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Unofficial Big Buck Hunter Arcade thread (BBH)

By northvibe

5 years ago

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#24 5 years ago

I just bought a big buck hunter HD. I haven't even set it up but I am wondering if the add ons are worth it? I am a zombie fan so I am really interested in that add on plus would like some info on the duck dynasty add on. I didn't realize how expensive these were so I want to make sure they are worth it?

Also is there a difference between big buck HD and big buck wild? If so what is the difference?

Thanks, Mike

2 weeks later
#28 5 years ago

I am probably going re-decal one side of my buck hunter HD or at least I am going to do the Reload decal. Probably more of an arcade forum question but how hard is this to do? I have never re-decaled anything. Am I in for trouble? Thanks, Mike

#30 5 years ago

The reload is thrashed. The side decal is ok but peeling pretty bad. I have already bought the decals and replace the reload for sure. I may sit on the side decal for a while. I guess it depends how the reload decal goes. The were only like $40 bucks so if I screw if up it wont be too bad but I do want it to look good.

2 weeks later
#35 5 years ago

I have been looking at all these options. I only have HD now and I am 99% sure you can buy and off line version of DD. I believe it is like $1,200, paired with the first season of wild.
I was more interested in the zombies which that combo pack does exist for. For what it is worth an above post said DD was only so-so.

#39 5 years ago

I don't know if it is the best price but the link above sells DD off line. I am going to be buying Wild season 1 and zombies in the next few weeks. If anyone knows where to get the best price that would be great. Thanks, Mike

#41 5 years ago

I got mine for $2,800 but have yet to add zombies. I need to re-decal for perfect but you can get a nice one for a lot less than $8,500

#43 5 years ago

I bought it with a terminator salvation that is in great shape. I was going to pay over 5k just for the salvation but I got the pair for $7,800. I guess I Just found the right seller. I had to rent a large truck and drive couple hundred miles to get them but it was worth it to me.

#44 5 years ago

Looking for the best monitor for BBH HD. Mine came with a smaller monitor and I want to update. Leechman gave me a model but it is outdated and I can't find one. Does any other any recommendations? Thanks, Mike

#46 5 years ago
Quoted from ifpapinball:

We maintain an approved monitor list here:
Not sure of the last update, but it's definitely a good place to start.

Do you have any recommendations? The guy above said he tried 4 monitors before find one that was satisfactory. Thanks, Mike

6 months later
#49 4 years ago

I got the update kit for Christmas. I have not installed it yet. Any tips in updating? Is it pretty straight forward? My update did not come with instructions. Excited to see what wild and zombies has to offer. Also still need to get a larger monitor but that is down the line. Thanks, Mike

1 week later
#52 4 years ago
Quoted from tatman9999:

just figured out in zombies you dont have to pump the gun ,just trigger .

I just go zombies and I still have to pump the gun. Is there somewhere in settings to change this? It is really tough with pumping.

1 week later
#54 4 years ago
Quoted from jorge5240:

I just go zombies and I still have to pump the gun. Is there somewhere in settings to change this? It is really tough with pumping.

Bump! I still need some help on this. Thanks, Mike

3 months later
#59 4 years ago

Mine came with a 42 inch monitor and looking no to upgrade. Looking for a recommendation for a monitor in the 65 to 70 inch range. Any recommendations?

Also anyone install the latest update? I am looking at doing so this weekend and was wondering what everyone thought. Thanks, Mike

#61 4 years ago

When I looked in the past that list of monitors was pretty old and I could not find any. Maybe I will give it another shot. Thanks, Mike

#64 4 years ago

I looked on betson's site and did not see commercial monitors bigger than 43 inches. Maybe I failed. LOL

10 months later
#103 3 years ago

I want to upgrade my screen for my big buck hunter HD. I only have like a 40 inch monitor. I am having a hard time finding approved monitors off of the raw thrills site that are still available. Looking to upgrade to 60-65 inches. Anyone have any recommendations? Thanks, Mike

8 months later
#125 2 years ago

Anyone with HD do you know how to get the new buckzilla trek? I see it is available online but don’t know how to get it on a HUO model. The trek has 3 more bonus rounds as well.

#129 2 years ago

I don’t see buckzilla add on where can I order that?

#132 2 years ago

I contacted Play Mechanix/Raw Thrills directly and the Buckzilla content at this time is for online only at this time. I told them I would be willing to buy add on and they said they would possibly work on it.

3 months later
#212 2 years ago

Don’t see these come up to often in California

sfbay.craigslist.org link

2 weeks later
#225 2 years ago
Quoted from brad808:

It looks like you miss out on a lot without being connected online. Even features that aren't listed as "premium". In this demo they have 9 animals to hunt and I only have 5 after updating to v8.50. Looks like I'm missing a bunch of bonus rounds and stuff too. Really doesn't look like I got too much extra from the update.

I had some dicussions with raw thrills about this and they said look for something for the offline home market in the fall!

I am sure it will cost but I am willing to pay

1 month later
#247 2 years ago

Ok looking for some help. My game sat unplugged for many months and the battery died. I have since changed the battery. But on loading up the game it now says set current date and I have to press F10 to get the game to load. I then went and set the date but still receive the same message next time I load it. The game functions perfectly once I hit the F10.

Any idea so I don’t have to use the key board every time?

#249 2 years ago
Quoted from northvibe:

Is the date staying saved on each boot now?
Could be a bios setting that you have to change to not stop on a error.

I am not super techy where would I go to have to change the bios? Thanks

#251 2 years ago
Quoted from Don44:

You have to take off the back of the game and plug a computer keyboard into one of the usb ports and then go into each setting that is different to the ones below and change them. The bios settings are in the manual as well.

Thanks I plugged the key board in and that is how I was able to proceed. I also had to take the computer apart to change the battery but I have not done this yet. I will give it a shot. Thanks

#252 2 years ago

Will messing with the bios have any effect on add on packs that I have bought? Will I have to reinstall?

#253 2 years ago

Looked in the manual for the bios and can’t find them. I see the bios farther up in this thread are for pro and not HD. Are these the same for HD?

4 months later
#314 2 years ago

Reaching out to my contact at raw thrills to make sure you will be able to purchase for the home market.

Looks amazing!!

#317 2 years ago

I have confirmed the update will be available for the home market. I am sure it will not be cheap but the amount of content looks to make it a completely different game.

#319 2 years ago
Quoted from KingPinGames:

otherwise you could put your game online and pay the monthly fee to get the content.
$40 a month (i believe) x 12 months comes to around $500 a year. The last time i updated a customers game it was around $2500 for the animals, duck dynasty and zombie hunt. that's 5 years of game play.

Will they let u do that in a home environment?

#321 2 years ago
Quoted from KingPinGames:

Yes, you just can not participate in the tournaments. There are some changes coming soon (probably 4-6 weeks) that will explain things better. I'll come.and update when we're allowed.

My contact said Jan 1st.

If you put online, how do you do that? Through a distributor?

Thanks,looking forward to your updates.

2 months later
#345 1 year ago
Quoted from KingPinGames:

it is all being discussed. i have brought this very point up a couple of times.

I have been told as well that it is going to be pay to play. I am hoping that will not be the case, but that is what I am hearing from my contact.

#347 1 year ago
Quoted from Boat:

How is that bad though? You sign up with a raw thrills account and you are billed let’s say 10cents for every game that’s started for premium content. At the end of the month they send you a bill. Way better than paying up front lump sum or a monthly fee

You may be right. What is the cost per play. How do you set it up. My game goes months without play sometimes. I think you may be right. This may be the better way to go. Maybe kingpin can provide some light on how that would work?

#349 1 year ago
Quoted from KingPinGames:

yeah, as soon as we have some solid information i can pass it along. i hate to speculate on pricing, terms, games, etc until Raw Thrills let's us (distributors) know.

When they do, and if that is the better direction will I be able to get set up through you? I am unfamiliar with the process. I bought my game off another pinsider and bought zombies, and wild offline in the past. I am having trouble swallowing another almost 4K. Thanks

#367 1 year ago

Looking for a price check on an HD model with Wild and Zombie update. I am thinking of selling mine and buying a new model. If the pricing is close because the new updates are looking to be about 4K. Any thoughts on what mine would go for? Thanks

1 month later
#385 1 year ago

Has anyone signed up for the home use online? I want to but still waiting for more info on exactly how this works and what requirements I need to make it work properly (internet speed, and additional hardware, etc)

4 weeks later
#406 1 year ago
Quoted from Chosen_S:

At the moment, I have the full on commercial version of the new software, if the machine is set on freeplay, the terminator and monster island are grayed out. Placed off of freeplay in the play mechanics servers allows the full software to unlock.

What is up with this? Is this how the home version will work? I want to order but was waiting for everything to be good to go. Any update when that will be the case?

#408 1 year ago
Quoted from Chosen_S:

The “non-commercial “ (as play mechanics calls it). To my knowledge is the full version of the software minus the pro online competition. Can be set on freeplay and such without loss of content I believe.
I have found if on pay to play, you can coin up thousands of dollars, and just press start when desired.
Right now, until I can finally switch to “non-Commercial “. I’m paying $0.35 every time the start button is pressed. So far in 1 month, we have pressed start 100 times.
Upside is that I can play in the online ranked tournament at my house for the time being.

How much money is it costing you to roll this option?

#410 1 year ago

How is the reloaded content? If looks awesome. Do you think it is worth the cost?

1 week later
#420 1 year ago
Quoted from KingPinGames:

cool topper.
fyi, home pricing is set at $39.99 a month.[quoted image]

Any idea how long you are locked in for at $39.99? Also is the topper available now are do we have to wait for lock down to be over?

1 week later
#426 1 year ago

Anyone rocking the home edition reloaded on line. Going to try and order later today.

My sons (7 and 4) have now realized how much they love this game

1 month later
#436 1 year ago

Man this has been hell trying to get my game updated to reloaded. I sent in all paperwork over a month ago. First it was corona virus than the looting. But basically my version is too old to go online and connect to their servers. They need to send me a new version but it has been very difficult to get that new version.

Problem is when I went to go online I had to do a reset and lost all my current content, plus the game is now doing a countdown and if it does not connect to their servers soon it will be come non operational.

Been kind of a buzz kill but hopefully it will get straightened out in the next week or so.

I am a sucker and also ordered the topper. Is cheap compared to stern’s offerings.

#438 1 year ago
Quoted from twenty84:

I've had a similar experience, it has been very difficult to get mine updated even though it ran a recent version of the code already. At this point it has been about 5 months of phone calls and emails between myself and a few different people at Raw Thrills with various empty promises and excuses on their side as to why nothing has happened. I too have ordered the topper, but haven't received that yet either. It seems like it should be a simple transaction: I pay them and they provide a software update and a topper. As much as people complain about Stern, they at least figured that out. Instead the customer gets shuffled around to various people within the company who only occasionally come to work.
At this point I'm about ready to just give up on it. I'd love to hear if anyone was successful in getting this to work and how they did it.

I thought I was the only one. At least I am not alone. Hopefully they can get their shit together. I will keep you updated if I can get them to seal the deal.

#440 1 year ago

Well the topper showed up out of nowhere yesterday.

Got a call from Bert the support guy and he said we should be good to go on getting me what I need this upcoming week. He is heading back into the office.

Hopefully they will get back on track if all the craziness settles down.

1 week later
#442 1 year ago

I received my topper and my kit is supposed ship today or tomorrow. Cautiously optimistic at this point.

#445 1 year ago

Anyone have updates on getting their reloaded package.

Crickets for me at this point.

#447 1 year ago
Quoted from Boat:

Same north of the border

I did receive shipping today so it should be soon. Hopefully the implementation is not as hard as getting it.

#450 1 year ago

So I finally have tracking, kit will be here by the 30th. Anyone install yet? Any tips?

If installed is it cool?

#453 1 year ago
Quoted from tatman9999:

Loading mine in now. Just changed the tranlite
[quoted image][quoted image]

How did it go? Mine updated but still no Terminator content. Also could not set it for free play, called for support and was told they needed to make couple more changes on the back end to make it a residential account. They told me I was good to go yesterday evening but still had the same issues. If some kind of update did not take place over night, again I will call support. Man this has been a process. I do like the new look though.

#455 1 year ago
Quoted from tatman9999:

Mine is a off line update. Terminator works and on free play

With a little help I am good to go! I will post better pics but so far the fam
loves it!!

69783C80-E978-42D4-B1EE-0226387CB7A5 (resized).jpegB7815B6D-EB71-4FA2-BE0D-3F00AEDFD550 (resized).jpeg
3 weeks later
#486 1 year ago

I am online now but I think Wild Pack 1 is probably the best for extended content. I had Wild pack 1 and Zombie-Doe of the Dead before going online. The new content is cool but I really think the Wild Pack 1 was enough. I do like the new interface with reloaded though. Need to play it more. I guess I need more time cause I have a lot of toys.

Quoted from JohnnyPinball007:

Which of these upgrades is the best bank for the buck? And which is the worst? Thanks!
Wild Pack 1 (3 animals)
Wild Pack 2 (buckzilla and zombie deer)
Duck Dynasty
Zombie - Doe of the Dead
Monster Island
Terminator Salvation Delta

1 month later
#572 1 year ago

I like all the love for this game. I have had my HD for a few years now and recently put it online. It is going nowhere!! Kids love it, family loves it, hunters love it! Great two player game for re-playability.

Can't wait to play some this weekend!

#581 1 year ago

Animals definitely #1!

#594 1 year ago
Quoted from Boat:

I always thought the how hunting was just a different play style with maybe weaker, quieter, and slower projectiles in game. not a physical bow.

I concur

1 week later
#615 1 year ago
Quoted from MT45:

And... this is why I bought it

My kids love it too!

2 months later
#842 9 months ago

Looking to join the tourney this weekend. Never done it. Looks fun!

1 month later
#1039 8 months ago
Quoted from jalpert:

We have one new person. I have no idea who it is, which is 100% fine, let me know if you want to be included in the scores I post here. Otherwise, your privacy will be respected.

I have been trying to get in this tournament for a while but just always get too busy on the weekends with kids, life.

This is the weekend! Thanks for setting this up!

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