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Official Avengers Infinity Quest owners thread. "Pinsiders Assemble!"

By Scribbles

1 year ago

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Post #1417 Fix for Hawkeye loop not registering Posted by EaglePin (1 year ago)

Post #1797 How to adjust height of spinning disc to prevent airballs Posted by dbb143 (1 year ago)

Post #1847 Rules writeup with link to Stern rule sheet Posted by Bricarus (1 year ago)

Post #1870 Fix for spinning disc not registering hits Posted by WizardsCastle (12 months ago)

Post #1950 TECH: Pic of updated subway mech from Stern to replace broken one Posted by Motorcitypinball (12 months ago)

Post #2056 Fix for ball hangups and habitrail adjustment to stop ball hangup. Posted by hocuslocus (12 months ago)

Post #2125 TECH: Tight glass fix. Posted by MurphyPeoples (12 months ago)

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#11 1 year ago
Quoted from Scribbles:

Same here man. My first LE ever. New or used. Can't wait! Shouldn't be too long since Stern has shipped a couple pros out to distributors.

I'd have gone premium if it weren't for that darned wait!

Im thinking of getting a premium. What is the wait time on a premium?

1 week later
#357 1 year ago
Quoted from Scribbles:

I believe he had a first batch premium lined up with his distributor, and there was a mix up. Now hes in line for 2nd run. Hence, the "I need a new distributor". At least that's what I took away from it.

Are there any distributors still selling first run premiums? Are there any distributors not charging Ca sales tax?

#420 1 year ago
Quoted from RavenFan1:

I got the last one from Hemisphere Amusements. While I did pay a bit extra, it wasn't obscene. I just wish I knew how to get on the "list" for these...

I almost pulled the trigger on that one, and would have if I wasn’t able to snag a first run premium spot. I already had a deposit down with another distributor, but that was for a second run early 2021. Gotta cancel that now.

#637 1 year ago
Quoted from spidey:

How does the Captain Marvel ramp shoot?

This is the main reason I went with the premium. Do any of you LE owners want to comment on this ramp? Is it really satisfying to make?

#696 1 year ago
Quoted from AJB4:

My LE has arrived. Wow what fun. Really enjoy how accessible the shots are and there is somewhat of a sense of acheivability for someone like me (NOT a pinball pro).
[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

Guys, you’re killing me. How does the right ramp shoot?edit That’s the Captain Marvel Inverse gravity ramp. Is it really satisfying? A lot of rejects or smooth?

Quoted from Motorcitypinball:

I was thinking that. they asked for the old one back so they can inspect quality

This is why I went with the premium. Hopefully all the little hiccups get fixed by then. TWD LE had a bunch of little problems that were fixed by the time my premium was built.

#1000 1 year ago
Quoted from NC_Pin:

Thanks.... but I am not known for having high scores. AIQ is considerably more forgiving than JP2.
Btw.... I am guessing at the 40min.... I looked at the clock around the time I started so there is a bit of margin for error in there.

This has me a little worried. TWD premium was brutal when I first got it, but now a good game will last 20 minutes or so. If this game is easy to start with, it might become a chore once I really get the hang of it. 40 minutes is too long for a new game. I consider myself a pretty good player.

#1064 1 year ago
Quoted from cmstruth:

I’ll say this and probably catch some flack but that’s what forums are for. Lots of GnR comparison to AIQ etc going on. Licensing and assets are their own topic of discussion but I’m more interested in discussing the effort or lack there of on some low hanging fruit from Stern. You can’t make an LE and put generic white flippers on it. These are the details that are leaving many to say JJP is putting more effort and delivering a complete pin. Love my AIQ LE but white flippers, no topper etc is sophomore effort...Charge me an extra 700$ for a complete machine but make your top end actually top end please.
[quoted image]

I much prefer white or yellow flipper bats with standard black flipper rubbers.(Red rubber for older slower games). It plays the best and is easiest on the eyes. I can’t stand Fluorescent green silicone with funky colored bats. And please, nothing attached on top of bats, like ruby red slippers for instance.

#1130 1 year ago
Quoted from awesome1:

I’m assuming AIQ has the new “jukebox” feature, but don’t recall hearing about it yet.
Can any new owners confirm? Thanks!

“Jukebox feature”?

1 week later
#1690 1 year ago

My premium shipped today. Doesn’t arrive until Monday though. Can’t wait.

Edit: why does Chicago have to be so far away.

FD63A9F8-0D68-4CEF-B9F0-AA01441132C5 (resized).jpeg
#2035 12 months ago

Tracker said today. Just Got call from shipper asking if I would like it delivered tomorrow or Wednesday. I said today, but no dice. Damn it.

#2118 12 months ago

It arrived this morning. No clue how these rules work. The subway really needs a mirror blade. I’m 6’6” and have to lean way over the game to see what’s going on down there. So far everything seems to be working properly. Fingers crossed. I think my 3 year old might be a little scared of Thanos.

58F80880-1B43-4E56-A1BA-13E32E2C2A16 (resized).jpegA7051DC4-D1A0-4C88-B8D6-21AB8EE4D4D8 (resized).jpeg
#2121 12 months ago
Quoted from Deyanks98:

Looks great nice collection. I found your comment funny with your son standing by the Walking Dead pin but he's scared of Thanos. Maybe just tell him Thanos is a zombie and he'll be good.

He has no problem with TWD. It’s the deep voice of Thanos. And when you start a game he threatens you. He’s afraid to play it, but likes playing TWD.

#2122 12 months ago
Quoted from punkin:

Do you have pics of your sorcerer anywhere? Love comparing others to mine.


There are some in the Sorcerer thread. The playfield was sent to John Greatwich for restoration.

#2126 12 months ago
Quoted from spidey:

I put a mirror in mine without attaching it to see what it's like. The game is off so it's a little dark.[quoted image]

I’m not really seeing the point of the subway mech. It seems over complicated. You can’t see the balls traveling through the teeth very well, so what is the point? Why not just have it work like a ball trough?

#2235 11 months ago
Quoted from EaglePin:

This was a fun one last night! Never say never, but I don’t see myself coming very close to this again for awhile. Felt like I caught lightning in a bottle. [quoted image]

Impressive. On my last game I had 49 flips to spare with the last tower shot remaining and I choked them all away. On my very next shot after I ran out, I made the tower shot.

3 weeks later
#3164 11 months ago
Quoted from KnockerPTSD:

Anyone else having some trouble installing 0.94? Ive downloaded it twice and tried to install it both time but just get "invalid spk"
Hopefully third time is the charm but im not sure whats up. Same usb stick i used for 0.93 only two weeks ago.

I’m having problems. Getting this.

B4E1A7EC-74D5-4498-91F5-485DB4725EEE (resized).jpegBCA9225C-0A5C-4E8E-B1F3-BE3BCDB1A709 (resized).jpeg
#3172 11 months ago
Quoted from Scribbles:

Gotta ask because I've done it myself, have you downloaded the proper version? Pro, premium or LE?

Yes. Premium version. But my computer crapped out last week so I bought a new one. This is what the file looks like when downloaded. Now what do I do with it. It doesn’t look like the tutorials. Do I just drag and drop this onto memory stick? There is no option to extract it with this new computer and I forget how my old computer handles the download. Why can’t Stern make these updates easy. There are way too many threads talking about Stern update problems. Damn you Stern.
Edit: the tutorials say to open it with internet explorer and it then shows 3 files. ,y computer doesn’t show 3 files.
1CB226AF-804D-4F48-8430-AEC560DA03AE (resized).jpeg

#3174 11 months ago
Quoted from Eldritch:

Just do what it says in the readme. Drop it on a usb-stick.
Update instructions:
1 - Download the spk file.
2 - Copy only the spk file to the root level of a FAT32 formatted
USB stick.
3 - Power game off.
4 - Insert USB stick.
5 - Turn on game.
6 - After game boots up it will give the option for software update.
7 - Volume buttons change options for full or quick update. Enter selects the
option and starts the update.
8 - Once update is completed game will prompt user to power game off and
remove USB stick.

Yeah that was what I first tried. But then I got these messages. Is this a factory defect?

B8244648-8AF7-45D3-9FC8-C040DE40BD7C (resized).jpegDD10206B-3CB1-4750-A090-DB87ED52B938 (resized).jpeg
#3191 11 months ago
Quoted from pinball2020:

And realizing you may have already tried this so apologies if you did - did you do the FULL update and not the INCREMENTAL one?
Try it with VERIFY?
Good luck and +1 to call Stern for help.
Everyone, have a safe, healthy and happy Thanksgiving.
Jarvis, pass me the gravy and tell Tigra to stop trying to rub my leg under the table!

Looking at the online tutorial, the guy clicks on the download to open it and it then shows two files. When I try to open mine, it asks which app to use to open it. Does anyone know what program is used to open the file? My new computer does not have the right one perhaps.

#3193 11 months ago
Quoted from PinMonk:

Are you using Windows?

Yes. I have also tried my wife’s Mac and it didn’t work either. But I’m not getting the two separate files like they get in the tutorial.

#3195 11 months ago
Quoted from PinMonk:

EDIT: Nevermind
Just downloaded it and the file Stern has up for 0.94 isn't a zip, it's the actual spk file. Just drag it to your USB in the root directory and it should be good to go.
You can see the change they made by comparing it to the Elvira release on 11/4 that was a zip file containing the spk file(s). Now it's just the spk file itself they're putting up for this avengers 0.94 version.

That’s what I figured. Because I’ve never had problems before updating code with other games. So it’s either the usb or the game. I’m using a brand new PNY 16gb 2.0 usb formatted to fat32. I wonder if I should use the 3.0 sandisk that Best Buy had.

#3198 11 months ago
Quoted from PinMonk:

So does the game still work without a USB inserted? Do you only get that invalid config when you insert the USB to try to upgrade?
Also, on the CPU board are all the dip switches OFF?

Yes game works fine.
The dip switches appear to be all on. My eyes suck and I can’t find my reading glasses
2B1CC1CE-1B20-449D-A77B-903552333A1B (resized).jpeg

27D879EC-3F78-4AC7-B95D-E0FFBDCCA39A (resized).jpeg
#3202 11 months ago

Yep. Frustrating as hell. I wonder since I bought it from Chicago distributor that it is out of sales area like the old school problems. Like the old dvd disks that didn’t work with DVD players from other countries

#3205 11 months ago
Quoted from PinMonk:

There's no issues inside the US like that these days, only with grey market exports to/from other countries AFAIK.
So you already made a new SD image?
Also, is this only a problem with 0.94? Does it refuse to install 0.93 over again?

I never installed .93 because I’ve been working long hours and haven’t had much time for pinball lately. But never had problems with TWD or WOZ updates. Haven’t tried sd image. Will have to research that I guess.

#3207 11 months ago
Quoted from PinMonk:

What version's in there now? Do you have a Pro or a Prem/LE?
Prem/LE 0.93 link is here if you want to try that and see if it works for you:

.91 shipped from factory. Premium. No dice with .93 code. I’m thinking there is an issue with the game. Every other game I have ever owned has had issues. I thought I was lucky that this one was error free out of the box. I’m thinking this is the error. Like a solder joint to the USB’s is defective.

#3209 11 months ago
Quoted from PinMonk:

I'd try building a new SD card before throwing up my hands.

Yeah. I just need to research how that’s done.

#3232 11 months ago
Quoted from PinMonk:

The 0.94 SD card image is on Stern's site here:
I linked the PDF on how to make a fresh SD card, but here it is again - just click on the image to open the PDF.
[quoted image]

Thanks. I will try this Friday. Hopefully Best Buy has the right sd card.

#3266 10 months ago
Quoted from Deyanks98:

Yes they are as I purchased them this week from Pinball Life and they just arrived. Now waiting for my Premium to come in so I can install these and about ten other items I have for the pin. Hopefully this week as I'm more than ready after reading all the positives on this pin and definitely one of my top three themes. Don't see this ever leaving my collection.

These aren’t the official stern ones are they?

#3297 10 months ago
Quoted from PinMonk:

The 0.94 SD card image is on Stern's site here:
I linked the PDF on how to make a fresh SD card, but here it is again - just click on the image to open the PDF.
[quoted image]

I looked in the local stores and online and I can’t really find the sd card stern used. I’d prefer to get it as close as possible since that is what the tutorial says. Are there proven ones that work? This is what was in the game.

65F21B59-7B3B-40EB-AF32-DC5FB9F88F50 (resized).jpeg
#3300 10 months ago
Quoted from PinMonk:

You don't want the same crappy Stern card unless you want the same problems eventually. The class is all that matters.
I recently used this and it was fine ($9.99 on sale now):
The faster 32gb one is also $9.99 right now:
Be careful with Sandisk, though. It's a great brand, but that recognition has brought out LOTS of fakes out that will cause headaches if you get a knockoff/counterfeit. Do NOT buy them from Amazon or Ebay, only a physical store with a trusted supply chain like Best Buy or Target, etc. Best buy did get hit with counterfeits in their supply chain ONCE, but it hasn't happened since then, so I feel like they have that locked down and would buy from them (and I did).

Thanks. Unfortunately Best Buy is completely depleted at the moment locally. I will order online from them.

Edit: I’ll try target again first.

#3305 10 months ago
Quoted from PinMonk:

At Target just get one that's class 10 and with the biggest number in the "U" icon you can find. That's the sustained write speed. I think these are all 1 (10mb/s) or 3 (30mb/s).

Got this one and downloaded file. But when I right click on it there is no extract all prompt in the window. The extract all on the tool bar is shaded and not available.

3B86FCEA-764B-4952-B27C-EB8A54F55321 (resized).jpegA7E381E1-2879-4B05-A390-3C4F99A4CAC0 (resized).jpeg
#3307 10 months ago
Quoted from PinMonk:

Did you format the SD card first? Fat32
Open with winzip (first option on that list), then extract the files to your hard drive, then copy them to the SD card.

Success. Thanks so much for your help.

786CDF22-BA78-49E6-BD27-618A4FC2B0DF (resized).jpeg
#3311 10 months ago
Quoted from PinMonk:

Awesome. And you now have a much more reliable SD card in there now, to boot!

Yeah, hopefully the next update can be done with a usb stick. Kind of disappointing that stern used a basically cheap on clearance sd card on an $8000 game to save
maybe a dollar or two.

#3396 10 months ago
Quoted from Jimmyhonda:

I just got my powder coat installed which was done by Robert stone. I went with Violet Frost. Robert always does great work.
[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

The purple goes way better with the game than the yellow. Metallic purple or purple with flakes would be perfect.

Edit: upon further inspection, it looks like yours is metallic.

#3467 10 months ago
Quoted from pinballaddicted:

Dude . AIQLE is TWDLE good. If you can land one, do it. Best game for me since TWDLE. great job Stern.
Stern can release 10 more titles. AIQLE is going to be really hard to top.

My thoughts exactly. And I’m not even an Avengers fan. Haven’t even seen the movies.

1 week later
#3643 10 months ago
Quoted from Jecco74:

How is this game? I am considering getting a Premium. My kids have been asking me to get one. Is this game a keeper? Thank you for the feedback in advance.

My 3 year old has played my other games, but this one he claims is his game. Not only that, he won’t let me play it. Selfish little guy.

1 week later
#3978 9 months ago
Quoted from WJxxxx:

Penalty for losing the ball can be changed in adjustments, if you feel it's too harsh. I feel it's too lenient and changed it to a penalty of 8 flips if you drain.
You can also change the reward you get for making a shot from 8 to anything from 5 to 20.

It’s much easier when you place the mind and space gems and can just complete the shots with the action button.
I’ve been studying Karl Deangelo’s video on doing an 84 flip remaining soul gem and thought on several occasions I had it set up properly, but somewhere I am missing exactly what he did, because it’s not working out the same. It’s hard to follow the stream as it moves quick. I’m wondering if there is a write up somewhere on exactly how to do it?

#3979 9 months ago
Quoted from awesome1:

My Captain Marvel ramp has been much, much smoother since adding the lexan piece at the bottom opening as first recommended by Prodoshi. Hard, fast shots are no longer rejected. I have kept the piece installed that I made that doesn't quite fit under the wireform, but have 100+ games on it with no issues.
[quoted image]

Is there a template somewhere that can be traced over a piece of lexan for those of us who want to implement this fix?

#3984 9 months ago
Quoted from Troz:

I put how to do it in the video description

Somehow I missed that. Thanks. I think I messed up the leveling. I was definitely putting hulk at level 1 before collecting space gem. Probably didn’t get the timing right on pressing the button between shots as well.

#3985 9 months ago
Quoted from awesome1:

I'm not at home at my machine until very late tonight to verify dimensions...
Basically around 1" x 2 1/4" or so, I used 1/8" thick Lexan/Polycarbonate. Measure the bottom of the Captain Marvel ramp where the piece will go. You can make it as wide as will fit there between the bolts. I put mine down as low as it will go without interfering with the opto. Have the piece go up to just below or just above the wire form that stops above with the inward angle, as you are filling in that open gap essentially.
Use double sided tape (I used T-Rex brand) to secure bottom of Lexan to ramp support above opto (about 1/2").
Prodoshi design was a little more elaborate, mine is just a rectangle and has worked great.

Hopefully one of the mods will come out with something or else a pdf template to just trace over for cutout. Anything I try to make freehand would probably come out looking like crap.

#3990 9 months ago
Quoted from m00nmuppet:

Really unfortunate how much the GnR fans have bombed AIQ with negative reviews. AIQ should be top 10 easily, GnR's shot layout is blah by comparison.

I gotta admit that the first few times I played AIQ after setting it up, I thought maybe I made a mistake. Was not feeling the theme and didn’t understand the rules. I’ve never seen the movies and not a big fan of the comic book genre. It was definitely a COVID purchase. But after figuring out the shots and rules, the theme has grown on me, and the layout is superb. It might just overtake TWD premium as my favorite all time Stern when code is complete.

GnR had a lot of pomp and circumstance and was fun the handful of times I was able to play it. But I don’t feel the layout was as good, and it shot much slower.

#4138 9 months ago
Quoted from PinMonk:

And they're super-glued in with posts. They can be removed without ruining the gauntlet, but it's not easy at all.

The gauntlet and the opaque gems are really disappointing in an otherwise excellent game.

#4217 9 months ago

I don’t isually pay attention to the hulk tilt call outs but I heard a funny one that I don’t remember hearing before.
“Hulk didn’t tilt, It was puny Banner”. The way he said it was pretty funny.

#4225 9 months ago
Quoted from Eightball88:

I got this one once! Except hulk not use contraction

I’d probably hear it more often if I raised the bob...

What made it funny was that when Hulk blamed Banner he said it in a quiet voice, like he didn’t want David Banner to hear Him throw Banner under the bus.

#4227 9 months ago
Quoted from awesome1:

I hadn't heard the name "David" Banner in a while... Oh yeah, that was the Hulk's alter ego on the Bill Bixby/Lou Ferigno TV show...
Bruce Banner in the comics/movies.

I always watched that show every week. I haven’t watched any of the recent Marvel movies with Hulk in them. I suppose when I have 30 or 40 free hours I should.

1 week later
#4350 9 months ago
Quoted from phishrace:

Are you waiting on parts to fix your issue? Disabling locks may make the game smoother, but your scores will go down. The subway is about the only place on the playfield where you can 'park' a ball during multiball. The time it takes for balls to cycle through is time you can spend shooting for jackpots with less balls in play. On games with upper flippers, parking a ball is very strategic.
If this game is used in a league or competition, the locks absolutely should be enabled.

Is the subway available during multi ball? I think it stays down once a multiball is started.

#4352 9 months ago
Quoted from colonel_caverne:

I think i don’t get yet the gem perk feature and don’t know how to use them.
I do not know yet too how to approach this game in a different way.
I always try to level up Avengers in the same time i play and complete gem modes. 3 gems is my best (even if i already all got them once) and only reached the black order MB right now
Then i have the feeling to play the same over and over as i don’t manage to go further in the game.

It feels like you have to choose between going for gems or going for score. I just had a 5 for 5 gems(5 played 5 collected) and my score was only 350m. I try to do the first gem without mb, and then all others with a mb ready, then immediately activate and try to cradle after the ball saver ends. The outlines are so brutal, I’m thinking of loosening the tilt a little more. This game seems to tilt easier than my other games with similar tilt bob adjustment.

#4354 9 months ago
Quoted from manadams:

$3 Avengers sticker book side art option if you don't want the cost or hassle of installing blades.
[quoted image][quoted image]

Yeah, no.

#4533 9 months ago

I added the piece of Lexan to Captain Marvel ramp. Just getting the extra ball associated with it seemed to open up other extra balls down the road. Wasted 5 bucks on a score tool. The lexan is too flexible for that to work. I found that hacksaw was the way to go.
The ramp went from difficult and requiring a strong accurately placed shot that still got plenty of rejects to just somewhat challenging. My first game on it with mod was my high score. Went 7 for 7 on gem modes but screwed up Battle Royale. Would have gotten to Thanos if mode was in the code. There really needs to be some mode for collecting all the gems and a high score for most gems collected.

1FFD312C-8529-41BD-8FA0-13DC66EBADA0 (resized).jpegB14F04AC-54C6-4D70-A61C-42D893470EFA (resized).jpeg

#4563 9 months ago
Quoted from awesome1:

Interesting... I've finished with anywhere from only 1 flip to 58 flips remaining (and of course many that I didn't finish), but haven't had this happen. Could be a bug.

I finished with no flips. It still awarded me the soul gem, and right after it awarded me a third lock and iron man multiball on .95 code.

#4615 9 months ago

IM and Thor multiball are not fun. In fact, it really pisses me off if I start either one on it’s own before being able to start a gem quest. I’ve been known, out of frustration to start over at that point.

1 week later
#4848 8 months ago
Quoted from TenaciousT:

So from a cradle with the ball on the right flipper - is anyone able to hit and make the Captian Marvel ramp ???

I don’t think it can be done. The combination of the angle being slightly off and less power from a backhand shot would make it next to impossible without some modifications, like more powerful coils and tweaking of the ramp. I have backhanded the shot off the fly after a bounce pass from the left flipper a few times though.

1 month later
#5691 7 months ago
Quoted from mrgregb123:

If anyone feels it might be interesting, I'll get the numbers for a few others to provide variety...some older SAM Sterns and Williams games and see how they compare. ST:TNG did have shitty outlanes (especially the right) so when the ball gets over there, it's going out. BUT, because the playfield is wider and the geometry is more forgiving than AIQ, it's not such a drain monster.
For me I much prefer a game that favors center drains because in multiball especially, it's hard to watch the outlanes. Avengers is the only game where I've routinely lost 5-6 balls all at once at the outlanes. I laugh. Can't even get mad. But yeah, it's an absolute outlane drain machine.
EDIT - Here are the numbers for a bunch of other games I own. All at factory outlanes, etc. I offered a reason why I included each game.
Center vs. Outlanes Draining
Lord of the Rings - Super long ball times
L: 20% R: 14% C: 66%
Iron Maiden - Another Elwin game
L: 25% R: 24% C: 51%
Metallica - Stern favorite
L: 14% R: 18% C: 68%
Medieval Madness - All-time favorite
L: 14% R: 19% C: 67%
Dr. Dude - Nortorious center drain monster due to top ball exit
L: 17% R: 13% C: 70%
Addams Family - Most popular classic
L: 19% R: 17% C: 64%
I'm no expert but it's safe to safe Elwin's games specifically are designed to funnel balls to the outlanes. I love Iron Maiden, which goes to show that you can still make a fun game that favors the outlanes as much as the center.

You should be saving more of those center drains. If a ball is going down the center I’ll nudge it side to side and risk a tilt rather that watch it drain.

#5809 7 months ago
Quoted from zaki:

anyone have any idea what % of these premiums have lock issues? i may be able to get the pro or premium. i want premium, but really don't want a headache of stuck pinballs in the subway.

That issue is much more prevalent on the LE’s. They improved it for the premium run. Very few premiums are having subway problems.

#5810 7 months ago
Quoted from zaki:

thanks for the responses from you and the others. i'm debating on aiq and turtles. tough call. i'd like to include zeppelin in this, but that playfield has so little on it.

I went to play a zeppelin pro on location and was shocked at how little is in that game. That license must have been super expensive. Hopefully the premium/le is much better because I like the band, but had no interest in the pro.

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