game.

#7062 1 year ago
Quoted from andre060:

Guys take it to the game discussion threads, please! This is one of the more enjoyable bicker-free threads and you’re ruining that.

I guess I should have added “don’t @ me”? that’s what the kids do now...

1 week later
#7105 1 year ago
Quoted from CaryCarmichael:

I have a league member that is looking to buy an X-Men LE. Cash in hand. Holler if you're looking to sell.

Be a friend and talk them out of it lol

1 month later
#7199 1 year ago
Quoted from Eskaybee:

I don't want to sound rude or disrespectful, but if you really need to get it out before the weekend, you might want to bring your price below NIB pricing.

To be fair, you save on shipping & a potential letter from the Use Tax board.

#7205 1 year ago
Quoted from Eskaybee:

Very true. Good thing we have a local distributor now surfsidedetail that you can pick up a game at their location with warranty and stern/distributor support, and for less than what he’s asking for his OUO. I just bought my ACDC pro vault from them and they loaded it in my car, saved my back, and were fantastic. Very pleased with Evan and (crap forgot the other guys name, but he was the one who helped me and kicked butt loading it ).

Ugh, that brutal flipper is now a distributor? Oh, pinball...you just keep getting worse and worse.

1 week later
#7220 1 year ago
Quoted from RobT:

Anyone interested in trading for a HUO Star Wars pro?
Let me know what you have

Nah, I never took calculus.

#7224 1 year ago
Quoted from RobT:

Then why do you own The Hobbit?

There's no math-chess. Just lots of modes...easy to understand how to start them & what the goals within them are. Easy to understand goal-based completion of modes, multiballs, etc. Plays like an adventure.

#7226 1 year ago
Quoted from Eskaybee:

I'm pretty sure you need a bachelor's in science to figure out the mode multiplier combinations in hobbit . Star Wars = shoot the green shot if you want it multiplied, otherwise it's not multiplied.

...but you can play Hobbit & enjoy it without understanding any of that. SW is just confusing as F...you need to understand the chaos to get any enjoyment out of it, IMO.

#7235 1 year ago
Quoted from edwood40:

Just hoping to get lucky. Anyone in California or all of the west coast looking to sell their Metallica LE? Please send me a PM if you would like to sell. Thanks.

A friend of mine still has one in the box and I've told him he should sell it...but hoarders gonna hoard.

2 weeks later
#7275 1 year ago
Quoted from bellbrand:

I’m going to have to forfeit my Alice Cooper spot 329 best reasonable offer can have my spot.

1 month later