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Official Avengers Infinity Quest owners thread. "Pinsiders Assemble!"

By Scribbles

1 year ago

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Post #816 LE with T-moulding changed to yellow Posted by SKWilson (1 year ago)

Post #1417 Fix for Hawkeye loop not registering Posted by EaglePin (1 year ago)

Post #1797 How to adjust height of spinning disc to prevent airballs Posted by dbb143 (1 year ago)

Post #1847 Rules writeup with link to Stern rule sheet Posted by Bricarus (1 year ago)

Post #1870 Fix for spinning disc not registering hits Posted by WizardsCastle (1 year ago)

Post #1950 TECH: Pic of updated subway mech from Stern to replace broken one Posted by Motorcitypinball (1 year ago)

Post #2056 Fix for ball hangups and habitrail adjustment to stop ball hangup. Posted by hocuslocus (1 year ago)

Post #2125 TECH: Tight glass fix. Posted by MurphyPeoples (1 year ago)

Post #2163 Avengers LE with chrome T-molding Posted by Lermods (1 year ago)

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#137 1 year ago

Getting my first premium

#185 1 year ago
Quoted from EaglePin:

I was ordering a couple other things so I added these to the cart to try out what colors might look good. Can’t wait for the machine to get here!
[quoted image]

Thinking Premium = Purple

#186 1 year ago
Quoted from TenaciousT:

So I see in the spec. sheet that the LE comes with a shaker motor . So the prototype of Keith's that Jack Danger has been playing not have the shaker motor / not working ? No one has mentioned it ?

Its off for streaming purposes

#242 1 year ago
Quoted from tbutler6:

Whatcha first-run Pro and LE owners got in mine for out of box adds or protectors?
A six pack and let it rip or ya’ll already got some plans?

Side blades
Shaker motor
New t molding
Frosted GI
Pinnovators sub kit
Pinmonk fan kit
5.25" speakers
Speaklightkits 5.25" speaker kit and lights
*plastic protectors for slings and lane guides (when available)
*Paint the dish glove with some detail (eventually)

#267 1 year ago

Put my deposit on a premium today and got to play a pro. So fun. Captain Marvel shot is still fun but REALLY easy to hit. Makes for some interesting combos. Cant wait to try the crazy premium shot though. Guantlet is very repeatable. Hawkeye insta drained me more than once. That tower is a deadly sdtm drop if you miss the flip.

#290 1 year ago
Quoted from Pinball-NJA:

Does P1 have one on the floor?


20200923_124611 (resized).jpg
#372 1 year ago
Quoted from Mando:

So what is the consensus on the best set of figures to put on the playfield . Other than don’t do it

Depends what level of tacky you prefer

#383 1 year ago
Quoted from Scribbles:

I'm not going to put them in my machine, BUT, if you are looking to put action figures in, these are a bit nicer and more detailed. Plus, theres a good sized Thanos included.
[quoted image]

They aren't even the right version. These are Endgame figures. At least stick with the Avengers Assemble cartoon look if you do feel the need to add figures. Professor Hulk lol

#405 1 year ago
Quoted from mbrave77:

I wouldve had the ZY holy trinity in DP, TMNT, and Avengers.

Iron Maiden

Id consider Maiden, Deadpool and Avengers my ZY trinity. Tmnt is beatiful but the gameplay hasnt clicked with me (yet)

#497 1 year ago

Swords of Fury and Black Knight are being picked up in the next 36hrs. Ill be bringing my distributor another chunk of money this week.
Did my distributor ask for more deposit money? Nope but im not working Thursday and i want to play the pro thats on the floor again
Also better to not have all that extra cash burning a hole in my pocket with all the games popping up on the second hand market lately.
First premium game. I dont expect ill be disappointed in my decision.

#685 1 year ago
Quoted from Indusguys:

Sounds like LE’s will be arriving in Canada sometime next week! Can’t wait to get mine!

Already one listed in Ontario for $22,500 cdn (about 17k usd)
Seller deserves Covid.

#713 1 year ago
Quoted from Eskaybee:

Can any pro owners comment on the captain marvel horseshoe shot? The videos I’ve seen of it seem to always returns the ball to the right slingshot instead of the flipper.

The one ive played usually feeds the right flipper but really loses its momentum through the horseshoe. Not a fast turn around like id expected but usually more of a trickle out of the panther orbit to the flipper.
Itching to shoot the premium ramp

#760 1 year ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

I consider the end of the game to be the end of the game. IE, nothing else to accomplish. Battle Thanos is not the end of this game to me. You haven’t done everything.

Idk, trophies are like an extra goal. I beat video games without worrying abkut collecting all trophies. Deafeating Thanos feels like the proper end to gameplay. Trophy mania os for the few players that need an extra.goal to strive toward (cough cough, run to the hills)
Elwin does a good job of making his games satisfy any skill levels. Im not great but there are things i can accomplish. Trophy mania? Probably not so much.

#821 1 year ago

I getting a Premium and i was all set to snag titans and tmolding in purple but now im torn between purple or dark blue. I want to order soon because shipping to Canada right now is fairly slow. If anyone puts blue or ourple on their game, please post pics

#829 1 year ago
Quoted from blowback1976:

Also in Canada, and was told my pro might not ship till the end of the month.

Quoted from Indusguys:

I probably won't have my LE until next week some time.

Lucky you. When the premiums are expected to arrive in Canada is still undetermined and could be as late as 2021

#1009 1 year ago
Quoted from J85M:

People pay 40-60 bucks for that shit!

Or make them at home for less than $5.
-3" cool white led strip
-alligator clips or a bit of solder

#1011 1 year ago
Quoted from ChrisBardon:

Funny, it used to be that the Export games were built first, and since Canada was the closest export point, we'd end up getting games early. I seem to remember one of the guys around here getting the first Tron LE back when those were new. I know P1 originally said they were hoping for mid-october for premiums when I put my deposit down, so hoping to pick up my game from them before the end of the month.

Idk, Jerry didnt sound as optimistic last week.
"Anytime between now and next year"
His truck twonweeks ago came back with two measly pins and a bunch of kiddie casino games. I would LOVE for my premium to be here for Halloween. We arent doing the trick or treating thing obviously so it would be nice for my son to have a small get together, dress as super heroes and play some pinball with his friends (and lame dad)

#1014 1 year ago
Quoted from jetmechinnc:

I was wondering if you guys think this game needs pinstadiums??? Would see about working OT if possible to save for them. On everyones pics, it doesn't look like you need them at all. Was just wondering, like to have things staged to put in my games ahead of time if possible.

Unless you plan on streaming your game from a dark room nobody really NEEDS pinstadiums.

#1175 1 year ago
Quoted from Scandell:

Set my game up this afternoon and played 10 games on it..Super fun. Lots of control. Hitting shots left and right.
I then proceeded to take 2 hours and replace all of the posts with superbands and all of the ring rubbers with titans....
The game now is crazy bouncy and doesn’t have any predictability with the shots.
I see titans being championed in pretty much every owners thread.
Do I have to wait for them to settle in? Do they lose some of their elasticity eventually?
The slingshots I can and will adjust:bend the switch distances to make them less sensitive...
Is this all normal? Should I go back to the stern black rubbers?

Anything is better than the stock rubbers even just better rubbers.
I dislike Superbands but i really like Titans. Superbands feel like bouncy balls but i find Titans to feel more like rubber. I do think they feel weird at first as if there is a slight finish that needs to wear down but feel better after a little play. I go Titans flippers and rings but leave the post sleeves alone. Im just trying to decide if my premium needs blue or purple before i order mine. I get them for most of my games. I installed them on my Iron Maiden on day one.

#1316 1 year ago
Quoted from Jediturtle:

I have found Comet 2-smd to give a very similar look to what Stern uses. I change any visible to frosted which is easier on the eyes, but keeps a consistent look. Most Sterns seem to come with cool/natural white, and some machines I will warm up a bit with Sunlight color depending on the art. Games like GoT, SM, TWD look so much better with slightly warmer light. Sunlight is great as it's half way between cool and warm and looks great. Some machines look great in the standard natural though. For Avengers, I would probably lean towards keeping the cooler natural white due to all the blues on the pf. Either way, I think you'll be happy with Comet 2-smd frosted.

I was pleasantly surprised to see the pro came with frosted gi from Stern. I always swap them myself immediately. Thanks Stern.

#1377 1 year ago

My son watches the disney cartoon that this game is based on. Black Widow flies around on a "Sky Cycle" flying motor cycle.
The Quinn jet isnt bad but I think something more obviously Black Widow would work better.

#1388 1 year ago
Quoted from Lermods:

Feel free to make something you like...

It was a friendly suggestion. I dont personally like cheap toys in my games.

#1450 1 year ago
Quoted from Jmxdc:

Ok anyone know where the dog would go. I saw the extra plastics in the bag for my LE and I was like oh a dog. It's stapled to the side so I don't want to pull it out unless it would look cool somewhere.
[quoted image]

Part #K9
Cute Stern

#1674 1 year ago
Quoted from dbb143:

She landed this morning!!!! Got her set up, updated code, put shaker in, and purple titans. Can't wait for my 5.25" speaker kit with purple panels and light kit to get here! No issues so far and a joy with every flip!!
[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

Keep us posted. Im torn between blue or purple stuff. Thinking blue titans but purple tmolding and light kit myself.

#1939 1 year ago
Quoted from dbb143:

I just put purple on my pre. Added purple titan rubbers and I'm waiting for purple speaker light upgrades. I'll try to post pics tomorrow. Also thinking about metallic purple powder coat . . .

Cant wait to see it. I was going to go all purple but im going dark blue for the titans now (maybe upper flipper purple).
For the speaker panels and trim i cant decide though. Im leaning toward dark blue trim and yellow or dark blue panels but I still havent ruled out purple. Its hard to decide without the game in my house but shipping takes forever right now so im trying to place my orders before my premium arrives.

#2088 1 year ago
Quoted from Scribbles:

Poor Black Widow... Getting no love in the Poll

She's a throw away character........too soon?

1 week later
#2483 1 year ago

Just got an email from my distributor. Premiums are arriving Tuesday or Wednesday next week. I might need to take Friday off work to go pick mine up for the weekend

#2491 1 year ago
Quoted from ChrisBardon:

Is that from P1? Glad to hear that they're in the pipeline-looking forward to filling that empty space!

Yeah email was from Jerry. I wasnt expecting mine until the end of the month

#2500 1 year ago

I prefer hardcopy to electronic reading so i printed off the insanely thick rulebook and brought it to Staples to have it bound for a couple bucks. Now my brain has to decript it through.

20201104_202006 (resized).jpg

#2550 1 year ago
Quoted from J85M:

TMNT topper is $999 so I wonder what Stern are going to price the AIQ topper at, anyone heard anything?

But the eye blinks and moves. Thats gotta justify the cost right? Holy crap, what a rip off.
Stop buying Stern toppers. They just make you look dumb now lol.

#2551 1 year ago

If anyone has installed art blades (preferably other than the Stern ones), please post pics of them installed.
I preordered the Stern ones but the more i look at them, the more i dont like them. The giant Thanos head was a terrible decision when there is already a Thanos head only a foot away on the backboard.
I love how the art blades for Iron Maiden tie into the playfield art. This is just some Avengers character thrown together. Why wouldnt Hulk be at the Hulk spinner for example. This one feel very lazy and/or rushed.

#2553 1 year ago
Quoted from rockrand:

Mirror blades!

It occured to me that i also have a spare set of plain space themed ones meant for a Stern Star Trek. I could see them working well. My game iant here yet to hold them up and see.

20200217_232309 (resized).jpg20200217_232319 (resized).jpg
#2573 1 year ago
Quoted from Pinhead306:

Anyone else watch Karl deangelo do the 2 flips to soul gem video on YouTube? If not check it out it’s a good watch

Could you post a link please?

#2604 1 year ago
Quoted from eyeguy123:

here are some mods i have on my machine. still deciding which ones to keep are remove. 1st shows captain american shield and thors hammer in back field and captain america shield on lock down and 3-D Tesseract Flasher mod . second shows Thanos shooter rod. 3 rd shows decals at exit ramps. Have not seen any blades that I am excited about yet but hope the Topper won't be $999 or I will pass.
[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

I dont usually chime in on mods as im not big on many and it all taste. Its your game. Do what you like. That being said...the tesseract is super out of place. It has nothing to do with this version of the story and even if it did it would already be in gem form.

#2605 1 year ago
Quoted from PinMonk:

That's what's goofy. It's not all warm white, but the place where it most DIDN'T need warm white, they used it.

Is it a pro thing for the Thor lights? On the LE/premium the Iron Man inserts are warm but the Thor letters are cool.

#2606 1 year ago

Holy hell. Wtf error (I hope) is causing Mezel Mods shipping rate a set of plastic protectors to be over $28usd to Ontario?
Hey Mezel guys, i know you frequent pinside. Help a Canuck out lol.
Protector $27usd
Shipping $28.11usd
Shipping weight: a few ounces
Shipping dimensions: 8×3×3 inches should suffice.
Something is wrong here.

#2665 1 year ago
Quoted from TheModalorian:

Added some mods to my game!
[quoted image]

Oh yay. The action figures have already started.

#2726 1 year ago

My premium areived at my distributor today. I have to wait until next week for delivery but im all prepped. Printed off a rulebook and picked up this cool stool today

20201110_185353 (resized).jpg20201110_185743 (resized).jpg
#2734 1 year ago
Quoted from wizman71:

Where did you get your stool from?

Its an Arcade 1up stool. $99cdn
I bought mine at Best buy. Also available at the brick, walmart and amazon. Perfect height. Im not one to play pinball while seated but it went so well with the game i had to snag it

#2744 1 year ago
Quoted from zeldarioid:

I’m new to Titan flipper rubbers, but I thought one of the selling points for them was durability. This is on the exposed upper flipper in my new AIQ, have only played it for one day, and this is already the state of the rubber.
Has anyone else seen this, or have any recommendations? Would standard rubber be better to take the beating that this flipper tip gets? Should this just be expected on this game? Is this an anomaly?
These are low bounce competition rubbers, for reference.
[quoted image]

Ive never purchased low bounce but i put Titans on almost all my games. The slings are less resilient than rubber imo but ive never had an issue with flippers (standard flipper or mini flipper).
I dislike Titan post sleeves but i really like the look and feel of the rest of their rings.
Id say its either a defect or maybe these low bounce ones aren't as good their standard flipper rings.
I actually just ordered somenlast night. A full set for Avengers and some new slings and flippers for Maiden and Shadow (2yrs old on both. Over 3000 games on played on my Maiden with them)
My Maiden and Shadow still have no breaks. I have 3 rings that should be replaced soon so i i ordered the parts with my Avengers kit.
Fwiw I went dark blue with a purple upper flipper for Avengers.

#2786 1 year ago
Quoted from Mando:

Tip of that flipper gets whacked a lot from
Shots off the right flipper .

My maiden upper right flipper (3000+ games) takes its share of hits on the tip. (As does JP i imagine)
Im thinking Titan has a bad batch of their hands and that is causing it to damage easier than normal. Uh oh, mine shipped out today lol.

#2814 1 year ago
Quoted from Audioenslaved:

So I’m contemplating aiq for those that own a premium/Le where does it sit within your collection? For example my current 1-7 is
TWDLE (always will be the king)
Tmnt Le
Deadpool premium
Xmen magneto
Iron man
I have room for 8 and the above list is bordering on 7 keepers!

You need an Elwin game. 2yrs later and Maiden pro is easily my favourite game. Avengers premium will be set up tomorrow evening. We'll see where it stands in a few months. JP is also stellar butni need to save my money just incase there is an Elwin BTTF in the works.

#2830 1 year ago
Quoted from Titan_Pinball:

Yikes! That flipper tip must really take a beating. If you haven't seen it already, here are a couple tips for flipper rubber and slings:
When installing flipper rubber you should always "unload" the tip. This means after the rubber is on the flipper bat, pinch the rubber and push it towards the tip of the flipper bat to slack the tip of the rubber as much as possible. Stretch it towards the tip until you see a visible gap between the tip of the flipper bat and the rubber. It will also help to rotate all of the rings once a month or so depending on the playing time.
The same method can be applied to slingshot rubber as well. I pre-stretch a little bit, then put the rubber on the sling posts and then pull 2 different sides at a time, repeatedly. The object would be to make the tension across the three posts as even as possible. Also, check the post groove for sharp corners. Star posts and metal posts can have sharp edges to the grooves that cut the “skin” of the silicone ring, and then they fail.
If anyone else has ordered Titan Silicone rubber for this game and is experiencing any issues, please don't hesitate to email us at [email protected].

Is it too late to chuck another purple flipper ring in my order?
Checking, checking...
Yes, yes it is. I got the tracking order yesterday.

#2831 1 year ago

My distributor: Our delivery team will call you next week to set up a delivery time.

Me: Is it already there if i can arrange to pick it up this week?

My distributor: Yes

I had a hard time finding a rental last minute but im picking up a van in 2hrs. Today is the day!!!!

#2869 1 year ago

Got mine today. Some minor things...
-Widow ramp rejects of the top sometimes
-Hulk spinner wasnt registering
-Portal disc is very uneven
-the guide fron the tower to the upper flipper was WAY off. Ive moved it to what seems better but still not quite right

Other than these smaller things, everything seems ok so far. Ive got a production date of Oct 28 and the newer subway.

The disc realignment seems like the biggest hassle. Clearly my game wasnt play tested if the Hulk spinner wasnt registering at all.
Oh, and ive already had a ball get stuck behind the left pop.

20201113_170608 (resized).jpgreceived_1157293291352950 (resized).jpegreceived_1814233275394668 (resized).jpegreceived_654737048528128 (resized).jpeg
#2870 1 year ago

Well that was fast. One more thing to do.

20201113_195349 (resized).jpg20201113_195535 (resized).jpg
#2902 1 year ago
Quoted from awesome1:

Spinning Disc Adjustment Points and Procedure - Click on the pdf - it's multiple pages[quoted image]

Any tips for leveling the disc from one side to the other? Only about 2/3 of my disc is sitting flush with the playfield. Thanks

#2904 1 year ago

Does everyones cab have silver bolts in the side art? Seems like black would have blended better. I actually had to go look at my Maiden to see and it does indeed have black bolts. Not a big deal. Just seemed like an odd choice or maybe i got the wrong bolts.

20201114_095455 (resized).jpg
#2963 1 year ago

My guantlet gems seem buggy. Shouldn't they be off at the beginning of a game? They always seems to be half on and light up 100% when im in the mode or i lose that gem. Shouldnt they just be milky white? Its like there is a ghosting issue. Its hard to tell what gems Thanos actually has. Any thoughts?

#2964 1 year ago

Also leveling my Dr Strange disc stopped my phatom disc hits.

#2966 1 year ago

also also, i canceled my order for the Stern side blades as they were lazy and i didnt need another Thanos face. I had these Star trek ones around. They may not stay long term but I think they work well. Especially with the premium art package.

also also also, i bought 3 colours of trim. Light blue, dark blue and yellow. Light blue was crap. Dark blue worked really well but also blended in a bit too well. Yellow (to my surprise) is the way to go with this game (and i hate yellow)

20201115_224326 (resized).jpg20201115_230400 (resized).jpg

#2996 1 year ago
Quoted from mbrave77:

where did you order them? i havent seen any accessories for sale yet?

Through my distributor (along with my shaker)

#2999 1 year ago

Made ot to Black Order MB for the first time. (Though i had it lit once before and drained as the portal was rising. grr)
Absolutely tanked it but still put up my personal best so far.
Also, i dont fully understand the gems yet but i had the time gem so after tanking BOMB it gave me all my balls back so i could continue to suck a bit longer. Id read that but forgot about it until it actually happened. So cool.
20201117_110524 (resized).jpg20201117_110525 (resized).jpg20201117_110528 (resized).jpg

#3003 1 year ago
Quoted from Eightball88:

Nice game! Did you have the soul gem when you started BOM? If so, it will relaunch the multiball when you get down to one ball. That’s one of the perks of the soul gem.

Oh i must have. I thought that was an effect of the time gem i had. Big rule set to learn. I'm not even bothering to figure out the bingo drops yet.

#3117 1 year ago

Hank Pym is Ant-Man

(In the MCU think Pym particles)

#3132 1 year ago

If anyone is ordering new rings for their premium be sure to order TWO 3/16.
I ordered my Titans before my game arrived. I used their data base then checked it against the manual. The manual says there is only one 3/16.
Clearly there are two. Super annoying to be one measly ring short. Shipping to Canada isnt the fastest right now (or cheapest)

20201123_171136 (resized).jpg20201123_171720 (resized).jpg
#3162 1 year ago

Anyone else having some trouble installing 0.94? Ive downloaded it twice and tried to install it both time but just get "invalid spk"
Hopefully third time is the charm but im not sure whats up. Same usb stick i used for 0.93 only two weeks ago.

#3163 1 year ago

Its installing this time. Fingers crossed.

#3169 1 year ago

My 3rd attempt worked fine. Weird.
Not noticing a ton of differences yet but the lighting effects are better now.

Quoted from ChrisBardon:

I do wonder why the shot order for the Soul Gem starts at the right like that, but the initial feed is to the right flipper. You basically have to shoot something else first (I'll usually try for left ramp then Panther). Seems like it'd make more sense to start with the Hulk shot. Even Thor first might make more sense since you can backhand that one.

I wont get this exactly right but id heard somethj g to effect of it being so you dont waste your Falcon attack. The first shot to Panther (even if a partial to rollover) counts as a Panter shot. After the first arrow is cleared you have your flank attack ready)
I THINK. Im still learning the rules myself. It does seem like (for the sake of flow and flips) that it should start at Widow.

#3177 1 year ago
Quoted from vicjw66:

Yes. Premium version. But my computer crapped out last week so I bought a new one. This is what the file looks like when downloaded. Now what do I do with it. It doesn’t look like the tutorials. Do I just drag and drop this onto memory stick? There is no option to extract it with this new computer and I forget how my old computer handles the download. Why can’t Stern make these updates easy. There are way too many threads talking about Stern update problems. Damn you Stern.
Edit: the tutorials say to open it with internet explorer and it then shows 3 files. ,y computer doesn’t show 3 files.
[quoted image]

A computer isnt even necessary.
I just dowload code to my phone then tranfer it to a usb.

#3211 1 year ago
Quoted from Jason_Jehosaphat:

Please link me to an archived stream of AIQ PRO.
Deadflip did a stream of the PRO with some representative of Marvel in the early going, but I can't find it anywhere.
Lots of streams of the Premium/LE.

That was on a Disney twitch stream. Not a Jack Danger account

#3227 1 year ago
Quoted from Peanuts:

Happy Thanksgiving!
[quoted image]

But its only

Screenshot_20201006-200049_Chrome (resized).jpg
#3272 1 year ago
Quoted from Peanuts:

Optional art blades picture:
[quoted image]

I cancelled mine because they are lazily done. I have a premium. I dont need Thanos' face AGAIN. Hes on the backglass, the sides and 1 ft away in the backnof the game. I was hoping they would be like Iron Maidens blades that tie into the playfield so well

#3327 12 months ago
Quoted from Deyanks98:

Just found out my Premium won't be in until maybe the last week of December. Anyone else in the same boat and waiting?

Thay doesnt sound very good when we already got our premiums in Canada a month ago.

#3354 12 months ago
Quoted from 1963BSARGS:

AIQ Toppers incoming.

Just installed mine.
Merry Christmas!!

20201202_201404 (resized).jpg
#3387 12 months ago
Quoted from DylanFan71:

Any Stern toppers arrived yet?

20201203_143103 (resized).jpg
#3451 11 months ago
Quoted from HemiOrange09:

[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

Those poor wireforms

#3486 11 months ago
Quoted from Lermods:

Our latest mod, custom designed illuminated Black Panther. Interactive with the GI lighting, overhangs the wire form so the ball passes just under him. Available on our website and in our pinside shop.

[quoted image][quoted image]

He should at least light up purple. Either way, this guy looks really sad.

#3541 11 months ago
Quoted from Ericc123:

eaglepin He did create the Avengers. I'm just saying that the obligatory Stan Lee cameo was more of a recent thing with the MCU. He created 100's of characters for Marvel and was basically Marvel in the silver age but he didn't appear in the comics himself many times.

Except the back of every issue for over 2 decades. Also some of these spider gems

That last one would he a perfect way to go but it wont happen. Stan Lee's likeness isnt Disney (i hope)

Screenshot_20201209-203922_Google (resized).jpg

Screenshot_20201209-204247_Google (resized).jpgScreenshot_20201209-204030_Google (resized).jpg
#3544 11 months ago

First time ive played though all 6 gems.
Collected red, orange and yellow. (power, reality and time)
Lost purple, blue and green. (space, mind and soul)
Pretty bummed i lost the Soul quest.
Third time to Black Order MB
Two Iron Man MB
Two Thor Multiball
One Three ball quest
One extra ball.
I still like Maiden more but Avengers is getting closer. Cant wait to see the final product.

20201210_092508 (resized).jpg
#3606 11 months ago

Installed the Pinmonk Sanctum bracket tonight. A little hard to get at the support nut with adult sized hands but still a pretty easy install. I can finally see what is lit at the sanctum without ducking. I prefer this mod tonthe full santum sculpt for a few reeasons. The major one for me is this one still uses the flasher over the portal. I like that look.

Sorry i forgot to take pics while the glass was off.

20201215_230334 (resized).jpg20201215_230343 (resized).jpg20201215_230358 (resized).jpg
#3622 11 months ago
Quoted from BrackAttack:

$18 at FedEx print: color bound rule book.
[quoted image]

I paid $3.88 cdn at Staples

20201104_202006 (resized).jpg
#3706 11 months ago
Quoted from PinWohl:

If anyone else's wire frame has popped off from a weak weld, I recommend this hi-tech solution. Contacted my distributor over a week ago. No word yet. Love the game otherwise, but some things from a QC perspective could be improved. Waiting for call out/music improvements then this game could be a perfect 10...
[quoted image]

How do you already have such obvious ball trails? So much dirt

#3784 11 months ago
Quoted from PinMonk:

amazon.com link »
It looks expensive, but this little tub will last you probably a decade if you're waxing once a month or less.

Holy hell. Why is that link so expensive?
Here is a link for the same amount at a third of the price.

amazon.com link »

#3785 11 months ago

Idk about US Amazon but for Canada thats
$199.48 vs. $64.00

#3787 11 months ago
Quoted from PinMonk:

Must be some weird currency conversion or shipping cost issue. That P21S is $59.95 USD ($77.22 CAD) at that link. No idea why you're seeing like $200 in Canada. 3 beers and it looks good, eh?

Idk. Amazon is effed. This is what i see when i click on the link.

Screenshot_20201222-045839_Samsung Internet (resized).jpg
#3812 11 months ago

V0.95.0 - December 22nd, 2020
- Mainplay - adding some instructional text to the background when nothing else is running
- Hawkeye Combo - change base scoring from 450K to 600K
- Super Reactor - change base scoring from 200K to 300K
- Super Gauntlet - change base scoring from 250K to 400K
- Hulk Rampage - change base scoring from 200K to 400K
- Hawkeye Challenge - adding Hawkeye Challenge difficulty names Amateur, Pro, Marksman
- Combos - remove the Right Orbit from being a combo after Left Ramp
- Mind Gem Quest - fixed an issue where the Controlled Avenger Sanctum Target logic was not working occasionally
- Mind Gem Quest - no longer blinking the Controlled Avenger if a stage has been missed
- Time Gem - fixed an issue where the mode would still end when shooting a Time Gem shot when the Super Mode Timer was in grace
- Change Gems - adjustments to lighting to be able to see where you are positioning the Gems better
- Change Gems - added an audible timer so you know how many seconds you have left to place Gems
- Change Gems - added Perk descriptions that are show as you are placing each Gem
- Computer Grid - change computer grid 'EXTRA BALL' text to 'LIGHT EXTRA BALL' since this is what it does
- Soul Gem - fixed an issue where the Flips Removed value would always say '5' even though the adjustment may have been changed
- Black Order Multiball - added new starting display effect, instructions timing has been updated
- Battle Royale - added Final Award display, sound, lamp effects that play when you win the mode
- Battle Royale Challenge Mode - fixed an issue where the game could not be restarted if you Forced Endgame during Challenge Mode intro display effect
- Battle Royale Challenge Mode - fixed an issue where using Force Endgame during Challenge Mode intro would result in the next game sometimes going straight to Match
- Light Shows - added Gem Quest mode start light shows
- Light Shows - added several different Iron Man Multiball Jackpot light shows
- Light Shows - added Game Intro light show
- Light Shows - added Match light show
- Light Shows - adding lockdown button pulsing / flashing for enter initials
- Topper Light Shows - many new Topper light shows added
- DJ Mixer - select this option from the Game Mode Menu to listen to all Avengers: Infinity Quest songs (Free Play Only)

- Adjustment Changes:
- added 'DJ MIXER BACKGROUND' - default: RANDOM - randomly chooses 1 of 7 background types to play for the DJ Mixer session, change this to lock in your favorite

- System - Updated to V2.64.0

#3835 11 months ago
Quoted from Saddath:

And here I was just coming onto pinside after testing my new avengers premium with the feeling that my right flipper is too weak.
I got the same problem. It's almost impossible to hit black widow after the panther (cm seems easier somehow). Cradled shots often work but also there i got the feeling that its lacking a tiny bit of umph to make it feel better.
Also gauntlet shots with cradled on the right are almost impossible. Maybe 1 out of 20. How are those for you?
Will try thor right now as it seems you should be able to backhand from the right. Can't imagine i got enough power for the momentum needed.
Edit: it's definitely impossible to hit thor backhand on mine. A perfect hit will travel to the target slightly touching it and then be coming back. [quoted image]

I can backhand Thor on a pro but not on my premium

#4007 11 months ago
Quoted from cooked71:

Is everyone’s Sanctum target plastic bent on a weird angle like this? Seems like it should be straight but can’t see how.

Quoted from awesome1:

Pinmonk has a good option to fix this.

I went with the Pinmonk Sanctum and i love it. It has a bracket that attaches to the pop cap to keep it straight and it keeps the flasher above the portal. I can actually see what is lit now lol.

20201215_230343 (resized).jpg20201215_230358 (resized).jpg

#4009 11 months ago

Come on Stern....i shouldnt have to fish screws out of the cabinet yet. The other was about to fall out as well. Found the missing screw but geez guys. Wtf?

20201228_211658 (resized).jpg20201228_211735 (resized).jpg20201228_212129 (resized).jpg
#4010 11 months ago

Fixed the problem and while i was in there i cut a piece of plex for the marvel ramp. Only played one game so far but it seems to have made an improvement on ball rejects. What is the best solution for black widow rejects? Im thinking just raise the guard up with some small washers?

20201228_220536 (resized).jpg20201228_220548 (resized).jpg20201228_220557 (resized).jpg

#4108 11 months ago
Quoted from atrainn:

Would I be a crazy person to sell my Maiden to buy Avengers Premium?

Yes. I have both. Avengers is great. Maiden may be my favorite game of all time though. Just too damned good to part with.

#4109 11 months ago
Quoted from delt31:

Getting a lot of pms on the custom code with video so lmk post here....
I'm not nearly as passionate about avengers as jurassic park and even with that, it's time consuming so no timeline on this but I will share what I have when ready and don't want any donations although I continue to be thankful for the many that have offered. This is a great community.
Short term, can you guys continue making suggestions on what would be great to have in it? I really don't know the movies very well....
I plan on injecting music as well so yes, iron man and other great music will be in it. The theme no doubt will be in. I do like a lot of the existing music and I doubt I'll get into the voice replacements bc I don't mind them.
share away!

I dont use these modded codes so please take this as a suggestion, not a criticism. You should check out the Avengers Assembled series on Disney plus. My son watches it and it mathes the art styoe of the games REALLY WELL. I think some of the voice actors are even the same. There is a whole season dedicated to Thanos and the gems. I had hopes that Stern was going tonuse clips from this show. Worth checking out. Matches the esthetic nicely.

#4110 11 months ago
Quoted from delt31:

I love maiden's layout but absolutely hate the theme. Unless you love maiden, def dump it over JP which is the best stern ever (although I love JP).....
AIQ is really good and is a theme I actually like (not love). I wish stern would retheme maiden. I remember looking at the pro turned off and wishing it wasn't so ugly. I actually put in the prem translite b/c it's much better (although pro is all that was needed for me). Great game though. Keith is a beast. I like eric too which is why I have POTC GnR LE AIQ and JP2!

Crazy speak lol. Maiden is beautiful. Better art than Avengers imo.

#4117 11 months ago
Quoted from PinMonk:

Overall yes, but I am not in love with drum major eddie on the premium translite. Drives me crazy.

Im all about that sweet, sweet pro model. I really dislike the premium theme. Different strokes...

#4133 11 months ago
Quoted from PinMonk:

Does anyone have a picture of the "flex LED board" from inside the gauntlet? I was considering making a ColorDMD-like gasket, but Stern wants $50 for that board so I could test fit and I'd have to make a LOT of gaskets up front to hit the factory minimum, so I decided there wasn't enough of a market to break even...

If you needed a minimum number of buyers to make it worth while id be happy to add my name to the list. Ive bought several of the Pinmonk mods and they are solid. Some even essential imo. Pm me if you need to take deposits or something because i whole-heartedly support this project.

Edit: I was just talking with my gf and neither of us even really bother to look at the gauntlet as its hard to tell what is lit and what isn't. I wish they would at least change the gems to lit or unlit, the pulsing or not pulsing is dumb and unclear with all the light bleed. The gems are also so unevenly lit. Some light so much brighter than others.

#4182 10 months ago
Quoted from J85M:

First thing I do before I put a game on a new Stern is go into the settings and turn the screech off.

Me too. It sounds terrible and it startles me.

20210103_145505 (resized).jpg
#4210 10 months ago
20210106_163558 (resized).jpg
#4239 10 months ago
Quoted from dutchi:

What do you guys prefer mirror or the stern artblades

I cancelled my Stern blades as they were too much of the same art on a premium. I went with some generic space ones from pingraffix that were originally intended for a Star Trek.
Im not home to take a pic but they work really well.

20200217_232309 (resized).jpg
#4255 10 months ago
Quoted from KnockerPTSD:

I cancelled my Stern blades as they were too much of the same art on a premium. I went with some generic space ones from pingraffix that were originally intended for a Star Trek.
Im not home to take a pic but they work really well.
[quoted image]

Just some pics of the space themed blades installed. We like them a lot. Subtle but matches up well with the premium art package.

20210110_151929 (resized).jpg20210110_151943 (resized).jpg20210110_152037 (resized).jpg20210110_152111 (resized).jpg20210110_152124 (resized).jpg

#4263 10 months ago
Quoted from Pin_Fandango:

looking for protectors for this game: cliffys, playfield, etc. I am located in Canada.
Where do you guys get your stuff?

Unfortunately Mezel wont ship to Canada at a reasonable rate. The shipping for their protectors is $28usd lol. I contacted them about a proper shipping rate but they basically said tough luck, shipping to Canada isnt worth the headache.

#4265 10 months ago
Quoted from PinMonk:

Next time you do a pinmonk order, send that to me and I'll put it in with your pinmonk order and ship it for the extra weight cost, probably around $5-10.
ProTip: Tell me in advance you're doing this so I know it's coming, or I will be very confused.

Always the helpful pinbiznessman

#4277 10 months ago
Quoted from Celofane:

I'm working on it too

I know nothing about computers so this is just a suggestion. There is a really decent cartoon on Disney plus called Avengers Assemble. I think its the second season that is all about Thanos. The art is VERY similar to the art of the game and i think possibly even some of the voice actor may be the same. I think this cartoon would work so well in the game. Even better than movie clips imo but its not my project. Just making you aware of its existence incase you werent already. The audio swap is great. Must be so much more emersive to play. Id like to see some gameplay if you are set up for that. Happy coding.
Screenshot_20210111-134851_Google (resized).jpg

#4365 10 months ago
Quoted from phishrace:

Are you waiting on parts to fix your issue? Disabling locks may make the game smoother, but your scores will go down. The subway is about the only place on the playfield where you can 'park' a ball during multiball. The time it takes for balls to cycle through is time you can spend shooting for jackpots with less balls in play. On games with upper flippers, parking a ball is very strategic.
If this game is used in a league or competition, the locks absolutely should be enabled.

If your portal is open during mb something is wrong

#4384 10 months ago
Quoted from manadams:

$3 Avengers sticker book side art option if you don't want the cost or hassle of installing blades.
[quoted image][quoted image]

This looks like my kid's Nintendo Switch

Art blades are dead easy to install. You dont even need to waste your time with the wet method.

#4385 10 months ago
Quoted from MK6PIN:

While I'm in this thread, the only thing that has baffled me from a mechanical standpoint is why didn't they put a post in front of the top left flipper? Gets a bit annoying always smacking it, as I'm sure it will wear that flipper rubber down quicker than usual.
I've scratched my head, and see no fix without drilling the playfield (not gonna happen for me) or maybe finding a way to modify the wireform directly above it to secure a post (?).
Seems like a hefty endeavor...just curious if anyone else has thought about it. All of my other games w upper flippers seem to be guarded from direct ball strikes from the lower flippers (maybe there are other machines that have this same exposed config.?).
Just makes me wonder....can't imagine a post there impeding gameplay at all.....

Just hold the upper flipper up more often for a wider shot and practice the Hulk/Iron Man shots more.

#4408 10 months ago

I posted this before but adding this little piece of plex has improved my Captain Marvel shot SO MUCH that i now find myself chaining Black Widow to Captain Marvel on a loop until i get some portal locks going.

20210118_003237 (resized).jpg20210118_003309 (resized).jpg
#4420 10 months ago
Quoted from mbelofsky:

Since I don't have the material or the means to make this little piece of plex, is it something that some one is or will be selling?

Its $5 of material you probably have around the house.
-find some scrap plastic (or buy a small square of plex for a couple dollars)
-score the plastic to size and snap a piece. Sand the edges if necessary.
-glue it to the side just above the opto and below the wireform. I used a drop of crazy glue on this one but hot glue is also great and easy to remove.

Quoted from heyitsjoebob:

What size did you cut the plex?

About 1"×2" then shaved it a couple times to a good size and shape to fit over the opto and under the wireform.

I could shoot out a bunch for other people but idk how people feel about gluing things in their game and shipping cross border is sketchy lately. Im sure some modder will come up with a more intricate system but this way is simple, takes 10 minutes and works great.

#4437 10 months ago
Quoted from RPZ:

On Soul Gem Mode, does anyone feel like the first shot required should be on the other side of the playfield to give you the chance to hit it with the one flip? Fed to the right flipper and the shot required is Black Panther... I don’t get it.

I has to do with not wasting your flank attack or something along those lines from what Keith had said in an early interview.

#4438 10 months ago
Quoted from heyitsjoebob:

EDIT - as I look at the above post on the desktop, I think graysonsdad is using thicker and clearer plexi than I got. So, hmm I wonder if mine will even work or look as good. My glass is near impossible to pull off so I'm waiting until I get a stuck ball or something before trying it out myself.
[quoted image]

Mine was just old stock i had around but looking at it with a tape measure it is 3 or 4mm. I picked it up at Home Depot a couple years for another project. It is indeed the clearest type.

#4439 10 months ago
Quoted from CaffeineSlug:

You can make this out of any old playfield plastic as well. If you have any local pinball friends, ask around and somebody's bound to have some broken stuff. I have some shop shears like these and they easily cut plastic into whatever shape you need. From the player perspective, you never see the art because you are looking directly at the side of the plastic.

Do NOT cut plastic with shears. Itll be an ugly nightmare. Score and snap. Easy peasy.

#4447 10 months ago
Quoted from CaffeineSlug:

Having the right shears makes a difference! Clean straight lines, I was happy with how it turned out.[quoted image]

Good on you for upcycling but id have waited until id grabbed something clear for a pinball machine you dropped 8k on.

#4471 10 months ago
Quoted from ABE_FLIPS:

Regarding the CM-Ramp, I'm still getting alot of rejects now.
My game is leveled and I'm at a pitch from 6.8 to 7°.
Flipper cooling kit is on the way but IMO that ramp should work with a clean shot without a cooling kit.
Look how the ball travels, its not touching the rails, and suddenly it turns to the left-
this would result in a hard reject if the plastic wouldn't be there.
However the ball beginns to rattle from there on and isn't able to make the whole ramp.
I will keep on testing with pitch but it looks like i have to call Stern for professional support.
[quoted image]

I cant stress enough how much this plex fix works. I have attached a video at 1/16 speed where you can actually see the lexan flexing to guide the ball.

20210118_003309 (resized).jpg

#4474 10 months ago
Quoted from ABE_FLIPS:

So you have installed my fix, not knowing its me, commenting on my next post where I say that I still have rejects with the plastic in place, recommending me my fix. Thats kind of funny

Your fix? Seems like an obvious flaw with an obvious fix. Sorry for trying to lend a hand. Good luck with your ramp

#4476 10 months ago
Quoted from ABE_FLIPS:

So you have installed my fix, not knowing its me, commenting on my next post where I say that I still have rejects with the plastic in place, recommending me my fix. Thats kind of funny

Could your added plastic be too rigid?
I looks like your plastic comes all the way up over the rail? Hard to see.

#4485 10 months ago

I spent a little time learning how my phone works so here is a better video of how satisfying the Captain Marvel ramp is when its shooting smoothly.

I just post videos through Youtube. How do i convert something to a gif so i dont always have to upload to Youtube?

#4488 10 months ago
Quoted from Indusguys:

I second this, my ramp shoots great when I'm playing, when friends and family are playing they get a lot more rejects. This game forces you to play better, just like JP, I think this is intentional. Either way I will not be modding my CM ramp until Elwin comes out and says it shall be done!

Every game is different but it was the clean shots on mine that would reject (as does the Black Widow ramp but ive yet to raise the plastic)
My game is only played by my gf and myself and both of us have noticed a marked improvement since the change. I reiterate what awesome1 was saying about a rattler is still rattler and will come back at you. This only fixes those dead stop clean shots i was getting. Maybe you were just more fortunate with your machine.

#4495 10 months ago
Quoted from Pin_Fandango:

I understand we are trying to get the best out of our games and this forum has provided lots of feedback to report and fix other issues (that affect gameplay) but if this is a defect or design flaw, should not the ramp and wire be replaced by stern???
Why do I have to go out of my way to add a piece of plastic to a $8000 dollar brand new game??? I simply can't understand this logic

You don't have to like it but games with moving parts need tweaking. Check any other owners thread and its the same story.

#4501 10 months ago
Quoted from ABE_FLIPS:

Regarding your video, it looks like it wasn't a clean shot and still made it up the ramp, but maybe that was your point?
But a clean shot from a cradle should go up the ramp at least for 95%.
You should not get punished for a perfect shot.

My first video was purposely showing how without the added plastic, the ball would have hit the beginning of the wireform on the left and stopped dead. The second video shows more how it mostly serves as a smoother transition between the ramp and wireform.

I know how to play and adjust a game. Id wager this will be slightly modified in AIQ models later down the road. Its not uncommon to need a modified part after the fact.
The subway mech and disc leveling kits are good exaples of this. I believe i also heard about two different Captain Marvel plastics because some were scratching the glass.

#4512 10 months ago
Quoted from Pin_Fandango:

with all due respect, I think you are missing the point:
There is a picture of a totally different ramp on one picture (stern website - it has been posted here, look at it) and the production ramp is different (and causing issues to some players)...
I don't have any issues with maintaining, which is totally different from 'redesigning' a part or component...
Using your example of 'working on your game' and the analogy of changing the oil...
Are you changing the diameter of your pistons while changing the oil too? The answer is no, so why do I have to change or add 5 inches of plastic to my game...
Adding a piece of plexor isn't maintenance or tuning... specially when stern themselves posted a photo of a totally different ramp.
If these ramps have issues, Stern should address it as they did already with the subway and spinning disc.

We get it. You're against putting a piece of 1 3/4" Lexan in your game to improve its gameplay and entertainment. You want Stern to send you a special piece or new wireform with permission from Keith that installing it wont alter his original vision of the game. Maybe a letter of apology from Gary while you're at it? Come on man, you are making mountains out of mole hills.
To each his own but im off to go chain some butter smooth Captain Marvel shots together.

#4517 10 months ago

I actually just took my Antman guide apart today and while there wasnt any significant damage, its still a bummer that you can see it was digging into the clear and would have caused damage down the road. Im pretty sure the groove it made wont be as noticeable once everything is back together and tightened but i thought i should share what damage it DID cause.
Unless thats how Stern planned it to work. Maybe i should have just left it

20210121_120403 (resized).jpg20210121_121505 (resized).jpg
#4520 10 months ago
Quoted from Kevlar:

I have the same minor damage at the antman rail, with a little flake of clear and artwork missing but luckily it's behind the rail. It's also happened to the rail forming the left side of the Thor captive ball. It really beggars belief that Stern thought that pulling these knife edge guide rails straight into the playfield was a good idea

I also got lucky that it is barely noticeable. Ive yet to tackle Thor but mine seems to be loosely tightened.

20210121_124612 (resized).jpg
#4574 10 months ago
Quoted from Taygeta:

I’m glad I went pro reading pages upon pages of how difficult the CM ramp is to dial in.

Its all chatter about the same few issues though. Some game are fine out of the box. Some need a 2min fix.
Other than first run subways having problems, id hardly consider 10min of tweaking the disc and ramps difficult. The rest of the issues brought up are cross model like the Antman, Black Panther and shooter lane issues. All pinball machines need tweaking and yes, premiums usually more so than pros. Avengers has been pretty good for its initial run imo and Stern will have made tweaks by the end of run.

Edit: im usually all about pro models but couldn't do it here. Especially the Captain Marvel momentum killing turnaround. I love horseshoes (SoF baby!) but the intentional clunkiness of that shot on the pro kills it for me. Its also worth noting how beneficial the Antman scoop feeding the right flipper is. The premium plays much more controlled imo.

#4606 10 months ago
Quoted from Charliew65:

Stuck ball a problem? Grab one of these from Mezel mods, went up on their site 2 days ago. Fits perfectly and easy to install.
[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

These are pinball hang up gold. Stick one to the back of the guide rail.

20210124_095822 (resized).jpg
#4621 10 months ago
Quoted from bossk4hire:

Anyone know if there is a way to reset the topper to get back to no gems earned? I got mine from someone who had already earned 4 of the 6.
Thanks![quoted image]

Win the other two gems?

#4632 10 months ago

O dang

20210125_203343 (resized).jpg20210125_203356 (resized).jpg
#4643 10 months ago
Quoted from Sly_Old_Devil:

Just reporting back on my quick and easy proof of concept credit card solution. I actually used a spare plastic luggage tag cut to size, super easy with a small loop of duct tape...hasn't made a noticeable difference as mine still rejects more than it doesn't (it seems initially anyway), but I'll give it more time to see how it trends. I think adjusting the pitch from 6.8 to 6.6 made more of an overall difference and managed to get 3 gems and black order mb for the first time today...[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

You get what you put into it.
Im not surprised that that "loop of duct tape" isnt making a difference for you.

#4644 10 months ago

Fwiw my auto plunge in only about 50% on a good day. Still something i plan to look into. Ive noticed most videos ive watched also suffer from the weak or misaligned autoplunge to the pops.
This gets really annoying when you are banking on it serving to your right flipper. For me its most irritating during a Soul gem drain.

#4647 10 months ago
Quoted from Sly_Old_Devil:

What! It's a piece of plastic and it hasn't moved in 50-60 games so the duct tape loop is doing fine thanks. As others have observed it still takes a good shot...there is no hole to fall out of (as I said, the POC is solid).

Take a slow motion video and ill wager that the movement a loop of tape would give the plastic would also absorb some of the ball's momentum and possibly even still hit the left wireform. Something more rigid would probably do a better job imo.

#4656 10 months ago
Quoted from Groo:

Thanks for the advice everybody but I think my wallet and impatience got the best of me. Will be an official club member tomorrow afternoon with a new Pro. Not that I don't like messing with the machines, but with the R&M and the IMDN Premium I had, and reading about the issues, I think I'll be happy without the extras. Excited to finally get to play it!

Congratulations and there is a good chance you will just upgrade to a premium after a few months of ownership anyway. This was my first premium personally. I consider myself a pro guy. Premium is worth it on this one imo.

#4696 10 months ago
Quoted from awesome1:

You can turn that on in the settings or if after first ball is played, just hold the start button for a few seconds.

I think he meant a full reset to attract mode.

#4700 10 months ago

Happy Birthday to me!!!!!

20210106_163558 (resized).jpgScreenshot_20210128-163021_Gmail (resized).jpgreceived_898057140984596 (resized).jpeg
#4746 10 months ago

In Thanos attack it should (if it does not already) reward you for defeating Thanos by giving you one of the gems he has if you had already lost some to him earlier

#4925 9 months ago

Hey...my Thanos attacks suggestion is in there. Yay!!

Quoted from KnockerPTSD:

In Thanos attack it should (if it does not already) reward you for defeating Thanos by giving you one of the gems he has if you had already lost some to him earlier

#4937 9 months ago
Quoted from tdiddy:

Alright, getting close. There was an ask for what the CM ramp fix looks like in game. This is still in prototype from and "unpainted" but you can start to see the details. The mod just simply snaps into place and can be removed anytime. I've play tested a few games and the results are crazy. I use to get a ton a rejects off the CM ramp but now it's super smooth. I will continue to play test over the weekend and hope to have a solid color scheme by Monday, with shipping starting next Friday.
[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

I dont know anything about 3d printing. Is clear plastic an option or is the milky translucent ive seen with other 3d printed items the closest these printers can do right now? Good job on the snap on mod. Being able to make your own stuff is very cool.

1 week later
#5105 9 months ago

I know the rules state that to get to Thanos attacks you have to have 2 gems plus the sould gem but i just but there with less last night.
I had won the power or reality(I forget), lost the time then won the soul gem. Immediately went into Thanos after Soul. Lasted all of 30seconds lol

#5118 9 months ago

I was playing the challenge mode tonight which i rarely think to do because i find it kind of dull.
I found myself thinking how much more i would enjoy a challenge like a boss rush mode. Similar to how the current challenge mode is presented but actually playing through the gem quests to defeat the members of the order. Maybe give the player the option to choose the next member of the order to challenge so it isnt always the exact same order. I feel like it would be a good way to practice the gems quests independent of the normal gameplay rules like you drain you lose. Instead you lose health like how the challenge mode is now. Just my opinion

#5126 9 months ago

It would be funny if the added a small Deadpool cameo.
He is in Xmen already.
"I see the Avengers stole the pinball idea that i stole from the Xmen"
Ill just assume there can be no mention of the Fox Marvelverse for liscensing reasons though.
(Though we are seeing some Marvel property cooperation on Wandavision)

#5190 9 months ago
Quoted from awesome1:

Listening to the AIQ DJ mixer while I gave it a cleaning.
Not any really upbeat faster tempo songs in the entire game. Maybe the Mind Gem song (Gangsta Paradise maybe?), but that’s the fastest tempo song.
Deadpool on the other hand I think draws you into the game a little more with all of the uptempo songs.
I wouldn’t mind getting a new song or 2 added to AIQ that’s more upbeat and faster paced.

The audio package in Avengers is garbage. Easily the part of the game dragging it down. I can deal with the chessy overly repetitive callouts but the music might as well nit even be there. Not at all memorable. I sold my Shadow two weeks ago and i still catch myself humming the tune.

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I said raised, as in raised up into the leg with no threads showing.

Well that's just backwards speak

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Yes lol.
I hate knockers. They startle the crap out of me. I turn them off on most games. The Stern screech is still like nails on a chalk board though.
A friend from Hammer City Pinball League got me this shirt for Christmas and i love it.

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My AIQ mods are done. I am pretty happy. I’ve got figures on all the major shots without, in my opinion, overwhelming the play field. It only took about $200 of Avenger ornaments and toys - many of which met the hacksaw…
Now to finish the audio and video code…[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

The nerd in me is yelling "how can there be a Tesseract if Thanos has the gems?"

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