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Official Avengers Infinity Quest owners thread. "Pinsiders Assemble!"

By Scribbles

1 year ago

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#7908 55 days ago

So guys played a pro yesterday and a premium Jurassic Park. I am not a huge Marvel fan but damn this pin was fun. I have a Monster Bash remake SE I was going to trade in towards JP, but after playing AIQ I am torn.

So if I go AIQ, pro or premium? Is the premium up charge worth it? Cabinet art is pretty badass. I do own Guardians now. JP is a blast also. Thanks for any feedback.

#7915 55 days ago
Quoted from gorditas:

I had a JP Pro that I just traded towards an IJTPA. I still think JP Pro is the best bang for the buck in pinball for a new or single game owner. But after getting an AIQ Premium, I hardly played JP. I love the theme of JP far more than any comic book, but the gameplay and smoother shots on AIQ are just that much better. I do think the Premium is worth it on AIQ, but it wasn't on JP to me.

Thank you so much for your reply. JP definitely has the edge for me also for the same reasons. Will have to take my wife to try it.

Quoted from c818919taylor:

Love hate relationship with Captain Marvel ramp. Inverted ramp is tough. Subway for Dr Strange is super.
Best playability experience game might be a combination of the Premium subway with the pro Captain Marvel set up.

Have you had any issues with the subway?

Quoted from shaub:

If you can afford it, go for Premium. When I bought my Pro, it was buy a Pro OR sell Baywatch and buy a Premium. So AIQ Pro + Baywatch vs AIQ Premium and I stand by that choice. But the game is so good (either version) and the Premium is a worthwhile upgrade for the additional festures so you probably can't go wrong either way.

That’s what I figured, either choice is a good choice. I do prefer the artwork on the premium.

Quoted from awesome1:

I love the Premium Captain Marvel ramp and my premium basically has zero rejects. Now... you still have to make a good shot or it won’t make the full ramp, but no more good shots rejected or falling through the open space.
The DIY Lexan fix (what I have) and the 3D printed fix both work great to stop CM ramp rejects! If not, check that the wireform isn't being flexed and reposition until better, usually moving the mount in front of the ramp will do it. Wax the playfield & ramp and you should be going binary with regularity!
I do also have PinMonk ’s flipper coil fans, but I play long games and they definitely help after an hour plus of continuous play.
[quoted image]

Awesome. Thank you for the heads up on the fix.

Quoted from chubtoad13:

Both JP and AIQ are awesome games. Because of the theme JP gets a slight edge on AIQ for me. If I’m comparing gameplay alone it’s too close to call. They both have unique shots and fun rules that compliment each layout well.
Personally I think the extras on the premium are worth the money. The Capt Marvel ramp is so much fun to shoot. The pro spinner shot isn’t close to as satisfying.

Ok thank you so much for your feedback. Definitely a tough choice between the two games.

Everyone has been so helpful and really appreciate all of your feedback. You guys have all been awesome.

#7923 53 days ago

Anyone interested in trading a premium AIQ for my HOU MBr SE bought in late 2019? Has mirror blades, alternate Tran light, factory tea light, Frankenstein sticker on apron by shooter lane, shaker, CPR topper with LEDs? Probably around 500 +/-plays. Will verify? Here’s video of the topper.

1 week later
#8013 47 days ago

Played a premium yesterday. I also already played the pro on Friday. I may be crazy, but I preferred the pro. Seemed to really flow better. The Strange spinner rising to lock balls was nothing that great to my daughter and me. Love the premium artwork over the pro. LE yellow wasn’t bad.

The extra loop de loop was not bad, but seems to clutter the playfield more for us. We were playing inside a brewery though in Arizona and there was no AC of course in there. Just some swamp coolers.

It was just really warm in there. So that may have something to do with why didn’t enjoy it as much. Those who played both, what do you think?

901C5C2E-6ADA-4038-B157-A710F6A5079B (resized).jpeg0ECE8330-D636-4F72-81FC-3F36BA60616B (resized).jpeg4C04B178-751E-4408-BF4F-405F8012A314 (resized).jpeg5C7DF9A3-68DB-4934-969B-0B1BC7F9A409 (resized).jpeg

F8E28F8E-7609-424D-A9DC-014FF0A4C226 (resized).jpeg

#8017 47 days ago
Quoted from awesome1:

Wow, modded LE’s on location!
I haven’t played a pro yet, but love my premium and all of the “extras”!

Yeah it’s crazy how many LEs were there. Also premiums. No pro’s. Dead Pool also had pin stadiums.

Quoted from CashMoney:

Played both versions. Love my premium and it won’t be leaving anytime soon. Pro felt empty.

Thanks for your reply. Appreciate it.

#8020 46 days ago
Quoted from Thunderbird:

Played both and think you can’t go wrong with either. AIQ is a master piece layout of a pinball game. Incredible depth for software, but simple to have fun for those that don’t care about rules and longevity in an HUO environment. While I enjoy playing the pro; because most of the rules are there, AIQ premium has so much more, if economy is not the issue, go for all the extras. If you ever sell in the future, there shouldn’t be any issue getting your money back. Think AIQ is only going to gain in popularity as people discover its genius.

That’s very true about the premium. It will be probably easier to sell down the line and make my money back. The pro is definitely a blast and do love the loop de loop wire form ramp. Appreciate your reply. Made some good points.

#8023 46 days ago
Quoted from Audioenslaved:

I owned the Le and for me the extra are worth the price of admission. The rising portal disc is awesome and the captain marvel ramp is awesome too. The portal is neither here nor there but it’s kind of cool.

How come you got rid of it? Thanks for your post.

#8043 43 days ago

Well I decided to get the pro. I was able to get one for $5800 NIB shipped. I felt the premium wasn’t worth the upcharge nor did my daughter. We preferred the pro over the premium and felt the pro had better flow and felt less cluttered.

My daughter has ADD and on the premium she said there was so much there with the extra ramp that it was hard for her to focus.

Has anyone added an Avengers Infinity Quest Center Post Genie? I know GB needed this but does AIQ need it? Thanks and can’t wait to get my pin. I am not a big Marvel fan but this pin is amazing.

281E855F-64D6-4D0E-B49B-6963F879DB4F (resized).jpeg
#8048 43 days ago
Quoted from DudeRegular:

The outlanes are much more likely to steal your ball than the center I bet.

Ok cool. Thank you!

Quoted from per3per3:

Completely agree...about 80% of my drains are outlanes.

And another vote towards saving $25.00
Thank you

Quoted from Eightball88: Has anyone added an Avengers Infinity Quest Center Post Genie?</blockquote>
It’s the outlanes that tend to be greedy on this game. Unless your particular game is very drainy sdtm from the pops my opinion is that it is not needed.
I have (but have not installed) the two fatter posts for the outlanes. I chose to loosen the tilt bob instead

So you bought the outlane post genie then? See pic.

Thanks for everyone’s feedback. Much appreciated.

A3178AB9-CF41-4AB0-80AA-BB16A1110747 (resized).jpeg
#8052 43 days ago
Quoted from roar:

Play the game for a couple of weeks without it, then get one if you think you need it. I don't find it to be a drain monster at all, nothing compared to TWD or even Ghostbusters. I'd loosen a tilt bob before putting in a centre post or fatter posts on the outlanes all day long.

Awesome. Thank you. Do you have to drill a hole to put in the fatter post?

#8080 42 days ago

Joining the club on Monday. Pro being delivered. Can’t wait! Not a Marvel fan, more DC, but awesome pin. My wife and daughters love Marvel.

F7AED500-0952-44F2-B539-2A3A97A29112 (resized).png
#8087 41 days ago

Decided to buy this and use for a topper. $50.00 at target. Here is a video link for it.

Link for light box at Target


9DFF43C4-7035-43AC-BD8C-33E3F4CE1772 (resized).jpeg
#8092 41 days ago

Going to make a topper with these three items. Sign in center, Thor hammer on the left, and Caps shield on the right. Will mount them both on plexiglass. Probably clear or matte white. Will plug into service outlet. Thanks John for your help!

E8544301-DD3B-475F-8404-9D9D42706E54 (resized).jpegEEC38421-9ED6-41AE-882D-A4A02246232C (resized).png59763F76-9172-4ED1-A6DE-83067B3F55B6 (resized).png

#8123 40 days ago

Caps shield arrived today. Thor hammer tomorrow, and then Marvel sign on Tuesday. Then will get plexiglass and start making the topper.

31C9EF38-5696-4AF1-94E6-F8FA49A79BED (resized).jpegCC67689E-ED5C-429C-848A-93ED84FEBBBF (resized).jpeg
#8136 39 days ago

Received my pro today. Got it unboxed and set up. Turned game on and it shipped with 1.02 code. Then got message node boards 1 8 9 not found.

Reseated all connectors and still same issue. Decorate to do a fresh install of the code onto the SD card. Formatted the card and went to download code.

Well online only 1.01. Had to use it since I already formatted it. Put the SD card I’m still got the error message but loaded some video before I got the node message.

Turned it off and back on again. Found the node boards and initialized them. Game works now and plays great. So glad I picked it up.

Now can’t wait for Godzilla.

61D2A45C-0D1D-4320-A438-677D3D2739EC (resized).jpeg98A6F0A7-2B0A-4046-9C61-B324FD7F88EB (resized).jpegF07C2CF9-85F0-4DD1-A5D4-4CFE1F448632 (resized).jpeg6398795B-358F-4092-A5C3-F976D1847F1E (resized).jpeg0B771E6C-B174-4B4C-80EC-F49A06387B4F (resized).jpeg87F74AFC-3592-4826-87CE-383CEB3A23B9 (resized).jpeg
#8139 39 days ago
Quoted from Plungerboy:

If the coin door is open this is the error you will get I think?

The coin door was closed and didn’t receive the warning it was open stating the 48v was disabled, which is weird. Also what’s strange is that 1.02 code is not on Sterns website.

#8143 38 days ago
Quoted from Spiderpin:

Wow, your box looks great. If my box last Thursday would have looked like your. Well I would add it to my collection.

Yeah yours was horrible. I felt so bad for you. What did your distributor say?

#8149 38 days ago
Quoted from hiker2099:

I got mine with 1.02 and the node board had same issue. I read the manual and it said they should all be up, but when I looked closely two of them were down. Switched them on and it works flawlessly. Love this game.

Oh crap that’s right?!! I totally forgot about that. Dammit. I will verify once I get my shaker and art blades. So much for Sterns QC if mine were not set correctly. When will the new code drop then? Since I formatted my damn SD card with 1.02.

#8162 37 days ago
Quoted from PoMC:

Game play video.

Man that is so awesome. Well done! Wish I knew how to do that. Definitely interested and following.

#8195 35 days ago
Quoted from SgtPin18:

Just ordered AIQ Premium as my first NIB pin. I'm going to get quite a few mods, but I'm debating on the figurines vs some of the smaller toys. I love almost everything Mezel Mods has listed, but I'm debating about the Captain America and Thor figures vs just the lighted shield and the illuminated hammer. Also, is the interactive illuminated hammer worth it? I'm also debating between a lighted Iron Man and just a standard static iron man. I already know I'll be getting the updated Sanctum and Avengers Tower. Any thoughts on other mods would be much appreciated. I love upgrading my games!

For me I would pass on the figures. For me this pin doesn’t need much. The figures just look like kid toys. Just my opinion of course.
I ordered a ball through LED light strip white through Lermods, shaker, official stern art blades, pinnovators subwoofer adapter for spike II, speaker lights from cointaker $35, flipper bat tops from cointaker, Avengers logo Infinity Quest Speaker Grill covers from ULEK, Dr Strange mystic bezel from Pin Monk, and shooter lane protector from cointaker.

For me shooter lane protector is a must. I have a pro BTW.I think that’s it. I may be forgetting something.

2 weeks later
#8454 17 days ago
Quoted from gorditas:

This game is so bright already, Pinstadiums are beyond overkill in this case. I even have the insert, flasher, and GI settings turned down. Granted, I have mirror blades on mine, and they do help to illuminate the playfield by reflecting the factory lighting. Save the Pinstadiums for a darker game that actually needs help. The set I have will be going on my BM66, when Stern finally completes my "May" build.

I added clear translucent rubber to my pro and that makes a big difference also for cheap. Also added a ball trough LED strip. Pinstadium lights seems like an expensive overkill add on. Also did it to my GOTG.

#8487 14 days ago
Quoted from Sleal16:

So going stock speakers/woofer I'm guessing you need more than just the harness, right? The harness looks to take in the aux connection and converts it into the pin header. If the current setup has it going wired straight into CN1/CN4, then I need to change that pin header into an aux in order to use the harness. In your batman photo you have an amp, so think thats doing the work there on the conversion. Like...I might just leave as is till I get a bigger fix, as the issue with the headphones on its header is the same as the cn1/4 connection.

Use the pinnovators spike 2 adapter. Used them on all my stern spike 2 games so far. Works awesome and only $35 plus shipping.

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