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Official California For Sale Club (and Wanted too)

By jwwhite15

7 years ago

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#821 6 years ago

I was instructed to move my requests to this thread...
Space Shuttle, Space Shuttle, Space Shuttle.
Also: Teacher's Pet, DE Simpsons, Expressway, Title Fight, Locomotion

#829 6 years ago
Quoted from jwwhite15:

Did you want a Space Shuttle?... I still want your speakeasy...just sayin'

Will, baby! Not my Speakeasy! How about a project Meteor?
But yes, really looking for a Space Shuttle.

I still owe you some bbq and beer and such for that Blackjack I still love so much. I put an alltek in it, redid connectors, and that sucker is almost bullet-proof. Love that game.

Not as much as Space Shuttle tho...

When are you headed out to the coast?

#837 6 years ago

O-Din... Are you saying you have one? Yes I am interested.

2 weeks later
#926 6 years ago

PM sent, re: Moulin Rouge.

5 months later
#1722 6 years ago
Quoted from Kerry_Richard:

I just sold a Tommy at CAX for $2700

Was yers the one with the big silver ball? That was groovy baby.

#1742 6 years ago

OMG izzy... I had that Nixon mask AND the weird devil one with the beard in the corner and the weird ugly Wonder Woman one too back in the day.

2 weeks later
#1838 6 years ago

Ok people, I need some help pulling this off. I want to buy a couple of the machines on this thread that are in socal, but i need to sell a couple machines to do it (both for the room and the cache monet). It would be great if buyers for my machines were in socal; then I could even deliver. It would be beauty to leave with two machines and come home with two different ones, but obviously if a norcal/central valley homie wanted to come to the beautiful central coast and get 'em (and play some pinball), that would be ok too.

What I got:
A very nice Gottlieb Buccaneer. Works perfectly. BG: 9.8 PF: 9 Cab: 9.8. New rubber.
A very nice (deep breath) Bally Speakeasy. BG: 9+ PF: 9+ cab: 8+ with spare flyaway targets (4/5) and two spare flyaway assemblies for parts. Also a newly bulletproofed sdb (from Andrew, here on Pinside).

KerryRichard (in norcal) has first dibs on the Speakeasy which I can only sell if I can get the Space Shuttle PACMAN just put up. Only a Space Shuttle would make me sell Speakeasy.

I will get pics tonight for people who pm their interest.


1 month later
#2238 6 years ago
Quoted from mikeincali:

I know someone who is selling one, but it isn't cheap. If you're interested, PM me.

Mikey, where do you get all your inside info on all them machines? You're always turning up something innaresting.

Where's that Expressway I was eyeing?

#2256 6 years ago
Quoted from Jean-Luc-Picard:

I cant wait that long for a doctor lol

Is that you over on rgp angling for the "mint" Dr Who back in Joisy?

3 weeks later
#2361 6 years ago

YO Will. How much for the Line Drive? And how did you score a unit like that?

6 months later
#3775 5 years ago

Non-Pinsider friend is selling his High Speed 2: slo.craigslist.org link
Worked on it a couple years ago. Fun machine!

#3865 5 years ago
Quoted from Aurich:

IMHO Fathom and Centaur are overpriced games. They're the Monster Bash of the Bally solid states, wonderful art and theme, lots of fun, and not worth the money for the gameplay. They're collector games.

What he said. The sounds on Centaur get old fast also. That said, a super shweet one is prolly worth 3K+ in this day and age.

#3932 5 years ago

I am more than happy to help, but I don't know of any machines around these parts that are reasonably priced. There was a HS2 on CL awhile back for 2250... I know the guy, I could see if he still has it? Once the machine is picked, I could mos' def' help with setup and maintenance and eventual repair...

#3933 5 years ago

There a High Speed in the valley for 1800.
How far is too far?

1 week later
#4096 5 years ago

Yo Kerry, I am still holding that Speakeasy for you. I just need something to replace it with first!

1 week later
#4158 5 years ago
Quoted from o-din:

I only trust three people... me, myself, and I.

Those are my best drinkin' buddies too!

1 week later
#4193 5 years ago
Quoted from vicjw66:

I will be wearing my Vicjw66 badge if anyone wants to say hi and maybe a friendly wager of a dollar a game, or just for fun.

We need a 4th for a Nightrider throwdown with PracticalSteve, MoF, and me...

Badge up.

3 weeks later
#4313 5 years ago

Greg w/the TZ is in beautiful Shandon, CA.

#4315 5 years ago
Quoted from xsvtoys:

My goal is to join you guys up there sometime soon in my retirement, being an ex-SLO Cal Poly guy.

Come visit anytime, daddio. My house is right downtown. Plenty of pinheads around here too.

#4322 5 years ago

Looking for a DE Simpsons or a Seawitch, preferably in Santa Barbara north to SF range.

#4329 5 years ago
Quoted from xsvtoys:

My time there predates the farmers market.......we're talking 70s.

I moved here in '79 to go to Poly. Married a local girl and never left.
That arcade over on Foothill was Martini's Family Fun Fair, I think, and lasted until the mid to late 80's.
I was there a lot '81-'83. During the video arcade bubble, he even expanded to a second location.

#4340 5 years ago
Quoted from xsvtoys:

Scrubby and Lloyds just closed a few months ago.

They tore that building down probly 10-15 years ago actually

Speedy Burger also had what they called the Mean Bean Taco; a regular taco wrapped in another tortilla lined with beans. Taco Bell totally stole the idea.

Quoted from xsvtoys:

And you are one of those @#[email protected]#'s who figured out a way to stay there. We say it that way only jokingly because we are so damn envious.

Yup. And I managed to buy a house right downtown. I have been mighty lucky and spoiled, and I know it. My boy is going to graduate this year and doesn't want to move away anywhere. Looks like another Cal Poly kid.

Quoted from Pinballlew:

Family Fun Fair is right. Second location was called Time Machine and was in what is now the Albertsons shopping center.

The wife went to high school with the kid whose parents owned it. He thought he was all that with pockets full of quarters.

#4341 5 years ago
Quoted from Pinballlew:

Yeah Scrubby and Lloyds was great.

Except for no fries.

3 weeks later
#4399 5 years ago

I know I got an ad up for a DE Simpsons, but if'n I can find a player's Mousin Around for something south of 2k (or some sort of cash/trade) within 250 mile, I'd take that instead.

#4432 5 years ago
Quoted from practicalsteve:

Now I'm wishing it won't!

We might hafta fight over it Stevo. I wuz kinda eyeballing for a HMM for ma music studio.
Ain't never played one, but I shore like the look.

1 week later
#4510 5 years ago
Quoted from Dr-Willy:

Chris kicks ass

I'll back that!

4 months later
#4971 5 years ago

Finally snaked my Heat Wave, so it's onto the next quest(s).
Looking for:
Gottlieb Title Fight
Bally Expressway
Stern Seawitch if I can find one for less than 1500.

As always, looking for players' quality, not restored.

3 weeks later
#5088 4 years ago
Quoted from Cheddar:

This has been at Pin-a-Go-Go in Dixon the last 2 years.

He is modest when he calls it "partially restored." That sucker is a beaut! I played it last year at PAGG. I was not worthy. Space Shuttle is one of the greats, and this is a great one. I own a Space Shuttle, but I still wish I could buy this one.

5 months later
1 month later
#5798 4 years ago

Looking for a Swords of Fury, Gottlieb Title Fight, Radical, or a Seawitch. Gotta sweet playing Evel Knievel for partial trade bait, and mebbe my lovely pascaled Genie, if the right deal came along.

7 months later
#6553 3 years ago

Just found an Excalibur that I gotta finance, so... I'm looking to sell:
1. The spare NOS playfield that came with the Excalibur.
2. Player's condition Fireball 2
3. Sweet Genie with hot coils and a Pascal mpu.
4. Williams Skill Pool
5. Allied Leisure's Boogie with lots of spare parts

PM me for details if'n yer interested. I'ma be at GSPF and could deliver there.

#6578 3 years ago
Quoted from hawkmoon:

Eric,I wish you were closer,I'd take those Cocktails!! Been wanting one for Game room!!!

Yer both gonna be there! Just haul it home with you Johnny. We can test drive it in the campground for you

Quoted from Ericpinballfan:

I might just pack them up and bring to Lodi. Will i see you there, why am i asking that, i know youll be there.

See? That's what I'm talking about.

3 weeks later
#6740 3 years ago
Quoted from PACMAN:

Price dropped on my SM project.
$3400 OBO

Quoted from kpg:

Sorry to have inconvenienced you having to swipe your finger over a few additional posts.

Now I gotta go back at least a page to find the post with his original price. It ain't just scrolling any more. Now we're in PITA country

Plus, O-Din already started a California For Sale thread that was intended to go off topic.

#6779 3 years ago
Quoted from Dr-Willy:

I have some solid round ones that are the old non detachable style I’ll sell for $5 a piece?

I'd be in for a couple of those.

1 month later
#6894 3 years ago

Looking for an empty Williams single player em cabinet from the '70s. My project Triple Action cabinet has some serious issues.

2 months later
#7109 3 years ago
Quoted from Rarehero:

Be a friend and talk them out of it lol


5 months later
#7576 2 years ago

GSPF is coming in May, you West Coast pinheads! Eric would prolly deliver that WhoDunnit to da show.

2 weeks later
#7616 2 years ago
Quoted from NorCalRealtor:

You are unlikely to find a used one for cheaper than their Show Price.

Yep. My buddy Tony got a killer deal at last year's CAX.

1 month later
#7708 2 years ago
Quoted from jahbarron:

working Williams Ringer up for grabs. $1500/trade for something a man can enjoy all by himdamnself

Pm sent

2 months later
#8008 2 years ago
Quoted from jwwhite15:

57 Williams Deluxe Baseball.

PM sent!

1 week later
#8031 2 years ago

OK People! I need that Devil Riders in Phoenix! Is there somebody in socal willing to be paid to get it from Phoenix to socal by july 14, when I would be there to pick it up from you? I will have already paid for it, you would just need to get it to southern cali by july 14. Gas and your time would obviously be compensated. And if you happened to set it up and play for a few days before I get there... coolio!

1 week later
#8137 2 years ago

Selling a pretty good Grand Prix. Plays beauty. If you were at the campcade at GSPF, it's that one.
I have pix, will post an ad tonight.
I will be at CAX at the end of the month and could deliver there.
Gotta help finance Devil Riders!

1 month later
#8312 2 years ago

Hey wait, Kerry! My pinhead buddy still has the Mousin' Around you sold us 2 years ago at CAX! Now you be wanting it again?
Too bad we love it so much!

#8313 2 years ago

Also Kerry, how are you willing to pay for a WhoDunnit? I know a guy with a shweet one, but he prolly wants top dollar.

3 months later
#8558 2 years ago

Finally found my perfect Space Shuttle, so I'm selling my players' one.
Better than most. Hot dog style inserts. Playfield 6, cab 6-7, bg 9.
Ramps ok, but are a little cracked.
Plays great. Speech sometimes is wonky.
Pm me for pics/more details.

#8559 2 years ago

Also... I just picked up a nice Catacomb! I'm planning on keeping it, but if you have anything on my wishlist that you're willing to trade for it, I'm listening!

1 week later
#8583 2 years ago

As I swap things in and out of my new Space Shuttle project, I will have various parts that I take out for sale. The machine is already pretty good, so...

So far I have a set of displays and the board, all working perfectly. I swapped in led ones.

I also have a pretty much perfect backglass, since I have a new one.

In the next few weeks, I will have a ramp/shuttle and plastics. Those are probably about a 7 or 8. I don't think the ramp is cracked. Eventually, I will have a playfield that's about a 6+.

The sys9 board is spoken for.

Pm me if you need something. I'll be posting an ad soon enough.

2 weeks later
#8622 2 years ago

Finally ready to move my players' Space Shuttle so's I can start on my restore. 1400 obo.
Pix here: https://photos.app.goo.gl/1LR4r3nUhLrMY3mw9
Got it open now, so can get more if wanted.
Plays great. Some cracked plastics, but nothing too ugly. Ramp has a small crack in the back under the plastic, but plays fine. Playfield has less than average wear for this title but is still, you know, a Space Shuttle playfield.
Boards are clean, but occasionally the voices are a little sloooow.

I'ma put an ad up soon.
Party on.

1 month later
#8705 1 year ago

Got property taxes coming, and I gotta move some machines.
Player's Space Shuttle (price drop)
Project Fireball2 (needs sound board work and this and that) - Priced to move.
Williams Big Daddy 2' flipper, plays fine.

Ads soon, pm for deets.

1 month later
#8811 1 year ago
Quoted from PinBallPeteFromSD:

Not a bad cheap game.

Love me some HRC, baby. There's always one at Cal Extreme, and it's beat, and I still like it, so...

#8828 1 year ago
Quoted from o-din:

Done deal. HRC aint leaving. Best game Stern ever made.

Told you it was fun!

5 months later
#9327 1 year ago
Quoted from rvdv:

Selling few games soon
Space rider

Is that the Atari Space Riders or the Globetrotters conversion Space Rider?

2 weeks later
#9371 1 year ago
Quoted from Ericpinballfan:

Maybe someone wants a Fun light project Slot Machine?

Hey Eric, I used to have one like that! It might not be broken. Lots of people don't realize how long it pays out when you win the super jackpot. If you don't have enough tokens (like hundredssss) it will spew them all out, and you have to keep shoving them back into the hopper again and again until it's done. It goes like 10 minutes, and if you don't have PUHLenty of tokens, most people think it's broken. It's prolly just still paying!

4 months later
#9851 11 months ago
Quoted from Billy16:

Woah, that's a lotta punctuation. I'm thinking an afternoon Twinkie chased-back by a Dr. Pepper...

That's just how my brother Hawkmoon rolls...LOLOL Luckily he don't try to text.

2 weeks later
#9886 10 months ago

Yup. Still an institution...

5 months later
#10244 5 months ago

Looking hard for an Escape from the Lost World. Just saw that Banning will be auctioning one, but I don't prolly wanna deal with that action. I also have an Excalibur soon to be on the block for cash or if yer innnarested in a trade of some kind... And even perhaps my newly acquired Funhouse might be available for the right trade.

1 month later
#10333 4 months ago

OK, Gotta finance a TX Sector, so Excalibur is going up for sale. It's in shweet shape (mostly) and I have spare aftermarket cpu board that started acting weird so i put the original back in, and the same same with a new driver board. WTF?! Anyway, I spent a bundle on them, and they're part of the package. The ramp has a little epoxy repair at the hard curve, but it works 100% and the machine looks pretty damn beauty for the most part. The cab has been tastefully repaired. I will take pics tomorrow.

It even features a translite signed by John Trudeau, for whatever that might mean to you.

Hadda lotta interest last time i mentioned this, so bear that in mind when asking price this time. Plus Tx-Sector needs.

PM me for price and more deets. Hoping to deliver to PAGG in a couple three weeks...

#10334 4 months ago

Cheddar: That Super Nova playfield looks pretty much like my Game Plan cocktail Star Trip playfield, only mirrored!
Kewl looking game!

#10343 4 months ago

Excalibur pics. I'll pull it out of the line up tomorrow to get actual cab pix.

#10349 4 months ago

Got a set of cab decals for Mousing Around that I got with my new acquisition that ima never gonna use. Pm if interested.

Also a new CPR Space Shuttle backglass.

I can bring both to PAGG.

#10415 3 months ago

Looking hard for some old Ballys:

Escape from the Lost World
Blackjack (ss)
Grand Slam
Balls a Poppin.

#10466 3 months ago

I gotta CPR Gold Space Shuttle playfield up for sale. It's from the first run I think. I was gonna do a restore on my Shuttle, but mine ain't that bad and the machine I really want to restore is my Cyclone, and CPR now has Cyclone playfields back in stock, so a choice had to be made.

Can deliver to PAGG next week, or with a little "greasing of the wheel," CAX the week after. I don't really do shipping.

Stokin' for PAGG.

#10483 3 months ago

Looks like I found a Speakeasy! Still REALLY Looking for an Escape from the Lost World.

How about a Heavy Metal Meltdown?

Long Shot: A Trident Backglass????

Also, I have set of Williams displays from a Space Shuttle that are all good; I just replaced them with the led ones I got with the machine. No burn in or missing segments or anything. DM me to make an offer.

Going to PAGG next weekend. Can deliver or pick up.

1 week later
#10570 3 months ago

Putting out feelers for a Devil Riders I might have for sale. PF: 9+, CAB: 6+, BG (mostly transparent by design): 7, HEAD PLASTICS and MOTORCYCLE GUY and NEON: 10. Works 95%. The right outlane save flipper coil locks on. Most likely a tranny on the mpu/sdb combo, but I noticed that messing with the connector to the coils occasionally fixes it, so... For now, I have the wire for that coil disconnected so it's playable except for that right save which you never can hit anyway (LOL). Everything else works as intended. Might need a few switches adjusted to make it more player-friendly. Too many other projects to have messed with it further.

Fun game... when it ain't kicking yer ass which is 90% of the time and summa the best callouts and taunts in pinball. Still has Italian operator tags and instruction cards.

Pics soon.

Trade for an Escape from the Lost World? Heavy Metal Meltdown?

#10581 3 months ago

I REALLY NEED an Interflip Dragon.
Please tell me one of you has one for me!

#10604 3 months ago
Quoted from dapperdan24:

Somebody must want a nice easy sale on their Cyclone? Anyone?

Sorry Daddio, my Cyclone ain't never going nowhere. In fact I'ma looking for a playfield for mine one of these days. Anyone want to trade their Cyclone cpr playfield for my Space Shuttle one? Anyone?

#10637 89 days ago

Shopping my DE Simpsons, and replacing almost everything. Just took out the populated ramp. It's in pretty good shape except for a missing chunk on the left side, right by the left up kick, so the ball sometimes takes a shortcut that way. LoL. Other than that it's just kinda dirty. For sale; make an offer.

Pm me if yer interested and want pics.

#10639 88 days ago

Guess I was a little unclear. Selling the populated ramp I took out of my DE Simpsons

#10642 88 days ago

You weren't the only one who read it that way Daddio I was wondering why people were offering so much!

3 weeks later
#10761 63 days ago

Price Drop Alert: Gotta move Excalibur quick to make room for new arrival.
Pics here: https://photos.app.goo.gl/giAMe1ofDpAS2YDB6
Would love to make it one trip and deliver to the Bay Area on Monday, but I am also down to make other arrangements for brotatoes from socal.


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