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Official California For Sale Club (and Wanted too)

By jwwhite15

6 years ago

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#46 6 years ago

I think the whole Nor Cal/So Cal buying and selling thing is great. I sold my ACDC Premium to someone in Nor Cal. We met at a truck stop off the 5 Fwy/46 Interchange with no problems.
It was about a 2 hour drive for me and 3 for him, but it worked out great.

Wish I could afford something now, but not good timing and the holidays will be FAST!

3 months later
#980 6 years ago

I'm about to have a South Park for sale. I sold it to a non pinhead friend about 2 years ago for his home bar and he wants the space back. I'll probably pick it up this weekend or next and bring it home to shop and check it out. PM me if you have any interest.

1 month later
#1172 6 years ago

Just listed a South Park in the Market Place.

Edit: Game is sold pending pickup next weekend. I will post if there are any changes.

2 months later
#1543 6 years ago

Aurich, that is tempting and I've been wanting to add an EM/Wedgehead to my lineup but the timing is not good.

On the other hand, not pin related but anyone interested in a Golden Tee Live 2008? Super clean cabinet and clear monitors. New T-Molding and Plexi Control Panel, has bill validator too. Asking $1000 will add pictures later if there's any interest.

#1545 6 years ago

I know, Rob's the one that got me wanting to add an EM and I love all the drops on Sky Jump. Well, you never know what might happen...

#1547 6 years ago

I'll take 2nd dibs....tell the cats

1 week later
#1601 6 years ago

I have a beautiful CV for sale in the market place. If condition is your thing I doubt you'd find a nicer original one.


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#1618 6 years ago

I've got a Golden Tee Live 2008 for sale. Not a pin but still cool to have in the game room. It's really clean inside and out and the monitor looks nice and bright. I put new T-Molding on and installed a brand new plexi control panel on it. $800






2 weeks later
#1669 6 years ago

Sad to sell, but I have my beautiful Revenge From Mars in the market place. It's one of the nicest ones out there for sure.


1 month later
#1900 6 years ago

Toying with the idea of selling or trading down my WOZ LE. It's a later run with the better boards, I've had zero issues with it. It has mirror blades, the witches well mod, and cliffy's on the VUK and shooter lane since day one. I also added two spot lights on the slings.

I would need to come out with cash so maybe something in the $3Kish range for trade? I would be tempted by a Tron though.
Shoot me a PM with what's out there, I like clean games....shop outs are OK but I don't want a full rebuild at this time.

Some interest in:

#1930 6 years ago
Quoted from Troutfarm:

Looking to trade/sell my super nice CC'd PF BSD. Looking for other machine in super nice condition across all era's
The playfield is like a piece of glass. it has been clearcoated and its in pristine condition. lockbar, rails, an legs are chrome. Cabinet is a 9/10 inside and out. Mechanics and function are perfect. Full LED's and LEDOCD boards for GI and inserts. Upgraded speakers.

PM sent

#1962 6 years ago

Posted my WOZLE to the Market.

I'm willing to entertain possible trades for DMD games where I come out with some money on top.
BSD and Tron are of the most interest to me.

EDIT: Game is Sold


#1964 6 years ago
Quoted from frogman70:

Very Nice, Star Wars. Upgraded speakers with internal amp (like Pinball Refinery) All Leds, replaced R2-D2 and Death Star. May take part trade of Shadow Elvira or Funhouse 4k

What about that BSD on the left? Any interest in selling that, I'm on the hunt

1 week later
#2030 6 years ago
Quoted from bellbrand:

The getaway is potentially sold and has been for awhile. sorry for not posting sooner. I also have 4 people in line behind the buyer. So if everyone backs out I will repost it or keep it now that GOT has me in a funk I am not all that excited to get rid of it.

That was a clean Getaway priced right, not surprised you have buyers lined up. I'll start saving to buy your Game Of Thrones when you sell it

8 months later
#3908 5 years ago
Quoted from rotordave:

The wooden gun handle looks cool ... is that wood or a sticker or something?

Quoted from jhanley:

Those are Ruger grips

Yup, they are rosewood I think. I installed them for Mike (SpecialK-33).
I had to dremel the inside of the handles to match up the the bolt pattern and angle properly, but they came out really nice.
This GNR is a very clean game!

4 months later
#4658 4 years ago
Quoted from SpecialK-33:

Thinking about moving my Fish Tales.

Haha, well that was fast I've seen this game in person and it's a really nice example. Playfield is bright and vibrant and the cabinet is darn nice too. You can't get another JP or WW though Mike

1 month later
#4784 4 years ago

Thinking of trading my MMRLE in perfect shape with the color upgrade and solid playfield with good inserts.
It is the black trim option and has upgraded speakers and Cliffy's since day one as well.
I'm looking to get two games for one, but i'm interested in all offers so hit me up with anything.

1 month later
#4948 4 years ago
Quoted from doomid:

Also, I just setup my BM66 LE at AYCE Gogi here in So Cal (van nuys) if anyone wants to come by and play.

Sweet! I'm going to swing by tomorrow and have a few games. What had to leave? You have such and great selection going on.

1 month later
#5150 4 years ago

Looking to possibly trade my minty MMRLE Black for a modded IMVE or Tron with some cash my way. PM me if interested.

#5156 4 years ago

Hehe, yeah I'm growing impatient

3 months later
#5576 4 years ago

I tried to pry this game from Bellbrand since last November. Of course, I just purchased Dialed In LE and don't have the funds.
This is one of, if not the nicest IMVE's on the planet. Someone is going to be stoked, hope it stays in Cali so I get another chance one day.

#5586 4 years ago
Quoted from Rarehero:

When's the party?

Sell Goatf*ckers, buy Lisa's IM. Problem solved.

Haha, I know of your well documented hate for GB, but the wifey and I really enjoy it. We can't get enough of "Who Brought The Dog"

8 months later
#6426 3 years ago

Might have to part with my Walking Dead Premium due to taxes and medical expenses. I'm the original owner and it's in pristine condition with tons of mods.
Fish Tank Topper, Color LCD, Shaker, Lolipop Siderails, Burning Barn Mod, Prison Tower Mod, Bicycle Girl Light, Crossbow Laser, Woodbury Sign, Hitchhiker Sign....much more I can't think of. Would be willing to meet Nor Cal guys half way to transfer too. Hit me up, unless I win the damn lottery this week.

#6447 3 years ago
Quoted from adamross:

Sadly Kevin did not win the lottery and now his immaculate TWD sits in my home. Had a great experience buying from him and the machine is even better than I imagined.. flawless in every way and of course had his killer sound package already installed. He was even kind enough to transport it to my house in SoCal. The only bummer is that it's going to take me years to beat his high scores. Big thanks cleland, if you ever get separation anxiety you know where I live.

Thanks Adam, and you are solid trustworthy guy! I consider us friends now for sure, we'll be playing pinball together again real soon.
So glad to have met you and happy "The Cleland Premium Walking Dead" has a solid new home.
Should it ever change hands I signed a custom playcard in coin box so it will always be known

#6472 3 years ago

Going to be listing my Ghostbusters Premium with nice playfield and no ghosting inserts. Has the crazy expensive topper too. Also, plastic center post and lane kit.
Get it before new code drops

#6499 3 years ago
Quoted from doomid:

On the fence or curious about JJP Pirates of the Caribbean, it is now setup and on location at On Tilt @ AYCE Gogi Korean BBQ in Van Nuys, CA.

I’d better get that as my first game at league on Thursday! Tell the computer that

1 week later
#6524 3 years ago

Officially up for sale my personal Ghostbusters Premium with perfect playfield and crazy topper + other extras. Might be motivated to sell Dialed In LE too.

#6527 3 years ago
Quoted from Pinballlew:

The siren in the background of your video of the playfield is perfect!

Hah! That is so funny at that moment a fire truck was going by in the distance. Fits the topper perfectly

6 months later
#7215 3 years ago

Looking to sell my GOTG Pro with topper, shaker, and flipper fidelity speakers. Also, my Houdini will be up for sale.
Both purchased NIB by myself and have very low plays. Love both games, but need to step away from the hobby for a little bit (at least owning games) while I get work back on track.

3 months later
#7551 2 years ago
Quoted from RobertWinter:

I thought Shane was only a JJP distro?

This is true. Another vote for JJ at Game Exchange, always top notch service before and after the sale.

1 week later
#7588 2 years ago

Toying with the idea of selling TNA and/or Houdini. Both are my own NIB purchases, low plays and immaculate condition. I guess I got lucky with TNA as it has no paint peeling playfield issues, although I have added neoprene washers under the star posts for safety.
I might be interested in possible trades for: Munsters Pro, Monster Bash Remake, Dialed In.
Other titles too maybe, just need to be HUO/Very nice condition, no player condition or projects at this point.
PM me with any thoughts or offers, I'm not easily offended and the worst that can happen is a No Thanks.

#7591 2 years ago
Quoted from pinmister:

You need to trade for an X-MEN LE-so you can redo the call-outs-might have to start a Cleland please save X-MEN callouts gofundme campaign.

That game has come up a few times by others to redo the sound on. I guess I would have to goto the cartoon series for content as it's comic based.
I was just never into that franchise or game like GOTG and TWD, which are so near and dear to me. You never know though! In a two pin environment I tend to need a new fix every year, and re-doing sound packages keeps my ADD mind occupied for hundreds of hours

1 week later
#7625 2 years ago
Quoted from bellbrand:

Still for trade
Interested in a Gb premium, spiderman VE, Deadpool, Munsters.

Hope you get a Munsters trade, by the time you part with it I might be ready

1 year later
#8970 1 year ago
Quoted from SpecialK-33:

Still have a super nice Munsters Pro I’d like to trade...maybe even sell. It has many mods as well. Interested in, but not limited to, the following games to trade- JP (DE), NGG, Spider-Man. I can add a bit of cash as well for other titles. PM me with what you have or to make me an offer. Located in Santa Clarita. Thanks

Easy to deal with SpecialK-33 and a solid dude! But another JP (DE) or NGG? You've had those a few times in the past
Try something new!

1 year later
#10433 23 days ago

We need Odin back to lighten things up.

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