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Official Avengers Infinity Quest owners thread. "Pinsiders Assemble!"

By Scribbles

1 year ago

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Post #816 LE with T-moulding changed to yellow Posted by SKWilson (1 year ago)

Post #1417 Fix for Hawkeye loop not registering Posted by EaglePin (1 year ago)

Post #1797 How to adjust height of spinning disc to prevent airballs Posted by dbb143 (12 months ago)

Post #1847 Rules writeup with link to Stern rule sheet Posted by Bricarus (12 months ago)

Post #1870 Fix for spinning disc not registering hits Posted by WizardsCastle (12 months ago)

Post #1950 TECH: Pic of updated subway mech from Stern to replace broken one Posted by Motorcitypinball (11 months ago)

Post #2056 Fix for ball hangups and habitrail adjustment to stop ball hangup. Posted by hocuslocus (11 months ago)

Post #2125 TECH: Tight glass fix. Posted by MurphyPeoples (11 months ago)

Post #2163 Avengers LE with chrome T-molding Posted by Lermods (11 months ago)

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#28 1 year ago

In for an LE and with every stream getting more excited. Glad the wait shouldn't be too long now!

2 weeks later
#679 1 year ago

Final payment made with confirmation it should reach my distributor next week and then hop on a truck to me. Let's go! I get more and more excited with every stream I watch.

#682 1 year ago
Quoted from TKDalumni:

Ok see that, but pretty big miss to not have an indicator that it is the EB target...

May not be obvious from top down shots (hell may not be obvious in person, I haven't played it yet) but the sanctum target does have indicators on it.

E4265BC3-6400-40AD-A6D9-08C3072DB19D (resized).png
1 week later
#1242 1 year ago

Can't seem to get my backbox to go all the way back, which means I can't bolt it in. I feel like I'm being dense but I've triple checked and no wiring in the way. Any ideas? This is only my second NIB Stern and first time I've run into such a thing. I do have an email into Stern.

IMG_4418 (resized).jpegIMG_4419 (resized).jpeg
#1248 1 year ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

Make sure the thick ground strap is not blocking things. It happens. I can almost guarantee something is blocking it. Just hard to see.

Yeah I went as far as removing the top most staple and moving the grounding strap out of the way. It's weird, almost like the bottom metal might have some kind of bowing keeping it above the cabinet.

IMG_4420 (resized).jpeg
#1252 1 year ago
Quoted from RVH:

Is the metal bent here like they bolted it down with a screw underneath the plate?

Yeah that's what I'm thinking. We'll see what Stern says but not sure what to "adjust" there so I'm leaving it. Almost worse than the wait of a new pin is having it stare right at you and not being able to play. Sigh.

#1256 1 year ago
Quoted from Thomas3184:

You can install the inside bolts if they are flush instead of the outside ones.

Unfortunately not sitting flush there either and I didn't want to use too much force for fear of being accused of breaking something. It definitely appears to be a bent head like the bottom got pulled by the brackets. There is also damage on the side art of the head. Distributor has pics and info so we'll get it worked out someway or another.

#1260 1 year ago
Quoted from Scribbles:

Now that hes contacted his distributor, I'd find a way to secure that head up, and play it like hell. Bungie cords, wire ties, make shift brackets, something.

I may get creative in the meantime I just don't want to risk it falling back onto the cabinet so whatever I do will need to be secure as hell.

#1281 1 year ago
Quoted from chubtoad13:

I would remove your back box hinges and see if the head goes all the way back.

I may just do that. Even with the bend in the metal I feel like the weight of the backbox should allow more movement to close this gap but it doesn't want to move at all which makes me think the hinges aren't aligned correctly.

Quoted from NoQuarters:

Check that neither of the two "receivers" for the bolts are not bent.

No bend at all in them, they clear the holes into the cabinet no problem, it just can't make it flush. No damage on the box at all.

#1310 1 year ago

After loosening the hinges I was able to shimmy the backbox to a point where I could get the bolts in on the inside. The gap is still there in the back due to the bend so Stern is probably going to have to replace the head on it but at least it's secure enough now that I can play.

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