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By jwwhite15

5 years ago

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#473 5 years ago

Budget, volume, & calendar have reduced my waffling & focused me on a modest pin that I'm ready to get in-garage ASAP, if somebody has one fully working & relatively clean. Shopped would be nice, but I can clean & do rubbers if needed--can't be that hard on a simple old game.

Williams Grand Prix EM. Are you out there? Are you ready to be my first EM? I promise to be good to you!


#477 5 years ago

Thanks--I did find that ad a little while ago, & I e-mailed the person with that ad (which has no pics or info), but I got no reply.

A bit far for me to go without more assurance. :\


#482 5 years ago
Quoted from SoCalPinballs:

If you do get in touch with him I could go check it out for you. It is very close to me.

Thanks--that's a very generous offer! :]


#483 5 years ago
Quoted from o-din:

Talk to RobT. He has my old one. I was going to get it back, but if he is done with it, I wouldn't mind.
It is in pretty good shape.

Thanks--I just messaged RobT.


2 weeks later
#561 4 years ago

Thanks for the scoop.

Have you specs on the glass that you'd provide to a non-pinball savvy glass vendor?
Edge type
Other variables


Quoted from MrArt2u:

I recently picked up 5 sheets from Betson. They had them wrapped up and ready to go for me in will call. Got home to find all 5 sheets were pretty badly scratched. They were stored/packaged without those little foam pads between the sheets. They said that's how they sold them and that they were first quality (not returns) and offered to take them back.
Before Betson, a shop a few blocks from my office in an industrial area would charge me $26 a sheet if I bought 4 at a time. They are now out of business. I'd shop around locally to see if you can get a decent price.

#612 4 years ago

You guys & your little nuts. How cute.

I should probably get a Hercules to go with my nuts.

But I have only 3 of these...


#615 4 years ago
Quoted from Daddy-o:

Your nuts are missin' something on the inside -
No threads. That's just a big hex washer?

Oh, they're threaded alright. Threaded like a fox!

...a really thready fox, that is...

#619 4 years ago
Quoted from Daddy-o:

Threads and it looks like you face is laser etched on the last one

Artistic reflection!

#632 4 years ago
Quoted from chrisjens2:

Cirqus Voltaire in LA for $3500, posted on the Mr Pinball classifieds today. I know it won't last long but I'm hoping a pinsider gets it before one of the flippers do.....

Saw that--assumed a scam...?

2 months later
#1101 4 years ago
Quoted from practicalsteve:

Still looking for a rollergames if anyone has one in So Cal and plans to make it up to PAGG I can pick it up there.

Saw one at King Richard's antique mall in Whittier on Sunday. I saw it there about a year ago, the first time I went there.

It's not in great shape, and it has a $3.2k price tag...


3 weeks later
#1218 4 years ago



My Twilight Zone in Los Angeles: https://pinside.com/pinball/forum/topic/for-sale-twilight-zone-bally-1993-2000

I love the game, but it's had some nagging electrical gremlins. I'm about to move, probably to a smaller home, so let's see if there's purchase interest. Can't take on a trade now. Will consider discussing a loan/repair arrangement if you can work out the kinks & want to hold it for a while while you do so...until I've settled in a new home.


1 week later
#1264 4 years ago

No longer for sale. In very good hands for the near future. May be on the market later this year. Stay tuned...or not...it's probably not worth staying tuned...will probably be pretty dull...


Quoted from jasonbar:

My Twilight Zone in Los Angeles: https://pinside.com/pinball/forum/topic/for-sale-twilight-zone-bally-1993-2000
I love the game, but it's had some nagging electrical gremlins. I'm about to move, probably to a smaller home, so let's see if there's purchase interest. Can't take on a trade now. Will consider discussing a loan/repair arrangement if you can work out the kinks & want to hold it for a while while you do so...until I've settled in a new home.

5 months later
#2141 4 years ago


[Kind of a "wanted" ad, kind of a "for sale" ad...]

Wanted: repair help on a Twilight Zone (or a buyer?) in Los Angeles / Orange County.

Summary below. PM me & I'll fill in details as needed.

Bought it about 1.5 years ago.
Had a few electrical gremlins from the time that I bought it.
Some gremlins sorted out, others remain, others worsened.
- Audio volume spontaneous changes (seems resolved)
- Audio crackle sometimes on some sounds (seems mostly resolved)
- Switch matrix blows U20 on the MPU PCB (unresolved)
- Occasional resets (seems resolved)
- Clock optos pooped out (unresolved but straightforward to get a new aftermarket board)

Had to move earlier this year, put it up for possible sale or for pinsitting & fixin' rather than putting it in a storage unit:


A friend took it in & generously put much labor into it. He cleared up some issues but has thrown in the towel on the switch matrix after ruling out many culprits. The frustrating parts of his & my troubleshooting included:
- we could sometimes play hours straight or play it fine off & on for weeks before it would fail, but other times it would blow U20 just minutes into the first game after putting a fresh chip in U20
- different rows & columns of the switch matrix go out when it fails--usually certain ones, but not always
- it fails under different conditions (no certain switch/coil/mode is the consistent culprit)
- it fails even when having disabled many parts of the game, eliminating them as culprits (coin door connector at the coin door, mini PF connector, magnets, all flasher bulbs removed, Great Lakes opto board unplugged, clock unplugged)
- we visually inspected all of the wiring, I removed the tight factory cable ties, & I replaced them with looser cable ties in case there was a short inside a bundle

The culmination of his efforts points to either the backbox board(s) themselves having issues or there being something in the flashers (wiring, socket, connectors, or...?).


Which brings us to today, which feels like April all over again. :\ I'm not into my new home yet, I haven't a lick of time these days to put into further troubleshooting, & I'd like to get the machine out my friend's home. He's been more than patient & generous.

So, I'm looking for a buyer or, preferably, somebody who can tackle the troubleshooting & repair it (and be compensated fairly for your efforts).

Any WPC repair experts?
The next steps in our troubleshooting (had we the resources) would be:
- To swap the boardset into another WPC machine & see if the problem stays in this game or moves (determines if PCBs are the problem)
- To unplug even more items (we didn't outright unplug the flasher wiring at the backbox PCB--we unsocketed all flasher bulbs) & patiently test a game that's a bit boring b/c much of it is disabled.

Thanks for reading.

Please reply via PM. I haven't had time to look at Pinside much in the last 5 months... =(


#2153 4 years ago
Quoted from uncivil_engineer:

With regards to your U20 issue. I fought a similar electrical issue in a friend of mine's Judge Dred a few months ago. You can read about it here: https://pinside.com/pinball/forum/topic/tech-jd-keeps-eating-uln2803s
We ended up replacing U14, and so far it has held up 3 months later.

Thanks. If possible, I'll try that fix out. Better yet, if I just had a known good MPU to swap in, that would give us feedback on the health of that PCB in general. Unfortunately, I haven't even seen my TZ since April & likely won't again for a month or two. Repairs aren't logistically feasible at the moment.


2 months later
#2492 4 years ago

Seeking Tales of the Arabian Nights, Cirqus Voltaire, Monster Bash, or perhaps a Wizard of Oz.

Orange County, CA.


7 months later
#4234 3 years ago
Quoted from BumperMcBaulhogh:

Looking for a nice Space Jam for some friends.
Within the TMZ would be great, but I'll take a look at anything within a couple hours of Los Angeles.
Clean, fully working, "Plug and Play" The new owner is not going to be tinkering with it at all.
p.m. Me with info. Thanks!

"for some friends"...riiiiiight...

2 weeks later
#4296 3 years ago

For sale.
Translite of the Pro version of Stern's Game of Thrones pinball arcade machine. Part number 830-52G4-00.
Brand new, never installed a game.
Signed by Steve Ritchie in gold marker pen along the bottom of the throne.
Includes backing paper to protect during shipment or storage. Ships in a stout cardboard poster tube, or pick up in Irvine/Lake Forest area.
Added over 3 years ago: Price drop 2016/08/08. $110.

Added over 3 years ago: ***SOLD***

#4344 3 years ago

Game of Thrones translite signed by Steve Ritchie: priced dropped from $130 to $110 OBO.

Added over 3 years ago: ***SOLD***

1 month later
#4483 3 years ago

I'm looking to add 1-2 machines.
I'm in Irvine, CA. With kids and a busy schedule, delivery or shipping to my home is logistically far more feasible than me doing a pickup. But, if it's near Irvine, with some advance notice and scheduling patience, I could probably do a pickup.
Wish list:
Big Guns
Cirqus Voltaire
F-14 Tomcat
Grand Prix (Stern)
Grand Prix (Williams EM)
Indianapolis 500
Johnny Mnemonic
The Machine: Bride of Pinbot
Monster Bash
Pirates of the Caribbean
Spider-Man (Stern)
Star Trek (Stern)
Tales of the Arabian Nights
Possibly others. Open to any suggestions.

Added over 3 years ago: No longer looking, thanks!

Added WHO Dunnit & Wizard of Oz Emerald City LE.

If I can shoehorn in 1 more, there's a Big Guns out there that's attainable...and that would fit my budget nicely after purchasing those 2 machines! ;D


8 months later
#5499 2 years ago

For Sale:
Avengers Blue LE #121 of 250.
Undocumented HUO.
$6200 OBO
Located in Irvine, CA 92620. In garage, super easy loading into your vehicle.
Value-Added Mods & Such (over $900 of additions):
1 - ColorDMD (installed by ColorDMD themselves, used to shoot promotional video for their website & YouTube). $399.
2 - Pinball Refinery Tesseract cube. $140? (Website down? Can't find product.)
3 - Hooked On Pinball Loki lock & figure: slim lock lights over shooter lane, blinking Loki action figure at back right. $190.
4 - Hooked On Pinball Captain America pop bumper caps. $80.
5 - Hooked On Pinball slingshot plastics with more clear/less art to see inlanes & outlanes better. $40.
6 - Sheet metal mod (adapted from Cliffy lane protector) to make Loki locks foolproof. $15.
7 - USB Quinjet to replace flast plastic. $5.
amazon.com link »
8 - Stern kit: extra plastic ring under Black Widow ramp to reduce Hulk saucer drop-outs (almost never happens), Loki lock functional sticker (didn't work, made another mode), replaced green plastic behind Hulk which had been broken at the thin point around the middle (replacement also broke later). plastic ceiling above Black Widow ramp to keep ball from flying off (made further tweaks to ceilings to tune better).
9 - Tuned ramp entries, Black Widow ramp, Black Widow spinner, hulk bridge. All work beautifully & reject few shots.
10 - Replaced random GI's random RGBP X-Mas lights pattern with color-matching tasteful frosted LEDs.
11 - Replaced all flashers with color-matching LEDs.
12 - Added rubber foot bumpers inside sling coils to soften blow--solved problem of frequent sling airballs.
13 - Added rubber foot bumper inside Hulk to raise his arms slightly to reduce the number of balls trapped at his elbows/forearms. Green-markered visible (barely) hardware holding Hulk together, so no shiny metal parts showing.
14 - Added 2nd post near right outlane to block off a short dead-end path where the ball would occasionally venture & meander.
15 - Newest code update, V1.7, 2016/01/16.
16 - Simple blue painter's tape on backbox fluorescent light to lessen glare of backglass that obscures Hulk area.
Teeny weeny issues:
17 - Green plastic behind Hulk cracked--doesn't show, stays put.
18 - Tiny chip on cabinet right side art by Black Widow's shoe--painted yellow to blend relatively well--looks as if she's kicking up dirt--pretty minor & subtle.
According to illustrious Pinsider Troz, who held on to the machine for about 7 months when I was moving, "Your Avengers by the way is so nicely dialed. I've never played one where the Black Widow ramp works nearly every time!" High praise indeed. Sure, he demolished all my high scores, but it beats putting the game in storage! :]
Added over 3 years ago: 19 - Thorough trip through the self-tests to confirm that all switches, lamps, flashers, coils, & mechanisms work.
Added over 3 years ago: 18b - Hulk has some scuffed knuckles from too much Hulk Smash!
Added over 2 years ago: Price drop 2017/07/12: $5900.
Thank you,

Added over 2 years ago: SOLD!!!

1 month later
2 months later
#5872 2 years ago

$10 shipped:

12 disco color-changing twist-in wedge base assemblies. These were in a machine that I got, & I don't care for them.

They seem to be home-grown: an LED & resistor(?) soldered into the base, & gooped over with hot glue. I tried disassembling 1 to salvage the base, but I didn't succeed.
So, it's 11 assemblies + a base that might be salvageable with lots of picking.



5 months later
#6456 1 year ago
Quoted from Aurich:

Is that yours with the topper on the OC Facebook page? Saw acejedi was interested.

What's this OC Facebook page of which you speak?


6 months later
#7161 1 year ago
Quoted from trk12fire:

Firepower II, 1100.
sacramento.craigslist.org link

Looks like a honey of a machine, & pretty uncommon. GLWS!


10 months later
#8233 4 months ago
Quoted from Sunsfan:

So I live in Arizona but work up in the Bay Area( San Jose) this apartment up here is small af so I’m looking for something like a mini virtual pinball machine.
Anyone ever bought one or have one to sell?

Virtual pinball leaves me clammy. *shudder*

Have you considered a pinball 2000 or a cocktail pinball?


2 months later
#8448 76 days ago

For trade:

Mars, God of War
Gottlieb system 80, 1981
Very good player's condition.


Located in Irvine, 92620, just off the 5 FWY.
Super duper easy access (garage, no steps, no carrying, back your vehicle right up)

***Trade only, +/- cash as appropriate***
Not looking to sell at this time.
An SS or maybe a later EM. Looking for something on the simple & old side.
Can't take on a project or fixer-upper (no time...).
Traded game must be fully working. Pampered & shopped & reliable are a big plus.
I am unable to deliver--you must come to me. I'm happy to compensate transportation cost accordingly.
I have no specific wish list--open to any any trade offers--try me!

The good:
1. Working (except for 4-5 flaky bulb sockets).
2. Swemmer MPU & chase light PCB, bought new in February 2015, zero problems since.
3. Both backglasses intact & in very good condition.
4. Custom backglass bracket protects glass from falling out.
5. All LEDs (generally color-matched frosted under colored inserts & in backbox, cool white under GI, red in backbox chase frame).
6. Printed manual.
7. Credit switch added to coin reject button on inside of coin door--invisible & removable.
8. Replaced ramp tube & drop targets several years ago.

The bad:
1. Playfield paint damage where pop bumper skirts extenders used to be, & around flippers/sling where Mylar was pulled up.
2. About 4-5 PF insert bulb sockets are flaky. Sometimes work, sometimes don't. Need cleaning/adjustment, or replacement.
3. Some minor cabinet wear & scuffs, but overall good.
4. What looks like a former credit button hole on the cabinet front has been patched & painted, but is noticeable.
5. A few scratches on PF glass.

Thank you,

Added 2 days ago:


3 weeks later
#8527 53 days ago

Put an ad for my Mars God of War MGOW on the marketplace.

Now also entertaining sale offers instead of only trade offers.


Thank you,

#8539 48 days ago
Quoted from swanng:

Too bad that MGoW isn't the black cabinet version................................

Yah, those look sharp. Hey, can always repaint! =D

Price drop, BTW: $1,450 OBO.


1 month later
#8627 2 days ago


I've got room for 1 machine in my lineup.
Leaning towards something old/old-ish (later EM, or SS [pref. Williams SS])...but always open to listen to any suggestions.

Needs to be fully working, preferably shopped (super swamped--hardly have time to play, let alone resotre--can't take on a project).

Located in Irvine. Prefer to have game delivered, can maybe pick up over the holidays if not far.

Message me if you have something to move.

Thank you!

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