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Official Avengers Infinity Quest owners thread. "Pinsiders Assemble!"

By Scribbles

1 year ago

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Post #1417 Fix for Hawkeye loop not registering Posted by EaglePin (1 year ago)

Post #1797 How to adjust height of spinning disc to prevent airballs Posted by dbb143 (12 months ago)

Post #1847 Rules writeup with link to Stern rule sheet Posted by Bricarus (12 months ago)

Post #1870 Fix for spinning disc not registering hits Posted by WizardsCastle (12 months ago)

Post #1950 TECH: Pic of updated subway mech from Stern to replace broken one Posted by Motorcitypinball (12 months ago)

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Post #2125 TECH: Tight glass fix. Posted by MurphyPeoples (11 months ago)

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#7949 51 days ago

I am a new member to the club with an AIQ Prem born on 8-17. I have read and watched many tutorials so have the gist of the game.

In a game today, I attempted to put the Power Gem (Red) on Blank Panther. The ball went up and through the star rollover but the gem got put on the pops lane (Capt America). I found this odd so I took off the glass and tried the same thing and got same result. I tried a third time but made the ball make the full orbit and it was placed on Black Panther.

I thought maybe a switch was incorrect but I get credit for black panther ramps and get flank attacks when going up black panther and through the star rollover. All switches seem to be registering correct.

Is this the same behavior that others see? Is this because that isn’t considered a full black panther shot but rather a flank attack?

#7952 51 days ago

Jediturtle awesome1
Thanks! Talk about some speedy answers. Much appreciated.

#7985 48 days ago

We just got ours late last week. Got kind of lucky. Dealer got 5 of the AIQs Premium in. I called them, paid them and it showed up the next week. Ours was born on 8/17/21.

I personally like harder games with deeper rulesets so AIQ fits the bill. I also have Walking Dead and JP which are also not what one would consider easy or shallow. The problem I have is that my kids and wife like more casual playing games so I have to find another that isn't too shallow but also is a bit more approachable. Heaven forbid that I have to buy another pinball machine.
IMG_5268 (resized).JPEGIMG_5272 (resized).JPEG

#7999 47 days ago
Quoted from chubtoad13:

There is a setting to disable the portal. If it doesn’t open I would assume it’s that. Maybe the switch is being triggered by the disc raising somehow?

Exactly what I was thinking. Maybe test the portal opening and closing to see if a subway switch fires during that process?

#8070 42 days ago
Quoted from Spiderpin:

Wow, two hours later it showed up. Strap broke and water down side of box.
[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

That’s crazy. How do these shipping companies let that happen? That has to be more than one mistake during transport to look that bad. Sorry this happened to you. I know it is hard to reject something that you are highly anticipating but it surely was the correct call.

#8086 40 days ago
Quoted from mozach:

I just ordered a premium too. Maybe I'll see you at pickup!

Two back to back ATL guys getting AIQs. Just got my premium two weeks back. Pinball Dudes in FL got 5 of them in and I jumped on it. Got the machine 5 days later. Love it.

Also got tdiddys marvel ramp fix which is awesome.

#8088 40 days ago

BOOM! After a couple weeks of ownership I finally got that breakthrough game. This game can be frustrating but when you get things cooking…. Simply awesome. Still a long way to go to catch up to awesome1

CB2E620B-33E1-488A-B786-DA38E6DA59AE (resized).jpeg
#8096 39 days ago

Allen’s video is long but is filled with a lot of great information. Trust me, it is worth it to watch the whole thing. It has helped improve my game dramatically in the few weeks I have owned AIQ.

#8146 38 days ago
Quoted from Spiderpin:

Asked if I even looked in box. That he seen boxes look worse than that and there was no damage.

Seriously? I still think you did the correct thing. How do you “look in the box” to see if there is damage? There is no way you will know until you remove the whole thing from the box and inspect.

#8150 38 days ago
Quoted from hawkmoon:

For you folks having ramp problems with flipper fade, try "Pinmonks" flipper fans! They cool the flippers so they don't fade! Yes,I have them on mine!

I can't say for certain that it is flipper fade, but it sure does seem that I don't have as much power to get around the Captain Marvel ramp after 60-90 mins of play.

I had already ordered his flipper fans from Pinball Life and they should be here on Wednesday. Since installing the fans requires removing the coil stops, I will replace those too since I know Stern factory stops have a lot of failures.

I will report back after I install.

#8173 35 days ago

Just got my order from Pinball life and installed a few things in my 3 week old AIQ. I highly recommend all of these... I believe awesome1 recommended 1 and 3 earlier in the thread:

1) Red spring for shooter rod. If you are inconsistently (or rarely) making it all the way around off a full manual plunge, replacing the orange spring with the red spring solves that problem. Plenty of power now to make it all the way around. Literally took a few minutes to replace.

2) Pinball Life external volume/headphone jack. This piece is EXACTLY like the Stern offering but cost 59.99 instead of 99.99. Installation was simple and it integrates with the in game adjustment menu. A variety of options such as: volume control for only headphones, headphones and machine, disabled ---
machine volume automatically mute on headphone insertion vs. having both enabled, etc.

3) PinMonk flipper coil coolers - installation was a breeze (corny pun intended). They are quiet and seem to work well. I haven't had a chance to have a 90 minute session but I couldn't notice any fade in the time that I tested them out.

Also can't say enough good things about Pinball Life. Quick delivery and great response time on the one question I had.

#8174 35 days ago

Dang it, dupe.

#8178 35 days ago
Quoted from awesome1:

Pinball Life also sells the stronger 23-700 coil for the auto plunge (Remove Diode if coil has one) if you decide to go that route.

So far, I must be lucky. I actually dialed down my auto plunger in the settings because it was catching so much air.

#8180 35 days ago
Quoted from Aeolus7:

I have to do this too, and perhaps relook at the pitch. My auto plunge often launches onto the righthand plastics. In the perfect world, is the auto plunge supposed to feed into the pops or make it all the way up the left ramp?

Make it all the way around up the left ramp but not fly in the air to do it. At least that is how I have mine dialed in now. Occasionally it may not make it if it launches a bit quirky but I would say it is 90-95%.

I have played with a lot of pitches and I find 6.5 to be what I like best. I believe it is the suggested pitch by Stern as well.

#8217 33 days ago
Quoted from Tippyroad:

I scored my first 3 gem game tonight!

Awesome. Keep plugging away. I can ensure you that it will eventually click. Once I had a breakthrough game of 1.6B, I have had a few more 1B plus games. Some tips.

Focus on getting extra balls. My best games were 6-7 ball games. Needed to get far in game.
Focus on collecting Hawkeye targets. 3 sets yields an extra ball. Timing the secret skill shot at the targets on spot bullseye will collect a set.
Winning power gem and putting it on Captain Marvel will help getting the extra ball at 12 Capt Marvel shots. Power gem gives you two shots for every shot.
Win two Hawkeye challenges.
Try to do well in super spinner, super targets, super combos, etc. They may not give tons of points but each can yield a trophy toward the 8 trophy extra ball.
Complete rows on the drop targets. After completing enough, lite extra ball will appear on grid.

Also focus on getting portal locks or bringing multiballs into modes. That will increase your chances of winning them.

Try to get mind gem early, put on avenger and power up to level 1. That gives you 3 uses on any mode shot.

Anyway, just some tips that have really made my scores and gem collection explode. Had 5 gems going into battle thanos yesterday. So close to getting all of them.

#8236 31 days ago
Quoted from Thunderbird:

…when flipper fade happens, forget it, almost impossible to get it up and over the CM ramp.

Get the PinMonk flipper coil fans and that problem will be history. awesome1 has them and I just installed them. I can confirm that the flippers did not fade over a 2 hour session.

I believe he has a lexan piece and I have tdiddys mod. That definitely helps as well.

1 week later
#8336 23 days ago
Quoted from skogen75:

I notice that there are what seem to be balancing holes drilled on the top surface. Any thoughts on just the decal sticker covering those? Do you think the sticker will eventually take the shape of these holes? I wonder if the holes could be designed to be filled with a light-weight material (epoxy?).

Doesn't the post on the spinner cover those holes? Looks like it could. Hard to say exactly from picture in above post.

#8367 23 days ago
Quoted from DavidJames-1863:

Re AIQ. Are the outlanes tough on this game say as compared to a IM ?

Yes, outlines are hungry. You have to learn when to nudge for sure. However, even with that, they can be brutal. I had a first ball today in the 400 millions and then had a few unfortunate slingshot directly to outlane drains. Really killed what could have been a great game. Ended with~600 mill. Frustrating when you feel you are on your way to a 1B+ game.

1 week later
#8481 14 days ago
Quoted from Tippyroad:

When you say everything do you mean all avengers or do you mean all runs other than Godzilla?

Quoted from Tippyroad:

How would I find out about Sterns build schedule and or shipping schedule?

Listen to the Pinball Show podcast episode 77. Zach, a distributor, talks about the delays.

Mando pushed from Oct to Dec. DP Premium may still be Dec but in lower quantities. DP Pro, JP, Stranger Things all pushed to 2022.

I think that is the basic summary.

#8483 13 days ago
Quoted from Zambonilli:

thanks awesome1, I reached out to Stern support for the 1st time ever and have a resolution already. Kudos to Stern support.

Stern support has been great for me too. One of my lockdown bar latches snapped. I emailed Stern and had a response in minutes. Sent a picture and serial number and they placed a free replacement order that same day. Less than a week later, I already have it at my house.

What more can you ask for?

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